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Q1. What are the key problems facing Jack and the Meadowbrook Garden Center? There are several key problems that Meadowbrook Garden Center have. These problems which have to be solved to develop this center are stated plainly on the first page. 4 problems below this are huge branch which facing Jack and the Meadowbrook Garden Center. 1. “Despite the 70 hour-plus work weeks he devotes to the operation, understaffing and low performance have directed Jack’s attention away from the management of Meadowbrook.” One of the personal goals Jack has is ‘to devote more time to business interests of a more strategic nature’. Furthermore, he devotes a plenty of his times to operational activities especially involving supervising the greenhouse. Another reason which causes this problem comes from organizational structure of Meadowbrook Garden Center. Jack undertakes both general manager and greenhouse supervisor. Holding two positions concurrently is inefficient and this centralized
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