[TF] The Dangerous Iljeen Guy

[TF] The Dangerous Iljeen Guy - Do you believe in...

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Do you believe in reincarnation? The Illjeen Guy series starts again. ... ..Dangerous Illjeen Guy. .. Start # 1 "Okay, okay. But it's not the kid with hat, right?" +Funny. It's not the girl wit the strawberry printed shirt, right?+ - Danbi was wearing the strawberry printed clothing. "Heyyy biatch!! You got prettier!" - Danbi "I missed you, Danbi!" - Soyoung Hello, I'm Choi Danbi. I am 18 years old. "How was America?" - Soyoung This biatch is Kim Soyoung, and she is my best friend. "America is dirty as hell." - Danbi I don't have any good feelings for America. Even the goodlooking guys in America, I turned my back to. In 9th gradem, I moved to Washington. And right now I am in 11th grade. *Shudder* Those two years in America was hell. "How come you're here alone? Where are your parents?" - Soyoung *CELL PHONE RINGING* "This is Danbi." - Danbi +Danbi, did you find your boyfriend?+ - Mom "Yeah. He's with me right now." - Danbi +Really? Could I speak to him?+ - Mom "He doesn't want to take the phone." - Danbi +Aww, that's too bad. I wanted to know who was good enough for you to throw your family away and run back to. I'll see you later.+ - Mom HyOo~ I think I aged ten years. "What?!?! You moved because you didn't want to live in America. And you said you wanted to be with your boyfriend as an excuse?" - Soyoung "Yep!" - Danbi "Are you crazy? Do you know what kind of person your mom is?" - Soyoung
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"Only my mom would believe that. Other mothers would know." - Danbi "You're amazing." - Soyoung "I can't help that I hate America." - Danbi If I were to explain it briefly, I hated America so I told my parents that I had a boyfriend back in Korea. But the thing was I had to introduce my boyfriend to my parents when they got here. I guess I should make one by then. [BBBAAANNNNGGG-!!!!!KEEEEEEEEk!!!!] What kinda nonsense? "Do you want to die?!?!" - Danbi I said that without thinking. The motorcycle stopped in front of me, and I got a closer look. "Hyunbin, what's wrong? He had a cute face and large eyes. But that bastard's face expression was dirty as hell. "What the hell did you say?" +_+ The bastard approached me. "I was talking to myself, so what?" - Danbi After I went to America, I became really rude. And Soyoung looked really nervous at my newfound attitude. She grabbed my hand and mentioned to go. "If you're gonna talk to yourself then make sure I don't hear it!" +_+ "No one told you to hear it! But why are you talking informally to me? Are you older than me?!?" - Danbi I could see Soyoung go crazy and falling to the ground. "When I passed you by on the motorcycle, didn't you say DO YOU WANT TO DIE?" - 0_0 That bastard. He took off his helmet and that's when I really saw the situation. He had the dirtiest look on his face, but he was really hot.
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[TF] The Dangerous Iljeen Guy - Do you believe in...

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