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ece109_InClass07 - The Control Unit is the part of the...

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ECE 109 Spring 2010 Name:__________________________________________ February 4, 2010 Class Assignment 7 For each statement below, tell whether it s TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). (I should cover all of these in class today. If not, just take your best guess!) _______ ENIAC had to be wired for each new program. _______ John von Neumann is considered to be the first computer programmer. _______ In the von Neumann architecture, machine instructions are stored in the same memory as data. _______
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Unformatted text preview: _______ The Control Unit is the part of the computer that performs arithmetic operations. _______ The opcode is the part of the instruction that specifies the operation to be performed. _______ Each instruction tells the computer where to get the next instruction. _______ A “data path” only contains combinational logic. _______ The Register Set is located in the Processing Unit, and is used to hold temporary data values. _______ The Program Counter is a special-purpose register....
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