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CS433: Computer Systems Organization Fall 2009 Homework 1 Assigned: Sept/1 Due in class Sept/15 Total points: 40 for undergraduate students, 54 for graduate students. Instructions: Please write your name, NetID and an alias on your homework submissions for posting grades (If you don’t want your grades posted, then don’t write an alias). We will use this alias throughout the semester. Homeworks are due in class on the date posted. 1. Amdahl’s law [8 points] Three enhancements with the following speedups are proposed for a new architecture: Speedup 1 = 30 Speedup 2 = 20 Speedup 3 = 10 Only one enhancement is usable at a time. a) [4 points] If enhancements 1 and 2 are each usable for 30% of the time, what fraction of the time must enhancement 3 be used to achieve an overall speedup of 10? b) [4 points] Assume for some benchmark, the fraction of use is 15% for each of enhancements 1 and 2 and 70% for enhancement 3. We want to maximize performance. If only one enhancement can be implemented, which should it be? If two enhancements can be implemented, which should be chosen?
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2. Measuring processor’s time [8 points] After graduating, you are asked to become the lead computer designer at Hyper Computer, Inc. Your study of usage of high-level language constructs suggests that procedure calls are one of the most expensive operations. You have invented a new architecture with an ISA that reduces the loads and stores normally associated with procedure calls and returns. The first thing you do is run some experiments with and without this optimization. Your experiments use the same state-of-the-art optimizing compiler that will be used with either version of the computer. These experiments reveal the following information: - The clock cycle time of the optimized version is 5% lower than the unoptimized version
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hw1_cs433_fa09 - CS433 Computer Systems Organization Fall...

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