What are the 4 classic elements of hip hop

What are the 4 classic elements of hip hop - Which dance...

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What are the 4 classic elements of hip hop? Name 3 additional elements: What are the two funk styles? Describe locking: Name 5 Breaking moves: Name 5 Urban Dance Influences: Name the dances in order: Who invented Locking? What is the main style of House? Name 5 Popping steps: Name 5 Boogaloo Sam’s influences: What is the difference between popping and ticking?
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Unformatted text preview: Which dance was created by mistake? Who invented breaking? Where did house originate? Where did popping originate? Name 5 Locking steps: Which dance is the “ballet” of hip hop? Which dance is the only true foundation of hip hop? Name locking influences: How did break get its name? Describe the difference between glides and floats: s...
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