Draft1 - B&D CASE DISCUSSION For Case 1&2, I usually make...

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For Case 1&2, I usually make detailed answers for each question for draft. But I think it is not useful for our case work. We are a team, so we can discuss and make better answers! You are much better than me and have more creative ideas. So since this case draft, I just mention my approach to each question and I want you to criticize my idea and make better ideas all together~^^ I also want to meet you guys in weekend for discussion. We will also use YSCEC for draft and revision~! I think our case work step is like this: <<‘posting draft before meeting’->’reading others’ draft before meeting’->’meeting’- >’answering about one question each’->’revision’>> For Case 1&2, Hanh gave many good ideas with much discussion. (Minjeong and Seungsu also have good ideas.) Thank you~ This document is for my opinion for ‘How to approach.’ I wrote the other for restructuring almost all of case information to ‘marketing planning process.’ I think this new organization of information will help us to write report easily^^ “Marketing Planning Process” Situation Analysis (5Cs) -> Possible Strategic Options (STP) -> Implementation (4Ps) 5Cs in question 1 Segmentation in question 2 and 3 1. What is B&D’s brand positioning? What does it mean to have the words “Black and Decker” on the side of a product? Using ‘5C’ and then summarizing briefly ‘5 factors in brand positioning,’ we can mention ‘brand
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Draft1 - B&D CASE DISCUSSION For Case 1&2, I usually make...

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