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Question 2 - stakeholders in marketing Aqualisa needs to...

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Question 2 'Why Quartz is not selling well?' - also same answer! First, we can analyze the situation with 5C and SWOT, then we can answer question2.               -> Aqualisa used  'product concept' in marketing for Quartz. Aqualisa thought as they invented  so innovative product, it believed there would be customers' demand and rise in sales. However,  what Aqualisa missed was  'marketing.' Aqualisa needs Holistic Marketing for introducing the Quartz to  the shower market. (Internal marketing : marketing is important throughout the whole departments + Integrated marketing Consistency in marketing (If luxurious brand is launched, luxurious marketing with no significant cut- down in price) + Relationship Marketing (The company should consider all the 
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Unformatted text preview: stakeholders in marketing)) Aqualisa needs to target appropriate customer (market) segment and does marketing aggressively for rise in sales. (Premium customers and developers for premium places who are not susceptible to plumbers' opinion) Also, Aqualisa should promote Quartz actively to plumbers as standard and value customers (the main portion of the sales) are susceptible to plumbers' opinion. It should try hard to convince plumbers that the technology used in Quartz is warranted and believable. Aqualisa should give confidence to plumbers with Quartz's value proposition(easy to install, short-time. ..) : General developers or DIY are not Quartz's target market....
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