[TF] One Day My Heart Told Me

[TF] One Day My Heart Told Me - One Day My Heart Told Me...

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Unformatted text preview: One Day My Heart Told Me translated by Anti_Goorah Chap 1 "You little b!tch!! Still wont' tell the truth, huh?!" Her palm swept across my left cheek as the cold marble of the kitchen floor razored across my limping body. My body felt cold, each painful whimper smearing into the tiny cracks of the corner floor. But the clashing words above my lowered head never stopped piercing my ears. "Say it one more time, you ungrateful girl! Raised you, spoiled you even and this is how you treat me! How dare you try to rise above me?!" "No, ma'am. ..That's really not what I mean to say. .." "Shut up! You unlearned, insolent trash. ..Even animals know gratefulness and loyalty to their masters. ..You dare to lay a finger on MY money?" Mrs. Min's face look and feels so chilly, my entire body shook inadvertantly. The house, though well-insulated oozed an aura colder than the winter breeze. I can feel my face turning blue with fear as I huddle near the refrigerator, beaten and broken. Under her hate-filled gaze, she showed no mercy and the atmosphere was so silent; no one, no entity dared to break her mesh of anger in this room. But the thing that hurts most was the focus of the negative energy, squared at my face. Bitterly, I realized that I was the target of their hate, their malevolence. Free-flowing tears fell as I bit my lips. I guess I am a human being. I truly must be a fragile girl of 19 years because I can do nothing but falter and lower my head in undeserved shame as her tirade continues on and on. "Really. I've wasted my time raising a vengeful tiger. I should've let you die in the streets instead" "I didn't do it, Mrs. Min. ..I swear. .. it wasn't me" "How many times do I need to tell you to shut up?! I don't want to hear your voice" She keeps saying the same things over and over: "ungratful b!tch", " "get out of my house. .." It's becoming a bizarre circus and all I can really feel deep in my heart are the switches,the whips across my back and face that painfully bites away my soul and the traces of my fleeting spirit. I apologized. For what? I don't know, for fate? For being born? But she doesn't listen and continues to kick my body around like a ball, a silly, worn soccer ball without a place in the world. "Mrs. Min, I swear I did not steal any money!" "You still wont' fess up?! Well, you're the only thing that cleans my room so if it wasn't you, was it the ghost? Huh?! Say it" I needed to set the truth straight. The physical pain? The gashes and the blue-and-black bruises? I'm used to it, it's not a big deal. But I still needed to say the truth. ..the Truth. ..but she doens't listen. Her ears are plugged, completely plugged against my words, my pleadings. Of course, the words of a worthless, unimportant girl like me isn't worth hearing. But her daughter, the one with a glaring smile leaned against the whitenss of the wall, the one who revels in my pain, her words matter. A lot. Yes. Its the way it works around here....
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[TF] One Day My Heart Told Me - One Day My Heart Told Me...

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