[TF] The Guy was MuhShesuh

[TF] The Guy was MuhShesuh - The Guy was Muhshesuh 1 Summer...

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Unformatted text preview: The Guy was Muhshesuh # 1 Summer break is almost over and school is edging nearer. Because it’s near the end summer my ‘friends’ have all gone away on trips with their boyfriends. At the blossoming age of 18, the only thing I can do is go on my computer. And I’ve gone on almost every site in the world. So I have nothing to do on the computer either. Oh! A school board. Since there was nothing else to do. . I clicked into the boards. For the most part, I go to a nerdy school so there aren’t that many topics or conversations. There weren’t any girls in the chat room, I clicked on the comments topic. Oh yeah~! A topic~! It read, “Doil’s Girl’s school~ Click~!” So I did. . Ji Eunsung If my senses are right, this should be a guy. HEHEHE. . Wait. .. but what the hell is this? “You girls~ Don’t go out in the city. . You girls dress like crap~ Get that?? Are you pissed yet? Reply~~ Kekekek” Okay fine, my school is rumored to be one of the best in Kwachun. So most of the girls dressed in our ugly plaid skirts with their hair cut up to their chin with the bangs tucked behind their ears. . 70% wear glasses. .. <_< But still!! This is too mean!!! The most I though about it, the more it pissed me off. And since my school is rumored to be one of the best and we have a lot of nerds, none would reply to this ass. Not that they’d have the backbone to either. . So I decided to stand up for my school…!!! “Shut your trap!! Speak for yourself!! Fawk off you bastard!!!” Truthfully? I was nervous about that so I deleted that. . “Have you seen us? HUH??” That was too weak. . He probably HAD seen us. So I rewrote THAT. “Aren’t you too harsh, we dress better than YOU” Okay, I guess this is good. . But I feel immature. . I turned off my computer and an hour later turned it back of to see if there was a reply. . Nope. . No reply. .. The sun had begun to set and I felt a familiar sensation in my stomach. . Oppa is in college. .. Mom’s at a meeting. . It’d be a while before dad got back. .. +RIINGGG RIIINGG+ Oh my cell phone’s ringing~~ Forgetting about my soy sauce I ran towards it. “Hello?” “Do you know who I am?!” ..What’s this person talking about?? It’s a guy’s voice. . “Uh. . who is this?” “Do you know who the HELL I am?” “Who is this?” “Me? I’m Sang Highschool’s Ji Eunsung.” Ji Eunsung? O_O my reply. .....
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[TF] The Guy was MuhShesuh - The Guy was Muhshesuh 1 Summer...

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