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Mr Conceited Loves Somebody - Mr. Conceited Loves Somebody...

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Mr. Conceited Loves Somebody by trust me* Prologue Mr. Conceited That was his nickname, which explained everything about him. He was conceited. He only cared about himself, and nobody else. But the funny thing was… He fell in love with somebody…. Somebody that wasn’t his type… Somebody that was the opposite from him… That somebody wasn’t conceited like him… That somebody was… Chapter 1 - The Accident It was a regular morning just like the rest of the days except for the fact that I was in a rush. I was in a rush because my best friend Kim Hye Jung wanted me to go on a blind date. I refused about a million times but she wouldn’t give up and I finally ended up going just to shut her up. Okay, a little about myself. My name is Han Yeh Won and you can pretty much call me nerdy ’. I have long hair and bangs that come above my eyes. Honestly, I’m not nerdy, but that’s my nickname. I don’t even study, because I hate studying and I suck at it as well. The only reason why people call me that is because I came from a really nerdy school. Anyways, I’m 19 years old, which makes this the last year of my school life! Oh yeah! But then there comes college. I was cautiously crossing the road just in case a car would hit me because that’s what happens in the fanfics and dramas. Usually, a girl is crossing the street and BAM a car hits her and she gets memory loss and she can’t remember anymore, or she gets blind and so on. So anyways, I was cautiously crossing the road looking both ways when a car hit me. Luckily for me, I didn’t get memory loss nor did I become blind but I got somebody really mad. “Fawk! Do you have eyeballs!?” The driver of the car yelled at me from his car. “I have eyeballs, thank you very much!” I yelled back picking up my cell phone. “Oh really? Then why do you just jump in front of my car?” he yelled at me while getting out. “Chi. What are you saying? Why would I jump out in front of a car? Do you think I want to die? I have a really nice life right now so why would I want to die?” I yelled at him will getting up. “Really? I don’t think you would have a nice life. Do you even have a boyfriend?” he asked me. I was still facing the ground when I saw shoes, and I looked up and I saw a very cute person, but he had really bad temper. He was about my age, and he had really nice features and pure skin. Aishi, I’m jealous right now, I wish I could steal his skin! Hoo ~!
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“Yeah! I have a boyfriend! Why do you even care!” I said while kicking his car. I lied. “This girl really wants to die doesn’t she!” he yelled at me looking at me. “Chi.” I said, “I told you I don’t want to die, I have a nice life with a nice boyfriend!” “Fawk. You should be thankful that I’m going to meet somebody now, if I weren’t; you would be dead by now, but I’m letting you go. “ He said while checking his car and frowning. “Hah! Thanks for saving me!” I said sarcastically.
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Mr Conceited Loves Somebody - Mr. Conceited Loves Somebody...

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