[TF] Teddy Boy - Teddy Boy by Eun Bahn-Jee translated by...

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Unformatted text preview: Teddy Boy by Eun Bahn-Jee translated by SuGaRpLuM Chapter 1 Myung-Moon High… Myung-Moon High… 18011……18011… ALL RIGHT!! + +!!!!!!!!!! “You really used all your strength to come here… -_-” - Min-Jee Myung-Moon High was known for its name and rumors… I have decided to enter this school… -_- as a Myung-Moon High student… -_-Studying really hard… -_- I entered this school… this school which has good facilities (-_-;) and good water… Wearing a gray uniform and having a name badge with the name Yoo Soh-Eun on it, I went to my school with pride but I kept getting this nervous feeling…  _ … The difficulty and troubles when I was a Middle School 3rd grader (9th grader) started to rush upon me…  _ “Why are you crying?? -_-;; Are you THAT happy?. .. You might as well start kissing the school… -_-…” - Min-Jee The gray uniform fitted and matched her perfectly to her body. She and I have the same length in hair… but she looked a lot better than I did… holding a leather bag in her hand and looking at me pathetically… this is my best friend Shin Min-Jee. -_-;; Even though I have the same leather bag as hers (this school only allows leather bags that you can hold in your hand -_-) … why is that she looks better than I do?? -_-^ “I don’t know HOW YOU entered this school but… I think the FBI needs to check it out!! -_-” - Min-Jee “I think the FBI needs to check you too!! -_-…” - Soh-Eun Actually… -_-… Min-Jee plays around a lot more than I do and has a better grade than me… -_-;; She came into this school by being in the top 10%. Me?? Hm hm…… -_-;;;;;; Of course, naturally………… it’s beyond my knowledge……… yes… =_=;;;; “We’re in the same class?!?! -_-=33” - Min-Jee “ -_-^ Why? You got a problem with that!?!?!?!?” - Soh-Eun With an OF COURSE look in her eyes… she stared at me… -_-^ There was a cherry tree in my school court yard… because it was spring… the flowers were floating around and was making a scenery. -_-While I was arguing… -_- Min-Jee was covering her ears and was glaring at me… thanks to her… the kids that were attending to our school were glaring at us… as they passed us by… =_=;; “Will you shut-up!!! Your SO freakin embarrassing!!!!!! -_-+” - Min-Jee “What! What!!!!!! You were the one who started the fight!!!!!! -_-+” - Soh-Eun “Yea yea…… I’m sorry… -_-” - Min-Jee The one who said I’m sorry was Min-Jee… but… why does it feel like I was the one apologising? -_-^… Even though I was extremely pissed… I let it pass by… -_- I looked straight ahead and slightly frowned as I walked...
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[TF] Teddy Boy - Teddy Boy by Eun Bahn-Jee translated by...

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