[TF] DoReMi SS2 - The Singing Dummy Chapter 1 “Alright...

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Unformatted text preview: The Singing Dummy Chapter 1 “Alright! This Saturday is going to be our triple date!!! Triple meeting as well!! Alright baby!!!” Yoona yelled loudly in front of our classroom. “We got it, so get out of the way. .” “We’re meeting three guys from ‘K’ college!! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited!” “I have a boyfriend, move .” “YOU?! Boyfriend?! You never said anything about a boyfriend!” “Of course, you didn’t come to school for a couple classes so I didn’t get a chance to.” “Who is it? Is he rich? Is he tall? Does he have a good fashion sense? Is he hot?! Is he good at fighting?!” …why are you so curious about him? “If you’re curious you go meet him, now move.” “WHO THE HELL IS IT?!” “You stupid b1tch! Get the hell out of my way! My Eungyu’s waiting for me!” Yoona’s mouth dropped open and she stared dumbly at me. “…E-Eungyu? Are you talking about Ahnhyun’s Shin- Shin-” “Eungyu .” I sent her a smile and then pushed past her into my classroom. Behind me, I could hear Yoona yelling behind at me. Realizing that if I got caught by her she’d keep me out of class and bother me for 3 hours, I decided my sanity was more important than class so I ran back outside. I ran past 15 trees and then the school gates and then the bus stop… I continued to run for thirty minutes and by the thirty minutes, my face was dripping with sweat and I’d finally reached my neighborhood. My dummy is waiting for me! Let’s hurry! I bought two ice cream cones with a scoop of strawberry ice cream since that was Eungyu’s favorite and headed home, humming happily to myself. Just then, I spotted some things running past me quickly. “You pot stealer!!! Give it back! Catch the pot stealer!!!” Tsk. It’s only the little kids in playing in the neighborhood. Back when I was their age I was busy memorizing my times tables. (…something that I still haven’t memorized completely…) Looking down at them with a smirk I was about to continue heading home when… “Catch the pot stealer!!! Pot stealer!!!” Something looks familiar about the guy running away from the kids… “EUNGYU!!!!!!!! TT_TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” With his long legs, Eungyu continued to run towards the end of the street; and in his hands…was a pot. Dammit… I chased after the kids who were chasing after Eungyu and I started yelling at the kid closest to me....
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[TF] DoReMi SS2 - The Singing Dummy Chapter 1 “Alright...

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