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DQ - abuse domestic violence plus food stamp and Medicaid...

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DQ#2 The structure I chose is the informal structure. The type of human service organization I think would function best; using my selected structure is an organization that has several different functions and departments for the same kind of clients with basically the same goal. Each department would have someone above them to ensure ways to meet the goal of the organization with funding and other agencies. For example; Cabinet for Families and Children, this organization does several different things such as family counseling, foster care, reported child
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Unformatted text preview: abuse, domestic violence, plus food stamp and Medicaid eligibility . In the end, all these departments work together in separate areas of the organization which is to help families remain safe, healthy and happy. In an organization like this informal structure would be best due to flexibility of co-worker relationships to achieve the goal of the organization as effectively as possible....
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