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HUMN 205 17 November 2008 The King and I The King and I is a film based on the famous musical of the same name by Rogers and Hammerstein. The film’s plot was derived from Anna Leonowens’ account of her time spent in Siam during the 1860s. The story revolves around a widowed English woman, Anna, who travelled to Siam with her young son to educate the King’s myriad of children. The King has employed her as part of his plan to modernize his country. In a turn of unlikely events, the King and Anna grow fond of each other. The structural and contextual elements of the film contribute to the underlying premise being that different cultures can learn from one another. The story is told in chronological order, beginning with the arrival of Anna and her son, Louis, to Siam, and ending with the death of the king, Phra Maha Mongkut, several months later. The actual timeline of the story is not revealed with respect to changing seasons or passing months. The film does not include any flashbacks, nor does it take huge leaps in time or space. The pacing of the story is moderate until the climax of the story, where it slightly accelerates. The point of attack transpires upon arrival of Anna and Louis. The story proceeds to the inciting incident in which the King refuses to give Anna her own, separate house that had been promised to her in a previous agreement. This first rise in conflict carries throughout the story. Complications result after the King refers to Anna as his servant, which insults Anna, especially because Anna seems to believe that she is superior to the Siamese. Shortly after their little episode, a letter arrives from Singapore concerning the king’s “barbaric” behavior. This new threat to the kingdom convinces Anna to stay and help the Siamese make a good impression on
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the British Ambassador, due to arrive in a week. At this point, the king is starting to reveal his
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The King and I - Drs Brennan Rodriguez HUMN 205 17 November...

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