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UNIX PROGRAMMER’S MANUAL K. Thompson D. M. Ritchie November 3, 1971
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INTRODUCTION This manual gives complete descriptions of all the publicly available features of UNIX. It provides neither a general overview (see "The UNIX Time—sharing System" for that) nor details of the implementation of the system (which remain to be disclosed). Within the area it surveys, this manual attempts to be as complete and timely as possible. A conscious decision was made to describe each program in exactly the state it was in at the time its manual section was prepared. In particular, the desire to describe something as it should be, not as it is, was resisted. Inevitably, this means that many sections will soon be out of date. (The rate of change of the system is so great that a dismayingly large number of early sections had to be modified while the rest were being written. The unbounded effort required to stay up—to—date is best indicated by the fact that several of the programs described were written specifically to aid in preparation of this manual!) This manual is divided into seven sections: I. Commands II. System calls III. Subroutines IV. Special files V. File formats VI. User—maintained programs VII. Miscellaneous Commands are programs intended to be invoked directly by the user, in
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manintro - UNIX PROGRAMMERS MANUAL K. Thompson D. M....

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