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ATOC183 Feb 17 - 1of7

ATOC183 Feb 17 - 1of7 - :ATOC‘183~I4 Feb 37,2010...

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Unformatted text preview: :ATOC‘183~I4 Feb 37,2010 MIdJrevm --\0qm:csh'ms, 2., per ass‘ugnmcm ' ‘ ;— Class OHCY midi'trm: fidd SWdy mfo, pres-en’er by ' Trmbiag '5 .maéWS’ éWdam (M073) "surface Hampanomaly . ' JN'iS graditm ‘ N. Mighmfimdeg ,expcflfihw [any/r Chang-6; : riav‘qe amoum’rg of variabmhfl WC W3 coverc ,Archc Ocean ~ regifisfflfif mo rc warma’ng m MCHC bio cth A m ftmpamxmm figmelhhgm’rt of ice dramaficallfl wife/”r: mbedo: ' "lgmdi'cs’i‘ change K m N bio absenceo9 ice (mmdowrovq ‘70) meansmove ocean . (axposum (Mighfig amorpfiw of wow radt‘a’fl'm’t) 4? mammary, air femp ccminouL be. 41°C , bu’r Over land or ice, ’rcmp cam be, v: ‘ _ \DW (“40' _ mwns huge Rmp gmdmcn‘rs are p059?“ he; Hm‘g ”can Kate! in ice mewmg & \owcralbcdo - o‘fiflcr defi 0? EOYHA do no? have The Ice /DCCOY rdah‘onsmp Then“ “mam—cg ThfSC Chan/136 So , l PYDnDu weed H \Qc/a‘bedo fecdbaok“ :Prrich‘c 56a, log 7 . y-mom‘mr N Hugh \aH‘rudfC' bile/LfoCf Ch‘maff 1 (Mama/g W7i\'\ have meg PronounCE/dmefféci' mew " (TD ...
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