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A A burnt child dreads the fire. A leopard can’t change his spots. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A penny for your thoughts! Act your age! Adding insult to injury. Age before beauty! All the pains for nothing. Are you gonna do it or not? Are you on a diet? Are you serious? Are you with me? As far as I know At least we’ve got something! B Back me up here. Bad luck! Be punctual! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beggars can’t be choosers. Behave yourself! Blood is thicker than water. Bundle up! By any chance C Calm down! Can I put in my two cents? Can we sit down and talk? Can we talk in private? Can you be more specific? Can you do me a favor? Cheer up! Come out of your shell. Come to think of it… D Did someone say something? Ditto. Do you have a minute? Don’t ask me. Don’t be a copy cat. Don’t be a wimp! Don’t be biased. Don’t be clumsy! Don’t be conscious of others. Don’t be so depressed. Don’t be so distant. Don’t be so mean to me. Don’t bother me. Don’t bring me into this. Don’t cut in line, please. Don’t expect too much of me. Don’t face innocence. Don’t get nervous. Just be yourself. Don’t get technical. Don’t give me any excuses. Don’t give your family a bad name. Don’t go back on your word. Don’t go back to the old way. Don’t go overboard for us. Don’t go overboard. Don’t henpeck me. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t kid yourself. Don’t open up that can of worms. Don’t overdo it. Don’t overdress (yourself). Don’t patronize me. Don’t press your luck. Don’t stand out from the rest. Don’t take it personally. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t try to get out of it. Don’t try to stick out. Don’t underestimate her. Don’t waffle. Don’t you get sick of it? Dream on! E Even Homer sometimes nods. Every dog has his day. Every Jack has his Jill. Every man for himself. Everyone has a weak spot. Excuse my appearance. F Fantastic!
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Fill me in. Fine clothes make the man. First things first. G Get a hold of yourself! Get off my back! Get real! Gimme five! Give me a break! Gladly! Go easy on it! Great color-coordination! H Hang in there! Have it your way. Have you got a minute to spare? He acts big. He always goes in head-first. He always stretches the truth. He always talks big. He can lie with a straight face. He can’t see things straight. He can’t take a hint. He doesn’t fit in here. He doesn’t hold a grudge for long. He eats like a horse. He follows the latest fashion trends. He freaked out. He gets hyper so easily. He has a bad temper. He has a knockout body. He has a laid-back nature. He has a lot of charisma. He has a photographic memory. He has a quick temper. He has a reputation.
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����BEST - A A burnt child...

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