Lab 121 - data in the theory the tension was calculated in...

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Lab 121 – Forces on a Strut 12/01/06 Group 1: Russell Adams Pawel Bokota Vahid Hamidullah Mike Makhlouf Physics 111A TA: Ke Su ( [email protected] ) 1. - Objective To determine the tension on the supporting cord and a strut by taking torques about the pivot point of the strut. 2. – Theory By definition torque is a cross product of distance r (from axis of rotation O to point of force attachment P) and force F . τ = r x F Where O is an axis of rotation and P is the point where the force F is applied to. Magnitude of torque is: |τ| = |r| * |F| sin (θ) When a body is in rotational equilibrium, the sum of all the torques τ net acting on the body about any point O must equal zero: τ net = Σ τ = 0 3. – Equipment The apparatus of the experiment is illustrated as follows.
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4. - Procedure The lengths displayed in apparatus were measured and recorded as data. Then using this
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Unformatted text preview: data in the theory, the tension was calculated in the supporting cord. Apparatus was then setup and cord tension was measured to find its equilibrium. All values for tension were recorded. 5. - Data Pawal, Put ur $#!t here 6. - Calculations / Percent Error Vahid, Put ur $#!t here 7. - Graphs No graphical data was applicable to this lab. 8. - Conclusion Mike, Write the conclusion here 8.1 – Suggestions for Improvement This lab was short and concise, to the point. It clearly demonstrated the tension in the cord and strut using the torques. No suggestions for improvement other then make sure that there is no outside effect on system so equilibrium could be found quicker. (air conditioning, other objects, etc…)...
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Lab 121 - data in the theory the tension was calculated in...

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