Question 3 - Q uestions 3. Using job design characteristics...

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Questions 3. Using job design characteristics and Herzbergs’s Two Factor Theory, explain the possible causes of dissatisfaction and turnover and how turnover could be reduced. Why and how do you think employees could be prepared to handle more responsibility? According to Herzberg’s two factor theory, job satisfaction consists of two categories. One is satisfaction part and the other is dissatisfaction part. You maybe confused , because many people think if they are not satisfied, they are dissatisfied. However, these two categories are different from each other. Employees are maybe not satisfied but have no complaint. This is the state that Employees are not satisfied but have to dissatisfaction. In other words, ‘satisfaction and dissatisfaction are not opposite of the same thing’. Especially the dissatisfaction category is affected by so called the hygiene factors. Hygiene factors are rather extrinsic factors. They consist of factors like salary, work condition, company policies and so on. If these factors are pleased, employees won’t have dissatisfaction or complaint to the company. The dissatisfaction of the employee is a serious problem. It is different from person to person how to manage the dissatisfaction in workplace. However, dissatisfaction affects
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Question 3 - Q uestions 3. Using job design characteristics...

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