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CS433: Computer Systems Organization Fall 2009 Homework 2 Assigned: Sept/15 Due in class Sept/29 Total points: 40 for undergraduate students, 44 for graduate students. Instructions: Please write your name, NetID and an alias on your homework submissions for posting grades (If you don’t want your grades posted, then don’t write an alias). We will use this alias throughout the semester. Homeworks are due in class on the date posted. Problem 1: Data dependence (8 points) Here is an unusual loop. First, list the dependences (output, anti and true) and then rewrite the loop so that it is parallel. for (i = 1; i < 100; i = i + 1) { a[i] = b[i] + c[i]; // S1 b[i] = a[i] + d[i]; //S2 a[i + 1] = a[i] + e[i]; //S3 }
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Problem 2: Tomasulo's algorithm (12 points) This exercise examines Tomasulo’s algorithm on a simple loop operation. Consider the following code fragment: LOOP: L.D F2, 0(R1) L.D F4, 8(R1) DIV.D F6, F2, F4 MUL.D F8, F6, F6 ADD.D F6, F2, F4 MUL.D F10, F6, F6 S.D F8, 0(R1) S.D F10, 8(R1) DADDI R1, R1, 16 BNEZ R1, LOOP 1. The pipeline functional units are described by the following table FU type Cycles in EX #of FU’s # of Reservation Stations Integer 1 1 5 FP add/subtract 4 1 4 FP multiply/divide 15 2 4 2. Functional units are NOT pipelined (i.e., if one instruction is using the functional unit, another instruction cannot enter it). 3. All stages except EX take one cycle to complete. 4. There is no forwarding between functional units. Both integer and floating point results are communicated through the CDB. 5. Memory accesses use the integer functional unit to perform effective address calculation. All loads and stores cannot access memory during the EX stage.
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hw2_cs433_fa09 - CS433: Computer Systems Organization Fall...

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