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Spring 2010 Steven F. Pedersen Welcome to Chemistry 3AL The goal of this laboratory course is to introduce you to the theory and techniques of experimental organic chemistry. Furthermore, through a combination of lecture and laboratory you will be exposed to a variety of processes and practices that are actually relevant to many aspects of your everyday life. An equally important goal of this course is to teach you how to navigate through the laboratory in a safe and efficient manner. Awareness of the health and safety aspects of laboratory science is fundamental to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the sciences. Lectures Wednesday 12-1 PM or Monday 12-1 PM in 1 Pimentel. The Monday lecture will always be a repeat of the Wednesday lecture. Please try to go to the lecture you signed up for so that there is enough seating for everyone. The schedule is below. Date Title 1/20 or 1/25 Course Mechanics 1/27 or 2/1 Intermolecular forces #1 2/3 or 2/8 Intermolecular forces #2 2/10 or 2/15 No Lecture 2/17 or 2/22 Melting Points and Phase Diagrams 2/24 or 3/1 Boiling Points and Dipole Moments 3/3 or 3/8 Recrystallization 3/10 or 3/15 Chromatography #1 3/17 or 3/29 Chromatography #2/Extraction 3/31 or 4/5 NMR #1 4/7 or 4/12 NMR #2 4/14 or 4/19 NMR #3 4/21 or 4/26 NO LECTURE At the beginning of the semester, the purpose of the laboratory lectures is to introduce you to the principles behind the experiments you will be performing in the laboratory. The lectures will NOT serve as a “walk-through” of the actual experiment, but rather will focus on the theory
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3al+course+overview+spring+2010 - Spring 2010 Welcome to...

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