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Unformatted text preview: DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO by GuiYeoNi translated by Susan Chapter 1 Please help me out~~ There are so many thoughts in my head....~~ I can’t do anything~~ Please.. make me a dummy~~~ I don’t know the meaning of my tears~~ Just make me ignorant to everything~~ “So you’re saying.. that the guy singing in front of is that guy you’ve been trying to kill from a few months ago..” Right now the only thing I hear.. Is the sound of a voice in the band... Yoona waved her hand in front of my eyes.. “What?!” “Is that him?!” “Yeah! Okay?!!” For a second the audience stared at us.. Yoona whispered.. “It must be fate.. meeting him in a place like this.. but he’s a really good singer. What are you going to do? Are you going to kidnap him after they finish?” " ......" Wordlessly, I hit Yoona over the head and continued to listen to the guy’s song.. I’m not even happy~~ Why did you give me this head~~ This heart~~ I have to think endlessly~~ With a deep sigh... The guy who’d finished singing.. Stepped back behind the stage... With the audience’s cheering.. And disappeared... He seemed happy.. “Hey! He’s getting away! You’re going to have to grab him!!!” “Hold on you b***h.. I didn’t do anything good that day either.. What if he makes me pay for his dry cleaning bill..“ Without anything to say back.. Yoona took a bite of her bread. “I didn’t know it before because he was wearing a uniform.. But he looks totally different.” “Hey Yoon Jungwon.. it’s been.. 5 months since it happened.. How could you now forget his face and still remember? Are you positive?” “I told you he is!! I remember him.. dammit.. I didn’t know he sang. Let’s go.. It looks as if it’s going to rain.” Listening to my word.. Yoona worriedly looked up at the sky.. Thinking that her bread would get wet. she shoved her bread into her mouth.. And grabbed my hand.. And we started to walk. .. I think it was about 4 months ago....?? Yeah.. already 4 months... For no reason.. I wanted some money so I got a job at an amusement park.. I had to wear a green dragon mask over my damn head and had to pass out balloons to customers.. Even now when Yoona wants something from me, she uses a picture of me wearing the damn dragon mask over my head to blackmail me. >_< At the restaurant inside the amusement park.. There was a group of students wearing school uniforms.. And I neared them with that stupid dragon outfit over my body. Since it was the spring, the teenagers seemed to have come to the amusement park to go hunting for someone they could meet. It was a quadruple date with a ratio of 4 guys and 4 girls. .. how immature.. I’m positive that they’ll be younger than me.. Holding 8 balloons and a couple of menus I slapped them onto the table with a ‘smack’ “What will you have?” All the girls with the same exact hair glared at me.. “I asked what will you have?” It seemed that they were forcing down their anger because of the guys they’d come with. The tallest one said... “When we’re ready.. we’ll order..” “Oh.. Do are you wish~~” I turned around to go visit Yoona who was probably washing the dishes. (She backed out on my job and insisted that she do the dishes) “AHAHAH!! The tail’s about to fall off.” “ “ I quickly turned around and looked at the tail attached behind me. When I saw that it was perfectly fine, I breathed out and headed towards the kitchen again. “Hey~~ dragon lady, can you breathe out fire?? Dragon girl~~ Breathe out some fire, you have a customer..” I turned back around and headed towards them.. The one who had spoken was the most ‘stuck out’ out of the 4 guys there. He had the stem of the balloon in his mouth and was looking at me with bright eyes. “Did you just say that to me?” “Yeah.” “Do you know me?” “No.” “Then why are you saying things like ‘your tail’s about to fall off’ or ‘breathe fire’ why are you making my temper flare?? “ “Because I pity you, dragon lady.” “Why would you pity ME?” “Cause you’re ugly..” “How do you know if I’m ugly or not?!” I was about to rip the dragon head off my head.. The 7 others were staring at me.. The ass who’d made my temper gauge fill up took the stem of the balloon out of him mouth and stuck his tongue at me. I was already past the stage to become normal again.. And the thing I spotted was a cup of coke that the guy’s friend was holding while looking at me with scared eyes. In a split second I had knocked the guy’s coke into the guy.. +FLASH+ One of the guy’s friends quickly snapped a picture of me.. The bastard looked at his uniform in shock.. The guy’s friends quickly stood up in their seats and headed towards me. Yoona, who had quickly run out of the washing room, and the unnie who was working at the counter grabbed both my arms and dragged me back behind the employee doors. Yelling that I had to finish the fight that I had started.. the my employer fired me on the spot and chased me out the back door. It’s been 4 months since that historic day at the amusement park.. I closed my eyes with a sigh and got on the bus. ++THAT NIGHT++ Because of a meeting, Our family had to eat dinner without my dad that day. This happened during dinner.. “Yoon Jaegwang.. Why don’t you go to your father’s classes?” My mom asked annoyed. “Dad always volunteers me!! (TN: Jaekwang does Kendo) “So.. you’re going to let 5 years of it go to waste because you don’t want him volunteering you?!” “You don’t know anything, Mom!! You’re bad!!!” My younger brother quickly got out of his seat and ran upstairs. “Jungwon, what’s wrong with Jaegwang?” “Puberty..” “Puberty at 18...? Go check up on him.” “I’m eating..” “Eating is more important to you than your brother??!?! Hurry and go check up on him!!!” “Damn.. Yoon Jaegwang I’m going to kill you.. “ Why the hell did you run up when you were stuffing your face.. Muttering about my stupid brother, I opened his room. “Huh..? Where’d he go..?” ..probably not the... I quickly opened the attic door and what did I see? From the corner behind a bunch of junk, I saw smoke coming up.. “Freeze!!!!!” “...nuna.... T_T “ My younger brother quickly threw the cigarette down the side of the house. I began to push his head around his shoulders.. “Come here.. come here... your busted~~~” “Dammit~ Why the hell did you come up for?! Couldn’t you just eat?!” “..you think I came up here cause I wanted to?! So you’re the one who’s been throwing those cigarette butts in my plant pot huh?! What? The next door neighbor climbs over his roof and puts it there?!” (TN: Houses in Korea are all connected so the only thing that separates a house for another house is this little wall that’s about 2 feet high.) “Dammit!! It’s true!! I didn’t throw it in there!! Let go!! I said let go!!!” “I can’t you ass!! Let’s go~ Let’s go to mom!!!” “Nuna.. T_T I love you.... T_T” I forced my brother who was hugging my legs up and pulled him towards the door with all my strength. >_< When’d he get so strong? “AHK!” With a sudden movement, my brother quickly shoved me and I flew towards the laundry line that and got my neck tangled around a red and yellow line and found myself looking next door. ... ... On top of the attic of the next house.. our neighbors were staring at me silently and we made eye contact. My brother quickly ran inside, embarrassed that he was in his boxers. And I greeted our neighbors for the first time. “Hi~~ I’ve never seen you here are you new??” “Yes we are.. we moved in last week... are you okay..?” They asked me with worried looks.. “Oh yes.. I’m fine...” I quickly untangled my head from the lines. “I’m glad I got to meet new our new neighbors.. I’ll see you around.. T_T” I turned around with my face red from embarrassment.. Grinding my teeth.. I headed towards the attic door. Wait... Jungwon...? What did you just see....? I averted my doubting eyes back to the house next door.. I spotted a guy staring at me with pitying eyes... It was that guy.. The one at the amusement park who’d made fun of me.. And the guy who had was singing at the college earlier.. All three had the same face.. His dad was staring at me.. and with glances at me his wife was whispering something into his ear. Another gorgeous young lady who appeared to be his sister was just looking at me without much expression. The guy continued to stare at me with those damn eyes of his.. AHHHHHHHHK!!!! “Mom~~ Jaegwang smoked again!!!” ++NEXT MORNING++ Touching his bruised head... And me who didn’t bother to wash my hair left the house for some classes.. “Asshole.. how unlucky pig lady..” “Yoon Jaegwang.. what did you just say?” “I’m going to tell my friends that you don’t wash your hair~~~” “Do you want to see blood..? Is this why you’re acting like this little brother...?” Glancing at me up and down, my brother grabbed a taxi and quickly got in. “I’m going to tell mom that you ride taxi’s to school! It’s not even 5 minutes from here!!!” “It’s my charm you pig!!!” “You’re dead when you get home!!” As if it were smirking at me.. the taxi disappeared and as if this situation was fun the taxi driver honked his horn a few times. And until his head became a small dot, Jaegwang was grinning happily at me with his head sticking out the window.. Chapter 2 ...Inside my classroom. “FuQ.. he’s so dead... and then!! I got caught on the laundry line..!!” “You’ve told me 6 times already... well that dragon guy doesn’t know it’s you right? Who cares..?” “But still! He’s living next door!! His first impression of me was a girl who got tangled in laundry lines!! And because she got pushed by her brother!!” “Are you interested in him?” “NO!!!!” “Well forget about it then....” Tch!! Just because it’s not your problem.. meanie!!! Acting as if she didn’t care, she kept popping her pimples. “Hey man!! Today’s cleaning day!! Take off the windowsills and clean them!!” Minchul yelled nearing towards me. “Hey, why do I have to take off the windowsills?! And why do you keep calling me a man!!! Do you want to die!?!?” “Our class president told me to tell you to TT0TT !!” “Fine, I will.. don’t chill..” The past year I’ve been learning martial arts and what not.. and my classmates found out.. And after that they’ve been calling me ‘man’ ‘macho’ etc.... I glanced over at my friend who was continuing to pop her pimples.. Han Yoona.. After we finished cleaning, we walked out of the school and headed towards the bus stop. We got on a bus and it sped off. . “Hey, come out at 12 tonight.” “Why?” “My brother works at a bar.. you know? But he said he wouldn’t be able to do it for a few days so he asked us to fill in for us.” “You do it yourself..” “It’s dangerous for a girl to do it by herself!! Come on please~~!!” “No. It’s not like we’ll earn a lot anyways.” “Well be able to sneak drinks~~” “What time?” I guess I’ll have to sneak over the roof today. Because of my dad.. I can never stay out late. After showering I glanced at the clock.. It was 5: 30 already.. I headed towards the kitchen and was about to start the dishes when... “DING DONG~~ DING DONG~~ DING DONG~~!” “Who is it? Mom?” +KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK+ “Yoon Jaegwang? Is that you? You’re so dead!!” Grinding my teeth, I quickly sped towards our front gate. And what I saw was.... A tray loaded with watermelon slices.. And with bushy hair.. was the guy next door standing in front of me. The same image as the guy at the amusement park. The same as the guy at the college... “....what is this?” “Mom wants me to give you guys this.” He said handing me the heavy tray. “We’ll have fun eating.. thanks..” “Ya~~wn~~ I’m tired..” “Wait.. hold on.. aren’t you a student?” “Yeah.. why?” “Didn’t you... go to school...?” “Nope.” “.........why..?” “When I woke up it was 2.” “...and that’s why you didn’t go?” +Nod+ “Okay.. thanks...bye..” Yawning loudly, he gave me a look over and ran over into his house. First my mom... then after 9 Jaegwang came in.. then my mom.. I slowly crept up to the 2nd floor. And to creep out, I laid my shoes outside the door. “Yoon Jungwon!!” “H­ huh...?” “What is all this?” “Oh.. the people next door gave it to us.” “What’s this tray?” “Oh.. that.. they gave it to us with the watermelon...” “Really..? Hmm.. weird people... go give it back to them..” “Huh...???” “Give it back to them.” “Mom, can’t you do it?” “I’m busy!!!” “...aw man...” Muttering to myself.. I tucked the colorful tray under my arm and started out the gate.. Someone slowly crept up to my slowly and grabbed my left wrist. “What the.. Yoon Jaegwang.. what do you want?” “Nuna.. are you going next door?” “Yeah... move.. I don’t want to see your face..” “The nuna next door was really pretty..” “So...?” “Hehe~~ I’m good at giving plates back to their owners.. >_< “ “Mom! Jaegwang wants to clean the floor!!” “ TT0TT “ My mom’s happy voice, “Really? Good!! Jaegwang, I cleaned the rag go clean the stairs!!” Ehehehe.. Yoon Jaegwang I’m going to make your life hell~~ With big bright eyes, Jaegwang glared at me.. Before I could hear any verbal attacks against me.. I quickly left the house. The house next door was similarly shaped as our house. I pushed the doorbell.. The house was quiet without any response and annoyed I glared at the house. Rudely I opened the door and went in. The house was dimly lit.. In the hallways it was off also.. Feeling like some kind of robber, I was going to leave the tray on the counter and quickly leave when I heard something.. A familiar voice.. Although it was in tune and perfect.. something sounded rude about his singing.. “It wasn’t water~~ It wasn’t juice either~~ Not was it cider~~” I slowly walked towards the room upstairs where the singing was coming from. I opened the door slowly... Wow..... O_O A room surrounded by CD’s.. wow.. I wonder how many CD’s this is.. One white desk.. And leaning over the desk writing something down and singing softly.. It was him... As soon as he saw me, the guy quickly got up and stared at me.. “What..? Who is it..?” “No. it’s just that I came to give you the dishes.. I guess you were singing..” “I was composing a song.” He said proudly. “..you have a lot of CD’s in your room.. if you sell all those.. I think you’ll earn a lot of money...” “I haven’t bought a single one.” He said this proudly also. “Then..? Did your parents buy you these?” “No.. girls did.” “You must have had a lot of girlfriends.” He frowned as if I’d offended him.. “I don’t go out with girls.” “Really..? Then.. I guess you’re popular.. You must be happy your popular..” “I’m not interested in anything other than music. If they ask me something, I answer.. If they buy me a present I accept.. I’ve never seriously liked someone before.. except when I was little.” “Okay.. but I didn’t ask.” “.........you hear that you’re a b***h often don’t you..?” “HAHAHAHAHA!! ...want to die?!” “No.” “Okay. Whatever, have fun composing.. you have a pretty voice.. I’m leaving..” “Wait!!!!!!!” ??? He grinned.. With that smile.. how could girls NOT give him presents?? But still.. the crazy fan girls... “Listen to the song I just composed~~ “I’m not very good at knowing songs..” “That’s okay~ I wasn’t expecting you to..” “ “ “ Ignoring my expression.. He started to sing an upbeat song. And it was the lyrics to his song that shocked me.. “It wasn’t water~~ It wasn’t juice either~~ Nor was it cider~~ Scary frightening dragon cola~~ After that day, I don’t drink cola~~ Everyone has an awful memory.. Wearing a soaking wet uniform, I had to walk around the amusement park all day~~ The worst memory of my life~~ Oh no~~ I hate the amusement park~~ I hate cola~~ The soaking wet uniform is even worse~~ However~~ But~~~ The worst memory of all.... is you~~ Fire breathing Dragon Head~~” O_O O_O O_O Chapter 3 After looking at my stupid expression.. He looked at me with an unreadable expression.. “O_O ......... O_O .......” “What’s wrong?” “..that song.. it’s very.. nice....” “I know huh? The title’s called ‘Scary Dragon Head.’ “ “It.. it seems like you have a bad memory...” “Yeah, there was this one b***h, she was the first and last who’d throw coke at me.. How could I forget someone like that ?” “Oh.. I see... ow~ My head.. I have a headache.. I’m going..” “You’re really bad at acting..” “Yeah.. sorry about that... “ “I’m not stopping you so you can leave~~” “I’m so happy I could cry.. bye...” Ignoring my pounding heart.. I grabbed the doorknob.. That scary guy grabbed my arm.. HUK O_O I started to sweat.. Is he going to kill me..? “I’ve seen those eyes before..” The dragon mask had holes for the eyes.. “AHAHAH!! I have commonly shaped eyes!! I tried to force my arm away from him.. He was stronger than he looked.. In a sudden movement, he started to smother his face in my shoulder.. “AHK! What the hell are you doing?!” “That’s not right.. It’s the first time I’ve smelled someone like you.. but why does it seem like I know you..” “You remember people by the way they smell..?” “Yeah..” “.... why do you live like that...?” Instead of answering, he let of my arm.. “I’ll leave.. it was fun listening to you sing..” “Okay.. see you~” He started singing ‘Scary Dragon Head’ again.. Afraid that the guy’s scary nose would recognize me again, I quickly ran out of his house. Man.. I was afraid he was going to remember me.. how can someone remember people by the way they smell...? He isn’t normal.... Hmm, but I wonder what shampoo he uses... He smelt good... As soon as I walked upstairs into my room.. I saw my brother talking on the phone with the rag thrown across the room. Okay.. I have to creep out while he’s talking on the phone... Thinking this.. I grabbed my shoes and crept out the attic door. I could hear Jaegwang’s pissed off voice. “Aish~ Saying that I’ll call and not calling is my charm!! Who said that I’m sick of you?! No it’s not that!! I have to study!!! Just please hang up~~ TT_TT “ Crazy bastard.. I crept out the door and went out to the attic.. I put on my shoes and when I was about to go climb down the stairs... A cigarette butt flew into one of my flower pots.. I twisted my head and from the attic next to our house was the guy staring at me.. “..you.. you.. then was it you this whole time?? The one who’s been throwing those cigarette butts in my pots!!” Oh yeah.. I shouldn’t yell.. I can’t get caught by dad or mom, especially my brother... “You’re right .. it’s me..” “So you have a death wish.. ?” “I’m really good at tattle telling..” “Okay... okay.. calm down... uh.. I’ll forgive the fact you’ve been throwing those into my pots okay? Just act as if you haven’t seen me..” “Are you going somewhere?? “ “What are you going to do if I tell you?” “AHJUMMA!!!” “AHK! Okay, I’m sorry! Shh, shhh!!! I’m going to meet my friend okay?” “Why are you crossing over the attic then?” “My Dad will beat me if he finds out. I have to go..” He continued to stare at me as if he would never understand me.. It’s the same expression he had on when I threw that cola on him.. “I can’t tell..?” “Of course not!!!!” “My electric guitar’s really heavy...” “So.. what do you want me to do about it? T_T “ “It’s hard to carry it from my school to our rehearsal room.” “So what do you want me to do about it?? Huh? What do you want me to do? I’ll carry it for you.. happy..?” “But I practice at home, school and the rehearsal room..” “Just tell me what you want.” “Carry it for me.. for a week.” He looked at me as if it weren’t a big deal.. “I thought you said that you have a lot of girls who like you. Ask one of them.” “They like me though.. so I don’t like being near them..” “As a reward.. I’ll let you hold my hand.. ^0^ “ If he was in front of me, I’d grab his head and throw him to the ground along with Yoon Jaegwang. While I was imagining killing him.. he’d taken out another cigarette and was playing with his lighter.. “..I’ll hold it for you for a week.. but in favor don’t throw those in my plant pots..” “OKAY~~ okay~~” “..and I’m going to climb over the attic a lot so act like you haven’t seen me!!!” “OKAY~~ okay~~~” “Don’t even expect me to act happy..” “OKAY~~ okay~~” I climbed down the side stairs slowly.. Even though it’s only beer.. even though it’s only money.. It’s worth it... As I was running down the alley, the guy yelled enough to halt a war.. “My name is Shin Eungyu!!! Bye guitar carrier!! BYE!! BYE~~~~!!!” I’ll deal with you later.. I’ll finish what I was going to do to you last time... Chapter 4 That night... I slammed down orders and plates of beer pissed about earlier that evening.. Yoona looked at me and asked carefully.. “Wh­ What’s wrong.. friend..? Are you angry that I called you out this late..? Is that it?” “Do you think being stabbed or being choked is more painful...? A person wouldn’t die from falling off an attic would they..? No right..?” “Are you crazy..?” “No.” “Yoona!! Take these boxes and stack them!!” The owner yelled loudly.. Yoona slowly crept away from me. (We fooled them into thinking we’re 20.) It was around 3 AM. I got caught sneaking a few bits of appetizers into my mough.. After getting shot down by glares from her.. Yoona and I walked out of the bar.. finished with our first day of work. “Hey. The lady wants us to come early tomorrow. Around 10, that’s okay with you right?” “It’s too early. If mom or dad comes upstairs, I die.” “Just shove some pillows under your blanket and pretend it’s you. You always do that.” “Phew... I don’t know..” After parting ways with Yoona at the alley, I climbed up the stairs and to the attic.. Crouched over near the corner and smiling brightly was my brother, Jaegwang.. Damn.. I’m in a sht+ load of trouble. Unlike his usual self, he wasn’t wearing a pair of boxers, Today he was wearing clothes.... If I’m correct, It’s because of the unnie next door. “Jungwon~~ Where are you coming from?!?! >0<” He whispered loudly. “Sorry about earlier Jaegwang~~ TT_TT” “I’m scary aren’t I?? >_< “ “Yeah, you’re really, scary.. so just be quiet and shut your mouth~~” “Now~~ Should we both yell for mom and dad?? >_< ??” “What do you want.” “Meet Hyungpal hyung for me.” “You know what? Just yell.” Hyungpal... Is a guy who takes kendo lessons with Jaegwang... “Are you su~~~~~~~~~~~re?” “Yeah. We’ll see, after I get a beating, it’ll be your turn..” “You know... dad seemed a bit pissed today.. Earlier today he got in a fight with the kendo instructor across the street... He looked as if he was ready to burn the world down..” “....he wouldn’t kill his out daughter... do you think..?” “Why don’t you just go meet Hyungpal hyung? Do you know how much Hyungpal hyung likes you?” “If you were a girl. Would YOU meet him?! TToTT!!” “So no right? Okay! Wait a sec, I’ll go get dad.. have fun talking~~ ^o^ “ .... .. _ Jaegwang turned around to near the attic door. “W­wait!! Jaegwang!! Hey! You rude little Fuh­kole!! Just one day alright?! If you make me meet him again, you both are going to die!!!” “^o^ I love you~~” If you and Shin Eungyu just left me alone, I’m marry Hyungpal.. With a ‘Fa La La expression on his face, Jaegwang walked inside. And grinding me teeth, I headed after him.. “Nah~ nah nah~~ nah nah nah~~ Hyungpal and Jungwon sitting in a tree!! K­I­S­S­I­N­G~” Sitting on the small wall that separate our attic from theirs, and with a small puppy on his lap, Shin Eungyu was teasing me in a sing song voice. “I’m scary when I get mad. Stop pissing me off.” “Meet me at the gates at Myungwon High. At 3, okay?” “The rehearsal room is close right? Only for 1 week! You promised.. Aw man~~ T_T” Leaving him to mutter things to himself, I quickly ran inside our house. It was the first time in a long while I didn’t get to sleep that easily. /Next Day at 2\ I heard my alarm clock ring, and because of working late the day before.. It took me a while to open my eyes. “What the..!! It’s only two!” The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a memo written in dry marker on the ceiling.. +Jungwon~~ There’s a cafe close to Myungwon High called Orange, get there by 4! Hyungpal will take care of you from there~~+ “AHK! Bastard! What is he doing messing on the ceiling again!? I’m going to kill him!!” After erasing the message, I realized that I was hungry.. So going to the table and eating what was there, I walked out of the house wearing some sweats. It’s already 2:20.. He probably won’t hit me cause I’m late.. Wait, but if it’s 4 at Orange.. when am I supposed to hold his guitar? Damn, why does it have to be close to Myungwon... Hold on.. the school that Hyungpal goes to.. The school he goes to is... Myungwon... Oh damn, whatever.. I guess I’ll ask Hyungpal to beat Shin Eungyu up for me Yahoo!! Yahoo!! (Hyungpal is 3rd degree in Judo..) And with those thoughts in my head, I strutted towards Myungwon. EHEHE!! Chapter 5 /The front gates of Myungwon\ When I arrived.. it was a little over 3. Why the hell isn’t he coming out? Maybe he’s mad that I’m late and just left... He probably wouldn’t... But if he did!! Then I can just say I came but he wasn’t coming out~ Before Shin Eungyu could come out, I moved quickly towards Orange. Right then.. a familiar voice made me sad.. “Is that you Jungwon?! Jungwon?!” “..uh y­yeah... you don’t have to run over here you know...” Carrying his large body over was Hyungpal... With his red face he started to say in his large voice.. “Hey! Hey!! Long time no see!!!!!!!!!” “...uh.. uh.. yeah.. right.. long time no see...” As if thinking of what to say first, he paused.. “I heard from Jaegwang that you wanted to meet me!! I was so surprised! Can you imagine?! Anyways.. you came out early!! Thanks!!” One by one.. students coming out of the school stared at us with wide eyes... “Anyways!! Let’s go in!” “Yeah.. yeah.. I’m hungry, you have to buy me food.” “HAHAH! Of course!! I mean you did come to meet me after all!! I’ll buy you more than you need!!” ..after all..? I didn’t come to see you.. He casually put his arm on my shoulder... And I quickly shrugged it off. “Oh right. Hyungpal..” “YEAH!!?” “..can’t you talk a little quieter.. Is there a guy, in your school, named Shin Eun­” Right then.. What the.... From over in a distance I felt someone ride the sun over towards me.. With his hair wet from water.. And running over with a smile I hadn’t seen yet.. Was him.. And when he spotted he me.. he froze. “OH! Carrier’s here!!” “Why are you running here like a mutt that got drenched in water..” Looking at me and Shin Eungyu was Hyungpal.. And.. one of Shin Eungyu’s friend caught up with Eungyu.. panting heavily.. They stopped in front of me. I’m pretty sure that these two immature dorks were trying to get each other wet. I’m 100 percent sure. “Eungyu.. who’s this?” Asked his friend while wiping wet Eungyu’s head. “That girl living next door I told you about. My guitar carrier~” “Oh! This is her? She’s not THAT bad looking..” “Oh yeah? You’re THAT bad looking.. “ As if he were shocked by my words.. He was silent for a moment.. “Hey, Shin Eungyu, you know Jungwon?” Hyungpal asked, and Eungyu answered him with a small frown and a nod. “Yeah, Donghun, go to the classroom and get my guitar for me will you? I’ll introduce you to my nuna~~” “OKAY!!!” Without a second to spare, his friend slipped past the gates and into the school. “Hey.. how do you know Jungwon?!” With protective eyes, he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. ..is this bastard crazy? “She’s my Carrier.. Give her to me.” Shin Eungyu took a hold of my wrist and started to pull. And to counter that, Hyungpal pulled on my right wrist and yelled.. “There are tons of girls that like you!! She’s the only one for me!!!” For a small while, the two started pulled on my wrist.. It seemed as if they were having a tug­of­war game.. with me as the rope.. And then with my loud voice... “If you don’t let go on the count of three I’ll rip you apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Quickly, Hyungpal let go of my wrist.. And I felt myself pulled into Shin Eungyu’s arms. Chapter 6 As if he were surprised.. Shin Eungyu froze.. AHK! What do I do.. I think my face is red!! (During the 19 years she’s been alive, she’s never been this close to a guy..) As quickly as I could, I stepped away from him and continued to yell, “What are you two doing?! Do I look like a rope to you?! Why the hell were you pulling me?! And Kim Hyungpal! You’re 3rd degree in Judo! Can’t you even give him a punch?! Why the hell did you even LEARN Judo!?!” Hyungpal stared at me.. And laughing as if I’d said the funniest thing in the world was Shin Eungyu.. After a while.. His face expression did a 180 degree change and with a sincere look, he looked down at me. “Carrier.. I’d win.” “.....” Unable to think of what to say.. I looked over Shin Eungyu’s build and Hyungpal’s build. As is he were embarrassed.. Hyungpal started spitting like crazy and avoided my eyes.. “Are you serious...? Is it true? Kim Hyungpal.. you’d LOSE to him? Huh?! Really?!” “..dammit.. he started before me, that’s why.. I’m still good at fighting though. You know that..” “Know what? You’re a disgrace to my father’s Dojo (TN: Or wherever you learn Judo and Kendo)!! Just quit why don’t you!!” As if he were trying to contain his anger.. Hyungpal started rubbing his chin. Shin Eungyu’s friend appeared panting carrying his guitar and his bag. He took the guitar from his friend and placed into my hand. “What are you doing..?” “Let’s go. I’m late, Donghun I’ll see you tomorrow at school! Hyungpal~~ bye~~~!!” With an empty bag hanging on his shoulder, he started forward.. I quickly followed after Shin Eungyu.. not wanting to see Hyungpal. I wanted him to beat Shin Eungyu.. But are guitars usually this heavy? We passed Myungwon.. And I forced myself to catch up with him.. “It’s heavy huh..” “Do you work out?” “Yeah.” “I thought you only sang.. you should have just stuck with singing, what were you working out for..?” “I feel a song starting to form in my head because of you... want me to sing it?” “No!!” “No, I want to sing it.” “Don’t sing it!! Where the hell is your rehearsal class?” “The title is called ‘The Guitar Carrying Pig~~’” “I’m going to throw your guitar!!” Until we reached the rehearsal room.. I had to hear his song called ‘The Guitar Carrying Pig’ and he didn’t stop listening to my threats.. I even thought of throwing his guitar.. But then I realized that our family wasn’t that rich.. A while later... Shin Eungyu stopped in front of a yellow building. “Is it he~re..?” “Yeah.. but it hurts where you hit me.” “I hit you to hurt you..” “HAHA~ Thanks~” “What?” While I was thinking if I’d heard correctly.. he pulled me into the building. “Hey! What are you doing?! I carried it here didn’t I? Why are you making me go in?!” “You have to take it to our practice room!!” “AISH! Why are you making me?!? My gosh!” I guess he didn’t work out for nothing... He pulled me into the dimly lit rehearsal room... I spotted various instruments in the room.. And on the drums was a young woman in her 20’s dressed in a funky fashion. ..and I spotted someone lying on the sofa.. Laughing loudly on the phone.. A familiar guy.. With my entry, the two people stopped to look at me.. “....Yoon Jungwon....” The guy on the sofa said with wide eyes... Why here of all places... why.... I threw the guitar into Shin Eungyu’s arms and pushed past him and down the stairs.. And ignoring the fact that two hours was a long time.. Without stopping.. I ran towards my house... Chapter 7 I don’t know anyone like that.... Yeah..? Then I can do whatever I want to her, right...? Just beat her until she’s just about to die, whatever... Oooh~~ Kang Heewon, now that I look at you, you’re pretty mean~~ I’m leaving.. do what you want.. she’s pretty tough.. haha~~ The worst day I remember... The awful conversations... Kept coming up in my head as I ran home... and it kept making me dizzy... Don’t be like this... Why’d you learn martial arts in the first place....? Yoon Jungwon~~ Be strong!!!! I flung the door to my house open, ...no one’s home... Ow.. my shoulder hurts... I searched around in the refrigerator and after filling my stomach, I laid down on my bed and tried to fall asleep.. And after a short while... I realized someone strong was tapping (more like hitting) me on the shoulder.. “Oww... owwww~~~!!” I opened my eyes wide And with a few band­aids on his face, Jaegwang was hitting my shoulder.. “Are you crazy?! What are you doing?! Ow!” “I got hit from Hyungpal because of you!! What did you say to Hyungpal?!” “That useless loser.... Did he hit you?!” “Well duh!!!!!!!!!!” I calmed Jaegwang down a little, and during that time, I was able to wake up fully... My whining brother.. Your spiky hair seems sad for some reason... “I didn’t say much, why the hell did you get hit?! Hit him back!” “How can I hit a sunbae?! Can you!?!?” “Does he go to your school? No! He doesn’t!!” “Whatever!! My face is my life, but it’s all bruised, what am I supposed to depend on now?!” “Don’t you have a mirror in your room?? You look like crap!!” “Do you know what this face has done for me at school?! Do you think I’m like you?!” “’YOU’? How old are you huh?!” “I’m 18! What are you going to do about it?!” “Oh my gosh, what am I doing arguing with you?? Argh! So immature! Get out of my way!!!” With all my strength, I pushed him away and started to get dressed.. “Ow..” Jaegwang said rubbing the shoulder I had hit. “Don’t lock the attic door. I’ll be back by 3.” “You’re going out AGAIN..??” “Yeah, I am. What are you going to do about it? When I get paid I’m not going to buy you anything!!” “You’re going get caught someday.” “Mind your own business!!!” Quietly, I crept towards the attic door. From downstairs I could hear some thumping.. Are they fixing the kitchen...?? Damn... Little by little, small showers of rain were falling from the sky. Heh, even if I make some noise, I probably won’t get caught because of the rain. I quickly went down the stairs.. I don’t see him today... What a relief... .. ..I opened the gate and walked out of our neighborhood alley. The time right now: 9:45. In front of me I can hear footsteps.. It was Shin Eungyu walking towards my direction with that walk of his.. With his guitar on one shoulder, he spit his cigarette on the ground tiredly. He looked up and spotted me.. For a small second, he just stared at me.. Wordlessly, he passed me.. And then... “Don’t cry..” I stopped walking... “....what...?” “I said don’t cry.” “What the hell are you talking about..? When did I cry?!” “Before..” “Before when?!” “....before you ran away...” “You must’ve seen something wrong!! I didn’t cry!!!” “Okay.. you didn’t cry.. but still, don’t cry...” ... ... “The the hell, earlier I just­ I just.. dammit! I’m going to be late, see you later~~” He let out a small grin... Damn, I’m so embarrassed.. I quickly turned around and started to speed up my walking. The guy is getting further away.. And I could hear him start to sing softly.. “Even when I lonely or sad~ I don’t cry~~ I keep it in, in, in, in­ wait.. that’s now how it goes... Was there four ‘ins’? One.. two.. three....” (TN: If you’re not Korean, you probably won’t get this part. But this is the lyrics to Candy. That children’s song in Korean.. Here’s the original version... " �� � _�� _♪Ø m • * � _♪ l • ª � � _­0­♪♪ ..? � � � � � ( .. . ? � 4l Š·ª .. .? � .. � .. � .." ) Is he really a sane person??? I asked myself as I quickened my pace.. +The Bar+ “You b***h, stop sneaking in food. What are you going to do if you get cut??” “It’s so yummy..” For a while, Yoona and I were just talking, when a young woman stepped in. Even from far away, there seems to be a spotlight on her.. Long brown hair... Catlike eyes that I’d love to have my self.. It was Shin Eungyu’s nuna. “Damn, she’s so pretty, huh..?” Yoona asked poking my side. Next to Shin Eungyu’s sister, I saw a tall man and a rich looking, With not so great looks... A guy in his mid 20’s. Wordlessly, he sat down at a middle table and held up a menu. “That unnie lives next door.” “Jaegwang must be pretty happy.. ..” “Yeah!! Hehe, I wonder how sad he’ll be when I tell him she has a boyfriend? I’m going to make fun~~” The rest of the night passed by quickly... And when we stepped out of the bar, Large drops of rain was falling heavily from the sky. “Ahk, what the.. I’m going to go take a taxi home.” “Yeah, look there’s one coming. You can get it~” “What about you?” “I’ll catch the next one. ” “Okay then, I’ll call you tomorrow! I’m going, sorry about taking it first!!” My ‘friend’ yelled not even bothering to turn around. As soon as the taxi left, I realized I didn’t have 1 cent in my pocket.. TT_TT ......... TT_TT .............. TT_TT............. Wait.. since when did I care if was raining or not..? Luckily for me, my house was pretty close... So, I quickly headed towards my house And when I’d nearly reached the entrance to our neighborhood.. I spotted a person with a black umbrella, Twirling it so that the rain drops would slide off quickly.. Chapter 8 Black umbrella started to walk closer to me and I tensed.. I started to step back.. And the black umbrella came above my head.. When I lifted my head.... “Hey, Shin Eungyu.... what are you doing....??” Wordlessly, he started in the direction of his home. “Haha! What’s this? Did you come out because you thought I’d be getting wet? What a cutie!!” “You’re parents are fixing the attic stairs right now, don’t go home right now.” .....?.... “Did you come out to tell me that...??” “+Nod, Nod+ “Oh~~ Thought Mister Shin wasn’t interested in girls~~ That was a lie??? ^0^..?” Shin Eungyu squinted his left eye at me... “I’m not interested in you..” “Why’d you come to walk me home, with an umbrella? You know you like me~~” “No one’s at home, and I was bored. “Ha! Don’t make me laugh! If you like me just tell me you do~~! Thought you said you weren’t interested in anything but music~~ You liar!!” “When I look at you, I get all these songs in my head.” “That’s good right?” “No.” “Okay.. ...” Wordlessly, we headed home. “Why aren’t you asking..?” “...asking what...?” “Earlier.. when I went to your rehearsal room.. why I just ran out..” “...you cried.. and if you cried it’s something sad.. so if I ask, it’ll hurt you.... “I didn’t cry!!!!!!!!!” He let out a little laugh. “Okay, you didn’t.” “I don’t cry... ever.. It’ll be harder to see tears on an alien’s face than mine...” “...what if I make you cry..?” “What?” “Should I make you cry within ten days..?” “What if you can’t.” “I’ll listen to one of your favors..” “...what if you do...?” “I don’t know, let’s see ten days from now.” “You promised!!!” “Yeah, yeah~” PUHAHA, you’re dead~~ What should I make him buy me..??? “I know you have money~~ Just give it to me when I ask nicely.” “I really don’t!! That‘s all I have~~” What’s this?? I turned my head towards where the voices were coming from. I saw a guy in their late teens And a middle schooler with a panicky expression on her face.. “Hey... look.. look at that...over there.” As if he weren’t interested, Eungyu continued to walk (<­­ it’s Eungyu now, eh?) “..hey, look over there~~ We have to go help her~~~~” “..why...?” “What?! You’re just going to leave her like that?!” “I don’t care.” “You are so evil.” “Yeah.” “Forget it, go ahead!! Hey!! What are you doing???!” To save the young girl, I headed towards them. And Shin Eungyu just continued to walk forward.. Not even bothering to turn around once. That evil guy..... It took exactly 8 minutes to knock the guy onto the ground. On the other hand, the middle schooler kept bowing at me with a straight waist at a 90 degree angle. “HAHAH!!! It was nothing~~ Don’t worry about it!! Don’t go around alone at night from now on!!” When I got home and continued to think.. I kept getting mad.. For a small second, I thought he was pretty cool... The type of person I hate most in the world, is the type of person who only thinks of himself. I crept into Yoon Jaegwang’s room. And after writing a message on the ceiling with a dry erase marker.. I fell asleep in my room. +Muhahaha~~ The hot chick next door has a boyfriend~ Who was really hot!! Hot enough for you to be embarrassed if you stand next to him~~!! HAHA!!+ Ahhh... sleep came quickly... Around 8 the next morning. “You’re all grown up!! Are you going to continue to scribble on the walls?!?!” “No..” “Ha! ‘The hot chick next door?!?’ do you want to get a beating from your dad?!?!” “I’m sorry...TT_TT..” Yoon Jaegwang!! You’re the biggest tattle teller in the world!! Son of a Byatch~~ It didn’t feel too good being scolded at in the morning.. So as a way of rebelling, I starved breakfast and lunch. And to hold that asshole Shin Eungyu’s guitar, I left the house. 6 more days left... 6 days... After today 5 days... Confidently, I squatted in front of Myungwon and waited for the ass to come out. I was a little scared that Hyungpal would come out. He wouldn’t hit me, would he? All of a sudden, I spotted a bunch of different shadows... A bad feeling washed over me... “Hey! It’s Yoon Jungwon!!!” “Really??? Hey, lift your head.” FuQ... this voice... well... look who it is... My shining eyes, Slowly found the owners of the voices... And I slowly got up.. Chapter 9 “Hey~ You’re right!! HAHAHA!!!” “She’s still alive after getting beaten by us~~ HAHAH!!!” One of the girl’s lifted her hand to my face and pushed lightly.. “Get it off.” The kids started giggling loudly.. There were a total of 4. The same members as before... I wanted to forget... I didn’t want to remember.... My heart started beating rapidly.. Because I was scared...?? Ha~! No.. Because I thinking of getting my revenge... “FuQ, when’d you get so big? Oh~ Guess you worked out or something, huh? Or, you have something to stick up for you this time..? Huh??” The one that I had the worst memory of, put her face in front of mine... “Do you want to get hit..?” As if they surprised by my threat, they blinked their eyes in fake surprise.. “AHAHA!! Hey, Jiwon~ Did you hear her? She asked if we want to get hit.. by her!!” “Maybe the shock she got from Heewon last time was so big, she went crazy, this b***h here.” As she finished talking, Byatch #1 raised her hand.. And I quickly grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her back. “Ow!!! Ow!!” For a second the 3 girls behind her froze. I don’t even want to use their names. The byatch fell to the floor and continued to pant. Out of the 3 frozen girls, one of them ran towards me. “HYAH!” Yelling at the same time .... And in no time at all, she was on the floor with Byatch #1. Byatches # 3 and 4 started to back away. I made the coldest expression I could make... And started to walk towards them... I grabbed for Byatch #3 and pulled her towards me. “Jiwon!! Hey, what the hell are youdoing?!” A beefy guy asked running up to Byatch #1 who was on the ground behind me. He was wearing a Myungwon uniform. They seemed to be a couple. “WAH!!! Chanhyung!! She­ she, twisted my arm!! TT0TT!” “What?! Who?!” “Her! That byatch wearing the shorts!!!!” The guy stood up and headed towards me. He looked really ugly and funny. You should start hanging out with Hyungpal you bastard... At first I thought, 1 guy. Pfft! I can handle that... But then, I realized that, One by one, more guys were nearing towards me from the entrance. They started crowding around me.. There were about 8 in total.. If Hyungpal was here, I would have had a better chance. There really is not use for Hyungpal!!! Hiding behind the guys were Byatches #3 and 4. “Hey, who the hell are you huh? Who are you to hit Jiwon?” The Chanhyung bastard asked shoving me. “I didn’t hit her. I twisted her arm. What are YOU to shove someone??” The 8 guys and the 2 girls started laughing at the same time. Excluding the 2 on the ground. “Check this chick out. What the hell kinda school you go to? How many years are in ya?” “Is this Pusan? If you talk like that, do you think I’ll be scared?” “Are you really going to talk back to me?!” The atmosphere started to get a little more serious... The bastard grabbed my throat and lifted me. Rude bastard, you don’t choke a girl... “Chanhyung! Kill her!! Just kill her!!” Byatch #3 yelled happily. “Who’s going to kill who? .....put her down, don’t piss me off...” Chapter 10 Eungyu said as he walked through the guys behind me. Surprised, the Chanhyung bastard put me down. “Eungyu, did you just say that to me??” Wordlessly, Eungyu pulled on my hand.. All the people seemed shocked.. “Hey, Shin Eungyu, do you know this b***h?” “You’re pissing me off, what are you some kind of fighter?” “.........what...........?” The bastard asked, not knowing how to close his ugly mouth. Close your mouth you ugly bastard, a fly could fly in. With a ‘nyah­nyah’ expression on my face, I passed them. “Carrier, let’s go.” “Okay!!!” Nyah~ Nyah~~ They wouldn’t run up right now and smack me upside the head would they..? When we were a little distance away, The Chanhyung bastard yelled.. “If you do this, you’re going to make yourself a loser, Shin Eungyu!!!” “Just try and make me, I’ll make you one, before I even start to become one..” “.........” (TN: And stop!! Yeah that dialogue up there is one I kinda make up, since the one in Korean is something you’ll understand if you only know Korean. So for those who want to know how it really goes, here it is... "� ¿ � � �� � � � _ � _!!!!!" " � � ...� � � � � � � ¿ Ø... � � ....." ) And... We started on our way again... “Shin Eungyu!! What school do you go to huh?! You’re supposed to be our friend!! And­ and you said you didn’t have a girlfriend!!” Byatch #3 yelled. “She’s not my girlfriend. And you!! Stop taking interest in me!!!!” "......." Wordlessly, Byatch #3 stared at me... “Heh, I wouldn’t like you if you bought me 500 CD’s.” He muttered under his breath, and quickened his pace. And I quickly chased after him. “Hey~ Wait for me, Give me your guitar. I’ll hold it for you!” “....no.” “..why? I came here to carry it for you.” “You’re hurt..” “+grin+ I thought you said you’re not interested in other people’s business!! Why’d you help me in the first place??” “I don’t know.. It just pissed me off.. I don’t like getting pissed off.” “Look! These are signs of liking! Admit it~ You like me!!!” Shin Eungyu looked at me with an expression that said, ‘what kind of girl is this’ and continued to walk. “Do you know how high my eyes are..?” “Why don’t you go out with anyone??” “Because I have to take care of them. It’s annoying.” “Then go out with someone older~” “I’m not interested in girls. What do I do... my hand hurts.” He said shoving his pointer finger in his mouth, and frowning. “..do you like guys then?? Huh? Is that it?? ^0^” “Get away from me!!!” For a few minutes we argued.. And soon enough, we were in front of the rehearsal room. The building Kang Heewon’s in... The room Kang Heewon’s in... “I’m leaving...” “Why?” “We’re here aren’t we? I’ll be on my way.” “Come in! I’ll sing you a song ^0^” “It’s okay, I don’t need to hear a song. I’m leaving.” “Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” “I said ‘no’!!” With me yell, He stared at me with wide eyes.. “We’re looking for a female vocalist, do you want to join? You’re voice is hella loud!” “I’m not in the mood to kid around. Eungyu, I’m going.” “Okay.” “Sorry.” “Okay. ^0^” Right then..... “My Piggy!!!!!” As I predicted, it was Yoon Jaegwang. Surrounded by a few of his friends who were laughing along with him... With a cocky strut, he neared towards me. With his bag, not with him, and someplace else and, With his face covered in the bandages and, With a large ring the size of my eyes on his finger... “Nuna~~!!!” “What’s wrong with you?” “I’m just so happy to see you!!” As if he were something new, like an invention, Eungyu continued to stare at Jaegwang. “Hyung! What’s your nuna’s phone number?! Tell me please~~” “I don’t know.” “No way! Of course you do!” “I swear...” “Then what’s your house number?!” “My nuna likes a guy that’s straight forward. Go take to her face to face.” “Really?! What time should I go over?!” “Hey! Yoon Jaegwang! Get lost!” “I can’t because of Hyungpal!” “And didn’t I say not to act like you know me on the streets?!??! What are you doing walking around with that huge ring?!” “Aren’t you happy to see me?? TToTT” “It’s embarrassing to look at you!!!!” Right as I was about to yell at him, One of his friends pulled him a short distance away and whispered something to him.. And... With a serious face, he crept towards me.. And with protective eyes, stared at Eungyu. Quickly he grabbed my wrist, And started to pull me away. “Hey! What are you doing? Let go of me!” “Retard, you don’t know anything do you?” He slowly grasped onto my wrist tighter, and continued to pull me forward.. When I turned around for a short second, I saw Eungyu looking at me and Jaegwang with a confused expression on his face. Ow!! Yoon Jaegwang!! “Let go of my wrist! Do you want to get hit in public?!” With his mouth tightly shut, He started to slow down. Chapter 11 People on the street avoided us as Jaegwang dragged me home.. and one by one, his friends all went their own ways.. I should have never stopped working out.. TT_TT Only when we had reached the house, Did Jaegwang let go of my wrist. “Yoon Jaegwang! What’s wrong with you?!” As if it were a lot of work pulling me, His forehead was beaded with sweat. “Retard!! Don’t be alone with him ever again!!” “Him..? ‘Him’ who?!” “That guy that looks really weird!! The one with the guitar!!” “He looks weird in your opinion? You always say things like that when the person you’re talking about is better looking that you~!!” “You stupid dork! Obsessed with looks!!” “...it feels weird hearing that from you..” With an annoyed expression, Jaegwang opened his mouth when.. From Shin Eungyu’s house, The gorgeous looking woman stepped out... (His nuna) With two long legs, she passed us.. “She’s really pretty isn’t she, Jaegwang?” “Dammit. She’s so gorgeous...” “Wasn’t it just a little while ago when you called me ‘a dork obsessed with looks’..?” “We’re related aren’t we? I’m going to the dojo~ Bye!” Using the dojo as an excuse, Yoon Jaegwang chased after there gorgeous lady. “Hey! Aren’t you going to tell me why I shouldn’t meet himt?!??!” Instead of answering, he waved his hand twice.. And quickened his pace.. What the hell.. .. That night, Jaegwang didn’t come home.. It’s obvious that on the way home, he met one of his old friends, went drinking, And passed out somewhere.. He couldn’t be with Eungyu’s nuna... And he probably wouldn’t have kidnapped her.. What if Hyungpal kidnapped him..?! Wait, never mind. Like the night before, I crept up to the attic door. I didn’t see Shin Eungyu.. +Next day around 1+ “Hey! Get up!! Jungwon! Get up!!” “Huh.....” It was my mom, staring at me with an annoyed expression.. “Where is Yoon Jaegwang?! And why did he turn off his cell phone?!” “I don’t know, I’m going to sleep...” “..and what are you doing here?! Why aren’t you going to your extra classes after school?! Heesook’s daughter always goes!!” “..Oh, that’ because my teacher is pregnant.” “You’re teacher’s a man..” “But our sub is a woman.” “Heesook’s daughter is in your class!! Why is she going?!” “...she moved rooms...” “Go to school!!!!” Afraid that I would get caught that I’d been sneaking out, I quickly dressed in my uniform and started on my way.. What should I do..? Yoona’s probably sleeping.. Jiyoung’s at school... After circling my neighborhood twice.. I stopped in front of Shin Eungyu’s school... Stupid byatches.. if they start crap again, I’ll kill them today. It was 2:10... And I was leaning on the gates.. After sighing loudly every 4 minutes, I decided to look at the school.. There was a large field and two soccer goal posts.. a basketball court.. trees... The same as any other school.. And then a large red building.. ...that’s where Shin Eungyu’s studying right now right..? Curiously, I walked past the gates and into the school, and before I knew what I was doing, I had my face pressed into the window of a classroom. Oh~ It’s a guy’s class~~ The teacher was pointing to things written on the board, Hmm, there isn’t much to look at... I crept to the next class.. Every single one except the one sitting near the back was disgustingly ugly... Next room... .. I couldn’t see very well because of the curtain, But I think this was one of the 1st or 2nd year classrooms. What floor are the 3rd years in? Where is Shin Eungyu’s classroom..? While I had my face pressed into the window and my eyes were rolling around looking for a good looking guy­ “Hey! It’s that b***h!!” With a loud yell, Chanhyung got up from his seat.. Hmm, it’s that guy who grabbed my neck the day before.. Chapter 12 In less than a minute, all the kids in the class were staring at me.. Because of his interruption, the teacher had grabbed him, And was pulling him towards the main office.. Listening to him, made me laugh.. And in the one of the seats in the 2nd to last row.. .... Was Shin Eungyu with a earphone in his ear, and staring at me surprised.. Then, he went back to copying notes down.. I don’t know what he was so happy about, but he was grinning and patting his desk with the beats.. Before the teacher could spot me, I started on my way out... “Come here, come here...” What is that? Waving his hand at me in a gangster­ish way was a guy wearing a suit.. “What is this? You’re a Ahnhyun student aren’t you? Why are you in a different school, and as if that’s not bad enough, looking inside the guy’s room!!” The person dressed in the suit, seemed to be a teacher.. “I came to look for my brother..” “Who’s your brother!!!” “...would you know if I told you?” “How rude!! Look at your student ID badge, looks like you’re a 3rd year! What’s your name?!” “It says on my ID. ...” “Yoon.. Jungwon?! I guess you’ll just have to talk to a Ahnhyung teacher!!!” There are at least 5 people at my school with the name Yoon Jungwon, you loser.. If you tell them my name, they won’t know which it is~~ With a cocky expression, I looked down at the teacher.. He was shorter than me.. “Well, I can go right?” “Give me your student ID.” “Excuse me..?” There’s a picture of me on my badge TT_TT If he shows this badge to my teachers, they’ll know which Yoon Jungwon it is.. TT_TT.. And if they know I skipped my extra classes and when to another school to look at guys.. I’m totally dead.. I might even end up looking like Hyungpal because of my dad... With a scary face, he neared me and, Unpinned the badge from my uniform.. “What are you touching?!??!?!” “..what did you just say?” “You just put your hands on my chest!!! This is sexual harassment! Give me your teacher identification card! I’m going to tell the police!” As if he was at a loss of words, he glared at me, And then ran into a room.. “Theif!!!!!!” I couldn’t run into the room, So I just rubbed my face.. “I’m here~~ I’m here~~~” Why is it that his face looks even more annoying today? He put the guitar on my back .. And Shin Eungyu started blowing up a balloon. “Some vertically challenged guy took my student ID!!” “Vertically challenged? ‘Vertically challenged’ who O_O..?” “A teacher at your school!!” “Oh~ You’re talking about The Midget?” “Yeah! What do I do?!” “I’ll steal it back for you..” “How?!” “...I snuck out, just to tell you.. Let’s go before I get caught.” After finishing what he had to say, he ran out the front gates.. I’m really nervous you dork! We walked out the gates and, After a while of walking, he took out some bubble gum from his pocket and put it in my hand. “What do you want me to do with this?” “Let’s make a bet on who can blow a bigger bubble..~~” “I’m not in the mood to blow bubbles!!” “You’re in a pissy mood. That’s why you hear that you’re a b***h often~” “What! So you’re saying that polite and all that crap?” “Should I die my hair light brown or black? Which would look better?” “Why?” “We’re taking graduation pictures!!” “You’ll look funny with whatever kind of hair you have!” “Are you serious?” “YEAH!” “You know what I think? I think your shoes are funny looking.” “What’s wrong with my shoes?! Tell me! What’s wrong with them?!” “Whoa! Look it’s a picture arcade! Let’s take a picture!” “WHAT?!” Shin Eungyu disappeared into a store on the side of the street. And he pulled me in with him.. “I don’t take these kinds of pictures!!!” “I’ll cut off one day from guitar carrying!!” “.... ....” He pulled me into a sticker machine. And right then, the door opened and, Entered two girls dressed casually. Seeing the girls, Eungyu slid in even deeper into the machine.. “Oh my gosh! Eungyu!!” The girls said quickly walking up to the machine we were in. For a second, his face froze.. “Oh, nuna, hi~” “Eungyu! You’ve gotten so big in the time I haven’t see you~! I went to your house yesterday but you were home~! Where are you all the time?!” “I don’t know.” “HAHHAHAHAHA!” “Just go call nuna, and ask her.” Oh, I guess these are his sister’s friends.. .. hmm, I guess I can disappear now..~~ I really hate taking pictures, it’s kind of embarrassing.. And if I take a picture with this guy, my face sizes will be really comparable~~ TT_TT .. In no time at all, I had put the guitar leaning against the photo machine. “Eungyu! I heard you were really good at singing! What to go sing karaoke with us?” “I don’t sing pop.” “Then you can sing children’s songs~~” “Aren’t you embarrassed being turned down by a guy younger than you?” “Wh­what? What does it matter? You’re my friend’s brother!!” While the girls were thinking of some excuse, I sped out of the photo arcade. Success~~!! Since we’re almost all the way to the rehearsal building, that’s another day off!! 4 days left! I practically flew home, Hmm, should I go to sing karaoke with my friends?? About now, mom would be gone and she won’t be home! When I opened the front door to my house, I spotted Jaegwang lighting a cigarette with a tired expression on his face. “Are you smoking again?!” “... ..........” “And why didn’t you come home yesterday?! You’re dead when mom comes home~” He stared at me with a serious expression on his face and put out his cigarette in the ashtray. “I’m going to tell mom that you’ve been smoking! I told you not to smoke! Do you want me to hit you again?!” “I didn’t tell you yesterday why you shouldn’t meet the hyung next door right?” “Don’t change the subject! I’m still going to tell!” “Shut up and listen will you?!” “Now you’re yelling at me?! You didn’t come home yesterday because you were passed out from smoking, huh?!” .. .... ...... “That hyung is a murderer!!!” “Smoking is really b­ What?! What did you say?!” “That hyung killed someone in middle school!” “D­don’t make me laugh! He didn’t kill anyone! Why are you making things up?! Are you still pissed because he looks better than you?!” “Are you crazy, Piggy?!” “Why do you always add ‘Piggy’ to the end of every sentence?! My weight is average!!!” “Retard, just don’t meet him okay? Don’t get close to him, it’s bad.” “............who said that...........” “Yesterday, my friends.. they went to the same middle school..” “...you’re sure..?” “...yeah...” “...okay, I won’t talk to him from now on. I don’t want to hear anymore so come down and eat. And pray that dad won’t beat you to death.” .... ... “Retard.. I was working out at the dojo all day.” “..I’m going up.” “Okay.” My head was blank.. And I couldn’t walk because my legs wouldn’t work right.. And I couldn’t say anything because all that I could do was laugh... ....that a shock.. a really big shock.... Chapter 13 +Next day; Evening+ Jaegwang was on the roof, looking at the house next door.. “Nuna~ Show me your face~~ Just once..” He kept muttering.. “NUNA! NUNA!NUN~A!!” “Hey, shut up!” “...hey, that hyung came out..” “What?” ...when I slowly crept out the attic, I saw Eungyu standing on the other side. Staring at me with a pissed expression. “You! You mean b***h. TT_TT how could you just run away like that?! And why’d you ignore me when I called you last night!!” ".........." Wordlessly, Jaegwang stepped in front of me.. “Nuna, go in.” “......okay...” I quietly went into the house... And I could hear their conversation through my window.. “Don’t talk to my Piggy!!” Why you­ “..why? O_O..?” “My nuna doesn’t like you..” “..did she really say that...?” “YEAH!” How do I look at his face... TT_TT But I don’t want to be friends with a murderer. “Then don’t talk to MY nuna either~~” “Why?!” “Because she’s MY nuna~ IF you have a cigarette, throw me one.” “..you can talk to me nuna...” You little­ !!!! “Don’t you have a cigarette?” “I finished it off earlier..” “Tell your sister to come out.” “WHY?!” “No..? Fine.” “..no wait, Hyung, I’ll tell her to come out..” What the hell!! TT0TT !!! Jaegwang stepped into my room scratching his head. “Nuna, he wants you to come out.” “Hey! If my and his nuna was drowning who’d you say first?!?!” “He wants you to come out..” “Get out!! I don’t want to see your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I guess he noticed that I was pissed... Jaegwang closed the door with a then­he­won’t­let­me­see­his­expression.. A little while later.. I could hear his voice through my window. “Yoon Jungwon~ Come out, I have something to give you!!” ".........." “I have something to give you.. even if you don’t like me, take it. And after that I won’t act like I know you...” "............." “Hurry, I have somewhere to go. Come out~” "..........." I have to go work later.. TT_TT What if I see him out on the attic later? Luckily I didn’t see him yesterday, but.. Right then.. My cell phone started ringing.. “Hello?” “Jungonw!! It’s me Yoona!!” “Yeah, I’m going out right now. Is the boss mad?” “No! It’s not that, she said we didn’t have to come out today~ Come on let’s meet!” “Why?” “Come on!! It’s been a while since we’ve just hung out!” “Where do you want to go?” “This oppa I know is going to take us to a life cafe! HAHA! Come on! Come to my house in 30 minutes!” “Hey! I can’t go out right now! TT0TT!!” ... ....beep.... beep.... beep... b***h.. Why now? I looked out my window and to the attic, Huh? He’s not there.. I quickly got ready, And without a bag or anything, I went out to the attic. “Yoon Jaegwang, I’m going out.” “Are you going to meet that hyung next door?!” “No, I’m not. So dont lock the door.” I quickly sped down the stairs.. “Taxi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Wait.. now that I think about it.. why does she always make me come over to HER house?? When I got out of the taxi I spotted a car in front of Yoona’s house. ..... .... “Jungwon! Get in!” I saw Yoona’s face with about an inch of make­up on. And in the drivers seat was a man I’d never seen before. “Yoona~ Is she the friend you’ve been talking about?” “Yeah! She’s pretty isn’t she?” “She has charm~ ” I slowly got into the car. “Are you mad about something?” “No, uh, what cafe are we going to?” “I have a friend who owns one. Why? Do you not want to?” “How old is he to own one?! You’re not over 25 are you?!” Yoona scrunched her eye. “No, luckily we’re 24. Haha, I get the feeling we would have been hit we were 25.” “Are you Yoona’s boyfriend? Yoona, are you going out with this guy?” “It’s not ‘this guy’ it’s ‘oppa’! He’s just a close oppa! Not bad huh?” “No.” “­0­” The atmosphere got cold all of a sudden.. What do you want me to do when he really ISN’T good looking... The car ride was silent, And the car sped towards our destination.. Yoona would hum once in a while.. When he stopped in front of the cafe, The guy said.. “Yoona, the person who sings here is about your age. Kills at singing..” “Is it a girl?” “No, a guy. When you see him, you’ll probably fall for him. After my friend hired him, he’s had more customers than ever.” “How old is he?!” “Go in and see. He’s in today. Hmm, I’m not sure how old he is.” Yoona jumped out of the car, And turned around to yell something at me.. which was.. “Hey! Go seduce him, Jungwon!! I thought you said a good singer is your ideal guy!!” “I don’t like guys who are good at singing..” “Yeah, his eyes are probably really high ^0^..” With that, he walked into the cafe.. “Oh!! The nerve.. I don’t like him.. .” “Come on Jungwon, calm down! I called him to introduce you to him!! Please don’t fight!! TT_TT, let’s go in okay?” “If he pisses me off one more time.. ... With Yoona using her secret weapon (What’s her secret weapon you ask? Puppy dog eyes..) I walked into the cafe with her... Chapter 14 The cafe was bright like a bathroom... ....it looked nicer than I thought it would... Every table I saw was filled with people.. 70% of the people were teenage girls... The owner greeted us warmly.. “Sunggyu!! You’re here!!” “Yeah, I came with two of my pretty dongseng’s . You have a table for us right?” Are they your cousins?” “Of course I do! I had the table right in front of the stage cleared.. go sit there. “No, just dongsengs I know. ^0^..” “Oh I see, hi. ^­^” The owner guy said waving his fingers lightly... “Hello~ ^0^” Yoona said brightly.. I just nodded my head with a blank expression. Yoona, being the energetic boy crazy girl she is, quickly pulled me towards the stage seat. When I turned around, the owner guy was frowning at me.. I could hear a guy’s voice mixed with an electric piano.. Looking around, I sat down at the seat.. And after that.. I could hear a familiar voice.. +I have a bad memory.. I can’t remember my mom’s birthday.. or my dad’s.. or what I even ate yesterday... I don’t even remember what I just said.... Not one thing.... But isn’t it weird....+ “Hey, Jungwon.. he’s REALLY good looking. Really.. He’s better looking than Jaegwang. Hurry! Look at him! Lift your head!!” “No. I don’t want to..” I said not lifting my head, Yoona started shaking mee.. “I said look!!!!” “I don’t want to... ... don’t make me...” While we were having our little argument, I could hear the guy continuing to sing.. +Your favorite song... your birthday... you habits... Are inside my head... every single thing.... That’s probably why I can remember nothing else... Maybe I’ll be like this the rest of my life...+ ... ..... .... With the song’s end.. I could hear the audience's applause. A few screams along with it.. And the guy named Sunggyu sat in front of the chair across from me... “Yoona, how is he? Pretty nice huh??” “Yeah, he’s great.. Hmm, how much does he earn??” “Money, money ^0^, what do you guys want to eat?” “Are they serving dinner yet?” “You order what you want. ^­^” The two people started talking about what to eat.. And I didn’t lift my head as if I had done something wrong... I heard the guy’s voice, quieter than usual, talking into the microphone.. “This is the last song I’ll be singing today... I didn’t write this song, a hyung I know wrote it for me..” TT_TT.. it really is Shin Eungyu.... I begged and begged for it not to be.. Well, I guess it’s not everyday God blesses a person with your kind of voice.. You were on the attic roof just a while before.. when did you get here?? TT_TT... “Jungwon, what do you want to eat?” “Same thing you’re eating.” “Lift your head..” “No.. TT_TT...” “Why? Is the guy singing too good looking to look at? ^0^..” The guy named Sunggyu asked smiling at me... Instead of answering, I started chugging down the water.. While I was listening to the guy singing with my heart thumping, My fried rice with shrimp came out was served in front of me.. With my lowered head, I put the spoon in my mouth.. Yum... ... I’m going to make him buy me some more after I’m finished~~ He said this was is last song right? So he’ll leave soon.. “Jungwon~ is it good?? >_< ?” Ahhh..... >_< It had happened in a matter of moments.. Shin Eungyu had stopped singing, and his voice was spread all around the cafe... People from all over started to talk.. “Is that a part of the song too...?” “I don’t think so.. Who’s Jungwon???” ...dammit... Yoona was staring at Shin Eungyu with surprised eyes... “Hey, Yoon Jungwon, you know him?” “No, I don’t.” My throat dried.. And I grabbed the cup in front of me and started chugging it down.. “Don’t drink a lot of water, you’re stomach will come out..~~” Once again, his voice filled the cafe.. “..what the... Yoon Jungwon, he’s talking to you.. How do you know him?!?!?” After Yoona finished talking, I slammed my empty cup on the table, And stood up from my seat.. “Are you leaving?? Come next time~ Bye!!” Everyone’s eyes found me.. And embarrassed, I stood in front of him and yelled, my face red.. “Hey! Shin Eungyu!! What the hell!! I came to eat, not to see you!!!!” “Who said anything about you coming to see me.. ??” He asked grinning brightly.. The corner of his lip red from probably getting into another fight... Oh~~ You got hit in the eye too, eh?? “Why do you keep bugging me!?! And I’m not going to carry your guitar anymore!!!” He moved his head away from the mike and asked with a quiet but stern voice.. “Then what are you going to carry for me..?” “Nothing!! Don’t bother me!! You’re scary, okay? I don’t even want to get close to you!!” Once again, he neared the mike.. “Why? Because I’m such a good singer?? O_O..?” .... ..... “No! Because you’re disgusting!! So don’t even talk to me and don’t joke with me! I’m serious.. you’re disgusting....” And with those words, I crazily ran out the cafe... With Yoona chasing behind me... With that happy face... With that clear, strong voice.. How could you have killed someone... How can you laugh as if it’s nothing... I think I trusted him for some reason.. I believed that he was a good person... It’s none of my business, I know.. but I’m getting mad for some reason.. ..... ....... ........... And after that day... 7 days passed... I think I passed him at least 20 times... And for the first time, He looked passed me with a cold face... Chapter 15 “Ah!! Today’s the last day of work!! Jaegwang! Nuna will be back soon!” “When you see Sohyung nuna later, tell her to call me~~!!!” (Sohyun­­> Eungyu’s nuna) The two had started calling each other.... Of course the reasons were different though.. Jaegwang ­­> Sohyun= My beautiful lady.. Sohyun ­­> Jaegwang= Interesting and funny next door dongseng.. “<_< ... okay.. You’re going to be home right?” “Yeah.. Oh right!!! I had something to tell you!!!” “What is it?” “Eheh~! I forgot!!” “....get lost... I’ll be back~~” “Okay, okay!” There won’t be any reason to sneak out over the roof now right? Yes! Now I don’t have to be scared anymore! Yahoo!! I guess the guy is going to come home late today also.. ... .... For a couple of days, I hadn’t seen Shin Eungyu.. He used to always smoke around this time.. ... ...........whatever, I have to hurry... I quietly opened the front gate, And was quickly running down to the main street, When I saw two shadows walking shakily and nearing me.. ... .... It was Shin Eungyu and a young woman supporting him up... The same young woman I’d seen at the rehearsal room.. the young woman dressed in a funky style... Crazy guy.. meeting girls everyday... .....you practice everyday, ha! Probably go out and drink everyday.. .... .... Like always.. I was about to pass him with a blank face when... .. “Why...... am I disgusting....” He asked with a slurred voice.. For a second I stopped... "........." “I was just... curious.. you know..? That was the first time... I’d heard anything like that..” He said sarcastically... The woman looked at me suspiciously... She looks at least 3 or 4 years older than me... “...the first...? Yeah, I admit I was a little harsh that day... But I don’t think I can talk to you again, with the same face I used to talk to you with.. not that we were close... Let’s just, leave it the way it is... Shin Eungyu started at me with light brown eyes... “I’ll be happy to leave you alone.. but ... why am I scary...? Why.. am I disgusting... why the hell do I have to hear things like that.. that’s what I’m curious about....” “Eungyu, you’re drunk.. let’s go...” The woman said carefully... I didn’t want to say this in front of the young woman but.. I couldn’t help myself.. “You’re curious why you have to hear those kinds of things from me? Didn’t you kill someone..? To me, it’s not as scary as it is disgusting... I don’t know about your standards.. to mine, it is... got it??” “...what?!?!” He asked loudly as if his mind had cleared... “I told you.. I just did as you told me to..” I said quickly starting to walk forward... “Hey!!!! Yoon Jungwon!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shin Eungyu yelled my name.... But I’d started to run already... What if he kills me with that guitar on his back..? No! I can’t die on the night I get paid... With sweat flowing down the side of my face, I arrived at the bar. Like always.. Yoona was there before me, serving people... “..hey, did you run here...?” “PANT......... PANT.......... Yeah............PANT...” “Go over there and clear those boxes.. The customers don’t like it..” “PANT.....PANT........ got it!!” “No wait, don’t get the boxes! You might break them like last time.. Go serve them.” “What? I’m not good enough to carry boxes of empty bottles? Fine, whatever..” Yoona took off the apron she had around her... I wiped my sweat with a rag and tied the apron around me... Right then.... “Over here~ We’re ready to ready to order..” A light voice said... “Yes ma’am!” I headed towards them quickly... ... .... A familiar form dressed in a black suit... And next to him.. a girl stared at me with large eyes... “We’re ready~~ Oppa, do you want some stew? Or do you just want something to chew on while we’re drinking??” “........whatever you want..” “Then Soju or beer..?” “...........whatever you want...” “...how am I supposed to know then.. Aren’t you going to eat anything?” Responding to the girl, he nodded his head twice.. He lifted his head to meet my cold face... “..Yoon Jungwon.. what are you doing here....” “Heewon oppa, you know this person?” The girl asked looking from my face to Kang Heewon’s.... “Yeah.. at a time we knew each other.. are you going out with Eungyu...??” “.....no.....” “Does Eungyu know?” “Know what.....” “What you and I used to be....” “Aren’t you going to order??” I ignored Kang Heewon’s smirk and turned to the girl seated next to him... “..30 dollars worth of beer.. but.. unnie, do you know my oppa??” ... ..... “No.. I don’t...” Chapter 16 With a lost expression, she looked from Kang Heewon to me.. .. ... ..... You’re doing a good job Jungwon.. you’re doing good... “What are you going to eat for side dish with the beer..?” “Oppa, I’m going to order some fruit okay?” “I heard you got stepped on by some of the girls at Ahnhyung High not too long ago...” .... .... Keep your cool, Jungwon.. you can do it.. you’ve done a good job so you can do it.. Besides.. you didn’t don’t anything good that day either.... I clenched my hands into a fist... Tight enough for my nails to puncture my skin and make it bleed... “A fruit dish and 30 dollars worth of beer, right?” “Yeah.” “...okay....” Okay.. you did it.. you did it... It’s been forever since my heart’s beat this fast... I calmly headed towards the counter... “Hey.. just leave Eungyu alone... If you make Eungyu sad, you won’t just be beaten.. you’ll be beaten to death.. got it...?” "......." “If you think I’ve forgiven you for what you did to me.. don’t make me laugh.. my dad’s still in jail.. because of you, b***h...” ... .... I take after my dad... So I have a bad temper... And it was too hard for me to keep it back.. So hard it was exhausting to stand... SLAM!!!!! I slammed my fist as hard as I can on the table Kang Heewon was sitting on... “Who.. who made who sad... huh...? How hard do you think it was for me?? My best friend who I’d known for 5 years... the bastard I trusted with all my heart... asked some b***hes he knew.... asked them to step of her... and on her birthday.. after saying he was going to throw her a party.. called her out.. and broke her.... laughing right in front of her... laughing the whole time.. even when she was crying to him... a friendship that lasted 5 years... disappeared as if it were nothing in a day... you destroyed that friendship... don’t touch me... I won’t stop myself next time....” .... ..... With cold, shaking eyes, Kang Heewon stared at my eyes... “Keep yourself back..? Don’t.. don’t keep yourself back.. I’m ready... Friendship..? Fawking b***h... so you call the police and send your best friend of 5 years’ dad to jail... Huh?!” Kang Heewon yelled, standing up and slamming the table with his fist... ... .... I wasn’t in my right mind.. I started yelling... ...loud enough for the people around us to come and drag me away.. I got pulled away by the owner, and Yoona.. Kang Heewon had left the bar with the girl... I was on the ground muttering... and Yoona quietly hugged me... “It was hard for you wasn’t it Jungwon.. I thought you were okay, I thought you were alright now, but it still hurt didn’t it..” “..Yoona.. Yooona....” “Yeah, it’s okay to cry...” With me in Yoona’s arms, I cried all the tears I had kept back for three years... ... .... A little while later, after my boss had clamed me down, she handed me a few bottle of beer and soju. "........." “It’s your last day right..? I gave the envelope to Yoona, so take it.. You look exhausted, drink a little before you go..” .. .... Yoona nodded her head.. 2 Hours later... “I really didn’t know!!! I really didn’t know that the ahjushi I put in jail was Heewon’s dad!! I really didn’t know!!!” “Okay, okay... I know.. Jungwon...” “Ehehe!! Of course! I mean you’d do it to!! If a car came and hit someone on the street and just sped away!! You’d call right?! How was I supposed to know that the person inside the car was Kang Heewon’s dad!!?” “Exactly~ You did what you had to do..” “...then why did he do that to me.... crazy bastard... right? He’s a crazy bastard right...?” “Yeah, he is..” Yoona pat my shoulder... “That wasn’t the reason I was sad though.. the reason I wanted to die wasn’t because those b***hes beat me...it wasn’t because of Heewon either...” "............" “...it was because.. Heewon.. who had smiled in front of me.. only smiled in front of me.. and cried with me when I was crying... my best friend... was looking at me with a different face.. because when I woke up the next day I thought I was going to die because it hurt so much and I missed the Heewon I knew who’d buy me ointment... no matter how much I cried he wouldn’t come back.. and I couldn’t find him anywhere... I thought I’d go crazy because I missed him so much...” “..forget him.. forget him... if he ever was a true friend, he never would have done that to you... I’ll fill all that loneliness up for you.. okay? Do erase everything of that bastard you have in your memories...” ... .... “Yoona, I want to... I want to erase him... but I couldn’t because I’d see him in my head over 20 times a day.... sometimes I didn’t even have memories of anything....” “Hold on, Jungwon, I got a call.. I can answer right..?” I nodded my head exhaustedly. “Hello..? Who..? Jaegwang..? Yeah, it’s me Yoona, Jungwon’s next to me.. yeah? Tell it to me and I’ll tell her.. yeah.. yeah...?? Who...? Yeah.. what’s that mean..? Okay, I’ll tell her. Okay, you too...” After hanging up, she shook my arm gently... “Jungwon, Jaegwang told me to tell you to hurry and come home.. your mom’s taking a bath, and she’s going to call you to rub her back.” “...okay...” I got out of my seat holding onto Yoona... “Oh, and I don’t know what this means, but he wanted me to tell you this..” ..... ........ “Tell my nuna that the hyung next door isn’t a murderer... it was the hyung’s friend.. Tell my nuna not to hit me.. TT_TT...” "<_<......." “That’s what he said..? Who’s the ‘hyung next door’...?” “Fawking bastard.. I’m going to rip his lips apart when I get home.” “Are you going to rub your mom’s back smelling like alcohol..?” “..yeah, it’s okay if I chew some gum... it’s fine, I’ll be normal when I get home. You know I’m strong with alcohol. “Okay, I’ll walk you home. Let’s go.” ..” ...Our boss helped us to the front door... Yoona and I both walked home singing loudly... “We’re here, you can go now~” “Can you go up the stairs? What if you fall..?” “No, I’m fine. Don’t worry and go home!!” “You stink.. what if you get caught...??” “I’m good and getting myself out of jams. Don’t worry and go. It’s late~” Yoona gave me a doubting look and started to walk away... Quietly, I opened the front gate, And started walking up the stairs and was halfway up, ...when a cigarette butt fell in front of my feet... Chapter 17 “You again...?” With eyes a third closed, I looked up at the guy. On the attic next door was Shin Eungyu looking at me... ... ... “Did you drink....?” “Who cares.. you did too....” “Don’t you have a watch?! Don’t you know what time it is?!” “Shut up... .... I’m going to get caught!! Why the hell are you yelling at me?!” “You’re 19­yaers­old. Is that the only thing you do? Drink?!” “What’s it to you?! Mind your own business, I’ll drink if I want!!!” “....you’re starting to piss me off....” He turned around and went inside somewhere.... Then came back and reached into his pocket, and threw me something... ... .....it was my student ID.. “What is this..? Did you steal this from your teacher??” “...I said I have something to give you.. but you didn’t come out.. have a good life.... it’s funny saying that to my next door neighbor..” .. That night.. at the live cafe... his bruised lip and swollen eye... .....he didn’t get hit trying to find this.... “You... got caught trying to look for this.. didn’t you.. That’s why your lip was bruised.. right..” “No, it’s because I was kissing a girl and she bit my lip.” “....then why was your eye swollen...” “..........get inside... I’m going to sing..” ..... ..... ..... “I’m sorry, Eungyu..” For a second, he looked at me.. “...for saying you did something you didn’t do.. I thought you’d killed someone.. why aren’t you mad? You didn’t even try to explain.... I‘m such a bad person!!.. TT_TT...” “Are you crying...?” “TT_TT!! Why does everyone make me the bad person!!?!?! First Kang Heewon! Then Yoon Jaegwang! You too!! TT_TT!! Why does everyone make me the stupid one?! Why?!” He put his hand under his chin, And Shin Eungyu grinned.. “Something bad happened did it? That’s why you’re using me as an excuse and crying, right? ^0^.” “Yeah! You bastard! There’s something bad that happened!! What are you going to do about it?! WAHHHHHH!! I’m so sorry!!! TT_TT... I’m sorry.... so sorry...” “Thought you said I’d be harder to see an alien cry.. yet! You cried! You cried! I won! Yeah baby!! I won!!” ... liar, you’re crying right now.. All right!!! It hasn’t been 10 days As if he’d won the lottery, He raised his over his head.. He’s so stupid, my tears stopped.. ... “Yeah you won. Tell me what you want. I’ll do it since you won.” “Okay!!” “...what do you want.. nothing expensive.. wait... never mind, I got paid. So you can ask for something expensive... Since I accused you of something you didn’t do... I’ll use as much as you want.” ... ...... ....... For a moment he was silent... And with an embarrassed expression (that didn’t match his personality at all) he said quietly, “.....don’t go over the attic. “........what...?” “Don’t sneak out at night..” .” “.............that’s what you want?” +NOD+ “Don’t sneak out.... and don’t go around at night..” Tch. He’s making it sound as if he actually cares. You don’t look too bad today Shin Eungyu... TT_TT... “I love winning!!! I won~ Whoo hoo!!” “Hey... Shin Eungyu...” “Huh..?” “I’m... going through some hard times you know...?” “Why? Because you lost to me?? Huh? Huh? Is that it??” He looked at me with eyes that said he really wanted me to say that... “...no, because of some painful memories...” “..O_O...” “...so, I was wondering.... do you... want to be my boy­ boyfriend...?” Dammit! I stuttered... boy­ boyfriend...??? I’m so embarrassed!! TT_TT.. I started looking around... And he said... “No.” “.....okay.. I wasn’t expecting anything anyways.. well anyways, congrats on winning..” “You be my girlfriend.” “...that’s the same thing!” “Yeah, hey, tell your mom to get her hair permed again.. it’s starting to fall loose..” “...do you see her..?” “Yeah! ^0^! She’s behind you!” “TT_TT....” “You stupid girl! I thought I heard something on the roof!!! Come here!!!!!” .... ..... TT_TT... But.. dad’s home too... With my shaking legs, I went down the stairs... “Hey girlfriend!! You’re holding my guitar again tomorrow! Be careful! I’m going to sing again ^0^!!” On that hellish night.. the guy’s voice could be heard in the neighborhood.. Chapter 18 Next morning.... “Nuna.. does it hurt a long? Want me to blow on it for you??” “Get lost!! Go away!!!” “It’s the first day for you and the next door hyung!” “Just go away!! TT_TT..” “Oh right, nuna, there was a guy who called yesterday..” “.........who.....” “..I don’t know, he sounded familiar though.. Fuq. He was hella rude though. So I was cursed at him. And he hung up.” “What are you doing cursing at MY call?! I don’t even get calls from guys! ...it wasn’t... Kang Heewon.. was it....?” “...why are you bringing up that bastard’s name...” With a cold expression on his face, he left my room. Wow, he’s taking his bag to school..? “Yoon Jungwon!! Go to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” My mom yelled. I made sure that my skirt didn’t touch my swollen thighs, and went to school.. +SCHOOL+ “What?! So the guy at the live cafe, Lotte World, and the guy next door is the same person?!!?” “Yeah.” “And you’re going out with him?!” “Congratulate me~ ...” Yoona started shaking me violently.. “What are you doing?!?!” “For the first time in 19 years a road’s opened up!!! It’s opened!!” The kids who’d heard our conversation, Looked at me with unbelieving expressions.. ... BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... ... ....on the caller ID, 3 characters appeared... Shin. Eun. Gyu. “Hello?” The kids all went silent... .. “It’s me!!” “Yeah, what are you doing.” “I’m being punished right now!” “Punished? Why?” “This oppa did something he wasn’t supposed to. Don’t come at 3 today, come at 3:30!” “What did you do? Did you throw your desk?!” “No, something exciting~~ I’ll see you later!!” He hung up the phone.. What the hell did he do...? A guy sitting in front of me whispered to me, “Do you really have a boyfriend? You’re joking right?” "­_­.." Then he turned to his desk partner... “What if it’s Hyungpal? HAHAHA!” As if he’d seen the murderous look on my face, he went quiet. ++Myungwon gates++ I begged Yoona to come with me, But said something about pimples.. What if he thinks I’m a loser? I could see a group of people... ... .......a group of people I didn’t really like... It’s that bastard who grabbed me by the throat!! Luckily, I didn’t see Byatches 1, 2, 3, 4... I turned my head... “My loser!! You came alone!!” “<_<..” Shin Eungyu hopped to my side. “You’re friends with her?” +NOD NOD+ Right then, the bastard named Chanhyun, who grabbed me by the throat threw his arm on Shin Eungyu’s shoulder.. “Congratulations on becoming a couple! Good luck!” His eyes are looking me down.. I ignored him and turned to Shin Eungyu. “Why’d you get punished today?” “He got caught by the principal while throwing water balloons at the kids who were having gym.” As soon as Chanhyung finished talking, Shin Eungyu’s cheek started to turn cherry red. “This the exciting thing you did? THIS is the thing more exciting than throwing your desk?” “Carry it.” Shin Eungyu said pushing his guitar into my arms and starting forward. “Did I say something wrong?” Chanhyun asked with a blank expression, Yeah you did you stupid dip****. I waddled towards Shin Eungyu and yelled.. “You’re embarrassed aren’t you?! Truthfully you are aren’t you!?” Today is the first day we have official been going out.. Chapter 19 Muttering to himself, he continued to walk ahead. Haha! I can make fun of him all I want today! It’s my chance! “I have a song!! Want to hear?!” “<_<...” “The title! Water Balloons Fly!!” “...keep going on and you’ll get hit.. ...” “It wasn’t a nuke! It wasn’t a balloon, it wasn’t a baseball!! It was a scary, scary­ MMF!” He covered my mouth with one hand... “Next time, I won’t cover it with my hand.” “­0­” With his hand over my mouth, Shin Eungyu pulled me into the photo arcade we had gone to before. “I’m not going to take pictures! No! Our face sizes will be too comparable!!” “Well, pull your head back a little!” And then, Shin Eungyu quickly put some change into the machine. “Panorama? Or no panorama?!” “Don’t do the one where it takes a lot of pictures! I’m not good at that.” “Okay! Panorama!” Panorama= ‘one where is takes a lot of pictures’ Quickly, he started pushing a bunch of buttons. And thinking I might run away, he had one hand around my waist. Even while I was trying to get away, the machine continued to take pictures... “The only one you look normal in is the last one...” I glanced over at the photo sheet... Next to Shin Eungyu’s smiling and airbrushed face, Was my weird looking one... “You can keep it!” I yelled, And he got a pair of scissors and cut the last picture apart from the sheet and stuck it on my phone. A few minutes later.. He went into the ice cream shop and Shin Eungyu bought 2 strawberry cones.. I HATE strawberry ice cream.. But he shoved it into my hand anyways... “I don’t like strawberry!!” “Then eat the cone.” “... ...” “I’ve always wanted to eat ice cream with my girlfriend if I ever got one.” “Then why didn’t you?!” “Girls liked me too much.” “Then why are you going out with ME?!” “Because you don’t like me that much..” ......... .... ...... ........ “....that’s all...?” “Yeah! Yeah!” “...so.. if I acted as if I liked you.. then you’d break up with me immediately..?” He shook is head quickly.. For some reason.. it pissed me off.. “Fine! I won’t act like I like you then! I won’t tell a guy I don’t even like to do this or that either!!” “Want to make a bet on who eat their ice cream more prettier??” “NO!!!” “Huh..? Heewon’s out here.” ...... ...... ........ ......... It was true... ....a hundred meters away was Eungyu’s rehearsal building... In the front... as if waiting for someone, Kang Heewon was walking around.. Eungyu grabbed my wrist and pulled me quickly as I was starting to slow down... “He’s my best friend, I’ll introduce you guys~ ^0^..” “....it’s fine....” “I’ll introduce you! Come on!” “I don’t need to be introduced to him..” “No, I’m going to introduce you guys.” “The person you like the most might be the person I hate the most in the world!!” “Really..? Then... you like Dragon Head the best?” What the hell does that mean... ... “I hate Dragon Head the most in the whole wide world! Do is it your favorite person!? Huh?!” “Why is that coming up here??? I’m just saying it COULD happen! Anyways.. I’m going...” Dammit... ... ... However... Shin Eungyu’s hand didn’t left go of my wrist.. While I was trying to twist my wrist out.. ..... “Eungyu!!!” ..... ........ The voice I hated... Kang Heewon sprinted towards us... “Yeah! Heewon!!” +PANT PANT+ “....hi ^0^” ... .... Kang Heewon waved his hand towards me slightly... ....I turned my head, and ignored his greeting... “You know Jungwon..?” With Eungyu’s question, the bastard answered... “We just knew each other a little in elementary school... Hey, Eungyu... You know that time we went to that concert in Pusan? That girl you called cute. You know?” “..who?? O_O..” “You know that girl who performed with the third band.. the female vocalist. The one with the blue lens... You called her cute.. “Oh~ Her, yeah why?” Kang Heewon.. what the hell are you doing... “Well, she came up recently. She’s in my dongseng’s class. So I brought her over!” “...why...” “Let’s go in! She’s waiting for you.” “Why is she waiting for me?!” “I told her I’d introduce you to her.” “I already have a girlfriend.” Eungyu, grabbed my hand and showed him. My breathing started coming out choppier.. “Eungyu, you can’t go out with her .” .... .... “Why not.” “Her...? She’s scary, you don’t know when she’ll turn on you..” ... .. “I’m leaving....” Once again, Eungyu grabbed my shaking hand. “Kang Heewon, Jungwon’s not a scary person. And send her back, I told you I don’t like girls in our practice room.” “You’re the one who said that we need a female vocalist. Not even as a vocalist?” Tell him no... Tell him no... Tell him no..... “No, that’s okay .” “Hehe~ I knew you’d say ‘yes,’ let’s go in.” .... ........grinning, Eungyu took my hand again.. And with a strength I didn’t know I had, I pulled it out of his grasp. “I said I’m not going! And Kang Heewon!!!” "......." “Don’t kid with me.. okay? I won’t just pass it with words next time...” For a second.. Kang Heewon’s face turned dark.... And then turned to Eungyu smiling.. With an angry voice, Eungyu said.. “Yoon Jungwon.. I get that you over react a lot... but don’t say that to my friend... it pisses me off..” "......" I caught a passing taxi... ...and outside the window... .... I saw Kang Heewon swing an arm on Eungyu’s shoulder... and walk inside the building... .... He was smiling.... He was smiling.... As if saying.... ‘You can’t win me...’ Chapter 20 In front of the house.. I usually don’t like riding taxis... .....but I don’t think I trusted my legs to carry my body home... Right... Shin Eungyu’s His friend.... it was my fault that I thought he’d side with me.. I’m the only one to blame... “I can drop you off here right?” “Yeah, right here.” In front of the gate, I could see Jaegwang sighing while wearing a jacket with his hands shoved into his pockets. As soon as he saw the taxi, my brother quickly ran towards me. “What the... what’s wrong with you?” “...I thought you were Sohyun... Aish!” “...Sohyun? Shin Eungyu’s nuna? Why are YOU waiting for that unnie?” “...nuna.. what do I do..? I think I really like her... this is the first time you’ve seen me like this, huh? Right? Like... I worry about her... you KNOW I’ve never been able to worry about anyone but myself!! I think I’m changing!” “Get out of my way, get away from the gate!” I shoved him harshly, thinking he’d fight back, But he just got shoved weakly... “What’s wrong with you!! How did this happen to you?!” “....I don’t know.. my legs her... nuna... I’m hungry TT_TT...” “Go in and eat then!!! Have you been like this since morning?!” “Nuna~ Get me something to eat TT_TT...” “Go stuff your face inside!!! Sheesh, you seriously have a problem.” “What if Sohyun comes home while I’m eating...?” “... ... well then just sit out here...” “No, if Sohyun sees me sitting.. then she’ll think I’m lazy~~” “Fine, then just stand out here.. Okay?” “Nuna~~ Get me some food TT_TT.. Get me some food...” “<_<..” How did the great and mighty Yoon Jaegwang become like this? He’s never had to dial a girl’s phone number, they all came to him... But, now he’s become.... one of them!! “Go in and eat, I’ll yell when I see that unnie.” Sending me a bright grin I’d never seen on his face, My cute little brother sped inside. She’s not THAT pretty... never mind.. I take that back.. Why do I have to do this ... WHY do I have to squat here and wait for that unnie to come? TT_TT.... While I was squatting... .... ..... A white car came closer down our road.... And stopped in front of the gate. As I’d predicted, a guy got out of the drivers seat. And from the passenger’s seat was Sohyun unnie. It’s that oppa from the bar.... It’s a relief that Jaegwang didn’t have to see this.. With a sexy pose, unnie leaned against their front gate. Wow... no matter how many times I get on my eyes, I’ll probably never be able to get eyes like her’s. That ugly guy walked towards Sohyun unnie... And started to stroke her hair.. “Don’t touch my hair! I didn’t wash it today!!!” ­0­..... ­ 0 ­.... ­ 0 ­.... While was wondering if I’d heard right, the guy said.. “Who cares.. that doesn’t matter, my Sohyun.. when will I see you again? I’m going to be busy....” “..I should have eaten more earlier... I’m starting to get hungry again...” “...Sohyung... oppa isn’t joking right now....” “Yeah.. okay... what did you say? That you’re busy? Well, if you’re busy we can just meet when you’re NOT busy~” “...okay... go in.. Oppa will call you okay? So answer your phone.” “Okay! Bye! By­~~~~~e!!” She yelled waving to her boyfriend who hadn’t even gotten in the car.. I should hurry and go tell Jaegwang. I ran inside the house.. And... With a spoon in his mouth... I spotted my brother sleeping as if he were dead... ..and instead of waking him, I quietly went to my room.. How long did he wait for her... What does he like so much about the Shin’s daughter.... ...that even in his sleep, with a spoon inside his mouth, he was smiling..? That Night... I went out to the attic to give my plants water.. When on the attic next door, I spotted something... On the laundry line were two pieces of paper... And on each paper was a largely written word.. I’m... Sorry..... (TN: And stop!! In the actual KRN version, there was supposed to be 3 pieces of paper with I’m sorry written on it. But in KRN I’m sorry is 3 characters. Mi. Ahn. Hae.. okay? ^0^ ) Puhahaha!! >_< Crazy bastard! Trying to be cute.... Tch, you think I’ll be smiling if I saw that? (She’s smiling already) ... Right then, I felt someone staring at me... When I turned around, about a meter away from me, looking out a small window, I could see Shin Eungyu’s light brown hair and brown eyes.. It seemed as if he was coming back from singing at the Live Cafe... This half moon shaped eyebrow piercing was shining... For a second, your eyes met. As if he was caught by surprise, his head quickly disappeared. What...? What is he doing? Is he crazy...?? Wanting to play ‘hard­to­get’ I slammed the attic door and ran into my room. It’s going to be easy to fall asleep tonight! Next Morning.... With my Mom and Dad’s warning glares, I got ready to go to school today... In the alley, I could see Shin Eungyu’s backside a little distance in front of me. His slow walking backside... ..should I act as if I know him? Should I hit his shoulder lightly as if nothing had happened.... I mean, what he did yesterday was pretty cute... As I was filling up the distance between us.. A girl dressed in a Kyungjin uniform hit Shin Eungyu’s shoulder with her bag. Eungyu turned around. And grinned brightly. The girl stuck to his side. I could only see the girl’s backside.. ++The things I could see++ Her uniform is clean.. (I can’t keep mine clean) She’s petite.. (I’m tall..) Her hair is really shiny... (Mine’s not too bad..) She has really white skin.. (There is no such thing as ‘white skin’ in my family’s genetics.) The two people walked side by side. I just started at the two people’s backsides.. And I was flooded with a feeling that I couldn’t explain.. Chapter 21 +School+ It was break time... A girl I’d never really talked to came to my side cautiously... “...uh.. Jungwon...” “....yeah?” “Is it true?” “Is what true?” “You know Kang Heewon right...?” ... ..... As my face turned cold, she twitched... And at the desk next to me Yoona stood up and yelled... “I’ve always wanted to hit b***hes that make up bull**** rumors..” .. We quietly walked out the classroom.. “...hey, I’m fine. Why do you keep scaring the kids?” “...it pisses me off.. Kang Heewon’s your boyfriend’s friend, I heard.” “..yeah, seems that they are... not JUST friends... they’re best friends...” “...the only thing important to you is!!!!” "...?" “To make sure that that Kang Heewon bastard doesn’t say anything bad to anyone about you! To make sure that he doesn’t break you two up! To make sure that you make him crawl on the floor you walk on!!!” “....I’m fine with the way things are right now... don’t make a big deal out of nothing, friend.” “Stupid b***h. ..” Am I supposed to carry his guitar for him today or just leave it? And rest of the school day I was thinking about that... And... I realized that all of that thinking was to pass the school day quicker. After school ended, My group of 6 friends, with an ice cream cone in each of our hands, Was waking down the street. I could see a bunch of kids with annoyed expressions as they tried to catch a taxi. “......hey... Jung­ Jungwon...” Yoona said poking me in the side.. “What?” “...that’s Eungyu... right?” “...what.....?” Yoona pointed to an area.... I spotted an area with two taxis. And I saw Eungyu getting out of one of the taxis.. He had 7 friends with him... If MY friends find out that I’m going out with him, They’ll want to meet his friends... TT_TT... “Yoona, let’s just not tell them and go.” I whispered... Yoona nodded, And I buried my face into my crowd of friends and pretended to be on the phone. Slowly, we passed Shin Eungyu.. “Huh? Is this the right school? It’s rundown isn’t it??!” Shin Eungyu’s voice.. “Heh, a nuna that I liked came out of this school.. Hey, go call your girlfriend, what if she sees us?” His friend’s voice... Why in the world did you bring your friends along? I quickly turned off my cell phone, And on my side, Jiyoung said.. “What are they doing here... don’t they have some place to go drink or something?” I spotted a taxi and I quickly shook my hand. ... Instead of a taxi, a motorcycle stopped in front of me. There’s only 1 motorcycle around our neighborhood. It’s a zx­7r... (<­­ TN: Whatever that is) I know very well who the owner of this motorcycle is.. Very, very well... That’s not all, I’ve even been on it before.. a disgusting memory.. “Eungyu!!!!!!!! Jungwon’s over here!!!” The owner of the motorcycle yelled. ... ****. “Kim Hyungpal! What the hell are you doing here?! TT_TT!!!” “Eungyu wanted to come over, that’s why!” “Take off your helmet.. “WHY?!” “Because I want to hit you... TT_TT...” “No!!! Eungyu!! You guys!!!! Over here!! Over here!!!!!!” ..” With that damn helmet on his head, Hyungpal waved over at Eungyu.... The 7 guys from Ahnhyun High dragged their feet over to us.. And my friends stared at me as if they couldn’t believe it.. “...Yoon Jungwon..” Shin Eungyu called my name.. “Did you come meet a group of people...” “Did you see me? Or did you not...?” “I didn’t.” “Let me see your phone.” “.........no...” Wordlessly, he snatched away the phone that was in my hand. “...why’d you turn it off? .” “My battery was running low...” “Really...? “Yeah.” .” Forcing a smile, he turned of my phone. “..your battery is fully charged ..” “Oh, I guess it did that on it’s own..” “<_<... you’re doing this because of yesterday huh...??” “Doing what? What happened yesterday!!” “Hyungpal.” He said turning in Hyungpal’s direction.. “Yeah?” “Give me your helmet.” “....okay...” Without asking why, Hyungpal handed over his helmet to Shin Eungyu. Bastard, if I bugged him ten times, he’s only let me ride it once... Hyungpal jumped off the motorcycle.... And Shin Eungyu got on. “Get on, I have something to say to you.” He said in an annoyed voice. “No.” “I said, get on.” “I said no! Why should I get on this thing?!” “...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....” Instead of talking, he let out a long breath of air... My friends stared at me in disbelief. A few stared at Shin Eungyu’s friends with interest. And looking at him in the eye... I said looking down... “Fine.. then I want to drive... I like driving this thing.” “...wearing a skirt...” “..yeah.” Wordlessly, Shin Eungyu took off his uniform shirt (he had a wife beater on inside) and wrapped it around my waist. My legs are getting covered... “There... You can drive then. .. Everything’s fine then. Hey, you wear the helmet.” Hyungpal stared at me and then his cycle with fearful eyes... What? Are you afraid that I’m driving your HELLA expensive bike? ^0^!! Well, actually, I’m a little nervous driving this... I’ve driven this about 3 times?? Twice I almost fell. I put on the helmet, and got on. With an non­understandable smile on his face, Shin Eungyu climbed on the back. “Hey....I think she’s crazy... I’ve never seen a girl drive a cycle before..” “Eungyu! Be careful! If you think you’re going to fall, just jump! There’s a better chance of jumping off and living than falling off and living!!” His friends yelled worriedly. “Yoon Jungwon! Are you crazy? Hurry and get off!!!” My friends started yelling. But I’d started off already. It’s really fast. I can hear the wind zooming past. The cycle started shaking slightly... OMG, this is a little scary.. TT_TT... The guy behind me was singing some random song. If I spot it, then my pride gets a socking.. but it’s too scary to keep going... I tried going slower... But the motorcycle was normally fast. Some kids from school who recognized me stopped and stared stupidly. My legs started shaking.. But why the hell is this guy so calm?! “Don’t rub your head into my back!!!!!!!!” “The tears you cried! I’m going to erase from my memories!!! So that the sun can dry them, and if it rains it’ll wash away!!!!” (<­­ Singing) “TT_TT..” Luckily, I got stopped by a red light. “..hey... my leg kind of hurts, can you drive now?” Eungyu didn’t answer and suddenly started rubbing his face into my back. “What the hell are you doing?! Getit off!!” “Miss, can I see your drivers license?” “.....” I turned my helmeted head towards the voice. It was a police man.. ... Ten minutes after my scary motorcycle expedition had started... Eungyu and I were both headed towards the police station... ... poking his head out of his window.. Chapter 22 ... I’m so dead.... With a big frown on his face, The police officer sat down at his computer. Eungyu and I just sat on the sofa... I had my head bent low... But oppositely from me, Eungyu had his head held up high and was looking around the station. “Hey, put your head down.. stupid, you have to at least look guilty...” “Retard...you should have just sped away.” “If I sped away... then we’d have gotten caught.” “Hey! Shut up!!” The police man yelled looking up from his typing. “Hyungpal got his cycle taken away... what is he supposed to use to get girls??” Right then.. an ahjushi who was reading a newspaper in the corner, Raised his eyebrow and stared at me... Then he folded his newspaper, and headed towards me.. “..hey, have I seen you around here before?” “...no.” “No? I remember seeing you around here a few winters ago. Right?” “.....no..” “......Officer Kim!” “Yes, sir?” “...wasn’t this girl here before? You’ve seen her before right?” ........ “....I don’t know...” “Oh! Oh! I remember!” ..... ..... He said slapping his knee. Loud enough to shake the station. “Three years ago!! You got beat by a girl about your age!! And your face was all swollen!! Right?!” .... ..........he was talking about that incident... My birthday... the thing that Kang Heewon did.... My shaking fists rested on my tense legs. “I’m right.. you’re that girl.. what possessed you to get on a motorcycle and drive riding your uniform? Well, kids always come by at least 3 times in their life. TSK TSK...” I hate hearing things like this... .. .... “How many times did YOU come in then?” Shin Eungyu asked as if he was asking a close hyung he knew. “.......what did you say you little bastard...?” “I’ve been here a lot, I guess you don’t remember me...” “Do you really want your ass kicked?! You talk like this to your own dad like this??” Right as the officer raised his hand to hit Eungyu. A woman with long hair appeared suddenly and as if collapsing, she covered Eungyu’s knees. ... “Why are you about to hit my precious baby brother?!” It was Jaegwang’s one and only. Behind her was Shin Eungyu’s dad and mom.. My mom and dad... They looked at me to Eungyu with surprised looks. In front of the Station.. Without one word.. not one word.. My dad climbed into his car... “If you were going to ride a motorcycle, you should have ridden in the front. What were you doing holding onto a girl’s waist and riding in the back? Weren’t you embarrassed? Oh! It’s our 2nd time seeing you ^0^! Hi, young lady!” Eungyu’s mom slightly slapped my back. “We’d like it if your daughter and your son didn’t see each other again. We’re sorry for our troubling daughter. Yoon Jungwon.. get in the car.” TT_TT... I’m so dead... Mom quickly went after Dad. “Yoon Jungwon...” “What..” “I’ll get revenge for you ^­^” “HAHA~... revenge..? For what?” “When you got beat... I’ll make sure I hurt them 10 times more than they hurt you... Since you acted strong even after you got hurt...” “Hurry up!!” Mom yelled loudly. I smiled weakly towards Eungyu... And holding back tears I got into the car... In the rearview I could see Eungyu, his parents, and Jaegwang’s one and only all joking happily. .... And I saw Shin Eungyu’s backside... How are you going to get my revenge?? ....I got hit over 50 times that day... ....you... You’re going to hit your best friend Kang Heewon 500 times? Will you really........? .... Hahah... Retard... you probably wouldn’t even be able to... Tch, ass.. making someone teary for no reason at all... It’s not like you can... no wait... It’s not like you will..... Chapter 23 That night... I heard the things I hate hearing.. I heard the things I hate hearing most in the world.... Over a 1000 times from my parents... My dad had like bent my spine into a knot, And my kind brother Jaegwang kept my dad from snapping it in half.. TT_TT... Around 3 in the morning, I left my parent’s hellish room, And I was able to lay down on my lovely comfortable bed. Just curiously, I opened my window, But Eungyu wasn’t outside... “Oh my gosh, stupid. What gave you the nerve to ride that thing?” “It’s all because of Hyungpal!! TT_TT...” “You know that Hyungpal likes that thing more than food. And he got it taken away.” “Ahaha!! That’s kind of funny!!” “<_<.. retard...” With a cigarette in his mouth, Jaegwang left to go up to the attic. I’ll let you go today since you saved me... Next Morning... I wasn’t allowed to eat breakfast... Food... Give me good... don’t you know how much I love breakfast.. TT_TT... I left my house earlier than usual.. It’s not a good idea to stay around home after what happened yesterday... .... ..... ........ Huh...? That backside... Eun­ Huh....?! It’s that girl!!!! I quickly started after the girl... ...yeah, it’s her.. the one who walked with Eungyu yesterday... Huh....? Oh..... Another thing I can see!! This girl.... Has blue eyes.... Of course she had contacts in... If she has blue eyes.... She’s the one Kang Heewon was talking about... The female vocalist or whatever... I froze in my spot and the girl looked at me with a weird look... She’s really cute.. dammit. She’s not as pretty as Jaegwang’s One­and­Only, But she looks a little like this singer I don’t like with a J­initial. (TN: I think she’s talking about Jang Nara.. Yeah, I know the girl I picked doesn’t look like Jang Nara... but oh well..) She had a bunch of powder on her face... And I think she’s wearing eye liner.... Continuing to look at me with weird glances, she started walking a little faster.. And I quickly started after her... Blue­Eyes pulled out a cell phone from her pocket and started dialing a number.. (I froze) “...uh... oppa? It’s me Nari.. huh...? No, uh, oppa where are you right now?” You think I don’t know you’re making a baby voice on purpose?? I’m positive she has another voice at home.. “No~ I’m on my way to school.. If you haven’t left yet... do you want to walk to the little mart with me? I was practicing that song you taught me... Aren’t you going to hear it out for me? okay! Okay, I’ll be wait­” I was positive she was talking with Shin Eungyu.. I’m positive!!! “Can I see your cell phon?” Where the hell did I get the nerve to use her cell phone? I spread my hand open palm to the Blue­Eyed girl. “Excuse me?” She asked fearfully and taking a step back... “Can I see your phone... Hello. You’re Shin Eungyu right? Yeah! It’s Jungwon, what are you going to do about it!!” “...why the hell are you talking on her phone? You know Nari?” “No, I just saw her talking on the street and I told her to give me her phone.” “That sounds like something you’d do..” “Hey, do I have to go carry your guitar today also?” “Of course!!! Hey hold on, let’s go together...” “Forget it, just walk with this girl holding hands.. ... dirty player...” +CLICK+ I slipped the phone into the girl’s pocket, And started walking. This is jealousy... this is jealousy.... Right now, Yoon Jungwon is jealous... “..excuse me.. you know... Eungyu oppa...?” Blue­Eyes carefully asked me... For some reason it pissed me off.... “Yeah, I’m his girlfriend. His GIRLFRIEND.” “....excuse me...? His girlfriend.....??” She asked as if she didn’t believe me... I felt my phone vibrating in my bag, it’s probably Shin Eungyu right? “I’ll just talk comfortably with you since you’re younger. Yeah, I’m his girlfriend. I’m late, I’ll see you around. See you~” I said waving my hands and heading towards the bus stop. I reached my school... And all the kids turned to stare at me... “YOON JUNGWON!! YOU’RE GOING OUT WITH SHIN EUNGYU?!” Gossip is a scary thing.... How can all these girls surround me in less than a second? And that’s what happened during lunch and during break time. I could even see some girls looking through the window to get a glimpse of me. 1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years all crowded around.. During break, my phone started to ring. .. “Hello...?” “Nuna~ What are you doing?” “Who is this? Your number looks familiar but, I don’t remember who this is..” “It’s me Jaegwang!! I have a competition to go to~ So pray for me to get 1st place~~ ^0^!!” “What the hell are you smoking? Why’d you call me....” “...isn’t that Sohyun nuna’s cell phone?” “I’m Jaegwang’s sister Jungwon..” “Aw ****, dammit. I dialed the wrong number... ...” +Beep............ beep................ beep........+ What the hell is wrong with this kid? He didn’t act so cute a while ago... love works in mysterious ways.. After class.... We decided to go shopping for the first time in a while... With Yoona~ ... “Aren’t you going to go carry Shin Eungyu’s guitar for him today?” “That Blue­Eyed girl probably will.. Tch, Jaegwang has that competition today so he’ll be home late. TT_TT .. I have to be alone with mom...” “Just go upstairs, don’t walk around the house you’ll get hit.” We stopped at Yoona’s favorite store... It’s not my style.. they’re princess styles.. Lacy and .... Pink.... It’s been 20 minutes already... And she’s been pulling me around The dust inside the store was making me gag... So I was about to head outside... +SHOVE+ Someone shoved past me... “What the hell.” “Come out for a bit.” Oh my gosh, I think I’m starting to get pissed.. why the hell am I seeing this bastard so much these days? Gathering my courage, I left the clothes shop. It was Kang Heewon dressed in his uniform. A little distance away, I can see his friends... “With is it? What do you want?” “I told you not to hang around Eungyu didn’t I?” For the first time in my life, I snorted... “Are you threatening me?” “I’m warning you...” “What’s it to you if I meet him or don’t? I’m going to continue to go out with Eungyu.. and I don’t have any thoughts of breaking up with him!” “Ha.. you want to get beat like last time? Don’t mix around with the people around me... you’re disgusting... got it?” .... He’s looking at me the same way he did that day... he’s talking at me the same way he did that day... I want to forget... I was beginning to forget... But I saw it again..... ..... ... “...you think I’m disgusting...? I want to throw up every time I see you.. I want to throw­” +SMACK+ My left cheek caught on fire... I froze.. I couldn’t think of anything to say.... People around us were starting to whisper.... I could hear Kang Heewon’s friend’s laughter all the way over here... I just blankly froze... like an idiot.. like last time... “Don’t hang around Eungyu...” He said... And as he headed towards his friend, he gave them a ‘V.’ After snapping out of my trance... I was going to turn towards him­ But we was already too far away... My phone’s ringing... ..it’s probably Eungyu right...? After this happening.. I’m not going to back down.. I’m going to stick next to Shin Eungyu.... And I’m going to smile with Eungyu in front of Kang Heewon... Until Shin Eungyu picks me over Kand Heewon... I’m going to stick to Eungyu, and drive that bastard crazy..... I’m going to get my revenge.... That’s all.... Chapter 24. As if nothig was wrong... I started on my way, and ignored the people’s pitying looks... My cheek is burning... it’s hot.. But it doesn’t hurt.... really, it doesn't...” “Hey! Jungwon! I made you wait a long time huh?!” With a shopping bag in both hands, Yoona waddled out of the store. “Huh...? Hey! What’s wrong with your face!?!” “....what’s wrong with my face?” “It’s bruised!!” “..it’s no big deal, I think I slammed my face on the door as I was coming out.” Bastard... How can you hit a girl’s face with, not your palm, but your fist.... +RING RING RIINNG!+ “Hey Jungwon, you’re phone’s ringing..” “Yeah. Hello?” Over the phone, I could hear Eungyu’s voice. “Where are you! >_<!!” “...I came out to do a little shopping. Where are YOU?” “I was waiting this whole time!!!” “Want to meet us?” “Are you almost done shopping?” “We’re going to shop for about an hour longer.” “After you’re finished, come to our practice room. You have to!! See ya!” +BEEP..............beep........... beep....+ Maybe it was because she was with me.. Or maybe because it was because she’d gone shopping, But my friend wouldn’t stop jumping around. “Jungwon~ Let’s go shopping for YOUR clothes!” “..uh, yeah, hey. Is there a pharmacy around here?” “Why?” “A band­aid.” “Band­aid..?” .... ..... With a worried expression on her face, Yoona put three band­aids covering my bruise. “...hey.. but.. uh, it’s looks really funny...” “It’s fine, Just don’t tell Shin Eungyu.. Tell him I have a rash or something.” “Rash? Just say you got hit by the door...” “No.. no...” He catches on quickly... After all those weird things he heard at te police station, he’ll get more suspicious. As we passed each store, all the people stared at me... Well, I can’t exactly blame them... With a height of 170, And 3 band­aids on my cheek. I must’ve have been a sight.. In the end, I didn’t get anything. TT_TT... In front of the Rehearsal Room... My heart was starting to beat a little faster than usual... While I was wondering what to do... Yoona opened the door and stepped in.. ....okay.. Yoon Jungwon, don’t run away anymore..!! Kang Heewon isn’t your friend anymore! He hasn’t been your friend for a long time... so.. don’t run away anymore... +CHANG!!!! DUP DUMP CHANG!!!+ (TN: , my lame attempt at drums) It was a really nice drum beat... The drummer stopped after a while.. the drummer stared at me with curious eyes.. It’s the lady from before.. with the weird fashion sense.... Sitting on the couch, was Eungyu grabbing the Blue­Eyed girl’s hair. He stared at Yoon and me. “Ow! Oppa~ It hurts~~ Huh? Oh it’s that unnie from earlier~” Blue­Eyes looked at me and Yoona curiously... Why do I want to rip out her contacts??? “Shin Eungyu, I’m here~” “What the hell is wrong with your face?” “I got a rash... uh please continue playing~~ ..” Getting rid of the confused look on her face, The drummer unnie grinned at me, quietly started playing something. Wow~~ She’s so muhshesuh... she really looks like a professional... I grabbed Yoona’s hand, And sat on the sofa in front of Shin Eungyu... “You got a rash? Why?” “...uh.. I didn’t use soap when I was washing my face... ...” “Ew~ Nasty~” “What are you doing not practicing, and pulling her hair?” “She has really nice hair huh?! It’s like seaweed!” He said as he continued to pull her hair. With a red face, she turned to me... “..you’re the unnie from this morning right? You said you’re Eungyu oppa’s girlfriend right?” “Yeah.” “..you’re pretty~~” “Hey! Yoona, why’s it so hot in here?!??!?!” (Like I said before, I get mad when I get compliments) “Uh.. Jungwon.. over there...” Yoona said grabbed my hand and pointing over in a direction... And...I felt my breath catch in my throat.. As I spotted Kang Heewon walk in... “I’m sorry! Sorry! I’m late huh? I went to the Karaoke with my friends~ Huh? Nari you’re here already?” He asked, as if nothing was wrong. As he sat down next to Shin Eungyu... He keeps glancing at the band­aids on my face... “Eungyu~ Nari’s a good singer, huh? “Yeah.” ” “Nari~ I heard you’re popular at school too. A kid I know told me. Heard you get a bunch of notes from guy~ Isn’t she cute, Eungyu?” With her cheeks on fire, Blue­Eyes bent her head. You must be happy you’re so cute, b***h. Without saying anything, Shin Eungyu continued to pull her hair. “Don’t you guys live in the same neighborhood? Since it’s dangerous at night, you should walk together~” Oh, I see how you’re playing it.... You’re trying to get me pissed, eh? Grabbing my hand tightly, Yoona gave signs of wanting to leave. Squeezing her hand, I told her it was okay.. ...so, Kang Heewon, you want to start now? “Eungyu~ Let’s go to the beach~” “...what?” “Let’s go to the beach~ We have to go before school starts!!” “What the hell’s wrong with you all of a sudden?” Please.. just catch on what I’m trying to do.. TT_TT.... “At the beach, we’ll go hunting for clams! And mussels! And we’ll eat sushi too! Want to? ^0^” “...take those off...” “We’ll go by ourselves.... okay? Just us two!” “Take those off!!!!!” “What to ride the train there?? Or the bus? Or just ride on our love~~ ^0^” ... It happened in less than a second.. Quickly, before I could say anything.... Eungyu snatched off one of the band­aids. His frozen face just stared at my cheek... And for a second our eyes met... Kang Heewon pulled out a cigarette. “What’s wrong with your face....” “...this?” “What the hell is wrong with your face?!??!” “...I got hit by a door... a bastard of a door actually...” I said glaring at Kang Heewon’s face. “Follow me...” He said standing up, and grabbing my hand.. he pulled me out the room. It was just a second.. But I could see Kang Heewon let out a small grin as he blew out some smoke... ‘Tell him if you dare~’ With his hands shoved into his hands.. He leaned against the door and with angry eyes, Shin Eungyu stared me down... “I didn’t know rashes turned blue... and red.” "......" “Who the hell was it.” “...no it’s nothing. I got hit by a door. Let’s go in.” “The names of those girls the guy was talking about at the police station.” “....what...?” “Tell me their names... their age, and their school... Don’t leave one out.. Tell me the name of the person who did this to you...” .... ..... “I thought you said you didn’t like me~ I thought you said you don’t care about anyone but yourself~~ Why are you worrying so much huh? revenge on the girls...” .. I’m getting my revenge on them right now.. so it’s fine. Don’t worry.... I already got my He frowned... I think I just pissed him off... TT_TT.. I don’t like being around him when he’s pissed off. “While I’m going out with you, I have to protect you.. I have to.. so tell me... I’m going to hear your answer..... don’t drag it out..” “I don’t want to tell you.” “I don’t care, tell me.” “.....I’m going to do it on my own. You can’t do it for me... the person’s stronger than you.. okay?” “I don’t fawking need to hear anything like that, do tell me who the fawk it is!!!” Sheesh, you’re more stubborn than I thought you’d be. “The person who did this to me.... likes you... and you like the person back.... you like the person... more than you like me..... you still want to hurt that person? Are you going to step on that person with me watching? Are you going to make that person cry... for me...? Chapter 25 He stared at me for a while... And then Eungyu looked down at the ground.... “.....that sucks... doesn’t it...” He said after a little while of silence, He forced a smile and asked me cheerfully.... “...yeah, it does....” He lifted his head.. And Eungyu looked at me in the eyes... “....I’ll like you more... And then... I’ll make the person who did this to you regret ever touching you.... Tell me who hit you on the day I end up liking you more than that person... Tell me then... Then, I’ll make sure that you don’t go through anymore hurtful things.... I’ll make him regret it... Don’t tell me now.... I’m curious, but I’m not going to ask who it was.... He has a weird way of thinking..... “Okay, let’s go in. Okay?” “....when we go to the beach, want to ride our love~~?” “Shut up! Move it!!” “Hey, but who are those byatches that officer was talking about?!” ... ... “....I beat them already a few days ago... excluding 2 of them...” “....then I’m going to hit the other 2!!!!” “...I don’t care about them anymore... The only person I hate... is the person who made me like this.... Only that person.... Oh, and my mom... ^0^” I touched the bruise on my face, and smiled at hit... Remembering that I left Yoona in there by herseld, I quickly reached to open the door.... “....let me just ask you this one thing.... was it a guy or a girl....?” .... ..... ...... “A guy....” .. .. As I opened the door, I felt Kang Heewon’s eyes on me.... “Yoona! Let’s go!” “About time!” As if she were waiting for me to say these words, Yoona walked over to me.... “I’ll see you around, unnie...” Blue­eyes said getting up from her seat and bowing slightly... Hmm, she’s not too bad.... ^0^ The cool unnie (drummer) looked up from her playing and waved a drumstick at me... “Bye, Eungyu’s girlfriend!!!!” Kang Heewon’s face went grim.... Unnie, I love you~ ^0^ “I’ll see you next time, I’ll visit soon~~!” As Yoona and I were leaving, Eungyu hurried after us, And Kang Heewon yelled... “Hey! Shin Eungyu!! Where the hell are you going?! We have to practice!!” “Can’t~ I have to take care of my Piggy since she’s hurt~ I’ll see you all tomorrow!!!” Did Yoon Jaegwang tell him to call me that?? .... “Hey! A girl’s more important than practicing?!” ... ... Haha~ Loser... “Right now, the girl!!!” God must have blessed me today~~ ^0^ After waving to his band, Eungyu grabbed my hand, And the three of us left the building..... The three of us were in an awkward silence... I guess Shin Eungyu was giving Yoona looks to leave us alone, so she said... “I’m going!!!” “Why?! Stay here with us, was he glaring at you?!?!” “Forget it~ Take care of Jungwon!!” Yoona started disappearing quickly..... “Wait! Han Yoona! Stay with us! Why are you going?!?!” “I’m going on a date too~~ ^0^” And with that, she was out of our sight..... I looked over and Eungyu... He was biting his lip and deep in thought, and with an excited voice he yelled, “Hey! Maybe we should get Heewon and your friend together!!!!!” “NO!” ... .... A lady selling fruit by the corner of the street looked up.... Introduce my friend to WHO??? ... “Why not...? Heewon’s a cool guy~” “....right~~~~ You’re cooler than him...” “Well, duh! I know that already!” “Is there anything that the great and almighty Shin Eungyu DOESN’T know??” “Hey, don’t be mean ....” “Do you still not like Dragon head??” “I despise it!!! I hate it!!!” “It just threw a cup of soda at you, and you hate it that much??? What if... what IF.... I was that person inside the dragon outfit?? I’m just saying what IF..” ......... ........... .............. All of a sudden, he froze, And looked at me with sincere eyes.... “I’m just saying what if!” “Then I won’t meet you anymore...” “....oh~~ I see..... Yeah.... I see....” “Go home and put ointment on it.” Shin Eungyu slightly touched my bruise, and continued to walk..... ....so you won’t meet me... ... If Yoona just shuts her mouth, everything will be fine.... +Near Our Houses+ I slowed my walk, and fell a few steps behind Eungyu.... “My mom might see, so just was apart...” “No.” “There’s nothing we can do about it.. If she catches us, both of us will die...” “No..” “...want to die?!” With my outburst, Eungyu’s cell phone started ringing.... He stared at the number... “Hello? Yeah... Nabi...?? Oh~ Oh~ Nari.. yeah.. uh huh...” ... ......... ......... Nari....? The guy continued to talk into his phone... And I walked passed him towards my house... As I was about to walk him, Shin Eungyu asked in a loud voice after hanging up... “Hey, she just asked me what I’d do if she went out with some guy.... Why is she asking me that?? O_O...?” “I thought you said you knew everything~~ You don’t even know? She likes you~!” I walked in and closed the door behind me... I don’t know if I can’t compete with her... She has Kang Heewon on her side... Please just don’t do anything Blue­Eyes... no wait, cute girl.. just don’t do anything TT_TT.... Chapter 26 That night, I had a really weird dream.... I had the dragon mask on my head, And I was fighting with Kang Heewon who had angel wings behind him.... Fighting violently..... And Shin Eungyu was blowing the trumpet wearing weird clothes.... +PPPPPPPPT!!!! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPT!!!+ ......... ..........????...... +PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPT!!!!!+ My eyes opened. And I saw my brother by the door making weird noises... “What the hell! I had a weird dream because of you!!! What the hell is PPPPPT!!” “Hey! I got first place!!! Bwahahahahahaha!” He said laughing loudly and shaking his trophy in from of my face.... “First place....? When’d you get here?” “In the morning! I’m going to melt my trophy and make Sohyun anecklace!!! ^0^” Shin Eungyu and Yoon Jaegwang had the mental capacity of 3­year­olds.... “Hey! Just leave it as a reminder!! Why would you melt that?!” “I can do whatever I want...” “That’s why you hear you’re stupid!!!!!” “Shut up! It’s my charm!!! If you answer any of my calls from girls tell them I’m not home.... Man! I’m burned out!!! I’m going to sleep!! Don’t mess around with me!! Bwhahahaha!!” Yoon Jaegwang skipped over to his room... And after debating if I should hit him, I decided against it because he looked so happy.... He’s totally crazy.... WAY~~~ crazy..... I can’t even tell him that she has a boyfriend... TT_TT.... I got up from my bed and to breath in the morning air, I opened my window.... As I was looking around, my eyes stopped on something.... Hiding behind their small attic wall, Jaegwang’s One­and­Only and Shin Eungyu were throwing water balloons toward the ground.... They looked really happy.... I quickly closed the window.... ..... “Jaegwang!!!! Look out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” +Breakfast Table+ My parents were in a good mood because of Jaegwang’s win. I hate two bowls of rice today.... Before I walked out, I got a whole load of calls from Jaegwang’s admirers.. It’s getting tiring telling them that he’s not home.... As I finished cleaning my room, I turned around ... And spotted my photo album..... ... ..... There was about an inch of dust on the cover... I haven’t opened it in a long time... .....page after page.... I could see picture of Kang Heewon and me..... It made me sad.... There wasn’t one picture in the album that we were frowning in... We were always smiling.... Our school field trip.... When we went to the beach... At home.... The day before my birthday.... I turned the last page....... ... Why do I still have this...? It was when I had that job at Lotte World.... The picture of me wearing the dragon outfit.... Another picture of me without the mask on my head.... The pictures Yoona told me to take..... .... I closed the album, and put it back in it’s place.... When I looked out the window, I couldn’t see Jaegwang’s One­and­Only and Eungyu..... They ‘re probably practicing today too, right? Well, there’s nothing good about meeting everyday anyways... I’ll just catch up on the sleep I lost these past few weeks... >_< I collapsed onto the bed, And fell fast asleep... .... ...... 3 Hours Later.... .... “When is your mom and dad coming home today?” “They went to some kind of meeting today, it’s okay, we can go drink~~” “But your sister’s in her room... I’m scared of her...” “I got first place! Don’t worry!!!” I would have ignored them.... But Yoon Jaegwang’s last statement bugged me... If you got first place it doesn’t mean you can rule the world.. I got off my bed..... And headed down the stairs.... .... ..... ..... I saw Jaegwang and 2 of his friends on the floor... .... Huh...? There’s a girl here also..... Oh! It’s.. it’s...... I stared at her stupidly, and one of Jaegwang friend’s discovered my presesnce... ..... “Jaegwang, your sister woke up....” ... ...... His friends all stared at me... .... ...... I’m right.... That girl..... It’s Blue­Eyes!!!! She was sitting next to Jaegwang’s friend and was looking at me surprised.. “Nuna! Why the heel did you wake up?! Go back to sleep!” “You think I’m a bear? I don’t sleep all day you know, what the hell are you doing? Drinking at home as soon as mom and dad left?!” “Who cares? I got first place. Don’t scare my friends away, they said it’s scary to come over because of you!!!!!!!!!!!” .. ... Even while Jaegwang and I were arguing, Blue­Eyes continued to look at me... “That girl.. who is she? Is she your friend....?” “Oh~ Nari? She’s his girlfriend. She’s pretty huh? Not as pretty as my Sohyun though...^0^” He pointed his finger to one of his friends, Oh I see, I see.. After hanging up with Eungyu yesterday about it he was okay with her going out with someone else. She eventually became my brother’s friend’s girlfriend~ I smiled... “Okay, have fun... I’m going to go on the computer~ So I’ll just leave you all to enjoy your drinks~~” Jaegwang’s friends all got up quickly and bowed slightly.... I went up to Jaegwang’s room, and turned on his computer.. “Uh.. hi~” A babyish voice... It’s Blue­Eyes, I’ll just call her Nari... “...hi~ What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be drinking with the others?” “I was so suprised, and it felt nice seeing you again ^0^.” Blue­E­ no wait, Nari smiled.... She carefully sat on the edge of Jaegwang’s bed. “I go to Jaegwang’s school, but I never thought that he’d be your younger brother... You guys seem close...” “Close...? Not at all.. He doesn’t listen to me at all... Are you going out with that guy down there? Blah, you can do better~” “.... ..” Instead of answering, Nari smiled... “Unnie, have you known Eungyu oppa for a long time?” “No~ ^­^” “.....I didn’t think Eungyu oppa would go out with anyone.. I’m so jealous “....you are....?” “Oh right! Doesn’t oppa live right next door?” “..uh, yeah he does... I think he’s out though.” “I hope you guys last a long time~” “You too!! ^0^” ..” “.......thank you......” She smiled every time she answered a question or finished talking...... But.. I could see tears in her eyes..... I wonder why..... She quietly got up and bowed her head, And Nari left the room..... I didn’t really like her, But she has a cute side to her... I want to see Yoon Jaegwang and buy her~~ TT_TT... I turned back to the computer and started playing my game... Chapter 27 After that, A short but long week passed by... School started again..... During that week, I met Shin Eungyu over 30 times.... Although none of them were exactly planned.. But he’s been busy with playing at outdoor concerts and stuff..... Everyday, he’d make me listen to new songs he’s composed.... And Jaegwang’s love towards his One­and­Only got bigger..... TT_TT... “The person I’m madly in love with is older! But only by a little!!!!” (<­­ The song Yoon Jaegwang sang over 10 times every day..) It was Yoo Seungjun’s, ‘I love you, nuna.’ Luckily, because of my stubbornness, I was able to keep him back from melting his trophy... +Satuday Night+ I promised my friends to all go drinking with them, ....and for the first time in a long while, I got dressed in a casual suit... And crept out towards the attic.... I carefully made sure I didn’t knock any plants down... I have to be careful when I’m going down the stairs also... “...come back up... ....” I thought my heart was going to shatter... When I looked up, I saw Shin Eungyu glaring at me with a cigarette in his mouth... “Oh~ Uh, my friend is drunk and my other friends wanted me to take her home... ^0^ I’ll be right back..” “Nice outfit~~ ^0^” “....oh! This?? Hahaha, all my clothes are in the dry clreaners.... And this was the only thing left...” “...I want to go too.. hold on.~~” With those words, Shin Eungyu went down his stairs.... “Hey~~ w­wait, hey...” “Yeah?” “...just today, come on.. It’s been forever since I’ve drank anything.. just today~~” “You promised though.... I heard that every time that someone lies, their relationship grows apart one meter....” “Who said that?” “..you said it yesterday....” “Just a little!! Please? My friends are going through hard times these days, I’ll just help them and be right back.... Just 1 hour!” “.....1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters....” “What are you saying? You drink everyday! Did I do anything to you when you went to go drink?!” “...yeah, you hit me.” Eungyu showed me a bruise on his arm..... “Fine, then you can hit me too~ There, happy? I’ll be right back!” I started on my way again.... “Bye! Be happy! Bye! Have a good life!!” Why I outta .... .... ... Eungyu’s face was too serious to pass this as a joke.... .....he was just staring at me.... "..............." “I’ll be right back! Just wait okay? I’ll buy you strawberry ice cream on my way back.” "........." .. ... I headed down the stairs..... We’d planned this a while ago~ I can’t bail on them now! TT_TT... .. .. I waved my hand to grab a taxi, And walked into the bar. I quickly walked over to my friends..... “Hey! It’s been forever huh?! Jiyoung~ You look so hot!! ^0^” “You don’t look bad yourself!!” “Ahahaha!” The beer bottles kept coming..... When it seemed as if we were almost finished, we’d order more..... Half the girls were drunk as hell, And Yoona and Jiyoung continued to drink... The time was almost 2... I kept drinking to get rid of Shin Eungyu’s face..... “..two bottles left, hey Yoona. How are we supposed to take them home?” “Us three will have to take one of them home.” “Jiyoung’s starting to get drunk also~ Take that away from her~~” Yoona snatched the bottle from Jiyoung..... “Give it to me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!” “No, you byatch~ If you get drunk it’s the two of us taking 4 of you home.” Leaving the two behind to argue, I went to empty my bladder.... ... ... As I was heading towards the bathroom... ... I heard a familiar voice that belonged to a girl...... It was coming from inside a room, ....and I peeked in...... ....... I saw Byatch 1, 2, 3, 4 with 2 guys.... Before they could see me, I headed towards the bathroom...... “Huh?! It’s that b***h!!! That b***h Yoon Jungwon!!!!!” .... .........damn.... I gave up on the bathroom, and I ran towards the room with all my friends..... Yoona looked at me as I gasped for air.... “What the hell’s wrong with you?” “...fawk, lock the door...” “There isn’t a lock.” “****.. ****.....” “...why? What happened? Are the police here???” “The b***hes from Ahnhyun are here... the 4 from before... They’re drinking..... what do we do?” “Who cares? You can take on 3, Jiyoung and I will take on one~” “There are 2 guys also!! They’re as big as Hyungpal!!” “WHAT???” Jiyoung and Yoona yelled at the same time.... “Just hurry! Let’s go!” Jiyoung said in a panicky voice... “What about them though?” I asked pointing to the three on the ground... “...there’s nothing we can do~ They’re going to come here, I’ll try blocking the door, so Jiyoung and Yoona, go call some oppa’s you know. Hurry.....” +BANG BANG!+ “Hey open the door!!” Byatch #1. “We just called Heewon, you’re dead now~~ Open the damn door!!!” Byatch #2.. .....****.... “Hey, push the bell, then the lady will come~~” Yoona said..... “Hey stupid, then we’ll all get kicked out. And then we’ll get beaten up~~ The door’s about to break~ Hurry call some oppas you know!” Jiyoung and Yoona quickly dialed numbers into their phone..... “No one’s answering!! What do we do?!” I took out my phone and tossed it to Yoona... “Number one is Yoon Jaegwang... number 82 is Shin Eungyu, tell them both that I’m about to go to heaven...” “Okay!” “Yoon Jungwon!! Open the door!! I’ll beat the **** out of you for last time!!! Open the damn door!!” <­­ Byatch #3. “...whatever, it’ll be better when Hewon gets here... Hey, don’t waste your strength.....” “No! I want to hit her for twisting my arm!!!!!!” What the hell did these people grow up eating...... Why are they so strong.....?? TT_TT.... +BAM!!!!!!!+ ....the door opened... TT_TT...... Chapter 28 Both Yoona and Jiyoung wore nervous expressions on their face. Gathering all of my nerve, I looked at Byatches 1, 2, 3, 4 up at down... “What are you doing here??” “You­ you b***h~!! Come out here!!!” Byatch #1 yelled. .... .....this might turn out for the better.... “Yoona come with me, Jiyoung get all the others into a taxi and send them home. Have you called Jaegwang and Eungyu?” Yoona nodded... And I headed out of the bar... Of all the places to build a bar, why here..? Luckily, I didn’t see the two huge guys who were with them earlier. 1, 2, 3, 4 all stared at me... “Hey, your eyeballs might pop out if you stare any longer.” “Don’t you know what’s going to happen to you?!” Byatch #2 yelled. “Yeah, I’m so stupid, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, what are you going to do about it?!” For a second the girls froze.... “KILL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” With Byatch #1’s yell, They pulled their sleeves up and charged towards me... “Yoona! You go after Byatch #2!!” “Which one is #2?!” “Aish, forget what I said, just beat which ever one you can!” The moon seemed especially bright that night..... “Ow!!! Let go!! Let go!!!!!!!!!” “Damn, why the hell is she so stringy?” Right then, As if they had given up on me, they charged towards Yoona.. “YOONA!” It took them 5 seconds to knock Yoona on the ground... For a second, my head was a blur... With my shaking legs, I went to grab two heads... As soon as I started pulling, Byatch #1 and #3 were screaming like hell... “Hey~ Come here... come here..” Byatch #2 and #4 slowly started backing away.... #4 who was looking forward to the fight the most was the one backing out of it the first. She sped out of there..... After losing her chance to run away, Byatch #2 stared at me with tear filled eyes... “It’s not me! I never wanted to hit you~~” “Fawking b***h, you hit my friend...??” I hate it when people pick on people I love.... I grabbed Byatch #2 collar and shoved her into a wall and started pressing on her throat.... Right when Byatch #2’s eyes were about to close....... “...haha~~ Not bad...” ........ How long had he been standing there? Kang Heewon looked down at the girls on the floor, And stuck out his tongue. And.... Byatch #2 quickly hid behind Kang Heewon... “Kang Heewon, you again....?” “When I heard my friends were getting picked on, I came as fast as I could .” ... ..... He took a step forward..... “...why are you so disgusting...” I asked leaning against the wall... “I warned you to leave Eungyu... didn’t I? I told you to make sure I don’t see you.. didn’t I?” “Hey, instead why don’t you just pop out your eyesballs? Then you won’t have to see me “Why don’t you get anything I’m telling you.. Yoon Jungwon, were you always this stupid?” .” .... ...... He put his face 10 in front of mine, And like in my memories, he smiled.... ..... Right now.... ..... I’m not as mad as I am sad........ “Kang Heewon, when’d change? Why’d you become someone I don’t recognize... You were my friend... I was your friend....” I said bravely, but... Kang Heewon just laughed loudly as if it were the funniest thing he’s heard.. “Are you trying to make me feel bad.....? Yeah, were friends... that’s why I hate you even more... Because the person who made me like this was my friend... “How’d I make you like this...?” “Betrayal...” ..” With his last words... He closed his eyes , As if remembering The Day.... He closed his eyes and then opened them slowly.... He grabbed me by the collar.... It’s weird... really weird isn’t it.... ......I hate this person in front of me... no... he’s more disgusting that hateful.... ....but I can’t lift my hands to push him away..... my hands won’t move.... Why can’t I push him away... Is it because I miss the 5 years of friendship with him.... I found it difficult to breathe..... My throat was being squeezed.... “....tell me now... tell me that you won’t meet Eungyu anymore..” I shook my head twice... “Yeah...?” Kang Heewon tightened grip around my neck.... “Let’s see who’ll last longer.. you or me..... I’ll give you another chance. Are you going to meet Eungyu...?” Kang Heewon lifted me up higher.... I started getting light headed.... Why’d you even smile for me... Why’d even be my friend... If this is want you were going to do?? ..... Right when I felt that my throat would burn from the lack of oxygen.... “Okay~ stop right there............” Behind him.... Was a guy’s voice... “Fawk.” Kang Heewon left go of my collar.... And I feel to the ground.... Chapter 29 When I looked up, gasping for breath, I saw Jaegwang with his Kendo stick. “Yoon Jaegwang... what the hell.. why’d you bring that??” “ARE YOU OKAY?!” “...yeah, I’m fine.. thanks for coming quickly you little bastard.” “Hey, what the hell were you doing to my nuna!??!?!?!?!?” Yelling, Jaegwang neared Kang Heewon. I’ve never seen him so mad.... I can see his fist shaking.... “..Yoon Jungwon, it’s your kid brother~ Hahaha, did your sister call you? Still a rude little bastard aren’t you?” Jaegwang threw his Kendo stick on the ground. And shoved his face into Kang Heewon’s. “I kept myself because of my nuna, you know that? I’m going to have a good night’s sleep knowing that I finally beat the sh*t out of a guy I’ve wanted to kill the past 3 years.” He said trying to sound really tough. “....nuna, go take Yoona nuna and leave.” “No, I want to watch...” “Yoona nuna’s started foaming dipsh*t!!!!!!” .... When I looked over, Sure enough, foam was starting to come out of Yoona’s mouth.... “Yoona!!!” I picked Yoona up, ....Kang Heewon and Yoon Jaegwang had already stated beating each other and were rolling on the ground. “Jaegwang!!!” “Get lost retard!! I got first place remember?! First place doesn’t lose!! Hurry and take her to the hospital, when I get home make me some Rame­ Ow~ Fawking bastard!!!” Okay, Yoon Jaegwang, I’m trusting you... You’re only a year younger... But.. I’ll trust you since you got first place... TT_TT... “Yoona~ Wake up.. stupid girl, wake up....” I said patting her face, but she was still out cold. I lifted Yoona and went to the front of the bar to see if I could catch a taxi. It felt as if I’d walked a mile... But when I looked back, I wasn’t that far away from where I had started.. AGH~ She’s so heavy TT_TT... “Do you have a beer belly already TT_TT.... A bag of rice would be lighter.. TT_TT...” .... Anyways.... I didn’t know Jaegwang was this trust worthy.... I smiled for a small second.... Wait, I should be smiling at a time like this... I quickened my pace.... ...... It happened in no time at all.... I spotted a guy running quickly over to me... ...with brownish hair.... “Hey! Shin Eungyu!!!!!!!!!!!” He didn’t stop. “Eungyu!!!!!!!!!!!” ...... .............but he was too far away to hear me...s If he just goes right now, he’ll see Kang Heewon and Jaegwang... He might find out everything.... I laid Yoona down on the ground... And chased after Shin Eungyu... No~ You can’t know yet, you can’t find out yet.. TT_TT... You still like him more than you like me!! TT_TT...... “Did this bastard grow up eating fuel?! Stop for a second!!!!!!!!” He stopped... About 50 meters in front of me he stopped, And Shin Eungyu turned around. Spotting me, He started heading towards me... And then.... He pulled me into a tight hug.... With one hand messing up my hair.... “Let go, will you?” He squeezed my shoulders, And wordlessly looked down at me.. “Hehehe, I wasn’t going to look at you ever again if you never came. “Will you stop getting beat up!??!?!??!!” , you came though~” He yelled at me.... “It’s not like I plan it out... I hit them back!” “Where are they?! Where are they?!?!” “They went home... I sent them running... “Where’d you get hurt?! Where’d you get hurt?!” “...just my neck...” ..... ..... Quickly, Shin Eungyu moved my collar away from my neck... “What the hell are you doing?!” “Sh*t!! It’s swollen red!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Well of course it’s red! You think it’d be yellow?!” “Oh my God! You’re starting to piss me off!!” “..you’re starting again....” “Where the hell do they live?!?!’ “How the hell do I know?! It was my first time seeing them!” “How old?!” “...I think the same age....” “What school?!” “I don’t know....” With a really pissy expression, Shin Eungyu just looked at my neck.... “Fawk, did you break your promise to get beat up again?! Are you still going to sneak out?!?!” +SHAKE SHAKE+ “.......1 meter...... don’t go any further apart okay?!?!?!?!!” +NOD NOD+ “Let’s go to the hospital.” Eungyu pulled my hand towards where Yoona was laying down.... “Eungyu, hold on.” ".... _ ..?" “Can you take Yoona to the hospital? I have to do something real quick.” “Do what?” “ I left something at the bar~ Take Yoona to the hospital~” Before he could ask anymore questions, I ran towards where Kang Heewon and Jaegwang were fighting. .... ...... I slowed down my run.... .. .... ..... I saw Jaegwang looking pretty normal (But he was on the ground panting..) And with dirt on his clothes, Was Kang Heewon wiping blood from his face while laying down... “...Jaegwang, are you okay?!” “I said I was first place didn’t I?? “Can you get up?!” “I don’t know.. help me up.” ... .... Jaegwang slung his arm around my shoulders.... For a second, I looked over at Kang Heewon... ..” “.....get lost..........” He spit at the ground that Jaegwang I were both standing on. “You fawking bastard~~!!!” Jaegwang yelled, his temper flaring again... “Calm down, calm down...” “....Yoon Jaegwang, it’s not over...’ <­­ Kang Heewon “Get lost before I break your face..” <­­ Jaegwang... ...please... don’t let them meet again... I beg you.. I half dragged Jaegwang and started heading forward... And.... Once again, my heart missed a beat... In front of me.. Was Shin Eungyu looking at me and Kang Heewon... ..... ...... Jaegwang’s eyes grew large and he grinned... “Huh? Hyung! Long time no see!!!!!!!!!” He passed Jaegwang and me, And ran towards Kang Heewon... “Kang Heewon!!!” Chapter 30 “Kang Heewon!!” .. .. He crouched down on the ground, And Eungyu wiped the dirt off Kang Heewon’s clothes for him. ....what do I do.... what do I do... What and I’m supposed to tell him..... “Nuna, what the fawk.. is that bastard the next door hyung’s friend?” Clueless Jaegwang asked me.. “...Jaegwang, don’t say anything... I’m begging you okay? So for 20 minutes shut up. Just have your mouth closed and just stand still okay?” “Why?!?!? No!! I can’t!!! How the hell can I have my mouth closed for 20 minutes!??!!!!?!” “..TT_TT...” Eungyu helped Kang Heewon up and I can see Kang Heewon muttering something to Eungyu. ...he’s not telling him everything... is he?? Eungyu stopped in front of us.... It looks a little funny right now... Me helping my brother stand up, and Eungyu holding Kang Heewon up. “Yoon Jungwon, you said you had something at the bar...” “..oh that~ When I got there, I saw my brother and your friend Kang Heewon fighting.. I was so surprised.” “.....2 meters....” “What........?” “You lied again.... you knew this was going on... You didn’t keep your promise so we’re two meters apart retard....” “......okay........” “KangHeewon, what the hell is all this? You know Jungwon’s brother?” Eungyu’s attention turned towards Kang Heewon... And Kang Heewon started making up lies.... “...no~ It’s not that. My friends and I came for a drink, and then all of the sudden, this bastard starts getting pushy with us. Then all of a sudden, your girlfriend ran towards us. I didn’t know they were siblings.” Eungyu looked at Jaegwang... And asked me again..... “I thought you said that you met the girls who hit you... did you fight there then too?” “Yeah...” “..then did you see your brother drinking here too?” “...huh? Yeah.” I quickly covered Jaegwang’s mouth as he opened it to say something. “...dammit, none of this makes any sense.. Hey kid, you’re not supposed to hit someone a year older than you.... don’t do that next time... I’m letting you off easy since you got hit too...” Eungyu hit Jaegwang in the head once. “Hyung! That bastard and my nuna used to be hella cl­” “....I’m going.. go take your friend to the hospital.” Before Jaegwang could yell anything else, I quickly dragged him with me. When I turned around, I could see Eungyu handing Kang Heewon something to wipe his blood off with.. Not yet huh....? It’s still him before me... huh? That’s why I can’t tell you .... ....sometimes it’s too hard to handle and I want to lean on you.... But I’m afraid you’ll run away. Run away to Kang Heewon... I’m scared of that... .....and so I can’t tell you... +Alleyway+ Jaegwang continued to limp as we walked. “...hey, how’d you get out of the house?” “I snuck out like you did, what are you going to do about it.. ...” “Hey~ You looked pretty good out there today~ Was he good at fighting?” “.....who.. Kang Heewon...?” “Yeah.” “He was okay.. but nuna...” “Yeah?” “Is the hyung next door and that bastard friends? Why are you keeping it from him? Just tell him that he hit you.. then they’ll be like... not friends anymore.” “That guy next door? He’s different that you, stupid, friendship comes before love to him.” ....... ....... Right then, a familiar white car passed our house. ....and stopped in front of Eungyu’s house. I hurriedly covered Jaegwang’s eyes. And he threw my hands off... Out came Sohyun unnie out of the white car and her ugly suitor. He was silent... “.....Jaegwang....” ".............." “..Jaegwang....” “...what the hell... I was just making myself look stupid....” I don’t know what to say....... “Nuna, can I have a smoke...?” “Yeah.” ..... ....... .......... “....I’m going to grow up to be better than that guy. And I’m going to get a car better than what that guy has, I’ll make Sohyun regret that she chose him over me...” “Okay, make her regret that she didn’t choose my little brother!” “Yeah....” That morning us two, Snuck inside, And both fell asleep. +Next Morning+ “Jungwon! Go get the clothes from upstairs!!!” “..okay~” These days, I can’t talk back to her.... Helplessly, I opened the attic door..... And was gathering all of our clothes when.... ..... “Why didn’t you answer your phone when I called you this morning?” “...huh?” I spotted Eungyu with his arms lightly crossed on his attic. “Are you going somewhere?” “Yeah.” “Must be a pretty nice place, seeing that you’re dressed like that.” “I’m taking music lessons today~ ^0^” “With your band? “No, just the vocals~! ^0^ , oh right.. here..” ... ... He pulled something shiny out of his pocket and he aimed it right at my laundry basket... “What is this?” “A knife~~~” “Knife??” “If someone bugs you, just stab then ^0^. Go inflict some damage on them!! You’re always getting hit! Oop! I’m late, see you !!” “Wait! Vocal? Who are the vocals?”! “Nari~ Nari~ Gae Nari~~!” (<­­ TN: That’s a kid song in Korea.) “...you two are going together....? When are you getting back?” “Tomorrow.” “Tomorrow? You’re skipping school....? Crazy! Hey, why are only you two going?!” “...I don’t know. Her uncle told her to only bring the singers~ We’re riding the train there~ Lucky me, huh?! ^0^, I’m late, I have to go!! I’ll call you!” “Be careful okay? You BETTER call!!!” Grinning brightly, Eungyu skipped down the stairs... ..something inside me bubbled.... .... ..... Well, Nari has a boyfriend.... she’s a good kid... I don’t have to worry. I shoved the laundry into my basket, and gave it to my mom.... ... A little while later, after hearing my mom’s scream... I had to kneel in front of her and lift my arms above me head. The this she had found when she dumped everything out.. was my knife... It was as big as my pinky and had a pinkish tint to the blade. On the handle, there was a picture that Shin Eungyu had taken... ....with ‘My Piggy <3’ carved under it.... Chapter 31 +Next Morning+ “I’m going!!!!!!!!” Mom didn’t answer... Dad didn’t either... The motorcycle thing was a big shock to them.. .... ...) (Hyungpal didn’t eat and I heard rumors that he’s run away from home.. I closed the gate behind me and got a fresh blast of morning air... Huh...? “...uh...hello...” One of Jaegwang’s friends was standing in front of the door and looking down. It was Nari’s boyfriend.... The one who thought I was scary... ... “Are you waiting for Jaegwang?” “Yeah~~ TT_TT ... why isn’t he coming out?” “He’s scraping every last bit of rice from his bowl. Oh right, hey, where does your girlfriend’s uncle live?” “Nari’s uncle? Why?” “She went to go get music lessons with my boyfriend at her uncle’s. Is Nari missing school today also?” “WHAT?!” _ ... What the hell...? Jaegwang’s friend took a large step back. “Well, aren’t they? I guess she didn’t tell you that she was going. They went to go get music lessons today. Is her uncle really good at singing and stuff?” “She said that her grandma was sick and she went down to the country to visit her... He shook is head as if he couldn’t believe what I’d told him... “Well, I guess she lied to you then....” I patted his shoulder, and continued to walk. What a weird girl... She should have just told her boyfriend that she went to get music lessons... why’d she lie? I’d walked about a 100 meters, When Jaegwang’s friend called after me.... “NUNA!” “YEAH?!” “IS YOUR BOYFRIEND’S NAME EUNGYU!?” “YEAH!! IT IS, HOW’D YOU KNOW THAT?!” “......IT’S NOTHING!!! SORRY FOR BUGGING YOU!!!” Even from a little distance away, I could see his dark expression. I nodded to him and continued on my way. Something’s going on... I know there is.... Something’s~~ going on... That day during classes, I was chewing on my pen, wonder what all this was..... However, when I felt my head going into overload, I stopped thinking and wasn’t able to unlock all the information I had received this morning. ... “...Jungwon~ Hey, Yoon Jungwon~” <­­ Yoona. “Yeah?” “What the hell are you doing? What’s all this on your notebook? Who’s Blue Eyeball?” “It’s nothing... What’d you just say right now?” “No, just everything that happened on Saturday.. You think Kang Heewon will just stop right here?” “What’s there for him to do?” “I don’t know.. I’m just a little nervous..” I calmed Yoona down about Kang Heewon, And after school, I headed towards the bus stop since there was no reason for me to carry Shin Eungyu’s guitar for him today. But why isn’t he answering his phone?? Why is it turned off...? Can’t he at least send me a text message that he’s back or something?! We’ll see when you get here.. .... I’ll be able to use that knife you gave me... I put my phone to my ear after dialing his number... ....... As I got closer to home, I saw two familiar heads come into my line of vision... .... ......... I hid behind every trash can I could find, And got as crept as close as I could to them. They hadn’t spotted me yet. “No.. I’m sorry oppa... Oppa, I’m really sorry.. Because of me you.....” Nari was crying... And without any expression, Eungyu was picking at his nail. “I won’t bother you anymore with my actions... I’m sorry...” .... .........what? What is she saying?! What are you talking about?! TT_TT!!! “I can go in, right?” “I’ll see you tomorrow at practice.” “...yeah, look over it a lot. And don’t think about me...” .... .......what!?!?! +SLAM+ Eungyu opened the gate and walked in.. Slamming the gate door behind him. Taking time to wipe her tears, Nari stopped her walking. As if she’d calmed down, She straightened her bag, and when she turned around, She jumped after she’d seen me... "........" “Are you two going out?? ...” “...no, unnie.. it’s not that.. no..” “Why are you crying?” “...I’m sorry... I’m sorry....” “What are you sorry about..........?” “I’m sorry that I like Eungyu oppa... I’m sorry....” Nari started the waterworks again.... ....why can’t I dislike her...? You’re in the same league as Kang Heewon aren’t you... Why can’t I seem to dislike her? .. “That’s not something you should be sorry about. You can’t do anything about it... It’s not like I made Eungyu for myself... Hey, don’t cry. Why are you crying?” “I’m sorry... I’m sorry... Oppa said no.. But I made him go.... I didn’t expect anything... But I’ve just liked him for a long time... and I wanted to tell him... That’s all... I didn’t want anything more...” “...okay, okay. Don’t cry. You’ve known him longer than me. It’s fine that you like him, but what about your boyfriend? You don’t need to be sorry to me..” “Thank you, unnie...” She bowed at me, And started speed out of our neighborhood... “Hey! Nari!!!!!!!” She’s a fast runner.... So.. she liked him... ..I’m letting it go since it’s you.. ... Hmm, but this isn’t what I was expecting from Shin Eungyu.. I thought he’d go meet girls here and there... He’s more loyal than I thought he’d be... Hehehe~ I’ll go congratulate him inside... ^0^... I quickly ran up to the attic, Not bothering to put down my bag... Chapter 32.. Right when I’d grabbed the door handle for the attic door.... “........sh..............euh.............” ....I heard weird sounds coming from Jaegwang’s room... “Yoon Jaegwang!!!!!!!!” I opened the door, And threw off the covers... ....and I saw Jaegwang’s swollen face looking up at me painfully... “What the hell happened?!??!! What happened?!??!” “Don’t act like you care. My friends and I were boxing at school...” “Bull****!” “It’s true! My friends and I were just goofing off and this is what happened.. “Don’t make me laugh! You got hit didn’t you?! Who hit you?!?!” “You think I’m YOU?!” “Well then, what the hell happened?! If you guys were boxing, why the hell is your arm all bloody?!” “I scraped it against the wall..” “’Scraped it against the wall’ my big fat ass!!! Are the walls at your school jagged?!?!?! “Have you seen our walls?! HUH!?!?!?!?” “If you’re hurt, why didn’t you go to the hospital?! What the hell are you doing just laying on your bed?!?!” “...hospitals are scary....” “You stupid human!” “Hurry, bandage me up!! TT_TT ... What if I get a scar on my face?! “ “Get up!!!” ... ....... I got out first aid kit... And wrapped his arm in a bandage.... Every time it hurt, Yoon Jaegwang tugged on my hair... ...” “Oh! That hurts! Get your hand off!!!” “Not my arm!! My face my face!!!” “Oh my gosh... You’re telling the truth right? You didn’t get hit right?” “Yes! I swear!” “You swear on the unnie next door?” ..... ......... Wordlessly, Yoon Jaegwang glared at me... Oops, I shouldn’t have brought her up... Ehehe... Because he asked for me to blow on his wounds until he fell asleep, I was next to my brother’s bedside for the next 2 hours... ...well, Because of the Kang Heewon thing... I’ll be nice to him.. for the most part... +GROWL+ I’m hungry.... He’s probably asleep right.... I looked over at Jaegwang and got up from my seat... The daylight had grown shorter... And it was dark outside... As I was about to walk down the stairs... ..... .......... I heard through the open window, Shin Eungyu’s singing... I like it like this~~~~ Even though my head’s empty, I like it~~ Because I can be happier than you, who have things in your head~~ I can smile brighter than you~~ I prefer smiling over frowning, that’s the only reason~~~ I’m begging you, don’t fill my head with nonsense that’ll swallow me up~~ Like every other day, you look at me through the mirror and say~~~ Shin Eungyu~~ You’re the best, baby~~~~~~!!! ..... .... .... Your song is meaningful as always.... .... I quickly opened the attic door, And I could see the guy sitting back on a chair and singing joyfully... “Hey! Did you learn that song from Nari’s uncle?!” “...huh? It’s piggy~~ ^0^..” “Why did you have your phone turned off/!” “I dropped it in the water.” “Nothing happened... right?!” “No, something did....” ...how am I supposed to answer to that?? ... “..yeah? Something happened? I see, well you’re face looks better.” “I missed you~” O_O ... what? “When I looked at a watermelon~ I remembered your head.. When I looked at mosquito killing scents they reminded me of your eyes (<­­TN: The mosquito things are swirlies..) When I looked at corn I remembered your mustache~” “I do NOT have a mustache!!” “Didn’t YOU miss me? ^0^..” “...well... a little...” “Hey, come out~” For a quick second, my heart beat. Dammit.. ... “Want come over?” “I don’t like your mom.” “My mom doesn’t like you back. She’s coming late today.” “....” “Come over and tell we what happened there. It’s dark outside.” “Don’t do anything weird!!!” “I don’t do weird things!!!!!!” Eungyu nodded his head, And walked down the stairs... I quickly ran to Jaegwang’s room and shut the door.. I ran to my room, And hid my album Locked my underwear drawer.. Ahk! Why the hell are there so many things!! I was hiding everything when... “...having fun?” “AHK!” He gave me a look.... “When’d you get here?” “A little while ago.” Wordlessly, he sat down on the bed. And looked around my room.. “I’m hungry.” “...wait here..” I was growing hungry myself... So I came downstairs and looked around the cabinets. And luckily I found some crackers.... And I carefully headed up the stairs... When I looked inside Jaegwang’s room, he was still sound asleep... I looked inside my room... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “What the hell are you looking at?!? Give it to me!! Give it to me!!!” “...I saw it already...” Eungyu tossed my middle school yearbook onto my bed lightly. “Everything?! Even the front cover?!” “...yeah...” With a slightly cold expression... Eungyu avoided looking at me........ Chapter 33 .....oh.... my.... gosh.... I opened my yearbook as calmly as I could.... I was hoping for my life it wasn’t there.... When I opened my tightly shut eyes..... “You know Heewon....” “.....huh....?” “....3 meters....” “What do you mean 3 meters?!” “You lied... you acted as if it was the first time meeting when I introduced you... I made a fool out of myself..... I could have thrown it away.... I should have thrown it away.... On the inside flap of the cover to my year book, there sticker pictures of both me and Kang Heewon....... I’ve never even looked at my yearbook after that.... So I never even thought of taking them out...... I was lucky that it wasn’t my photo album.... (My dragon head picture.... ..) “I thought you didn’t like taking pictures....” “...yeah....” “You said you didn’t know Heewon..” “....they’re not good memories....” “I guess you guys went out, then broke up...” “THAT’S NOT IT!” Wordlessly, Eungyu walked past me..... “Hey! Are you mad?! We could have known each other! So what? We took some pictures together, and I put them in my yearbook!!” “Then why didn’t you tell me?!” “Do I have to tell you everything?! I’ve known that bastard way before I knew you!” “Well then, why don’t you just go to him?!” “......oh my gosh... what’s the big deal?! At least I’m telling you everything right now!!” “Don’t come to our rehearsal room!!!” “I’m not!!! I’m not going even if you bribe me!!!!!” “Did you guys get as close to holding hands?!??!?!!” “..........what...... .............” “Your pictures are funny....” “The one you and I took are funnier!!!” “Why didn’t you put the ones WE took on anything up?!??! Where’d you even put it?!?!?!” “Are you jealous?!??!” “Are you kidding me?! Move!!!!” He pushed me out of the way, And stormed out of my room....... “Hey! Eat this! You said you were hungry!” “Barf~!” He pretended to barf, And slammed the door behind him... I quickly ripped off the front cover, And was about to throw it in the can.... .....but I couldn’t..... I don’t like regretting things that I do... So slowly I lowered my hand... He found out after I tried hiding it so much... Anyways.... At least the only thing he found are the sticker pictures... Kang Heewon won’t tell him anything I didn’t tell him.... +Next Morning+ As Jaegwang and I both left the house... The front gate to Eungyu’s house opened, And out came Sohyun unnie and Eungyu..... “Jaegwang look, don’t the look alike? They do huh? If we put a wig on Eungyu they’d be twins...” “....stupid girl ....” (<­­talking about Sohyun.) "­_­..." With a pissed off face, Jaegwang sped ahead... “Huh? Eungyu’s girlfriend!!” “...?.....” Sohyun unnie brightly greeted waving at me.... Eungyu quickly grabbed his sister’s hand and pulled it down... “Hi...” “Are you going to school?” “...yeah.....” “I’ll drive you~ Eungyu, is that okay? It’s fine with you right?” She opened the car door and motioned at me to get in... “I’m fine “Why?” , I prefer riding the bus.” “Huh...? Uh.. because....” “It’s okay, I’ll drive you. Eungyu hurry and tell your girlfriend to get in!” “GET IN!” <­­ Eungyu..... Does he want to die.. ... +Inside Sohyun unnie’s Car+ In the front, were Eungyu and unnie... “It’s okay to drop Eungyu off first, right?” “Yeah .” “Huh...? Eungyu! Isn’t that Heewon?!” Eungyu and I quickly turned our heads to where unnie had pointed. Waiting by the curb was Kang Heewon, trying to stop a taxi. “I don’t know.” “Let’s take Heewon!” “NO!” “..........why?” “He’ll drag the car down!” “Did you two get in a fight?” “NO!” With Shin Eungyu’s yelling, the car started shaking.... And holding back my grin, I looked out the window... +School+ “Ow~ My stomach... my stomach hurts for some reason today~ Maybe I should go home sick.” “You went home twice last week.” “Yeah, so I was thinking I’m go home just once this week.” “Just stay you loser... oh right, I heard Kang Heewon got himself a girlfriend.” “...oh, that girl at the bar last time?” “No, she’s supposed to be the prettiest girl at their school. You know my friend Youngsook?” “No... ... her name is Youngsook?” “Yeah, well she’s her friend. They started going out yesterday... I was going to tell her that he’s a bastard but......” “But............?” “She said something about their love being all fiery and there’s no way to put it out.. ..” Right Then.... A kid sleeping next to my poked my shoulder.... When I turned around, it was a guy in my class named Hyunwoo... “What.” “...you have time after school right?” “No.” “I know you go home after school everyday..” “Want to die?” “No.” “Well, what do you want?” “A sunbae I know wants to see you.” “Sunbae who?” “The leader of a wonderous, glorious getting­bigger­by­the­day gang.” “Hey, go sit over there. And don’t talk to me .” “Hey, I heard a few days ago you were at a bar and you were beating the crap out of some girls...” ..... ........ How did he know that? “......so....” “I think that sunbae saw you... He said it had something to do with that. Go meet at the Kyungahn park at 6!!” After he told me, Hyunwoo sped out of the room. “...what the hell... why does he want to meet me...? Hey, did those byatches rat on me!” “...I have no clue. I’m not getting a bad feeling about it though.. Yoona, let’s go together~” “I don’t want to....” “He’s a mob boss or whatever, he wouldn’t interfere in a fight between highschool girls. Right...?” .... ........ Curiously, Yoona and I headed towards the park after school.... Chapter 34 Kyungahn Park.. Crouching behind a large tree and playing with a lighter was Yoona.. “....Jungwon, don’t you see anything?” “Nope.” “....that’s funny.... we’re at the right place.... you don’t think they’ll sneak up on us and beat us like that do you?” “Probably not.” I wiped the sweat off my forehead, And reached for the knife (‘My Piggy <3) inside my pocket. All of a sudden, Yoona got up and grasped my hand tightly. “What?? What??” “...over there....” .... In front of the park.... I saw a black XG (TN: Is that a car? Cause I have no idea what that is.) And from the driver’s seat, a man came out. “O_O!! Is that’s Hyungpal’s brother or something!??!!?!” “Shut up~~ TT_TT .... it LOOKS like the person who wanted to see us....” “Let’s go!!!” “Where.....?” “I was stupid to even come! Let’s go~~~ Hurry~~” I poked Yoona’s side and started to back away.... “...yeah, I would... but he already saw us, Jungwon.. ^0^...” “Who? Who saw us.....” “That monster...” ............TT_TT.......... no, don’t come near us.... TT_TT .... What if I pass out?? “EY!!!!” The man neared us.... Yoona and I stood stiffly, holding each other hand’s tightly. “Doncha kno me, mon~?” (TN: And STOP!!! in the story, he speak Korean with a different accent... and I don’t know how to write it in English.... so.... I just gave him a Jamaican accent... even though I don’t know if Jamaican people talk like that... ;;;; Wait now that ) I kind of think about it.. It’s like a huge Korean guy that looks like a monster and has a Jamaican accent .. “.....uh..no.” “Dincha fight at da bar da uhder night....” “Yeah, I fought.” “KWAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!” O_O... I squeezed Yoona’s hand tighter.... “Cha know what my Ideal Gurl is, mon.” “...of course I don’t.” “It’s dat mob boss Shin Eunkyung.” (<­­KRN movie.) “...oh~.... I see... she suits you...” “Dat day I saw you fightin, it blew me away, mon.” “...TT_TT ... I can’t fight.... you saw wrong...” “Get it.” The man pointed to his car... the man...? No, the MONSTER pointed to his car... “No, I’m really busy.” “Give me da number~” “Excuse me?” “I’ll tell them dat you can’t go, tell me da number, mon.” “...I’ll just get in.” With wide eyes Yoona stared at me.. It’s the only choice we’ve got you stupid girl!! TT_TT The monster yelled at me as I was opening the back door.. “Get in da front!!!” “Uh, I get car sick if I sit in the front...” I gathered my courage and got into the back. And the monster opened his car door gently. “You know one of dose gurls you hit da uhder day..?” “Which one?” “Da one with da big eyes who just glares.” “....oh~ b***h #1? Yeah, why?” “Dat one is my kid sister mon, you beat her pretty bad, dincha?” “Excuse me?!” As if she were thinking that it was the end, Yoona bowed her head and started praying.... “Kwahahahah~ When I told her to give your name, she dot I’d beatcha back~ Dat’s not da reason I asked her tho.” “Then why DID you ask her....” “You be my wife, mon~” “WHAT!?!?!” Yoona and both jumped about 10 cm in our seats..... And the monster just continued to laugh.... “I­I already have a boyfriend.” For a second, the monster’s face froze. “Breakup.” “WHAT?!” “I’ll give you one week. So break up wit him, cleanly.” Choi Hyunwoo!! I’m going to kill you!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT!! “I don’t want to though.” “What~ Who is it? Are you da same age!!!!” If I lie... That monster will ask that b***h sister of his.... But if I tell him the truth, He’ll break Shin Eungyu’s skinny little body... I’ll just change the subject. I don’t know what that monster’s IQ is, but by the looks of him. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be any higher that a 2­digit number. “Uh, where are we going?” “...Miyun’s school.” “Who’s Miyun?” “My sister, since your gonna be my wife, we’ll all be related.. So we need to have you two make up, mon.” “.........you’re going to Ahnhyun....” “Is dat what it’s called?” “NO! No we can’t!! Really, I can’t!!!! TT_TT!!!” “KWAHAHHAHAHAHAHH!!” This bastard of a monster...... TT_TT... “Stop the car!! I want to go home, I want to go home! YOONA!!” If is saying, ‘let’s leave it to fate’ Yoona bowed her head and gave a sigh... The monster’s car slowly headed towards Ahnhyun High.... And all I could do was glare at the monster’s head.. Chapter 34 The monster’s XG got closer to Ahnhyun.... I thought of ways to run away... If the monster makes me come outside, I’ll bit him and run. TT_TT... Proudly, the monster’s car stopped in front of Ahnhyun... And he pulled a phone out of his picket and the monster started dialing... My heart started beating faster... “Miyun?! It’s me, mon~ I brought your sister­in­law with me~~” That monster!!!! Yoona held my hand pityingly. Right then, I spotted a familiar person... Carrying a guitar.... Surrounded by friends, Eungyu was grinning widely and bouncing up and down. He was pointing at a girl in their ground and laughing... It seemed as if he was making fun of he. “Hey~ Hey, Jungwon~” The monster called my name.. “Yeah?” “My car’s nice isn’t it, mon.” “No.” “Why? You don’t like expensive cars, mon.” Who cares if the car’s nice.. you’re inside it.... I just started at Eungyu outside... He was looking around, and in the end he took out his cellphone. ..... Soon after, my cell phone started ringing.... I took out the battery. I’m sorry Eungyu ... TT_TT.... Right then, the passenger’s seat opened. And I heard Byatch #2’s annoying voice. .... “Oppa!! Oh my gosh! Oppa!! What the hell?! What the hell is she doing here?!??!” “Get in.” “No!! Why should I!?” “Get in!!!” "..." Byatch #1 slowly got into the car.... And the monster’s XG soon sped away.... When I looked out the window, I could see Shin Eungyu yelling and furiously pushing buttons on his phone..... A little while later, the monster’s car stopped in front of a restaurant... Yoona and I followed after Byatch #1... As soon as we all sat down, The monster clapped his feet­like hands and yelled... “Hey!! We’re ready to order!!!!!!!!!” Byatch #1 just took out a cigarette, as if she was used to his yelling. The monster hit Byatch #1’s head. “OW!” “Put dat out!” “Sheesh! I did! Oppa, but why the hell do I have to sit across from her?!!?” “She’s your sister­in­law~ Jungwon.” Byatch #1 let out a snort. “Hey, you stupid girl, you want to get hit dongcha.” “Oppa, how can you call her your wife? I have a bump on her because she hit me!!! You know I do!” “Dat’s why I went head over heels for her, mon! Make up starting from today.” “Ha! Oppa, she has a boyfriend!” “WHO?!?!?!?!” .....I think I’m going to go crazy... I avoided looking at the monster and glared at Byatch #1. But she just smirked at me... “Shin Eungyu, he goes to my school. We can’t even compare you to him. It’s like a monster and a prince~ Well, that doesn’t even compare you two..” “You want to die today, doncha?” "..." Byatch #1 must’ve realized she’d get hit if she was here any longer... “Huh?! It’s Kyungsub!! Kyungsub, what are you doing here?!” Byatch #1 followed after a guy leaving the restaurant. The monster was shaking.... If I were you, you little b***h, I’d stay away from home today... “I’m warning you.... 1 week...” “... I can do what I want...” Where the hell did I get the courage to say that? “I get want I want. Just keep dat in mind.” “And I don’t like things I don’t like!” +SLAM+ The fork in the monster’s hand stabbed the table. Yoona and I both took a drink of our water. In 30 hellish minutes, We were able to finish our meal. We walked out of the restaurant and the monster opened the passenger side door for me. “Sit in the front.” “No.” Before the monster could yell, I quickly got in the backseat. It’s been 10 minutes since we got into the car. “Where’s your house.” “....uh... me?” <­­Yoona.. “Yeah you.” “It’s right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” No!! You b***h!!!! Before I could hold her in, Yoona sped out of the car... ..but ... Yoona.. TT_TT ... we’re friends............ “Uh, I’ll get out here too... I’m going to hang out with he­” +VROOM VROOM+ The monster’s car had already sped away.... When I was looking back, Yoona was looking at me as if asking to forgive her... My friend started getting smaller... “My house, is in this direction.. just go straight.” Different from what I thought, the monster found the right street. “Uh...” “....yeah....?” “I have a boyfriend, like I told you before.. and we’re getting along great.” “..........so.....?” “I’d like it if today was the first day we met and also the last.” “You want to see me break dis car in half?” “Of course I don’t.” “..................” The monster stopped his car in front of my neighborhood. If he chases after me, I’ll just yell and get Jaegwang to save me... But... will Jaegwang be able to handle him alone...? No matter how many time I think, I don’t think Jaegwang will be able to. “Do you not like me dat much?” I don’t not like you... I think you’re disfusting.... .... “...I don’t NOT like you... but I don’t want to keep meeting you.” “Okay, get out. I’ll go away before I end up liking you even more... Okay..” “R­really??!!” “I might blow up in 10 seconds.... so get da hell out~~!!!” “Yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!” I got out of the car as quickly as I could.... And opened the gate and, Ran up the stairs to my room... When I looked out the window, The monster’s car was gone. Even my stomach and my liver and breathing out sighs of relief... I went to go check up on Jaegwang and looked into his room through the small crack of his half opened door.... Jaegwang was on the floor, Putting ointment on his face. “HEY!!” “Ahk! HUH!?!!!” Surprised, he dropped the ointment... but then, he calmly pretended nothing was wrong. “What’s wrong with your face!??!?!” “NOTHING!” “You got hit!” “NO I DIDNT!!” “...you’re lip is busted also!!!!!!” “Get out!” Jaegwang put his hand on my face and pushed me away.. I grabbed the his hand... As if he was scratched... There was a long painful looking scratch starting from his elbow to his palm.. There were bruises also... “..who did this.... it’s Kang Heewon isn’t it...” “Get the hell out.” “Retard!!! Just tell me!! Is someone trying to kill you!??!?!??!” “I said I’m fine!!!!!!!!!!!!” “.....that bastard.... your seniors did this huh?!?!? Kang Heewon’s friends did this huh!??!?!?!?!” “I SAID I’M FINE!!!!!!!” ... ...... I could see tears in Jaegwang eyes..... Kang Heewon had a lot of 3rd year friends at Jaegwang’s school..... Retard...... I can’t even imagine how much it must’ve hurt... There’s nothing I can do.... There’s nothing I can do for my brother... TT_TT..... No wait... there IS something I can do..... ..... .... Dammit, just for my brother.... Aish!!!! I snatched out my cellphone, And started dialing Hyunwoo’s number.... For a while, it just rang. “Hello?” “..Hyunwoo....?” “Who is this?” “It’s me Jungwon.” “Jungwon..? Oh, what’s up....?” “...your senior.... the one you told me to meet...” “Oh! Jungbin hyung?” The monster’s name is Jungbin...... .. “Yeah, that oppa. He has a cell phone right? Do you know his number?” “Of course I do~ You like him? HUH?!” “Don’t piss me off. Just tell me his number.” “Okay, hold on a sec.” The only thing that can help Jaegwang... Is that monster... TT_TT .... I’ll suffer this once for my brother..... TT_TT ..... I ran my thumb over a scratch on my poor brother’s cheek, holding back tears... Chapter 36 That night… Tomorrow after school… I have to go on a date with the monster…. When I called him… he sounded as if he wanted to kill me… But when I asked him to do me a favor, and bribed him with a date.. His voice turned all happy again.. +JINGGG JIINGGG JIIING+ (ß phone vibrating) “Hello?” “Come out.” Beep…. Beep…. Beep…. Shin Eungyu sounded really mad about something… Nah~ He couldn’t know about­ Could he…??? With my heart beating like crazy, I ran out of my room to the attic. I didn’t even bother to look decent before I went out.. (She’s wearing her gym sweats and her ponytail is all loose and sticking out.) When he saw me, he looked as if he’d forgotten what he was going to say… He even dropped the cigarette in his mouth…. “…what? What are you staring at….” “I heard you came to my school today…” “Who said that..” “Miyun did…” Miyun­ Batch #1. “I’ll kill that little!! Yeah, I went.” “You saw me right?” “Yeah.” “..why do you keep disappointing me…?” “No! That was the first time I’d ever seen that oppa! I don’t even like him!” “I know! I heard that bastard likes YOU thought!!!” Well at least Batch #1 told him the truth… If she had made up some bullshyt rumor, I’d have broken her in half… “Yeah! He does!” “Why didn’t you tell me?! You could have answered my call and asked me to save you!!!” “Hey, I couldn’t do that! He was twice your size~” “Don’t you trust me?!” “Oh course I do! But I wasn’t in a situation where I could answer your call!” “Dammit! Why that monster of all people! I hate worrying about people!!” “Well then don’t!!!” “Starting from today, you’re going to go to school in my nuna’s car! And then after school you’re going to stay in front of your school building not in front of the gate. Got it?!” “WHY?!” “I’m going to pick you up! And then we’re going to my rehearsal and then we’re walking home together!” “You told me to not come!!!” “I know! So don’t!!” “What the hell are you saying?!?!?” Eungyu stared at me, And embarrassed, I looked away.. .... ........ ...... “I get jealous easily, retard.. But I don’t like it… I don’t even hold hands with other girls because of you… I can’t even talk right because of you… I can’t even sing that well anymore…” ...... ....... ........... As if he were embarrassed, Eungyu looked down at the ground.. “Let’s go somewhere tomorrow..” His words made me freeze… Helping Jaegwang.. Or going on a date with my boyfriend…. Is it blood… or love… TT_TT… Okay, I have to help Jaegwang now because he’s getting hurt now… I can always go on a date with Eungyu later…. “…..I have something important to do tomorrow… let’s go the day after tomorrow.” +NOD NOD+ “Hey, Shin Eungyu.” "... _ " “I think I like you a lot too. Tch, you must be lucky to be the guy I like…” Eungyu grinned widely…. Fir a second, I wanted to hug him… “I’m going in. The mosquitoes keep biting me.. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.. I’ll send you a message later.” Eungyu waved his hand at about 100 mph. Waving my hand, I walked in.. my face red.. The only thing that broke my happy mood was Jaegwang’s singsong voice.. “I think I like you a lot too. Tch, you must be lucky to be the guy I like…” “HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” TT_TT.. You don’t know what I have to go through tomorrow.. TT_TT… Somehow I have to change the subject from me liking him to how to beating the people that are bugging Jaegwang… Then I’ll just meet him twice so that it looks like I wasn’t using him… ….when I tell him I don’t want to meet him… he won’t beat me will he?? Then after that~ Eungyu and I will~~ ^0^…. Eheheheh! Dragging my two feet to my bed, I dreaded tomorrow… …and I slowly started to fall asleep….. Chapter 37 Morning….. I left Jaegwang to sleep in… And with a piece of toast in my hand, I left the house… As promised… I could see Sohyun’s unnie car parked outside. Eungyu waved me over… + Sohyun’s unnie’s car was driving quickly… “Oh right! Heewon got himself a girlfriend!” Eungyu said brightly.. “Yeah, I know.” “She’s hella prettier than you~” “…it doesn’t matter..” “You still can’t meet Heewon though.” Finishing what he said, Eungyu started looking in his bag for something. …. After digging around a while, He took out two grape flavored candies… “Here~” He opened up my hand and placed that candy in the middle of my palm.. “….what…? You want me to eat this?” “This too~” ..? It was a necklace. It wasn’t a regular silver chained, or gold chained, it wasn’t a cross either… It was a necklace with a tiny doll the size of my thumbnail dangling from the center…. “Wow, it’s so pretty… you’re giving it to me??” “Yeah, I have one too~~ ^0^..” He took out the necklace dangling from his neck and shook it…. A girl. A boy.. It was a pair… The girl was hanging around Eungyu’s neck.. And the boy was in my palm…. “Haha~ It’s so cute. Where’d you buy this? I’ve never seen anything like this….” “A fan made it for me to wear when I got myself a girlfriend.” He proudly shook the necklace… Letting go of his, and taking mine, he clasped it around my neck. “I want candy too, please~ …” Sohyun unnie said putting out a hand towards Eungyu… “Here, you can have mine.” I gave the candy inside my hand to Sohyun unnie. Jaegwang’s One­and­Only. “Hey! Don’t give it to her!” ß Eungyu. “I’m happy with the necklace~” A little boy wearing a blue cap, It’s so weird that I’m wearing something like this. It’s enough for the kids in call to make a big deal about it…. After dropping Eungyu off at Ahnhyun, We started off, leaving Eungyu to wave after us. The car was headed towards my school, Jaegwang’s One­and­Only was chewing on her candy. “..unnie…” “Yeah?’ “…unnie.. You know your boyfriend?” “I don’t have a boy friend! ^0^..” “You know that guy who drives you home, the one with the nice car…” “Oh, he’s not my friend~ he’s older than me.. O_O …” “I was talking about your significant other.” “My other? Is that what I should call him?” “…uh, Jaegwang like you a lot… I think he’s really serious…” “Who’s Jaegwang again?” “It’s nothing, never mind… You can just drop me off here. .” Unnie slammed onto the breaks… “Thank you for driving me every morning.” “Huh? Oh it’s not a big deal, it’s on the way to work anyways.” “…..thank you though..” I opened the door, As I was about to close the door, I heard unnie’s soft voice.. “He hasn’t kept in touch for a while, tell him to call me often~ “I will~~!!!!” .” Alright! After planting a small kiss on my little boy, I started running towards school… As I’d predicted.. The kids in my class were staring at me and my necklace… “Did you find it on the way here?” “You think I’d wear something I picked up off the ground?” “Hey, Jiyoung~ Look at Jungwon, I think she’s crazy~” “Stop it!! >_< !! You’re jealous!!” “Did someone pay you to wear that?” “I’m wearing it because I want to!! If any of you say one more thing, you die!” Different from other days, it felt as if school ended quickly.. It was a little over 5 o’clock. As I was picking up my bag, Yoona said to me… ‘…will you be okay, friend.” “I don’t want to hear the word ‘friend’ come from your mouth.. You traitor.” “…are you still mad about tomorrow? I was really scared yesterday!!” “What about me then?” Grabbing my hand tightly, Yoona begged for my forgiveness… As I left the front gate, my phone started ringing… “Hello?” “Yo, mon!” Ugh.. … “Where do you want to meet? “Let’s go drink instead, mon~” “I don’t like drinking.” “Den, where should me meet, mon.” “A café.” “Want me to go to your school, mon.” “No!! Uh, you know Sugar right? Meet me there.” “KWAHAHAHAA!! Where is dat, mon.” “Oppa, you have friends right?” “Of course I do, mon.” “Ask one of them.” I closed my cell phone, And kept back a huge sigh… I waved over a taxi, And asked to my necklace… ‘I’ll be fine right…? TT_TT …. If he kill me you’re going to have to save me okay, little doll?? TT_TT… +JING JIING+ “..hello?” “Where are you?” It was Eungyu…. “I’m going to a meeting with my friends… you?” “Karaoke!” “…oh, I see…” “Want to meet when your done?” “No, I think it’s going to be long get together. It’s really important, I’ll just see you at home later.” “Okay! I’ll see you later!” “See you~ .” I closed my phone, And I got closer to where the monster and I were going to meet. The two 1000 Won’s in my hand are getting wet from my sweat. The taxi stopped slowly in front of the café. “We’re here.’ “Here you go.’ Today is my date with the monster… If it was Hyungpal it’d be better… TT_TT… I don’t even like talking to him….. I forced my legs to get out of the taxi and close the door… ….then then I headed towards the building where the café was… Chapter 38 Café… Soft peaceful music flowed inside the café.. The waiters moved silently inside the café… There were white leather sofa’s and tables inside the café…. And…. There was another thing that totally didn’t go with anything else inside the café… Seated in the center of the café, I spotted the monster smoking…. Afraid that the monster would call me over with a, “ova here, mon!” I quickly sat in front of him. “Ah! You’re here, mon!” “You found your way~.. ..” “Of course~ I’m good with finding roads, mon! Don’t talk to stiffly~” “Okay, I won’t.” I’ll make you regret saying that. As soon as I stopped talking respectfully to him, the monster stared at me.. The waiter gave us two menus… For a while, the monster just stared at the menu. “Are you going at eat something, mon.” “No, I don’t want to.” “Den I won’t either.” The monster grinned. O_O… ew…. “Hey, I’m sorry, but I have a younger brother…” I said gathering my courage…. “Younger brother? What about him? Does he not listen to you, mon.” “…no, sunbaes at his school are bothering him… +SLAM+ “What bastards are they!?!?!?!” The monster slammed the ashtray onto the table… The people inside the café stared at us… “…I don’t know either…” “What type of school?!” “…sang….” “Sang..? How old is he?!” “…18...” “What about dose sunbaes…” “19.” “I see.. Sang? Hmm, did Sangjin come out of dat school??” Monster= 20­years­old. After digging through his head, The monster took out his phone and started dialing. Since he’s doing something nice, I won’t call him monster anymore. He said his name is Jungbin right? I don’t think I’ll be able to call him oppa. Jungbin waited for his friend to pick up.. “Oy! It’s Bin, mon!” For a second, I thought I was going to barf. He called himself Bin!! TT_TT Bin!! (TN: For those who are confused. If you say the last character of your name, I think it’s supposed to be considered cute.) “Oy, Duhan, did you come outta Sang, mon. You did..? Den go dere and beat da **** out of the 3rd tears. “Oppa!! Only the ones who bugged Jaegwang!” “Jaegwang?…ya know some kid named Jaegwang…? Oh~~ he’s your junior~~ Just go find da kids bugging him and beat dem. Send dem to me dressed in hospital clothes.” (TN: I don’t know what you call them.) Jungbin is the best!! If you didn’t like me, I’d consider you a friend! ^0^ !! “Don’t ask.. My wife wants me to.” …yeah.. I don’t like you…. … “I don’t know. Just do it. Step on dem so dat dey don’t bug him ever again, mon. I’ll go to the hospital later.. See you den, mon.” +Click+ Jungbin picked up the steaming cocoa up in front of him, and took a large swallow. “Is that all, mon?” “Yeah,thanks. I’ll buy today.” “It’s fine, but da hell is dat bastard~~! Turn your stupid head!” ….... …..... I got a weird feeling… And I turned my head to the people Jungbin was yelling at. ….... ….... Outside the window, I spotted two Chunsun Gong kids… One guy and one girl.. Even from far away, I could see that the girl was pretty. …..and I could see…. That the guy was Kang Heewon…. Kang Heewon was staring at Jungbin…. And the girl was shaking his arm…. Jungbin stood up abruptly. “Just sit down.” “….if I get mad, I have to break things for at least 10 seconds before I calm down.” “…I came out of the same middle school as him.. His eyes are normally like that.. He‘s uh… lazy eyed!!” “…lazy eyed…?” “Yeah, right now he’s looking at the table, but it only looks like he’s staring at you…” “Really?” “Of course, I wouldn’t lie.’ Jungbin sat back down in his seat. I snuck a peek at Kang Heewon.. I could see him taking out his cell phone. He wouldn’t……. He wouldn’t tell Shin Eungyu what he’s just seen would he…. He would… That bastard would…. My two legs started shaking…. And annoying me with his consistent chatter was Jungbin. “Let’s go!” “Why?!” “I’m hot! Let’s go, let’s go!” “Hold on.” Jungbin swallowed the rest of his cocoa. And pulled out his wallet, and slowly started towards the counter. “I’m paying!” I started running after Jungbin… But he had already paid… When I turned towards the door, I saw a small glimpse of Kang Heewon’s face.. He was smiling… With one arm around the girl… He was laughing loudly… Bastard…. I hate looking at you laugh…. It scares me….. +DING+ Jungbin left the café first, And I quickly chased after him. ..... ..... “What da hell..” ..... ...... I didn’t know how fast my heart was beating… I bumped into Jungbin as he bumped into someone trying to enter the café…. …and I cursed myself for being here…. In his uniform… He seemed as if he’d run here quickly. There was sweat on his forehead, and his hair was dampened also. He let out a grin, But his eyes were cold…. He had on a face I’d never seen before… “…..this is the important thing you had to do……?” "............." Chapter 39 “…..the important thing you had to do… was it this…?” “…………” ... .... I closed my eyes when Eungyu raised his hand closer to my face… He’s going to hit me, I know he is… *SNAP* O_O….??? It was the necklace…. Eungyu had reached his hand up to the necklace, and snapped off the chain… The necklace fell to the ground….. “Bastard, mon! What da hell is dis, mon!” “I’m sorry I lied to you… I’m sorry… I guess we’re 4 meters apart now….” “We’re further than that…” “Are… you going to dump me..? .” His face was full of anger…. For a second, he looked down at me…. To follow this, he dragged his feet over to Kang Heewon and his girlfriend that were seated at a table a few meters away…. “Shin Eungyu, you think you’ll be okay?” “…did you call me… to show me this…?” “Huh..? No, we just got here and invited you.. That’s when we saw your girlfriend.” “…Kang Heewon, you’re my friend right.” “What the hell are you talking about, man?” “…is it you?” “What are you talking about?!” Kang Heewon’s smile faded… Wordlessly… He walked towards me, and walked out the door…. Iquickly grabbed his arm. “I’m sorry….” “I think I’m just going to let you go….” “…what? …let me go….? What’s that mean?” “Yoon Jungwon… It can’t be you…” +Tinkle+ The guy walked out the café… I looked down and stared at the necklace on the ground…. “What da hell was dat, mon?!” Jungbin looked over at Kang Heewon…. “…oppa, stay here…” I walked over towards Kang Heewon…. He just stared at me in the eyes with a calm expression. “Son of a bi+ch…” “Watch what you say…” “I don’t care that you broke me and Eungyu up, but don’t hurt Eungyu… Dirty bastard…” “Why would I hurt my friend…? , huh?” “If you smile like that in front of me again… I might really kill you.” “You’re going to kill me too?” “You’re done getting back at me now, right? So don’t make me any more miserable than I already am!!! All right…?!?!?!” “No, I’m not finished yet… .” I stared at him in the face… My hands shaking like crazy… I raised my left hand, and struck Kang Heewon’s face… After I’d finished what I’d done, I stormed past Jungbin and let the café. Jungbin chased after me…. “What da hell was all dat, mon?!” “…hey, isn’t my boyfriend good looking?” “…yea, mon. He was under a spotlight, mon. Not too bad, even me, a guy, has to admit, mon. You’ve got skills.” “…yeah, I do.” Wordlessly, Jungbin took my hand and placed the necklace in it. “Right now, I’m hella pissed, mon. I barely kept myself from killing him, mon. I tink I like you. I’ll make sure dat, dat guy back dere won’t hurt you again. Don’t worry about him, mon.” Jungbin patted my shaking hands and led me to his car. His car seemed to be going slower than usual. He kept glancing over at me… Jungbin faked a cough and look over at me. “What to see a movie tomorrow, mon.” “…I don’t like movies…” “…den, want to go to da amusement park, mon.” “…I have to go to school tomorrow.” “Come over den, dis oppa will make you yummy food.” “…since you helped me today, oppa. I’ll eat it for you.” “…thanks a hella lot.. “Can’t you talk prettier… .... .... As we neared my house, Jungbin turned off his radio and said to me sincerely.. .” ..” “I know dat, you met me because Jaegwang or whatever, mon. I know day you’re coming over because of today….” “…I won’t deny it…” “I must be crazy… Why do I look like you? Kwahahahahaha!!” “….ew, you look like a hippo.” “What da hell, mon!” " " Vrooom~~ Vroooom~~ As I left, Jungbin’s car sped away…. I weakly walked to our front gate, and rang the bell… I haven’t felt like this in a while… I reached into my pocket and pulled out the necklace.. That Night… I stood by the window, and didn’t leave all night. I didn’t see a piece of Shin Eungyu’s hair… All of a sudden, I got an idea. I found pieces of paper and wrote big letters on each paper… When I’d finished, I hung them on the laundry line. …... Nervously, I fell asleep….. ….you’ll come back… right….? Chapter 40 Morning…. Wearing only his shorts… Yoon Jaegwang ran over to me… “Hey! Something funny happened yesterday!! Yesterday, the 3rd years at school got hauled to the hospital!!” “…yeah? The ones who hit you?” “Yeah!!! I mean­ I told you I didn’t get hit!! Stop it!!! >_<!” “…fine, whatever you didn’t get hit. So go get dressed dammit! You don’t even have a pack!” “Hey, why’d you put weird things on the laundry line anyways?” “Shut up, it’s not weird… get out! I need to get dressed!” Scratching his bushy hair, he grabbed onto the doorknob. “…oh right, I got a girlfriend.” “Girlfriend, who?” “…just some sunbae at school… She’s a bi+ch, but she’s hella hot.” “..more than Sohyun unnie?” “Hell yeah.” “Oh really? Well anyways, Sohyun unnie told me to tell you to call her often. Well, since you have a girlfriend… Good luck, I hope you guy s last a long time..” “What?! Really? Really?! Really?!?!” Jaegwang asked shoving his ugly little face into mine. “Get away from me… I said I have to get dressed!” “I don’t have a girlfriend starting today!!! Yahoo!!” “Bastard, I’m going to tell that subae…” “TT_TT Nuna~ I love you!!” “Get the hell away!” Jaegwang sped out of my room as I tried kicking him… After breakfast, I came back upstairs and looked out the window quietly… The 6 pieces of paper were blowing in the wind… Even at my school.. The story that the 3rd years at Jaegwangs school got hauled to the hospital was all over.. ... Jungbin’s not too bad. “So! You’re not going out with Shin Eungyu anymore?” Yoona asked holding onto my bag. “No, we didn’t break up.. He’s just mad, he’ll cool down…” “Hey, if I was a guy and my girlfriend lied and went to go meet a guy, I’d be pissed too!! And one that looks like a hippo!!” “What are you talking about! Do you know how nice he is?” “Ew.. His name is Jungbin?” “Move… ..” “You bi+ch, if I were you, I’d forget about going over to that guy’s house and find a way to cool Eungyu off!” “I’m going to tell him face­to­face later!!” I left Yoona and Jiyoung behind, and started heading towards Jungbin’s house. Luckily enough, his house was near my school. And soon after, I left to find his house, I found it. The house was cute looking… It didn’t match with Jungbin’s image… Even the doorbell played a cute little song.. The door opened, and there stood Jungbin in shorts. His legs made me freeze.. Ew, his leg hairs…. “You found it, mon!” “Oppa, is your sister here too?” “She lives with our parents.” “Then oppa, you live by yourself?” “..no, I take care of my grandma, mon. Come in.” He closed the door behind us, and started into the kitchen. I could hear him taking out pots and pans… .. I looked around the house… There was a picture of him and 10 guys in casual suits…. On every wall in the house, there was at least 1 picture. “Who are these people? Are they your friends?” “Ya, mon. Dey beat dat guy from yesterday, mon.” “Guy? Who?” “Dat guy at da café, mon.” “…what? You beat Kang Heewon…? Where is he right now?!” “Some hospital in Seoul. Heard dey chipped some teeth, mon. Kwahahahahaha!” “Do you know how scary he is?! Why’d you do that to him!!” “It’s fine, mon!” “…how could you have a multiple amount of people beat him? You should have asked me first.” “I told you yesterday, mon!” “You did not!” “Don’t yell! I’m not giving you food!” “.. …” Jungbin yelled at me, shaking a spatula…. At times like this, I feel like changing his name… “…is someone here?” “Oh? Jungwon, say hi.” The door behind me opened, and an elderly woman in her 80’s came out. As if she wasn’t felling well, she kept coughing. “Grandma, go in and lay down.” “There’s nothing to do when I’m laying down… I’m going to be laying down when I die anyways.” “I told you not to talk like dat!!” “Okay, I won’t. , my grandson is so scary I can’t even say what I want. You’re girlfriend is real tall.” “My wife’s pretty, huh? You great grandson is going to be a mix of us.” ..I don’t know if I should tell her that I have no thought of going out with him…. Jungbin picked the rice off the spatula and put it into his mouth. “Grandma, come eat with us~ Sit down.” We went over to his grandma and helped her over by calmly putting each hand on her shoulders… “…what do I do… I always eat the food my grandson makes me…” “Just eat it and I’ll be happy. , just stay alive and eat it until Jungwon and I get a son and daughter~ Okay?” ……what if I really end up having to marry him. Right then… +SLAM!+ … The front door opened with a bang. Two young men dressed in uniforms walked into the house. “Who da hell are you, mon!!” Jungbin said, his voice changing. The two men ran over to Jungbin and grabbed both arms. “We’ve come to arrest you. You have the right to remain silent.” What the hell is happening… What is all this… “Jungbin…. Let go of my grandson, Jungbin…. Jungbin…..” Jungbin’s grandmother held onto one of the men… “Let go of me bastards! What did I do wrong, mon! What did I do?! “Shut up you son of a bi+ch. You told your friends yesterday to beat a kid half to death yesterday!! How could you do that to a high schooler!” ....... ....... .......... “….Jungwon, take care of my grandma until I get back, mon. Go find Miyun and tell her to tell my dad to have grandma at their house a while until I get back. I’m asking you.” I nodded my head, and looked down at the ground… Jungbin silently left the house with the two officers… …I can’t just stand here… It’s because of me this happened.. This happened to him because of me…. “Mister!! I told him to! I asked him to! It’s because of me!! Jungbin didn’t do anything wrong!! Mister!!” I screamed at the officers.. I ran after them not bothering to put on my shoes… The police car quickly sped off and they disappeared. For a while I just started stupidly… Kang Heewon…. I can’t.. I won’t forgive you this time….. It’s you again, isn’t it… I’m right, it’s you again… You and I are going at it again aren’t we…. Hospital .... ..... .......... I wiped frustrated tears from my eyes, and I started running like crazy… My shoes still at Jungbin’s house… Chapter 41 ….. You’re going to do what I did to you…. Is that it….? You’re going to get back at me…. Is that it….? The thing I knew for sure… Was that his and my friendship… Had been over… For a long time…. +Hospital+ “What room is Kang Heewon in….” “Oh~ You’re sweating~ I’ll wait till you catch your breath.” “I asked which room Kang Heewon is in…” “…Kang Heewon…? Just a moment please…” The shirt I wore was matted onto my back because of the sweat…. Please, please let today be the last day I meet Kang Heewon… Please… I beg of you…. “Room 302.” "........" I’m not going to back out now… I’m going to be the one smiling today…. .I’m sick of me being disappointed in myself… Today… It’s my day to smile… Dirty bastard… How bothering to knock, I opened the door to his room.. His cot was next to the window…. “You look perfectly fine to me…” I forced a tight smile at him and walked closer… “Not you again…” Kang Heewon said frowning… “Huh? Unnie, how did you know about this? Eungyu oppa just left. .” I just noticed that Nari was sitting next to the bed, and standing next to her was the cool drummer unnie. Damn…. I don’t want to act pathetically in front of this unnie… Wait, Jungwon.. This isn’t the time to think about your image… “Take Jungbin out.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about, .” “Call the damn police station and take Jungbin out of jail, you bastard!!!!!!!!!!” Kang Heewon’s eyes shook slightly, and he pulled himself up… “This isn’t the end you know…” “…well, end it here… Now.” “Nuna, Nari… Can you guys wait outside for a second?” With Kang Heewon’s words, Nari looked at me worriedly… “…don’t fight… why are you fighting… You’re not going to right…?” “It’s time for us to make our leave~~ ^0^ .” The cool drummer unnie swung an arm around Nari’s shoulder and started heading towards the door, and…. “I don’t know what’s going on… But if Heewon starts spazzing come yell for me, okay Eungyu’s girlfriend? .” She winked and left the room with Nari…. “...take Jungbin out.” “Well, then you take out my dad…” ...... .... ....... “I didn’t know… It may sound funny hearing this now.. But I didn’t know it was your dad… So take Jungbin out!!” He smiled… That stupid smile I hate… “I didn’t know either… I didn’t know that the guy I had arrested was named Jungbin.. ..... ....... ....... .” “Why are you doing this… Is it because of what I did to your dad…? If it is, get back at me… You can do whatever you want, you can do something fifty times worse than what you did to me on my birthday…. So just leave the people around me alone… Jaegwang, Jungbin… and Eungyu…. Who’s next on your list….” “…your dad of course. .” I guess this is what they mean by seeing fire… I raised my left hand to strike him, but Kang Heewon grabbed it tightly in midair. “…you’re going to hit a sick person….? ..” “…you’re trash… Kang Heewon, were you always this kind of person…? Huh…? Is this your true self…?” “Someone I trust made me like this….” “I told you! I didn’t know it was your dad!! No, even if I knew I would have called! …the little kid… did in front of me… And the car just sped away, that’s all….” “So, my mom leaves home. My dad gets sent to some jail for retards and I live by myself… That’s all I have left…” ....... ......... ..….. “..what do I have to do..? What do I have to do to have you stop doing the disgusting things you’re doing…? What do I have to do to not have to see you anymore…” “That’s something I should be saying…. You disappear… When I look at your face or even think of you, something starts bubbling inside me… It keeps me up at night… I can’t sleep because of you…” I didn’t know… I’d forgotten that even Kang Heewon could have tears in his eyes… These hands have wiped them away for him before… These hands… “Don’t meet Eungyu anymore…Don’t appear in front of me because of Shin Eungyu.. He’s my best friend right now, and I can’t handle having a bi+ch like you around him…” In the end, the name Kang Heewon says is Shin Eungyu’s… For a second, I could see Jungbin’s grandma’s face…. Then Eungyu’s…. It’s because of me Jungbin got taken away… If I go to Eungyu… Then, I’m the evil one.. …. “Then, call and have Jungbin taken out. Leave Jaegwang alone. And don’t ever smile like that in front of me again…” “And Eungyu…?” “…if you need your friend Shin Eungyu that much… You can have him…There’s no reason for us to see each other then… It’s over now, you got what you wanted. Do call the police station and have Jungbin taken out.” I finished, and I felt tears well up in my eyes… I don’t know why, it’s hard to explain exactly why… Turning around, I reached for the hospital door.. …….. …..... As I turned, I realized what I was feeling… I knew what I was feeling… It was longing, his smile from a long time ago… his hands…. His tears…. “…hey, Kang Heewon….” "..........." “…I sound hella retarded saying this, but… can I hold your hand this one last time…?” .... ...... I couldn’t see his face… When he spoke, his voice was filled with laughter…. “You’re disgusting, you know what I’m saying…?” "......" +Click+ I slowly walked out of the room, and to open up my tightened throat I had to fake a few coughs. It pisses me off when I cry… Yoon Jungwon… You retard… You were going to smile, you were going to be the one smiling… …why are you the one crying…. I guess I’m more sensitive than I thought I was… What am I supposed to do thought… When I’m stand in front of you.. When I see your face… I can’t do anything but just break down… Damn these stupid memories…. Memories are stupid things… you think the same way, don’t you… “Unnie, are you okay?” Nari asked sitting on a bench outside the room.. “Yeah, I’m fine.. Have fun, I’ll be leaving….” “Is there something with you and Heewon oppa?” “…hey, if you end up breaking up with Jaegwang’s friend someday. Be good to Eungyu. He’s real cute, you know?” “Excuse me?!” Nari asked surprised…. I smiled and bravely turned around. I reached the stairs…. It’s hard…. Why’s it hard now….? I was perfectly fine in front of Nari… Jungbin’s grandmother!! I got Junbin out!! >_<! How you don’t have to be with Miyun or whatever b***h!! But….. …instead I lost something important to me…. A guy named Shin Eungyu… He’s a really cute guy… I was just starting to love him…. “Yoon Jungwon…..” ..I knew.. I knew the owner of that voice… I knew that voice so well…. But I just continued to walk foreward.. “Yoon Jungwon!” “…………..” Chapter 42 “Yoon Jungwon!” "................." .... ...... I could hear his footsteps… I’m not going to see his face… I’m not going to look at him… “Did you come to see Heewon..?” “…..yeah.” “He wasn’t too hurt, I wanted to tell you something. Don’t run away and listen.” “…I have something to say to you too. You go first.” .... ...... “Okay, I will. You know what I said to you yesterday? That I was going to just let you go. That you weren’t it. Well, at night… My head start hurting, and I couldn’t fall asleep… Because I knew when I saw you in the morning, I’d be sad. .” I lifted my head and looked up at Eungyu… …he’s smiling today too….. Retard… How can you be smiling everyday… “Yeah? And…?” “You know I get mad easily!” “And…?” “I wasn’t mad after a little while.. O_O …” “…and….?” “…I’m a good boy for not being mad for a long time, huh?” “Yeah, you are. What’s that got to do with me?” “I’m forgiving you retard!” I held back a laugh. How am I supposed to give up a guy like this… How am I supposed to erase a guy like this.. But….. Shin Eungyu…. It’s still Kang Heewon before me….. Huh? … I’m not strong enough to win Kang Heewon… I don’t want people around me hurt, because I won’t let go of you…. “…Shin Eungyu, I’ll do the talking now. ^­^ ..” “Okay, go ahead.” “…it’s been a short time since you and I met. We haven’t even been going out for a long time.. So I’ll be able to forget you quickly… I already might have. "......." .” “You know, yesterday, I felt that.. We don’t compliment each other very well…” “I can love you more than singing now, ^0^ .” “No. You and I can’t be together anymore.. The Dragonhead that you hate most in the world, that’s me. “..huh? HUH?! No, it’s not!!!! >0<!!!” “I have a picture a home to prove it. I’ve never exactly like guys like you. Always so fancy and popular.. I’ll be going now!” .” I passed a frozen Eungyu…. With the calmest face I could muster…. “…Yoon Jungwon… Let me ask you this one thing….” “..yeah?” “The person you hate most in the world, but the person you could tell me because he and I were so close… It’s Kang Heewon… isn’t it….” ..... ......... ........ “…no, I checked up on his background a little more. He has nothing to do with you. I was thinking about someone else that looked similar to you. It’s not Kang Heewon. You won’t believe how close he and I were in middle school. He cares about you a lot, you guys be friends for a long time, okay? I’m going.” ... .... “Oh right! The necklace… It was so pretty I still had it. I should give it back to you.” I took the necklace off and place it in Eungyu’s palm… …Eungyu squeezed my hand tightly… “Dragonhead, I still like you. What am I suppose to do?” “…don’t be so stupid. I don’t like you, you probably can’t fight better than Jungbin…” “…so you’re not my girlfriend and I’m not your boyfriend anymore…?” “…yeah, I’m going to go be Jungbin’s wife. .” Eungyu let out a sad grin and let go of my hand. The necklace I’d placed in his hand dropping at the same time… The necklace around his neck made me laugh…. I quickly, quickly started walking again….. I think I’m going to collapse. I want to. Not in front of Eungyu, not in front of Eungyu Jungwon. The end has to be cool… I put my hands in my pocket and tightly held my little knife… My Piggy <3... I smiled again… I couldn’t stop smiling… I didn’t know… I didn’t know that Shin Eungyu liked me so much… I was so stupid to not have known…. +That Night+ I didn’t eat… I was too busy playing computer games… Next to me, Jaegwang wouldn’t shut the hell up. “Are you crazy? You’ve been playing for forever! What if the keyboard breaks!” .... ...... ......... “Hey Piggy!!!!” “Don’t call me ‘Piggy’!!” “……­0­……….” ****, I can’t stop thinking about him… What the hell is wrong with me.. TT_TT.. “Nuna, are you crying..?” “Are you crazy?! Get out! Get the hell out and don’t bug me!” “You stupid Piggy! This is my room!!!” “I told you not to call me ‘Piggy’!!” “I got first place! Don’t mess with me!” “Shut up, if you say one more word, I’m going to throw you out the window.” Jaegwang got up and started waving his hand in front of the monitor. “…I warned you..” “Play with me. Nuna, I’m bored.” “..I’m not in the mood to talk to people.” “…why? Because you’re a pig?” “…no, because I’m scared.” "........." +JJINNNNG JINNNNNNNNG!!+ “Piggy, you got a call!” “Don’t answer it.” “Hello? Who? My nuna’s next to me, hold on.” “..hello?” “Oy! Wifey! Your husband’s at home, mon!” “…..oh, Jungbin. You’re out.” “Kwahahahaha! Dat bastard called da station at let me out!! Wonder what got inta da bastard’s head, mon.” “…that’s good. What a relief.” “Come out! Oppa will buy you food, mon!” “…Jungbin, why the hell did you beat up that bastard and get taken to the police station?” “Kwahahahahaha! Did you worry about me a lot?!!” .... ....... ......... “Because of you, I’m going to like someone on my own without telling him…” +Click+ I dropped my phone and on the ground… I could hear Jungbin’s stupid accent yelling at me.. “…nuna, I’m sorry…” Jaegwang picked up my phone and closed it…. “…it’s fine, I’m fine.” “…uh, do you want me to go out..?” “Yeah, could you.. .” Quietly, Jaegwang left his room. I watched his leave and I got up to open the window. With a rapidly beating heart, I looked to where Eungyu’s room was. The light was turned off.. I guess he’s not home yet.. He’s not drinking again is he..? Dammit, I’m worried. I guess I’m going to have to like him by myself now… The Dragonhead thing I was crazy to tell him.. I was really crazy…. Thinking back…. It’d have been cooler if I hadn’t told him… .. Chapter 43 A few days later... After getting a call from Jungbin, I left the house for the first time in a long while... When I’d look at Eungyu’s room every once in a while, the lights would be turned off.... It’d be at least twelve in the morning before I could hear his footsteps go past the gate and into his house. Why does he look so good after we broke up? “Jaegwang, nuna’s going to sneak out today. Open the door when I call you.” “Who are you going to meet?!” Wearing nothing but his shorts, my stupid brother pulled on my bag. “...Jungbin...” “Are you crazy?! You’re not in your right mind since Eungyu hyun dumped you!” That’s right... This kid right here thinks that I’m the one who got dumped... “What’s wrong? It’s the hyung that made your seniors not pick on you. Don’t think too badly of him, he’s a nice person.” “Just don’t get eaten....” “OW! That hurts!” Jaegwang yelled as I struck his shoulder and stormed out of the attic door. ... ...... I spotted a face I hadn’t seen in a few days... After looking after him secretly from my room, it felt good to see him face to face. He’s cut his short. “Long time no see.” Eungyu said as if nothing was wrong. And I greeted him back as if nothing was wrong. “Are you going to sneak out?” “...yeah.” “...isn’t my haircut pretty?” “...yeah,it is.” “Are you going to go meet your boyfriend?” ..... ..... “....yeah...” You look perfectly fine with that... You wouldn’t believe how much I’m shaking and nervous right now. I can’t even look at you straight in the eye... But you.... I guess you’ve forgotten me in a matter of days.... Sitting on the edge of the tiny wall, Eungyu was picking cherry tomatoes off of their tomato plant. His eyes weren’t even on me... I just glumly walked down the stairs... Quietly opening the front gate, I started walking down the alley... I could spot Jungbin and even from far away... ....wait.. what the hell am I seeing... ... “Oy!!!” . Light brown hair...? Jungbin neared closer... I wanted to barf and close my eyes.... “Oy! You look as if you’ve grown more in a matter of days, mon!” Jungbin said blinking uncomfortably... He had hazel contacts in his eyes... He had dyed his hair light brown... “Oppa, what the hell is that in your eyes.” “Jungwon~! Don’t I look similar to your boyfriend, mon? ^0^ !!” “... ....” I haven’t told him we broke up yet... “Your friends haven’t said anything about it?” “Dey said dey were ashamed to be my friend, mon. Dey said dey’re not going to meet me anymore if I don’t change back, mon.” “Same with me. .” “Girlie! If you say dat too! What am I supposed to do, mon!” .....I don’t think I’ll tell him I’ve broken up with Eungyu... “Let’s get out of my neighborhood. If my dad sees, I die.” “I didn’t bring my car today, mon.” “Yeah.” Leaving Jungbin to talk I started walking a few steps ahead of him. I don’t know what the hell he was so happy about... But singing some random song, Jungbin continued to stick to my side.. Don’t sing if you can’t Please... TT_TT... Right then.... A girl walked past me, forcing herself to walk in a straight line... She was dressed in an outfit I’d seen before. I followed after her to see if I could get a better look at her face. She reaks of beer. “...hey, aren’t you Nari...?” “Huh..? Unnie!!” Nari collapsed into my arms.... “...hey, what’s wrong with her. What’s wrong with you? How much did you drink, my gosh.” “Unnie.... What are you doing with this ahjuhshi?!” Ah­ Ahjushi...? Nari pointed her finger at Jungbin in the face and Jungbin gaped. I can see his hazel contacts. “Unnie, you don’t know anything! You don’t know anything!!” “Jungbin, get her on your back will you?” “...Eungyu oppa only sang happy songs.... But now he only sings sad songs...” .... ...... ......... Oh my gosh... “Jungbin, get her on your back will you? Nari, where do you live?” “I’m so sad I can’t get Eungyu oppa to open up, I’m trying to get him too.. But unnie because of you Eungyu oppa won’t open up, you keep making him close himself up from everyone... why are you doing that to him...” “What da hell is dis girl smaller dan a rat saying, mon!” I covered his mouth. “...turn Eungyu oppa back to his self... Make him happy again..!!” ... .... “...I can’t do that... So Nari, will you do instead of me? Can you make Eungyu happy again, Nari?” She smiled, her already red cheeks got redder as she grinned. “Really, unnie? Can I really? Unnie, is it okay with you? Won‘t you be sad?” Of course not, you drunk girl.. ... “Yeah, I’m fine with it. It won‘t make me sad, don‘t worry.” Nari grinned brightly. “I’ll... try.. to make him so that he’ll only sing happy songs again...” “Okay, thanks...” “But unnie.. you and that ahjuhshi don’t look g­ OOP!” I quickly covered Nari’s mouth and took her as far away from Jungbin as I could. When I looked back, he had was pouting with his hands turned into fists... “Jungbin, I’m going to take her home. You just wait here!” Jungbin continued to pout. Dragging Nari, I started helping her home. When I came back 20 minutes later, drenched in sweat. Jungbin was standing in the exact spot with his arms crossed. “...oppa, are you mad that she called you an ahjuhshi? “Get away!” “She’s a kid, what are you so pissed about.” “Why didn’t you tell me, mon!” “...what...” .” “Dat you broke up wit your boyfriend, mon!” “...oppa, you didn’t ask.” “Well you’re single den, huh?” “....I guess I am...” “Kwahahahahahahahaha!!!” “How nasty....” “Hey, hey Jungwon.” “Yeah..?” “How about we get married dis winter, mon! Well, when we get married, do you want to go move down to Gwangjoo?” “Were you dropped a lot when you were a baby?!” I called him ‘you.’ Dammit... Eungyu’s going to go to Nari, and this monster here is going to get stringier. TT_TT .. For a second I imagined us getting married.... Holding back from throwing up, Jungbin and I went off to eat.. Chapter 44 Next morning… The rain that had started from early that morning was still falling… To make it even worse! It’s starting to get windy also! TT_TT !! Like always, Jaegwang and I were arguing this early morning… But because of umbrellas today… “Hey! What kind of guy takes has that kind of umbrella huh?!” “Well then you want me to take that pink one you damn pig lady!” “Who cares?! I don’t like this one!” “Is was always mine!!!” “Don’t make me laugh, you look funny with that umbrella!” Jaegwang glared at me, and while I was glaring back, he quickly grabbed the checkered umbrella and ran out the door. “Yoon Jaegwang!!!” I really didn’t want to.. I really didn’t…. But I picked up the pink umbrella I hate most in the world and left the house. Damn… I can’t believe it’s raining so hard in the middle of Autumn. Crouching slightly, I opened the umbrella over me. The wind blew harshly into me and before I knew what had happened, my pink umbrella flipped upward. “…your umbrella’s flipped inside out…” When I looked around, I saw Shin Eungyu with a large umbrella over him. “..yeah, I know.” “Since you’re a next door friend, I’ll give you my umbrella.” “…no, it’s fine. I’ll just grab a taxi or something.” “You hair’s all wet.” “..haha! It’s okay. My hair’s thin so it’ll dry easily.” “Your uniform’s all wet.” “It’ll dry, don’t worry!!” “Retard! It’s white!!!” >0<!! I quickly covered myself and with a shake of his head, Eungyu handed his umbrella over to me. He turned around and wordlessly walked inside. For a while, I just stared at their front gate for a second. Trying to keep the smile that kept creeping up on my face back, I avoided mud puddles and headed to school. There was a small cat dangling at the bottom of the umbrella. +Fifth period, Gym+ The hellish rain that was falling earlier today had stopped. Instead the sun was beating down on us. “We’re 3rd years! Why the hell are playing dodge ball?!” “Just leave it. Hurry, come on we’ll be late.” I brought Yoona, who was whining on the floor, to her feet and headed towards the field outside. We headed towards where the kids in the class were, and for some reason they started murmuring amongst themselves.. "..?" I led my eyes to the area where the kids were pointing... O_O Wearing a blackish outfit, with their hands on their waists, were 5 young looking men leaning against the basketball hoops. Standing in the middle of the group was Jungbin; the monster. “Oh my gosh, what do I do. What the hell is that bastard doing here?!” “Lower your head.” All through gym, I had to look away every time I was throwing the ball playing dodge ball. But that whole gym class, the kids didn’t do a very good job playing dodge ball because they kept looking at the five. When school ended and everyone had gone in… “Hey! What the hell is wrong with you?! Why did you come to school?! If they see me talking to you, they’ll stop talking to me!!!” “Den, do you want me to play wit you, mon?! If I wear a uniform, I look hot, mon!” “Don’t make me laugh my ass off!!!!” At my yell, Jungbin twitched. “Den I won’t!! No reason to yell, mon!! Dirty temper you have dere, mon!” It seems like just yesterday you were forcing me into your car .. I walked out of my school, dragging my feet with me. … “Hey, hey! Jungwon, wifey!!” I could hear Jungbin’s loud yell. Wife my big fat ass.. Dammit, I’m going to have to ask one of the guys in my class to pretend to act like my boyfriend… But will they… . Should I ask Hyungpal? “I have something to tell you, mon! Come right here, mon!!” Dammit, why does he keep following me?! He yelled again and when I turned around…. …dammit… When I turned around to yell at Jungbin, I saw three people come into my line of vision…. In the middle was Eungyu, on his left was Nari, and the right was the cool drummer unnie. Holding up some music, Eungyu was singing softly… I’m pretty sure he’s been looking up this whole time, why’d he ignoring me now? The cool drummer unnie raised a hand and winked. When I smiled back and looked over at Jungbin. I noticed he was considerably closer. “O_O.. what the hell. What are you doing??” “I know I shouldn’t be doing dis, mon.” ….. ……..??……. What he did….. Probably didn’t take longer than a raindrop to fall from the sky.. No wait, probably didn’t take longer than me blinking my eyes… However, this was something that I was going to remember for the rest of my life… Jungbin grabbed the back of my head with his disgusting hand. I’m pretty sure his gross lips touched mine… ….it’s nothing I’d never forget even if I wanted to…. When I’d snapped out of my trance, I shoved him away from me as far as I could. I was seeing spots. My heart was beating like crazy. I wobbled for a second. Jungbin touched his own lips as if he couldn’t believe what he’d just done. “…I­ I love you!!” Saying the three words… Jungbin started to run away… I stupidly looked at the bastard… Right then… As Jungbin was running away, someone stopped him by putting a stern on his shoulder.. …..it was Eungyu. With his head bent, I could see him muttering something… As if he were mad, Jungbin shoved Eungyu’s hand off and flung his fist into Eungyu’s face.. Luckily Eungyu leaned back. Nari jumped in front of Eungyu with a large yelp. Jungbin’s fist landed on her face, and Nari fell to the floor. What the hell is all this…. “…..Nari…!!!” Chapter 45 “Nari!!” I ran towards her quickly. Nari weakly got herself up. The cool drummer unnie quickly helped Nari up. “Damn, he’s strong. Probably because he’s a monster.” The cool drummer unnie muttered. “…what did you say, mon!” Jungbin yelled loudly. Silently, Eungyu stepped in front of Jungbin. “…what the hell…” “…sorry for hitting your friend, mon. I usually don’t hit girls. Hey, hey.. Can you get up, girlie?” “Dammit, you’re pissing me off again.” “…what da hell, mon.” Wordlessly, he ignored Jungbin and grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. He unrolled his shirt cuff and wiped my mouth. ... .... “..why’d you just stand there, you should and moved….” .... .... ....... “Hey, look at me, mon. Are you Jungwon’s boyfriend, mon?!” ...... ........ “Oh~~ You want to get hit, mon! I was going to keep myself back because of Jungwon, but I don’t tink I can, wit you coming off like dis, mon!” Wordlessly, Eungyu walked in front of Jungbin. Jungbin twitched. To my shock, Eungyu knocked a guy twice as large to the ground. It was the first time. That I’d seen Eungyu use his fist. I was embarrassed to look at Jungbin who was getting beaten by someone half his size. Eungyu didn’t give him a chance to get up. No, he didn’t give him a chance to fight back. Eungyu continued to punch the lights out of him crazily. Most of the time, I’d always watch fights, but… This was one of the worst I’d seen. I started getting the chills from the tip of my toes to my fingers. When I’d shook my head… Nari was crying, and Jungbin was half passed out. “Shin Eungyu, what the hell are you doing!! Stop it!” My two arms spread apart, I ran in front of Jungbin. Eungyu stood up and spit on the ground. “How embarrassing, mon… Damn, you’re a fighter… Wanna join my gang, mon!” Whoa , that wasn’t what I was expecting… Jungbin helped himself up and wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth. .... ..... As if he’d used a lot of strength, Eungyu wobbled. No, don’t move…. It’s only been a few days since you’ve broken up with him, it’s only a matter of time before you forget him, Yoon Jungwon. “Look, I told you I’m a better fighter than him…” He picked up his guitar he’d laid on the ground and handed it to the drummer unnie… “…did you beat him up to show me that…?” “….retard….” Eungyu picked Nari up onto his back. “Is it that hard to be truthful towards each other? Hey, Eungyu’s girlfriend, the monster’s bleeding a whole shy+load, take him to the hospital.” The cool drummer unnie said looking worriedly at Jungbin…. “…unnie, I’m not Eungyu’s girlfriend anymore…” “….I know, but get back together. You don’t look good with that monster, you look good with Eungyu “…I don’t have to like him just because we look good together… Jungbin, get up, are you okay?” “Go call 119 (ßTN: That’s 911 in Korea.) Go call 119, what da hell will da guys in my mob tink when dey hear about dis.. How fawking embarrassing.. TT_TT …” .” Letting out a grin, I helped Jungbin up. With Nari on his back, Eungyu looked at me with eyes that said he couldn’t understand what I was doing. “…what, don’t look at me like that. You’re not my boyfriend anymore, Shin Eungyu. I’m not next to you, I’m next to Jungbin. The person on your back is Nari, not me. That’s the way it should be.” ".............." “I had a lot of good dreams because of you. I’ve waken up already, but I’ll thank you for the dreams. From now on… you don’t have to prove anything to me…” “…okay, I’ve just woken up also… I just woke up…. Be happy, okay?” “Eungyu’s girlfriend, I thought you weren’t too smart, but you’re pretty good at talking, aren’t cha? ” The drummer unnie said patting my head. With Nari on his back, I watched as Eungyu walked further away… A little by little, slower and slower…. I watched as Eungyu got smaller… “Hey, kids! Wait for me!!” The cool drummer unnie chased after Eungyu… I was able to clear away the sadness I felt by laughter just by watching Jungbin suffer…. “…ha… haha, retard, you look like a load of crap so beaten up. You look so funny, should I take a picture and post it all over the net?” “Da bastard didn’t let me get up at all, the bastard~~!!! It’s fine doh, because I got at kiss ya, mon.. ^0^ ..” Jungbin grinned…. “I pity you… Why the hell do you like a person like me..? Want me to call 119?” “It’s fine, it’ll get better when I put raw fish on my arm, mon.” ... .... Jungbin got up slowly from the ground. When I looked in the direction Eungyu had gone, I couldn’t see him anymore… Right now…. I hate Kang Heewon… If I think about it now… Everything bad that’s happened is because of that bastard Kang Heewon.. …the only person to hate is Kang Heewon. That night when I got home, I got a chill for the first time in three years…. It wasn’t a cold, and it wasn’t my stomach… But my whole body was warm… The only thing I hated more than my fever, were my tears… You have to be happy… Don’t cry like I’m crying right now… Don’t sing sad songs… You look good all the time… But you look better smiling that frowning… ….and don’t get sick like me…. Chapter 46 +Morning+ “..nuna, are you sick? Are you really sick?” ... .... “Nuna, aren’t you going to school…? Aren’t you..?” “…I don’t think I can…..” As I opened my eyes slowly, I could see at least ten Jaegwangs dancing in front of me. “Want me to buy you some medicine on the way back from school..?” “…no, no medicine.. Just get me something like ice cream on the way back…” Jaegwang nodded his head. With a warm hand, Jaegwang placed his hand on my forehead. “…holy! It burns! Nuna, blow right here.” Jaegwang said placing his hand in front of my face. “…why..?” “Just do it, hurry.” “Hoooo~ Hoooo~…” As soon as I finished blowing, Jaegwang started licking his hand…. “…what the hell are you doing…. ..?” “I want to get sick so that I don’t have to go to school.” …. “Get out!!!!” Jaegwang jumped as I yelled and tore out of my room. “I’m going to buy strawberry!!” “Hey, you bastard! Get chocolate!” Jaegwang left for school, and after saying she was going to take care of me. My mom placed a warm piece of wet cloth on my face and left for work. . Dad placed some medicine on my desk and left to go to the dojo. I was alone at home. I took the wet cloth off my face and stared at the ceiling… Wow, this is really boring… I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat when I felt my phone start to vibrate inside my pocket. …...?? I’ve never seen this number before… It’s not Jungbin is it…? “…hello?” “Unnie? Jungwon unnie?” “Uh…is this Nari?” “Yeah!” “Hey, what’s up?” “…is that oppa from yesterday okay…? Jung….bin? Is that his name…?” “Yeah, he’s fine. He heals quickly. Are you okay, yourself? Sorry about yesterday.” “I heal quickly too. I was just kind of worried so I called… Yesterday, wasn’t exactly…good, you know?” “…everything’s fine now. Don’t worry, are you at school?” “Yeah!” “I see, study hard “I will .” , call me often. Come over too…” “…be good to Eungyu, okay…?” “Of course I will!” After hanging up with Nari, I put down my spoon… Why’d I bring Eungyu up… …ow…my head, I’m so dizzy… I’ve always wanted this to happen to me… Like the main character in dramas. The whole day, my friends at school called me. When I told them I was sick, all of the hung up on me, calling me a liar. Whatever… With an empty stomach, I laid down on my bed. After a few hours, I fell into a dreamless sleep. . +Starting here, is her dream… “Jaegwang~ Did you buy chocolate ice cream?” “No, I bought strawberry.” “I told you to buy chocolate! You want to get beaten?!” “Jungwon, I want to sing.” “Eungyu…what are you doing here…” Jaegwang’s face turned into Eungyu’s. To follow, Eungyu started singing…+ +JINNNNNG JINNNNNG JIIINNNNG+ I snapped my eyes open… When I looked around, I spotted my cell phone vibrating like crazy next to my head on the pillow. …what the hell kinda dream was that…? “Hello…?” “Jungwon!!” “Uh, Yoona? What’s up?” “Hey! Emergency! What do we do?!” Yoona’s loud yelling was starting to give me a bigger headache. “Where are you right now? What’s so loud in the back?” “We got in a fight with Batches 1, 2, and 3! I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them, but they’re beating everything they see!! TT_TT!” “What?! Byatches 1, 2, and 3?! Jungbin’s sister’s little beat crew?!” “Yeah! Hurry, and come to Cahseno­ AHK! Hey! Hey, you little b***h! Let go of that! Let go, let go!” +Beep… Beep… Beep…+ I didn’t bother trying to call her back. I got up quickly, ignoring my headache, and ran into Jaegwang’s room and grabbed Jaegwang’s kendo stick that he uses a lot in fights. If one day is calm and tranquil, the next day something always happens. If another day something big happens, I end up crying the day after… Let me wallow in my misery like the people in dramas!! TT_TT!! Not bothering to change out of the clothes I was wearing right now, I opened the front door, ignoring my mom and dad’s yelling. “Jungwon, where are you going in that condition?!” “I’m going to beat someone people up!” “Well, at least dress warmer!! It’s cold outside!” For upstairs, I heard Jaegwang yelling. “Hey! Piggy! If you break my kendo stick you die!!!” I stormed out of my house and started running… Ow, damn, my head was starting to pound after running 100 meters. Even my hand was shaking. Right then, I spotted a taxi and called it over to me. The damn taxi driver drove past me. What a bastard. . Whatever. I just decided to run again. I wont have to go on a diet this month, ^0^. My two legs started running as fast as they could towards the city… What if I die before I reach 20? TT_TT… Chapter 47 +Carsenock+ My Mickey Mouse pajamas were soaked with sweat… Dizzily, I placed a hand on my forehead. Damn, it’s burning… I quickly took it off. I shouldn’t be taking up time right now, I have to look for my friends. I was looking around the whole bar for an entrance… Since it was Saturday, there were a lot of people.. I gave a big push against a large heavy door. Unlike other bars, this bar had bright lights everywhere. “Welcome~” A guy said bowing deeply to me, he looked to be in college and was grinning widely.. …I think he was laughing at my pajamas… “Yoona! Where are you?!” I pushed past groups of people and started looking around each table. No matter how much I searched for them though, I couldn’t find them. Panicked, I forced my shaky legs up the stairs. The 2nd floor was smaller than the bottom floor. I saw 7 guys and girls, and that was all… I reached my shaky hand into my pocket to take out my phone, when someone tapped me from behind. “..what the….” “Today’s my birthday. Can you hit me once?” “…what? What did you say?” One of the guys said grinning at me. From the table, I heard a large, ‘oh~~~!’ It looks like they’re looking for more people to join their little group. “Hey, hurry, hurry!!!” “Don’t hit me lightly, can you hit me really hard? ^0^.” I looked over the group… and in the very end in the corner… Was Eungyu… For a second, our eyes met, but calmly, Eungyu turned his head. Sitting around him were two girls with at least 2 inches of powder on their faces. Eungyu was joking around with them. …for some reason it pissed me off. Eungyu took a cigarette out his mouth and put it into an empty beer bottle, then leaned on one of the girls. And as if he were tired, he closed his eyes. Hey you b***h, your mouth is about to rip… “Like I told you before, today’s my birthday and I’m asking every person in here to hit me. Nuna, can you hit me once?” “I’m not your nuna, we’re the same age.” “Oh really? Well then, as a happy meeting…” “…I’m really busy right now. Next time I meet you, I’ll hit you. Okay?” I quickly said imagining Yoona getting beat up. This time the stupid guy grabbed my left wrist. “Hey, if you don’t hit me I have to give money to my friends~~ I have to win this bet. Just one. TT_TT.” “I’m REALLY busy, I have to save my strength. Just let go will you?” “Can’t you just pretend to hit me once?” “ .” I tightened my grip on the stick. “…fine, don’t go crying your eyes out after I hit you.” “Okay, okay~ .” One… Two… Three I slammed Jaegwang’s kendo stick onto the guy’s back. For a second the guy’s face showed no emotion… Then all of a sudden, he gasped for a breath of air… His friends at the table looked at us as if they didn’t want to believe what had happened and a few guys even got up. Eungyu opened his eyes and took out another cigarette. Quickly the b***h next to him, lit it for him. “Let’s try not to see each other ever again.” I said quickly to the guy and walked down the stairs as steadily as I could. Ow, my head. My head hurts after I hit that guy. At least half unconscious, I neared the college guy at the front. “Have.. You seen a girl this tall. With hair up to here. No wait, you wouldn’t know. Have you seen a group of girls get into a fight?” “Oh, the ones that were throwing everything.” “…yeah, probably! Do you know where they are?!” “They said something about the basement or something or the parking lot. “…you guy’s have a back lot here?!” “Yeah, if you go to the left and out the door.” ;;” I quickly ran to the left and opened the door. I started looking around. It was hard just keeping the kendo stick up in the air. I called Jungbin just in case he was around here, and I headed towards the location I heard some sounds coming from. “Hit her! Hir her more!” “Oh ho ho! Hey, want to get hit more?! Huh? More?!” This is… In front of my eyes, I saw Byatches 1, 2 and 3. And with her long hair in a wave, I saw Yoona yelling loudly with Jiyoung behind her. “Jungwon!” “Yoona! Jiyoung!” Chapter 48 “Jungwon!” “Yoona! Jiyoung!” Jiyoung yelled running towards me. “WAHHHH!!! Jungwon, we were just drinking and then all of a sudden, these b***hes came up to us and started picking a fight with us! Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so warm?” “…I’m just a little sick….” "....." Jiyoung hid behind me. Byatches 1, 2 and 3 twitched when they saw the kendo stick. “You­ you, are you going to call my brother you b***h?!” The Byatch named Miyun who was Jungbin’s brother yelled. “I already told him, whatcha gonna do about it, huh?” “Hey! You b***h, don’t use my brother!!” “I’m not anymore!” “Get away from my brother! Get away from him! Can’t you just be happy with Shin Eungyu?!” Jungbin’s sister kept yelling… …and yelling…. Tch, I guess that they really are related, seeing that her voice is as loud as hell. As Byatch 1 and I were yelling, number 2 and 3 were starting to pick on Yoona and Jiyoung again. “Do you guys want to get beat by me again!?” I knew that everything I was saying was just a huge buff, but I waved Jaegwang’s kendo stick anyways. They backed away until they realized I didn’t have my normal strength. The bravest of the three (Byatch 3) neared closer to me and grabbed the stick away from me and pushed me to the ground. I mentally punched myself for being sick… “Give it to me! I’m the one who’s going to kill her! I am!” Jungbin’s sister grabbed the kendo stick from her friend and she smiled as she neared me on the ground. “One hit for Heewon, then one for me. The ninety­nine for al the girls at school who lost Shin Eungyu to you, one for my brother. Six for my friends! You’re totally going to die today b***h!” “…take the ninety­nine away, I broke up with Shin Eungyu…” “Yeah? Well then I’ll add in Eungyu’s too. Hmm, that’s 15­ one­hundred­ Fawk. How many is that, hey Eunmi, how many hits is that?” Jungbin’s sister asked as she turned to number 3. What the hell, this is a total comedy…<_< “..yeah, Miyun it’s 109 not 150.” “Yeah? Okay, 109! You’re going to die!” Even thought I wanted to get up, my legs wouldn’t do any good. For the ground, I could see Yoona and Jiyoung from the corner of my eye. The only thing I’m worried about right now are them. +WHACK+ The stick… hurts…. TT_TT… I don’t think I can handle 108 more… Okay, I’ll just try as best as I can. I squeezed my eyes shut. “You stupid b***h, mon!” … Feeling something that covered me like the sun, I opened my eyes slowly. It was Jungbin. “…o­oppa!! “I thought something was weird, mon!! Do you want to see my lose my top today, you stupid girl, mon!!” Jungbin grabbed his sister’s shoulders and started shaking. I’ve never been so glad to see this monster… In 10 minutes everything was back to normal…. Byatchs 1, 2 and 3 had their hands above their heads with multiple bumps on their foreheads. Jungbin was lecturing them about absolutely nothing… By the looks of it, it looks like there’s still at least and hour left before he’ll finish. I slowly got up, and went over to help Yoona who was in worse condition than I was. “…Jiyoung, stay here. I’m going to take Yoona to the hospital.” “Okay, you have to hurry back okay? I might pass out from fright.. TT_TT..” I nodded at my friend, and when I glanced at my watch, it was a little over 12. For a second, everything in front of me started to multiply into at least tens. I grabbed my head and stopped in my tracks. “…Jungwon. What’s wrong?” “Uh… I’m fine, let’s go. The hospital’s close…” Shaking my head clear, I went to go help Yoona again. Right then, as we were starting to walk, my leg’s collapsed from under me as Shin Eungyu and his friends walked out of the bar. I saw one of the girls with her hands around Eungyu’s waist stop. I heard Eungyu stop walking and look down at me coldly… “..Shin… Eungyu….” I don’t know why I said his name… I’m supposed to let him go, I was supposed to let him go… I was supposed to erase him from my mind… But…why am I saying his name right now… Eungyu’s friends all turned to stare down at me on the ground… “Huh? Hey it’s the girl who hit me!” One of the guys yelled pointing his finger at me. The one that gasped for breath when I slammed him with Jaegwang’s kendo stick. And… “Hey, what do we do… She looks really sick, Eungyu, do you know her?” The girl next to Eungyu asked looking at me worriedly. “No, I don’t. Let’s go…” Eungyu’s cold voice hurt me… When I looked up, all I could see was his cold face… He turned around and as I closed my eyes, I could hear his quick footsteps getting further and further away… Chapter 49 .. ...... ........ “Jungwon…? Jungwon… Jungwon…” ... ..... It was mom’s voice… “Aw fawk!!! Get the hell up will you?! Get up! Fawk, what the hell, you’re pissing me off, get up!” … …what the hell is this… It was Yoon Jaegwang’s loud voice… I slowly opened up one of my eyes… What’s this nasty smell…? There was a white sheet under my hand. I snapped my eyes open wide and realized that it was the hospital… Oh my gosh…!!! Did I faint?! OMG!!! I raised myself quickly from my bed. I looked to my left and I spotted Jaegwang with an annoyed expression. Then Yoona and my mom…s “Did I faint?!” “…don’t act like you don’t know. You know how to piss me off, what the hell are you some kind of kid?!” …does he want a beating … Why is he acting like he’s all tough? “Yoon Jaegwang, why are you over­reacting so much? Is it because Yoona’s here?” Silently, Jaegwang looked over to the right coldly. Nervously, I looked over to where Jaewang was looking. Oh god… …I looked up at my mom… “…mom, I want to leave…” “The doctor said that you should stay for at least 2 or 3 more days. You’re fever’s so high, Yoona barely dragged you all the way over here.” “I said I’mgoing to leave.” “Don’t say stupid things and just la down.” “Aish! Mom, just let nuna leave or at least go to some other room! If nuna shares some room with a bastard she’ll get worse!” Mom nervously looked over at Kang Heewon laying on the next cot, and glared at Jaegwang with scary eyes… “You stupid boy! Do you know him? Do you?! What’s wrong with you?!” “Damn! What the hell, why are you in this fawking room?!” Jaegwang kicked my cot angrily with his foot. Angry and probably embarrassed about Jaegwang, mom grabbed his left ear. “Ow! Mom!! Let go! We have to get nuna to some different room!! H­hold on!!!” No matter how hard he tried to get away from mom, he couldn’t win her scary strength… Mom pulled Jaegwang out of the room and Yoona just stood next to me staring at Kang Heewon. She leaned down to whisper something at me, but said it loud enough for Kang Heewon to hear. “…what do we do Jungwon? I found out after I came in…” “There’s nothing to do… He can’t bug me anymore, don’t worry.” I glanced over at Kang Heewon who was reading a letter without any expression on his face. I noticed a bunch of bouquets of flowers resting next to him. Ignoring my beating heart, I poked Yoona in the stomach and smiled. “Alright~ I don’t have to go to school for 3 days! Yeah baby! Admit it, you’re jealous!!!” ‘What the hell you stupid b***h, are you that happy about fainting?” “Oh right. Don’t tell Jungbin that I’m here!! Okay?!” “Why not? He was like your knight in shining armor when he came to save you!” “Knight in shining armor? Ha! I’ll give you that knight!” “…I don’t want a knight. I want a price. Don’t even THINK of passing him to me.” .... ...... “…hey, shut your mouths.” ... .... I wasn’t expecting to say anything. Yoona gaped at Kane Heewon. Before she could say anything stupid, I covered her mouth. “If we’re loud, why don’t you just shove your fingers into your damn ears? Or just leave, huh?” “…do you want to go at it again…?” “Go at what again? Do you know me?” ... …..the stupid guy smirked. “Jungwon, I’m going to go call Jungbin.” Yoona said pulling her phone out of her pocket. I quickly grabbed her hand before she could punch in his number. Even while I was holding Yoona back from calling Jungbin, Kang Heewon wouldn’t wipe the smirk off his mouth. “Let go of my hand!!!” “Fine.” As soon as I let go of Yoona’s arm Yoona started over to Kang Heewon. “…Yoona!!!!” Right as she was heading closer to him, the door to the hospital room opened. I smelt disgustingly strong perfume fill my nostrils… “Honey!” ... ….and after the perfume, I heard an annoyingly high voice. Kang Heewon’s girlfriend entered the room with some mouth watering pizza in one hand. Yoona quickly turned back around and came back to my cot side… As if embarrassed, her face was red. “Are you okay?” “Just wait till you get out of the hospital. I’m going to lock you inside Jungbin’s house…” “…what the? Who are they? Isn’t she that girl at the coffee shop a few days ago? She’s she next to you?” How can anyone be so b***hy, and how can anyone talk­ no wait, MAKE their voice so annoying? I glared at Kang Heewon’s girlfriend. As I did that, as if she were scared of me, she quickly grabbed Kang Heewon’s hand. “Hey, she’s glaring at me. Oh my gosh, how scary. How am I supposed to come visit you when there’s someone so scary in here? Isn’t she Eungyu’s girlfriend?” Folding his letter slowly, Kang Heewon opened his mouth. “…she was, they broke up. Hey, go home! Your parents are going to worry!” “What am I supposed to do? I miss you too much! Lookie, I bought pizza! The crust is filled with yummy cheese! Didn’t I do a good job?” .. .... She opened the lid and as if it were hot, she blew on the pizza and put it in front of Kang Heewon’s mouth. I’ll call her b***h from now on. “…hey, this is too big. How do I eat this?” “…really? Then I’ll cut it for you! What the hell are you looking at? Is it your first time seeing someone eating?!” Am I hearing right…? “Yeah, it’s my first time seeing. It’s my first time seeing someone eat like they starved for a whole damn month. Whatcha gonna go about it?!” b***h snorted and she ripped another piece off for Kang Heewon. He grinned widely and then opened his mouth to accept the piece of pizza. “…oh~ Look what a good boy you are~!! After never taking it from me, you finally listened! What a good boy ^0^!” “…hey, get home you dummy. Go home, you’re going to get in trouble.” ..... ..... I think it was the second year of middle school…? I’d wanted to see the stars that night, and we were both on the roof and it was over 10. …he said the same thing to me… …hey, get home you dummy. Go home, you’re going to get in trouble… .... ...... ... ...... After an hour…? Yeah whatever, let’s say an hour… After an hour, b***h and Kang Heewon parted ways. Smiling and acting all pretty, b***h left the room. Oh wait, not before giving him a little kiss on the cheek. Yoona stayed about 30 more minutes and left saying that she was tired… All night, mom and Jaegwang kept guard over me… I don’t know where Jaegwang find another kendo stick, but he found one somewhere and rested it at the head of my cot. I think around early morning? I didn’t have a watch, I didn’t know what time it was… I couldn’t fall asleep thinking about this and that and I was just rolling around in my cot when I just looked over at Kang Heewon. …and I saw something that I knew I’d remember for a long time… Laying straight on his back, I saw Kang Heewon asleep. …and rolling down his white cheeks were tears soaking his pillow… Chapter 50 +Next Morning+ When I opened my eyes, it was 2. “AHK!! School!!!” ..... …….and right after I yelled, I realized I was in my hospital room. On top of my stomach was a small note… +Nuna, mom went to work and I went to school. I’ll bring a bunch of friends over and I’ll beat that bastard today, okay? Be strong! Okay Piggy?+ Hey, but where did Kang Heewon go? I feel perfectly fine, do I still have to stay in the hospital? Aren’t there any nurses in this hospital?! How can they not even wake me up for breakfast?! I jumped off my bed and put on my slippers to find some food. I looked over at my cell phone numbly. If I turn it on right now, there’ll probably be at least a billion messages from Jungbin… ... A bouquet of flowers came into my eyes when I looked over at Kang Heewon’s bed, and on top of the small fridge next to Kang Heewon’s cot was a small note. When I got closer and picked it up… ‘Shin Eungyu’ Was written on the very corner… I picked it up… …Shin Eungyu… Eungyu’s face from yesterday appeared in my head like a picture… I knew it was going to be hard… I knew that it was going to be hard to forget him… I was the one who said that I wasn’t the one next to him… …but I hated Shin Eungyu for not being next to me… I was the one who let him go… “Put that down.” It felt as if a needle was poking my heart… That’s what I felt right now. I put it down, or more like threw it down. I calmly started to walk past Kang Heewon and out the room when he grabbed my wrist tightly… “Let go…” “You better act right… It’s your last chance…” “…yeah? Last chance?” Kang Heewon ignored my question and looked away. You have two faces don’t you, you bastard… “I’m asking this because I’m curious, but if I blow my last chance are you going to kill me? …I probably won’t, but I’m just curious .” “Ha! You’re asking what I’ll do?” “Yeah, what are you going to do.” “…I’m going to wreck your life, so that it becomes worse than mine.” “My life’s become a load of crap already because of you. Do you even know that?” Kang Heewon looked at me. I can see him trying himself calm. It’s taking a lot away from me trying to keep calm too, you bastard Wordlessly, Kang Heewon walked past me and onto his bed. . “I’m leaving tomorrow. Just don’t do anything that’ll piss me off.” “That’s what I should be saying…and Kang Heewon.” "........." “If you have time, go look in the mirror. Go look in the mirror and make the face that you make when you look at me. If you feel anything from looking at that face, don’t ever talk to another person with it on.” +SLAM+ I slammed the door behind me. Even though I said it, it sounded pretty cool. ^0^. I went to go find something to eat. I turned around to go look for an elevator, and I was waiting for it to come up. +DING+ The elevator stopped on the third floor with a ding and the door opened. The white uniforms made my mouth drop open. In the front was Jaegwang. Jaegwang’s family piled out of the elevator. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Nine…?! >0<! “Hi!!!” Jaegwang’s family yelled loudly. “Are you crazy?! Hey! Yoon Jaegwang!!!” “…what?! Do you know how long I’ve waited for this day?!” “…what the hell are you doing? Are you doing this because of Kang Heewon? What’s wrong with you?! Do you want to see me die?!” “I’m doing this because I don’t want you to die!!!” “If you keep doing this, I’ll die!!! Kang Heewon will call the police on you and then you’ll be taken to the police station!! What am I supposed to do?! I have to breathe, do you want to me suffocate, Yoon Jaegwang?!” “Who said we came to hit Kang Heewon?! We came to visit you, nuna!” “…yeah? You came to see me? You came because you were worried about me?” After looking up at Jaegwang slowly, they nodded slowly. “Well, I’m hungry so lets go to the cafeteria! You can watch me eat! What are you doing to do in an hospital room without me in it? Right?” Jaegwang’s family all looked at Jaegwang slowly and nodded. Jaegwang scratched his head as if saying, “dammit.” I grabbed Jaegwang’s wrist tightly and pulled him down the stairs. After just standing in their spots, Jaegwang signaled for them to go and they slowly started moving towards my room. “Get over here!!!!!” ... …Jaegwang’s family quickly ran over to me nervously. I slowly walked down the stairs. Jaegwang turned around to signal again and I turned around and yelled. What the hell is this . This is the same as some kindergarten picnic!! “Alright! Off to the cafeteria we go! 2 single file lines! Yoon Jaegwang you stand next to me!!!” So I headed towards the cafeteria with 9 guys behind me all at least a head taller than me. As we passed, the other patients all stared, their eyes like this O_O. What will Shin Eungyu think if he sees me like this? ..... ...... As I finished thinking this, I quickly closed my eyes. Wearing his uniform, I spotted Shin Eungyu with Nari walking over from over there. Nari was moving her lips a mile a minute and Eungyu was just nodding at her. He rubbed his eyes tiredly a while and he let out a big breath of hair. I stopped walking and then shook my head. I walked confidently past the, “…huh? Hey, she’s Kim Nari from school. Wasn’t she Hyunsuk’s girlfriend?” One of the members of Jaegwang’s family asked loudly. “…who the hell cares? That b***h, dumped my friend. Hold on. Nuna, isn’t that the hyung from next door?” “Be quiet!!! You better not say anything when they pass.” “… …” I said and started walking with my back straighter. “…huh? Jungwon unnie!” As I predicted, it was Nari who opened her mouth and called my name loudly. “Uh, Nari, yeah, hi.” I said awkwardly and continued to walk foreword. “Hold on! Unnie, why are you dressed like this? Are you hospitalized?!” “Yeah, I kinda am.” “Where does it hurt? I didn’t know, your phone was turned off. Are you okay?” Worriedly, Nari put her hand on my forehead. Eungyu just continued rubbing his eye. Do you even see I’m in front of you…? Right then… “Run!!!!!!!!” Jaegwang yelled, and the group of nine guys started running towards my room. They were like a bunch of rhinos, charging through the halls.. “Yoon Jaegwang!!!” They didn’t stop, even when I yelled at them. No!! Don’t mess with Kang Heewon anymore!! TT_TT!!! Please just let it stop here!!! “…uh, unnie? What was all that? I think they’re the guys from school…” “…Kang Heewon… quick!!” ..... ....... “Huh?” Nari asked again, and… “…what about Heewon…? What are you saying…” Shin Eungyu asked, his eyebrow scrunched near the front. ... ..... “…we have to stop them! Kang Heewon!! Quick….” As I finished talking, Eungyu threw down his bag and started running towards my and Kang Heewon’s room. Muttering something not understandable, Nari started chasing after Shin Eungyu. As fast as I could, I started running after them. I know how much Kang Heewon means to him… …just by looking at how fast he’s running. I can tell… …and it bugs me knowing that he means so much to him… Chapter 51 Considering the fact that I was sick… I think I ran faster than normal… Praying to God that nothing bad had happened yet, I stopped in front of my room. I calmed down my beating heart and opened the door slowly. What I saw when I opened the door was Kang Heewon with Eungyu next to him. Nari was sitting on the end of Kang Heewon’s cot. Kneeling on the ground was all nine of Jaegwang’s family. The only one that wasn’t kneeling was Jaegwang who was sitting on my cot glaring at Kang Heewon as if to kill him. “What the hells wrong with all of you, I asked what you were all doing here right now.” Eungyu asked pushing around one of Jaegwang’s family. “…I just came because… Jaegwang wanted me to…” AHK! What a traitor, he calls himself a friend! Eungyu’s cold eyes trailed over to Jaegwang. “…what? What did I do wrong, huh…?" “Kang Heewon, you tell me what the hell is happening. Why the hell is Yoon Jungwon’s brother bothering you.” Ignoring Eungyu’s question, Kang Heewon just stared at me. Are you telling me to get you out of this mess too, you bastard…? “You know, that time at the bar. Your friend Kang Heewon and my brother got in a fight, remember? They’ve kinda just, you know. Friction. That’s all, don’t worry about it. Hey you guys, get up, what are you doing kneeling down? Get up!” .... ...... Jaegwang’s family looked up at Eungyu slowly. Eungyu let out a sigh and took out a cigarette. “Yoon Jungwon, what the hell did you teach your brother. I won’t let it go like this next time.” “…uh… yeah, I’m sorry…” “You said you were friends with Heewon in middle school. Go learn how to treat your friends…” Shin Eungyu… …in your eyes… I’m the evil one aren’t I… …in your eyes… I’m the one to kill…aren’t I… The only thing you hear or feel is Kang Heewon, isn’t it… Funny thing is the only thing I see is your damn face… Eungyu walked towards the door, and Nari chased after him… “Bullshi+, Yoon Jungwon are you a fawking retard?!?!” ..... ..... Jaegwang yelled loud enough to knock the hospital down. Everyone’s eyes fell on him. Kang Heewon’s eyes fell on Jaegwang. “Listen carefully, I won’t call you anything because you’re Sohyun’s brother. The Kang Heewon you see here…wasn’t your friend a few years ago, he was my nuna’s.” “…I know…” Eungyu said and started to turn around again… “…Yoon Jaegwang! Stop it! Stop it, don’t say anything!!!!” I said running over to him and shaking his arm, pleading with him. “Then do you know this?! Why do you think my nuna’s in this damn hospital?! She got sick after you guys broke up!! Do you know that?! Do you know that this bastard here!! This bastard would call my nuna, bug her!! Threaten her!! Hit her!!! Did you know that hyung?!??!?” .... ....... “…Yoon Jaegwang, I told you to stop. Shin Eungyu, don’t look so surprised, this bastard’s making everything up.” I grabbed Jaegwang’s wrist and pulled him past Eungyu. As I was about to pass him, Shin Eungyu stopped me by stepping in front of me. “Keep talking.” “…hyung, you still think I’m like this because of the fight we had at the bar? Does is seem like that to you?! My nuna, that time at the bar! The bastard was choking my nuna, you know that?! And I helped her…you know that?! My nuna’s birthday…that bastard said that he’d congratulate here…and you know what he did? He broke her half to d­” +SLAP+ “I told you to stop, don’t make my anymore pathetic than I already am.” Jaegwang rubbed his cheek where I had hit him, and with a strained voice, Jaegwang continued to talk… ....... .... ....... “…have you ever been beat so bad that you could barely open your eyes by the person you trusted most in the world…? Back then, it was dark every hour of the day for my nuna. You know what though? My nuna never said one bad thing about that bastard, she says she’s to blame. What did she do? What’s to blame on her?! The one who doesn’t know how to treat his friends is that bastard over there…” I could see Kang Heewon staring at me numbly, and I quickly turned my head. I hate the fact that I’m alive and breathing right now… Jaegwang grabbed my shaking hand as he finished taking and grabbed for the door. “Let’s get out of here nuna, let’s go to a place with a lot of nice people. Let’s go…” The tears I held back had started flowing down my cheeks and nodded. “…okay Jaegwang…let’s go to a place with a lot of nice people…” …as Jaegwang was pulling me out, I felt Shin Eungyu’s hand grab my wrist… Chapter 52 ..... ..... “Hey…you want to let go…?” I started twisting and turning my wrist to get it out of Eungyu’s grasp. Fawk, it’s hella embarrassing that I’m crying, but why the hell are there so many people in here… I didn’t want to cry in front of Kang Heewon again. I really didn’t want to… “…I…I really didn’t know… I’m a retard…no, I’m a fawking retard…” Eungyu said in a dull voice, still grabbing onto my wrist. ... ..... “You’re not a retard, I had his dad arrested. He was my best friend, but I had his dad arrested. Don’t break your friendship either. I’m just go to leave you guys alone.” After I’d finished talking, Jaegwang and I both left the room. Eungyu quickly followed after, but I ditched Jaegwang and I started running. .... ....... Eungyu grabbed me and hugged me so hard that it was difficult to breathe. ... With all the strength I had, I pushed him away. “…I told you to leave, we broke up, Eungyu…” “But I came back…” “…Heewon…he’s hurt, he’s probably hurting a lot. If you come to me, he­ he has no where to go… I have my mom, my dad…Jaegwang, Yoona… a lot of people to go to… But the only person Heewon has is you. Don’t come back to me, Eungyu…” As if he was at a loss of words to say. Eungyu’s two arms fell limply to his sides and stared at me. I quickly ran past him and climbed into an elevator that had just opened. I don’t know how, but Jaegwang sped in right after me. The elevator arrived at the first floor… As if I were used to crying, I wiped my tears away and grabbed Jaegwang’s hand tightly. “…thanks Yoon Jaegwang.” “Didn’t I sound hot, when I was tell him?” “Yeah, sure.” “…is this the end…? …what the hell, we didn’t get anything out of it.” “…I feel as if a weight’s been lighted off me.” Shaking our clasped hands, Jaegwang and I grinned at each other. As we arrived home, Mom tried dragging me back to the hospital, yelling that I had come home without permission from the doctors. Using Jaegwang as a shield and grabbing onto the walls, I was able to stay home. +That Night+ I got a call from Nari. “Unnie, what do we do? Unnie, what do we do?” “…Nari…? Why? What’s wrong?!” “Eungyu oppa and Heewon oppa are fighting…they’re fighting… Eungyu oppa’s crying…and Heewon oppa is too… Eungyu oppa just keeps looking for you…and Heewon’s oppa just keeps looking for you too.” “What?! Where are you guys at?!” “In front of the hospital… we’re in front of the hospital…but unnie, what do I do… Eungyu oppa just keeps crying… They’re on the ground, just crying and they’re both bleeding…” .... ........ “…go call a doctor…you said you’re in front of the hospital…if it’s nothing serious just leave them alone to figure everything out on their own…” “Ah Fawk… Yoon Jungwon!!!” Over the phone I can hear Eungyu’s teary voice… What the hell, what have these stupid bastards been doing?! “…Jaegwang, I’m sorry. Nuna’s going to go out the attic one last time…” “Who are you going to meet?!” “…Eungyu and Heewon.” “WHAT?! Why the hell would you go meet them!?” Instead of answering, I pat him twice on the shoulders and went to go sneak out the attic…once again. Beads of sweat were rolling down my face, Eungyu that stupid dork…he isn’t TOO beat up… please don’t let him be too hurt… Kang Heewon’s hits hurt a lot, what if he’s hurt really bad…? As I started running down the neighborhood alley, I a familiar shadow of a person leaning on a car… The person starts running towards me as he sees me. “Jungwon!!! Wifey, mon!! Let me see your face!!!” I got out of the way, and was able to avoid Jungbin’s oncoming hug. After that disgusting kiss, I haven’t even let him hold my hand. “…Jungbin, go start the car. Can you drive me to the hospital?” “Where were you, mon! I tot I was going to die of worry, mon! You gurlie, where were you?!” “Start your car! You owe me a lot! You like stopping fights right?!” “…I like fighting more… …” “Hurry! Hurry!! I’m in a hurry!!” After shoving me into the car, Jungbin gave me a glare and then started off towards the hospital quickly. Chapter 53 While I was in the car, the only thing I could think about was Eungyu’s face with blood on it. Kang Heewon, I’ll kill you. The friend you couldn’t live without was Shin Eungyu…right? If one drop of blood of his blood falls onto the ground, I’ll kill you. Right when the car pulled up to the hospital, I thought about the relationship between Jungbin and Eungyu… Dammit…what was I thinking when I dragged him with me? Jungbin slammed on the breaks to his car in front of the hospital. I slammed open the door and started to rung. “Hey! You stay here!!” “WHY?!” “..just stay here!!!” “What am I supposed to do here alone, mon!! When are you going to come den, mon!!” “..I’m off to save my real husband. Just stay here, Jungbin.” He stared at me, his mouth slightly open. …and then he looked down. “I’m sorry, Jungbin!!” I waved at him and then started running into the hospital. Where are they…? Did they get taken in already? I pushed open the hospital doors, but someone pulled on my shirt. “Who is it?! Nari?” Nari pulled on my shirt, just crying… For a long time, Nari just cried, her eyes closed and tears falling. I slowly hugged Nari and started patting her on the back. “…Nari, it’s okay. It’s okay, don’t worry. Unnie’s here, so it’s okay. Where’s Eungyu and Heewon. Where are they?” She pointed to a small park in front of the hospital, the park wasn’t that big, around 100 meters? .. .... My heart started beating rapidly… What…what am I supposed to do? …what kind of face do I have to talk to him with? What do I have to say to Kang Heewon… I don’t know anymore… I’m just cursing the fact that I’m Yoon Jungwon right now… “…Eungyu!!!” There was a small tree in the corner of the park. And leaning on the tree… …was Eungyu, smiling at me… "......." It’s weird… my heart was beating a little slower… Kang Heewon…where’s Kang Heewon… “…Shin Eungyu…why’d you do this…huh?” Wordlessly, Eungyu just looked at me with his eyes and slowly closed them. “…are you hurt? Are you okay…?” “…yeah…” “…why’d you do it huh..? You guys are friends…Kang Heewon and you are friends..” “…want to give me a kiss "........." …?” Eungyu grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. With his head bent, he closed his eyes and started talking sofly… “…I could sing without Heewon…but without you, I can’t… I’m not saying he and I aren’t friends anymore…it’s not that…” "............" “I can’t let you go… Just stay with me…just stay here…Don’t look at me from far away, look at me from here…” “…okay….” I lifted my head, and with a dirty face with a little bit of blood and dirt caked on, Eungyu smiled. I grinned and started wiping at Eungyu’s face, but he grabbed my hand and neared closer… My heart that was starting to slow down started to speed up again. Right as soon as Eungyu’s and my lips were about to touch… “..don’t…” .... ....... ?...... I quickly drew back and looked around. …behind the tree I saw an arm… “Heewon, don’t bother Jungwon anymore…us three…let’s get along now, huh…? You and Jungwon will be friends… and Jungwon and I will be boyfriend and girlfriend…you and I will be friends…let’s not make this anymore sadder than it already it is…yeah?” Eungyu said to the arm behind the tree… ... ….I could see the hand shake slightly… Replacing the smile on my face with just a blank face, I walked to the other side of the tree… Like Eungyu… He was leaning on the tree with his face dirtied with blood and dirt. Heewon looked at me with cold eyes… “…Kang…Heewon…” He silently rubbed his face with his hands… “Heewon, can’t you just be with Eungyu and me…? Heewon…can’t you just forgive me…?” ..... ........ I was silent… For ten minutes, the three of us were all looking at different areas and the silence grew… I could believe it… I don’t know if I’d seen wrong… But Kang Heewon looked up at me like 5 years ago… …and… The clear tears in Kang Heewon’s eyes brought a wave of sadness to me… “…Yoon Jungwon…” “…yeah…” “…I’m sorry…” ... .... …I doubted my ears for a second. Kang Heewon opened his mouth again… “…I’m sorry… Yoon Jungwon, I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” “What are you talking about.” “Sorry I changed so much, sorry I made you cry. Sorry I hurt you knowing that I was hurting you…and sorry I couldn’t forgive you… “ .... At the same time, a tear fell from both Kang Heewon and my eye… Kang Heewon pushed against the tree and stood upright. .. He looked at both Eungyu and me and started walking away…. Slowly…he got smaller… Eungyu wiped the tears falling from my eyes… “…I’m going to make you two friends again, don’t cry… Jungwon don’t cry, don’t cry.” .... These days the only thing I do is cry… Like a few years ago…the only thing I do is cry… Back then and now… there’s only reason for them… …and that’s Kang Heewon… Chapter 54 +Next morning...+ Carrying my heavy backpack, I was dragging myself to school when Sohyun unnie passed by our house. As our eyes met, she gave me a goofy grin... ...how can anyone be so pretty... “Hi, unnie.” “Hi ^0^.” “...are you looking for someone...?” For a second she just stared at me dumbly, and then shook her head like crazy. “...oh, I see...then, I’ll go ^0^.” “Okay, bye­bye!!” She has some kind of weird charm to her. I can understand why Jaegwang’s so obsessed with her. I bowed at her and headed towards the bus stop when... ... ..... +THUMP! THUMP THUMP!+ Behind me, I could hear loud footsteps. “Hey! Dragonhead!!! What the hell, you couldn’t wait for me!?!” What the hell TT_TT... Don’t call me that in the middle of the sidewalk...TT_TT “My school starts faster than yours!” Eungyu stared at me for a moment. ...he reached into his pocked and pulled out a necklace, and started to hang it around my neck. ...it’s the same one from before. Out couple necklace. “Hey, Dragonhead, pinkeye’s going around these days. Be careful.” “Yeah, of course. You be careful too.” “Hey, do you want to get pinkeye together and then skip school and go fishing?!” He asked me sincerely as he was clasping the necklace on behind me. Instead of answering, I turned around and hit him on the head. “ Don’t hit my head.” “I probably shouldn’t, I mean you don’t even have a lot of brain cells to start off with.” “Hey! Don’t meet that guy! What the hell’s his name? BIN?” “...yeah, Jungbin. He’s that one Miyun girl’s brother.” “...Jung Miyun...” “...her last name is Jung? Oh, then I guess his name IS Bin... How nasty.” I missed the first bus heading to school. As if annoyed, Eungyu started pulling at my hair. “Don’t pull my hair, my hair’s going to fall out!!” “Tch, you kiss that monster and all of a sudden it’s like you’re married to him... .” “Ahk! Don’t bring that up! It was so disgusting, whenever I think about that day, I can’t go to sleep at night!” “You stupid Dragonhead!! Why would you think about it in the first place?!” “Then if that happened to you, would YOU be not able to think about it?! HUH?!” “What did you do with that knife I gave you?! You should have stabbed him!!!” For a second, I reached in my pocket and squeezed my knife, My Piggy <3... “...I’ll just be friends with Jungbin. He’s a nice guy.” He glared at me with his head turned at a 45 degree angle. “Hey! It’s the bus! I’m going first, I’ll see you later hubby!!!” I looked at the line for the bus. Damn why are there so many people on? I’m going to have to be squeezed in today... When I turned around to get in line, Eungyu stopped glaring and stepped in front of me, quickly like Jungbin lowered his lips onto mine... +A few seconds later+ After I’d pushed Eungyu’s face away, I looked at the bus window and I could see the girls gaping at me with their mouths wide open. Dammit, Yoona’s on too... . Ahk, Jiyoung, you’re on it too.. TT_TT... I could also see three other girls who are in our class. “Now you can think about this before you go to sleep, and you’ll have happy dreams. Hehe, I liked that “I can’t believe you just did that.” “Hey, come over to our practice later. I’ll tie Heewon down too, okay? ^0^.” "......" .” Eungyu waved his hand like crazy as I got onto the bus. Yoona and Jiyoung tore their eyes away from the window as I got on, and I braced myself so that they wouldn’t knock me down when they ran over ot me. +School+ “Crazy, you’re crazy doing that in front of everyone in front of a stopped bus. It was just yesterday you were depressed that you guys broke up, and now you’re showing that kind of affection in front of everyone. Foxy byatch.” “ Don’t call me a fox, mon.” “Tch, you think you’re tough stuff? Did Jungbin rub off on you?” Oh right, Jungbin... “Oh you guys are going out again? Why’s Kang Heewon just letting it happen? Didn’t he make a big deal?” Yoona asked shoving her face into mine. “...you have pinkeye, get your ugly little face away from me!!! Why the hell did you come to school?! You should have just stayed home!!” “I didn’t want to be sick alone so I came to spread it around to a few people.” “If I get pinkeye, my mom’s going to beat me you bi+ch!” The whole day at school, I avoided Yoona... But when I poked my head into Shin Eungyu’s practice room... ...there was the stupid guy rubbing his pink bunny eyes while grinning brightly at me. “You­ you get away from me! Don’t get close to me!” “Don’t I look like a bunny?” “Bunny my big fat ass! You got it on purpose didn’t you?! Tell me the truth, you did it on purpose!” “...no I didn’t! >_<!! While Eungyu and I were arguing, the cool drummer unnie opened the door to the recording room and yelled at Eungyu loudly. “Eungyu, you’re out of the band until your eye gets better!” “That’s not fair!!” “Hey! Don’t get close to me!” “No! I’m good at singing again!” “Who the hell cares if you’re good at singing?! Not Heewon can’t. Dammit, why the hell are you two complicating things. Is Jungwon THAT pretty? .” The unnie asked flashing me a grin and a wink. Saying, “damn my stomach’s screaming for food” she waved and left the room. There was an awkward silence in the room and I looked around “Let’s go.” Eungyu said pulling on my hand. Kang Heewon, where is he... He probably feels that Eungyu left him also... He probably feels that he’s been betrayed twice... ...who knows... he might never give his heart out to another person, in fear or being betrayed again for a third time... That night, Eungyu and I were playing against each other on the computer. Humming, Jaegwang slammed the door to his room open and started dancing...with something in his hand. What the hell... Crazy bastard... “Ahk! What the hell is that?” “It’s a cat. Isn’t it pretty?” “Where’d you find that thing?!” “Outside on the way home.” “...that thing’s huge!!! It’s an alleycat! Get rid of it!” “It’s pretty!! If it grows fur out of it’s bald patches, it’d be a total Persian!! Don’t cha think?!” “...you got pink eye didn’t you.” “Yup! No school for me tomorrow! ^0^, I’m going to go over to Sohyun’s with my cat!” “Hey, don’t use my towel tomorrow morning! You better use your own!” I logged off from my game with Eungyu and turned off the monitor. Slowly, so that I wouldn’t touch any part of the ugly cat or Jaegwang’s disgusting disease infected eye, I stuck to the wall and left his room. That night.... For the first time in a long while, I was able to hear Eungyu’s pretty voice singing... Chapter 55 After the full moon, we were all still happy and peaceful. Jaegwang’s cat Pupu was growing rapidly... a little too rapidly. Eungyu and I were busy trying to look for Kang Heewon here and there. Thanks to all our walking around, I lost 5 pounds ^0^!!! Just 10 more and I’ll be even happier. Eungyu’s hair had grown out a little longer and whenever he’d sing, he’d shake it around so that his hair would flop around on his head. The time was 6 at night in the Autumn. It was a little chilly, but still warm. Licking his ice cream cone, Eungyu kept staring at picture we’d just taken in the picture arcade. “Dragon, let’s go sing karaoke.” He’s finally taken the ‘head’ out of Dragonhead and now calls me just ‘Dragon.’ “...karaoke? You don’t like going to sing karaoke though.” “Let’s go!” “...I mean, I don’t care, but how long are you going to keep calling me ‘Dragon’?” “Until I start liking cola again.” ... Eungyu and I reached the karaoke place. The girl working there greeted Eungyu happily. “Hey, didn’t you come sing at my college last week?” “No.” “Yeah you did. You sand that song, ‘The Moon Loves a Star’ didn’t you?” “No, what room do we go in?” “Oh...uh, room 3 is free.” The girl scratched her head confused. When we reached the room, I opened my mouth to ask him the questions I had kept back earlier. “It’s you isn’t it? You said you went last week.” “I’m going to be more humble from now on.” Oh my gosh, what’s answering ‘yes’ and being humble got to do with anything? He grabbed the songbook and started flipping the pages. With wide eyes, he looked up at me. “Put something in.” “You do it first.” “After I hear you sing. If you suck then it’ll be embarrassing for me.” “Yeah, that’s you should go first.” We stared at each other for about 20 minutes. Fine, you win. . I took the songbook from him and started looking around. Man, I hate singing. I picked out a ballad and I was just finishing the first verse when Eungyu picked up the remote and pressed ‘stop.’ He opened his mouth with a serious expression on his face. “Damn, I’m sorry.” “You sing it all yourself you bastard. If you make me sing again... “Poor Dragon.” .” For a guy who doesn’t sing pop, he put a number in and then picked up the mike... Out came a pop song... He encircled my waist with one hand and held the mike in the other. “Aren’t you hungry?” I remember him telling me a while ago that he hated it when people interrupted him when singing. Still singing, he glared at me. “I’m going to buy some bread. I’m hungry, you want some?” “ “ I got up and started out of our room. Putting my hands in my pocket, I headed towards the closest supermarket. The sun had set already. Since it was a Saturday, there were a lot of kids wearing school uniforms also. There were also a lot of kids just wearing regular clothes. Walking down the sidewalk with a lot of people around me and music coming out of music stores. Man I love this . With the thought of buying bread, I towards a supermarket, but something made me stop in my tracks. I started walking backwards to check my eyes to see if I’d seen correctly. In front of a bar was Heewon with a cigarette in his mouth. My breath caught in my throat. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to call Eungyu? Should I go over and talk to him...? Will he even answer back...? What am I supposed to say to him. .... ..... Thinking that I should go bring Eungyu, I turned around and started running towards the Karaoke room. “You don’t have to bring him....” ..... ....... Heewon’s slurred voice made me stop again. “...you drank, didn’t you.” Carefully, I walked in front of him. As I got closer, his friends poured out of the bar. Standing protectively next to their friend, they looked at me with suspicious eyes. “Yeah, I drank. Yup, I drank.” “...Eungyu worried about you a lot.” “...who’s Eungyu....” “...your friend... Your best friend...” Kang Heewon let out a grin and rubbed his forehead. “...Yoon Jungwon, you remember me, right....?” “...what are you talking about.” “Do you still remember the Kang Heewon who was your friend?” He said as he took a shaky step and let out a big sigh. His closest friend quickly steadied him. “You...hate me a hella lot, huh...?” “...no, not anymore.... I’m just really sorry. that’s all.” “I still hate you a lot...I still you...” “....stop it....” “Don’t laugh around Eungyu.” “Can you still not accept me around your friend...? How much longer will I have to wait until you forgive me...?” “...it’s not that I don’t you around Eungyu... Now, I don’t want Eungyu around you...” ..... ..... ........?.... When I’d looked at him with wide eyes, his friends stepped in front of Heewon and were starting to walk closer to me. “Hey, is this that bastard Yoon Jaegwang’s sister?!” Kang Heewon nodded. “Because of this bi+ch in front of me, I was hospitalized because I got beat by some mob bastards! When I think about that time I feel like my veins will pop!!! You ratted on them didn’t you!” Kang Heewon’s friend yelled grabbing my shoulder and shaking me slightly. “Get your hand off.” “’Get your hand off’?! You bi+ch, you want to die?! Did you just tell ME to get my hand off YOU?!?!?!” He raised his hand to slap me. Not again... Kang Heewon, can’t you do anything...? It’s about time to stop, isn’t it...? I glared up at Kang Heewon’s friend and then at Kang Heewon. “Kang Heewon, listen carefully. I’m not going to move away from Eungyu. Hey, you bastard, you listen carefully too. If you put your hand on my shoulder one more time, I’m not going to keep myself back from beating the crap out of you. Kang Heewon, do what you want. Eungyu came to me, and I don’t have anything to keep back from anyone anymore. I’m not hiding anything either, so you do whatever you want. I don’t care.” “Do what I want...?” “....that’s what I said.” “Okay....” .... ..... ........ Walking shakily, Kang Heewon walked up to me, and with his long two arms, he hugged me tightly... Is this a dream...? As I pushed against him, his arms squeezed me tighter... ... ...... “...you told me to do what I wanted....” Chapter 56 “You told me to do what I want…” Thinking that Eungyu’s might be watching from afar, I quickly looked around. Thank God, Eungyu’s not here… What the hell is he doing though… .... “…have you come back as a friend….? Have you forgiven me…?” I asked in a shaky voice, my voice muffled from being smothered into the guy’s shoulder. Heewon’s long arms uncurled from around me and he looked at me in the eyes. “Stay next to…me…” “ .” “I’m asking you…” "........." It’s Heewon. Not Kang Heewon…just Heewon… The memories I had to bury deep inside me, didn’t have to be inside me anymore… He’s back… Heewon’s back… My friend Heewon’s back… “…you’re here, Kang Heewon’s back…I didn’t think you would… I thought you’d evercome back, but you did…” Like a few years ago, Kang Heewon­ no wait, Heewon ran his thumb over my cheek. “Let’s go to Eungyu, huh? Let’s go to Eungyu, Heewon. Eungyu will be so happy, we’re back. We’re­ oh my God, I’m so happy. Oh my God…” I can’t even talk right… I grabbed his hand without even knowing I had and started to pulling towards the Karaoke Room. I stopped when Heewon pulled his out of my grasp though. “…what..?” “Between you and Shin Eungyu, Yoon Jungwon, I picked you.” “..what…?” “Forget when we were friends, forget when I hurt you… Forget everything..” “…why would I forget the things we did as friends…? You said you came back…” “I did...” Heewon said smiling. The brightest I’d seen him… “But as a guy…” I just stared at him, and his friends started laughing loudly… Their laughing reminds me of Jungbin… “Hey…wait! Kang Heewon, as a guy..? I can’t take you back then! Between Shin Eungyu and Kang Heewon, the one I’d choose is Shin Eungyu! If you’re thinking of bugging me again, then just go back to before! Don’t act like you’re my friend, and hurt me like that!! And another thing, Eungyu’s your friend!” With my loud yell, Kang Heewon looked at me in the eyes. I can see his black eyes behind his longish bangs… “I’ve given up on friendship, now. I’m not going to put my heart on the line to some other person who’s going to throw me away… That’s why I picked love instead, I’m going to make you smile next to me in a month. See you around…” His stupid friends clapped at his words. I could see his getting further away. If Jaegwang somehow finds out about this… No wait, not Jaegwang… If Eungyu finds out about this… Am I supposed to tell him everything that happened? “Dragon! You want to die?!” “AHK!” “AGH!” “…how long have you been here…?” Pouting, Eungyu glared at me… “Where’s the bread?! The bread!” “They were out… How long have you been waiting here?” “What’s that matter?!” He looked really mad. How much did you sing? Your voice sounds raw. Seeing that you’re so lively, and the way you’re acting, I don’t think you’ve seen Heewon… “You didn’t even buy me break!! I’m hungry!!” “Well of course you are, you sang like crazy “Dragon, make me cheese puffs.” “Tch, you didn’t eat them the last time I made it for you.” “My nuna doesn’t make it for me. She makes it and eats it herself. Come over to my house and make me 10! Okay?” “Then don’t call me Dragon.” “Okay! ^0^” .” It was a little over 10. Swinging our hands we walked in the direction of our houses. There are so many stars in the sky, wow, they’re so pretty. “Hey, Shin Eungyu.” “Yeah?” “Tell me you love me.” “Why?” “So that I can just keep looking at you.” “Well then I’ll tell you that I love you! Instead, let me call you Dragon.” “Forget it! !” +That Night+ Because of Sohyun unnie who was sticking close by as I made the cheese puffs. Eungyu was only able to eat eight. “Fawk! You’re so annoying, go and get married!!!” Chapter 57 +For the Past Few Days…+ Saying that he had an important song to compose, Eungyu had forgotten about Heewon. Even if I ask him something, he’s so busy he just nods.. He’s always stuck with Nari, saying that he has to practice.. Tch… Right now, I’m looking at the two stuck together with Eungyu coaching Nari how to sing a verse. “…no, Nari, sing a note lower, it’s hard to harmonize with you since your voice is so high.” “Ah~~ Ah~~ Like that?” “Yeah, that’s good.” “…I’m bored!” ….silence… … “Man, we need Seohyun nuna to play the drums so that we get it on beat.” …Seohyun…? “Nari, go call nuna.” “Okay. .” Nari took out her cell phone and she started pressing a number. Her long hair was cut around her shoulder. The blue lens she always wore was replaced by dark circle lens. “Hey, Eungyu are you almost done? Let’s go watch a movie, Nari, want to come with us?” “I’m busy today, I have to practice till late.” “Then how much longer do I have to wait?” “I have no clue.” “Tch, I hope your voice cracks when you perform!” “Hey!” I left my stupid boyfriend in the room and started down the stairs. I wasn’t expecting Nari to hold me back, but from Eungyu… … …? Fawk, aren’t you going to stop me from going… With my hands in my pockets I walked out the building, should I go call Yoona? Standing for the hand to flash, I fingered my phone, and a saw a couple. When I studied them a little more, it was Kang Heewon and Bi+ch. I put the hat I had in my left hand on and when the hand flashed, I lowered my head and started on my way across the street when I felt someone’s hand grabbed my hat off my head. I turned around, my eyes wide. Kang Heewon put the hat he had in his hand on his head. “Let’s go.” All of this happened in the middle of the street. Kang Heewon grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the opposite end of the street. “Heewon! What the, hey! Kang Heewon!” It was Bi+ch. The uhljjang of some school grabbed Heewon’s remaining hand. “What the hell! Where are you going?! Isn’t this the girl from the hospital?!” “I told you before. I didn’t feel anything towards you so that you should either…” How can he say that as if it’s nothing…? You’ve changed completely haven’t you, seeing that you can act like that to just anyone who’s not me… With a blank face, the girl stared at me and smirked, tears in her eyes. Kang Heewon grabbed my hand again and I was pulled around 3 meters. Pulling my hand away from him, I stopped and started yelling. “Kang Heewon, wait, are you my friend?! Are you? Did you come back as my friend?! Tell me!!” “Have you eaten…?” ... ..... A few years ago, he’d always greet we with those three words… ‘Have you eaten…?’ I just stared for a little while. “I might have, or might not have! Tell me!!!” He ignored me and turned, and raised his hand to catch a taxi. As he caught one, Kang Heewon pushed me­ no, more like threw me into the taxi and we started off. I glared at him… “What the hell, what are your intentions?! Are you trying to break me and Eungyu up again?!” ... ... .... For a second, his face froze… .... ..... Silently, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The driver turned around to us. “Aren’t you a student? You’re wearing a uniform.” “ .” Heewon wordlessly stared at the driver with cold eyes and continued to smoke as he lowered the window. He wasn’t like this a few years ago… TT_TT … I can’t believe he’s changed so much… Even though I’m mostly to blame… The taxi stopped in front of Chankyung and we got out and we­ not he headed, pulling me behind him, towards our get together from a couple years ago. This is crazy… Heewon continued to walk, my hat still on his head. He loosened his grip on my wrist and casually took my hand. I twisted it out f his grip, but Heewon’s large hand enveloped it again. “…I don’t get why you’re doing this… I don’t understand why you’re like this all of a sudden.” “Well then don’t, I never asked you to understand me.” “…is all of this sincere, or is it not…” “It is…” He said lightly… “…why’s it so funny… Just a few days ago, you and I hated each other…” He was silent, and then he took my hat off his head and put it back on mind. An awkward silence surrounded us… Both of us didn’t want to open our mouths first… From the left of us, a bunch of people came up from the stairs leading down to the subway… Heewon pulled me into a coffe shop. …from the group of people…I spotted a familiar looking cat… Nah, it couldn’t be… could it…? I looked up the arms and at the holder of the cat, and once I saw, I quickly followed behind Heewon. From behind us, a perky voice yelled loudly. “Here, from Y­Pop!!! Today, we’re interviewing a group of people that just walked up from the subway!!” The girl’s voice said, spreading loudly around the area. The first interview the girl had…was with a boy holding a cat… “Why, hello!! You seem like a student, what a …nice looking cat! How old are you? “Eighteen!!” .” “Oh, I see~~ Your cat is really… different!! It looks like something happened to it when it was growing up!!” “I don’t think there was, I found it outside.” “Oh… You have a kind heart along with a nice looking face~~!! You must be popular at school~! ^0^.” “I am.” “…I see~~ Where were you going with your cat?” “I was going to go get a drink with my friends! ^0^.” “Oh my, what if your teachers see this? “ “Doesn’t matter… ..” “…I see~~ You have a lot of courage for a student… A few last words? Maybe a song?” “I’ll just say something… Sohyun, I love you!!!! ^3^!! That crazy little bastard!!! He has a lot of nerve, taking that ugly little animal out with him in the middle of the road. Hiding my face behind Kang Heewon’s back, we started walking away from the large group. Chapter 58 Awkwardly, the two of us finished our food, and when we finished, he left the café before me. I stepped out after him, the sky was dark already. “…I should be getting home…” Heewon silently headed towards a park near my house. I still don’t know what he’d aiming for right now… He seated himself on a long bench. Heewon looked up at me, who was just staring down at my shoes and took my hand and seated me next to him. “We used to come here often, didn’t we… You always cried when there was something you were going through that was hard…” Kang Heewon said, looking at me and smiling sadly… “…yeah, I remember that. Then you’d always come and make me stop crying, huh? You’d buy ice cream and make me feel better.” “Chocolate.” “…if you’d buy strawberry, I’d get all mad and stuff…hehe…” “You remember? That one time we were playing with fireworks and we got hauled to the police station?” “Haha, I was so scared that time. It was your birthday, wasn’t it…?” Instead of answering, Heewon grinned brightly. Its happier than you think, talking about old memories with someone… Right now, Heewon and I are covering the years of pain by bringing up as many happy memories as we can… Heewon rested his head on my shoulder… “…but Heewon…” “…yeah…” “…I truthfully don’t understand everything… I want to believe that your intentions are good, but I mean… It doesn’t make sense…” Heewon was silent. “…and if I somehow get to love you again, it’ll be as a friend…not as a guy…” “I know you know this better than me, Yoon Jungwon…but you know that I hate that.” “…yeah, of course I do…” .. .. ..... “If you turn your back on me… Yoon Jungwon, then I’ll die.” ... ..... It felt as if something was squeezing my throat, I just turned my head. s “I really want to smile again…” .. ...... Hearing Heewon say this made me want to have gone through all the hardships that he had gone through…for him… ‘I really want to smile again…’ .. .... “…then…why’d you turn your back on me…? Kang Heewon, it wasn’t just once, you turned your back on me more than once…” “…because I hated you, the same amount I trusted you…” Heewon took out another cigarette and put it into his mouth… “…but still, you were too harsh… Do you know that I even learned martial arts because of you…?” “I thought so. It hurt like hell when you slapped me…” “…what about you…? You hit me too, choked me not to forget.” “…it’s nice…it’s the first time in years I’ve felt sleepy as soon as I closed my eyes…I’m going to sleep.” “Hey, no! Don’t make me laugh, I said no! I’m getting up..!” He ignored me, and Heewon closed his eyes… Like he said, he fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes, and I picked the unlit cigarette in between his fingers and threw it on the ground. I glanced at my watch. I think around 50 minutes have passed, it’s okay to wake him now, right …? “Hey, get up. Kang Heewon, my shoulder’s going to be lopsided, it’s over 11.” I shook up and frowning, he woke up, right as we got up, I saw a guy and a girl walking over this way. Heewon shook the remaining sleep from his face and walked over. “Oh, it’s Heewon sunbae, we thought that you were someone else. What were you doing here? .” The guy asked brightly. “Oh, I was on a date with my girlfriend , what are you guys doing out so late? Oh wait, don’t tell me…it’s obvious ^0^.” He’s introduced me as his girlfriend so smoothly it took me a while to understand what he said. I shook my two arms vigorously, but the two ignored me completely. This time, the girl spoke. “Oppa, you were sleeping weren’t you? There’s a mark on your face…” “…huh? Yeah, I was. .” Kang Heewon grinned and rubbed his cheek. “Hey! I’m not your girlfriend, my boyfriend’s a lot better looking than him! I’m not his girl­” “We’re off then, sunbae we’ll see you later. Good night ^0^ .” The pair bowed to Kang Heewon and went off, I turned towards their backs and yelled. “It’s true! I’m not his girlfriend!” “…stop it…” “…what the hell! Don’t come out like this, I told you that you’re going to come back as a friend!” “Man, that was a nice nap~! Let’s go, I’ll walk you home!” Kang Heewon yawned loudly and he strutted off in front of me. “Walk me home? If Jaegwang sees you and I both die, you know that?!” Leaving him behind, I quickly started running towards my house, after running a little while, I turned around to see that he was in the exact spot he was in before I started running. He waved from where he stood, and I stuck up my middle finger and waved it back at him… .. ….it’s not like I don’t like it. I’m glad he came back to me, I’m glad that he’s sincere about it too… But I couldn’t accept the fact that he said ‘guy’ not ‘friend.’ That was what I was most worried about. I walked up to my front gate and slowly reached to push the bell, knowing that I was going to die as soon as I went it. “…Dragon… TT_TT…” Eungyu said in a voice that said he was half dead… “Were you practicing up until now??” “Yeah, listen to my voice.. TT_TT…” “…retard, you should have thought about it before. It’s okay, it’s not bad. How much longer do you have to practice this much?” “…I don’t know…” Carrying the guitar on one arm, Eungyu hugged me tightly and with his left finger, he started playing with it. “Ahk! Don’t touch my hair, I didn’t wash it!” “…it’s okay, I’m happy with just hugging you.” “Hey, go to sleep. Go to sleep and dream about me, then you’ll have good dreams.” “Dream about you? Hehe, I guess I’m going to have to buy some lottery tickets then.” As soon as he finished, he pushed the bell quickly. “You!! What’s that supposed to mean, huh!?” “Bye!” With a large bang, he disappeared. Tch, you can’t finish with saying something nice, ever!!! Can you? Sighing, but with a happy smile on my face, I went to push the doorbell… Chapter 59 +Breakfast+ For the first time in a long time, our whole family was at the breakfast table. My dad just looked at my brother distastefully as Jaegwang held his damn cat as he ate. “Yoon Jaegwang, I told you not to hold that when you eat didn’t I? It sheds! It’s fur will get in your food!!” Ignoring my mom, Jaegwang just continued to shove his damn food into his mouth, petting his cat at the same time. “Mom, a few days ago I carried Pupu around and I got interviewed!! You know, there aren’t that many beautiful cats like this in Korea! I’m going to be famous, you promise me you’ll record it!” Stupid, that’s not what that interviewer meant… …s “Put that down!!” My brother quickly put the cat on the ground. “I’ll get you a pretty, decent looking cat with fur all over it’s body!! So get rid of that patchy alley cat!” Angrily, Jaegwang slammed down his spoon. “I’d rather die!!! Mom, how can you be so cruel?! TT0TT!!! The girl I can see is Shin Sohyun, and the only cat I see is Pupu!!! So don’t say things like that!!” “Then what am I, in your eyes?” “A person who makes me food.” My mom’s changed at least 5 colors, and Jaegwang finished his cup of water as if he’d said nothing wrong. Right as soon as my mom and dad both started yelling at Jaegwang, I sped out of the house. Today I have a date ^0^ !! It was a little cold outside today, I guess it’s finally Autumn. I quickly walked towards our meeting place. Hmm, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from Jungbin. I wonder what happened to him. He’s been ignoring all my calls and my texts. That wasn’t much of a shock that day, I hope it wasn’t anyways. Jungbin come back! I miss your ugly accent! TT_TT !! +Orange+ I sat in a chair near the window. I was watching people passing with my chin resting on my palm. I spotted Eungyu wearing his uniform walking towards the café. He walked into the café, it’s hard to meet him these days because of some kind of competition. Because of practice, Nari was hanging around Eungyu today too… Whenever we had a date, Nari would always follow and it’s be the three of us … … So much for a serious date… Eungyu never looks this serious when he’s around me, I guess this is what music does to him. I grinned at him brightly and the smile wiped off my face when I saw Nari. “…hi Nari…” “Hi~! ^0^ !” “So oppa, in this verse I shouldn’t do vibrato?” “Yeah, that rest it too short. Oh, for the order, we’ll pick some kind of love song for the middle songs, and the opening and ending will be something else.” The pair of vocals left me to sit by myself… “It’d be good if Heewon oppa was here. Since he plays the bass, he’ll know better than us about this piece. Can’t you get through to him, oppa?” For no reason, when Heewon’s name came up, I started to sweat. Eungyu’s face got a little darker. “Yeah…I tried going to his school, but I haven’t met him.” “…Heewon oppa wasn’t like this… He’s doing everything his way, what if he just disappears…” “He’s just going through hard times…” “Hard times like what? The one who’s going through hard times is Seohyun unnie. Thinking about the whole band and all.” .... ...... “…don’t say that. Of course he has things that are hard…? If living was hard for you everyday, would you want to be singing everyday? Take a walk in his shoes…” Before I could stop myself, I blurted it out. Nari stared at me with a blank face then grinned. “…of course unnie, I’ll walk in his shoes next time. .” And… Eungyu closed his mouth tightly, and stared at me. “…what? What are you looking at? What? Did I say something wrong? I was just saying she’d think in his point of view!” An awkward silence flowed, oh my God. What is that big a deal, that I said that? I scratched my head. “Oh right, unnie, did you hear? Eungyu oppa’s childhood friend is visiting ^0^.” .. …childhood friend…? What kind of friend? Nari looked up at Eungyu with shining eyes. Eungyu looked down and Nari answered for him. “He said that his friend was the first time to get him to love him. Oppa, you said she was coming soon, right?” She?! “Hey! You didn’t tell me that!!! When’s she coming? Where will she be sleeping?!” “…you didn’t ask.” “Is it that big a deal?! You used to live in Chungjoo?!” “No, she moved there.” Oh right, like I had Kang Heewon as an old friend. I’d forgotten that Eungyu could have had one too… “Hey, why’d you start singing because of h­” Right then, someone tapped my shoulder… "... _ ." I turned around, and then quickly looked foreword. “…uh, unnie hi? I was wondering if it were you. I saw you yesterday didn’t I?” “No.” “…it’s not that. I really need Heewon oppa’s phone number, can you tell me?” …the atmosphere became cold… It was the girl I’d seen in the park last night. I quickly grabbed her arm and started to pull her out the café. “…say it here…” Eungyu stood up and blocked me. “…oh, I saw Heewon in the park a few days ago….” “…why didn’t you tellme…” “…I­I just­ sorry…” “You met him by chance…right?” “…yeah…” “I’m trusting you, I can do that right…?” "...." “I can do that…right?” “…yeah, of course.” Eungyu let go of my arm and I pulled the girl out the café. Chapter 60 “Listen well, Heewon’s junior…” “…can’t you just tell me Heewon’s oppa’s number? I’m in a hurry.” “I don’t know his number!” “…what? How can you not know your own boyfriend’s number?” “He’s not my boyfriend!! You know that guy who was sitting in front of me?! THAT’S my boyfriend!!!” “TT_TT….” “He’s my boyfriend, got it?!” “Then what about Heewon oppa?!” “Why are you asking me that?!” “Heewon oppa hasn’t come to school in 2 days…” “…yea…? I guess he’s sick, go visit him at his house. He doesn’t like sesame porridge, so don’t get him that.” “He doesn’t open the door!!” “I’m going to tell you your boyfriend that you like Heewon… …” The girl flinched and stared up at me with wide eyes… “I don’t like him!” “…I don’t know why I’m talking about this with you. Move.” I left the skinny girl behind and went back into the café. When I walked back to my seat, Nari was the only one left. “….where’s Eungyu…?” “He left out the back door.” “Why…? Is he mad at me…?” Well that’s obvious isn’t it…? … “Unnie, you’re bad. Treat Eungyu oppa right, don’t hurt him!” Nari said standing up and yelling, with her two fists clenched… “What’s up with you?” “Why do you think oppa’s trying so hard to with that competition?! And while he’s working so hard…you meet another guy behind his back…. “…you­” “The only reason I’m quietly liking oppa by myself is because I want him to sing happy songs!!! But if you keep hurting him, I might just change my mind!” “O­okay~! I’m sorry, happy?!” Nari bolted out the café, oh my God. Did I do something that bad? I asked myself, scratching my head. Sighing deeply, I headed home. Let’s try walking in his shoes… If Eungyu met Yoona without me knowing…? Wow, I’d be pissed… I guess I just have to think of a way to make up to him. I’m going to tell him everything that happens from now on. Because he’s my boyfriend… I kissed my necklace as I headed home. But before I reached home, I walked into a bakery close by and bought three slices of cheesecake for Eungyu. Sohyun unnie will probably take two slices for herself… What should I buy him the day of the competition? As I walked into our neighborhood, my walking started to speed up. It’d be easier if Eungyu smiles at me… Near my house, I two people behind a car and I realized it was Sohyun unnie and my brother Jaegwang hugging tightly. Oh, I can hear Pupu meowing at them to let her breath also. “Meow~~” Tch, my brother must be good looking or have some kind of charm to have got someone four years older to like him. I passed them, pretending as if I hadn’t seen them. Wait…we won’t get married to the same house will we?! Oh please no!! No!!! +Ting­ting­ting­a­ling Ting­ting­ting­a­ling+ Eungyu’s house had a weird doorbell…. “Who is it?!” …it was a scratchy voice belonging to a girl. I saw sohyung unnie earlier, am I at the wrong house? To make sure this was Eungyu’s house, I looked at the nameplate the side of the gate. No, this is Eungyu’s house.” “I asked, who is this.” “I’m their daughter0­in­law!!!” “What?!” The door quickly opened. The first thing I saw was a white towel around the girl’s head and a large white body wrapped around her body. With a darkish tanned face, the girl poked her head out. …what the… Is she a mix…? Her eyes had a very big crease over them, and under the crease were two large eyes. Her eyebrows had a perfect arch to them, almost intimidating. Her lips were dark red, and her forehead had a nice arch. The important thing was… She was taller than me, and skinny… It seemed as if she was mixed with a dark skinned person from another country and one form our country. That’s the only thing I can think of… “Their daughter­in­law?! Who the hell are you?!” “Well than who are you to come out of their house dressed like that? Get out of Eungyu’s house!” “…Eungyu…? Are you Eungyu’s girlfriend?!” “Yeah, I am, then who the hell are you?!” “… …” The girl parted her lips distastefully and holding onto my shoulders, Darky looked me over. Annoyed, I tried shoving her away, she didn’t budge though… Dammit… Chapter 61 +That night…Inside Eungyu’s house…+ . Sitting across from me was Sohyun unnie and Darky. Eungyu came in soon after from practicing. “Doyi, how long are you going to stay?” Sohyun unnie asked Darky. Tch, that thing has a name…? … It’s a pretty name too… “One month!” What the hell did you just say?! One month?! Eungyu tightened his arm around me as I twitched. “Hey you two! Don’t hold hands!” Darky yelled loudly. “Who are you to say if we can hold hands or not?!” “Shin Eungyu! Send her home, let’s just hang out! You said we’d have a party when I get here, just the three of us!” “No, she’s my girlfriend.” Eungyu… TT_TT After all the things I did you to you, you still side with me…TT_TT I snuggled closer up to Eungyu. “Shin Eungyu, are you kidding me… “Nyah, nyah!” …?” “You said you’d take me sight seeing if I came! What the hell is this?!” I don’t know what she was happy about, but grinning widely to herself, Sohyun unnie turned on the TV with a weird looking hat on her head. O_O Sh!t…. “…our first interview!!!” I quickly ran over to the TV and turned it off, and unnie stared up at me confused. “Jungwon, why’d you turn it off…O_O …?” “Let’s just do something more fun!” “More fun? Do you want to call Jaegwang? ^0^” Right next door, I could hear my stupid brother’s extremely loud voice. “WHOA!!! Check it out! Pupu, it’s us!!! Look at it!!!” Was today the day it was airing? Starting to sweat like crazy, I tried turning the conversation. If…IF…Kang Heewon and I got filmed… I’d be obvious to Eungyu that I was together with Kang Heewon. I guess I should tell him before he finds out on his own… “…Eungyu, I have something to tell you. Can we go up to your room?” Eungyu looked up at me, and got up. I spotted a smear of whipped cream on his cheek. As I’d predicted, Sohyun unnie had eaten two slices and another half of one, so Eungyu had only been able to eat half a slice. “Hey, Shin Eungyu, sit down!” Darky yelled loudly. “What the hell is he, huh?! Is he your slave?! What are you doing, tell him to sit or stand!” “You listened to me in middle school! You’ve changed!” “…yeah, I have…” “You better take me to your practice tomorrow! I’ll listen to see how well you’ve gotten .” ..... ...... As something related to music came up, Eungyu’s face brightened considerably. “Okay!!!” “Tch, you’re so cute. , you have something on your cheek.” She licked her thumb and then wiped at Eungyu’s cheek with hit. I opened my mouth in aghast, but Eungyu looked at me as if he were saying he was used to it. “Hey, Darky, are you crazy?” “Eungyu, your girlfriend’s overacting a little O_O .” “Oh my God, I can’t believe this. Shin Eungyu, are you going to say anything?!” I yelled grabbing him and shaking him. “What? Why?” He asked innocently as if he really had no clue what I was yelling and shaking him about. If this keeps going on, I might explode if I’m in the same room with Darky any longer. I shakily started to head out of his house…no one came after me. Annoyed, I walked towards the front gate and was about to open it, when someone on the other side yanked it open. With something black and rectangular in his hand, Jaegwang happily ran into Eungyu’s house. It pisses me off the more I think about it. How can he do something like that in front of his girlfriend? And what the hell! Shin Eungyu looked so serious when he was talking to me, but when he started talking to Darky, he got all bright! Taking a few more breaths to calm myself down, I turned to go back into his house. …and I could hear Jaegwang’s excited voice… “Check this out! I recorded it to show you, nuna!!! Nuna, when you see this, you’ll totally fall for me even deeper!” It’s not…. ..... ........ Forgetting to take off my shoes, I ran into their living room. Facing me was the large TV, with the VJ, Jaegwang and Pupu all looking out at me. “You look like a student, where are you going with your cat? How old? “18!” .” And… Behind him…I could see my head…and Kang Heewon’s… I couldn’t hear anything else the VJ was saying on the screen. Hearing my ragged breathing, Darky and Sohyun unnie looked at me with wide eyes, and Jaegwang got up… “What the fawk. I didn’t see this earlier…nuna, it’s not…it’s not…is it…?” The screen showed me being pulled by Kang Heewon and disappearing through the crowd. ..... ........ I could see Eungyu just staring at the TV dumbly. He just quietly looked at the TV. I would have felt better if he yelled at me, or hit me…or even if he demanded to know what I was doing there with Kang Heewon… “What the hell were you doing there with Kang Heewon?! Are you fawking crazy?!” Jaegwang yelled. …Eungyu… I closed my eyes… Chapter 62 ….Eungyu….Eungyu… I slowly closed my two eyes and I heard Jaegwang walk closer to me. “Are you fawking crazy Yoon Jungwon? Huh…? Yeah, you are, aren’t you. I can’t believe this…” I can’t open my mouth, I don’t even want to make up an excuse…because it’s the truth… “Did that bastard threaten you again…? Huh? Is that it?” I slowly shook my head, and Jaegwang became silent. “…Yoon Jungwon…what the hell is wrong with you…don’t you know what kind of bastard he is…? Why are you acting so stupid?” “…I can’t help it…I don’t hate him. I like seeing him smile, I can’t help it. I want to be friends with him again…” Jaegwang tightly bit his lip and looked at me with disappointment on this face, then he quickly left the house. Weakly, I turned my head and looked over at Eungyu. “…wow…how many meters is it now…” ".........." Darky hopped up from her seat and ran over to me. “Did you just get caught cheating?! Huh? Is that it?!” “…I’m sorry Eungyu…I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I won’t make up an excuse…I lied to you again.” “…just…don’t do it again…” … _ ....? I froze, did I just hear correctly? Eungyu got up from his seat and turned off the TV with a the remote.s “…when you meet Heewon from now on…I want to be there too…” “…huh?” “…if he calls, tell me and let’s go together.” “…okay!! …are you forgiving me then…?” Darky glared at Eungyu and pulled on his sleeve. “Hey, Shin Eungyu, are you crazy? If she cheated on you shouldn’t you at least slap her?! That’s what normal people would do!!!” “…have you only been meeting guys like that…?” “What?” “…I don’t even have enough time to look after her and you’re asking me to hit her? Move.” Eungyu~!!! I wanted to run over to him and kiss him, but this was really not the time, so I kept myself from doing so. I looked over at Darky who was glaring at me with dark eyes… That day, I was over at Eungyu’s house until 2 in the morning just talking and laughing with him. Before I went to my room though, I knocked on Jaegwang’s door lightly.s .. …and I came back to my room, feeling hurt by the words Jaegwang had said to me. “Don’t be my nuna anymore, I won’t be your younger brother either.” I guess he was really mad. Gosh, what am I supposed to do now. If he sees me with Heewon again, I’m curious to what he’ll do. I forced my eyes closed and tried to stop thinking of stupid things… I really can’t lie from now on, every time I lie I get caught… .... ...... Right as I was about to fall asleep, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. Is it Jungbin?! I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket and opened the flip to see the caller was. “…who is it?!” ".........." “…who is it…” I heard someone muttering quietly on the other line. Did Jungbin drink? I turned the volume up as loud as I could and pressed it hard into my ear. Like before… blah blah… “Jungbin, what’s wrong?! I know I was a little harsh that time, don’t be sad!!! You sound like a maniac!” ...... ........... “…what do I do….what am I supposed to do now…how am I supposed to live…” .. ... I felt a little tingle go up and down my spine and goosebumps started to arise on my arms. It was the voice of a guy, a quiet haunting voice that you can only hear in horror movies. “What the hell… Who the hell is this? Jungbin stop it!” As I finished yelling, I could hear the sound of glass shattering over the phone. What the… I could hear chairs being thrown… and I could hear plates and other things being thrown all around. .... ......... …beep….beep…beep… The person hung up on me and I was shaking…(like in the horror movies) Okay, stay calm…stay calm… I looked through my call history to see who had just called me… .... ....... ............ As the number popped up…. I shoved my phone in my pocket and ran out my room and out the front gate… “AHK Who is that?!” .. ....... I heard my mom’s yell inside the house. Mom I’m sorry, I’m going to be late… Chapter 63 What…what is it this time. As I continued to run, I started getting flashbacks of That Day…s “Why!!! Why the hell did you so it! Yoon Jungwon answer me!!!” “…please, you have to belive me…I didn’t know…I really didn’t know…Stop crying and listen to me, please…” .... ..... I could hear every single word he had said to me on That Day. …what’s hurting you this time… ….is it me again…? Gasping, I stopped into a house and opened the door. He wouldn’t be living alone in a big house like this would he? It was the first time in years I’d been this house. The house that was so bright and happy…seemed dead…. ..... The owner of a successful business, a high school teacher, and between them, was Heewon who had been brought up without tears… …the person who broke his happiness…. …was his best friend Yoon Jungwon… “…Hee…won.” I could hear sobbing in the room, I didn’t want to believe it, but I heard sobbing. I brought my shaking fingers to turn on a light switch. With the light on, I could see Heewon on the ground sobbing, his hand covering half his face and tears trailing down the side of his face. ... ….I’m not used to seeing Heewon like this… …I’ve never seen him like this before… The whole living room was torn and messy with furniture pieces and glass. “…what’s wrong with you. Heewon, what’s wrong?” “….” “What’s wrong?! What is it thing time?!” It looked like he had trouble breathing through his tears, and I felt Heewon grab my hand lightly. He buried his face into my knees and like a small child starting sobbing even louder. After a long while, I could hear his hoarse voice… “Dad…something’s wrong with him…he’s…something’s not right….” ... ....... …hearing the word ‘Dad’ come out of his mouth, the tears I held back started flowing down my cheeks. “…he doesn’t know me…he doesn’t recognize me…He doesn’t even know my name, my dad, he doesn’t know my name. He keeps saying weird things like a dummy. We were going to live together when he got out…when he got out…What do I do…I’ve only waited for that day…” ... .......... “…I lived waiting for that day…where am I supposed to go know, what am I supposed to do…what am I doing here….” .... ...... ... .. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry Heewon, I’m sorry, I truly am…I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Tears still pouring down my face I whispered ‘I’m sorry’ until the sun rose in the morning holding Heewon’s two hands tightly,. Heewon’s face was still buried in my knees and exhausted he closed his eyes… …and all morning, he called out for his Dad… Chapter 64 .... ...... ......... “Heewon, it’s morning…get up….huh?” He didn’t budge, so I shook his arm a little, and when it looked as if he was going to wake up, he buried his face deeper into my knees. As my phone vibrated, alerting me that I head a call; I remember about last night when I had run out of the house. I’d thought it was my mom calling me, but when I looked at the ID it was Eungyu. I wasn’t going to lie to him anymore… “Hello.” Instead of hearing Eungyu’s voice I heard Darky’s loud voice yelling in the back. “Eat!!! Eungyu! Eungyu!!! Honey!” … … “Hello.” “…what the hell.” This time it was Eungyu, he seemed mad. “Are you going to school?” “Where are you.” “…Heewon’s…” “…let me talk to him.” “Heewon can’t answer the phone right now.” “Jungwon…Yoon Jungwon…” “…yeah?” “…never mind, stay there….” Beep…beep…beep… “…Heewon, Eungyu’s coming over…it’s okay right?” Hearing Eungyu’s name, Heewon flinched and still laying down, he turned his head up to face me and slowly brought himself up. “…go.” “How can I go when you’re like this “…just leave…” “Eungyu and I will help you…just let us be with you, don’t go through all this by yourself…” “…I don’t need friends right now…I need a family…” “Then we’ll be your family, okay?!” …he let out a little laugh and rubbed his face. “…crazy b!tch…” “…I’ll be the crazy b!tch in the family, so just let us stay with you…” His mouth was in a smile, but tears were falling out of his eyes. His tears stopped and with a shaking voice he started talking… “Listen. Listen okay, Yoon Jungwon? My dad’s gone crazy, you know that. He’s become mental, so he doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know my mom…or me. Who…do you think I hate right now… Think about it. Who do you think is the person I hate!” I can’t look at him…I can’t look at Heewon, because I’m so sorry… I feel so guilty I can’t even bring myself to tell him I’m sorry again. What am I supposed to do, what can I do…? Should I really disappear like he wants me to? Or should I just hold onto him… We’re supposed to be friends… We were such close friends, but why is my friend crying because of me… The two of us met eye contact and he slowly closed his eyes and turned his head away. I got up from my seat and started to head towards the front door. And he said… “…be happy, don’t cry too much and smile a lot. Be happy.” “What are you saying?” “It’s the last I’ll see your face, I missed you a lot. I’m done with hurting you, so I’ll just tell you know. I love you. Bye. Be happy. Smile a lot. Don’t remember me as a friend, remember me as a guy. This is my last request….” “What are you talking about? What’s that supposed to mean? Why are you talking as if you’re going to die…why are you talking like that…” “…if me meet again, let’s not have a tearful friendship like what we have…let’s love, okay?” “Heewon! What are you saying?! What’s that supposed to mean?!” Heewon slowly walked into his room, and I took off my shoes and ran after him and started banging on his closed door. “Kang Heewon!! I’m not going, I’m not leaving you!!! I’ll make you smile again…can’t I do that…? Huh…? Can’t I?” .... ....... ........ ............ “Retard, you have to give me a chance. You have to give me a chance. You have to let me try and make you laugh…just trust me…Kang Heewon…” ... ..... “…Jungwon leave. Just go, I might change again, just go.” “I don’t care. So just don’t be alone, okay? Heewon…” “…then do you want me be my family…? Do you…?” .... ..... I stopped banging on the door and my hands fell to my lap… “What’s that supposed to mean?” “…can you just look at me…can you stay next to me so that I won’t change…can you just look at me…?” “…oh…” What am I supposed to say, for a second, Eungyu’s smiling face appeared in my mind and I paused. I didn’t think of Heewon getting hurt, and I thought of Eungyu… Silently, I rested my back against the door and started crying, on the other side I could hear Heewon sniffing also… Right then… I heard fast footsteps nearing closer to Heewon’s house and the door opened. “Heewon! Jungwon!” .. ... “…Heewon, Eungyu’s here…” ... ..... Heewon didn’t respond… Chapter 65 “I…(pant)…couldn’t grab a taxi…” Eungyu whined as he wiped his hair and forehead free from sweat. .... “…Dragon, why are you crying?” Eungyu asked freezing in his tracks and then the door behind me and then me again. He walked up to me and the wiped all the tears away with his cold hands. I let out a grin and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Retard, your backpack’s open. I think you dropped everything in it.” “Aw! ****!!” With a teary face, Eungyu quickly looked into his empty backpack. “My tickets!!! My music!! My candy!!! Our sticker pictures!!!” “…. …” “…Heewon…Heewon, where is he…” ... ..... I turned my head around to look at the door and Eungyu followed after and looked at the door behind me. “Hey! Kang Heewon, open the door! You bastard! You didn’t answer the phone when I called, and you don’t even open the door for me but you open it for Jungwon?! You rude bastard! Open the door, our band’s a wreck, we’re all waiting for you to come back man!!! We all miss you like crazy!” …silence… “…is Heewon asleep…?” Oh right…Eungyu doesn’t know anything yet, he must think Heewon’s asleep… I nodded my head… Heewon wouldn’t want Eungyu to see him like this… “He’s sleeping? Well, I guess I’ll wait till he wakes up…” Eungyu said as he plopped down next to me. “Get to school.” “No, you go.” “…Heewon’s going to wake up late.” “…then I’m going to stay until late.” “Eungyu, let’s not bother Heewon, let’s just leave him alone.” “Then get to school! Why do you want me to go when you’re not going either?!” “…I…” “I’m Heewon’s friend too, you’re not his only friend you know.” Eungyu said getting up and laying down on the dining table. For an hour, I bothered him, threatened him to leave and finally I was able to drag him out of Heewon’s house. “…Heewon, I’ll come visit after school. Don’t go anywhere, promise me. Okay?” I said on the other side of his door and left Heewon’s neighborhood with Eungyu. The two of us stopped at a bus stop waiting for the bus, but Eungyu kept looking back. “…why? Are you doing that cause you think Heewon might come?” “…is he sick…?” “No, Eungyu, it’s not that.” “That’s good.” “…you can’t live without me, can you?” “ ... .... Eungyu said coolly looking to see if his backpack was closed. You think I’m some kind of retard? Of course I can.” “…oh, I guess you can then…” I don’t think I could live without you… “…if I die I won’t be able to think about you, so I won’t die. Instead, I’m going to keep living just so that I could bring up your smile.” I hugged him tightly, and Eungyu gently patted my head. “…you’re getting impatient because of the competition aren’t you. You were probably annoyed because of Doyi a lot too… I haven’t had the time to make you happy, I haven’t had time to even look after you…” ….what the hell… …am I your dog?? “I’m going to get first place at the competition! Just wait okay? After than, I’ll look after you~~” “Okay, thanks…thanks…I’ll do that too…I won’t ever lie…if…I happen to leave you…just if…then just keep in mind that you’re theonly one I’ll be thinking about…” “Don’t say unlucky things like that!!! Hey Dragon, thanks for being born.. “…me too…” .” “Ahk! It’s my bus!” He pushed me away and quickly, Eungyu got onto his bus. He didn’t even give me a chance to yell because he poked his head out of the bus and grinned his pretty grin at me. Bye Eungyu~~ ^0^ I’ll see you later~~~ +School+ I said three words with Yoona. “What’s wrong with you? Yoon Jungwon, is something up?” “No.” “Yeah there is!” “I said there isn’t.” “What is it?! Tell me, don’t keep it to yourself!” “Why!! Why do you keep bothering me?!” Yoona went off to pout Sorry Yoona… TT_TT The bell rang for cleaning time and I started running as fast as I could down the stairs. Someone grabbed my wrist and when I turned around it was Jiyoung… “Where are you going?! You know it’s a drinking day today!” “Move it to next week!” “Hey!” “I’ll pay!” “Okay~ Next week it is~~!!” Panting, I ran outside to grab a taxi… “TAXI!!!” I grabbed one and spat out Heewon’s address in less than 2 seconds, and the ahjushi started heading in Heewon’s house’s direction. He started muttering to himself as he looked back at me through the rearview mirror. In ten minuets, we were in front of Heewon’s neighborhood, I threw the guy 10 dollars and started to run like crazy. “HEEWON!” ..... ....... The front gate was wide open and I with my shoes on still, I started to run around his house. But I couldn’t see Heewon… And I noticed that the picture frame with his family picture on the coffee table had disappeared. Anxiously, I it my lips and started to think… …and I remembered a conversation I had had with Heewon a while ago… .. ­Heewon, did you hear? Someone committed suicide in another class. I think he overdosed… ­…I guess he didn’t come to school then… ­Wouldn’t it have sucked? Shoving all those pills down your throat? ­If I were him, I’d have jumped off something… ­Hey! But if you jump off something, your head would explode and it’d hurt like hell! ­…it’d end in a seconds…You’d get a heart attack and die before your head touches the ground…For a few milliseconds, you’d feel like flying… ­What the hell are you talking about you psycho?! ... ......... I thought of the highest thing around here…and the only thing I could think of was an apartment building… I steadied myself and started to run but a flight of stairs, as I got closer to the rooftop door, my lips and my heart started beating faster than ever. “HEEWON!” I saw him standing on the edge of the roof, in one hand, his family picture. My arms and legs started shaking so that I couldn’t control them… “Heewon! No, you can’t!!! Please get down! If you take one more step you’ll die!! This isn’t it!! Dying isn’t the answer… you’ll die!! Heewon…please…get down…” ... ..... Heewon lifted his two arms… …no you can’t…if you go I’ll die too… “Kang Heewon you fawking retard!! Get the hell down from there!! I’ll make you smile, I’ll be next to you! Even if I’m about to die I’ll think you first!!! If you die…I will to…Heewon, don’t do this…” ... ..... I can’t get close to him, if I accidentally touch him he might fall. So I just stood in my spot and yelled at him. “…I’ll be next to you…just get down…please…” Heewon stepped away for the edge and started towards me… I almost melted from relief… I collapsed on the ground, because my legs had passed out… Heewon kneeled down in front of me and hugged me tightly with his two long arms… He dropped the picture and hugged me tighter… ... ..... How much time passed…? The sun had fallen, and the moon had risen… “…give me a week…I haven’t done anything for Eungyu…I haven’t made him smile…so…just give me a week…a week…” ...... .... Eungyu… I guess this is the end of our story… Right…? Chapter 66 +Next Morning+ “I’m going to school…” I put on my shoes numbly and I was about to reach for the door when I saw Jaegwang staring at me from behind. “What are you looking at me like that for?” “Are you meeting Kang Heewon or not.” “I am.” “Crazy b!tch…” “What?!” Jaegwang walked over to the kitchen and I was about to chase after him when I realize I wasn’t in any position to yell at him. I opened the front door and I turned my head and froze. Wearing nothing but Eungyu’s shirt was Darky pulling on his backpack strap with a toothbrush in her mouth. “Hey! Hey! Darky!” “What the­ did you just call me?” “Let go of his strap and take off his shirt… “What did you just say?!” …” Eungyu had a teary expression on his face and he turned to me… “Look at her…I think she’s crazy, she wanted me to give her a kiss…” “WHAT?!” I looked up at Darky. “Why the hell did you tell her that?!” Darky yelled smacking the back of Eungyu’s head. She’s even worse than me… I had my two hands balled into fists when our front gate opened again and Jaegwang walked out. Like always…he’s backpack­less… He had a frown on his face, he had folded in the heel of his shoes and on his uniform was a bunch of cat hair… Even his eyes had a scary glint in them… “Whoa~ Check it out. That uniform looks good on him, holy sh!t he looks hot.” Darky said. “You think I look hot to impress you?” Jaegwang asked. +School+ One week….one week…one week… “Hey, Jungwon, how are you and Eungyu?” “One week…” “What?” “Oh, it’s nothing.” ... “Jiyoung, let’s lie and say we’re sick.” “…but we don’t look sick at all.” “It’s okay if we tell the nurse that our stomach’s hurt.” “What the hell is wrong with you these days?!” .... ..... Jiyoung yelled shooting up from her desk, and the teacher just stared at her. “I feel sick!!” I yelled and grabbing my bag, I ran out the classroom. After I’d escaped, I ran over as quickly as I could to Eungyu’s school. 10 minutes passed… …and as soon the bell to signal for break rang, the doors to Ahnhyun opened and a kids started to walk out. I took out my phone and I was about to dial his number when… “What are you doing here?!” "..." Asked the owner of his ugly and annoying voice. “Kim Hyungpal, where’s Eungyu…” “He left to go practice!!! You­ you!! Motorcycle take­away­er!!! “What did you just call me?!” Hyungpal stuck out his stomach… “What are you going to do about my baby?! Get it back for me!” “Don’t you like me or something?! Sheesh, you’ve changed!!!” “A little full of yourself aren’t you?! Get back my baby!!!” “I don’t think I will. I feel sorry for the cycle! You think you look good on that thing?!” “…I’m at a loss of words…. TT_TT…” “And one more thing! If you bother Jaegwang and thedojo one more time I’ll kill you!! You can’t even beat my brother and kendo OR judo… …” Hyungpal glared and started to roll up his sleeves, and I raised my arm to pat his head twice and started to walk further away from Ahnhyun’s front gate. What’s happened to me…? But on the other hand, why’s that little bastard so obsessed with that competition? I’d arrived in front of their rehearsal room in a taxi and I was walking closer to the building, I heard someone’s pretty voice singing. Drums…? Oh! It must be Seohyun unnie . I happy went to reach for the doorknob when the door open on the inside and Nari stepped out. “Oh, Nari where are you going?” “Unnie! Can’t you watch over your own boyfriend?! Oh my gosh!” Nari yelled shoving past me with an anger crinkled face… “Why are you so pissy these days, Shin Nari!” Not bothering to turn around, Nari continued to stomp down the stairs and I opened the door. ... ... Next to Eungyu, who was singing, I saw Darky sticking close to him talking about this and that. “Hey ho, Jungwon!” Seohyun unnie yelled grinning brightly and getting up from her seat. “Hi unnie~” “Check out Eungyu, he’s totally playing around with Deepfry Girl over there (ß Darky… “Hey, Darky. Get away from him will you?” ) Eungyu stopped singing and Darky stopped talking. I walked over to them and shoved myself in between the two. If you’re going to leave, it can’t be to Darky, the only person I’ll allow you to go to is Nari!! Eungyu raised his head slightly and looked up at me. “What are you doing here! You should be at school!” “I left early to see you!” “Are you crazy?! I’ll see you when I get home!” “Hey, Yoon Jungwon get the hell out of here, he’s singing!” Darky yelled pushing me with her butt. She might be strong than me, but I tried to stand in my spot. “Eungyu, let’s go. I’ll pay for everything today.” I grabbed Eungyu’s and started tugging, but he didn’t budge. “…let’s go…” “I told you, I’ll take care of you everyday after the competition “Yes, PLEASE just GO.” ß Darky. “You can practice tomorrow, so go with Jungwon today! She said she left early to see you!!” Seohyun unnie yelled from the drums. . Just wait a little Dragon, okay? I have to practice.” Thanks unnie… TT_TT …. If I were a guy, I’d love you so much~~ TT_TT . “Let’s go, Shin Eungyu, please, let’s go…” Eungyu shook his head twice and grabbed onto the mike. Darky grinned. “Eungyu said he’s not going! Get lost! Hurry and get lost!” “…Eungyu…please, I have to be with you…” My voice turned desperate and Eungyu slowly let go of the mike. “…please…? Let’s just make some time for ourselves…I’d be happy with an hour…please, Eungyu, let’s go make some memories…” I guess Seohyun heard my already desperate voice start shaking… “Eungyu, go. I’m guessing that if you don’t go right now you’ll regret it. Jungwon’s asking you to just be with her…” .. .... For a while, he looked at the mike then me…then the mike again and Eungyu squeezed my hand. “Let’s go.” “…thanks… ..” Darky stomped her foot on the ground and started spazzing… “Hey! Shin Eungyu, you said you’d sing for me!!!” “Instead of singing to you, I’ll hang out with Jungwon for a while. For the meantime, you can sing to yourself. ^0^ .” Stop it… If you keep saying things like that I’ll like you even more… I shouldn’t be falling any deeper for you…but I can’t help it… Weakly, I walked out the room… …with Eungyu… Chapter 67 For the first time, I linked arms with Eungyu, but unlike what I expected him to do (which was pull his arm away) he held up his arm firmly for me so that I could continue to link arms with him. “Let’s go to the arcade first! I don’t think we’ve played games against each other at the arcade yet!” “Okay .” “Then we’ll take studio pictures and then lets eat ice cream…since you gave me a necklace I’ll buy you a hat!” “I don’t wear hats…” “Since I bought it for you, you have too.” +Underground Arcade+ “Hey!! Stop eating all the points and pop the bubbles!” “I like bananas~” “I keep dying without you helping me! Don’t eat the king cake, I’m going to eat it!!! HEY!!!” “I like eating the king cake too… ^0^ ..” I put my hands down from the knobs on the video game machine. And Eungyu continued to play and eat the cakes and bananas without noticing that I had let go of the controls. “Hey, my character’s a dragon, I just noticed. Dragon! Dragon, it’s the king!!” I don’t know what the hell he was so happy about, but grinning like a little kid he pointed to the screen and at the green dragon. “You’re so annoying! I’m never going to play with you again!” I’m going to go on a motorcycle game. I got up from my seat to look for the motorcycle game when from behind me, someone grabbed my wrist. “What the hell, Shin Eungyu are you mad that I­” +SLAP!!+ ..... ..... The arcade that only Eungyu and I were in was filled with another body. My cheek was numb…seriously, that was the only thing I felt…wait. I didn’t even feel it. When I gathered my senses, and looked up, I saw the girl that was Heewon’s girlfriend. “…did Heewon come to school?” “B!tch…crazy b!tch…” ... A few girls who seemed to be her friends were smirking at me from the entrance of the arcade. And… Eungyu who had got up to stand behind me walked up to the girl, raised his hand and brought it down on the girl’s face. For a while…the girl just stared down at the ground. “…why do they keep bothering you? It’s all red.” Eungyu said looking at my cheek and tracing over it with his thumb. The girl opened her mouth… “…aren’t you Kang Heewon’s friend?” “Yeah, I am.” “I pity you. You’re just like me, poor us…” “No, it’s poor YOU, not US.” Eungyu put his hand on my shoulder and walked past the girl. “Don’t you hate her?! She’s met eyes with Kang Heewon don’t you know that?! How could you not know?!” ... ...... “You don’t go to church, do you.” Church? What’s that got to do with it? "......" “Well, you should start going from now on. That way they’ll teach you about trust, cause you need to learn what it is.” .. Why does he keep saying things like that. I have to get ready to break up with him…but I can’t. We left the building, and Eungyu continued to touch my red cheek with his cold hand. “…let’s go take pictures.” “…Eungyu…” “Yeah?” “…why are you trusting me till the end…? We’re more than a couple of meters away, why aren’t you talking about that…?” “…even if we were a 1000 meters away I’d still go looking for you. That’s why. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, I’ll always find you.” .... .... “…even if I didn’t something bad, would you still trust me…? Even if I do something really bad? Even if I do something to hurt you?” “…you trust me, and I trust you…” "...." “That’s why I still trust you. It’s like a promise we never made .” I turned my head, I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him. I looked up through the corner of my eyes and I can see Eungyu. Inside the photo studio, we took a picture in black and white and divided it in half between us. My face was kind of darkish, boring looking…but on the other hand, Eungyu’s came out bright looking and light. “Hey! It’s a dragon doll!” He yelled as he was picked out a hat in the hat store. He grabbed the doll. Even though the unnie working at the story said it was there for decoration and not for sale, Eungyu used his charm and finally convinced her to sell it him. Eungyu, who had on a jean hat, and me who had the dragon doll in my arms were peacefully walking down the sidewalk, side by side. +That Night+ Eungyu and I went to his rehearsal room for practice and as I was waiting I was able to argue with Darky. When I headed home, Jaegwang continued to ignore and act as if I didn’t exist, and I slowly walked into my room with the dragon doll still in my arms. Now…there’s 5 days left… 5 days…. .... Eungyu trusts me…even if I do something bad he says he’ll trust me… But the only thing I can do for him… …is be with him for 5 more days… …that’s all… Chapter 68 D­Day 5 The next day. I skipped school and headed over towards their practice room, and on the other side of the door, I heard Darky’s loud voice ever so loudly on the other side. “Eungyu, you over sang this part. You did well, but too much feel is bad sometimes too. It sounds like you’re desperate.” You sound more desperate Darky . I slammed open the door and I could see Eungyu practicing. What the hell is Darky to listen to Eungyu sing everyday!!! “Hey! Shin Eungyu, let’s go eat something!” .. …with my loud yell Eungyu continued to hum the melody and with an angry face, Darky’s large eyes glared up at me and I couldn’t see my love Seohyun unnie. Where is she? “Shin Eungyu! Let’s go, I said let’s go~!” “I’m singing.” “I know that! But let’s go out, don’t you think there are too many things we haven’t done yet?!” .... ..... Eungyu put down him music seeing that I was serious and looked up at me. “What’s wrong with you. Yoon Jungwon, I told you I’d be with you after the competition! There’s only 5 more days!” “…5 more till the competition…?” “YEAH! We’re going to meet each other then aren’t we?! Why the hell do you keep talking like you’re never going to see me?!” The necklace hanging from Eungyu’s neck was crying… …or it just seemed like it… “Hey! Are you really Eungyu’s girlfriend?! Why the hell are you bothering him so much?! Get the hell out and stop bothering Eungyu when he’s practicing!” I felt a vein pop out of my forehead. “Then what the hell are you?! What the hell are you to listen to Eungyu sing everyday! Why do you keep sticking to him?! When are you going home?!” “Are you kidding me? I’m Eungyu’s voice coach, not some silly little girl who’s taking him away from what he loves. Get it?” “…hey Darky, follow me.” “You think I’m scared of you?!” ... .... I’m going to kill you today, I swear it…but something stopped me. “…Yoon Jungwon, you go out on your own.” Eungyu said in an exhausted voice. “…Eungyu….” “I trust you, but what’s wrong with you these days? Stop it, Yoon Jungwon. I wasn’t to earn money by winning this competition. I want to do my best on that stage…stop keeping me from winning…” ... …yeah…? You want to do your best on that stage… You want to earn the prize money…? …you don’t even know how short 5 days are to me… …you don’t know how important they are to me… “…okay then. Have fun winning that money and have fun on that stage. I’ll just love you all by myself for the next 5 days… I guess this is where we part then you and I…” I put my hand in my pocket and squeezed the knife in my pocket tightly, and with the other hand I grabbed the door handle. I could hear Darky’s harsh laugh. “…if I see you out in the street…” “What? Yoon Jungwon, did you just say that to me?” +SLAM+ I could hear Nari running towards me. “Unnie, unnie what’s wrong, you shouldn’t have done that! It’s your fault this time, just let Eungyu oppa sing. Do you know how important that competition is to Eungyu oppa? You can’t urge him to do better? Unnie, do you have to make it harder for him to choose between you and music?!” Nari’s eyes were shaking angrily, and I could see tears starting to gather. ... My heart hurt for some reason… “…it’s because I’m selfish…I want to see Eungyu as much as I can…I want to be alone with Eungyu as much as I can… it’s because this unnie is selfish, Nari…can I ask you a favor?” “…you should be selfish, if you keep acting that way that black unnie is going to take Eungyu oppa!!! I gave him up because of you, why do you keep making me regret what I did. Just please make Eungyu oppa happy.” “…when I leave, Nari, will YOU do it for Eungyu…? Make him happy I mean.” “…excuse me?” “Please just do it in my place. Eungyu gets jealous easily so don’t meet other guys. He likes strawberry ice cream the most and when he eats, he gets stuff all over his mouth so you have to carry around a handkerchief okay?” “…what are you saying? Unnie, what do you mean?” “Don’t tell him anything, you’re just the only one I can trust right now. For the meantime, Eungyu won’t let you get close to him, but don’t give up. He gest lonely fast so you have to be with him a lot. If he loses friendship and love at the same time then he’ll get depressed, but make sure that you make him sing happy songs okay?” Silently, Nari held onto my shirt and on the other side of the door I can hear Eungyu’s voice… +On the way home+ I haven’t don’t anything today, but the days gone by already. I swore to myself that I’d make you laugh…so much for doing that… =_=.. From afar I can see Sohyun unnie with a man. .. ….when I squint my eyes, I could see it’s Jaegwang. ..... That stupid boy with a lot of skill charming older woman saw me, looked up and down, and turned his head. Forget it you ass!! “Yoon Jungwon.” Behind me I heard a familiar voice that I didn’t really want to hear. What it I get a heart attack and die? “Kang Heewon!” Jaegwang yelled loudly running over to us. Quickly I grabbed Heewon’s hand and dragged him out of the neighborhood running like mad Chapter 69 +PANT+ +PANT+ I don’t’ know whyI’m running right now, but I eventually stopped when Heewon stopped following after me. “Hey…+PANT+ Yoon Jungwon, are you doing this because of your brother? Oh my God I think I’m going to die. >_< !” When I looked behind Heewon’s head, I could see Jaegwang chasing after us like crazy 50 meters away. Holy sh!t! He’s even rolled up his sleeves! >_<!! “Let’s just run okay?? I know that’s it’s embarrassing for you to run away from a kid younger than you, but..." “What the hell! What the hell is this! I don’t want to run away from him! I’m not going to run anymore!” He pulled me back and stood in his spot., and I used all my strength to pull him, but yes, he was a guy also and I was a girl. I can see Jaegwang’s red face getting nearer by the second!!! NO!!!! “Run! Just run! Heewon!! I really don’t want to fight with anyone!!!” “…promise me you’ll be with me tonight.” (TN: not the pervy thing you guys are thinking “WHAT? WHAT?!” .) What the hell is he saying?! Ahk! Jaegwang, it’s okay for you not to run so fast!!! I can’t even see your feet! “Get the fawk away from my sister you fawking piece of sh!t!!!” I grabbed Heewon’s hand and started pulling him along with me. My two feet started to run like crazy and our little game of tag lasted at least another 20 minutes. Us two siblings are so in shape ^0^, anyways, I just continued to pull Heewon along with me. Jaegwang saw out hands together . “Hey you bastard!!!! You fawking bastard let go of my nuna’s hand!!! You playing with me?! I told you to let go of her fawking hand!!! If I catch you, you better pray to God you bastard!! AGH!!” As we were running… Seohyun unnie passed us with a blank expression on her face… And then that Darky b!tch… And then behind Darky was Nari… ..... ....... I slowly looked behind me and Ta Da~ There was Eungyu with his guitar on his back… I turned around halfway and stareed at him, numbly he dropped all of the music in his hands. I quickly looked past Eungyu and Heewon stopped next to me panting heavily. “If we keep running like this there’s going to be no end! Is your brother still chasing after us?!” “YEAH! TT0TT !!!” Heewon paused for a moment. NO! Don’t stop, if we stop any longer we’ll get caught! He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a dark building with the shutters half closed. He shoved me in and then jumped in after me. We looked out the window through the half closed shutters and we saw Jaegwan fly past still running like there was no tomorrow. Why didn’t we think of this before?? My face was full of sweat and I wiped it away quickly, and I could see Heewon panting as if he was just about to die. I could see his two eyes shining. “Did you see him chasing after us? He’s not human, holy sh!t…I think Eungyu saw us, what do we do.” “…he’s going to find out anyways…” “…huh? Oh right.” The small space we were in was dark and I can still hear him panting to catch his breath. Man, what the hell are we doing… I don’t know if it’s because of the cement surrounding us, but I started getting a little cold. A little while later, Heewon threw his jacket at me. “Huh? I’m fine, you can wear it.” “Put it on.” ... An awkward silence passed for 10 minutes. “Let’s go out.” I said poking my head out the door, as I was about to head out, he grabbed my arm. His face was 30 centimeters away from my face… …were his eyes always this bright…? “I missed you a lot….” “…huh? Oh…let me get something to drink!” I yelled and sped out as if a pack of a hundred dogs were chasing me. With my red face, I ran towards the quickest little store. I walked in and picked up two cartons of chocolate milk. Oh right, he doesn’t like milk. I put the carton down. Behind me, I heard a scratchy voice. “…you must like chocolate milk… .” …scary little bastard… “…I lost… …” Jaegwang said, neon lights reflecting on his pale face, I dropped the carton of milk in my hands on the ground. Ignoring the looks I got from the other customers in the store, I had to force a smile and be pulled out by Jaegwang. Jaegwang was really pissed off. The wrist he was holding started to turn red, yup, he’s really mad… “…you were REALLY scary when you were chasing after us. I mean REALLY scary, you were worried about me weren’t you, you little ass. . You were afraid that you’re nuna would be hurt. I was the one who was pulling him with me. “What if Eungyu hyung saw!!!” “…he did.” “You can’t meet that Kang Heewon bastard! I’ll let you meet anyone BUT that bastard!!! I’ll never let you while I’m still breathing got that?!” “Okay, you little bastard. Let go of my wrist.” “Oh!!!! Thinking of running away again?! I even dropped my phone cause of you!!!!!!” “…do you hate him that much…?” “I hate him more that Sohyun’s boyfriend!! Happy?!” Oh…I see…that much, huh? Wait, Heewon’s waiting for me right now. What am I supposed to do… He looked at the jacket that I was wearing and then he tightened his grip on my wrist and started to drag me home. When we had just about entered our neighborhood…. "...." I saw Eungyu and Darky waiting outside their front gate… Chapter 70 In front of the front gate was Eungyu with Darky, and I quickly lowered my head. I really didn’t plan to meet him this time… I really didn’t… After seeing Eungyu, Jaegwang opened his mouth… “Just punish her so that she’ll never meet him again!” He yelled and without another word, he slammed the front gate shut and went into the house. “…oh…yeah, uh Jaegwang caught me…” What the hell am I saying? “Sorry that you had to see me back there…” Wait, I don’t want to be saying this either! Dammit. Eungyu looked up at me, more like glared, and Darky grinned brightly. She had Eungyu’s jacket covering her, what the hell! Didn’t she bring any of her own clothes!?! And all off a sudden… Silently, Eungyu pulled off his jacket off Darky, who was only wearing a large top, let out a small scream. “Shin Eungyu! What the hell!” He walked over to me a step at a time and Eungyu took Heewon’s jacket off me and replaced my back with his jacket instead. “Why are you wearing this?! What are you doing wearing his!” “…sorry…” He just rolled his eyes and with his own cold hands started rubbing my hands to warm them up. “Well, since your hands are warm. What else did you do?” “…we didn’t do anything.” “…Heewon said he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore. He said he’s the one who’s going to look after you, not me.” “…I see…” “It doesn’t matter since I trust you. The competition’s in five days, and then you’re going to come to me, right?” ... …just please…don’t say that you trust me… …every time you say that…it hurts me even more and more… You don’t know anything, I HAVE to go to Heewon in five days…I have too… I won’t be able to look up any longer, I’ll have to look down at the ground… “In five days when you come, wear something red. No wait, I’ll give you a zebra striped hat so wear that to the competition. That way I’ll be able to see you more easily.” ... Five days…? I won’t be by you in five days… “During the five days, I’ll be really busy practicing so I won’t be able to see you… After the competition…Let’s stick by each other even in the mornings, okay?” "............" He played with the necklace around my neck and then brought me in a tight hug for about 3 seconds, and then after he pulled away he gave a big grin. Eungyu walked into his house with Heewon’s jacket in his arms, and Darky just stood muttering to herself angrily. B!tch. She has a nice body. I hugged Eungyu’s jacket tighter to myself and walked into the house. As soon as I stepped in, I saw that stupid she­cat Pupu glaring at me. “What the hell are you looking at?!” “Meow~” “You ugly little monster, go look someplace else!” “Meow! Meow~” She jumped off the seat and started slowly off. “Yoon Jungwon!” Jaegwang yelled, pushing past me and picking up Pupu quickly. Dammit. I quickly ran up to my room, when did that cat become more precious to him that his own sister? Stupid b!tch cat, I’m never going to give it tuna ever again. +That Night+ When I checked my phone for any messages, I was surprised by my ring. “…why didn’t you come…” “Oh! Heewon, I’m so sorry! Jaegwang found me and he pulled me home, you waited a lot didn’t you? I’m really truly sorry…” “…no, it’s fine. I’ll see in 5 days, I rented a café so that we can throw a party.” “…party?” “It’s our first day that day…you promised you’d be with me every day after that day…” ... Heewon’s voice was filled with sadness… “…Heewon, that day is the day of Eungyu’s competition. I want to go there…” “…it’s our first day. I don’t want you with another guy that day, it’s a 6. Just come to the café that we went to often, I’m hanging up. Good night.” I guess…Eungyu really isn’t a friend to him anymore… And five days passed, whenever I saw Eungyu by chance he gave me nothing more than a big grin. Ever since he’s banned me from going to his rehearsal room, that’s all he’s done. +D­Day Start+ It was 4 in the afternoon. The hat Eungyu had given me was held tightly in my hand. I was dressed in a casual suit. When I saw Eungyu this morning… +Flashback+ His hair was dyed whitish grey for this one day. A star shaped earring hung from his ear and on his eyebrow was a crescent moon shaped silver piercing. The black t­shirt he wore was designed with a multiple number of skulls. A silver necklace with large silver balls encircled his neck. Someone had put smeared a little glitter under his eyes. I don’t know if he’s borrowed Nari’s blue lens, but he wore blue contacts over his usual light brown eyes. It was the first time I’d ever seen him like this, and he was at his best. He looked good enough for me to question myself if he really was going out with me. Darky smiled and Eungyu grinned at me brightly. “What the hell is she doing?!” “I’m the bass you b!tch.” Oh~ That’s why you came up… “…good luck today.” He pat my head and took the hat from my hands and put it on my head. “What are you saying, you’re coming~ You have to get there early, that way I’ll be able to see you easier! Oh hey, better call 119 (TN: 119 is the Korean version of 911) ahead of time. Before you pass out at my Godliness. “…Eungyu…you see…” “Ima go! I’ll see you later, I’m so nervous! I’ll see you later dragon!” +End Flashback+ .... ...... What…am I supposed to do… I put on my shoes and pushed past the front gate. …my head hurts… …my heart hurts… Let’s go… I took a deep breath, and started out… Chapter 71 I got onto a taxi. I told him where I wanted to go and he quickly sped off. .... ....... I have to see him… The last week that I had with him…was wasted practicing for this competition… I’m sorry Heewon… I have to see him, I have to see Eungyu singing, I won’t be late, after I see Eungyu sing I’ll leave… It’s today… The today I hoped would never come… The today I have to leave the Eungyu I love… I looked at the window, and I could see my tears trailing down my cheeks… …I barely put any of this makeup on…I have to look pretty for him… “We’re here miss.” “…thank you.” I stepped out the taxi and I could hear loud screams coming for the crowd inside. With a beating heart, I started walking closer to the auditorium. I’d thought it would have been an open competition outside. As I stepped inside, I saw the stage, and I could a couple of guys singing. All the seats were filled with people in their teens and twenties, I desperately looked around for seats but I couldn’t find any. I helplessly leaned against the wall. “I came to see the band ‘Do­Re­Mi­Fa­Sol­La­Ti­Do’!! Their lead vocal is hella hot!!” “Oh my gosh! I heard about him, I best ¾ of the people here came to see him!” “Ahk! The lights are turning off, I think they’re coming out!” Do­Re­Mi­Fa­Sol­La­Ti­Do? What a funny name for a band. They came to this competition to see that lead singers? Boy obsessed freaks… … The loud beating of drums echoed throughout the auditoriums and I could hear the lead singer of the band start to sing. All the lights were turned off and I squint my eyes to see the singer. The first band was a group of four guys… I think I’ll go to sleep until Eungyu’s band comes out. I tried finding a comfortable position in my seat, but opened my eyes at a unique sounding song. A number of loud screams were heard inside the auditorium. Ow my ears… TT_TT “Presentin!!! The band that won last years competition! This year we’ve waited anxiously for them to perform…blah… blah…” God! When is Eungyu and the others coming out?! It’s already 8:30... …I glanced at my phone… …Heewon’s going to kill me… “Do­Re!!! Mi­Fa­Sol­La­Ti­Da!!!” Huh? As soon as the announcer stopped talking, my eyes opened wide as… I saw Seohyun unnie… …Darky… …Nari… …and Eungyu… Shin Eungyu’s band’s name is Do­Re­Mi­Fa­Sol­La­Ti­Do?! I didn’t I know before?! With a guitar around his skinny body, Eungyu stood in front of the mike, and with a short bow he adjusted the mike in front of him. Darky was frowning… And Seohyun unnie was grinning brightly ^0^! I quickly put the zebra print hat on my head ignoring the stares that the girls sitting next to me were giving. I could see Eungyu looking around as he sang, he’s looking for me…I can tell… Eungyu!!! “AHK!! OPPA!!! Oh my gosh!!! OPPA!” “…holy sh!t, can anyone get any louder…” "… ...." With the sound of Seohyun unnie drums their performance started. At the same time, the announcer’s loud voice filled the auditorium. “Alright! The song was composed and written by Shin Eungyu!! Here’s their song ‘One Week’!” One Week…? …it somehow relates to me… Unlike a few seconds ago, the auditorium became silent. Dead silent. The girls all stared at the stage with their eyes wide and their hands tightly clasped. …and finally…Eungyu’s soft voice poured out through the auditorium. + The time that girl can chose~~ The time that I trust her, but can’t help but think these thoughts~~ It’s not been that long, but I find myself looking at my watch over and over again~~ A week is all it takes for her to leave and watch me from his side~~ You can give me nothing but your tears, but I know~~ With every passing moon, my trust in her grows~~ Because she’s the only one I can trust without any regret~~ I’ll trust her~~ I know she’ll come to me so I’ll trust her~~ I just hope she has enough trust in me to know that I’ll hug her tightly~~ Let’s just be forever even if the moon melts away, even if the sun crumbles~~ + ... ...... Eungyu stepped back from the mike and the sounds of the instruments fill the auditorium instead of Eungyu’s voice… He smiles brightly as he spots me in the crowd… I can’t think of any other word to describe him with except ‘best.’ …he knew… He knew about the week I had…did Heewon tell him… Eungyu’s known all along…know everything he’s said is finally making sense… “We’re going to see each other then! Why do you keep talking as if you’re never going to see me ever again!” “I trust you, but what’s wrong with you these days? Stop it, Yoon Jungwon. I wasn’t to earn money by winning this competition. I want to do my best on that stage…stop keeping me from winning…” “What’s wrong with you. Yoon Jungwon, I told you I’d be with you after the competition! There’s only 5 more days!” .... ....... He’s known and he still trusts me… He’s know all along and he’s smiled at me, and he’s given me his trust… …why… …why did you trust me, I’ve already become further away from you…why do you keep trusting me… “AHK! Oppa!! OPPA!!! OPP~~~~A!!!” With a few screams here and there Eungyu’s sad song ended… Seohyun unnie put down her drumsticks slowly… With the mike still in his hands, Eungyu opened his mouth… .. “…Yoon Jungwon, I knew you’d come…let’s be forever .... .... He put the mike on the stand and disappeared behind the curtains… The reaction was instant. …” “What the hell! Who the hell is Yoon Jungwon! Is it a guy?!” “It’s a girl dumbsh!t! He said ‘let’s be forever’! Who the hell is it?!” .. …the tears were falling endlessly for my eyes… The tears started soak up my clothes, I have to go to Heewon…I have too…but I can’t bring myself to… An hour passed and the rank was starting to be called out… My head felt numb, and I can’t hear anything… Eungyu, Seohyun unnie, Nari and Darky all went up to the stage to receive their prize as they were called for first… Eungyu accepted the large bouquet of flowers and the large trophy, and grinned brightly at me. …Eungyu…congratulations… I’m really happy for you… I’m so relieved that our week didn’t go to waste… …I love you… Eungyu, I really love you. …in your heart and in mine…we’ll be forever… +In front of the auditorium+ I was reaching for a taxi, wiping my tears and calling for a taxi when… “Oy! Eungyu’s wife! Whereya goin?!” It’s Seohyun unnie. In both hands she had a bouquet of flowers and she was getting closer. “…oh unnie, congratulations, I’m really happy for you.” “…then why are you crying…” “I’m not crying…I’m just so happy.” I quickly wiped my tears. “Alright!! Yahoo!! Dragon! Dragon!” .. ..... Seohyun unnie quietly left us alone but not before saying. “If you break up I’ll kill you.” ... ...... Eungyu started at his trophy happily. “Where were you! I looked all over for you! Finally found you! ^0^! Let’s go get a drink, let’s go, let’s go! We’ll go with Doyi and my nuna! Your brother, Seohyun nuna and Nari! Let’s all get a drink! We got a hella lot of money, I’ll get you anything you want!! ^0^!” “…Eungyu…” “It’s dangerous here. Let’s go someplace safer! ^0^.” Eungyu took my wrist and started waving frantically for a taxi, behind us we could hear girls screaming for Eungyu. ..... ...... “…Eungyu…I hope you do well…” “Huh? O_O .” “…sorry for not being forever…I’m sorry…” “What are you saying! TAXI!!!” “I have to go to Heewon, you were wrong…I didn’t come to see you…you shouldn’t trusted me…” "............" Chapter 72 "............" ... ...... ........ Silently, Eungyu started at me with a sad face, and from his eyes… One tear fell, like a lie, it fell out of his eye and rolled down his cheek slowly… “…don’t cry…don’t cry, Eungyu, I one I love is you…I love you… But the person I have to take care of is Heewon…if I come to you…I’m just afraid Heewon will die…Eungyu, I’m not throwing you away, it’s not that. You have to believe me…I couldn’t do that even if I wanted too…” The girls started getting closer to us, and I slowly took a step back from Eungyu… Eungyu just looked at me, and opened his mouth to say in a strained voice… “…but…I trust you…you can’t go…if you go, I don’t know what’ll happen to me…I might go crazy…” ... ... “…what do I do…what am I supposed to do…you have a family, you have friends…but Heewon doesn’t have any of that, I can’t do anything…I’m caught in the middle…” “If I don’t let you go, if I won’t let you go, what are you doing to do…” I couldn’t bare to look at him, I couldn’t look up at Eungyu who had given me all of this trust, so I lowered my head. The girls finally reached us and encircled Eungyu… “AH! Oppa, just one picture! Can you take one picture with me?!” “Oppa! Who’s Yoon Jungwon? She’s not your girlfriend is she? Right!?” “Oppa! Can you pat my head for me, just once?!” I was pushed away from Eungyu, and I just looked at Eungyu caught in the mass of girls. I caught a taxi and climbed inside the car. “Yoon Jungwon!!! Yoon Jungwon! Please, please, just move, I can’t lose her, just please get out of the way!” ... .... Eungyu’s last words stuck in my head and I felt my throat and my eyes start to burn, and all the way the taxi was nearing closer to the café I was crying. When the taxi stopped, I wiped all my tears away and took a deep breath. I could see that the café was dark inside, did Heewon leave? I slowly took a step after a step… …and all of a sudden the café lit up as I opened the door. In the center of the café was a small round table with a small cake, champagne (TN: sorry, that part pissed me off… Ahem! Sorry…about this… …) and a small little box. … it’s like they’re getting married or something. Champagne?! …and there was Heewon who quickly crushed the cigarette in his hand and smiled brightly as he saw me. “You’re a little late…” “…huh? Yeah…” “…you cried…” “Yeah…I still am… …” He picked up the small present and walked towards me. With his strong arms, he pulled me into a tight hug and started to stroke my hair… “…I know it’s going to be hard…I’m sorry I did this to you…but I couldn’t let you go…and I’m even more sorry about that…” I continued to cry, forcing myself not to make any sounds… “…I won’t do this to you anymore…let’s try to be happy…We’ll be happy…” …let’s be forever… Eungyu’s bright and happy voice encircled my head and the inside of me musky…as it continued to repeat itself over and over… Heewon slowly wiped away the tears that were flowing out gently… “Oh, right. .” He said pulling and grinning brightly. He handed the small present in his hand over to me. "...." “…open it…” I hesitantly parted the tissue paper and looked inside…and the thing that I saw was a white necklace… “Put it on, I had a hell of a time looking for something as pretty as that.” I fingered the necklace that Eungyu gave me and Heewon noticed me hesitating and looked intently at the necklace around my neck. “What’s that… My Piggy <3 ? …take that off…” I shook my head slowly… “…take that off…hurry…” “…no…I don’t want to…” “…I said to take it off…” ..... ........ “Heewon, what do I do…I miss Eungyu…I miss him already…what am I supposed to do now…I don’t think I can forget him…I really don’t think I can…” The café grew chilly and quietly, and Heewon reached up with his hand and yanked the necklace off… With a yell of protest, I grabbed for his right hand…. Without a pause in his actions, Heewon threw the necklace out the window… “…I’m going to erase that Shin Eungyu in your head one at a time…” I ignored him and ran out the café where Heewon’ had thrown my necklace… “Yoon Jungwon!” The dirt outside was hard and cold, and I saw a small rubbed doll…there it is… I ran towards the necklace, and froze when I saw Eungyu standing in front of it… He looked down at the broken clasp and the looked up at me…the turned his cold eyes past me… I hesitantly turned around…and with the white necklace in his hand there was Heewon… …Eungyu slowly took a step forward… Chapter 73 “Kang Heewon…” …silently, Heewon grabbed my wrist tightly… “Kang Heewon, let go.” Eungyu said, his voice turning unbelievably cold… “…let’s not fight Shin Eungyu, isn’t this what we didn’t want? Fighting, growing apart because of a girl…? Just go…” “I said to let go of her wrist…” “…I’m the one holding it, and I’m going to be the one holding onto it in the future. I don’t like avoiding you, but I don’t like seeing you right now even more.” Eungyu walked up closer to Heewon and pulled away my arm from his grasp. “She’s mine. Kang Heewon, don’t hold back Jungwon because of your own selfishness…” “…selfishness…? Are you done talking…?” “I’m not even sure if I’d send her to you even if she said she loved you with all her heart. You think what you have is love…? Even if you guys get together, you think you guys will be all lovey dovey and happy?” “You think I don’t know that? How do you think it makes me feel to keep her by me when I knew she’s not happy…” For a long time, Heewon and Eungyu stood silent. I might even be begging God to let Eungyu grab my wrist and pull me away… Eungyu picked up the necklace on the ground. “I’ll treat it and make him all better. , I need to ask Doyi to sew it for me…” Right then… Heewon kneeled in front of Eungyu with a pause… …he kneeled towards Eungyu… “I’m begging you, if I don’t have her, I don’t think I could continue living. You know how hard it is for me right now? I want to die whenever I close my eyes… If I don’t have her, I can’t go one… I threw you away for her, don’t take her away… I’m…begging you…” …and I started getting mad…angry… “…Kang Heewon, what the hell are you doing. Get the hell up. Why are you kneeling, why are you kneeling, why are you begging because of me?! Shin Eungyu, Kang Heewon, I’m not worth all this fighting. There’s nothing good about me worth fighting for! Eungyu, I threw away your trust and Heewon, even if I’m with you, I’m going to think about Eungyu. I’m selfish, and I have a dirty temper…just…just get up… Heewon, get off your knees!” I grabbed Heewon’s shoulders and started shaking him frantically… Eungyu dropped the necklace in his hand… ...... ......... “Then…what about me…I miss her even when she’s with me…Who am I supposed to laugh for, who am I supposed to sing for…why do you keep talking like that…if you talk like that…if you say things like that…I have to back down…” Dammit. Fawk…what the hell is going on… Why can’t I love someone the way I want to…why can’t I even hold onto my friend the way I want to… What’s wrong with me… If someone is listening…answer me… …just tell me when this is all going to end…please…just tell me… “…I’m going to look for a way us three can get back to the way we were…I’m going to find a way for al of us to be happy…just don’t get too close to each other…” Eungyu looked over at me and grinned weakly, he lifted Heewon to his feet and picked up the necklace on the ground… slowly turned around and started getting further away… ... .... …please let this end happily… Please let it be a happy ending… …like Eungyu said…let us three all be happy again… Heewon sat down on the ground, and looking at the white necklace in his hands started laughing quietly. And I sat down, more like collapsed, next to him and started laughing like crazy thinking of Eungyu… …it’s all so funny…so funny… Twists here and turns there… Pain and even more pain, it’s gone past pain…and now it’s even funny… It’s just so funny… +That Morning+ …on the attic top next door, I could hear Darky’s loud voice. “Come out you fawking b!tch! You did this, didn’t you!!! Who the hell are you to make my friend cry?! Huh? Answer that, you b!tch!!! Get the hell out of there, I’m going to beat your ass!!!” I quickly woke up and started to run towards the attic top with Jaegwang and even my mom following after me… “Huh? Answer me! Why did you make Eungyu cry!!! He didn’t even know how to cry, he didn’t until he met you!!! Why are you making him cry so hard it hurts him to breathe, who the hell are you b!tch to do this to my friend!!! Huh?!” …he didn’t know how to cry… …why are you making him cry so hard it hurts him to breathe… …Shin Eungyu, you were smiling like it was nothing earlier… “Hey! You deep fried dark b!tch, when the hell are you going back down to Chungjoo!?” Jaegwang shout out, and mom silently glared at me… “Why the hell would I go back down?! I’m going to kill your fawking sister first, then I’ll go back down, you stupid trashy bastard!” “…trashy bastard…? Are you done talking?! Do you even know what ‘trashy’ is?! It if fawking wasn’t for Sohyun, you’d be dead.” ... .... “Who’s Sohyun?” “Your daughter in law.” “Are you romancing the young lady next door?” “Yup! Want me to bring her over? ^0^ .” “I think you need a beating, do you know how old she is? I’ll hit you your ages combined.” .... ..... I was embarrassed to have anyone catch me crying so I walked back to my room. Because I was seeing Eungyu cry so hard it hurt him to breathe over and over in my head, I didn’t get a second of sleep the rest of that morning… …and for the first time in my life…I cried so much it hurt me to breathe… The next morning, I left my the house early in the morning… …I’ve become a monster that no one wants to see… Chapter 74 4 days passed, and I’ve seen Heewon at least 5 times, but I haven’t seen Eungyu once. I haven’t heard a little breeze of his voice at all… His jacket still hung on the clothes hanger on my door… I still had his zebra print hat… The pictures we took… The dragon doll… I’ve been so accustomed to having a mask on, it’s stuck on me… Using this as an excuse… I haven’t taken a shower in the past couple of days… I’ve worn the same blouse for my uniform… …and my two cheeks have become a little fuller, due to the fact that every time I thought of Eungyu I stuffed my face… I might have been accustomed to hiding myself, but at times I think I could have gotten accustomed a little neater and cleaner… If I met Jaegwang in outside, he’d act as if he didn’t know me and passed me casually… +6 at Night+ “Move.” I said pushing past Jaegwang who was blocking the stairs. With that damn she­cat Pupu in his arms, he quickly moved out of the way, afraid he’d touch any part of me. “How nasty! She smells like crap! Pupu, don’t ever go to that crazy b!tch, you’ll die. Okay?” "....." “Wash your hair will you! My friends say it’s scary seeing you!” “…so that’s why you act as if you don’t know me when we see each other…? Bastard…” “Start meeting Eungyu hyung again.” You don’t even know anything, that’s why you’re saying those words to easily… “…don’t say that name. When you say his name, I see his face. When I see his face, I want to see him. When I miss him and can’t see him, I’ll go crazy. If you want to see me sane, don’t say that name.” “…that sounded really hot!!! I’m going to say that to Sohyun if it ever comes to it!!” I collapsed onto my bed, and as I closed my eyes, I heard my phone start to ring… …it’s probably Heewon… “Hello.” “I’m in the park near your house. I’m going to wait until you come out.” +beep…beep…+ I left the house and started walking towards the park. .. Step after step…I’ve become a zombie… Standing at the entrance of the park, I looked around for Nari. “…I’m over here…” She said with Seohyun unnie on a wooden bench behind a couple of trees… TT_TT…it’s Seohyun unnie… The tip of my nose gave a little tingle…and I quickly sat down next to her. With a calm face on, Seohyun unnie pat my head. ... “Unnie, you broke up with Eungyu oppa didn’t you.” Nari asked in a voice a tone higher than her usual voice. “…don’t say his name…just refer to him as ‘him.’” “I heard from Doyi unnie that you left Eungyu oppa for Heewon oppa!” “…Shin Nari, stop it.” Seohyun unnie said in a low voice. I didn’t throw him away, I didn’t… Why are you talking like that…how could I throw Shin Eungyu away… “Why do you think oppa entered in that competiton?! He wanted to win and take you to the beach with the money we won, do you know how happy he was when he told us he rented one of the best condos over there? How could you tell him you wanted to break up with him on a happy day like that. If you were going to do that, why did you start again with him?!” Out of Nari’s large eyes, tears started to flow out. “…I’m sorry, Nari, I’m sorry…” “Sorry? Sorry about what? If you’re sorry towards me go and get back with Eungyu oppa. Go get him back, I don’t like seeing oppa crying, I don’t want to see him crying!!!! Why do you keep making things more complicated! …I really…I really hate you right now…you’re so selfish…I hate you…” ... ..... “Shin Nari, in your eyes you only see Eungyu crying don’t you. Don’t you see Jungwon crying…?” Seohyun unnie said putting down the hand that was on my hand and talking to Nari in a voice I’d never heard her use before. “Do you have to keep talking about the Eungyu’s tears and see Jungwon’s. Who’s selfish, if this hurts you, how hard do you think it’s hurting Jungwon. Did you call her out to say all this sh!t to her? Is that it?” Nari silently wiped her tears, and with her head lowered, she stood up from her seat and ran out of the park. ... Seohyun unnie remained behind and squeezed my cheek and hugged me reassuringly. I don’t know how much time passed, but unnie and I promised to see each other again and I watched silently as she got further and further away. I headed towards the closest grocery near my house and walked inside. Since it was Saturday, it was littered with different ahjummas. I grabbed a few bottles of sodi, paid for it and was heading home when something made my head shoot up. That accent… That voice…! “Holy sh!t, mon!!! Can’t cha give it ta me half price, mon!!!” “It’s 15 dollars, how can I give it to you half off, mister!! There’s no profit for me!!! Go! Go, leave!” “You’re going ta regret saying dat, mon!” “…I­I have a brother the same size as you!!! Don’t do this!!!” “Are you trying my fawking patience, mon!!!” .... ......... “Jungbin!” ..... ........ His face turned towards me, his face has at least doubles in size…wow. He’s the only person I know who’d wear a suit to the grocery story, Jungbin!!! TT_TT !!! “…sh!t…how embarrassing dat cha saw me like dat, mon. …” +An Alley+ Jungbin and I both had a plastic bag containing to different things in one hand. For a while, Jungbin just scratched his head saying it was embarrassing that I’d seen him arguing about the price of meat. “Gurlie, cha don’t look to good, mon.” “…it’s so nice to see you. I can’t belive I’m happy to see your face, you look healthy, that’s good.” “Da way cha talk’s changed also, mon! Go back to da way cha were, mon!” “… …” “What da hell is wrong wit cha!!” “…there’s nothing wrong with me…I just can’t act like I do…I can’t force myself…” "..........." It’s weird… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Jungbin, and I’m not usualy one to open up so easily. Not to Yoona, not to Jiyoung, but why am I opening up to Jungbin…? …and eventually I told him everything… I thought it’d be embarrassing to show my tears to this guy, so I bit my lip firmly and trying to hide my shaking voice, I told him little by little.. …little by little…until I’d told him everything… For a second, he glared down at me and he put out the cigarette that he was smoking with his two fingers. O_O “Isn’t…that hot?” “Stupid gurlie!!! You empty headed gurlie! I thot you were smart, mon! You’re stupider dan me, mon!” ".... ...." “After behind hurt like day! Do you really dink dat Kang Heewon really likes cha!!! My tops about to pop, mon.” Jungbin said starting to get angry and turn red. I forgot that his personality isn’t something to be praised… “Isn’t it obvious, mon!! I even know what’s going on, mon! He’s getting you back, mon!” I’d even forgotten his hell aloud voice… “It’s not that, that’s why I think I’m going to go crazy. If it was that, it’d be better off…but I think Heewon’s being sincere…” “How da hell would cha know!!! What if he’s playing, mon!” "....?" “Follow me, mon.” Jungbin grabbed my arm and started pulling him with me. He threw me into his car… ..... …and Jungbin started the engine on his car… “What? What are you doing. Stop it, don’t test him.” “Shut up, mon. Where’s the dirtiest place around here, mon.” "..." Chapter 75 What the hell is he thinking…? An open field near Eungyu’s school is an area where there are a lot of gang fights. It was a field filled with unfinished construction, that was put off and eventually never worked on again. I looked out the window and at the site. Jungbin had taken out his phone and was getting ready to dial a number. “It’s me! Me…I said it’s me!!! Bin!! Bin, mon!!!” I will never get used to him calling himself his name. …Bin… It’s not Chulbin…or Hyungbin… It’s Jung Bin…. “Who are ya wit right now, mon!! Is Dongsuk dere too, mon? Bring 3 guys here, it’s kinda big so hurry cha asses ova here!” His friends…? Jungbin hung up his phone and threw it aside. “What’s Kang Heewon’s number, tell me, mon.” “What are you doing?” “…Oh right, I have his number, never mind, mon.” “…what are you doing…?” He ignored me and Jungbin picked up his phone, and with one hand I quickly grabbed his wrist, and with a little flick, he threw my hand aside. He quickly started dialing some buttons. “Stop! Stop it, don’t do it! Heewon’s not feeling good! What are you doing, Jungbin!! What’s wrong with you!” .... ....... “…you Kang Heewon, mon.” “JUNGBIN!” With one hand, he tightly held my two hands, and with the other, he held up his phone. Your girlfriend Yoon Jungwon is with me right now, what’d we do? We kidnapped her, if I were you, I’d speed over here as fast as I could. Your girlfriend might be on da news tomorrow morning, so da faster da better.” “Kang Heewon!!! Can you hear me! His bastard’s putting on a show right now!!! Don’t come I’m fine! Hang up! What’s wrong with you?!” “…my friends wanted to get back at you for that one time…if you come we’ll send Jungwon back safely. 10 minutes.” He closed his phone and Jungbin put it back into his pocket. “What’s wrong with you, why’d you do that.” “…it’s not dat, mon. I want to show you, mon. I’m not going to do anything to dat Kang Heewon, so don’t worry, mon. You just watch with your own eyes to see if he comes or not. I want to see with mine too, mon.” Finished with what he had to say, Jungbin took out a cigarette. It made me mad, what he just did, but, I didn’t protest against what he’d said. “…I never asked you to show me that….turn the car on.” “…if what he feels towards ya is sincere, he’ll be here in 10 minutes. If he doesn’t, he’ll send the police, he wouldn’t waste his breath on a girl he doesn’t care about. Isn’t dat right?” With a deep sigh, I burried my face in my knees. “…okay. You just watch, when Heewon comes you’re the one who’d going to be made a fool, so just watch.” Ten minutes later… The car was surrounded by Jungbin’s friends… .. Jungbin and I’d gotten out of the car and was sitting on the ground with Jungbin’s friends. With his loud voice, Jungbin was giving all of them instructions. “Listen, mon! If da bastard comes, we’re going to act as if we kidnapped Jungwon!” “…what the hell, you called us for that?” “Ya, mon! Is that a problem?!” “No, I never said that.” “Oh…I forgot to tell you, you bastard, mons. He’s da one you all said would kill for having ya mons arrested. I’m warning yas right now, touch one hair and die, mons. Just let her go and talk to him, and let him go.” Jungbin’s friends all got up and the shortest one in the grounp started breathing as if he was hyperventilating. “Hey! That bastard, hw can I see him in front of me and not beat him?!” “I warned ya, mon!” “But­but!! I might not be able to control myself!” “Ya doubting what I’m saying, mon?!?!?!?!” What am I doing here? It’s already late, it’s over 12, what am I doing here, sitting with a group of guys the size of elephants… Heewon, just hurry, I really want to leave… TT_TT… Jungbin’s friends were still b!tching that they were going to beat Heewon, but Jungbin eventually calmed them down. …but I felt that Jungbin was loyal to his friends and it made me feel good… Even though he didn’t act like he was.. “Look! Look! Dat bastard’s not coming, mon! It’s been one hour!!” “…he’s mixed up the location…That’s why, he’s going to come.” “Come my big fat ass!!! Get it in cha head, he’s not sincere, mon!” “…I know Heewon, I know Heewon…Jungbin stop it…” “…phew…fine, den wait for him…” Jungbin’s friends were all muttereing angrily with a large bump on the top of their heads. Courtesy of yours truly. One hour… …Heewon’s just mixed up, he doesn’t know where we are… .. Inside, I was saying this to myself over and over. Jungbin impatiently ripped out his phone and dialed Heewon again. “Hey, where da hell are ya, want your girlfriend ta die?! What? What, what da hell diya say?!” .... .... Jungbin slammed shut his phone and threw it on the ground. “What’s wrong?” ß Jungbin’s friend. “…get in, Yoon Jungwon, I’ll take ya home.” ... …something was wrong, Jungbin’s voice was low… ... “Hey, what about us?” “Get lost!” “…we rode a taxi over here.” “Fawk, den wait here, I’ll be back, mons!” I got into the passenger’s seat and Jungbin slowly started the car. “Why…? What’d he say, what’d Heewon say?” "........" Jungbin was silent. ...... ....... He was silent for about 5 minutes and he finally reached the corner to the entrance of our neighborhood. “Hurry and get out, my friends are waiting, mon. I have to go.” “…okay…and pick up your phone when I call…” “…I’ll tell ya…” "......" “Dat bastard said it doesn’t matter. He told us to do whatever we wanted, and he hung up, mon.” “Liar…” “I wouldn’t lie about dat, mon. Well, at least you’re sure now. Go to Shin Eungyu before it’s too late, dis isn’t a warning, I’m asking as a friend, mon.” ..... ……..liar…. ... Jungbin’s car disappeared… Liar…. It doesn’t make sense… I shakily started home. …smiling like a dummy to myself, with my messed up hair and a sense of betrayal in my heart I walked home. The reason I’m smiling, is that I know that I can go to Eungyu without feeling bad about hurting Heewon… …the sense of betrayal? ... ...... Because I’d believed him, because I thought that he was sincere…. Because his most recent betrayal hurt… And… What I hear right now, isn’t imaginary… It’s his voice… “Yoon Jungwon.” ... .... He walked towards me from the front of my house’s front gate. “….what…” +SLAP!!!!+ .. .... ….it’d happened in less than a second, his hand had struck my cheek and I equally raised my hand and slapped him as hard as I could… Chapter 76 “Kang Heewon, why are you hitting me…because you’re pissed that you’re little scam blew over? Is that why you’re hitting me?” ..... ....... “…did you want to test me that much…? To see if I was sincere or not. To see if I was just playing with you? Did you want to test me that much…? Do you know how worried I was, I thought I was going to go crazy. You wanted to test me that much…?” .... ... Then… “…I went and I heard everything. I heard everything those bastards said and I just stayed there. I didn’t know what I’d do if I stayed there anything longer and I came back…I’ve been waiting for you since…” Right then. The front gate to Eungyu’s house opened. ..... It’s Eungyu…It’s Eungyu…Eungyu…it’s Eungyu…. He looked pale…thin… But he looked so scary, so mad… As soon as I saw him, tears started to flow out of my eyes. No wait, flow wasn’t the word. More like explode… The tears were endless… I took a step back and covered my mouth with my two hands. Eungyu grabbed Heewon’s collar. .. .... “I f you wanted Jungwon so much…if you needed her so much…why are you hitting her? If you were going to do this to her, why’d you beg…” “…you don’t look too we­” +PUNCH!!!+ Before Heewon could finish talking, Eungyu’s fist flew towards Heewon’s face. Heewon pulled back shakily and wiped the blood away from the corner of his mouth with his sleeve. “…Yoon Jungwon, are you retarded? …why are you getting hit? Who told you to go around getting hit, huh?” Eungyu asked in a quiet voice, and then went to grab Heewon’s collar again. “Eungyu! Stop, it’s not what you think! It was my fault this time, I didn’t trust him. So I worried him, and it was me who was mad when he should have been…don’t hit him…stop it…” He weakly let down Heewon and turned around to walk through his front gate… Just turn around once…just once… Just once so that I can remember your face…just once…please… He…turned… And… “…right now, you shouldn’t taking Heewon’s side. I’ve become the bad one now…I missed you….it feels good to see you again…” ... .... “…me too…I missed you a lot. Eungyu…I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” With a slam, the front gate closed and Eungyu was gone. We’re this close…we were this close, but I can’t see him…he’s somewhere where I can’t reach him… If love is supposed to be like this, I wouldn’t want to love even if I died a hundred times and over. Never. “…go in…sorry I hit you. Eungyu…” "....." “No…never mind, I’ll see you tomorrow. I thought my heart was going to burst when I got the call from that bastard. I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve run so fast. If it’s had trusting me as much as you trusted Eungyu…just give me half of it…” “…I’m sorry…” “I’ll see you.” Misunderstandings… Trust… Star crossed love… Tears… …longing for a person… …Heewon’s sincerity… That morning… I had to hear a load of sh!t from my mom and every time he heard Heewon outside, Jaegwang would start muttering this and that and storm up to his room. I closed my eyes and laid down on my bed. I’d rather sleep…yeah, let’s do that… Shin Eungyu…don’t come out in my dreams… Don’t… I don’t want to cry when I’m sleeping…it’s embarrassing…so don’t come out… .... .... 30 minutes passed… But the tears were endless… If I don’t see you right now I might die… I got up from my bed…I was already half crazy… I ran down the stairs… ... …I was half crazy… …yeah, that’s how I should described myself right now… Eungyu’s face…Eungyu’s voice…Eungyu’s hands…Eungyu’s grasp… …I was half crazy in Eungyu… If I was entirely crazy I wouldn’t able to think about Eungyu…so I was only half… With my two hands in a tight fist I started banging on their front door. Before mom could chase after me… “…who is it?” …a girl’s voice… “Eungyu…Eungyu…Eungyu…” “…you…” .... …..it’s Darky. A moment later, the gate opened and I could see Darky’s angry face. “…crazy b!tch.” “Move.” “Eungyu’s been sick that past few days.” “I said move.” “He’s been waiting for you ever since 10 saying that you haven’t come home. Coughing the whole time.” “….move…please…” “Why the hell did you get hit in front of their gate of all places!!!! Why’d you do and get hit and make Eungyu crazy huh?! He’s half dead because of you! AHK!” I pulled Darky out of the way with all my strength and started running towards their front door. With tired eyes, Sohyun unnie walked out tiredly. “Oh, it’s Jungwon… Hi Jung won ^0^!” I bowed at her and ran towards Eungyu’s room on the 2nd floor. “Eungyu!” Eungyu’s door room was open and it was dark inside… …I could see the form of a dark silhouette laying sprawled on the bed… Before I could think about what I was going I ran to his bed and hugged him tightly… So tight that it must’ve been hard for him to breathe. “…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…Eungyu, you know I love you right…? I can’t tell you how much. I missed you, Eungyu….I really missed you. What do I do, what am I supposed to live for…” ...... ...... And Eungyu slowly put his arms around me too… .... The door to the room opened… “You­ you, you­” Darky’s voice…and the door closed once again… Like that, without one word, he hugged each other hard enough as if to tell each other how much we loved each other. Please…let time freeze…let it stop. Time passed and dawn slowly poked her head out above the clouds… I slowly started to pull back from Eungyu, but he held on tighter to me and wouldn’t let go. “…I have to go…Eungyu’s it’s morning…” “…5 minutes…just 5 more minutes…” His whole body was warm… His body was hot from his fever. Eungyu buried his face into my arms and I couldn’t pull my arms away from Eungyu’s waist. And like that…a while passed once again… “…5 minutes have passed…” “No they haven’t…” “Retard, it’s been at least 50 minutes…” “…no it hasn’t.” “…it’s morning. I have to go, we have to say bye again.” “…my watch is broken, it hasn’t been 5 minutes yet. It’s far from it.” I wish time was broken… No, I wish, today would be broken… I wish it could stop like this forever… ..forever…you and me…forever… Chapter 77 +Around 9+ The door to the room opened once again and this time it was Sohyun unnie and Darky. “Oh my gosh! They’re hugging so tight ^0^ !” “Hey! When the hell are you going to come apart?! I thought you broke up!” .. .. .. …Eungyu’s two arms slowly loosened, and I pulled away and rested my feet on to the floor and got up. Eungyu limply fell onto his pillow, and Darky frantically ran next to him. “Oh my gosh! Eungyu!! Eungyu!! What do we do!! Call 119, hurry call, what if he dies!!!” “…Eungyu…Eungyu!!” Sohyun looked around, panicking for a phone… …what’s happening…? Only after I’d taken his warm hand I was able to realize he passed out because of his fever. “Hey! Move your fawking hand! If you knew he’d passed out, you should have called us!!!” “…Eungyu…what’s wrong…Shin Eungyu…Shin Eungyu…” “I dole you to move your damn hand!” “Shut up! Do you want to die?!” “…did you just say that to me…?!” I wanted to beat her, but this wasn’t the time to. After calling 119, Sohyun unnie ran in with a bucketful of cold water. “…u­unnie, what are you going to do with that?” “TT0TT!! Eungyu! Don’t die!!! You can’t die!!” With her loud wailing, she acted to dump the bucket on Eungyu. Realizing that Jaegwang’s one­and­only had a really weird side to her, I blocked Eungyu from the cold water. The freezing cold water flowed down my hair and my clothes. Luckily, the only place Eungyu got wet was his hair. Thanks to him, I’ve had my shower for the day. “Are you okay? TT_TT…” “No…<_<…” ... Darky impatiently tapped her feet on the floor. “Damn, why the hell aren’t they here yet? Hey! You better not come to see Eungyu anymore!’ “…I can’t anyways…” With that, I took Eungyu’s had and with my other hand I wiped Eungyu’s sweaty forehead. The necklace aroundEungyus neck…the necklace… And then I heard the sound of the sirens, and then following that the doorbell. The people came and carried Eungyu out on a stretcher…but he wouldn’t let my hand go…even though he was out…he wouldn’t let my hand go… So, I had to follow them out to the ambulance and to let Darky and Sohyun unnie get on, I forcefully pulled my hand away from his grasp. The ambulance disappeared along with the sirens. His touch still my hands tingle. I’m sure we were hugging for at least an hour… “Nuna! What happened to Eungyu hyung?! Did he pass out?! Did he faint?! Are you back with him?!” Jaegwang yelled behind me pulling my hair behind me. He quickly pulled his hand away and rubbed his hands on his shirt as if saying my hair was dirty. “…if you’re going to call me nuna, call me nuna. If you’re going to call me you, just call me you.” “Hey! I asked if he passed out! Hey! Why the hell are you so wet?!” “…your One­and­Only threw some water on me. Mom’s mad isn’t she?” “Mom doesn’t know you left, Sohyun threw water on you? Why? What happened to Eungyu hyung?!” “…let’s go in, it’s cold.” “Aish! You queen of pigs!! Tell me! Tell me! What if Eungyu hyung dies!!!” “…he’s dead. He and I are dead, happy?” One the way to the 2nd floor, I carefully avoided my mom and changed my clothes. Because Eungyu’s closed eyes kept appearing in front of me, I bit my lip and my nails nervously. The phone rang and thinking that it was Darky, I answered quickly. “How’s Eungyu!” “…it’s me…” The voice said after a few seconds of silence… “…oh, I’m sorry…” “Come out, I’m at the bus stop closest to your house.” “It’s okay if I don’t wash right?” “ …not like you ever do or did. It’s cold so just dress warmly.” “Okay.” Let’s just smile in front of Heewon, if I feel like crying, I’ll just keep it inside. I’ll just cry when I’m by myself. Heewon’s going to much more than I am, let’s just smile in front of him. I half to. Heewon greeted me with a tired face, it looked like he hadn’t gotten an ounce of sleep last night. His eyes opened wide when he saw my wet hair. “Why are you all wet?” “Oh, I washed it and it’s not dry yet.” “…then why does it still smell like crap?” “…I washed it with cat shampoo.” “You retard, I told you it’s cold out.” He took off the shirt he was wearing (he was wearing a wife beater underneath) and started rubbing my hair dry. His thin and lightly muscled body was shivering slightly. “I like my hair wet, it makes me feel sexy. Hurry and put that one, you’re shaking.” “Hey, lower your head. You’re too tall.” ".. .." “You want me to buy you some nice smelling cat shampoo?” “No, I’m fine. I have a lot of regular shampoo at home.” For the next ten minutes, Heewon’s continued to dry my hair, even right now, I can only think of Eungyu’s closed eyes. …I feel dizzy… Eungyu helped me stand straight…Eungyu? I said Eungyu, I meant Heewon… “…there, it’s almost all dry, what do I do with this…” Heewon said frowning at his dampened shirt. “Dummy, hold on, I’ll bring one of Jaegwang’s out.” “No, it’s fine. It’ll dry on the way.” “Where are we going?” “…the hospital….hey! Here’s the bus!” ... .... Heewon shoved me into the bus that had stopped in front of me. I sat down in the very back seats and Heewon plopped down next to me. He squeezed all out the water in his shirt, and a few drops fell to the ground. “Hey! Don’t do that to my bus!” The driver yelled loudly. “Yes sir!!! But Heewon…the hospital? Are you sick?” He’s not going to the hospital where Eungyu is he? If he was, then this would really be nothing but a sosul >_< “…no the one where my dad is.” “…what?” “…we’re going to visit my dad.” “Oh…oh…I…see…” “It’ll be kind of scary, you think you’ll be okay?” “…yeah, of course.” Heewon looked out the window. What the hell were you thinking? TT_TT… What do you want me to do? How am I supposed to look at your dad… Why…? TT_TT… Chapter 78 As we got closer to our destination, the bright blue sky outside, started to get more cloudy and dark. “…are you hungry?” Heewon asked, his lips slightly blue. “No, I’m fine, but what about you? Your lips are blue. Hey, put his one.” I took my jacket off and hung it on his shoulders. Silently, he smacked away my hands and threw my jacket back at me. “Did you meet Eungyu yesterday?” ... ... “…yeah.” “…I’m kinda not…” "....." “…I don’t really want you to see Eungyu right now. When you forget and start thinking of him as a friend, then…could you meet him then…? I’m kinda scared to let you see him right now. “… …” …” I grinned at him and lowered my head. Slowly I lifted my head after taking a deep breath and spotted a white building nearing closer and closer. A mental hospital… My lips and hands slowly started shaking. Heewon stared at me and as if he were fine, he pat my head and took my hand. As we got closer, my body involuntarily got stiffer and stiffer, and in the end, my feet wouldn’t lift off the ground. “…Heewon, I can’t. Truthfully, I’m too scared…” “…I wanted to show you to him. Because I forgave you, I want Dad to forgive you too…” .... .... He squeezed my hand and lift Heewon said. I lifted my foot to get forgiven, I took step after step. Heewon walked up to the nurse and started asking a few questions. This hospital was a lot different from the other ones, it was empty…quiet…chilly… My stomach started hurt soon after, we followed after the nurse, and I could see Heewon swallowing anxiously… We were on the 2nd floor… The nurse stopped in front of the third room on the right and with the key in her hand, she unlocked the door. The nurse stepped into the room first, and with short breaths, Heewon followed soon after. …I paused and took a deep breath. .... ..... “Dad…” “Dad…? Dad…? Give me my bed…give me back my car too…” …sitting on the cold ground of the room was the ahjushi, looking up at Heewon. Slowly, Heewon sat down on the floor next to his dad. The nurse slowly stepped back and stood against the door frame. “…it’s Heewon. Dad, it’s your son. Don’t you know, me? Of course you do, you remember me right…?” “Wow, your clothes are pretty. I like these kinds of clothes too…” “…you bought it for me.” The ahjushi, grabbed Heewon’s two hands. His hair was messy, his eyes bloodshot, his legs shook on their own. I glanced over at Heewon who was straining to keep the smile on his face. “Do you have a car at your house? Do you have a bed at your house? Why are you here? Did you kill someone too?” ... ..... …oh my gosh… … “…Dad, you have to get better, that way you’ll get home. When we get home, there’ll be a bed and a car. So get well soon…” “You look like me. You look like me, we’re like twins ^0^.” ..... .... “…of course, I’m your son. That’s why we look alike, I’m your son. You’re my dad and I’m your son.” “…me son, my son…where’s my son.” “He’s right here.” “My son…where is he…Heewon, where’s Heewon…” “…right here…” Heewon said lowering his head, a few tears fell to the ground. “Heewon, where is he…? Huh? Where’s Heewon, did you take him away? Did you take Heewon away?” “…I’m Heewon, dad, why’d you change, huh? How much longer will it take you to come back…” “My car! My bed! My clothes!!! Where am I!!! Heewon! Heewon!” .. .... His dad shot up and started shrieking for Heewon. Heewon buried his face in his knees. ..... “I’m here…I’m here, Heewon’s right here…” The nurse’s eyes were filled with tears. Unbeknownst to myself, I’d stepped in front the ahjushi and blocked his way. “Ahjushi, look at Heewon, it’s my fault. Please, look at Heewon. It’s your son, please get well and hug him soon. Please.” “…AH! AHH!!….AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” ... ...... He covered each side of his head with his hands and started screaming. …as soon as he saw my face, he stared at me with a hateful look and started screaming. The nurse pulled me out the room and Heewon slowly walked out hand covering his face. ... ...... ... The nurse locked the door behind her and through the door and wall, we could still hear his dad screaming for Heewon. Heewon quickly wiped away his tears and as if nothing was wrong, he smiled and put his arm around me. “…I guess…he’s not ready yet…let’s come again next time. My dad’s voice is really loud isn’t it "......." .” “Man! After all that crying, I’m kinda hungry, what should we eat! Oh right! You know that please always used to go? Today’s lunch is spaghetti!” We both left the building strong, with our arms on each other’s shoulders. He patted my shoulder comfortingly…it should be me who should be doing that… ... ..... Outside the building, we could still hear his dad screaming Heewon’s name. “Heewon! Heewon! Heewon, bring him to me! My son!!!” .... ...... Heewon started walking faster… …then faster and faster… Until he started running to the bus stop, I saw him get smaller and smaller… ... I started running after him. …and I think I know the reason he hated me… I think I know now… .... …and I think I know now why he desperately wanted me by him… Chapter 79 “…it’s raining a lot, I just want to go home today.” I said getting off the bus and looking up at the sky, then back at the ground. My clothes were getting each second from the rain. Ever since we got on the bus, Heewon’s been in a different world. He’s looking far off, but at the same time, no place at all. “…don’t pity me because of my dad.” “…of course.” “I’m sorry.” “Why do I have to hear that from you?” “…when you were with Eungyu…you laughed often, but you’re not smiling that much now.” I brightly grinned at him. With a loud and deep sigh, Heewon looked down at the ground. If he does that, I’m the one who gets embarrassed. “…my bus is here, get in. Let’s smile tomorrow.” “… …okay. He smiled at me and got on the bus, with a heavy heart I turned to walk inside the house. A person with a husky voice made me stop. “Stop.” When I turned around, there was Darky who had gotten off the bus Heewon got on. She had both hands on her hips and stared down at me as if she wanted to rip me apart. Drops of rain dripped down her blonde hair (dyed of course) and she edged closer to me. “You’re a retard aren’t you?” “…what now…” “…Eungyu gets carried to the hospital because of you and you go meeting some bastard?!” Her dark face got red. “Why do you care what I do? When are you going to Chungjoo? Can’t you just disappear?” For a while Darky just stared and raised her hand to squeeze my shoulder in a threatening way, and I slapped it away. “Go to Eungyu you b!tch. I’ll try my all to pretend I like you, hell, I’ll even be nice to you…so just go to Eungyu…” “I don’t need you to pretend you like me, because I’m not going to him.” Darky let out a harsh laugh. “So you’re saying you’re done playing with him and you’ll move to some other guy?” “Maybe.” “…fawk…” She raised her fist to hit me, but I grabbed it in midair. Darky frowned. “Hey, let go!” ... “Where’s…Eungyu…” “At home you dipsh!t! Let go!” Darky pulled her hand away forcefully. “…you think you’re all that don’t you.” "...." “…tell me here, is it Eungyu or that bastard. Are you going to go back to Eungyu or are you not!’ “…I can’t.” “…yeah?” I was about to quickly run inside to my house when… .... .... I could hear Darky’s dark voice mixed with the rain… “Then…I guess there’s no reason to keep her alive…b!tch, she’s dug her own grave…” ... ...... I walked inside and went up to my room on the 2nd floor, for a while I looked out my window and into Eungyu’s room. An hour passed, then two… For a long time, I just stared… Then, Eungyu’s window slowly started to open, and I ran out my room and ran into mom. “Mom, where are you going?” “Aigoo! I can’t live because of that immature child!!! What does he learn in writing class!! I can’t believe I raised him like this!” “…why…is it Jaegwang? What happened THIS time!!” With a sigh that could have crumbled the world, mom handed (more like threw) a letter at me and left the house quickly. “You go call Jaegawng’s friends and come out to find him!” ... .... I heard mom’s footsteps get further away, and I opened the crumpled piece of paper. +Sh!t, so you did what you wanted…is that it…? If I sold nuna off on my own without telling you, would you like that? Pupu’s like my litle sisster… If you didn’t want to this to happen you should have laid me a younger sisster! Who are you to sell my cat. I don’t have a reason to live at home anymor. I might come back after I find Pupu, tho.+ .... I stared at his ugly handwriting for a while longer and incorrect spelling. The reason mom probably got mad about wasn’t the fact that he left home. It was probably the way he wrote. Because he’d left home a lot when he was younger, I didn’t care about him and went to my room. +12 at night+ That night at our house, the whole house was chaos because of Jaegwang. Actually the only one worried about him was mom. Dad and I didn’t really care. Mom was calling all of Jaegwang’s friends to go look for him and dad was swinging around his kendo stick, and Sohyun unnie was on the couch crying her eyes out. “Stop shaking that damn stick! Can’t you go look for your own son!!” “He’ll come home when he’s hungry, it’s not like this is the 10th time he left home.” “Dad’s right, mom. He’s never been gone more than 2 days.” “Aren’t you even worried about your own damn brother you stupid girl!” “Don’t call me stupid, don’t cuss in front of unnie.” “Stupid isn’t a cuss word!” “Then what’s ‘damn brother’!!!” “Are you talking back now that your head’s grown huge?! Oh my gosh!! Yoon Jongyul, sit your ass down!” (TN: Yoon Jongyul = Jaegwang and Jungwon’s dad.) ..... ...... For a second, silence flowed inside the house. With a murderous look on his face, dad stopped shaking his stick and stood frozen in his spot. It was the first time mom had called dad, who was 5 years older, y his name. “…uh…I’m going to go…uh…look for Jaegwang…” I said putting on two different shoes and running out the front gate. Sitting on the sofa, Sohyun unnie just watched my parents fight with her eyes this big: O_O . I vow to respect her from now on. Out the windows, I could hear dad’s loud bellow. Because of that stupid little bastard it’s war at home. I was about to spit on the ground as I was passing Eungyu’s house when I saw a large white van stop in front of Eungyu’s house. Man, where am I supposed to look for him? He wouldn’t go hold up a sign in public would he? …yeah, he probably would… “Excuse me.” .... …what then…? An ahjushi said jumping out of the van wearing a leopard print t­shirt. He looked a little over 30. “Do you know where a girl named Yoon Jungwon lives around here?” “…what?” “…she’s tall, pretty­ish, her hair comes to about here, she looks b!tchy…” b!tchy…? I liked all the way to ‘pretty­ish.’ Something’s not right… “Oh, she moved.” “What?! Changsup, get out of there!” ..... …..another guy jumped out the car. He looked somewhere over 25. The two men glared at our front gate. What the hell? What the hell are these two gay looking guys doing looking for me? “Can I get the address to where she moved?” Leopard print asked. “…huh? I don’t know…but what about Jungwon…?” “It’s none of your concern, miss.” ... .... Leopard print put a pair of sunglasses on. “Hyung, then should we wait outside her school? We’ll just kidnap her after school.” “You fawking retard, we have to do it at night for people not to see!” “It was only supposed to take 30 minutes, how long are we supposed to wait?” “Fudge, she moved. I didn’t hear anything like that. Is the address right?” The two men looked at me suspiciously. O_O I fingered the phone in my hand and when I was 10 meters away, I took out my phone and started running as I punched in 112. “Hey! That’s Yoon Jungwon!” I flinched and dropped my phone on the ground, when I looked behind me, I saw Sohyun unnie step out of my house. And… Before she had time to scream, the two grabbed Sohyun unnie and got in the car. What the hell are those two crazy bastards doing!!! I chased after the van like crazy. …and as if the van were smiling at me, he drove off. “Hey~~~!! (@^$(!*^%&#^%(^~!!!!” I ran to where my phone was and picked it up, and threw it with all my might at the van. The back meter fell off the car and my phone fell, unharmed, to the ground. The van continued to go though. I’ll just memorize the license…damn, I can’t see it. At times like these, I hate having bad eyesight. I quickly called the police. I ran to my house, and I can see mom running upstairs with dad running after her. 112. “Is that the police station?! Some crazy bastards from Chungjoo kidnapped Sohyun unnie! The car’s white and the back meter’s fallen off!!! But that unnie isn’t Yoon Jungwon!’ “Are you kidding me, miss …?” “Hurry and catch them!” ..... ....... The kidnapping that happened at night. The kidnapping of Pupu that happened to night. …unnie, be strong…TT_TT Chapter 80 “…tell me the whole story. Slowly. When did it occur?” “…thirty minutes ago.” My whole body was shaking. From the front of the station was my mom with tears in her eyes and dad smoking. …Eungyu’s parents all had grim expressions on their face, and there was Eungyu’s dad. Who didn’t exactly know what was going on. …Darky wasn’t there… .... And… There was Eungyu punching the wall with all his might for the past ten minutes. “Appearance?” “…one looked to be 170 cm, and was wearing a white night knit sweater and black pants. He seemed a little over 25. The other looked a little under 35 and he was wearing a leopard print shirt. He had on sunglasses and there was a large black dot on top of the arch on his eyebrow. “…you didn’t memorize the plate number?” “No.” Whenever I’m in a police station, I feel uneasy. …I’ve come here because of Heewon’s dad… …because I got caught driving that motorcycle with Eungyu… And because of stupid troublemaker Yoon Jaegwang I used to come at least once a week. But this was the most serious thing that I’d come to the station for. Kidnapping… I can’t believe it… Did Darky send them after me, did they? Should I tell them? Or should I not? It I tell, Darky will get in trouble won’t she… +2 in the morning+ My mom and dad, and then Eungyu’s mom and dad were all answering a few questions the police were asking, still at the station. I’d walked home and was in my room looking out the window at Eungyu who was chain smoking…one cigarette after another… I slowly opened the front gate and Eungyu looked at me for a second and then turned his head away. ... …I carefully stood next to them. “…I…I told them I was Jungwon’s friend…if I hadn’t…Sohyun unnie wouldn’t have been kidnapped…” “…if you’d gotten kidnapped…if you had­” “I’d have been able to get out quickly. You know how strong I am, Sohyun unnie isn’t. Who were those bastards…I can’t help but wonder.” “…it’s okay. My nuna’s stronger than you, she’ll get home safely. I know she will, when she comes back and those bastards get caught, I’m going to beat them until they die. It’ll be great to be able to let some of this anger out.” “Sohyun unnie isn’t strong, you know how weak she is. She cries at the littlest of things…” “Yeah, but she doesn’t go around getting his by guys.” …there was a silence… Eungyu threw his cigarette on the ground and lowered his head, sighing deeply. I noticed that there was still a little blonde left in his hair. “…why didn’t you come earlier…” “…oh, are you okay? I was so scared when you passed out.” “I waited in front of the hospital.” “Dummy. Don’t be sick, you know how healthy I am?Stop getting sick…” "........." “I’m so worried about unnie, if I keep standing here like this I think I’m going to burst. I‘m going to go” With this bright brown eyes, Eungyu stared at me. “I’m going to wait at the front of our neighborhood, she got kidnapped because of me, I can’t just stand here like this.” I turned around and stared walking down our alley. “Let’s go.” Eungyu said walking next to me. “Forget it, I’m going by myself.” ..... ....... “…I’m thinking of a way to let you go. A way that won’t hurt me too much, I’m thinking of the best way so just listen to what I say.” Eungyu said smiling and continuing to walk. My head got foggy… .. …liar…liar… “But you said that you were going to look for a way for all three of us to be happy about. I’m waiting for that day, you said that you’d find a way for all three of us to be happy again!!!” “…I thought I’d be okay if I found Heewon’s mom for him…but that’s not it…Heewon keeps looking for you and only you.” “…then what about you…” “I’ve never gone through anything hard, but Heewon has. I haven’t, what if something happens and I can’t handle it because I only grew up smiling. I have to learn to cry too…that way I won’t grow up to be an idiot.” Eungyu started walking a little faster… Tomorrow…the day after tomorrow…I’ll have to be with Heewon looking at Eungyu from afar. I’ve been waiting for that day… I know I’m being selfish…but…that’s what I’ve been wishing for… …right then… With the loud squealing of car tires, a white van appeared and stopped. …Chungjoo!! It’s that car!!!! I started running towards that car and started pounding the van with my two fists. The door opened and Sohyun unnie got off with a weary face. “UNNIE!!!!” Sohyun unnie got out wobbling and collapsed on the ground wailing like a little kid, and I tightly hugged unnie. “Get out.” Eungyu said coldly at the car. The driver was about to start the car when leopard print stuck his head out the window and glared at me. “You’re Yoon Jungwon aren’t you.” “Son of a b!tch…” The car door opened and the skinny guy and leopard print started heading towards Sohyun unnie and myself. Eungyu slowly stepped in front of me. “Take nuna and go inside, and go call the police.” “…huh…? Yeah…” I held up Sohyun unnie, and started walking towards their front door. From the back of the white van two other guys jumped out with some dirty expressions on their faces. The two stopped me and Sohyun unnie. “Where are you going. You know how much troble we went through because of you? Aw fawk, kidnapping the wrong b!tch and all. Well, we’ll get caught sooner or later, so might as well get caught after finishing what I was asked to do.” “All we have to do is beat the sh!t out of Yoon Jungwon, right? Hey, get on.” On of the guys said sticking out his lower jaw. I calmly smiled at them. “Stupid bastards, go get a real life.” One of the guys neared me and raised his black gloved hand and put it on my shoulder. I slapped it away and the guy quickly grabbed my throat. “…looks like I’ll be on the news tomorrow. Student at Ahnhyun high school with the last initial ‘S’ beat the sh!t out of some kidnappers.” The guy’s face grew grim as he heard Eungyu’s voice behind him. In less than a second, the guy was on eht ground, Eungyu bent down and started to beat the guy senselessly. ... ..... With my fist around the knife he’d given be, I stood closely behind Eungyu. Chapter 81 ... ... The kidnapper’s face was covered with blood, and Eungyu continued to beat the crap out of the guy as if he were drunk in it. He looked up at me and saw that I had my hand in my pocket, he shook his head. “…don’t, I said I’d take care of you, didn’t I…” .... .... The other 3 guys saw their friend on their ground and all of a sudden, ran after Eungyu. It felt like hammers were pounding my head. One of the guys was pounding at me with a stick and I could feel blood creeping out of my mouth. Unbeknownst to myself, I grabbed for my knife again and was about to stab the guy in the chest when Eungyu’s hand grabbed my wrist. “…girls don’t do stuff like this…guys do it for them…” Eungyu took the knife from me and sliced at the guy wearing the leopard print shirt. Blood flowed little by little out of his wrist. “FAWK! YOU LITTLE SON OF A B!TCH!” Exhausted, Eungyu collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily and leopard print lifted his foot to kick Eungyu, and I quickly covered him. Right then… I heard the sound of sirens blaring around the corner. “Fawk! Hey! Hurry, hurry! Start the car!” Right before he was about to put down his foot, he ran to the car. Thank god for those police. And… ...... Out of the driver’s seat, I heard leopard print’s laughter filled voice flow out of the drivers seat. “Got this request from your friend Kang Heewon. Won’t be too long before your friend gets arrested. Haha.” .. ….I didn’t want to hear him… And I couldn’t believe him. Leaning on Eungyu was still gasping for breath on the ground, I yelled after them. Eungyu gently raised his hand and pat my head comfortingly. .. The police car passed us and started chasing after the white van. In our small neighborhood, all the front gates were opened and the lights were on because of Sohyun unnie’s and my loud screaming and yelling. Eungyu’s hair was matted with blood and sweat, his two eyes swollen beyond recognition…but he was comforting Sohyun unnie and myself with his soft singing… .. ...... “Tell me!!! I can’t not believe this!! How can you NOT see the damn license plate?! It was right there in front of you!” .... ...... It’s already been a few hours and now it’s 12 in the afternoon…. Eungyu and I were seated in front of an officer at the police station. Sohyun unnie was taken to the hospital because she was hit with shock earlier in the morning. As if we’d promised each other something, Eungyu and I didn’t open out mouth at all and remained silent. “Fine, okay. I understand you didn’t get the license plate. Look at this piece of paper. Does this have to do with anything?” .... ...... The officer pulled out a piece of paper on top of the desk and showed it to us…the two of us remained silence. ..... ........ He crushed the cigarette out of the ashtray and started scratching his head. “What the hell, are you two saying you’ll help us or you won’t!” “…nothing happened to any of us, isn’t that good enough for you? We’ll just think that some bastards were drunk and let it go.” The officer gave an annoyed sigh. “You think everything goes away just because you two say nothing happened?! This has already been alerted to all other stations! And it’s up to us officers to find them! Got that you little bastards?!” ..... ...... “Then find them on your own, there’s enough officers in Korea.” Eungyu said glaring at the officer with a swollen face and walking out the station, and I quickly followed after him. “Crazy bastards, how could they beat kids younger than them so hard?” <­ ­ Me “They turned you into Hyungpal.” “If I’m Hyungpal you’re Jungbin. (My face was swollen as well.) Eungyu nodded his head as if he agreed with what I’d just said. “…hey, where’s Darky?” “I don’t know.” “…Eungyu…let’s trust Heewon…” “Yeah.” ..... ....... With one hand, Eungyu rubbed his face and the two of us stood at the end of the street under the flashing red hand. We quietly waited for the green light to flash so that we could walk across. Eungyu and I were standing at least a meter apart. …it seemed as if he really was going to let me go, he didn’t even look at me. Kang Heewon, I’m trusting you. It’s not like there’s only one Kang Heewon in Korea. There must be a few more. I trust you… …I’ll trust you… Right then… A blue motorcycle passed us with a little flag hanging off the back. As it passed us, I read a character. “Looking?” ??? Another motorcycle passed us, but this time the motorcycle was red. There was another flag hanging in the back. “For?” All the attention on the street was on the motorcycles. As the red motorcycle disappeared. ‘Looking for?’ Looking for what…? I stared after the two motorcycles. Right then… A black motorcycle came up, and stopped right in front of me as the lights turned red. Like the other two in front of us, this motorcycle had another flag in the back. “Pupu.” Under ‘Pupu’ there was an ugly picture of a cat. And there was Jaegwang in front of me…chewing on a straw and patting his bangs down. “YOON JAEGWANG!” Chapter 82 As if he were caught by surprise, he spit the caramel, not a straw, onto the ground. He rubbed his red face and fearlessly, I left Eungyu and ran onto the middle of the road. “You crazy bastard! You leave the house because of a damn cat?!” “Damn cat?! Pupu’s my little sister you b!tch!” “You’re worried about a flippin’ cat?! Don’t you see that my face is swollen?!” As if he didn’t care, Jaegwang took one look over at my face and then turned his head to face the signal. “You can’t cry or look cute like Pupu.” “Yoon Jaegwang, do I look like I’m joking?” “Hey it’s green! I’ll go home after I fine Pupu, so better guard the house!” He stepped on the accelerator, and started to go forward. “Sohyun unnie’s dying!” ..... ........ +SQREEEEEEEE!!!!+ The black motorcycle he was on stopped abruptly causing the cars behind him to honk like mad. Ignoring all the curses from the other cars, Jaegwang jumped off his cycle. ... ..... ....... After I told him everything that had happened, he cursed under his breath and with his eyes filled with tears got onto his cycle. “…she’ll be at the hospital, right?” “Yeah.” +VROOOOOOOOOM VROOOOOOOOOOOOM!!+ In less than a second he was gone, but only after yelling… “FAWK!!!! I’M SO EMBARASSED!!!!” Letting out a loud sigh, I went over to Eungyu again and we got onto a taxi. “…here.” As we got closer to our house, Eungyu handed The Necklace over to me. The tear was sown carefully and neatly. “Did Darky sew this?” +Nod Nod+ “…it’s not Heewon, right? Eungyu, it can’t be Heewon right?” +Nod Nod+ “It wouldn’t be him, I’m going to keep trusting that it won’t be him. You trust him too right?” “I’ll trust whatever you trust…” The taxi stopped in front of our house and after handing the money to the driver, Eungyu stepped out and walked towards his house.. ... In front of our front gate was Heewon. He quickly ran over to me and grabbed my hands tightly. “What happened to you face?!” .... ...... “…ooh...nothing..” “Did you get hit?! Huh?!” As Heewon’s voice got louder, so did his grip on my hand. And… ...... While rubbing his swollen face, Eungyu looked at Heewon’s hand holding mine and smiled sadly. ... It was then when Heewon realized Eungyu was there and he slowly let go of my hands and looked at Eungyu. “…you can have her…just keep her…Kang Heewon…you can smile all on your own and you can be happy by yourself… ^_^.” ...... ........ He turned around slowly and opened the front gate to his house saying words that I didn’t want to hear…words that I couldn’t understand…words that I didn’t WANT to understand… …. Heewon gave a long sigh, and with his warm hands, pat my swollen face lightly. “…don’t cry…what am I supposed to do if you cry? I can’t even make you feel better, please…don’t cry…” Heewon’s hands rested on my face, and my tears flew over them. “Heewon…you got what you wanted now. I can be by you know, Eungyu’s gone away. He really let me go…” “…but I caught you didn’t I?” .... ........ “…yeah…yeah…” He looked at me for a while and the started running somewhere. He came back a few moments later with some ointment in his hand, his hair dampened with sweat. “Rub this on. If you ‘re going to be my girlfriend, you have to look pretty. Put it on quickly, I’ll ask you the reason next time.” “…okay.” Now’s the end… …no, I mean the start. That night, around 11. The front gate closed with a loud bang. .. Mom and Dad quickly ran out towards the sound. ....... ........ I ran after them and I saw Jaegwang slightly drunk leaning on the frame for support and defiantly. ... ..... “You bastard!!” Right when dad’s kendo stick was about to slam down on Jaegwang’s head, he grabbed the fast moving stick in mid­air and stared at me with scary eyes. “…leopard print? Haha…leopard print? Yoon Jungwon, I heard you were at the police station sticking up for those fawking kidnappers…haha…” “What are you talking about…” “Did you not tell them because Kang Heewon did it? …stupid b!tch…” “…what are you saying? You’re not thinking straight, stop it.” “You said some bastards dressed in leopard print shirts kidnapped you. That those bastards are the ones who kidnapped Sohyun…” ... “…yeah. What about it…” “…what about it? What about it…?” ... ...... Jaegwang’s face changed drastically, it was Jaegwang’s face that I’d seen for the first time in three years. His scary face I hadn’t seen in three years… Even dad’s scared of that face… ... “If I saw him walking around with some guy dressed in a leopard print shirt…how long are you going to go around sticking up for him…huh?” He said… ...... .......... ............ “KANG HEEWON!!!!” Jaegwang’s loud yell filled the neighborhood and I closed my eyes… Chapter 83 “What’s that supposed to mean? Jaegwang, what are you saying?” Mom asked, startingto panic and grabbing his shoulders. Silently, Jaegwang glared at me. “Answer me! You stupid troublemaker!” Dad’s kendo stick slammed on top of Jaegwang’s head. As if he didn’t feel the pain, Jaegwang glared at dad. “I’m mad, you know.” “What’d you say you bastard…? Are you threatening your own father right now?!” Dad slammed his stick down for a second time. Jaegwang closed his eyes and threw his little flag on the ground. “I heard from Sohyun, Yoon Jungwon, that those bastards said that Kang Heewon told them to kidnap you. She said that you wouldn’t be able to turn him in because it was Kang Heewon.” “It’s not Heewon…Heewon didn’t do that.” “Fawk. Get me the phone, I’m going to call the fawking police.” Dad let out a laugh and tightened his grip on his stick. “Yoon Jaegwang, what did you just say?” “It wasn’t meant towards you!!!” “I know that, but say it again.” “Jaegwang loves his daddy very much. .” I don’t think I will ever understand him. Dad struck Jaegawng with his stick over and over again. “Jungwon….Kang Heewon? How you go around, letting him get away with him? …I can’t believe he’d do something like that…” Mom said in a low and stern voice. “No, mom. No, it’s not Heewon. Just don’t ruin his life more than it’s already ruined!!!” I said yelling at mom, who didn’t know anything about everything. I even forgot that our family motto was ‘yelling at your parents is the road to death.’ Mom stared at me with a blank face, and I picked up Dad’s kendo stick on the ground and sped out the front gate. And I started storming down the neighborhood. I have to trust him…I have to trust him… I didn’t trust him last time because of Jungbin, if everyone in the world points their fingers at him, I’m the one who has to smack them away…. …I have too… +Next Morning+ School. Yoona and Jiyoung have been staring intently at me, and to get them off my back, I’ve been over acting like mad and trying to look happy. “Something’s fishy. Somethings up with this b1tch.” <­ ­ Jiyoung. “Hahahaahha!! See the thing is!! That stupid little bastard left the house to find his damn cat!!!!” “You’ve told us that six times already.” “Really? Well, the you can listen to it for a seventh time.” “…hey, Yoon Jungwon aren’t you going to get back together with Eungyu?” <­ ­ Yoona. Fawking b!tch… Right when I thought I was getting somewhere. “Hey, do you want go sing karaoke for the first time in a while?! Karaoke!” “Oh ho! She’s changing the topic!” “I’ll pay!” “…do you have money?” “Of course I do.” Wait, I can’t remember if I brought my money today, blah, I must have put it in my backpack. I quickly grabbed their hands and pulled them to the closest Karaoke place after school. “I’ll buy the beer then!!” “We’re wearing our uniforms.” “It’s fine, we can go to the store Sunyoung unnie works at.” “…let’s just drink on Saturday at the pojangmacha.” “No! Beer is calling for me right now!” If we get caught, we’ll be taken to the station… But Yoona, already drunk on having something to drink ran over to a store and a few seconds later hand two plastic bags filled with beer. It felt good hanging out with my friends. We walked up to the karaoke place on the 2nd floor of a tall building and a mean looking ahjumma told us to go to the 6th room. The two b!tches grabbed for the song books and started punching in songs like crazy. Yoona pulled up her long waist length hair into a messy bun and turned the mike upside down warming up to sing. And Jiyoung who was just fiddling with the remote leaned over to me and started whispering. “Heard you’re going out with Kang Heewon.” “What?” “You b!tch, what are you going to do if Yonna finds out? There’s like a billion rumors at Shin Eungyu and Kang Heewon’s schools that you cheated on Eungyu for Kang Heewon.” “…well, it’s not exactly wrong…” ‘Shin Eungyu and Kang Heewon’s stalkers are all out to get you. If you see any girls with plastic bags on their head run like mad.” s “….” Black bags? Is she saying that there are girls that run around with plastic bags on their heads?? There are rumors all over? It won’t be long until it spreads to my school… As I was thinking about Sin Eungyu and Heewon, the two girls were starting to sing some weird Trot song. “OHH!!! OH!!!” Yoona and Jiyoung were already drunk on the beer and the singing, and the two took off their uniform shirts and started waving them around. I left the room to pay for the singing. “15.” “…here…uh…oops….” “Are you playing with me?” “…huh? I’m sure I had money….Yoona! Jiyoung!” Chapter 84 ..... ........ ....... “Bite those bags!!!” <­ ­ B!tchy owner lady… “We’ll bring the money! Why do we have to bite our backpacks!” “Then do you want to me to call and tell the police you had beer?!” “Of course not!!!” “Clean! Clean! And you! With the long hair, go get money!” In hot hands were rags, in our mouths our backpacks. Jiyoung and I were busily cleaning the floor. Yoona stormed out the door to get the money. You guys are gonna forgive me right? T_T For ten minutes Jiyoung and I continued to scrub the floor, and I wanted to beat the lady sitting in her chair and cackling at the jokes made on TV. “AHJUMA!” “WHAT!” “Why do we have to hold our bags in our mouths!!” “I’m going to alert the police that you drank! “ “You can’t!” What the hell…T_T Those two are going to kill me tomorrow. T_T I’m just lucky there’s nothing in my bag, I’m just thankful my teeth haven’t fallen out yet. Right then… .... ...... The door opened, and in came Yoona. Yoona! T_T .... ...... “Huh? Jungwon unnie?” Sh!t. I dropped the bag I was biting on the ground and turned around. There was Nari, she ran over and looked at me pitying. “It is you! What are you doing here? Are you working here? O_O .” “…long time no see.” “I know, unnie are you working here with your friends? Is it okay to wear your uniforms?” Please! Get lost!!! And… “…two hours please…” Eungyu had come to sing karaoke with Nari… “Room 3.” “Shin Nari, let’s go in.” “Okay. Unnie, I’ll see you around, uh, have fun cleaning?” Nari followed Eungyu into the room and closed the door behind her. ... He saw me like this… With my bag in my mouth and in my hands a rag. How embarrassing… The day after we break up, he sees me like this… “Get those bags in your mouth!” The lady yelled and I felt my temper gauges start to fill up. “Call the damn police! My name’s Yoon Jungwon so do whatever you want!” I got up and threw the rag on the ground, I picked up my bag, glared at the lady and left the fawking place. Jiyoung quickly ran after me. I was stomping down the stairs as hard as I could. “What the hell. Shin Eungyu met someone new already?” “…they knew each other before.” “Oh my gosh, she acts like she’s queen of the world because she has big eyes. They looks as if they were gonna pop out!” “She’s a good kid, you always talk sh!t about people who are prettier than you.” “Yoon Jungwon, I’m not just saying this cause you’re my friend, but you’re a lot better looking that her!” Jiyoung yelled pounding my back a couple times. “Did you want to hit me that much?” “Obviously.” “Fine, I’ll get hit, so hit me as much as you want.” “Wow, but Shin Eungyu is so hot. If you were going to dump him you should have given him to me. If a guy that looked like that told me that they loved me I’d die. He didn’t tell you that he loved you did he?” “…no…” .... …there really wasn’t now that I think about it… He didn’t tell me that he loved me… I haven’t …but you haven’t either… There were a lot of things that we didn’t get to do… +That Night+ I slowly pushed over the front gate and walked in. The necklace wasn’t around Eungyu’s neck… …I still have the knife and necklace you gave me in my pocket… …I don’t even have anymore tears… As soon as I opened the door, I saw mom and dad greet me with grim faces. “…I’m home.” “….” “Where’s Jaegwang?” “With the young lady next door.” “…okay…” I was about to walk past the living room up and up the stairs when mom slowly called after me… “Jungwon…” “…yeah.” “…I called the police…” “…yeah.” "........" “WHAT!! YOU DID WHAT?! YOU CALLED THE POLICE! WHY!” I stormed down the stairs I’d gone up and I tripped on the third stair. Ow, I think I broke my toe. .... Ow. God. Why is everything so complicated… For a while, I clutched my toe in pain… ... “ARE YOU OKAY?!” Dad and mom asked running over to me. “OW!” “I think it’s broken, let’s go to the hospital!” “Mom, you called the police?! WHY?!” “…” “Who, who!!! Heewon? You’re joking right? It’s not Heewon right?!” “…he’s being inspected right now.” “MOM!” “…I had to…” Why? Why is Heewon at the police station again… The place he hates the most is the police station…. …why is he there… I slowly pushed myself up, and I hopped on my uninjured foot to the door. “Where are you going!” “Why the hell did you do that! Why!” I pushed open the door…how am I supposed to go out like this right now… I limped, ignoring the pain, and behind me mom and dad rushed out. At the front door, I ran into Eungyu and Nari. Her cheeks were red, and she looked slightly drunk. “Unnie…I’m sorry…hehe…I’m sorry…” I passed them and I went to catch a taxi… .... Eungyu quietly looked down at my foot. “Jungwon! Yoon Jungwon!” Mom yelled running after me barefoot. “Get away from me, I swear to God I don’t want to ever see you again!” I was waving like crazy towards the street and instead of a taxi, a black car stopped in front of me, “Hey, aren’t you Yoona’s friend?” It was the guy Yoona introduced me to a while ago. The one I went to the Live Café with. I was so happy to see him at this moment. “Yeah1 I am!” “Is someone chasing after you? What are you in such a hurry for? “ “Take me to the police station please!” “Huh?” .... ......... I glared at my mom and got into the passengers seat. “Hurry! Hurry! The police station!” “Why! What is it! Is it some pervert!? Huh? Is it?! A thief!” “Step on it, dammit!!!” “…O_O…” The car quickly started off and outside the window, I met eye contact with Eungyu… Chapter 85. The car quickly started off. “Just go! Don’t stop at the light!” The guy glared at me. “You going to pay for my ticket then?” “Go! Hurry~! Go!” “…*grumble grumble*…” The guy sighed heavily. “How’s Yoona?” “Go! Hurry, go!” “… …” The guy finally arrived at the police station. “Get out.” I unbelted myself and slammed the door behind me and ran into the police station. I pushed open the door with all my strength. What I saw was Heewon sitting in a chair near a corner…my left my legs wobble. His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked exhausted. I slowly walked over to him, and when he looked up to see who it was, he slowly turned his head away. “…Heewon…” .... ....... “Sorry, I’m so sorry, mom must’ve have made a mistake. I’m sorry, I’ll apologize for her.” I felt something poke my arm. … “What the hell.” One of the officers I hate the most at this station said poking me with a small smirk on his face. “Let Heewon go, hurry. It was all a misunderstanding, hurry and let Heewon go.” “What’s up with the kids these days, so rude. Hey, Kang Heewon, you tell her.” ..... ....... ….? I stared at Heewon with wide eyes. “…tell me what?” “…I did it…” .... ...... “…what?” “I said I did it…leave…” “…what are you saying? What are you doing?” “Hey squirt, are you deaf? He said he arranged it all!!” The fat officer yelled at me impatiently. Ha…haha… I can’t believe this, I was standing ground laughing for a while… “You think this is your home? Tsk, stupid bastard, arranging a kidnapping. Hey, where are those bastards you hired? The longer you drag it, the more you’ll get exhausted, so just make my job easier and tell me.” .... ..... “Heewon, you’re joking right? It’s not you, Kang Heewon, what are you doing, let’s go. Get up, you look really tired, I’ll walk you home and then you can go to sleep.” With my shaking hand, I grabbed his colds ones, as soon as I took them, he pulled them away. “Kang Heewon, it’s not you. It’s never been you, hurry and tell me. Just say something, tell me it’s not true. Please?” Finally his black eyes met my tear filled ones. “Nod or something, it’s not you, you fawking bastard, just say it’s not you.” He remained silent… Silently, he stared at me with pained eyes…just stared… “Hey, get you.” Fatty said hitting my head. “Let Heewon go.” “What’d you just say?” “I’ll take back what my mom did, so let him go…” “Hahaha, do you really want me to hit you?” “He and I joke around like this a lot!!! A hella lot! He’s just joking that he planned all of that so fawking let Heewon go!” “Hey, you think this is a joke?! Those bastards have already run away and he’s confessed already that he planned it! Got that?! That’s 3 years in prison!!!” “He’s my boyfriend! You think he’s crazy?! You think he’s the person who planned it?! Evidence, you have any evidence that you did it?!” “Evidence? What if I say I do!” “What is it huh?! What do you have?!” “That Sohyun lady heard them say it was Kang Heewon!!! He even met with a guy wearing a leopard print shirt!!!” “You think he’s the only Kang Heewon in Korea?! You think there was only one person in this area that wore a leopard print anything?!” “Then do you have any evidence that it’s NOT him?! Anyways, he already confessed to his crime!” I impatiently let out a deep breath and grabbed Heewon’s shoulders tightly. “Tell him it’s not you! It’s not you, what’s wrong with you!!! What are you doing this for, why are you trying to ruin your life for?! Are you just trying to give in without a fight?!” “…I like this place better than out there.” He said quietly…and gave a sad smile… “Look! Or listen whatever, if you have ears you should have just heard what he said! He said he likes to be here better than out there! He’s innocent! He just wants to stay here so he’s saying he did it! He’s just ready to take blame so he can give up on life!!!” “You know, I’ve never met someone as stringy as you.” “If I can PROVE to you that he’s not the person you think he is what are you going to do! I’ll prove it to you!” ..... ..... Fatty smirked, and kicked me out of the station. Mom and dad who had gotten a call from Fatty came to pick me up and as soon as they stopped the car in front of me I climbed into the back. Mom was sobbing… Dad was glaring at me… “Crazy b1tch.” “…it’s not Heewon.” “I don’t want you as my daughter.” “…we ruined him…we’ve ruined their family…we threw Heewon’s family down an endless cliff…” "............" “If Heewon goes to jail I’ll kill myself. You think I’m joking? I swear I’ll kill myself.” The car stopped in front of the house and dad firmly got out, pulling me with him. He stopped me and he raised his hand, and struck my face. “What are you doing!” Mom yelled jumping out of the car. “You’d threw your life away for some bastard? I don’t need a daughter like that…” He said and walked inside. And… Mom tightly hugged me to her, wiping away the tears that were flowing down my cheeks. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know why I was in such a hurry to have him arrested. I knew he was your friend and I did it anyways…” ....... ...... ....... “…Heewon’s my boyfriend…do you have any idea how much he’s going through…? Why’d you do that to him….why…” The tears I held back when I was with Heewon because I felt so guilty, just poured out and fell onto my mom’s shoulder. Believe that Heewon would believe in me, I fell asleep on my bed as soon as I got home… Chapter 86. The Next Morning. Jaegwang opened the door to my room slowly. “I’m changing, get out.” “…what’s going to happen to Kang Heewon.” “…I told you to get out.” “Heard his dad was in a mental hospital.” “Get the hell out!!! Didn’t I tell you to get out?!” He closed the door so hard that it shook my room, and I was leaving for school without my bag when I saw Nari standing outside Eungyu’s house. “Unnie! Where are you going? Is your leg okay?” “…can’t you see I’m limping?” .... ...... Yeah, I was limping. I guess this is was happens when you break a bone and don’t go to the hospital. “Unnie! Unnie!” “…” “Oh, I have really good news! ^0^. You know how oppa and I went to sing karaoke yesterday? Well, the owner’s nephew is a manger to a record company!” “…yeah…? “Well, she heard Eungyu oppa sing and she was saying she could get him connections. She seemed to really like Eungyu oppa…” “…that’s nice, I’ll be going first. Sorry.” “…w­wait…unnie…” Dragging my left foot, I turned around so that my back was facing Nari. And… The front gate to Eungyu’s house opened, and he stepped out with his uniform on. He stared at me with shiny eyes…I should congratulate him… “…congrats…” “…yeah.” “I’ll see you around.” “I think I’m going to move into some management company and go under training.” ... “…why are you telling me that…” ... ....... I asked, annoyance, or something like that flooding my voice. Damn, I didn’t mean to sound like that. I guess under all the stress I’m going through, I can’t control anything… “…just…don’t get sick…” “Okay.” “…. ….” “When you become a singer, you better not forget about us. Just act like you know me. I should be going now, I might not be able to see you a lot from now, on. This might be the last time we see each other, so I’ll just say it now. Just be healthy okay? Nari, you too.” Nari turned her head quickly, that girl. She’s mad already? If she’s going to look after Eungyu she has to listen to harsher stuff and still smile. “Can’t you at least smile if it’s gonna be the last?!” He asked jokingly. …you forget a person quickly don’t you… What’s your heart made of to forget someone so easily… Every time I see you I can’t help but look done cause it hurts to look at you… …but you’re smiling like always…with Nari next to you… “^0^… happy?” “Don’t I look good with her?” .... Eungyu asked grabbing Nari’s hand and grinning brightly. “…yeah…” “Hey, be good to Heewon too ^0^, we’ll call you on our hundredth day. ^0^.” He said to me brightly with Nari’s hand still in his. I thought we’d loved each other, I guess it was only one­sided. I guess it’s not we loved each other…it was just me loving you… That day, I left school it a permission slip saying I could go home and went to the hospital, then the police station with a cast on my foot. Cursing the heavy casting on my foot, I opened the door and when they saw it was me they all groaned. Before I could yell and ask where Heewon was one of them said… “He’s locked up.” “…what?” “He’s going to be that way until we find those bastards he had try and kidnap you.” “Where is that?! It here somewhere right?!” Right then, someone put their hand on my shoulder, when I looked behind me it was Fatty. (The officer) “Get out, he’s not here right now.” “…what if I…” “Shut up and just get out of here!!” “If I prove to you that Heewon isn’t who you think he is, then what are you going to do.” “What did you say? If you keep coming out like­” “When I prove it’s not Heewon, I want YOU to sign his release forms.” As I finished talking, the policemen all laughed loudly, and after a while, Fatty said. “Then, I have to get something for myself don’t I? That way I’ll have fun with this little game. Don’t you think?” “Fine, then if I’m wrong you can have all of my family’s money.” Fatty’s face frowned at my disrespectfulness and I quickly left the police station. I know I’m the one who yelled but… .... …how am I going to find those bastards….I have to prove one by one it’s not Heewon… But he’s not going to be any help, because he’s keeping his mouth shut… Whenever I’m not thinking of Heewon…I think of Eungyu…dammit… ... If it really was Heewon…I still have to find a way to get him out… +That Night+ ... .... I got a call from Jungbin. “What’s up, mon.” “…just…nothing… “ “How are you and Eungyu, mon.” “Bad.” “…want ta meet me, mon, got somting ta say ta ya.” “…I can’t, sorry Jungbin.” “…come out.” “…hey…when outlaws commit some crime…do you know where they go?” “What da hell mon! Cha tink I’m come kinda criminal mon!” “…sorry.” “Dey, probably go ta some motel and stay dere mon, or run away to da country.” “…oh, I see.” “Can you really not come out, mon.” “Sorry.” “It’s about Kang Heewon, mon.” “…Heewon? What about him?!” “Taught cha said cha didn’t want ta know, mon!” “Where are you right now!” ...... ....... Mom parents didn’t follow after me or try to stop me as I left the house late at night, and like always, Jaegwang was at Sohyun’s hospital. I ran as fast as I could with a casted foot towards the café Jungbin said he’d be at. .... ...... What does he have to tell me? My heart was thumping like mad…if it’s something Jungbin has to say about Heewon…it can’t be anything good… The first thing I saw when I opened the café was Jungbin in a leopard print shirt… When he saw me just staring at him, he waved. “Ova here, mon!” “…JUNGBIN!!!” .... ....... I yelled running towards him, Jungbin twitched. “…what’s wrong wit cha, mon.” “Tell me! Did you meet Heewon yesterday!?” “Ya, mon.” “Were you wearing this?!!?!” ..... ....... “…my shirt or da pants?” “The shirt!!!!!!! That leopard print shirt!!!” ..... ....... “Ya, mon. Why?” “1 down!!! Alright!” I dragged Jungbin out of his seat and started pulling him, towards the door. Chapter 87. “What’s wrong wit cha, mon!” “Let’s go to the police station!!! Hurry! Hurry!!!” At the sound of ‘police station’ Jungbin put his feet down firmly and wouldn’t budge. “You tink I’m crazy mon!!! Why would I go dere!” “Let’s go to save Heewon! Hurry!” “Whatcah saying!” “They think Heewon planned this kidnapping!!!” ..... ........ Jungbin looked at me… “…kidnapping?” “Shut up, and follow me.” I pulled Jungbin up to feet and he allowed himself to be dragged with a clueless look on his face. I forced him into his car and made his drive over to the police station. “Those bastards are so dead, I told them it was Heewon. Hey, Jungbin, why’d you meet Heewon anyways?” “…he called me first.” “Heewon? Why?” “How would I know, mon!” “…are you mad?” “Fawk, mon, why do I hafta go to the station because of him, mon. Ever since I met cha, mon, it’s been like this…. “…it’s my charm ^0^ .” …” Jungbin parked his car a little distance away from the police station and I quickly started running towards the station with my casted leg. I pushed open the door and I yelled. “Take Kang Heewon out!” .... ..... Fatty got up from his seat and rolled his eyes. “You again? Do you want me to put you in with him?” “I have proof it’s not him! Take him out!” “Are you dreaming? Huh?” “Jungbin, come here.” I grabbed Jungbin by the shirt and pushed him in front of me so that he was standing face to face with fatty. “You bastard, you know her?!” It seemed as if they were well acquainted… Oh, right. This place might as well be his home… a “What are you doing here this time!” “She pulled me here, mon! You tink I came cause I wanted to, mon!” “You’re yelling at me?! Do you need to get beat to respect your elders?!” Fatty took a step towards Jungbin, and Jungbin quickly tried to hide himself behind me. Sure, like that would work… Fatty raised his hand to hit him, and I grabbed Fatty’s hand and yelled at him. “You said Heewon met some guy in a leopard print, right?! Well, that was him!!! It was Jungbin, so Heewon has nothing to do with it!” “How am I supposed to know if you didn’t make this up on your own!” “Fine, I’ll get an alibi! Jungbin, did you run into anyone when you were with Hewon!?!?” “…uh, we ran into Nari, mon.” “LOOK!!!! I TOLD YOU!!!” ....... ......... “Do you want your boyfriend taken out, that bad? Huh?” Fatty asked shoving his face into mine. “I don’t want him taken out, I’m going to get him out.” “…yeah?” .... ...... “Well, then get those bastards that tried to kidnap you here!!!! You come here one more time without better proof and I’ll shove you into a jail cell!!!” .... ........ ............ +Benches in front of the Station+ “Cool down, mon. If he really didn’t do it, den the truth will come out, mon.” Jungbin said patting my back reassuringly. “…what if it takes too long though…then what’ll happen to Heewon…” “…how can you be so sure, he didn’t do it, mon.” “I’m positive he didn’t do it. I trust him, and I know he didn’t do it.” “What I’m saying, mon, is how can you be so sure!!!” “…because I’m the only one who believes in him… I got up from my seat and clenched my hands into fists. “I’m gonna catch that leopard print bastard!” “You’re crazy, mon.” “Hey, it’s easy to catch people, I mean there are people who beat tigers to death!” I turned around to walk away, and Jungbin quickly followed after me. And… Across the street, Eungyu and Nari got out from a taxi and started running towards us. I guess they just heard about Heewon. They ran towards us and the two passed by me and into the station. For a second… They stared at me and Jungbin and then continued to just run inside. I guess this is what we are now, I couldn’t bear to look after Eungyu,,, “What cha doing, mon! You wanted to go!!!” Jungbin yelled loudly, and Nari who was running after Eungyu turned around and I could hear her muttering… “…monster…” I dragged Jungbin who about to run after Nari into his car. It was already 12 at night. “@^%*@*^$&*@^&*!!!!!” “What are you saying? We’re going to Chungjoo right?” “#&$#&%&#%&**(&!!!!!” “Hold on, take me home. I want to tell Jaegwang where I’m going first.” Jungbin turned his car around and drove towards my house. When he reached my neighborhood he stopped his car. I carefully walked towards my house and was about to open the door when… “…Jungwon.” A familiar voice called, and when I turned around, I saw Seohyun unnie. “Unnie!’ “…I heard from Sohyun unnie…Heewon’s locked up isn’t he… “…yeah.” “They were from Chungjoo, right?” “That’s what they said…” Unnie sighed deeply and lit a cigarette, and I could see unnies eyes grow sad… “…unnie has to get Heewon out.” “…so do I…” “…I like Heewon a lot, you see…” ..... ........... Wait…who likes who…??? “O_O.” “…you’re going to Chungjoo right now?” “…wait…unnie…you like Heewon…?” “I know Chungjoo like the back of my hand. It’s that car right?” Unnie pointed to Jungbin’s car and after patting my head reassuringly, she sat next to Jungbin in the passenger’s seat. Forgetting about Jaegwang, I quickly ran after her and sat in the back seat. “Who the hell is she, mon!” Jungbin asked yelling as Seohyun unnie got in. “Go.” Hearing unnie’s frosty voice, Jungbin stared from me and Seohyun unnie. Jungbin finally started the car and off we went… …Seohyun unnie likes Heewon…? Chapter 88 The inside of Jungbin’s car was dark… The three of us were all silent, without saying one word on the way to Chungjoo… Seohyun unnie was chain smoking and I could see Jungbin glaring at her through the rearview mirror. “Unnie, how much longer do you think?” “…about an hour…Jungwon go to sleep, I’ll wake you when we get there.” “…unnie, you get some rest too…you look tired.” “Blah, I’m scared to go to sleep, I’ve been dreaming nightmares the past few days. ..... “You know why? Because you only think trashy stuff, that’s why.” .” Jungbin said still glaring at her through the mirror…ignoring him, unnie threw her cigarette butt out the window. “…do you think we’ll be able to find them?” “We have to don’t we?” Seohyun unnie is always sure of herself unlike Sohyun unnie even though they have similar names… “Hey! Yoon Jungwon, why do you talk nicely at her, mon!!! Hey, you man­woman! How hold are ya, mon!” Gosh, is he immature or what… “ 21.” “…oh, you’re older than me.” “… …” “Can I call ya nuna, mon.” “No.” “Why not, mon!!!” “You’re disgusting… …” With the atomosphere growing colder and chillier, jungbin stepped on the accelarater and started going faster. Unnie said to go near some terminal, and Jungbin drove as he was told. It was 1 AM already… We got off the main street…gosh, where in the world are we supposed to look for those bastards…we don’t even know for sure if they’re in Chungjoo… Jungbin parked his car and Seohyun unnie followed, and then me… Right then… “If you step on my foot you should at least say sorry, mon!!!” “…what da hell, you just say that to me?” Seemed as if someone had stepped on Jungbin’s good. God, what this time…I thought and turned around to face that troublemaking human… Some mob guy a head taller that Jungbin who looked like a gorilla was glaring down at Jungbin. “Is dere anyone else here dat’s talking at you, bastard!!” “…where’d you come from.” The two’s voices were getting louder by the second and I grabbed Jungbin’s hand and forced a smile at Gorilla… “He’s my brother, I’m so sorry. Excuse us.” “Let go of me, mon! This bastard started it first!” “Bastard? Did you just call me dat?!” Gorilla took a step closer to Jungbin. Gorilla’s friends started surrounding us one by one…they looked to be around my age. I shouldn’t have brought him along…TT_TT. Jungbin rolled up his sleeve to his elbows in order to start the fight. Gorilla’s family patted Jungbin on the shoulder ‘coolly’ and one of then Gorilla grabbed Jungbin up by his throat. … “Lee Jinsup, put him down.” ..... ... _ ......? When I turned my head towards the sound, I saw Seohyun unnie step back out of the building she had gone in. Gorilla stared at unnie with wide eyes. And as if they’d promised each other, Gorilla and his family all bowed down to her, their waists best at 90 degrees. “Ma‘am!!!!” What the hell? I felt my mouth drop… Gorilla’s family all lined up in a straight line and kept their heads down. “How’ve you all been? “Good ma’am!” .” They answered at the same time and Jungbin all stared at them and tapped one of them lightly on the shoulders. ... …the guy just continued to stay as he was. “Where are the oppas?” ‘The hyungs are all at home sleeping!!!” “…Jinsup, can nuna ask you one favor?” “You can ask ten!!!” “… …Okay, Jungwon come over here…” Unnie waved me over to her and I slowly walked over and stuck by unnie’s side. “Describe what those bastards looked like yesterday.” “One looked like he was in his early 30’s and was wearing a leopard print shirt with sunglasses. And he had a big spot right here on his eyebrow, the other guy…” I’d finished describing them in 10 minutes and the guy I was telling scratched his head confusedly. “…Jinsup, go find them.” With Seohyun unnie’s word, Gorilla and his family bowed deeply. “Yes ma’am!!!” “Wake all the oppas, we’re in a hurry. Make it fast.” “Yes ma’am! Nuna stay here, it’s dangerous!” “Call me as soon as you find them. There’s a bigger chance they won’t be in Chungjoo. When you find them, call.” “Yes ma’am!” The gorilla and his family bowed one more time and disappeared to go do as Seohyun unnie had asked. As Seohyun unnie and I met each others eyes, her cold face broke into a large grin. “Unnie, do you lead a double life?” “No, of course not ^0^.” “No, my ass!!! Hey, Jungwon, go lift up her shirt at see if she has a dragon on her back, mon!” ... Sephyun unnie pat my back reassuringly. “Let’s go in the car, it’s cold you’ll get sick.” “Did I give you permission at go in my car, mon!” I think he was embarrassed that he got saved by a girl. We ignored him and opened the door to the car. Behing as tired as I was, I closed my eyes for about an hour and when I’d opened them… Jungbin’s car was speeding down the highway… _ ..?????? …and unnie was biting her nail looking out the window… “What the…where are we going? Unnie, where are we heading to?” “…they found them.” “Already?! You’re kidding me!” “We’re going since we found dem, you girlie mon!!!” Jungbin yelled… “Did you really?! It’s only been about an hour!!! Oh my gosh, I don’t believe it! Heewon!! YES!!” It felt as if my foggy mind had cleared up, and I raised my two hands and punched the air happily. …however, unnie spoke in a voice opposite from mine… “…listen…” “Yes ma’am ^0^ !” “There are a lot of people in the world, and you just met one of the bad people.” “…what are you saying?” “You might not see something you want to…so then, just close your eyes.” “I have no clue as to what you’re saying.” Instead of answering, unnie pat my head like she always did. ... Inside this cold silence, Jungbin’s car stopped in front of a large motel and when he’d finished parking, Seohyun unnie climbed out and I quickly followed after her. “I’ll go call the police.” Jungbin said fingering his phone. Unnie ran inside, and I could hear her running up the stairs. She reached the 3rd floor and stopped. ... She seemed so far away… I clenched my hands into fists and ran up after her… +BAM!+ The door to room 301 opened with a bang. “Get your asses out here!!!” ...... ........... Unnie yelled loudly and coldly. ..... I could see the kidnappers kneeling on the ground, and in front of them were Gorilla’s family grinning at Seohyun unnie brightly towards Seohyun unnie. And… ........... I could see a girl shaking in the corner of the room with her head down… .... ..... As she and I met eyes, she bit her lip and looked back down again… “…Darky…what are you doing here….” Chapter 89 ....... ......... Silence… The only sound we could hear was the Gorilla family congratulating themselves. Seohyun unnis comfortingly took my hand and gave a small squeeze. I can feel my hands getting all clammy. “These are the bastards right?!” Gorilla asked proudly hitting Leopard Print’s head. “You guys go outside.” “What?” “Get out.” “…yes ma’am.” With Seohyun unnie’s chilly voice, Gorilla’s family all bowed and left the room quickly. The only ones inside were the Leopard Print’s and his two friends and…Darky… Seohyun unnie slowly neared towards them, and leaning against the wall for support, I stared at Darky with the coldest eyes I’d ever had… With a bone chilling sound, Seohyun unnie struck each of the guys’ head and Darky… I could see one of her tears fall to the ground… “Crazy bastards, who are you to do that. What the hell are you doing killing happy people. Huh? Tell me, fawk. Lift you fawking head, you don’t hear me?!” This time it was their faces. With her fist not her palm, Seohyun unnie brought it down on their faces… It was the first time I’d seen or hear unnie cry, and mixed with unnie’s cry was Darky’s mixed in. Unnie who was past ‘sane’ started picking up everything in the room and throwing it with all her might ah the three guys on the ground. They all flinched every time something flew towards them and all started begging for unnie to stop. “Stop it.” ..... ....... ... Darky said standing up and yelling towards Seohyun unnie hatefully. “I did it! It was me, I asked these oppas to do it and I framed Kang Heewon! The person who put that Kang Heewon you like so much in jail is me! …I was the one who asked these oppa to break Yoon Jungwon…” As she finished what she was saying, she collapsed onto the floor, I could see Seohyun unnie’s hand shaking… …Darky’s face started swelling…it was only one hit… “Jungwon…” Grabbing my hand, unnie brought me to Darky and Seohyun unnie stood behind me. From unnie’s two eyes, I can see bitter tears flowing out. …okay, I can do this… “…why’d you do it…” “Do what.” Darky asked getting up and looking at me in the eye. “Why’d you do that to Heewon…why Kang Heewon…” “…because it’s because of that bastard Eungyu is the way he is right now…” The only thing I can do is smile… “…I’m the one who chose Kang Heewon…you shouldn’t have done that to him also…you should have been happy with me…” “I know. That’s why I asked the oppas to break you, too bad they didn’t succeed though, don’t you think? ... ...... .” “…you don’t regret anything?” “I don’t know what regret is.” “I might because two­faced right now.” “Weren’t you always?” “…the only thing you see in your eyes is Eungyu being sad isn’t it…you don’t see anyone else going through just as much pain do you…” “I don’t feel the need to. Especially a b!tch like you.” “…okay.” "......" “…unnie I’m sorry.” I smiled towards Seohyun unnie who was leaning against the wall and sitting down and grabbed Darky by the throat. She slapped away my hands, but I just brought it back up harder than ever. Right as she spit in my face, I got my fist and hit her across the face. With a short gasp, Darky fell to the floor. Not giving her a chance to stand, I started kicking and stepping on her. She grit her teeth to keep from crying out and little by little, the floor was getting dirtied by her blood. “I had to get you to get back to Eungyu!! Even if this was the only way, I had to! I don’t regret anything I did!” She yelled, her face buried on the ground, I slowly felt my strength leave me and I fell to the floor too. I could hear Seohyun unnie walk closer to me, and she lifted Darky to her feet… “Doyi, why’d you do it…why’d you do something like this. Eungyu could have been happy even if you hadn’t done something like this… Why’d you make a lot of people go through so much…” “What was I supposed to do. I’d thought of a hundred ways for that retard, Shin Eungyu, to be happy but the only thing that could was Yoon Jungwon. The only person that could was that b1tch Yoon Jungwon… What was I supposed to do when the only thing he does at night is cry because of that b1tch…what else was I supposed do!!!!!!!” Darky glared at me… This way or that…the only thing she cared about was Eungyu… …the key to everyone’s problem is Shin Eungyu… We’re all victims… Me, who has to ignore the person I love most in the world… Eungyu, who lost the girl he loved to his best friend and pretends to be happy… Heewon, who keeps holding onto a shell and keep back his tears at hard times… Seohyun unnie, who has to helpless watch Heewon… …and Darky, who had to use any strategy to watch over Eungyu… Because of love… …because of a stupid this called love… We all keep hating each other… We go through so much pain… Love is supposed to be a happy thing…it has to be a thumping… …but why are we all so sad… .... ...... On the other side of the window, I can hear the sound of sirens…and the sound of a police officer… ... …I guess…this has to be… Chapter 90 “Lift your heads you bastards!” We were all inside the police station. I can see Darky and the other with handcuffs behind their backs. “I’ve never seen a b1tch like you in Korea. I wouldn’t be surprised if this got on the news.” One of the officers said poking Darky in the head a couple of times. “Don’t touch me.” “Did you just say that to me? You have a back you can rely on?” .... ...... This is why I didn’t want to come back to the station… This smell…the voices…the atmosphere… I stuck closely next to Seohyun unnie and tried to relax my rapidly beating heart. “Hey! Hey! Jungwon, I called yo parents, and family, mon!” The entrance door opened and Jungbin entered impatiently. That’s exactly why you name is Jungbin, because you make so many stupid mistakes in your life. “Jungwon!” My mom yelled as a group of people bunched into the station. Dad stared down at the Leopard Prints with a cold stony face. I could see Jaegwang smirking at Darky. And… “Unnie!” Nari yelled running over to Darky. From the entracne, I can see Eungyu staring at me. “You fawking bastards! You did this, huh?!” Jaegwang yelled loudly and them and started towards the Leopard Prints, and to stop him, three officers held him back. “Unnie, you didn’t do it did you? You didn’t do it did you? Unnie…Doyi unnie…” Nari pleaded with Darky in a strained voice, and in a matter of time Eungyu was next to Nari. His face was pale as if he hadn’t gotten an ounce of sleep. “…it…was you?” “…I’m sorry…Eungyu…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” Darky, who’d grit her teeth while I was beating her and Seohyun unnie was hitting her burst into tears in front of Eungyu… Darky buried her face into Eungyu’s shoulders… “…you did bad this time…” “…+sniff+…” “…do you know how cold jail will be…? You know how lonely it’ll be? What are you going to do…” Eungyu warmly rubbed Darky’s shoulders. I could hear Jaegwang still trying to get free from the officers. “Eungyu, I’m scared…I’m so scared…what do I do…” “…it’ll be over before you know it…” Why… …why do you supposed it angered me seeing Eungyu forgive Darky so easily… …Heewon’s hurt…even Seohyun unnie cried…I collapsed…and he forgives her so easily… “…Shin Eungyu…” He lifted his head to look at me. “My boyfriend is in jail because of your friend. His whole school knows he’s locked up. And it’s because of your friend.” ..... ..... Damn…I didn’t want to say it like this… My boyfriend…? What am I doing? “Okay…I’m sorry.” “Do you know how serious this is?! How can you forgive her so easily!!!” “…if I don’t forgive her…who’ll forgive Doyi…? If I don’t…who will…” “…of course…you two are the best of friends…Mom, Dad you heard right?! Heewon didn’t do it! I can keep meeting Heewon right?! Yoon Jaegwang, you better not keep saying he’s a bad influence and all that!!! Let’s go! Hurry, let’s go and get Heewon out!” I said quickly, forgetting the fact that Seohyun unnie liked Heewon. Cursing myself for saying that, I started biting my lip. Jaegwang stopped yelling and turned to Darky. “…are you fawking crazy?” “…” “Aw fawk! Yoon Jungwon, do all the people you know stab you in the back! First Kang Heewon, then this dark b1tch?!” It wasn’t Darky who stood up against Jaegwang, it was Eungyu… “Hyung, you haven’t done anything to praise either! You go to Nari right after breaking up with my nuna?! My nuna’s got insomnia because of you! She drinks a few bottles of day just because of you! Stop hurting my nuna, God dammit!” ..... ...... The police station turned silent… After trying to be so bright this whole time… …after trying to be happy this whole time… Everything’s crumbled because of my stupid brother. Jaegwang’s eyes met mine. Right then… Eungyu must’ve have realized the necklace around my neck… My Piggy <3 ... I quickly tore the necklace off and forced a smile, and Eungyu turned his head… “Let’s go to Seoul!!! Dad, turn the car on!” ..... ...... I forced my voice to be happy and cheerful and bounced out the station. The car was on the way to Seoul and in the backseats was Jaegwang and I. ..... …Jungbin carried Seohyun unnie in the passengers seat and drove to Seoul… …what do I do about the necklace… That was my most prized possession… …I threw it on the ground… …I kept fingering my neck while holding back my tears… I looked over to my side and at Jaegwang who was sleeping… “…+snore+…Pupu, Pupu…you’re back…Pupu …+snore+…” My poor brother, you must miss your ugly little cat a lot. Mom and Dad entered the police station where Heewon was being kept at together saying they wanted to ask for forgiveness. I sturdily stepped into the station. “You have those release forms?!” I yelled loudly as I opened the door and stepped in. I grinned over at Fatty. Chapter 91 When we got to the station near our house, it seemed as if all the officers had been alerted that Kang Heewon was innocent. When Fatty saw me walk in, he tried to ignore me. I waited until he took a glance at me to see if I was looking somewhere else and when we met eye contact… “Where’s the release form!!!” “Kang Heewon’s over there! Take hiM!” Fatty faked a cough and started to act as if the ceiling was interesting. “That’s not fair!!! You can’t just back out of our bet!!!” “You have proof little girl!?” I should do what Jungbin would do, tear the whole place down. “Fine, then tell me you were wrong and apologize to Heewon!” “…officer Kim, when’s my break?” Fatty asked looking over at the officer next to him. I could start to feel a vein pulsing pounding in my forehead, I was about to say something when Dad put his hand on my shoulder. I turned around and he pointed to a corner in the station. ... ...... There was Heewon, his face half the size it was before and paler… Right as I saw him, I felt as if I’d stopped breathing and I stared at him for a while and slowly started nearing him… .... ...... “…it blew over you know.” Heewon remained silent… “…it’s all over…it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to…” “…I know…” .. Heewon weakly nodded his head. “…Kang Heewon, you know you’re a retard? “…yeah…” .” “…gosh, what a worry. How am I supposed to go out with a retard from now on?” Heewon let out a smile and from the corner of his eye, a tear fell out… …as if he were embarrassed…he quickly turned his head to face the wall… “…thanks for trusting me…” “…retard, did you want to go to jail that bad? …or were you trying to test me? …stupid, you could have just said it wasn’t you…” "... " “You’re not going to do this from now on, right?” “…yeah…” “Mom wants to invite you over from breakfast, let’s go.” I carefully stuck out my hand and Heewon took it… …I could see mom let out a small smile… ... …and there was my loving Dad yelling at Fatty teaching him something about honesty or whatever… …it seemed as if everything had worked out for the better… ... +Breakfast+ “Why‘d the frosting on the cereal disappear so fast!!!” Jaegwang yelled throwing his spoon down and sitting across the table from Heewon. …his eyes were glaring at Heewon… Mom carefully tried to explain to Jaegwang’s (Dad was still at the station yelling at Fatty.) “Jaegwang, it didn’t evaporate, this cereal has no frosting. Just shut up and eat…okay?” “Why do I have the plastic spoon! I want to use a silver spoon!!!” That crazy little bastard, do you have to get hit?! Jaegwang picked his spoon up and threw it near Heewon. Ignoring Jaegwang, Heewon continued to eat his cereal. “Okay, Jungwon go get a silver spoon.” Dammit. I didn’t want to…but I got one anyways… I was about to hand it to Jaegwang when he stood up abruptly from his seat. “I can’t swallow the damn food!!!” Jaegwang slammed the front door behind him and disappeared. A few minutes later, we were finished eating and Heewon excused himself, saying he had to get to school. The two of us leaft home with mom grinning brightly after us. “God I’m tired!” Heewon yawned stretching. “Well obviously, you haven’t slept for a while. Don’t go to school, go home and rest.” “…keke, be my pillow ^0^ .” “What? .” “Or can I use your knees as a pillow O_O .” “What?! Go sleep on your own knees! I have to go to school! Hey you think I’ll get a certificate from the president today?! The high school girl who caught ‘The Leopard Prints’!! MWAHAHAH!” “Can’t you smile more attractively? It’s nasty.” “Tch, like you laugh any better.” “Yeah I do. Look “Bullsh1t.” .” Right then…I saw the form of a girl getting closer… ... …I slowed my pace and I felt Heewon push past me and ran happily towards the figure. “NUNA!” Chapter 92 As if the events from last night didn’t phase her at all Seohyun unnie smiled brightly at Heewon. …as if nothing was wrong…like every other time… I watched Heewon acting like a retard in front of Seohyun unnie, and it was almost embarrassing to know him. “Nuna! I heard that you were some mob boss!” “How you doing, kiddo?” “Good, how about you? Are you okay?” “I’m fine! Jungwon, how are you!” ..... “G­good!!” “…why are you stuttering? Jungbin was worried about you, you’re so lucky you’re popular “…popular…­_­…” .” Seohyun unnie raised her two arms and started patting Heewon on the shoulders. “Be good from now on! You lie like that again and I’ll beat you.” “Of course I won’t. I know what love is now, nuna. So I think I have a reason to live now. .” ..... …don’t say what you’re about to say, retard… He looked over and me and then back at Seohyun unnie and grinned. .. Seohyun unnie pat his head with a big grin…not one of sadness… She is such a cool, mature young woman… “What’s love? .” “…love? …you’re asking what love is?” “Yeah.” “…love is me and Jungwon! Hahahaha!!!” ... ..... .. I haven’t heard Heewon talk like this in forever… I haven’t seen Heewon talk like this in forever… …he’s finally the Heewon I knew… The way he was in middle school: bright. Heewon, who always had a happy spell on him… …I’m glad he can smile like he used to… I’m so relieved… “Oh right Jungwon, Eungyu’s leaving in a few days…” ... I numbly nodded my head… “The girls at his school were bawling and nagging him, so he’s gonna have his last stage here in the auditorium. It’s his last performance here, he’s amazing. “…yeah, he is…” “I’m playing the drums for him. You’re going to come right…?” “…of course ... He’s past now… Eungyu’s in the past… .” .” “You know, I’ve always liked bread more than flowers…” “Haha! I’ll buy a load!!!” “ , you’re too cute.” With her large hand, Seohyun unnie gave me a noogie. Whenever I’m next to her, I get the feeling that I’m really young, like a little kid.” “Kang Heewon, you play the bass.” .... ....... What’s she aiming for… Doesn’t she know how Eungyu and Heewon are now…? Why is she telling Heewon to play the bass…? “I know.” Heewon said nodding. “We have to have you and Eungyu have a happy ending. You know that nuna likes a happy ending right?” “…yeah.” “That’s good. “…okay.” . Jungwon, I’ll be going, and call often. I’ll see you at the auditorium!” She took Heewon’s hand, then mine and left after putting them together… ... When Seohyun unnie was nothing but a small dot, Heewon and I finally started walking… “…poor Seohyun unnie…” “Why?” “Unnie likes happy endings…” “Who doesn’t?” “…Seohyun unnie is so much better than me isn’t she…” “Duh.” “…go tell that to Seohyun unnie. Tell her that you think she’s a 100,000 better than Yoon Jungwon.” I felt Heewon wrap his arm around my neck. “AHK! What are you doing!” “You’re jealous!! Aren’t you!” “Crazy bastard, it’s not that! Anyways, go tell that to Seohyun unnie!” “You know you’re jealous!” “It’s not that!” You’re even denser than Shin Eungyu…but I can’t say anything, because I’m dense too… That day at school, all my friends were shooting me with their eyes and right when school ended, I sped out to where Heewon was waiting outside. He kept nagging that he wanted something to eat, but I eventually got out of it. “Oh right! Let’s go call Eungyu and Nari!” “…what?” “Well, I have to practice later with the later and let’s all make things better!” I think something in his head broke while he was in that cell… “N­not right now!” “Why not! It’s great!” .. .... Heewon pulled out his cell phone and I tried to take it away grabbing onto his hand and arm. 5 minutes passed and I was wanting to break Heewon’s long ugly fingers that were waiting for Eungyu to pick up. “Eungyu? Yo! It’s me Heewon!” God… He’s gone mad in that jail cell!!! Chapter 93 “Come on! Let’s hang out!” Do you know how high the wall that you’ve built up is? Do you think you could break down that wall by ‘hanging out’? I just scratched my head. “…your house? Why? You can’t come out? Oh your nuna, okay, then I’ll go! Jungwon and I’ll be there soon!” Not bothering to hear what Eungyu’s answer was, Heewon closed his phone and put it into his pocket. “…what’d Eungyu say “He said to come over. let’s buy pizza!” “…hey…Heewon.” “Yeah?” .” . Want to go buy some pizza? Or should be buy chicken? Sohyun nuna’s allergic to chicken so “Truthfully…I can’t look at Eungyu for ten minutes without crying. Things come out of here. eyes. Heewon took my hand. .” I said pointing to my “Let’s go.” “…” We walked to go get pizza and stood me outside to wait while he paid for it. A few minutes later, he stepped out grinning like a mad man with two large boxes of pizza and a bottle of coke. “Can you smell it? Smell! Smell it! Want to eat a slice?” “Nah. You eat yourself.” And that’s what he did. He placed the coke in my hand and opened one of the boxes and after determining which slice was the biggest, took a large mouthwatering bite. On the way to Eungyu’s house, he continued to eat the slice. He wasn’t like this a week ago…it makes me happy. No wait, I want to believe that I’m happy… But the second we stopped in front of Eungyu’s house, I froze. Heewon wiped his greasy hand on my arm and rang the doorbell. “Who is it?” Sohyun unnie asked weakly. “It’s Heewon!” “…okay…” The front gate opened and he stepped in before me. I paused before I stepped in and when I gathered my nerve to walk in, I could see Sohyun unnie grinning at Heewon. “Jung­Jungwon!” “…hi.” She quickly turned around and ran into the house. What the hell was that? I’ll never understand her. Anyways, I walked into the house after Heewon. .... In the living room, I saw Eungyu laying down on the couch and next to him was Nari. “Oh! Heewon oppa! Jungwon unnie!” Eungyu slowly turned to us and I found myself looking away from him. “…hey.” Eungyu said in a quiet voice so quiet that I could barely hear. “Yo! I bought some pizza!” Heewon’s voice sounded at least ten times louder compared to Eungyus. …the two have changed…it used to be Eungyu who was loud and Heewon who was quiet… He plopped himself down on the floor and opened the pizza box. Awkwardly, I turned to Nari and smiled at her. “ ^0^ .” “ .” .” “Shin Eungyu, long time no see. .... .... Heewon said brightly, taking another slice of pizza and Eungyu just nodded quietly, not making a sound. Maybe it was because of Darky, but he looked as if he’d eaten barely anything. His face was skinnier and all he did was smile softly… I could feel my heart start to hurt and I quickly looked somewhere else. “God! How many rations have you starved you bastard? Hey, eat this.” Heewon shoved a slice into Eungyu’s face and I tried ignoring Nari’s glares towards my back. I excused myself to go look for Sohyun unnie. +Knock Knock+ Unnie opened the door and poked her head out. “Unnie, it’s Jungwon.” “…huh?! J­Jungwon, I’m really sick.” “Where!? Do you want me to call Jaegwang for you?!” “NO!!!!” “Then…go to the hospital!” “Leave unnie alone!!!” .... Sohyun unnie yelled and slammed the door. She doesn’t act sick… “…get better, unnie.” I was about to turn around and walk back to the living room when… “Meow….rawr~~~” I froze. .. What the… “Pupu?” “Meow! Meow!” “Pupu!” “Me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ow!” This is Pupu! It’s Jaegawng’s treasure…­_­ it’s Pupu. “Unnie…is the cat in there Pupu?!” “No! It’s MY cat!” Unnie yelled defensively. “Really? Unnie, did you find that cat outside?” “No!!! TT_TT !!! My daddy bought it for me! It’s Siamese! My cat’s beige and it doesn’t steal tomatoes like Pupu!” .... …no it’s not, it’s Pupu. “…how’d you know Pupu likes tomatoes?” “…I­it’s just a…my cat’s a Siamese cat!!! He’s my cat!” Sohyun unnie started wailing. She was too pure to lie… +Sohyun unnie’s Room+ “Jungwon, don’t tell Jaegwang. Just tell him I found him somewhere.” “Okay…okay…I won’t.” This is what happened. Sohyun unnie was jealous of all the love Jaegwang gave to Pupu, so she snuck Pupu out with my mom’s help. .. …and she’s been taking care of him this whole time… Well, that explains all the scratch marks on her face, she’s still pretty though. With Pupu in my arms (she‘s starting to warm up to the cat), I left unnie’s room after reassuring her that I wouldn’t tell Jaegwang for the 50th. I was walking back towards the living room when… “Ahk! Are you okay?! Are you okay!?” I started yelling as I heard Nari making a large fuss. It seemed as if Eungyu had cut his finger while opening the coke bottle and I ran over to Eungyu who had on a teary face. “You dummy!! You should have been careful! Do you know how unhealthy it is to bleed when you’re not feeling too well?!” I set Pupu on the ground and I put pressure on his finger using the sleeve of my hand. ... …when his cut had stopped bleeding, I noticed everyone was starting at me and I quickly backed away from Eungyu. “God, I hate blood so much. Haha, I always overreact when I see blood… .” I faked two coughs and Eungyu put his finger in his mouth while staring at the sleeve of my shirt. ... “…there’s blood on your shirt.” “Haha…would you look at that…” .... …another awkward silence filled the room except Pupu’s purring. “I’m going to go for a smoke .” Heewon said, taking out a cigarette from his pocket. Eungyu nodded, his finger still in his pocket. “Go…after him…” Eungyu said quietly… “Put pointment on your finger.” “…yeah.” Eungyu…Eungyu… How much time has to go by before I’ll be able to look at you without crying? It’s only been a second and my eyes are already watering up… ... “…I’ll be right back.” For around 10 seconds, silence continued… ... .... I got up from my seat and started to get up from my seat. “Wait.” ... ..... Eungyu said…his voice growing softer… Chapter 94 “…wait.” ... ..... I froze at Eungyu’s quiet voice, I heard Nari run out of the house. …afraid that he’d see the tears in my eyes…I looked down at my feet as calmly as I could… “Go after Nari…” “…it might be the last time we’ll be able to talk standing at this distance from each other…I take it back…stay here…” It’s the last time we’ll be able to talk like this…? I thought I’d forgotten him for the most part…but why does it hurt so much…? Why does it hurt so much hearing these words come from him…? I swallowed back my tears… “You d­dummy!!! Why’s it the last? Are you going to act as if you don’t know me and the others when you become a singer?! You’re mean aren’t you?!” “…not any meaner than you are… .” He said smiling, but I felt that if I stayed any longer that end up crying so I ran up the stairs as fast as I could to the attic top. I stopped before I opened the door and wiped away my tears. I grabbed for the handle and opened the door. The first thing I saw was Heewon’s back. In the chair eungyu always used to sit in was Heewon… …in Eungyu’s seat… He turned around and threw his cigarette on the ground; I just stood by the door and Heewon walked over to me slowly. “…are you done smoking?” I asked, raising my voice a tone higher and trying to act tough I raised my hand on his shoulder. “Yeah, that’s your house right?” He asked pointing to the house next door which was mine. “Yeah .” “I can see all your laundry hanging outside to dry. Is that your underwear?” “AHK!” I quickly jumped on him to cover his eyes, I hadn’t even thought of that possibility. Wait…then that means that Eungyu would have seen it all the time!!! No!!! Why does mom always do this to me?! With his eyes still closed Heewon opened his mouth to speak. “Hey…I won’t look…take your hands off.” “Hell no!” “I said I won’t look. >_< .” “No!” ..... He took off my hands quickly and turned around. Grinning at me, he grabbed my shoulders. "........." “Jungwon!” “What? TT_TT…” “Don’t hit me, okay?” “Why would I hit you?” Heewon lowered his head and still holding my shoulders kissed me. What the hell just happened? I was trying to push him away with all my strength when I heard the door squeak open and when I turned my head quickly, I saw the top of Eungyu’s head disappearing. Dammit. I felt the strength in my legs leave me and I collapsed to the ground. Heewon rolled his eyes and pulled me up. “You know how dirty the ground is? What? You’re so happy you’re shaking?” “…you told me not to hit you earlier right?” “Yeah, why are you going to hit me?” “Yes I am, you bastard!” With my hands into two balled fists I started hitting the bastard as hard as I could. I don’t know what he was so happy about but Heewon just continued to laugh. When I looked down the side, I could see Eungyu running away…Heewon’s smile slowly faded away… “Did Eungyu…see…?” “Yeah, he did you retard.” “…” He covered his face with his hands and quickly ran down the stairs. ... I just shook my head and picked up Pupu who wouldn’t leave me alone back home. I walked home and went up to my room, blank. …why am I not feeling anything…? And what about Eungyu?! What do I do about Eungyu?! …crap!!! …damn!!! How much longer do I have to do this…? How much longer do I have to be like this…? My heart and my head are doing different things…why? I’m not actor. I’m just a regular high school girl who should cry when she wants and smiles when she smiles. Do I have to go on acting the rest of my life?! Is that is?! God! Someone answer me!!! How much longer do I have to go on acting?! When will this finally end…is there even an end…? “Mom! I think the pig is crazy!” Jaegwang yelled opening the door to my room and yelling downstairs. ... “Get out!!! Please, just get the hell out!!!” “Huh? Is this Pupu?!?! A­a­are you…are you…you’re you­you’re…” Rubbing his eyes, Jaegawng slowly and cautiously walked towards Pupu. “Meow.” With a small meow, Pupu got up and went over to Jaegwang. “PUPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT0TT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Get the hell out, Yoon Jaegwang!!!” “PUPU!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT0TT !!!!!!!!!! PUPU WHERE YOU?!?!??! PUPU!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Get out! Just please get the hell out! I want to be alone!!!” All night…Jaegwang ran around the house screaming Pupu’s name. All night…I looked at the ceiling begging to hear an answer… ... .... Two days passed… Eungyu had already left… …now…the house next door would have no meaning 6... …at Ahnhyun’s auditorium… Was opened up for Eungyu’s last stage… Heewon took my hand… ... …and the two of us left to see Eungyu for the last time… Chapter 95 The closer we got to school the harder I squeezed Heewon’s hand. I bit my lip when I saw the sign that said Ahnhyun High School… “Ow!” “What?” “Nothing…TT_TT…” Even a hundred feet away, I could hear screams and yells as Seohyun unnie played her drums. “Did it start already!?” Heewon ran ahead towards the back of the auditorium carrying his bass. “AHHHH!” I felt my feet walk a little closer towards the place where Eungyu was.. …where Eungyu would be singing… I pushed my way towards the front, on the way towards the front I realized there were about 200 kids there, 80% were girls… As Eungyu waved his hands to the crowd the girls started screaming even louder. He gave a pretty grin to all the girls and disappeared behind the curtains. "­_­" When I looked behind me, I saw Hyungpal and Jungbin’s sister Miyun glaring at me. I quickly turned my head. “What the hell is she doing here…?” I could hear Jung Miyun muttering to Hyungpal. “Motorcycle take­away­er… .” “Hey you bastard! I heard you got it back!” “Why are you yelling at my Hyungpal!” “…wait…are you two going out?” Hyungpal faked a cough and turned his head. “Yeah we are!!! What are you going to do about it!” “…that’s nice…hope you guys last long.” “Why are you using that tone? Are you laughing at us?!” “No~ Who said I was? Gosh, chill out.” “Do I look pathetic to you cause I’m going out with a guy who looks like him?! Yeah, my eyes are retarded like my brother!!!!” Jung <iyun yelled pointing at Hyungpal’s head. I could see him starting to pissed off and with a turn of his foot, he walked out the auditorium. …I saw tears in his eyes… “God! Nothing works out when you’re around!” Jungbin’s sister yelled running after Hyungpal. Right then… The curtains spread open and the lights all rested on the middle of the stage. Immediately, the muttering because screams… …he’s at his best when he’s singing…it’s always been that way… With his electric guitar around him, Eungyu stood in front of the mike and waved his hand embarrassedly. On the left side of the stage, Nari was smiling behind her keyboard…Nari was always next to Eungyu. Near the back, behind Eungyu was my love Seohyun unnie with a hat on her head. …and next to her was Heewon…my boyfriend… As if he were looking for someone, Heewon looked around the crowd only to be startled by Seohyun unnie’s drums. For a second he glared over at her for startling him. “Hehe, hey, who’s that? He’s really cute.” “He’s Kang Heewon, didn’t you know?” I could hear the girls behind me muttering and giggling about him. And… “I’m going to send every one of you people home crying today!!!” Was Eungyu’s first greeting to the crowd. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The girls went crazy, I could see Nari’s start to frown. “Shin Eungyu!!! Shin Eungyu!!! Shin Eungyu!!!” As if they’d all promised each other, Eungyu’s name filled the auditorium and I turned around to look at the girls. Some even had tears in their eyes… …and with a fancy drum intro from Seohyun unnie, their first song started. After looking around for me the whole time, Heewon grinned as he spotted me and started playing his bass, swaying his head slightly. I’m selfish~~~ And I’m a fraidy cat~~~ I hate doing this that I need to think about~~~ I know I’m going to be this way all my life~~ I know that as I grow older~~~ I’ll get even worse at it~~~ But I can’t fix myself~~ It was this way before~~~ And it’ll be that way~~~ I know it’s stupid~~~ But all the people I know are like that~~~ His songs always had weird lyrics… I couldn’t tell where he was looking as he singing… …he wasn’t looking at the crowd… …but he wasn’t looking at the door either… …he’s not looking at his mike either… I know he’s looking somewhere…but I don’t know where… I could just reach for him, he’s this close to me…but for some reason he seemed miles away… Last…this is our last… That word kept circling my mind and I couldn’t see Eungyu clearly because that word kept fogging up my head… Rubbing eyes, I looked back up, but they still wouldn’t clear up…Eungyu’s so far away…he’s so far away… “Oppa!!! Don’t go!!!” “Eungyu, don’t go! I’ll buy you a lot of water balloons!!!” “If you leave, there won’t be any other reason to keep going to school!” “Oppa don’t go!” …was he this popular…? …I didn’t know… .... ..... About an hour passed, and in that hour 8 songs had passed… All eight of the songs were exhilarating and full of life… ... …after finishing the eighth song, Eungyu took his mike quietly. “…here‘s out last for the night…” He panted heavily into the mike. …last…? .... ….I know… …it’s the last…. Heewon flashed me a peace sign and grinned at me. My eyes were looking at Heewon, but my ears were listening to Eungyu… “This is our last song…this songs a little different, a ballad…it’s called…” Chapter 96 “This is our last song…this songs a little different, a ballad…it’s called…” .... ..... “Pupu’s Kidnapping!!!” A small wave of laughter filled the auditorium and I found myself laughing softly with the others. Ignoring all the laughter, Eungyu grabbed the mike with a sincere and sad expression on his face. ‘Pupu’s Kidnapping’ What would I have done if Jaegwang was here… Eungyu turned around and nodded over to Nari, where she opened up the song with her intro… …it’s true… …it was a ballad… A sad melody echoed inside the auditorium and soon after, Eungyu’s clear voice… A cat we snuck home~~~ An ugly little cat~~~ A cat that steals and eats tomatoes~~~ Every night he sits on the windowsill and sadly looks over at the house next door~~~ Send me back~~~ Please send me back~~~ I thought this was the end of my crying~~~ With Pupu’s soft crying~~~ I feel myself crying with him~~~ .... ...... .......... Retard…why are you crying…? It’s a song…it’s only a song… The lyrics are funny…he’s calling Pupu ugly, and he is… What’s so sad about the lyrics…? Why am I crying… .. Heewon stopped playing right then, he put his bass down and looked over at Eungyu. The audience was as quiet as a mouse…nothing could be heard except their soft breathing… The drums and the keyboard got quieter and quieter…along with them…Eungyu’s voice got quieter and quieter… An fat and ugly cat~~~ A skinny and good­looking guy~~~ Send us to Her~~~ Please let us be next to Her~~~ I wave bye to the moon today like every other day~~~ I wave a tearful farewell with the moon~~~ Watch over Her tonight~~~ I really thought this was the end of my tears~~~ But because of Pupu’s sobbing I­ Eungyu dropped the mike in his hands. The playing stopped and there was a mutter going around in the crowds… Eungyu covered his eyes with his hand. What’s wrong…Eungyu… …what’s wrong… Don’t do that you dummy… …stop it… .... ...... For a while, Eungyu remained like that…covering his eyes… “…I’m sorry…my voice won’t come out…I’m sorry…I really can’t sing…my voice won’t come out…” .... Some of the people in the audience started crying along with Eungyu even when they didn’t know the reason why Eungyu was crying. They just cried with him because he was crying… “Don’t cry…Eungyu…don’t cry…” “Oppa!! Don’t cry!!!” I turned my back on the stage and stared at the back door of the auditorium, tears streaming down my cheeks… Even after 30 minutes…the crying and sobbing inside the auditorium didn’t stop… Gathering my courage, I turned back around towards the stage and I saw Eungyu looking down at me, his guitar still around him. “…bye…” He said forcing his voice to be bright, he smiled at me brightly… …in a sudden movement, he jumped off the stage… … … Everyone’s eyes were one me and him… ... .... …the sound of a bass spilled the auditorium almost suddenly when Heewon picked up his bass and started playing… …that’s not what I was expecting… …after him, Nari started playing her keyboard… Surprised, I looked up at the stage and I saw that Seohyun unnie had thrown off her hat and was smiling sadly. ... “…here…” ...?.. Eungyu took off the guitar he had on around him and put it over my head and rested it on my shoulder… I saw on the end of his guitar was The necklace… ..... Eungyu lowered his head and turned his head slightly towards the stage… “…Heewon…I’m going to hug Jungwon…” ... ... Instead of answering, Heewon sent him an okay sign… ... It was then when Eungyu finally smiled, he blinked back a few tears and wiped them away with a bright smile on his face. ... .... He held my two shoulders and brought me closer to him… ... All the muttering…the whispering inside the auditorium didn’t matter to me… .... …afraid that this really was the last, I let him hold me tighter… …my heart’s beating… …I can feel Eungyu’s heart beating… …I can feel Eungyu’s sad tears… …and I can feel Eungyu’s sad breathing… We love each other so much… I love enough him so much it hurts… …but how can this be our last…? ... I buried my face into his shoulder, crying…. “…Jungwon…” “……” “Answer me…I can’t say anything if you don’t answer…” “…yeah…?” ... .... ........ “…I’m sorry for loving you…” “……” ... ...... It was your first time saying that…do you know? It was the first time you told me that you loved me…you told me for the first time… …I stepped back from him, and Heewon and Nari’s playing stopped. “…let’s not…do anything like love…from now on…” That’s how I responded to him. Eungyu weakly nodded his head and reached up to unclasp the necklace around his neck. The necklace that was covered by his sweater was revealed, the necklace with the girl… .... ........ “This is Jungwon, and the one you have is Eungyu. Always have them together. Have them kiss more than 10 times a day…and take them to a lot of fun places… You have to take them to the beach…Jungwon wanted to go there really bad, you know… …” ... “…have them get married, and make sure they eat a lot of good food…have them share the same blanket when they go to sleep and make sure that he hug each other when they go to sleep… Oh! And have Jungwon wait outside every night so that Eungyu doesn’t go cheating on her…promise me…” ... ... “…I promise…” He hooked pinkies and Eungyu pressed the necklace in his hand into my mine. “That’s good then, Eungyu and Jungwon will live happily now…right?” Eungyu said, whispering into my ear. I covered my mouth and nodded, the tears still falling… He smiled at me and pat my head… …I could see him getting further and further away… He walked further and further away towards the door, the crowd parting the way for him… The large door opened for a second and Eungyu paused…then disappeared… An empty auditorium… ... …I brought the two dolls up to my face and fell to the ground… I was sobbing and Nari chased after Eungyu… ..... ...... “What do I do…Eungyu’s gone…Eungyu left…he’s really gone…What do I do…I don’t think I can go on…what do I do… Heewon…Heewon…let me go…let me go to Eungyu, please…Heewon, help me…I want to breathe, I want to smile…” I started wailing like a small child. Heewon jumped off the stage and looked down at me and with a small sigh, he hugged me tightly… Chapter 97 Heewon was crying also… As my wailing and crying got louder, he hugged me even tighter… Because I kept imagining Eungyu walking further and further away from the school… Because I kept imagining Eungyu, who smiled until the end… …I wanted to beg to Heewon to let me go after him…but like Eungyu, I couldn’t get my voice out… This is what Eungyu felt when he couldn’t talk… I want to ask when the end will be…when everything will be happy… Right then… Seohyun unnie got up from her seat and walked over to Nari’s keyboard… Fa…Sol…Re…Do…Mi…So… She started pushing any random keys. ...... ........ “…this is what you to are right now…you’re both twisted and tangled in this mess…Heewon, when you’re with Jungwon, this is the only type of music that comes out…” Heewon’s arms slowly grew limp and I just stared at unnie… “…but when Jungwon’s with Eungyu…” Do…Re…Mi…Fa…So…La…Ti…Do… Unnie slowly pressed each key in order… “Heewon, do you hear this? This is how it should sound. Just let her go.” ... ...... Heewon slowly stood up and turned to face the stage. “…I can’t do anything without her…what do you think I feel? You think I’m happy about this?” “Do you know how pathetic you are? You’re being selfish, you’re breaking apart two people so that you can be happy. Jungwon, stand up. Go after Eungyu.” I flinched hearing his name come out of Seohyun unnie’s mouth. “Hurry and go.” ... ..... I took off the guitar and looked over at Heewon. …his eyes were saying…’don’t go…please…don’t go…’ “God dammit! Go before Eungyu disappears!!!” Seohyun unnie yelled. I closed my eyes. I turned my back on Heewon and I was about to take a step towards the door. “…please…I’m begging you…” .. “Kang Heewon…what are you really trying to hold onto? Love or sympathy…?” Seohyun unnie asked walking up to Heewon, her voice shaking angrily. “…both.” “…what if she dies. What if Jungwon dies.” “…I’ll keep her alive.” “BUT YOU CAN’T!!!!” Her yell filled the auditorium… “Just a little longer…I want to be able to smile a little longer…It was the first time I’ve been able to smile so much…it was the first time I’ve waited for a new day…I know I’m selfish…but I don’t want to go back…I don’t think I can…” Seohyun unnie sighed and looked up at the ceiling, it looked as if she were trying not to cry. I just numbly played with the necklace hanging off the guitar. “…then promise me…Kang Heewon…promise me that the day you become happy is the day you’ll let Jungwon go for her turn…” "......." “When one of your parents either your mom or dad comes back to you…then you’ll be able to be happy without Jungwon…then letJungwon go back to Eungyu.” "........." “Promise right here and now. Stop crying and tell me that you promise. It’ll be Eungyu and Jungwon’s turn to be happy… promise.” For a while, Heewon just stared at Seohyun unnie and he slowly lowered his head and nodded. With a small smile on her face, she pat his shoulder. And after putting an arm around my shoulder she loudly yelled… “Let’s go! I’m starved, I’ll buy!!!” With the guitar in hand, I forced a smile. Even smiling is exhausting… A few people still remaining outside glared at me as I stepped out… Morning… Seohyun unnie helped me drag my drunk body all the way home. “Unnie…can you help me forget Eungyu? Please? Anything’s fine, anything is fine so just help me please? I’m tired of crying, I don’t want to cry anymore…help me forget him.” “Dude, don’t talk like that, it’s scaring me.” A guy’s voice said…oh…it’s Jaegwang. He took me from Seohyun unnie. “Seohyun unnie…” “She’s gone, what’s wrong? Did Eungyu hyung dump you? Want me to go beat him up for you!?” “Beat up who? You’re not going to beat up anyone. Do you know how important it is to hold onto someone you love?! HUH!? DO YOU KNOW?!” “Yeah! I do!” “You do? Haha! Don’t make me laugh! You have Pupu and you have Sohyun unnie!!! You don’t know anything…I’m pathetic…so you better go on calling me nuna from now you…got that?!” I closed my eyes and tried to bring up Eungyu’s face… I’ll just cry today, only today… “I know…I know too well…Sohyun’s not mine anymore either…good night nuna…” I could hear Jaegwang’s sad voice say after me… .... I was about to call after him, but he closed the door behind him… 5 months later, morning. Ignoring all of my mom’s yelling, I swallowed all the soup she’d made me. “I think I’m going to barf!” I quickly ran to the bathroom, ignoring my mom and dad’s glaring at me. “You stupid girl, that’s why you don’t drink until you pass out!!!” I could hear my mom yelling at me from outside the door. “Mom! I know, nuna barfed all over the attic top yesterday!!!” Oh right, Yoon Jaegwang is finally a 3rd year in high school. As I walked out of the bathroom, I felt my mom beating down on my back. “Ow! That hurts!!!” “Get lost, go to school!!!” “I don’t have any classes in the morning! Pupu always pees on the floor, but why don’t you hit her?!” “Are you a cat?!?! Are you?! Do you want me to treat you like a cat?!?!” I walked into the living room where I saw Jaegwang. “You’re a 3rd year, why aren’t you ever at your volunteering somewhere?!” “Did YOU ever volunteer?!” “You’re always meeting Miyae!!! Mom! Jaegwang always lies and says he’s volunteering when truthfully all he does is meets girls!!!” “Fawk, I’m going to kill you.” He slammed the door behind him and disappeared, and with a look that could kill, mom chased after him out the door. Hahahaha! .. ... Well, there’s nothing to do for me, and classes don’t start for me until a little later, should I go over to Heewon’s? Around 2 months ago, he’d always stopped me from going to him house even when I wanted to. He might have bought a whole roomful of cookies and he wants to eat them all. With a thick jacket around me, I decided to head over to his house. I waved for a taxi and I smiled as I finally reached Heewon’s house. It’s been two months >_< I fingered two tangerines that he’s always liked to eat and was about to turn into his neighborhood when… ... I heard the familiar voice of a middle­aged woman…I stopped in my tracks… ... “My son is so pretty!!! Always walking me out to my car!” “Come home early, I’m going to come home early today too.” .... ..... I dropped the tangerines on the ground… …and the only thing I could do was smile… “…Yoon Jungwon…” Heewon said, his face freezing. “Jungwon? Wow! I haven’t seen you in so long!!!” Heewon’s mom walked closer over to me… ... “Were you scared? Where you that scared? Is that why you kept this from me?” "............" “…this is why you didn’t let me come over huh…? Kang Heewon…I can’t believe you…^_^….” Heewon’s mom looked confusedly at Heewon and me. I turned around, and accident stepped on a tangerine on the ground. I ran out the neighborhood… “Yoon Jungwon!!” I ignored him and ran as fast as I could…and all I could feel was happiness… …I’m crazy… Bringing up Eungyu in a small section inside my head, I burst into happy tears and laughter… …can I go now? …I can go now right…? Chapter 98 I don’t even know how much I tried all this time. I hated how the only thing I could think of was you when I was sitting by myself…or how I kept hearing your voice for no reason… I hated that… ... It hurt me… So I found ways to keep myself busy…I was always busy. That’s why I had no to time to rest. Five months, I kept you inside my head, and in those five months I thought my head was going to burst. The rope I felt was holding me down was finally cut… …I can see Eungyu…I can touch Eungyu…I can smile next to Eungyu… The promise between Seohyun unnie and Heewon could finally be put into place now… I ran over to Jaegawng school fearlessly…looking around desperately for Nari. I was dressed in regular clothing and as I walked inside the school, I could see people staring at me. .. In order from 1 to 12 in the third year classrooms. Everytime I opened a room 40 something heads would all turn over to me. …damn…she’s not in here either… Class 2... Class 3... I opened ever door in order… Ever since I’d seen Heewon’s mom…my adrenaline was pumping through my veins… This time…I opened class 4. As soon as I opened the door, I saw a balding man, jump suddenly and drop the stick he was hitting a student with. When I looked down at the student getting hit… “Nuna!!!” There was my brother Jaegwang, rubbing his ass. “…Yoon Jaegwang! Where’s Shin Nari?!” “…she’s in this class…what are you doing here?” ..... ...... “What great timing, do you happen to be Yoon Jaegwang’s nuna? “…Shin Nari! Where’s Eungyu at?!” .” Baldy asked, nearing towards me. _ .... _ ...... _ ....... Nari slowly rose from her seat and looked up at me…. “Why.” “Where is he?! Where in Seoul is he?!” “…why do you want to know where oppa is…” Her voice became colder… “I don’t see why I have to tell you. Where is Eungyu.” “…I don’t see why I have to tell you either…” I could feel the adrenaline slowing to a stop… “Hey! Shin Nari! Are you talking back to my nuna!!?!” Jaegwang yelled, still on the ground. “Explain to me what you’re doing here!” Baldy yelled walking towards me. “…fine…you’re not going to tell me…?” “No, I’m not.” “…forget itthere are more people I can ask.” I turned my back on her and started to walk out the class when her voice stopped me. “…oppa’s back to how he should be…stop it…don’t bother him anymore…” .... ....... I walked out the school, fingering my treasured one dollar bill and the two couple necklaces, and the knife. I’m bothering him…? Eungyu…am I? I smiled to myself and went to go over to Seohyun unnie’s house. With her hair all messed, she greeted my cheerily. “Man, it’s early.” “Unnie, you know that promise? Heewon has to keep it right? I’m not doing anything wrong right?” “…what are you saying?” Seohyun unnie asked, her drowsiness disappearing. “Heewon’s mom is back, I can go to Eungyu now, right unnie?” “Of course ..... ......... Okay… …this is all I need… Unnie handed me a scrap piece of paper with Eungyu’s address. .” “I’m so nervous, I am so nervous.” “Just ask Eungyu to hold you, then you won’t be nervous anymore kiddo. ^0^ .” I felt thankful to unnie for saying Eungyu’s name. Suwon…? Suwon…? I stared at the piece of paper in my hand and blinked a couple of times… “Eungyu’s not in Seoul.” Unnie said calmly… “…but you said he was training in Seoul…” That was all a lie… That whole thing about debuting as a singer was a lie… He said he didn’t have enough courage to see you… That’s why he left by himself… He graduated from high school over there… …and he goes to college over there also…I met him a little while ago.. He said he was happy…but I could see right through him…I’ve known him too long to fall for something like that… I felt so bad looking at him force a smile that I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to him… ..... …I feel numb… I felt hateful towards the human named, Yoon Jungwon… With everything that Seohyun unnie told me made myself feel stupider and stupider. I looked out the window of the bus at the scenery. The place where Eungyu lives… …the place where Eungyu moved to, to give everything up… I took out the necklaces and stared at Eungyu and Jungwon… …I took them to the beach like you told me to… …I made them kiss at least 20 times a day like you told me to… …I made them share a blanket at night like you told me to… …I made sure they were together all day like you told me too… A tear fell on their faces… Now…we’ll be able to smile and cry together…we‘ll be able to be together all day… I brought out the piece of paper Seohyun unnie had given me and realized I’d missed my stop. “Let me off!!!!” The bus stopped with a squeal and as soon as I got off, I grabbed a person every minute to ask for directions. “Excuse me, could you tell me where this is?” “Oh, just go straight up.” “Thank you!” Because of my nervousness, I felt myself walking like an idiot… Even the day before Christmas… Even the day before a picnic… Even the day before a meeting… I never was this nervous… This was the first time in my life I was so nervous, I can finally hug Eungyu. I can hold his hand and I can be with him for a 100 days…200 days…and like my stupid friends, I can hold 100 day parties…200 day parties!!! 10 minutes passed and I found myself in front of an apartment building. ... Even when I was standing still, my hands were shaking like mad, I felt as if my heart was already inside his house, but I can’t make my stupid feet move… I quickly ran to a store and bought a bottle of soju. I’m crazy, even after going through all that trouble this morning. I walked step after step up the stairs…his house was the first house on the second floor… I froze in front of the door and I reached for the doorbell…and then I quickly took my hand away…I reached for it again… and snatched it away once again… I think I did that at least a hundred times… Screw it!!! I unscrewed the top of the soju and drank up at least 2/3 of the bottle. 10 minutes later, I felt some of my nerve coming back (thank God I get drunk easily) “Eungyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ..... I pushed the doorbell with my head a few times…. +Ding Dong! Ding Dong!+ No wait! Hold on, I’m not ready yet!!! …but the person who opened the door was a young woman with her shoulder length hair tied in a small scrunchie…a woman with gorgeous eyes… She was as tall as me and very willowy, the woman looked at me through the open door. ... “…does…Eun­Eungyu live here…?” ... ... I could see two of her faces in front of me…the woman nodded her head slowly… ... …are they friends…? “…is Eungyu home…?” She silently shook her head… “…thank you…” She looked at me up and down and then slammed the door in my face. ... I shakily went over to the stairs and sat down… “…this doesn’t make sense…they’re friends…friends…God, hurry up, I miss you, you bastard.” I buried my face in my knees and was muttering to myself when I heard footsteps come up the stairs… I got up from my seat quickly, and then, sat back down, burying my face even deeper into my knees. …the footsteps walked past me… I know… …even by listening to his footsteps I can tell it’s him… I swallowed my tears, rubbing my face into my knees… I relaxed my breathing…1.…2.…1...2.…1.…2.… I want to greet him with a happy face, I forced my legs to stand up… He reached for the doorbell and rang it. “Who is it?” The woman’s voice said over the intercom. “It’s me Eungyu!!! I bought some crackers!!! Today’s dinner is crackers!!!” ... …the door opened. “Okay, okay. . First thing you talk about when you come in is food. Oh right, come girl came to look for you.” “…O_O…probably some girl from school…I’m cold…I’m cold…let me it…” .... ...... +BAM!+ …the door closed behind him with a bang… … … …I can’t believe this… Chapter 99 I dropped the soju bottle in my hand and it rolled down the stairs…and to match that, my phone rang… …when I looked at the ID it was my pretty dongseng Nari… I turned off my phone… …it’s a misunderstanding…it’s just a friend…it’s his friend… I waited too long…I've waited too long for this day… Let’s trust Eungyu… Jungwon, let’s trust Eungyu… Because of the alcohol, I got a weird boost of energy and I pushed his doorbell. I tightly closed my eyes, waiting for his door to open. “Eungyu! I think it’s the person from earlier!” “…what?” The door opened and I could smell the familiar scent of his shampoo through the crack he’d opened. I raised my hand as calmly as I could and waved. “…hi…it’s been a while…” ... .... My lips are moving on their own, with my slurred voice I stood in front of him for the first time in months… …the light brown eyes… …his messy brown hair… …his tan face… …how are you going to welcome me? What kind of face are you going to use when you say your first words to me…? Please…smile… Don’t make any other face…just smile… … … “…huh?? O_O…?” ..... ........ “…it’s Jungwon…long time no see…” “You want some too? .” ... …w­what…? “Eungyu, I’ll fry you some dinner, go talk to your friend!” The lady said wearing an apron and pushing Eungyu out the door… ... Eungyu looked at me up and down blankly…he looked next to me and stared at the shattered bottle pieces… “…oh no. They’re all broken.” “…you…remember me right…? It’s me, Jungwon…” I was already tearing up…tears that I’d kept back for 5 months…he crouched down on the floor and started drawing circles on the floor. “…is the person inside…your girlfriend…?” ... ... He grinned brightly and nodded his head vigorously… “…she’s your girlfriend…?” “…yeah, it’s cold. I want to go inside. TT_TT …” … I’m being punished…I know I am… …someone should have told me…then I couldn’t have come down to look for him… ... I couldn’t read anything in his eyes…the only thing he seemed to care about was his dinner…I couldn’t see myself in them anywhere… I opened my mouth towards Eungyu, who had grabbed for the door handle. “…can I wait for you…?” “Dinner!!! Alright!!!” The door slammed behind with a loud bang. “…are you just sending your guest away? Who is she? Is she your nuna?” “I dunno, my head hurts.” “Oh right, I got your medicine earlier. It’s on the counter.” I slid down the door, listening to Eungyu’s voice… …I pulled out the necklaces and the one dollar bill from my pocket… …about 3 months ago… I’d gone to the super market and just by chance I’d gotten this dollar with a bunch of other change… …and on the corner of the one dollar bill… My Piggy… I think I cried a little back then…I wanted to ask you if this small note written was one you had written when we met again… …but I can’t ask you anything anymore…you’ve changed so much… I could hear Eungyu’s voice flow from outside the window…I think I was just sitting outside his house for around 2 hours… I shoved my hand that was reaching for the doorbell into my pocket and started down the stairs… Eungyu… …I think I might die… I’m being punished…that’s all….you must have been hurt this much too… ... I’m just being punished for all the things I’ve done to you… It hurts to breathe…it’s hard to just keep my eyes open…I just hate being alive right now… ... I barely got home, my head cloudy…it was around 3 in the morning, I was trying to open the front gate when the gate to the house next door opened… Out came Sohyun unnie…looking exhausted…I haven’t seen her in a long time either… …damn…they’re so alike…they look so alike… I quickly turned my head… “Hi Jungwon, I haven’t seen you in a while…” “…hi…” “Are you coming back from somewhere?” “I’m just coming back from seeing your brother…your brother…” “…what?” She seemed to be a little surprised and she slowly walked over to me… “…you must’ve been shocked…” “…you knew too… .” “Of course, I’ve known for 3 months…” .... ...... “…it’s been 3 months…?” “…I’m sorry…I couldn’t tell you…it would have been better if you didn’t find out…” ... 2 months after breaking up with me, you found someone else…? After only 2 months…? you forget someone easily don’t you… “…do you’re not going to see Eungyu anymore…?” Sohyun unnie asked, her voice getting softer… “Am I not going to see him?” “…yes…” “It’s not that I’m not going to see him. I CAN’T see him anymore…” Sohyun unnie stared at me…I turned my head because of their resemblances… “…you’re never going to see him again…?” “…this isn't something I can control…” “…I’m a little disappointed in you…” After saying something that I didn’t understand, unnie walked back into the house… ..... ......... “Disappointed…? Then what am I supposed to do? Do I have to hang onto him until the end? I have to hang on and cry to a person who’s thrown me away? To a person who’s turned their back me…I’ll do that if it means that he’ll come back…” I said to nothing in particular… After muttering to myself like a retard, I closed my eyes hoping that it was nothing but a nightmare… …I slowly fell asleep…just wishing it wasn’t real… +Next Day+ “Jungwon, you have someone to see you.” “…” I opened my eyes…my eyes that were swollen so that they filled up half my face… …and there was Heewon standing in front of me… He jumped a little when he saw me… “…what’s up.” “…sorry that I ran away like that yesterday, tell your mom I said sorry.” Silently, he pulled out a cigarette and sat down on my chair. While blowing out a stream of air, Heewon bent his head and said in a strained voice… “…I’m sorry…” “…about what? .” “I didn’t want you to go. I lied to you for 2 months…I didn’t think about you, and I kept you back because I wanted to be happy… “Forget it, I would have done the same if I were in your position. I’m happy for you that your mom came back.” “Dad’s gotten better also, he’ll be coming home this month.” .... ...... ... “That’s good, you’re finally getting what you wanted. “…did you meet…Eungyu…?” .” “Huh? Not yet, he wasn’t there when I went down to see him yesterday…” “Let’s go together.” “…what?” “Let’s go down today. I want to see you and Eungyu together and then I’ll finally give you up like a man. ^0^ .” Heewon mustered up a forced smile and put his cigarette out on my desk without my permission and got up off the seat. “N­no!” “Why not? O_O .” “…oh…just that…I want…never mind…I can handle seeing him on my own.” ..... ... .... “I won’t fight with him, sheesh! I swear I won’t, get your ass off the bed!” Heewon grabbed my hand and pulled me off. I used all my strength to sit back down, but I was exhausted from crying all night. He pulled me out all the way outside… .... “Heewon! Wait!” “What now?” “…you see, I want to look a little prettier when I see him. What if he runs away looking at my face, I want to look my best. Don’t worry, I can go alone when I feel that I look good. .” .... .... He let go of my hand and glared at me while shoving his hands into his pocket. “Fine! Be that way!!! Asshole “…Heewon…we…we…” “WE WHAT?!?!?!” .” He started walking forward… “…we can be friends again, right?!” "........." Instead of answering, he made the okay sign he always made above his head. “Let’s eat, friend!” “…okay… .” It won’t be easy for me or Heewon… …forgetting a loved one in less that a day… It might hurt a lot…and we might end up crying at night for no reason… Heewon, you and I will try our best… But… Why do I feel that I’m waiting for him even after saying that I won’t… …it’s embarrassing… …and like that…a long year passed… Even after a year, all I do is cry… During the day, I’m Yoon Jungwon…at night, I’m a dummy…crying because I long for you… ... I looked out the window into your house…wondering if you’ve come home… …I’ve even gone down to where you live a few times to see if I could run into you… …but every time I saw you and that young woman laughing…I always turned around and came home… I thought a year would be enough… I thought a year would be enough to forget you… …but like every other day…I wait for you… I still haven’t forgotten you… …please come back… .. ...... Last Chapter. “Hello?” “Jungwon?” “…Seohyun unnie…” “Come out! Let’s meet in front of the college park! I’ll buy you and Nari food!” “…right now…?” “Keep it a secret from Heewon, today’s girl’s night out.” “…okay, I’ll meet you there.” “Okay!!!” ..... ...... I practiced smiling in front of the mirror like I always did and walked out the front gate. +College Park+ There was Seohyun unnie inside the gates with Nari standing next to her. As she spotted me, she waved me over. “Unnie! ^0^ .” It’s been the first time I’ve seen Nari in a while, ever since I’ve gone to see him last year, Nari and Seohyun unnie haven’t even said his name in front of me… …even if they went down to Suwon to visit Eungyu, they’d keep it a secret from me and go by the two of them… …I didn’t want it to be like this…it’s okay…I can bear to look at him even if it hurts. It’d be better looking at him even when it hurts than not being able to see him and longing for him… “Let’s eat first!! I was drumming for 5 hours today!!! I think my arms are going to fall off!!! So what do you want to eat first?” Seohyun unnie rested an arm around my shoulders and Nari walked up to me awkwardly and smiled. “What do you want to eat? How’s spaghetti?” “Great. .” I only do the stupid stuff at night, in the day I’m strong! The three of us all started heading towards the spaghetti restaurant when… …Seohyun unnie stopped walking right in her tracks… “They’re having a concert, let’s check it out!” “…a concert at this time in the park? That’s weird.” Nari said slowing down her walk. “No! Let’s go check it out! Come on!” “…but I’m hungry…TT_TT…” “…I’m in this craze about outside concerts these days! Just 10 minutes!!!” Seohyun unnie yelled grabbing Nari’s hand and running towards the park. Yeah, they don’t care about me… ... One by one, people started to gather around the stage… I could see Seohyun unnie shoving her way to the front, I could see Nari muttering annoyed to herself. A guy’s voice…a thin voice was talking loudly without a mike… “You see!!! We don’t usually perform and we don’t come to Seoul often! But our pal’s hometown is just over here so here are 8 songs! I hope you enjoy this!!!” ..... ...... Light clapping came from around the small crowd, and there was Seohyun unnie…frozen to her spot… “It’s not easy doing things like this for free, we’re pretty popular around here too! Believe it or now, here’s our first song! Sung by the hottie of our group! He’s really good­looking so all you ladies don’t faint!” ... ..... God, he talks a lot doesn’t he? I thought to myself and shoved myself up towards Seohyun unnie. “Yeah he’s so good looking!!! Oppa! You are too!!!” .... Annoying yells from girls started escaping from here and there… “Haha! You all have high standards don’t you!! Here’s our first song!!!” After the man’s endless blah blahing ended, the song finally started… ... The drum intro began and I tapped frozen Seohyun unnie’s shoulders. “Unnie, isn’t that the person Eungyu’s going out with? Isn’t that the person Eungyu’s rooming with? It was a man?!?!?! Eungyu likes men?!?!?” “…what? What the hell are you saying…?” What the hell is this? I swear that’s the person Eungyu’s been rooming with!!! IT was a man?!?! I can’t believe this!!! Eungyu likes men?!?! Right then, I heard Nari’s teary sobbing… “…Eungyu oppa….” What the hell is this? …Eungyu oppa? But there was a guy…at the front of the stage, singing a beautiful song with not much of an expression on his face… A cat we snuck home~~~ An ugly little cat~~~ A cat that steals and eats tomatoes~~~ Every night he sits on the windowsill and sadly looks over at the house next door~~~ Send me back~~~ Please send me back~~~ I thought this was the end of my crying~~~ With Pupu’s soft crying~~~ I feel myself crying with him~~~ I covered my mouth with one hand and started shaking in my spot. Seohyun unnie tightly squeezed my shoulders reassuringly… “…unnie…why is Eungyu singing that song…he’s forgotten all about me...he…he doesn’t think about me anymore… wow….I didn’t know Eungyu was going out with a guy…I’m totally beat. I got beaten by a man. Total KO.” “…I don’t know what the fawk you’re saying, he’s Eungyu’s music buddy. Eungyu’s boyfriend?? O_O .” “He’s going out with Eungyu!!!” “WHAT?!” Seohyun unnie yelled in a loud voice, blocking out Eungyu’s singing for a split second. What the hell is all this? What’s happening right now all of a sudden… “…Jungwon…what are you saying…?” “…that person…Eungyu said that he was going out with him…Even Sohyun unnie asked me if I was shocked because of that. I know everything, you don’t have to hide anything from me, I didn’t know that it was a man…” An fat and ugly cat~~~ A skinny and good­looking guy~~~ Send us to Her~~~ Please let us be next to Her~~~ I wave bye to the moon today like every other day~~~ I wave a tearful farewell with the moon~~~ Watch over Her tonight~~~ I really thought this was the end of my tears~~~ But because of Pupu’s sobbing I find myself crying along with him~~~ Eungyu continued to sing… …stupid guy…he keeps saddening me with his face…his voice… It hurt so much to see him that I was about to walk past Seohyun unnie when she grabbed my shoulders tightly and started yelling at me. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!!! That guy is just Eungyu’s roommate!!!” “I know! Sohyun unnie told me!!!” “…you know what?! Don’t you know what happened to Eungyu!?” "......." “You didn’t know?! You didn’t know all this time?! You thought that person was Eungyu’s boyfriend?!?” “…then what is it that you know…” “You fawking retard!! Oh my God…I can’t believe this…I thought that you threw Eungyu away because he became a dummy!!! That’s why I didn‘t bring him up…” “…dummy? What’s that mean…?” Seohyun unnielet out a bitter laugh. “Nari and I didn’t even know…we thought you threw him away…” “I don't get what you’re saying now, what do you mean….” Nari walked up to us and started bawling like a small child…. “We thought you threw away Eungyu oppa!!! We thought you know!!! He got in a huge accident two months after he went down to Suwon!!! His head got broken!!!” ….what? …what did you just say…? “…we thought you threw away Eungyu oppa because of that…I hated you for it…” “Dummy? Shin Nari…what do you mean…? Accident?” “…one of the lights fell on top of his head during a performance…he hasn’t lost his memories…it would have been better if that’s what had happened…but…instead…his head’s been broken…” …wait…then what Sohyun unnie was talking about… “…you’re never going to see him again…?” “…this isn't something I can control…” “…I’m a little disappointed in you…” Sohyun unnie was talking about the accident…? What Nari told me about not bothering Eungyu… …Eungyu…the things you said to me when we met…the weird things you said…the medicine that was laid out on the counter… …..it was all…. ….because of the accident… Eungyu set his mike down on the stand, and the crowd cheered for an encore… The guy prettier than the average girl…the guy I’d mistaken for Eungyu’s boyfriend opened his mouth… “I know you all want to hear some more, but unfortunately, this is all that my friend knows how to sing. A guy with longish hair had already picked up the mike and was starting to sing a fast upbeat song. …I saw Eungyu walk down the stage and heading out the park… …a dummy…? …an accident…? Eungyu…I can’t believe you… …you head’s broken…I don’t understand any of this… “…aren’t you going to go after Eungyu?” Seohyun unnie asked slapping my face playfully. Without answering after her, I chased after his backside as fast as I could… I ran u behind him and hugged him as tightly as I could from behind. “It’s a stalker!!!” “…you had nothing to do so you go around getting hit by lights? Retarded bastard…” “…let go of me!!!” .” “Hey, hey you dummy, I heard you got your head all broken up. Haha, you make a lot of trouble for yourself don’t you? … don’t you remember me? Huh? Retard, do you know who I am?” I asked rubbing my face into his face and crying like a small child. “My friend from the house next door!!!” “…retard…I was your girlfriend from the house next door…” “Hehe, I know ^0^ .” “What would I have done if you hadn’t come today!!!” “…TT_TT…I miss Pupu…” “…do you want to go see Pupu?” “…yeah…hehe…” Eungyu grabbed my hand tightly and started waving brightly over towards Seohyun unnie and Nari, running over to them all the while holding onto my hand. Seohyun unnie turned around quickly and wiped away her tears, and turned back around and grinned at Eungyu and me. Next to her stood Nari, tears pouring out of her eyes…she didn’t bother wiping them away… …Eungyu’s become a dummy… …Eungyu’s head has broken… I didn’t want to believe he was like this…I felt my heart was trapped inside a cage… Let’s not be greedy…step by step…that’s all I need to do… …let’s turn him back…step by step… “…hey, look at this. Look at this, did you write this? You did, huh?” I took out the dollar bill in my pocket that I had carried around for 365 days… “…huh? Yeah, ^0^ .” He nodded his head vigorously…. “I knew it was you. You liked me a lot didn’t you, do you remember that?” “Yeah. O_O .” “…they fixed Heewon’s dad…so they can fix you too…he’s come back, so you can come back too.” “Go back to where? O_O .” “…back to where we used to be…Hey, Dummy, do you remember your band’s name?” “…band’s name…?” “…Do…Re…Mi…Fa…Sol…La…Ti…Do! Don’t you remember?” “Oh yeah!! ^0^ .” “You and I are going to go back to ‘Do’ okay? We’re going to go back to ‘Do’ holding each other’s hands, okay?” “…I miss Heewon… >_< .” “Okay, let’s go see Heewon…we’ll go see Jaegwang and then Sohyun unnie…and we’ll even see Pupu…” I don’t know what he was so happy abount, but with an ice cream cone in his hand, he stood next to Seohyun unnie, blabbing about nothing and everything to her… …and there stood Nari, walking next to me… “How confident are you?” She asked in a small voice. “About what?” “Turning him back.” “…very, I can get him back within a year…want to make a bet?” “…the person who turns him back first gets him…” “What?! Why you!!!” “… , you promised.” “No! I didn’t promise anything!” “…I haven’t seen you smile in a year, unnie. O_O. Anyways, it starts now!!!” “Shut up! And stop smiling!” I yelled loudly and ran after Eungyu and Seohyun unnie, Nari quickly chased after me. I hung Jungwon around his neck and hung Eungyu around mine… He frowned a little… “You better have this on the rest of your life!!!” My Piggy <3 I swear…I’ll turn you back within a year… Then…like the necklaces, we’ll be able to go to the beach…kiss each other…eat a lot of yummy food…go to the amusement park… Nari wiped away the tears in her eyes and I grabbed his hand… …let’s not ever let go… Let’s all meet at ‘Do.’ Please help me out~~ There are so many thoughts in my head....~~ I can’t do anything~~ Please.. make me a dummy~~~ I don’t know the meaning of my tears~~ Just make me a dummy, ignorant to everything~~ Like his song…Eungyu really had become a dummy… …it seems as if he won’t know the meaning of tears…the meaning of living from now on… ...
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