PS05 - ECE 109 Spring 2010 Name Section Problem Session 5...

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ECE 109 Spring 2010 Name:__________________________________________ Section:______________________ Mar 5-8, 2010 1 Problem Session 5 If you don’t have your book, the instruction formats that you’ll need for this assignment are listed on the last page. You don’t need to generate binary for this problem set, but the formats will help your remember what the assembly language version of each instruction should look like. Instead of offsets for LD, BR, etc., you put the label of the target address . The assembler will compute the offset that will actually go into the machine language instruction. This problem session is designed to give you some practice with character I/O. There are two problems – the first is pretty straightfoward, and the second requires a little more thought. The second one is designed to help you think about Program 1. There are only two problems, so each one is worth A LOT. It’s important that you at least try each problem, even if your answer is wrong or incomplete. If you at least get the first one done, and do a complete flowchart for the second, that’s worth 80%. The other intent of this problem session is to give you the chance to practice using the PennSim simulator.
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PS05 - ECE 109 Spring 2010 Name Section Problem Session 5...

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