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1. Plumbers : Easy to install, in a short time. Plumbers are people who focus on installing and eraning money, not using it Aqualisa’s product is expense and easy to install, so if it gets popularization it would gather lots of money. So I would explain it’s simple steps to install and it’s larger profits than other cheaper stuffes. Consumers : For consumers it’s perfect value would be the best point to advertise. It is confortable with full options and has a nice design. High cost can be explained by it’s well-long durability and nice after service. 2. Because it is not well known through consumers. It’s value is great but it is not famous to ordinary consumers. In my opinion, Quartz did not spend enough time and money to meet consumers. Also, plumbers has prejudice that electronic item has bad value. Plumbers are important people that connect the company and consumers. So there is a big wall between Quartz and consumers. 3. They can succed as a mainstream. Because Harry Rawlinson has strong sprit to
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