A spring is mounted on an air track as shown in the figure

A spring is mounted on an air track as shown in the figure...

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A spring is mounted on an air track as shown in the figure, with the left end held stationary. We attached a spring balance to the free end of the spring, pull to the right, and measure the elongation. We determine that the stretching force is proportional to the displacement and that a force of 6.0N causes an elongation of 0.03m. We remove the spring balance and attach a 0.50 kg object to the end, pull it a distance of 0.04m release it and watch it oscillate in SHM. Find the following quantities? A) the force constant of the spring? K= f/x = 6.0 n / 0.03 m = 200 n.m B) The maximum and minimum velocities attained by the vibrating by the
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Unformatted text preview: vibrating object? a. C) The maximum and minimum acceleration? D) The velocity and acceleration when the object has moved halfway to the center from its initial position? E) The kinetic energy, the potential energy, and the total energy in the halfway position? A 5.0-gram bullet is fired horizontally into a 0.50-kg block of wood resting on a frictionless table. The block, which is attached to a horizontal spring, retains the bullet and moves to compress the spring. The block-spring system goes into SHM with a frequency of 9.0 Hz and an amplitude of 15 cm. V=A2piefreq...
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