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nervous system outline - (a) Anterior region Preoptic (PeV,...

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An Outline of the Nervous System I. Central Nervous System A. Brain 1. Prosencephalon (Forebrain) a. Telencephalon (Endbrain) i. Neocortex ii. Limbic System (a) Hippocampus (b) Amygdala (c) Septum (d) Cingulate Gyrus iii. Basal Ganglia (b) Globus Pallidus (c) Subthalamus b. Diencephalon (Twixtbrain) i. Dorsal Thalamus (a) Epithalamus Habenular nn N. Postr Commissure Stria Medullaris (b) Epiphysis (pineal body) (c) Thalamus (Proper) Anterior (AV,AD, AM) Medial (DM, PaV) Intralaminar (CM, Pf) Lateral (LD, LP; VA, VL, VPL, VPM) Posterior (Pulvinar) (d) Unclassified (e) Metathalamus Lateral Geniculate n. Medial Geniculate n. (f) “Ventral Thalamus” Reticular Thalamic n. Zona Incerta ii. Ventral Thalamus = Hypothalamus
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Anterior region Preoptic (PeV, mPO, lPO) Supraoptic (AH, SCh, SO, PaV) (b) Middle region Tuberal (VMH, DMH, Arc) (c) Posterior region Mammillary (PH, Mam) (d) Lateral region (LH) iii. Hypophysis (pituitary gland) 2. Mesencephalon (Midbrain) i. Tectum (roof) (a) Superior Colliculus (b) Inferior Colliculus ii. Periaqueductal Gray iii. Tegmentum (floor) (a) Substantia Nigra (b) Red Nucleus 3. Rhombencephalon i. Metencephalon (Hindbrain) (a) Pons (b) Cerebellum ii. Myelencephalon (Marrowbrain) (a) Medulla B. Spinal Cord 1. Cervical 2. Thoracic 3. Lumbar 4. Sacral II. Peripheral Nervous System A. Somatic B. Autonomic 1. Sympathetic 2. Parasympathetic...
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