The Heart's Serenade - The Heart’s Serenade by...

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Unformatted text preview: The Heart’s Serenade by superstarr_mel Chapter 1 It was a perfect day, made even more so by the fact that I was in love. The sky seemed even more beautiful than usual, as the two of us sat in the gently rocking boat. I gazed at Jung Woo adoringly, and saw in his eyes, all the love I’d ever need. Was it possible to love anyone this much? That your whole universe revolves around him? Jung Woo slowly leaned across towards me, and my heart raced as I stared at his lips, coming closer… “Lee Na Ri! Wake up, you’re late!” my mom’s piercing scream reverberated around the entire house as I jerked awake. 7.40am. Damn. After showering and grabbing my breakfast, I made a mad dash for the bus-stop. I had rejected Oppa’s offer to drive me to school, as it was my first day at my new school and I wanted to get there myself. I cursed as I saw the bus about to leave, and sprinted so quickly I thought my legs would give way. Thankfully, the bus driver had a heart and stopped to let me on. Panting, I got onto the bus and thanked the driver. The bus was packed with students, from my school as well as some other school. I would have to stand. I tried to control my trembling legs and stand firm. Every time after I sprinted, my legs would lose all their strength and become so weak I couldn’t stand properly. Suddenly, the bus driver slammed the brakes to avoid collision with the front car. Caught unawares, and thanks to my stupid legs, I lost my balance and fell backwards, flailing my arms helplessly. I hit the chair with a loud thump, and squeezed my eyes shut, mortified. Great, Lee Na Ri, just great. “Hey you gonna get up or what? Or do you enjoy lying on me so much?” a low masculine voice reached my ears. I forced open my eyes and saw that I was lying in someone’s lap. Embarrassed, I muttered an apology and stood up without bothering to see who it was. I realized everyone had gone quiet, heightening my embarrassment. I probably ought to move to another country. “Ha ha! Eun Sang, you’ve got a new member for you fan club!” someone laughed. Not funny. “That girl is SO shameless! Fancy pretending to fall onto Eun Sang oppa that way! She’s new and already like that?!” Excuse me, like I had a choice who I wanted to fall upon?...
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The Heart's Serenade - The Heart’s Serenade by...

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