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Questions about the exam (from students) and points of clarification 1. did we cover phenotypic and genotypic sex disorders in class? No 2. ephrin and netrin receptors (slides 12 and 19 in the construction of neural circuits lecture). I wanted to know if we would be expected to understand these diagrams as described in the book, as you did not spend much time on these in class. No 3. You are not responsible for knowing the role of the raphe/serotonin in sleep. 4. You are only responsible for names of scientists whose picture I posted in the slides. In addition, you are responsible for knowing names associated with theories or syndromes. You do not need to know dates.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What should I be thinking about when going over the material? when looking over the slides that show experiments: What did this experiments show? How would the interpretation have been different if there had been a different outcome? when looking over slides that show pathways How is the similar to other pathways I have learned about and how different? How does this explain the phenomenon in question? What are the names of the molecules (and what do they do)? when looking at slides showing disorders What brain lesion or genetic mutation caused this disorder?...
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