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10/2/09 Snake in the Grass appears to have inspired modern Jazz dance, with its fluid motions and “theatre”- like gestures. In regards to modern hip hop, I saw elements of locking, namely him moving his neck without his shoulders, and the control separating his shoulders and neck in his movements. The tap dancing routine in Stormy Weather was very impressive, from which I can see lots of modern footwork may have derived from. In regards to our class, it reminds me most of the b-boy steps, such as crossing step and the kick and the charley rock. I also noticed constant arm movements to complement the
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Unformatted text preview: footwork, which reminds me a lot of the gestures we learn/improvise in class. Hellzapoppin was a swing clip, which reminded me of all the flips and turns I saw on dance crew TV shows along with all the crazy flips and synchronized partnership. There was also several intricate footwork, but it was difficult to really discern them within all the flips. I can’t really relate it to anything we’ve done in class so far, except for some of the footwork which seems related to b-boy steps, such as shuffling....
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