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Unformatted text preview: The World’s Best Guy By Starlight Drops of Water Translated by jenI ­1­ The deadly quiet streets welcomed me... While I, Yoo EunAh, was headed to the grocery store, thanks to my mom's late 'favor' _­ Seriously... Who would order their 18 year old daughter to go out and do shopping for her... at this late hour, too! Pfft... Watch, I'm probably some kid they adopted from the bridge... ­ _­ "Heyy.. SungMin... Argh, umm... _ " .. Crazy b*stard ­ _ ­ " I think I lost my wallet... ^ " "Aaah then we have to walk home, now? Dam* it, my legs hurt though 0 " " You're such an idiot. Why lose it in the first place. You're the one who dragged me out so suddenly so I don't have anything with me.. Go borrow money from one of these b*tches passing." Two male voices tickled my ears, snapping me out of whatever nonsense I was thinking about while walking to the store. To my horror, those voices slowly advancing my way.. ­0­... "Eh, Oh?! Hey!! You girl right there!!! >0<!! Yeah, I'm talking to you!! HEY YOU!. >_<!!" .. flinch ­ _­;.... Why in the world is his finger pointing at me? ^ "M­Me???.. " "Yeah, who else? I'm talking about you. ^ ^ " ... Mommy!!! I think your daughter's in trouble. _ shouldn't be out so late!! 0 !! I can't even run away, now. ^ This is why pretty girls like me "You see. Here's what happened... I lost my wallet. " "Ohhh... yeah....? um... good for you...?. ­ _ ­;; " "So, I was wondering _ Can you lend me some money. 0 " "I............. don't.. have any money on me... " You want me to lend... you... a total stranger I have never seen in my life? ­ _ ­.. And tch, yeah right I don't have any money on me. ­0­ Crushed under my hands, there's a ten dollar bill my mom gave me for grocery shopping.. and I'm not about to wake him up... ­ _­ "What if I search over you and find one? ­ _ ­ " Right then... The speaker's friend threatened me in a scary voice. You're quite different from your friend, seeing how you remain expressionless.. _­ I bit my lower lips, feeling the blackmail overwhelming me. "Wha­at?? _ ;; " "If I find one after I search you.. what'll you do. " "SungMin!!! ­0­!! Look at her! Stop scaring her >_<!! Hey.. but do you really have no money on you? ^ "I.... don't.... I swear... 0 " " "You look quite honest... Think of it as helping out the poor, and lend us your money? ­ _ ­ " I look honest...? ­_ ­ should I take that as a compliment or what... Arghh... You're gnawing at my conscious. ­_ ­ "Hey.. ­ _­ I REALLY Don't have any money!! If you're that suspicious of me, why don't you see for yourself, then.. ­ ­... _ " I immediately. ­_ ­ realized my mistake.. I'll hate myself forever for what I've just said... Why in the world did I forget the existence of this green piece of paper in my pockets... ­_ ­;;; "Yeah? Fine, come here then. ­ _ ­ " "Ahh!! You can't!!!! _ !!!! " Noooo...!! Curse upon these stupid lips!! I'll be a four­leaf clover if these people don't do anything to me after finding my money.... 0 !!! "Didn't you just tell us to look for ourselves... ­ _­^ " "Haha... Still... I AM a girl... you know.. ­_ ­* " At my words, the two guys slightly advanced my way... Tch.. Anything for my precious ten dollars ­ _ ­.. (Yes, you caught me red­handed.. I am the one blessed with the sad life of protecting a ten dollar bill with my life) .. "Heyy.. I've noticed.... >_<!! Why are you stuffing your hands in your pockets all the time?? Do you have anything in there?? _ " " ..Excuse me? _ ;;... " The one with the many faces... I soon found out... was smarter than how he looked like... ^ "Huh? ­_ ­ Forreal! Hey.. take out whatever you have in your pockets. " "Waah... I don't HAVE anything IN here 0 !! " "So you would have nothing to lose. " Ahhh... What do I do, What do I do... ^ I don't want those two munching off of meee... or... say I don't want my face on the front page of the newspapers either.... _ "If... If you continue harassing me.. I'll report you!! 0 " "Report us? ­_ ­ ... and how will you do that. ­ _­ " "Um.. see... If you keep on harassing me like this... You'll.. um... uh.. be sentenced to prison..... THEREFORE! " "Does it look like we're stealing money from you? We'll pay you back aight? Fu*k, We'll pay you back with interest, too!! Happy? " Tch... I'll be a millionaire if the people that had borrowed money from me paid me back by now... ­ _­; "You'll really pay me back? ­_ ­; " "Yeah. ­_ ­ " "It'll be a dollar everyday for interest. " "You think we're some toys? " "I'm jusy saying you have to pay me back. My mom will skin me alive if I go home without my groceries. ^ " "Okay Okay. ­_ ­. Just give us the money already." "Here... ­_ ­; " Hesitating for several seconds, I took out the crumpled ten dollar bill from my pockets and handed it over to the guy... _ "I'll give you my phone number... Remember to pay me back.. " "Come to my school. " "Excuse me? ­ _ ­; " "Come by our school tomorrow. Ask anyone for SangGo's Kang SungMin." "Sure, why not.. ­ _ ­..wait.... Can you repeat what you just said?? _ " I think I just heard something great... ­ _ ­.. Hmm.. only if this light bulb will go off.. "Come by our school tomorrow " "No no.. not that! What you said after that!!! _ !! " "You mean SangGo's Kang SungMin? ­ _ ­ " ... " .. _ ... SangGo's... Kang... Sung...Min?.. " "Why.. You have a problem with that? " "No... I­it's just.... " " .. ­ _ ­.. HanKyul... let's go grab a taxi with the money " "Okay!! ^ ^ Honest girl~~ See you tomorrow!! >_<!!! " " .. 0 .... " The two guys` backs slowly retreated from my view... While I continued to stare at the faraway mountains, dumbfounded.. SangGo... Kang.Sung.Min.. ......I know who that is...... _ Tch who DOESN'T!!!! If he was really SangGo's Kang SungMin.. ........ He's the most famous guy from SangGo High...!! 0 !!!! ­2­ \School "WHAT? Are you SERIOUS? You really had that conversation with SangGo's Kang SungMin? 0 The next day.... ­ _­ I told Saemi, who claims to be my best friend, what had happened last night... " "Yes I really had a conversation with him. ­_ ­ " "Bring me along when you go after school > < " "I'm not going ­ ­!!! " "Whyyy.. didn't he tell you to come get your money. ­0­ " "He's so scary though. 0 You should've seen me last night, I thought I'd collapse under his glare... 0 !! " "Oh? You were that close to him? _ and dam* it's like... a portrait. > < " How is he? Is he hot like everyone says? I once caught a glimpse of his profile ....That boy's appearance..­0­ is more important than your friend's life???? ­ _­.. "It was too dark to see how he looked like exactly... ­ _­ " "Yeah? Aww.. how sad... well.. OHH! Take a picture next time. _ "Aaaah!! I told you there is no next time!! " "You didn't need to scream at me!!!. ­ ­ So you'll just let your ten dollar go to waste? " "I'll believe it just flew away... ­_ ­ Arghh... My mom slapped my back after I came home empty­handed... It still stings. 0 " "You poor thing. ­ _­ Oh yeah. My brother wanted me to give this to you.. ­_ ­ " "Your... brother? " " "Yeah. ­ _­ I seriously do not get WHY he's head over heels for you. ­ _­ " Saemi murmured while getting out a nicely wrapped box from a shopping bag.. ­_ ­ Saemi's brother, Park JaeHyun... ­_ ­ had liked me for a long time... Seriously, it's a sin to be so pretty ­ ­ "To tell the truth, Honey you're not that pretty... Do you have curves? Nuh uh... Hm... Your personality isn't that great either.. ­_ ­ I should make an appointment at the oculist for my brother's sanity.... ­ ­ " . ­ _­^^^^ Fine fine.. If we were to look at it realistically... ­ _­ My face wasn't the prettiest... nor was my body great... ­ _­ My personality? Well.. I could be mean when I needed to be... ­ ­ Saemi.... ­ _­ You didn't need to break it to me THAT harshly, you know...!! ­ ­!! "What happened to those seniors? SamSoon's trio doesn't seem to be stalking you these days.." "Better for me if they don't show up ­ _­ " "Kek. My brother said you should go run to his classroom whenever the trio says something nasty again. ­0­ He said something like how he'll rescue you from the devil's hands. ­ ­ " SamSoon's trio.... ­_ ­ The best explanation for their existence would be that... They were the largest and widest senior girls at our school... as well as the most stupid and violent. ­_ ­ The pithole to this situation was that.. the leader of their group, SamSoon... _ was madly in love with JaeHyun.. � !! You have NO idea how much they ridiculed/threatened me these past couple of years!! 0 !! "I'd rather die in their hands then to go run along to your brother's classroom. ­ _­ " "Haha, really now. ­_ ­ I'll tell oppa what you just said... ­ ­ Watch, he'll be in sad­mood cuz of the shock. ­_ ­ " In the box Saemi gave me, was about twenty hair clips I had said I wanted, the last time I went shopping with her.. ­ _­; and when I open the small note folded neatly next to the pins, 'I heard you wanted these from Saemi > < Hehe, You like it? You have to wear it since I bought it for you > < ♡ ­The World's Most Handsomest Guy, Jaehyun­ ' Aaah.. _­ What's a heart sticker doing there?! ­ _­ JaeHyun Oppa was considered one of the prettiest guys of our school.. _ but...pretty boys wasn't my type.. � � "My brother embarasses me.. ­_ ­ " Saemi mumbled after reading the note, over my shoulders. ­_ ­ "A bit, yeah? ­_ ­ " "Uh huh.. he seems so... girlish now.. ­ _­ " "Wait a minute... Why'd you tell your brother I wanted these clips in the first place?? ­ ­ " "He wouldn't leave me alone! He's like some glue that keeps on sticking back on even when I wash it off ­_ ­^ " "Watch what you say next time.... ­_ ­ " "Why, you don't like it? _ "Still... I feel guilty!! ­ ­!! " "And since when did you care about your conscious. =_= " " ... ­__­ " I like all presents.. Despite whoever I got it from..=_= " Saemi and I exchanged nasty glares while chatting away in the back seat. ­ _­ and before we knew it... school was out already... ­ _­.. ... "Heyy.. EunAh.. You seriously won'tgo over there?" "Meaning? " "SangGo _ " "I told you I won't. ­__­ Even if Kang SungMin or whatever his name is happened to borrow a hundred bucks from me, I still won't go.. ­__­ he scares me so much.. _­ " Well.. okay... I lied.. Who in their right mind wouldn't get back their hundred dollars?. ­ _­; "You'll go straight home, then?? " " Yeah. (__)(­­)(__) " "Aww... I'll be a loner if you go home!! Let's go shopping~ !!> < " "How about we go tomorrow. _ I think it's best that I stay home today... _ " "Then you have to buy me lunch tomorrow, okay?! ­0­!! " "Fine Fine. _­ " You're such a pig, Saemi. _ is my fate... ­ _­ It saddens me to know all my allowance ends up in your stomach... ­ _­ Aah.. I think this And unexpected of the scary things that I was soon to encounter, I walked home with Saemi.. ­3­ Lalala ♬ Today's saturaday~~ School ended earrrrrlyyy.. laalala~~ Saturaday's a pure bliss♬ "You didn't forget shopping today, right? > < " "Of course not. ^ ^ Let's go~~ > < " To keep my promise with Saemi, we slung our backpacks over our shoulders (empty backpack ­_ ­) and headed downtown right after school.^ ^ "Oh my gosh!! Look at that jean skirt > < It's the prettiest thing ever > < " "My my, it'll fit you TOTALLY, hon > < What's your size? I'll get you the one right for you so how about you go and try it on?" Amazing how the employee and Saemi act so alike. You should start your own store one day, lady... ­ _­ "Dan dann!! EunAh~ How do I look? Is it pretty? > < " "Yeah. You look gorgeous. ^ ^ " "Aww.. > < You didn't need to make it so blunt, you know! _­ I can't help it if I look too fat in it.. _ .. I'll come by later. > <// " Huh?!? When did I ever call you fat...? ­_ ­a Saemi had already dragged me out the store... ­ _­; and we were eyeshopping with vanilla ice cream slowly melting away in our mouths.. "Hey.. That jean skirt looked so pretty on you.. Why'd you just come out of there? _ " "Oh.. See when I looked at the tag, I almost fainted at the price... ­ _­ I'll be left pennyless for a week if I bought that. _­ " Is.. that.. why? ­_ ­ I bet you could be nominated for best actress of the year Saemi.. ­ ­ Right.Then. An oh­so­familiar voice tickled my back.... _ .. "So what? That girl you borrowed the money from didn't come by to pick it up? Well.. isn't it better for you then? ­ ­ " "You know how he can't live being in debt to anyone... ­ _­ " "Yep Yep. SungMin can't live being in debt to anyone~~ > < " "Ah fu*k. Shut up. ­ _­^ " Aah... When I slowly and inconspicuously glanced over my shoulders.. _­ Four guys in SangGo uniform caught my eye... _ The problem here was that... the two boys out of the other four.. was the many­faced­boy... along with Kang SungMin. � � "Oh sweet Christ Jesus.. _ Heyyy.. EunAh... Aren't they SangGo's Kang SungMin, Lim MyungHwan, Yoon HanKyul, and Suh Taehoon?! _ * .. NOOO! I think I'm sweating! What do I do > < " Saemi kept on squawking into my ears. ­_ ­ Since when were you familiar with all of their names.... ­ _­; "You see Suh TaeHoon on the very left side?? He's TOTALLY my type _ think I'm going to faint. _ " How charismatic his eyes are.. > < ..I "His girlfriend must be the unfortunate one. ­_ ­ Wait.. What the heck am I doing?! Saemi! Let's go!!! _ " "Go where?? Let me observe TaeHoon's face... _ "That's not important!!! Quickly!!! ­ ­ .... _ ... " " Ahem.. Was I too loud? At my loud shout, the four buried their gaze on me... _­ .. And soon... the many­faced boy opened his mouth. _ "SungMin!! It's her!! The girl we owe money to! 0 " Mommy. Your daughter's in trouble again. _ His eye sight's too good for his own benefit 0 !! Kang SungMin or whatever his name, nodded his head at the boy's words and slowly made his way toward me.. _­ And I... recoiled at every step he took toward me.. ­_ ­ A.N.D "EUNAH!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!! " I'm so sorry Saemi. ­_ ­ You have NO idea how scary that guy is! Abandoning Saemi and my precious ice cream, I hurriedly ran away from the spot. ­ _­; But.. WHY in the world is the Kang SungMin guy chasing me?!?! 0 !!! "HEY!! STOP RIGHT THERE!! " The guy shouts as he continued to chase after me... _­ WHY DON'T YOUU STOP CHASING MEEE � � !! "Waaah.. Please, don't follow me 0 !! " "Why are you running away!! " "Why are YOU chasing me?? 0 " "Fu*k. I have to pay you back, don't I!! " "No No, It's okay.. 0 .. You don't have to give me anything so stop chasing me already. 0 !!! " "I'll catch you if you don't stop! " "Stop chasing meee _ !! And as long as your following me like that, I won't stop 0 !! " Even though I ran with all my might, feeling my legs pounding on the cement, the guy still caught me by the hand in a few seconds.. ­ ­ Whaaat... _ .. Track is one thing I was actually confident in... _­ Yet.. why did he catch me so easily 0 !! "Gotcha ^­^+ " and a few seconds later.... ­_ ­ the guy smiled while holding onto the edge of my shirt. _ hardened, then... Immediately, his expression "Wanna die? Why were you running away! Didn't I tell you to wait for me at my school yesteraday?! " "Y­you.. don't have to pay me back.." "I waited more than three hours cuz of you!! I thought I'd die under the heat! " "S­sorry. _ " "Fu*k.. Give me your hands." Kang SungMin ordered me as he got out three ten dollar bills from his pockets _ "Um.. It was only ten dollars.... _ " "Nah.. keep it. I'm giving it to you cuz I feel sorry for you. ­_ ­ " "I.. don't want it!! Just give me what you were suppose to pay back! " "It's considered charity.. ­ ­ Just take it!! " "I don't want to!! " "Fu*k. If you don't want it, just say so.. why are you screeching like that. " Right then. Kang SungMin reached out his right hands and put it on my face "You're too clumsy for a girl. ­_ ­ You're suppose to eat ice cream with your mouth, not your nose " He said while rubbing my face roughly.. ­ _ ­; Oh... Aha how clumsy of me... =_= Hmm... He DOES look as hot as the rumors say he is... _ While I continued to stare at his face without a word, his necklace caught my eye. "That's such a pretty necklace.. _ "What? " "That necklace.. it's so pretty.. _ " ..... " " It looks so expensive, too.. How much did you pay for it. ­ _­ " "Eh? What's wrong? _ " Suddenly his face looked ever so sad... then, taking the necklace off, Kang SungMin put it over my neck.. "Wuh?? What.. What are you doing!! �� " ..Keep it. ^­^ " " With that, Kang SungMin turned around and walked away. "Wait!! Hey, you!!!!! " Despite my continuous shouts, he just walked further and further away from me without giving me a second glance. What.. was that... Why did you look so sad.. ­4­ 4 days after the incident, I leaned back on my pillows and looked down at the necklace..­ _­ "I should.. return it to him, huh.." "Return what? ­_ ­ " Huuk. Dam* that surprised me. _ My heart still beating fast, my eyes shifted to my side and saw my cute.. I mean, hideous ­__­ brother staring at me blankly. ­_ ­ "Mom wants you to come down and eat dinner. ­ ­ Fu*k, you should know by now when to come down for dinner. It's annoying to come up and tell you to eat dinner, everyday." "Fine ­ _­ " "What's that necklace? Whoa.. is it yours? Looks too expensive to be yours though" "You just WANT to die huh. ­ ­^ " "Lemme borrow thaat.. I wanna wear it when I meet SunHee tomorrow. > < " Tch.. You're suddenly some sheep now huh. ­ _­ My one year younger brother by the name, Yoo. Eun.Hyuk. ­ _­ From what he says, he has his own fanclub at his school. He needs mental therapy.. ­_ ­ "You can't. It's not even mine.." "Aaahng~~ Just once? > < " "It's scary, don't. ­ _­ " "Tch. You don't even know what cute is, huh? ­ _­ You're so annoying! Go grovel on food already!! " Shouts EunHyuk and pounds down the stairs after slamming my bedroom door. ­_ ­ I swear, if he wasn't my brother I would've choked him already..­__­^^ Anyway... I'll go give this back to him tomorrow... From what I saw.. this necklace seemed to mean a lot to him... \ Next day. At the front gates of SangGo. ­ _­ To be just standing here by myself, it's so embarassing.. _ "Heyy.. You see her right there? What's an InMoon student doing here?" "Dunno.. She has guts though.." "Maybe she's blind.. keke" The mumbles of the girls as they walked out the front gates rang in my ears.. _­ I'm not deaf, you know. _ isn't Kang SungMin coming out, though!! 0 Say, why And after standing my grounds for about an hour, I saw Kang SungMin FINALLY walking out of the school.. =_= I think he was the very last one.. "Excuse me!!! " The guy lifted his head and stared at my confident shout. ­__­ Hey.. Why am I being so polite, all of a sudden..? ­ _­; "What do you want? I paid you back already. ­_ ­ " "I'm.. giving this back.!! " When I opened my fingers to reveal the silver necklace.. " ..I told you to keep it. " "Nuh uh. I don't know the whole story but it seemed like you treasure this a lot... anyway, I can't keep it. " " ...Then throw it away. " "What ? " "If you don't want it, just leave it in the dump. " "B­but... " "Throw it away aight??!?!?! Don't show me that thing anymore!!! " After throwing the necklace into the air, Kang SungMin brushed past me and walked away. What... What's wrong... Why are you acting so hurt... Like an idiot, I crouched down and begun searching for the necklace. When I finally found it buried under the dirt in the corner of the gates, I saw the guy named Suh TaeHoon walking across the fields toward the front gates. " Huh? Aren't you that girl.... ­_ ­ " Ooh.. I could just give back the necklace through him~ _ "Can you.. give this back to Kang SungMin? " Quickly wiping the dirt on my skirt, I handed the silver necklace to Suh TaeHoon, and became surprised, seeing a frown forming on his face. "This is.... " "Huh? Oh, I think that's Kang SungMin's... Can you please give it back to him?" " ..I never knew he still carried this with him.. " " ... _ ? " Does he know why this necklace drives Kang SungMin mad? "You know about this necklace. _ " ..... " ?" "Um.. I know this may be minding into your business... but what exactly happened?" "It's nothing. Forget it. " How nice you are. ­_ ­ "I'll give this back to him.. You can go now... ­ _­ " "Huh? Oh... okay... yeah... um.. remember to give it back... _ " The guy soon left me.. and lead by some mysterious curiousity, I forced my legs to follow him. ­_ ­ The.Day.Yoo.Eun.Ah.Becomes.A.Stalker ... Taking out his cell phone, TaeHoon called someone... ­ _­ Oh my gosh.. that's the $65 infamous camera phone known for its quality!! I've always wanted that.. _ Aaah... What am I thinking ­ _­. Pressing myself onto the walls, I crab­walked toward the guy and listened attentively to his voice.. " .. HanKyul? You with SungMin? Yeah... I'll go over there right now... Figures, he's still not over her.. Yeah.. apparently, he still has the necklace his sister gave him... Crazy b*stard.. He must've been taking it pretty hard all by himself.." What in the world is he talking about? Kang SungMin's sister gave him the necklace..? So.. what...?? ­__­ Why is this so hard... Argh, my head.. ­_ ­ A frown crept onto my face as I continued to follow Suh TaeHoon's footsteps. .. Aaah... Even I don't get why I'm stalking him...!! ­5­ Soon, Suh TaeHoon walked into a bar... While I stood biting my nails in front of the door. ­__­;; Problem was, I was still in my uniform. ­__­.. Waiiit... He was wearing one, too!! Psshh, nothing to worry about then~ Okay.. Here I go! ­0­!! 'Dling' When I stepped into the bar with the bell greeting me, my eyes fell onto a table with the oh­so­familiar guys... Meaning, Kang SungMin, the many­faced one... I think his name was HanKyul..? ...and Suh Taehoon..­__­HanKyul was sleeping on the couch, while Kang SungMin just gulped down alcohol next to him. Careful not to be spotted, I sat down in a table nearby, and sat down with my head hung low. Aaah... I hear their conversation~~ _ "Kang SungMin.. Here. " When Suh Taehoon handed SungMin the necklace.. "Why do you have this..? " "The girl you borrowed money from before.. She asked me to give it to you." "Oh.. kek. The funny one? ^­^ " F­funny..? ­_ ­; "You had this with you the whole time..? " " .... " "It's just a memory.. it's been more than an year.. " " .. I know " "Your sister.. She'll be smiling in heaven... You should stop, too.." "Yeah, I will.. Imma forget her...... But... That b!tch... I'll get him if it's the last thing I do. " "You resisted this whole time, why start now." " ..He pretended he didn't know my sister til she left.. He's the reason that cut off her will to live... She was barely surviving each day even with all that medicine.. I don't think I could reists any longer.. " " .... " "You know as well as me, don't you... You know how she loved him for years.. and what'd he do?? He just... sh!t.." Eavesdropping into their conversation for the past thirty minutes, I had a general idea of what happened.. Kang SungMin had a sister named Kang HeeYeon.. HeeYeon... She had a disease that barely kept her alive even with all that medicine she took ever since she was little.... And... after getting dumped by the guy she loved and was with for years, she.. just.. left the world.. Sh!t... this.. it's so sad.. "You won't take this necklace back?" "No.. just leave it be.." "You sure? " "I won't think of HeeYeon anymore... Just after I get my revenge on that b!tch... " At SungMin's words, Suh TaeHoon really brought his hands over the trashcan, and when he was about to drop it, I snatched it off of his fingers.... " ..You.... " Noticing my presence, the two looked quite shocked.. " .. Don't throw it away.. you can't!! " "What the heck are you doing? " "Sorry to say, but.. I heard what you were talking about... Everything... And I know it's not my place to say... but do you have any idea how sad it is to be forgotten???!! " " ... " "Why in the world would you want to erase the memory of your sister??? Huh? Why??? Why are you shoving her away like someone who commited a sin, huh??!!" " ..It's my business, don't pay attention to it.." "Oh, so you'll just forget her, is that it?? If you were in her shoes.. Have you got any idea how sad it'll be to be forgotten.. to be erased from someone else's memory as if you were nothing?!?!!! " "You shouldn't babble on when you don't know the whole story.." "Yeah? You're right, I don't.. But one thing for sure, She'll be sad... It'll be sad enough that HeeYeon's watching you be all depressed in thoughts of her... but... it'll be devastating to be forgotten by her brother..." " ... " "Can't you just.. think of the great memories you two shared and smile at the sky at least once in awhile??" My.. mouth won't stop talking.. ­ _­ What's wrong with me... I shouldn't even BE here, right now.. _­ Aaah.. I guess this is why I'm known for being nosy.. _ "So.. So.. all I'm saying.. is.. I don't think it's very smart of you to force yourself to forget someone you don't want to!!!!: After shouting without taking a rest to properly breathe, I fanned myself with my hands, feeling my cheeks burning greatly... I made him grab onto the necklace, and ran out of the bar.. You're crazy, Yoo EunAh. _ You're like... insane... What's wrong with you... 0 Imagine how embarassing it'd be to meet one of them ever again on thestreets.... _ Waaah.. I'm such an idiot.. 0 !! And.. the week following, I tried my best not to set my foot downtown, in fear of meeting any of them... _ ­6­ *SungMin's story.. [My Pretty Dummy]* An year ago.. The girl that had smiled brightly while engaging in a sweet conversation... no longer walked on the same planet as me... No matter how much I seek and listen... She was gone forever.. Your room... everything remained the same... except for you.. you're the only one that isn't here anymore.. My fault... Your only oppa never treated you with the love you deserve.. All I've done is go out and come home late at night.. If.. We were to be siblings in the next life, I'll be a better oppa... I promise.. .... "Oppa, Do you have a wish? ^­^ " An Year ago... HeeYeon asked me what my wish was.. "Me? Umm... Let's see... ­_ ­ I wish you'd get better. ­ _­ " "Whoa... Really? I'm can't believe my luck... ^ ^ Considering oppa's wish for me is to get better and all.." "What's yours then ? " "The same thing... That I'll get better.. ^­^ So... So even I could... " "Yeah? You could what ? ­ _­ " "N­nothing. ^ ^ " I know what your wish is... You were always envious of those kids who ran around playing tag or even jump ropes... Yeah... Getting healthy... Your only wish... How sad how... this so called oppa.. could buy you anything you want to have or eat... but can't do anything about your health... I don't deserve to be your oppa huh? .. "Oppa Oppa, Look at this picture.. Hehe, doesn't JoonHee oppalook adorable? ^ ^ " HeeYeon brags while showing me her boyfriend's picture. It showed how much she liked him considering how our conversation would always revolve around him. "You like him that much? " "Yeah ^ ^ " "OhHo? More than me? ­ _­ " "Aaahh~ Oppa it sounds like you have a sister complex~> < " "Kek. I'll get a prettier girlfriend than you, too. ­ ­ " "Ooh.. When you get a girlfriend, you'll let me meet her before anyone else > < right? " "Yeah Yeah ­ _­ " You would always smile so sweetly.. Even through your condition, you'd smile as if nothing was wrong.. .... Then.. one day... I remember.. There was a storm.. " .. What? Hey you're soaked! Are you crazy?? You know better than anyone to walk around in the rain!!! " " ..Oppa. " "What... Come in already. " "Oppa.. What do I do..." " ..Kang HeeYeon... Did.. Anything happen? " "See.. see oppa... it... it hurts so much, oppa... it hurts so much.." "Where?? Is it your heart again?? Let's go to the hospital..! Go dry yourself and we'll go right away!! " "Noo... it's not... it's not because of that... ^­^ I mean.. it's true that my heart hurts.. it is.. but.. I don't think it's has anythig to do with my disease.. " " ..What are you talking about? " "My mind hurts... it hurts so much... and.. so I think there's a little scratch on my heart... It's hard to even breathe... and... and I can't stop these tears... Oppa... What do I do? " " .. Did.... something happen... huh??!! What happened...??? Tell me!! " "Heuk.. Oppa... Oppa he doesn't know me anymore... He.. he never met a thing like mt before... JoonHee oppa... heuk... JoonHee oppa... he doesn't know­" "Hey... hey... get up... HeeYeon... KANG HEEYEON!! " HeeYeon was immediately sent to the hospital after she had fainted... and even though she woke up shortly, she wasn't the same HeeYeon I knew.. Her eyes had no light in them.. Without a trace of smile lingering on her lips.. " .. Stop it Kang HeeYeon... That b!tch isn't worth you crying over!!" " .... " "Wake up already okay..? You have to get better.. right? You have to get better.. if you just continue not eating and­" " .. Oppa... How will it be like to fly with clouds? " " What ? " "Everything seems so fake now... I don't think I could hold on any longer... I'd rather... I'd rather just close my eyes.." " .. How can you... How can you say that so easily? " " ..I'm tired. " "Idiot.. What do you think Mom and Dad will be like when you die..? And what about me???" "Here .. ^­^ " Showing me a smile that had been lost with the old HeeYeon, she handed me a necklace.. "It's something I kept with me at all times. ^ ^ " "So... Why are you giving it to me? " " .. ^­^ " "You're not thinking some bs, right Kang HeeYeon..? You're not... You're not thinking of stupid stuff... right...?" "Just.. if... if Oppa.. If I was no longer here.." "Kang HeeYeon!!" "I told you, if. ^­^ If... if that day was to come... and even if you were furious with JoonHee oppa.... Don't torture him in any way... okay? I'm asking you." Why the hell are you trying to protect someone who hurt you so much.? "Oppa... you're my favorite person in the whole world ^­^ " And.. for HeeYeon's sake, I visited Jung JoonHee and asked him to talk to HeeYeon.. " Kang HeeYeon? Ohh.. That stupid chick? You want me to go talk to her? You crazy? Innocent girls like her aren't that fun, dude.. Whether she's pretty or not." My fist immediately shot up at his words... but because HeeYeon's favor pulled me back, I was forced to stop with my movements.. And.. after school, I came back to HeeYeon's room when... "W­What the hell.." About ten... doctors and nurses were surrounding HeeYeon's bed.. "Oh, Do you happen to be Kang HeeYeon's guardian?? She suddenly disappeared!! She shouldn't move around in her conditions.. " Fu*k.. Kang HeeYeon.. You won't do anything stupid, now will you.. Idiot... You idiot.. I'll pair you up with ten... no hundreds of better guys than that b!tch.. So.. So don't do anything stupid... I listened to your favor, right... So... can you listen to mine as well.. But... the only thing that had returned to me in the end.. was HeeYeon's cold body after it had fallen from the attic of the hospital... ....After that incident, I never forgot you HeeYeon... but... but remembering... it's harder than it seems... So I tried to forget... But know what? This girl... she told me not to forget.... that I shouldn't forget... If I do, I'll only make you cry.... ^­^ Is she right..? If I forget you too.. Will you be sad, HeeYeon..? I'm sorry... Oppa's sorry... Yeah... I should be siding with you.. of course I should.. I should let you go, smilling... Cuz I respect your decision... Oppa was such an idiot this past year, huh... The answer was layed out in front of me but I kept on looking somewhere else, I guess... Anyway.. Kang HeeYeon... My pretty dummy HeeYeon... You're smilling, now right..? Right? ^­^ Everything's okay then... I think now I could look at the sky everyday and smile, thinking about you... Such a pretty dumbo Kang HeeYeon.. Be happy where you are..... ^­^ *SungMin's story.. [My Pretty Dummy] End* ­7­ \After school.. Saemi and I were walking through the fields when.... Oh God... NOOO! Please tell me it's all a dream. 0 !!!! "EunAh.. _ Those four standing there.. They're the SangGo guy's right??! OH MY GOSH IT IS!! There's my love, TaeHoon!! > < " I'm SO glad you're happy..! At least one of us has to be while I'm sulking in sorrow.. _ our school 0 Why in the world are THEY at "Saemi... Let's go home by the back gates" "Whaaat.. You know it takes us twice as long if we go that way. " "Still _ " "Nopiee > < Do you think many people get the opportunity to observe TaeHoon's face?? > < It's my only chance blessed by the heavens. + _ + " Aaaah.. Yeah, no doubt about it. Park Saemi is NO good... ­_ ­ Slowly nearing the front gates, I caught Kang SungMin's eyes, unfortunate for me.. _ 'Tck Tck ' What's with the hand motion ­ _­ You want me to come closer? "Hey! Can't you run?!!! " Mommyyy. _ Was I that awful at the bar last week...? I must've been horrible for him to shout at me like that.. _ "EunAh... He just shouted at you!! _ "Does it LOOK like we're close? _ " Since when did you guys get so close?" "Go run along!! Hyap! ­0­!! " Aaah are you really my best friend??!! 0 !! Staggering, I stopped in front of Kang SungMin.. "I smile up at the sky at least once a day" "What ? " What... the freak is he talking about ­_ ­ Why in the world would you smile at the sky.. ­ _­ Hmm... Maybe I should call the hospital.. "And I won't forget my sister.. I look at her picture everyday and memorize how she looks like. " "Oh.. I ... See... umm... Good for you" You want me to give you a sticker or something..? Why are you telling ME this.. "Um.. Why are you telling me all this.. ? " "You told me last week.. that forcing myself to forget isn't a good thing. You asked me why I can't smile at the sky thinking about my sister... ­ _­ " "Oh.. yeah.. I did. ­_ ­; " "I kept it all" "Yeah? Um.. Good job. ­_ ­;; " "So.. since I did as you told me to do.. fu*k.. it's so hard to say.." " .. _ ? " His cheeks flushed, not at all matching with his image.. W­what's wrong with this guy.. "Hey!! Go on by yourselves!! " Kang SungMin ordered at Saemi and the three guys. At his order, they all nodded their heads and disappeared... Along with Saemi who was practically glued onto Suh TaeHoon... ­ _­; "Hmm... You.. are you scared of me?" "Excuse me? N­no. ­ _­; " "Then what do you think of me? " What do II think of you..? Hmm let's see.. Definately a scary existence.. _ "Haha.. I think you're a very respected person. ^ ^; " Aah.. when did I get so pathetic... _ SungMin looked somewhat satisfied at my answer.. why though. ­_ ­ "Then.. you... " "Huh? _ " "Aish, hey you. Let's go out. ­_ ­ " "What? Why.. Why should I! " "Don't like it ? ­_ ­^^ " "No. ­_ ­; " "Okay, not a problem then. Day one starting from today." "Wa­it.. Why.. me of all people..? _ " " .. You're the first one I borrowed money from. No one else shouts or yells at me like you. And more than anything else, you're funny. ­ _­ " What.. a nice reason... I believe most other guys don't say like that.. ­ _­; " Why? You don't like it? " "N­no.." " .. ^­^ . Okay, let's go girlfriend" SungMin suddenly smiled while stretching out his right hand toward me.. _ * .. What the hell.. Why would my heart beat so fast at his smile... "Haha.. Hey.. Stop running away from now on. ­ _­^ You always end up running away whenever you see me. ­ ­ " "W­when did I ever. ­_ ­;; " "Anyway.. I have to go somewhere with you. Follow me. " Taking a firm grip on my hands, SungMin dragged me out of school. Something's strange here... I mean, all I've done is hold onto his hands.. yet why am I trembling so much... _ I feel my face burning.. While my heart's galloping louder than a horse.. What if... I like this guy..? _ * ­8­ After an hour worth of a ride, we arrived at.. "HeeYeon.. Oppa's here. " HeeYeon..? Ooh.. SungMin's sister. _ After a few minutes of climbing and panting, we were standing in front of a small grave... decorated with a bundle of lilies.... Looking at it adoringly, SungMin continued on... "Remember that promise I made before? Yeah well.. she's the one." Promise... ? _ ? "Hey.. why aren't you saying hi to my sister.... ­_ ­ " "Oh.. okay.. Hey HeeYeon. ^ ^ " "Say whatever you want to ­ _­ " "Uhh... hmm... OH! Your brother. ^ ^ He's one of the most evil guys in the world. ^ ^ " " ­__­^^^^ " A frown danced around his forehead, as he glared at me for my words. ­_ ­; "Haha.. Even though he's so evil at times... I think he's a sweet oppa who cares about his sister...; ^ ^ " Satisfied, the frown left his face. ­_ ­; You're such a girl. ­_ ­ "What? Is that it? " You want me to compliment you more...? ­ _­; "Aah.. a­and... um.. uh... =_=a Let's be good friends. ^ ^ " When I finished, SungMin took out a black plastic bag from his backpack. "What is that ? _ "Ice Cream. ­_ ­ " " "Eh? Ice cream? Why? _ " "HeeYeon's obsessed with ice cream ­ _­ " In the bag, there was about 10..20 ice cream... andtaking each one of them out of the bag, he neatly put it on the grave. Haha, I annoint you the coolest oppa of the world. ­ ­ "Next time you come see HeeYeon, buy a lot of ice cream. ­ _­ " "Okay... I will ­_ ­; " "Hooo.. " Suddenly closing his eyes, he was silent for a few seconds. "What are you doing? _ " "Telepathing with HeeYeon. You're so nosy. ­_ ­ " "Does it really work? _ " "Yeah, try it if you're so curious. " "Okay!! _ " Okay.. hmm all I have to do is close my eyes.. and send telepathy to HeeYeon. = _ = !! HeeYeon... HeeYeon... Hi..? I'm a junior at MiLae High. You're living happily in heaven, right? ^ ^ Hehe, if later... if way way way later.. We meet each other in heaven, you have to play with me, okay? > < I'll visit with a bunch of ice cream next time ^ ^ After sending my telepathy to HeeYeon, I lightly opened my eyes and peeked at SungMin.. Dam*. ­_ ­ .. His profile is just.. wow. ­ _­* Kang SungMin opened his eyes as if knowing my stare was intense. ­_ ­; "What. ­__­ " If I could only take out the evilness out of him.. Ohh he'd be perfect. ­_ ­ "N­nothing. ­ _­; " "Kek, how'd your conversation with HeeYeon go? ^­^ " At times.. he would smile lightly... What I don't get is.. Why I'm shaking at your smile.. _ _ Aahh, my heart's thumping again... Oh goodness, why is it so hot.. _ I think I've finally gove crazy. "What the hell? You okay? Your face is all red... Did you choke on your own spit?­__­a " "N­no!! Why would I! > < " "Sh!t. You don't need to act all cute, you could've just denied it. ­_ ­ " "Sorry. ­_ ­ " Why you little devil of evilness. ­_ ­ Suddenly, I felt so idiotic that I was feeling so giddy because of him. ­_ ­ "Let's go then. ^­^ " "Don't laugh. ­ ­ !! " "Aish, you have a problem with everything I do huh. ­__­^ " "Just.. don't smile!! ­ ­!! " If you laughhh. ­ ­!! ..I'll only want to get to know you better. _ ... Wanting to go back home, the two of us were strolling ? ­_ ­.. down the hills... " ...See I.." Said SungMin while taking a step with his long legs. " .. Made a promise with HeeYeon.." "What promise? " " ...... " "Whaaat > < " At my hideous cuteness, ­ _­ SungMin looked appalled for a moment and continued on. ­_ ­; " ....That if I were to get a girlfriend... HeeYeon would be the first one to meet her." ..Everything's so clear now... At your words, SungMin.. Every doubt in my mind just got erased.. ..I, Yoo EunAh... definately likes you, Kang SungMin. ... HeeYeon.. I forgot to ask you this before.. ^­^ See... I think I became to like your brother too much..... So... so... how would you like it if I became your sister­in­law..? .. ­9­ \ School "So yuo and Kang SungMin are all lovey dovey? ­__­ " "Yeahh. > < I never knew he would have a cute side~ > < " Receiving unwelcomed stares by Saemi, I continued to babble on about SungMin and me. ­__­; "Be careful. ­__­ " "Huh? Of what? _ " "If my brother sees you going around with him.. hoo.. I'll be the one he'll be begging, pleading, annoying.. overall, I'll be tortured. ­__­ " "Haha. ­__­; " "Seriously. 0 0 " I'm SO sick of him torturing me every time! He thinks he's some monk. His sermons last FOREVER!! "Say, what happened to him? I haven't seen him in awhile.." "Ooh.. Probably plotting something drastic.. ­__­ Better for us, yeah? The SamSoon Trio isn't bothering you now are they? ­ ­ " "True that. =_= " "Oh yeah, you said Kang SungMin asked you to be his girlfriend right? " "I dunno.. ­__­ All he said was, 'Go out with me' ­__­ " "What's wrong with that. I think he's absolutely adorable > < You can never judge a person by their cover.. I guess he's not some ice prince after all _ " Put a knife to my neck, and I still won't tell Saemi. ­__­ The real reason as to why he and I are dating. ­__­; I'm the first one he's ever borrowed money from, ­__­^ No one has yelled or shouted at him like me, and most of all... I'm very funny ­__­ .. That Kang SungMin has a problem of being too blunt.. ­__­^^^ "Then EunAhhh > < " "What the heck's up with the greasy voice? ­__­; " "Hehe, bring me along when you and Kang SungMin go on a date > < " "Eh? Why? _ " "I told you alreaddyyy. ­__­*.. It's my only chance to meet my love, Suh TaeHoon... ­v­* " " .... ­__­;; " My mouth itches from wanting to tell you Saemi. ­__­ You'd beat your brother at acting psycho. ­__­ "See, here's my plan! I'll hang out around him at all times and do my best to be a pole he could lean on at times... And one day, he'll realize my importance and in conclusion...­v­** " "And... what conclusion......? =_=;; " "The world's best love power!!" " ­__­ ... " "Kyaaah kYaahh~~! I think I'm blushig > < Uhwoo Uhwoo~ I can't stop thinking about it > < " Why... does Saemi act like some retarded kid everytime she talks about Suh Taehoon... ­_ ­ Nooo.. _ .. It couldn't be.. _ That couldn't be my best friend, Saemi. 0 !!! "Oh yeah, I just remembered. Isn't it your birthday next week? " "Huh? Really? _ " "Yeahhh.. Since it's the 19th of June... it'll be the 26th in exactly a week. Your birthday~~" My.. birthday.. ­ v ­ " ..I like watches, Saemi. ^ ^ " "What? ­_ ­; " "I want a wrist watch. ^ ^ ... You'll get me one, right? ^ ^ My only best friend, Saemi. ^ ^ " "You.. Stopppp.. ­ ­!! I don't have any cash on me! None.zip.zero.kong. ­ ­ " "See Saemi. ^ ^ I accidentally saw the thick pile of ten dollars in your wallet at the cafeteria? ^ ^ " " .. _ .. Some friend you are. _ " "Hehe, I'll look forward to my gift. ^ ^ " You shouldn't have reminded me it was my birthday. ­__­; Anyway.. Yeah~~ A free wrist watch~ woot woot! > < Happy in thoughts that I made Saemi get me a wrist watch, I continued to be in giddy mood throughout the rest of the day.. ­__­; Walking through the field of our school, I saw the not­so­welcomed group of 4 guys, leaning against the gates conceitedly.. ­__­ "What the hell. ­__­ . Why are you the last one? I don't recall you being a turtle." Why.. in the world would I be a turtle in the first place??. 0 "Nuh uh!! You have no idea how good I am in track!!! " "I can walk faster than how you run. ­__­ " "Nuh uh!! That'd be impossible. 0 !! I was the captain of my track team in Elementary school. 0 "Well, I guess your team mates were all snails. ­__­ " "NOOO. 0 !!! " " Our conversation started out over the silliest topic ever... ­__­ But... truthfully.. and too embarassing to say out loud... It was the happiest feeling to be talking to your crush. ­__­* (Saemi was already glued next to Suh TaeHoon, chatting away. ­__­ ) "Umm... Kang SungMin. _ " ..Wanna die? ­__­^ " "W­why should I. ­__­; " " "Drop the politeness. ­__­^^ " "Okay. ­__­.. then SungMin devil ­ ­ " "Yoo EunAh. ­__­^^^^^^ There's a high possibility that I'll hit you. ­__­ " "O­okay.. _ .. SungMin. " "Yeah.. What. ^­^ " Evilll.. ­__­ If I said it once, I'll say it again.. You're so evil.. _ "It's my birthday next week. ^ ^ " "What? ­__­ " "My birthday is next week. ^ ^ " "So. ­__­ " "It's my birthday?! ­ ­ " "Uh huh. ­__­ " Wh­what the hell!!! 0 Doesn't most decent people ask what you want, at least? 0 "Tch Nevermind you devil. _ "Kek.. you pissed? " "Shut up. 0 " My fault for expecting!! 0 " "If you want me to, I'll sing for you. Why were you born♬ Why why why♬... " Kang SungMin begun to sing a song that wasn't even funny. _ 0 Yep, I'm officially the crazy woman for liking this guy. ... At the end of the 8th repeated song, we finally arrived at our house. ­__­ "EunAh~~ we'll see you tomorrow! >_< ♡ " Saemi, who hadn't allowed herself to be detached from Suh TaeHoon, waved her hands at me.. While my so called boyfriend of Kang SungMin just left without a goodbye.. And a few minutes later. ­__­ He appeared once again and asked me.. ­__­ ... "What? _ "Just say it" "Eh? _ " " "What you want for your birthday. " "If I wanted that mall over there, would you still buy me that? ­_ ­ " It's for the teasing, you devil. ­_ ­ "You can't huh? huh huh?? Tch, you shouldn't have sang that weird song, then!. _ "You want the mall? " "What? _ " " "I'll get you one. " "What? " "I'll get you one. You wanted that one over there, right? " Y­you've lost your sanity huh? ­__­;; "Hey.... I was joking. ­__­;; " "Yeah? Then what do you want? ­__­ " If I continue to joke around, I might even actually be the owner of that mall... ­__­; "Umm... Oh yeah!! You'll be my slave for my birthday!! " "What? " "You have to do whatever I ask you to do on my birthday, okay? > < " "Bs. ­__­ " "It's my birthdaaay > < I'll treat you back on yours > < " "Serious? " "Yeah!! > < " "Okay. Fine. ­__­ " Moohaha~ A wrist watch along with my own slave~ I have a feeling my 18th birthday... ­ v ­ Will be the best one yet. +_+ ­10­ On the morning of the 24th, I awoke with the thought of my birthday in two days. =_= Descending down the stairs.. " It's not like you to wake up so early? ­0­ " "And why do you care. ­__­ " My brother Yoo EunHyuk.. hmm it's been awhile since he made an appearance, no? ­__­ "What about you? Why are you up so early? " "SunHee won't kiss me if I'm tardy. It's annoying. ­_ ­ " The world's number one gross couple. ­__­^ EunHyuk and his girlfriend, Lee SunHee was beyond lovey dovey... Almost to the point where it gave me goosebumps to be in the same room with them. ­__­ "What if you guys get married ? ­__­ " "Of course I'll marry SunHee ­ ­!! " "You never know. ­__­ SunHee might dump you in the garbage.. " "Pft stop being so jealous!! You think SunHee's a annoying human trash like you!??! ­0­ !! " "What'd you say...?? Human trash??? Oh HO you just WANT to die huh!! " "Just try and kill me!! You can't huh? You can't! " After several minutes of bickering and quarreling with each other.... ­__­;; "Go to school already!! Do you have to wake up the whole neighborhood???!! " Our mother had run out of her bedroom in her robe while shouting furiously at us. ­_ ­ Mom.. _ .. Your voice is pretty loud, too. 0 "Huh??! Mom!!! ­0­!!Good morning♬ " "Yeah. ^ ^ Did you sleep well dear? " "Yep. I missed your warm rice even when I was sleeping. > < " "Ahyoo. My one and only son. > < I'll make you shabu shabu today ^ ^" "If only we could have beer with that > < " "Oh? Should we have a mother­son bonding time? " "Yeah yeah > < " "Kyahaha Okay > < " W­what is this.. ­__­ Wanting to be a part of their conversation, I carefully chose my words and opened my mouth.. "Mom > < Me, too~ I wanna drink, too > < " "What ? " "We should have a bonding time > < Between the three of us and the bottle of beer ^ ^ " "Are you crazy?! You're not even of age yet!!" "What about EunHyuk. ­ ­!! He's only 17!! " "EunHyuk's a guy!! A girl like you shouldn't even BE drinking!! The day I catch you with alcohol will be the week you starve!! " Today was one of those days.. where realization hit me pretty hard... ­__­ Dam*.. I never knew my mother was a sexist. 0 !!! \School "Seriously.. Is this the 1800's? 0 Pft who would favor guys over girls these days??? 0 " "It's something I've always felt.. and I'll say it again, but your mom's really funny.. ­__­ " "Waaah.. You call that funny? I call that being a witch. 0 !! " "Anyway, be careful today. ­__­ Try not to go out through the back field. " "Huh? Why? _ " "You know how my brother wouldn't come out of his room for a week? Well he went out of the house this morning with something in both of his hands... ­__­ He had one of those evil laugh, you know? ­__­ " " ..Haha.. You don't think it has anything to do with me... right? ­__­; " "You could never be careful. Just hide out during break time. ­__­ " Right after those words left Saemi's mouth, the bell rung. ­__­ Realizing that it was break time, I slowly crept to the back door trashcan to hide when.. 'Ssseeeuk' ... "EunAh!!!!!!!!!! >_<!!! " Noooo... NOOOOO... I should've ran away.... 0 !!!! "It's been awhile hasn't it > < Didn't you miss me?? It's been a week since EunAh didn't get to see her Oppa > < " Along with the slamming of the backdoor, the guy who had ran toward me with open arms.... Park.Jae.Hyun. "What... are you doing here.. ­__­;; " "To see you . > < Wanna know why I haven't been around for a week? It's your birthday in two days!! ^ ^ Party planning is harder than it seems. ^ ^ " "How'd you know it was my birthday.... ­__­; " "I wouldn't be your Oppa if I didn't know even that much > < I spent the whole night getting ready for your party. ^ ^ You have no idea how sore my body is. _ " "Oh... um.. See.. " "Well since everything's done, I'm a free man. > < Let's walk home together. ^ ^ I'll come get you after school!! " "H­huh? N­no wait hey!!! " Ignoring my words, Saemi's brother skipped out of the room. _ waiting for me after school.. _ I can't oppa.. 0 .. SungMin and his friends will be "What are you gonna do? ­__­ " "Huh? " "My brother. ­__­ You plan on leaving him behind? " "I'd feel too guilty. _ " "Oh Ho so you'll ditch Kang SungMin? " "No. _ I wanna live at least for a few more years _ " "Then??? ­__­ " "I'll just tell your brother that I got a boyfriend. " .. "If that's what you wanna do, then I won't stop you. But just know that he has a fraile heart more than how it appears to be. So don't break it to him too harshly. " " ..Okay... sorry. " "Why should you be sorry. ­__­ " "Just.. " I have to tell him... right? Of course I have to.. Ehh.. _ .. I can't stop myself from being scared though.. _ friend... _ Just.. because .. JaeHyun oppa was a really good ­11­ Time flew by... and within a blink of an eye, school was already out... JaeHyuk oppa's loud yell for my name signalled it was the end out school. _ "EunAh!! Let's go!! > < " "Ah.. Okay.. _ " I'll start a casual conversation with him, and tell him like nothing's wrong.. that I have a boyfriend.. _ .. "Um.. Oppa. " "Yeah? ^ ^ " "See.. I. " Watching Oppa descending down the stairs past the hallway, I carefully opened my mouth. ­_ ­ "Yeah? Is there anything you wanna tell me? _ "See.. I.. have a b­boyfriend... " " I said it.. Whew.. Go Yoo EunAh. _ .. It's a good thing you told him... It really is. "What? " JaeHyun oppa's already big eyes widened more at my words. _ "I'm sorry... but... I have a boyfriend.. " "You never said anything about.. that. " "It's been only six days.. but still I­.. " "Oh, it's only been six days? No problem then, I can steal you back anytime. ^­^ " Steal... what, me? You'll steal me back...? "What... What do you mean? " "I've been in love with you for 4 years. I can beat six days anytime." Said JaeHyun oppa, talking in a serious tone I have never seen him use before.. "Oppa. " "Is that him ? " Following JaeHyun oppa's finger, I saw SungMin watching us from afar.. "Is that him? " "Yes.. " "You.. like him... a lot? " "Yes.. " "Hoo.. " JaeHyun oppa heaved a deep sigh... and feeling too guilty, I forced myself to shift my gaze to the wall.. "Then.. " "Excuse me? " "If... if you really do like him.. Fine, I can't hold you back. " "Oppa.. _ "But... " " ? " "Can you stand by my side.. just until your birthday...? Not a day less or more... Just until your birthday... " " Til... my birthday.. "If you would... I'll stop everything... I'll try to remain as a good Oppa to you.. " " ...Then... I just have to stay by your side until my birthday? And you'll let me go? " "Yeah... and... until then.. Don't talk to him.. look at him.. or even meet him... Just... Just stay by my side. " It was such a sincere favor.. If... If I were to refuse... then JaeHyun Oppa wouldn't back off... and I would feel guilty being with SungMin.. Yet.. yet if I do as JaeHyun oppa tells me to do... then I'll be a free woman.. " ... Okay I will... Just until the 26th... Just until my birthday." "Yay. ^­^ " SungMin... Kang SungMin... We can stand tall for two days right... No more or nonetheless... Let's not... talk to each other... meet or even look at each other.. Just for two days... And after that... We'll be happy as you and me.. " .. Yoo EunAh. " My feet had already stopped at the front gates... While SungMin called out my name as he looked at JaeHyun oppa and me.. "Why... are you so late again... Who's he?" " .... " "What...? Can't talk? You suddenly became mute or something? " Sorry... but I won't look at you for two days... Heck, I can't even talk to you... You understand, right...? For a happy relationship...? You understand why I'm doing this, right?. ^­^ "Let's go EunAh. " When JaeHyun oppa drags me away by the hand, SungMin stared at us dumbfounded... .... "Don't look at him. " Oppa commanded me as I continued to sneak a glance back at SungMin. Whew.. Two days... We could do it, right? I mean, we'll just restrain ourselves even if we miss each other crazily.. For the sake of you and me... ­12­ That night... A phone call sent a chill down my spine.. For it was a number I had never seen before... Doubting my assumptions, I silently pressed 'send' and flinched at Kang SungMin's ringing voice. ­ "Yoo EunAh. You're there right? What the hell.. Why'd you just leave like that? Did... anything happen? Huh? Yoo EunAh??? You listening to me??? Talk to me!" I pressed my lips firmly together, in case I was to talk back... and taking out the battery out of my phone, I fell on my bed to make acquaintance with sleep. I wonder how he found out my phone number... whew.. It's... harder than it seems... the ignoring.... \ Next day (school) "Did something happen between Kang SungMin and you? _ " As soon as I entered the classroom, Saemi asked me in curiousity. Rumors, again?. _ "Why . ­_ ­; " "Just.. Argh I met him on the streets last night and he went all pms­y on me and asked me for your number. Sh!t, it's not like he's the only one with the temper ­ _­^ " YOU were the one that told SungMin my number, eh? ­_ ­ "So something did happen right? He looked quite mad.. " "He looked mad..? " "Yeah. _ " You... got mad... heh... Only one more day... yeah? I'll explain everything to you afterwards... You can trust me for that long, right.. After school that day, I walked home through the backdoor in fear of meeting him again. And... The morning of the 26th of June greeted me with a bright sunshine.. ­_ ­ \ 7:30 a.m (house) "Whoa.. Seaweed soup? _ You actually remembered your daughter's birthday? ­ _­ " "Aww.. What do you mean? I'm not some witch who'd forget her daughter's birthday. >_< " "Mom. _ .. So.. you're NOT a witch? _ " "Shush and eat your soup!! ­ ­!! You'll be late for school!! " Said the witch after slapping my back. ­ _­ ..Hey.. I just realized.. today's the last day. ^­^ After midnight... I'll call you... and I can tell you everything that had happened.. I can't help but feel a bit bitter... considering I wanted you to celebrate my birthday with me.... ^­^ ... " Here. ­ _­ " "What is it ? _ " Saemi handed me a small box. "Forgot about your lil request thing, huh. ­_ ­ " "Oh my gosh. _ .. You really bought me one?! " In the box Saemi gave me, was a sparkling wrist watch.. _ proudly. ­ _­; And watching me stare at it, touched, Saemi smiled "Waaah.. I must have the best best friend ever. _ "You JUST found that out huh? Stupid. ­ ­ " "Thankie. _ " " "Treat me to dinner if you're that thankful. ­v ­ " See.. Whenever you talk about food in that way... Every thought of gratitude ends up in the garbage. ­_ ­ "Hehe, We'll have a birthday party later~ I... have something else to do, today.." JaeHyun oppa... specifically asked me not to make any other plans beside his... I know I shouldn't, but I can't help but feel bitter.. Kang SungMin.. He was suppose to spend the day with me.. ... "Today's the last day, huh? You'll be by his side by tomorrow. " " ... " After school, JaeHyun oppa grabbed me by the arms while talking in a low voice.. "Do you.. hate me? " "Excuse me? " "Even if it's for two days... Do you hate me that I won't let you see him..?" Oh you have NO idea. ­_ ­^ About... hmm.. the size of the sky and earth put together? Yeah... ­ _­^^ " ..No. ­ _­ " " Heyyy.. Don't give me that sort of expression. ­ _­; It's scary." " ..Huh? _ " Kang SungMin was standing in front of the front gates, no different from last night... I wonder why he's alone.. " .. He came again. " Spotting SungMin, JaeHyun oppa murmured under his breath.. and catching our gaze, SungMin marched over to us with a scary face. "Yoo EunAh. Let's talk. " Said Kang SungMin while his eyes bored into mine, sending a chill even to the depth of my stomach.. "Why don't you talk right here? " "Fu*k off. " At JaeHyun oppa's words, SungMin spat out 'fu*k off' monotonously. _ "What... the fu*k's wrong with you? Why the hell is your phone off?? And.. why are you ignoring me....? Am I a ghost? Huh? Can't you see me??? Can't you!?!?" Hearing SungMin's hurtful shouts, I let a tear fall onto the ground unintentionally. "Stop it. Can't you see her crying? " "What is it, huh? Yoo EunAh. Answer me.. Are you cheating on me?? It hasn't even been a week.. " Stupid.. Idiot. Dummy... You don't know anything.... how could you... how could you when you don't even know.. "Why.. Why aren't you talking!!! " As if feeling sorry that I was crying wordlessly in the presence of Kang SungMin, JaeHyun oppa grabbed me by the hand and dragged me away until SungMin wasn't in our sight anymore.. "What the hell's wrong with him... I don't.. think I could do it.. I can't let you meet someone as sh!tty as him. " .. !! "Stop it!! " Thrusting JaeHyun oppa's grip off of my wrists, I shouted loudly. "SungMin.... Kang SungMin isn't a bad guy!! You don't even know the whole story... What gives you the right to talk about him that way???!" "Are you blind..? Didn't you see how he was shouting at you before? How.. How could you side with him even when..." "I'm the one who commited a sin!!! Of course he'll get mad!! Who wouldn't??!? I don't think I could do it anymore... I give up.. I'm going back to SungMin. " Yeah... I .. seriously don't think I could stay by JaeHyun oppa's side even when I know how mad SungMin is.. "Bye. " Bowing my head quickly, I turned on my heels to go back to SungMin when... JaeHyun oppa grabbed my wrists again.. "Let me go.. I can't do it anymore... I don't think I could stand not talking.. or looking at him for more than a second.. " .... " "PLEASE just let me go!!! " Despite my shouts and pleas, JaeHyun oppa just continued to stare at me without a word... It was scary.... I haven't seen JaeHyun oppa glare at me like this before... .... "Where are you going?!?! Let me go! I have to go back to SungMin!! LET ME GO!" But... JaeHyun oppa just continued to drag me off to somewhere... Was... was this who he really was inside..? I never knew.. considering all he did was smile and joke around.... Was he always this scary..? And... even through my yelling, screaming, and kicking... One name swam in my head... Kang.Sung.Min. ­13­ 'Plop' Opening the door to his bedroom, JaeHyun oppa threw me on his bed... ­__­^ " JaeHyun oppa!! " "Look here. " The place JaeHyun oppa had pointed at... Was a stack of neatly wrapped presents around a large cake. A banner hung above it with the letters 'Happy Birthday' largely written, along with many colored balloons. "I was about to throw you a cool party today. " "Hoo... I told you already.. I don't think I could stand a day without him aga­" "Then what about me!!! " " .... " "I like you a lot, too. You think I have a party when I don't see you? It feels like my heart's gonna pop whenever I don't see you. " " .. If you really liked me, you wouldn't tie me down like this. " Because this is an unwanted obsession. .... " No, when you fall for someone too deep, you become deaf and blind to all things.. Hah.. Sometimes... a person goes crazy in the head, too." " .. and where would that get you... Can't you see that I'm in love with SungMin, only.. He's the only one I'm thinking about right now!!! " "Don't say his name or even talk about him in front of me. Park JaeHyun's the one standing next to you, not that b!tch. " "SungMin. SungMin. SungMin. SungMin. Kang SungMin. Kang SungMin. SungMin. Kang SungMin... SungMin. Kang SungMin. Kang SungMin.. ­ ­ " Wow.. I'm like some stupid rabbit who's wagging its tails in front of a tiger.. I continued to shout out SungMin's name. ­__­^^ "Stop it.. I'm serious.. " "Kang SungMin... Kang SungMin.... ­__­ " " ... Stop it. " "Kang SungMin. Kang SungM­.... _ !!! " JaeHyun suddenly covered my lips from saying Kang SungMin's name with his own lips. Sh!t.. Noo.. Get off ... I haven't even kissed with SungMin yet!! 0 I started to stomp my feet while flaring my arms.. yet JaeHyun (Notice the non­existence of 'oppa'? ­__­) didn't budge... _ Tears begun to fall from my eyes in anger.. � � SungMin.. Help me... Kang SungMin... help me.. please... .. Right then.. As if reading my thoughts, Saemi and SungMin charged into the room.. _ Noticing my tears, SungMin immediately punched JaeHyun down.. While Saemi started to shout and yell grabbing my hands.. _ " Oppa are you insane?!?!? What the fu*k did you do to EunAh?!? EunAh... are you okay? Huh? " "Waah.. �� " "Stop crying... _ .. Sh!t.. JaeHyun you *ss hole!! You're no longer my oppa from today!!!!!" My cries, Saemi's shouts, and SungMin's fists created a rock­n­roll tune in the large room... A couple of minutes later, SungMin exited out the house, my hands in his.. " Oppa you're insane, yeah?? How about we go to the mental hospital today??? ­ ­!!! I swear Imma stop being a part of this family!! How the fu*k am I suppose to face EunAh from now on?!?!?!" Saemi's voice was even audible in the streets.. ­__­ ..But... the more important thing was... _ glaring fire at me... _ " Suh.. SungMin.. _ " .... " "SungMin.. _ .. Um.. are you mad ? " " .. You. " " SungMin.. who was "Huh? _ " "You got what you deserve for cheating. " Koong!!! At those words... I felt as if a large rock had dropped on my head.. Idiot!! It was never anything like that. � � was a stupid promise, not cheating!! It "It wasn't... anything like that. " "Don't.. I don't wanna hear your excuses. " "I told you, it's nothing like that!! " "Hoo.. Go home. " "Hey!! Kang SungMin!! " "What? Want me to walk you home ? ­__­ " Why... Why aren't you willing to hear my story... I told you it wasn't like that.. why... Why can't you trust me.. " .... I'm saying it wasn't anything like you think... " "No? Oh, then what's your excuse for ignoring me while going on dates with that guy? " Hah... That's all you've thought about..? " ... Why... Why won't you hear what I have to say... Why do you make up your own suspicions.. and assume whatever you think is correct... Why don't you give me a chance to explain... Who gave you the right to judge my excuses to be nothing but something to get myself out of... Why... Why do you act so self­centered!!! " Anger.. filled my whole body... For I hated SungMin for not believing my words... I thought.. that he'd wait for me for two days even when I don't say anything... Afterall... I thought.. he had trusted me.. "What is it?!??! Did you receive a zero portion of my heart when I gave my all??! Even if it was a short period of time.. do you know how tired I was after missing you too much...?!" " .. Yoo EunAh. " "Nevermind.. I don't feel the need to explain it to you any longer.. Oh.. haha... yeah... I forgot... You never liked me from the start.." "What are you talking about?" "Why, guilt eating you up? ^­^ Even though you may be the one who asked me out first, wasn't I the only one who liked you... and wasn't I the only one who missed you...?!" Truthfully... This had bothered me for the whole week... Whether.. SungMin really liked me or not... But I guess.. the answer's a NO.. ^­^ Of course.. it was nothing but pure curiousity that he had wanted to go out with me.. after all.. didn't you say I was funny..? And.. what coincidence.. you'd never get bored while dating me right... heh.. "Let's stop now... I don't like unfair games.. ^­^ ...Imma go... Bye.." "Yoo EunAh... YOO EUNAH!!! " Until I couldn't hear SungMin's voice anymore.. I ran... and ran.. all the way to my house.... Because it hurt too much..... ^­^ .. .. Because.. my heart hurt too much... ^­^.. ­14­ \Next day.. "How in the world did you catch a cold?? It's not so common to get sick in the summer.. ­_ ­ " " ..Mom.. could you leave me alone, please. " "Didn't I tell you not to sleep with the windows open?! " " ... Can't you hear me?? Leave me alone!!! Why are you bothering a sick person!! Argh.. stupid headache.. " "Honey... What'd I do? Why are you shouting at meee... Tch, whatever. Call if you need me!! ­_ ­ " With those words, mom left me to be.. ... I didn't go to school today... Can you imagine I got sick last night? ­_ ­ Forreal.. ­_ ­; I guess when your heart suffers, your body does, too.. ­_ ­ 'Byooooloooong.. ByoooooLoooong ♬ ' That was probably the millionth time my phone rang in the last 24 hours... Running out of patience, I chucked the battery at the wall and plopped down on my pillows.. I hate feeling so gloomy... Staring at my golden widows dumbfounded, I brought my head down to my pillows and sobbed inaudibly... and before I knew it... I fell asleep... Dear Lord... Please.. Don't allow SungMin to visit my dreams... .... "Eumm.... =_= .. What time is it... " When I squinted at the bold red letters of my alarm clock...... _ "5 o'clock. ­_ ­ " "Saemi..?? 0 Since when were you standing there? " Saemi was standing rigidly next to my bed.. ­ _­; "It's been less than five minutes. ­ _­ ... You... you scumbag!! I seriously thought you didn't come to school today cuz of the Park JaeHyun insanity problem!! Do you have any idea how worried I was!!! " Saemi.. _ .. " .. You just wasted brain cells then.. It's just a cold... heh. ^­^ " "And why in the world did you catch a cold in June? � � " "Hehe. You know how I am.. I guess sleeping with my windows open.. along with not bothering to wear my blanket isn't that good for you. ^­^ " "So everything's alright? _ Your cheeks are like a tomato. _ " "Why wouldn't I be? Look Saemi ^ ^ " I went on my hands, and begun to do push­ups. Watching my exercise, Saemi let out a huge sigh. Truthfully, you have no idea how dizzy I am, right now. _ "Oing? Why's the house so quiet..? Did mymom go out? _ " "Oh.. She left right after I came... Something about meeting her friends? " Isn't my mom the greatest.. ­__­ Leaving behind a sick daughter to go talk to her friends... Yepp.. That's caring for sure..­__­ "Oh yeah. _ "Okay. ^ ^ " I brought pizza for you~ Wait right here, I'll go get it from the kitchen! " Hehe.. I should act sick more often to get that pizza..> < While I was waiting for Saemi's pounding footsteps to approach my bedroom again.. ' CLANG!! ' A jagged rock broke the barrier between my bedroom door and the outside world.. _ .. W­what the freak?? Who the hell!!! 0 !!! "HEY!!! 0 !! Why the hell are you throwing rocks at our window­ _ " Poking my head out the window, I saw SungMin staring up at me with a rock in his hands. ­__­ "Yoo EunAh!! Get out here!!! " SungMin shouted, meeting my dumbfounded gaze. Let's see.. If you were me... Would you really? ­_ ­ .. "I'll charge in if you don't come out in 10 seconds! " Uh huh... Sure.. Not my problem. ­_ ­ " 10 !! .. 9 !! ... 8.... 7... !! " SungMin's count down followed my scoff, while I listened carelessly to his voice, leaning on the cold walls of my bedroom.. " 6 !! .. 5 !!.. You really won't come out huh!! Just try and not come out in 5 more seconds!!! " Just... Leave.. Please... I don't want my feelings to melt again... I'm done playing the role of an idiot.. " 4 !!!! " " .... " " 3 !!! " " .... " " 2 !!!! " His shout softly hummed along the wooden floor of my house... Yet paying no attention to it, I just looked at my nails.. " ..... 1 !!!! " .. End... ^­^.. You'll just.. leave now huh? Trembling slightly at the moment of silence, I scurried to my feet and looked out the window.. ..... And... ^­^ .. He isn't there anymore... Of course he isn't, he probably went home... I'm the one who ignored him... right..? Right...??? But... heh... Why the freak am I crying.. Feeling disappointed, I slowly brought my gaze away from the windows and turned around... "Haaah... Yoo EunAh.. I love you.. " " ... _ " Kang SungMin had ran into my room inconspicuously, his forehead shining slightly in sweat.. "Idiot.. I... I love you... Twice..? Hell no.. More than a dozen more times than how much you would like me... I love you.. " " ..SungMin..... " "You're the one who didn't receive my heart as I would have liked you to.. Didn't.. didn't you know...? Dumb *ss. ^­^ " " .... " "I wouldn't care if you cheated on me with ten other guys.. Even if you open your heart to other guys, I'll be content with the fact that you're next to me. " "Waah... Suh...SungMin... �� " "You're crying again. Did you know that your face becomes uglier than how it is when you cry. ^­^ " I don't.. _ .. I don't think I know anything now... I don't care if my face look like dung had been thrown on it.. I just wanna stay by your side, that's all.. � � "Heeeunnnng... �� " This is why I can't help myself When I walked into Kang SungMin's arms, he pat my back as if I was a little kid... _ from liking you. _ .. In SungMin's embrace, I allowed myself to confess everything that had happened between JaeHyun and me in the last couple of days.. "Are you stupid!!! " "Whaaat _ " "What kind of a idiotic promise is that?!?! N' why'd you agree to it in the first place???!! " "You're so awfull. _ .. It's something I thought about over and over before deciding!! _ "Who told you to decide by yourself?!! " " _ ... " " " .... Good job. " "What? " " ..Good job... for not cheating on me.. " " .. Oh.. _ " Stomping back into the room with the pan of pizza in her hands, Saemi let out a small gasp before scurrying out the room again, seeing the both of us hugging each other intimately... ­ _­; "Promise me you won't call my feelings just something of a curiousity from now on. ­_ ­ " " .... _ " "Eh? You won't answer huh? ­ _ ­^ " "Okay.. I promise I won't.. _ " " .. If say that sh!t again ever again... " "What if I do..? _ " "I'll just do this. ­ _­ " " .. _ " The gentle yet possessive scent of his lotion led SungMin's lips carefully planted themselves on mine. Oh.. My.... _ me into a world of imagination.. _ .. You know how there's always the evil character in fairy tales..? "What in the world do you think you two are doing!!!! " Mommy.. _ ­15­ ”What in heavens do you think you’re doing!!” Look who’s here.. ­ ­... Isn’t this my dearest mom who abandoned her sick daughter and went to her friend’s house.... ­ ­.. “….Mom. � � " As if finally realizing the woman's identity, SungMin took his hands off of my shoulders and pushed me toward the wall, roughly. ­__­ Dam*.. I liked how we were, too. ­ _­* "Yoo EunAh!! You... You...!!! ... " Shoot... Did I ever tell you my mom's like some bull when she gets mad? _ She used to run after me with a spatula before... _ And soon... her next words broke down the walls to my thoughts. "YOU!!!! If you had a boyfriend this handsome, why didn't you tell me??!?! ­ ­ !!!! " ... Ex.....cuse.....me?? _ .... Ohhh... I must've let the fact of my mom being much more different than other moms slip from my mind.... ­ _­.. "M­mom. ­_ ­.. " "Shush for a minute. ­ ­ Dear, what in heavens is your name? ^ ^ Hmm.. Judging by.. that you were just doing.. ­_ ­.. Do you happen to be EunAh's boyfriend? _ " That??? You could think of no other words than 'that', mom? ­ _­... "Pardon? Oh.... Yes I am " "You really are EunAh's boyfriend? _ Oh goodness Lord... I always knew she was blessed with guys. ­_ ­.. She might seem unfit but you'll deal with her just fine, won't you? ^ ^ " This was the first time I had seen SungMin look so appalled. ­ _­ Whew... Was my mom always this chatty with everyone she randomly met? Oh... no don't answer that question. ­ _­.. "Yes, I will.. um... Ahjuma. ­_ ­; " "Oh no no no! Ahjuma's so old fashioned, dear >_< Repeat after me, Yes I will mother­in­law > < " Seriously mom, you're so embarassing . _ "M­mother in law... ­ _­;;; " "Good boy!! Now you'll know what to call me the next time we meet, yeah? > < Hearing those words from such a handsome fellow like yourself give me the urge to live. _ " (Notice how hypocritical I am to not stop her? ­__­; ) "Mom, please stop. ­_ ­; You're not some teenager, since when'd you care about handsome guys. ­ _­. " "Shush!!! ­ ­!! Oh yeah, what did you say your name was? _ "Kang SungMin.. " "Oh goodness >_< . The name just rolls off my tongue! You have a perfect name for that handsome face of yours > < You haven't eaten yet, correct? Give me a couple of minutes and I'll prepare you a wonderful meal. ^ ^ " "It's okay, I'm not that hungry.. " "It's rude to turn down the offer of your mother­in­law. ­_ ­^ I'll call you down later so until then, wait with EunAh. ^ ^ Oh... yes of course and could you refrain yourself from those... um... actions you were comitting before? ­ _­ " "Yes. ­_ ­; " Seeing how mom makes the I'm­So­Great SungMin to blush like that, I guess no one could stop that personality of my mom.. ­ _­.. ... "Wow.. your mom is.. um. ­__­.. " After confirming of my mom's flight to the kitchen, SungMin opened his mouth. "Huh? What about my mom? _ "She's so much like you. ­__­ " "Tch, whatever . _ " " " "I'm forreal. ­__­.. What if you become like your mom? " "You don't... ­__­.. know that. " "If you do, I swear I'll leave you by the lake. ­__­ " " .. ­__­;; " Listening to SungMin's words, I promised myself over and over again... I shall NEVER become like my mom. ­__­.. ... "YOU!!! You robbed my pig again didn't you!???! Exactly 16 quarters, 10 dimes, and 15 pennies disappeared!!! " Hence there was a low­life human who had stormed into my room. ­__­ And who else could it be but my own un­wanted brother by the name of Yoo EunHyuk. "Didn't I tell you to knock before entering???!! " "Knock Smhok!! Give me my money you homeless child!! ­ ­!!! " "WHAT?!?! Why am I a homeless child??!?! You do realize you're digging your own grave, don't you?! " "You think I'm insane? Why would I.. ­__­^ ... _ .. Huh..? SungMin SunBae.. _ .. " Eyes widening, EunHyuk ceased his shouts toward me and bowed to SungMin. ­_ ­a "What... brings you to our house? _ " ..Say that again. " " .. Pardon? _ " " "What you just said to her... Say it again. " "Her? _ .. My nuna? _ " Shameful how two siblings could be so clueless. ­__­ Ohh... right!! EunHyuk attends SangGo, too doesn't he? So that's how he knows SungMin..? _ "Nuna? You're her brother.. ? ­__­^ " "Y­yes. _ " "Consider it your lucky day aight? If I hear you saying some sh!t about her ever again, I'll bury you with my bare hands. Understand? " "O­okay.. _ ; " Yoo EunHyuk.. Who's the pathetic human, now? _ Moharharhar... I should use this fact of him being scared of SungMin to my advantage... Swimming in my happiness, ^ ^... ­ _­.. "You stole money from him? " "Eh? ­_ ­; " "Did you or did you not take his money... ­__­ " His fat, pig bank just happened to... roll.... past me...­__­ is it such a sin to take some coins? ­__­;;.. "I did. ­__­;.. " " .... ­__­^^ " SungMin looked at my face in disbelief.. ­__­; and taking out a 5 dollar bill from his pockets, he handed it to EunHyuk. ­ _­ "Everything's solved now, yeah? Leave us alone, then. ­__­ " "Oh.... Yes.. of course. _ .. " Hehe, SungMin, there is something good to you after all eh? _ I can't believe he just sent EunHyuk out like that... After EunHyuk's departure, we sat in front of my computer, playing games.. And after a long hour, we finally heard mom's shout ring through out our house. ­__­.. "DINNER!! > < " If SungMin wasn't here, it'd probably be a­ 'YOU KIDS BETTER COME DOWN HERE BEFORE I THROW IT AWAY!!' ­__­; ... Arriving at our kitchen, our jaws were practically glued onto the floor... For on the table were food dishes we hardly saw within 10 years.. ­__­.. Where in the world did mom get these from.. ­__­.. "Hoho, it's not much, but enjoy. ^ ^ " EunHyuk who had tried his best not to make eye contact with SungMin was forced to sit across from him by the order of our mom.. While I sat gazing at SungMin's profile that I was immune to all senses... Especially the sense of taste.. ­_ ­* ... Wanting to walk SungMin home, we exited out of our house after dinner, when.. "Your house... it's fun. " "Huh ? _ "It's fun.. " " Sure, it's funny. ­__­ The problem is that the 'fun'ness exaggerates just a LITTLE bit too much. ­ _­.. " ... Everyone seems like wonderful people... Your mom and your brother... " "Oh... yeah...? ­__­; " "Should we live with them later on?" "What? _ " "It'd be cool to live with your family. kek ^­^ " That night... The hidden stars that had refused to be seen by us days before... seemed to sparkle brilliantly all around SungMin and me.. As if... ^­^. Foreshadowing our faraway future. ... B.U.T... I guess romanticizing wasn't my thing... . ­__­ For a certain youngin ran into me as soon as I entered our house.. "16 quarters, 10 dimes, and 15 pennies make only five dollars and fifty cents!!! Yoo EunAh!! You owe me 15 more cents!!! " ... ­_ ­.. Yep, scratch the remark SungMin said about our family!! NO WAY could our family be full of 'great' people!! 0 ­16­ What's love to you? I picture love as a rolling tire... No matter how tattered and tired it'll get, it will still stand firmly in its place... Through heart­breaking peril, the location... everything still says the same... You and me? .. Do you... think perhaps we would still be standing in our spot ten years from now on..? Would we... would we be laughing and enjoying life as we are right now...? No matter what, I'll pray for an ever lasting composure..... ^­^.. ­ by. EunAh ­ "You!! Wake up already!! Argh fu*k, aren't you going to school?!?! " "I­I am!!!! 0 Why are you waking me up so early??!!!! " "You're so ungrateful you know that? ­_ ­ " "If you would only give me a reaosn to be grateful. 0 cheeks?!?!! 0 " "You're so fu*kin loud. Make me breakfast. " What brother wakes up his sister with his foot poking her "Why should I? _ " "Mom left for Aunty's house at dawn with dad. Some family reunion or whatnot. ­_ ­ " On a beautiful sunny friday morning. ­ _­.. Yoo EunAh. Becomes a slave. ­ _­.. "Dam* it.. where the heck's that sauce??! ARGHHH Why aren't there any rice?!! 0 !!!! " "What... there's no rice? ­ _­^ " "Uh huh. ­_ ­.. How about we just eat peanut butter sandwiches? " "NO!! SunHee likes guys who eat their breakfast!! Something about healthy guys!!. ­ ­^ " "I'll tell SungMin that you're not listening to me!! ­ _­^ " " .. ­_ ­.. Cheapskate. ­__­^ .. Sh!t, fine!!! You piss me off, you know that? Imma go. " Wow... How great is SungMin, really? _ Just at the words of telling on him, EunHyuk just runs out!! Hehe _ EunHyuk.. moharhar, you're SO in my hands, now. ­v­ Grabbing a piece of bread for a light breakfast, I ran out for school. Hmm.. I wonder why mom and dad had to go to Aunty's house.. ­_ ­a It wouldn't be anything serious, right ? ­ _­ ? .. I was still clueless to the incident that was to follow me in a couple of days... like some fool.. \School "Um... EunAh... A couple of seniors were looking for you.." During break time, a girl named KyungHee told me as she pointed at the back door _ shyest person I have EVER met in my life? O_o "Seniors..? Who? _ " Did I mention she was the "Oh... See.. um... t­the girls that would always come.. looking for you... " "Eh...? _ ... ­_ ­.. !!! .. " I get it now.. ­ _­.. Well then... No need to stall anymore, yeah? "YOO EUNAH!!!!!!!!!! " " ... ­ _­.. Hello. It's been awhile. Haha ^ ^; " "You... YOU!! Didn't I tell you to back off JaeHyun?!!! " Fulfilling my expectations, the couple of senior girls were no other than the SamSoon trio. ­ _­.. Anyway.. you might not want to talk about him in front of me. ­__­^ "I saw you guys hanging out these past couple of days!! Didn't I tell you before to stop being such a hoe and lay off of him??! " When the large SamSoon 'upper' classman shouted into my ears while spitting onto the grass, there was a voice that interrupted. .. " .... Why are you being so cruel to her. " "JaeHyun!!! 0 " Inconspicuously, Park JaeHyun had crept up beside us while talking to SamSoon. If Saemi wasn't being scolded by our homeroom teacher, she would definately chase you away from me... ­__­.. " If you have a problem, talk to me. Don't go around yelling at her. " " S­see Jaehyun. ^ ^ I was just helping.. er her.. for a better... er... school life.. " "I'm the one who likes her, okay? I, as a singular form, is feeling attracted to EunAh. So leave her out of it. " "JaeHyun.. _ " "So.. since I'm the one who likes her, talk to me when you have a problem, aight? Don't threaten her like you just did.. " " ... T­threaten..? " "It's pathetic to see you act like this. ­_ ­.. I feel like throwing a punch at your face but I'm holding back cuz of EunAh here okay? But.. you know.. I was never a real gentleman, so if you want your face clean, I suggest you run to your class now.. " "Jae.........JaeHyun. 0 " " ... Get going.. And if I see you with her ever again... Don't say I didn't warn you... Why the fu*k aren't you going?!!! " At JaeHyun's shout, SamSoom wore a huge pout on her lips while thundering up the stairs to her classroom.... with the trio trailing after her. ­__­... " ... Hoo.. Sorry. " "For what. ­__­^ " "You're... mad huh... I'm sorry... that's why I came down here today.. To tell you that I am sorry... " " .... " "Why didn't you come to school last night..? Was it... was it cuz of me?" Saemi you devil!! You didn't tell your brother, eh? =_=.. "It wasn't cuz of you, oppa. Not that I would have a reason not to come to school cuz of you in the first place." " ..... " "I just had a cold, that's all. Don't pay any attention to it. " "Oh... really? You alright now, then?" "You have eyes don't you? ­_ ­ " I.. seriously don't know why I'm acting this way.. ­__­.. I know how much oppa would get hurt by my words.. but... I can't help but get mad at him.. " ...I realized. " " ... _ ? " "Yeah, I know. ^­^.. It'd be much better to see you happy with another guy rather than frowning by my side, wouldn't it? ^­^ " Ehm... that another guy meaning.. SungMin? "I won't force you to do anything from now on... Even if it may hurt and be tiring... Heh, it'd be what you girls call 'cute' to just wait for you, huh? ^­^ " "What are you getting at? _ " "That I won't interfere between you and your boyfriend anymore... and... that I'm sorry for.. everything.. " " .... " "But just know... wouldn't 4 years be such a waste if I forfeit now? ^­^ I'll just.. stay as a good oppa to you for the time being.... " "JaeHyun Oppa... " "No more misunderstandings between you guys, yeah?" "No... " "Then that's settled. ^­^.. Good for you then.. ^­^.. Oh crap, class started!! _ .. I'll see you later!!! Study, okay?!! ^ ^ " "W­wait.. oppa!! JaeHyun Oppa!!! " .. I apologize, too oppa.. I know how much your feelings were from the deepest part of your heart... yet.. I couldn't stop but feel so guilty and weighted under all the pressure... So... So I guess I couldn't help it but to ignore you.... I'm so sorry... When I was mumbling out my apology in my brain, I saw Saemi running toward me with streaks of brilliant red lines imprinted across her cheeks... Don't tell me you got beat Saemi.. ­__­;; After I told her what JaeHyun oppa just said.. "Don't sweat about it. He might seem like an idiot at times, but he'll survive. ­__­ " "Huh? " "He'll probably suffer on the inside, but you know those doormens of the hotel? No matter what happens they continue with a straight face? Yeah well, Oppa'll get back on track in no time.. ­_ ­ " I hope he does.. He deserves some happiness in his life... he really does.... ^­^.. "Eh? Hey is that my cell or yours? I hear vibrating _ "Uhhh _ . Mine.. hold up. " " Taking out my cell phone, I ducked under the desk and pressed 'send' [UNNI!!! EUNAH UNNI!!! IT'S ME, BOHEE! ] BoHee..? My cousin, Yoo Bohee? _ ­17­ [Hello? Hellooo..? Unni??? EunAh Unni, you there? _ "BoHee.. Hey, what's up? " [Hehe, I think Imma move in with you for awhile. ^ ^ ] "Huh? You are? " [Yup. I'm at your house already. ^ ^ I was never good with being patient... darn, the surprise plan just went down the drain, eh? >_< Hehe you don't mind me calling, right? ^ ^ ] "No, not at all _ . But what are you doing at our house..? " [ ... My mom and dad... they're splitting up.... ] ... !!! Aunty and Uncle's... what. ? "Bo...BoHee... " [So for the time being.. until they figure out who keeps me, Imma stay with you.. ^ ^ ] " ..... " [Huh? Unni..? _ .. Oh.. You don't like me staying at your house, do you.. .. ] "Nooo!! What gave you that idea?! You have no idea how happy I am that you're staying with us. " [Really? >_<* Hehe, Um... unni aren't you in class yet though? Ahh, I should hang up huh? _ . I'll see you at home~~ Ooh.. Buy me those chips I like on the way home, okay?!! ^ ^ ] "Okay!! I will, don't eat too much~ See you later!! " .. Whew.. what's this supposed to be about... Was this the reason mom and dad had to go over at dawn...? Divorce... strange... I had always thought the idea of splitting up would be the very last thing on their mind.. Funny how BoHee matured so much since the last time I talked with her..^­^.. She's only a 9th grader, too.... Well, I'll treat you real nice during your stay BoHee.. ^­^.. Just like a real sister... " .. FIGHTING!!!! BOHEE AND I WILL FIGHT THIS THING TOGETHER!!! +_+ !!! " "Fighting smithing!! " Due to my idiotic clamor, the english teacher had deposed more brain cells with her ruler. "Aaah!! That hurts. 0 " "Why in heavens would I hit you if it wasn't meant for it to hurt? Eh? What's that in your hands? ...Tsk tsk tsk.. a cell phone??? That's it, children these days are so ill­mannered. I'm confiscating this phone for a week!!" "Mrs. Yoooo!!! 0 " Waaah... _ .. My poor cellie... I can't Dam* itttt. _ How dumb are you to shout that out loud, Yoo EunAh? _ believe it's a week­long goodbye with it 0 "Good job Yoo EunAh. ­_ ­ " "Waaah. _ .. You'll miss my text messages won't you Saemi? _ "...Who's BoHee? " "Aaah.. My cousin. _ "By herself? " "Yeah.. She's a single child. _ " " She's supposed to stay with us while we sort out some family problems. " "Only child eh? Argh, I hate those. ­ _­ They're so friggin spoiled, I swear. ­ _­ . They think they have the world at their finger tips or whatever.. N.O.T cool. " "Noo.. You're so stereotypical Saemi.. You have no idea how nice BoHee is >_< " "You have to let me meet her one day, okay? Well... it's not like she'll be prettier than me but, still.. ­v ­ " .. ­_ ­;; Feeling sorry for Saemi's conceited illness that was getting worse everyday, I shook my head twice.. ­_ ­ And fell into a deep thought, thinking about my poor cellie and in no time, school had ended.. =_=.. ... \ After school "So your phone is confiscated? ­ _­^ " "Uh huh. _ .. I'm supposed to get it next week. _ "Dam* it.. Go get it from her. " "And just what do you think the word 'confiscated' means, SungMin???! 0 " " SungMin and I were walking home while sharing a lovely... conversation. ­_ ­ ... "Then keep this for the time being. ­_ ­^ " "Eh? You want me to keep this? _ . Isn't it yours though? " SungMin took out his phone from his pockets and made me grasp it tight.. _ " Ignore the unknown users and only talk to me, aight? And don't you dare break it. ­ _­^ " "Hahaha; ^ ^; " "Hey.. Who's that? " "Huh? " "That girl standing in front of your house. " "Wuh? _ .. BOHEE!!!! > < !!! " As if she had been waiting for me, BoHee skipped toward us at my greeting. > < "EunAh Unniiii!!! 0 " "Kyaaah!! It's been such a long time hasn't it? > < Why didn't you visit us sooner? > < " "Sorry sorry. >_< You know how far our house is from yours. Hehe " "Oh yeah.. SungMin, she's my cousin.. Name's Yoo BoHee ^ ^ " "Your cousin? ­ _­^ " "Yeppie >_< . She's a freshmen~ Isn't she so pretty? I've always thought she looked like a doll.. Hehe " "Don't you guys share the same blood. ­ _­ Why do you look so different then? " "Whatchu say? ­ _­^ " "Kek, I was joking. See you later! " "Oh, Okay!! Byeee >_<* " I waved my hands until I saw the last bit of SungMin disappear, and running up to my room with BoHee, she asked me while staring at SungMin's picture on my desk. ..... "This picture.. it's the same guy before, right.. ? " "Huh? Oh, SungMin? ^ ^ Yep~ Isn't he a cutie? >_<* " "Yeah he is... He's just my type.. ^­^ " " .. What? " "My breath literally just got taken away... _ I've never seen anyone look as fine as him before... _ with him, unni?? Huh? If you are, you just HAVE to introduce me to him!! >_< " " ...Intro... duce? " . Are you friends "Yeah yeah~~ . >_< .I'll make him my boyfriend before I go back home~~ >_< Hehe You'll help me out right Unni? >_< " ­18­ \ Next day. School "....So... she wants you to introduce SungMin to her? " "Yeah.... _ .. What should I do, Saemi. 0 " ... Isn't it obvious? Bury her. ­__­ " "Eh ? _ ; " "K I L L her. ­__­.. All obstacles in the way of a fateful love should be buried right away. It's one of life's factors, would help you to know, EunAh. ­__­^^ " "...What happened Saemi? ­__­;; " " ..... " At my air­headed question, a dark shadow lingered on Saemi's face.. ....Oh... It's something serious isn't it..? _ "Saemi... What... What's wrong? _ " ..... He doesn't like me.. " "What..? Who dislikes who..? _ " " .. " " ... I asked Suh TaeHoon out a couple of days ago.. ­__­" Suh TaeHoon... Ohh.. isn't that the guy I stalked to get some info out of? ­__­; <Refer to chapter 4 for more details> " .. And he turned me down when I asked him out.. " "What?! Why!!!! + + " " ..... He's crushing on another... girl... ^­^.. " _ .. Oh my goodness.. _ .. Why didn't you say so earlier, Saemi.. _ And yet here I am, whining and complaining like a child... _ " .. Do you know who she is? _ " You've been through more than me.... 0 "No... I don't. ­__­^ " "Sit back and relax. _ .. I'll bury her head into the grass if I get a sense of who she is!! 0 " .... No, it's okay. ^­^ " Saemi's such a nice person isn't she.. _ pure angel, that's what she is.. It's times like this that makes me proud to be her best friend... _ She's a " "No need to waste your energy on burying her head. ^­^ " "Still. _ " "She's my trash, not yours. ^­^ " " .. _ ... ­__­...!!!!. W­whatt??? _ ; " "I'll be the one who buries her fu*ken body in. ­__­^^ Just let her appear in front of me.. I'll show her Park Saemi's not someone to be easily made fun of!!! Would the legs be more painful than the arms?! " " ... ­__­.. " "Man, if she looked worse than me.. +_+ Oh ho, she's SOOO dead..!!! " Cancel cancel cancel. ­__­.. Forget about the angel part. I'll switch it to.. ­__­ hmm how about... Saemi turns into a scary monster at the sight of love? =_=.. ..... .. \After school. SungMin and his friends were waiting in front of the gates like any other day... _ .. And because Saemi swore not to appear in front of Suh TaeHoon until she found out who his love was, I was dragging my feet across the fields dreadfully. =_=.. "TURTLE!!! Are you disabled?!?! Why can't make use of your legs and run?! ­ ­ !! " "How many times do I have to tell you?? _ "You're slower than me. ­__­^^ " " .. ­__­.. " Get it through your head that I'm fast! 0 " Fine ... whatever.. All hail the speed walking SungMin. ­__­.. Anyway.. I should really have a talk with this Suh TaeHoon guy. ­__­^. I mean, how DARE he hurt Saemi's feelings like so? "HEY!!!!!! " "Whaat. ­ _­ " I shouted at Suh TaeHoon, stepping right in front of him. ­__­. "Crap... You.. You b*stard!! You think you're all that huh?!? Well what's love then?! Huh?! Huh???! 0 "What the frick are you talking about ­__­ " "Waaah. _ .. You like someone, yeah? 0 Then what about SaeMi­ oh.. OH.. ­__­.. " " If I continue on with Saemi... Everyone would find out about Saemi's feelings toward Suh TaeHoon.... ­__­.. " You.. follow me. ­__­^. And.. oh yeah SungMin!! Go home by yourself, sorry. 0 "Why.. I walked all this way for you.. ­ ­ " "Sorry sorry.. I have urgent news to talk about with him. � � " " " "Eh? EunAh!! How dare you cheat on SungMin with TaeHoon?? _ Said Yoon HanKyul, his large eyes sparkled brightly. ­__­ I forgot he was SungMin's friend.. =_= But Mr­Many­Faces. _ . What are you saying? "Don't assume random things!! 0 Please, I'll talk to you tomorrow. " !! I just need to talk with him that's all 0 !! Plus, it's urgent. SungMin.. _ . " .... Fine.. If you make me walk all this way for nothing again, I'll smack you. ­__­ " " .. I'll bear that in mind. ­__­; " After watching SungMin walk out of the gates with his fellow SangGo kids, I turned on my heels to talk to TaeHoon at the park when.... ... " ... Yoo EunAh.. Suh TaeHoon.. He's not possible.. You just can't.... " ... Eh? What was that about? _ SungMin had whispered but barely audible enough for me to hear... Not possible..? What wasn't.? _ .. ..... ­19­ \ Park "Hey.. Was there a reason you called me out here or are you just gonna look at the grass all day? ­_ ­ " "Eh? Oh.. Sorry _ ; " What SungMin said keeps on bugging me...It's frustrating how I can't seem to understand what he meant.. And plus.. what if he misunderstood..??? "Why did you wanna talk to me. ­__­^ " "Uhhh.. You see... You're so hypocritical!! You know how it feels like to like someone, right? Well to turn down Saemi like that..!! ­ ­!! " " .. That's it..? You wanted to talk to me about that? " " _ . W­wait!! Why are you getting up?? " "I don't have time to talk about useless crap like that. " "U...Useless.. what?!? CRAP??!!! " " ... Later. " "NOOO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE YET!! HEY, SUH TAEHOON!!! " Taehoon, who had begun to walk away from me, stopped at my outburst... And looking over his shoulders, he commented... "Then... What do you want me to do.. " "What? _ " "What do you.. want me to do.. " "Oh.. Can't you at least try to accept a bit of Saemi's feelings..? _ "No. " Argh.. ­__­ You stubborn b*stard.. ­__­^ " "But... Saemiiii... = =^ " "A person's emotions isn't something you can control..If it was, then I would've erased them long time ago... " " .. _ . " Who... who does he like to say those words so seriously..? What kind of love are you dealing with...? " ... Let's go... I'll walk you home. " "H­hold up!!! What did you just mean by that? " " ... ^­^.. A dumbo like you wouldn't understand. It's getting cold, let's go already... " First time seeing him smile.. I never knew he had the ability to... _ Saemi would've swooned over this... Soon, TaeHoon and I were heading toward my house... and a few meters away from my door step, TaeHoon stopped in his tracks then resumed his pace by speed walking toward my house. To put it exact... He practically ran over to where SungMin... and BoHee were laughing together.. ...... ... "W'sup Taehoon.. _ " After acknowledging TaeHoon's presence, SungMin looked past him to meet with my gaze. "What... are you doing.. " "...? What do you mean? And why are both of you guys here? Were you together... this whole time..? " "I asked you what the fu*k you're doing!!! " " ..What's with the temper. " " ...Who is she? " TaeHoon pointed at BoHee, his eyes shaking... BoHee........ Wait a sec, BOHEE?!?! ... YOO BOHEE?!?! Why is she with SungMin in the first place?!! 0 !!!! "Tae..TaeHoon.. _ .. That's my cousin.. " "Cou..sin? " "Yeaaaah... So.. um... I think you should let go of SungMin's shirt now.. ­__­; " Suh TaeHoon's firm grip on SungMin's collar was released and SungMin opened his mouth, his face grave. "Hoo.. Suh TaeHoon... I don't wanna lose a friend over this.. " "What ? " " .. I don't want to lose... a friend.. I don't want to lose a friendship over love..... " " ..... " Although I was confused as to what SungMin was talking about, I guess TaeHoon understood for he walked past me and disappeared.. And watching TaeHoon disappear, SungMin locked his gaze with mine and said... " ... It's so difficult, keeping you next to me.. ^­^ " "Huh? _ " "You live a simple life you know that?.. ^­^.. You're so confused all the time to know what's going on.. ­__­ " " .. Anyway... What were you doing with BoHee? " "Oh, just looking at this while I was waiting for you. " SungMin flashed a couple of pictures that was in his hand... ....?!??! ..This... T­this is...... = = " Hehe.. Unni. ^ ^ I gave SungMin Oppa a couple of pictures of your baby pictures. ^ ^ " "Oh.. really now.. _ " Why are all of me crying. 0 Of all the pictures BoHee. _ "That crying habit always stuck with you, huh? Why the hell were you crying in all of these pictures? ­ ­ " "Unni used to cry like everyday when she was young. ^ ^ " "Forreal? Kek, I'm right again aren't I? ^­^ " "OH! Oppa!! Eat dinner with us~" "With you..? " "Yeahhh.. Aunty cooks reallly well. ^ ^ " "Oh, yeah I know.. I ate here before... You sure she won't mind?" "Of course not~ Hurry, let's go in!! " BoHee dragged SungMin in by his arms... Leaving me behind, dumbfounded at the door... _ .. What... the hell just happened..?? 0 ­20­ \ House.. "Hey, why'd you bring SungMin SunBae home? ­ ­^ (Whispers) " "I didn't... =_=.. " "Then who else would invite him to our house?? I swear you enjoy making me look like a monkey! (Whispers again) " " .. You see your cousin over there? Yoo BoHee? She's the one who invited the all­fearful SungMin to our house!!!! " EunHyuk was whining in a barely audible voice.. ­__­ While I was forced to explain for my sake.. ­__­; SungMin was happily munching on the dinner my mom had prepared for him.. ­__­ While........ BoHee sat practically glued onto him, chatting away... ­__­^... Funny how four different expressions could be expressed under one roof.. I better tell BoHee about SungMin and me after SungMin leaves.. ­_ ­.. Seeing her all over SungMin is seriously pissing me offfffff...!! 0 !! "Yoo EunAh, Yoo EunHyuk. You sure you won't try some? Just look at how SungMin and BoHee's being grateful in tasting my preparations!! " Mom's muffled shout was heard from the kitchen... Dam* it.. ­__­ Mom if you only knew.. EunHyuk's probably too scared to eat at the same table with SungMin.. and.... Me... well.. Let's just say I might have to pay a visit to the police department after seeing SungMin and BoHee so close to each other... ­ _­^^ "Leave me alone!! I said I wasn't hungry!!! ­_ ­ " "You're such a rude daughter!! Who in their right mind would shout at their mom?!?! ­ ­ " "Aww, Auntyy. ^ ^. Don't get mad at Unni > < She probably has a lot on her mind with highschool dramas and whatnot. ^ ^ " ..!! ­ _­.. H­Highschool... what? Drama?? 0 .. BoHee.. please don't make me hate you.. 0 .. .. After dinner, BoHee abruptly stood up from her seat to help mom clean up when....!!. 'CLINGG!! ' "KYAHHHH!!! > < !! " Ohhhhh ho.. You're in for it now... ­ _­.. Do you have any idea how much we paid for that glass? ­_ ­.. "Dear dear.. BoHee, you all right?? _ "Hey!! You okay? " The thoughts of the expensive glass was forced to skitter away from my mind as SungMin quickly ran over to BoHee to clean her up... I think I'm becoming such a b!tch... Why do I feel so empty seeing you act like that.. "I­it's okay... _ .. Aaaaah. _ .. M­my.. finger. 0 " " ­ Mom "Okay my *ss!! It's bleeding!!! EunAh, get me some alcohol to clean this up.!!" "Huh? Oh.. yeah okay.. " Ordering my heavy heart to go fetch the alcohol with much difficulty, SungMin quickly snatched it from my hands and bandaged BoHee.. "That huuurts. _ .. Owwyyy.. Don't do it so roughly. _ " "You're such an idiot. What made you drop the glass like that? What if you die from a loss of blood??? " "M­my hands.. they were just so.. slippery.. _ .. " "Stop moving your finger... Hey!!! Why the hell are you running away from me?! How am I suppose to stop the bleeding if you're running away?!! ­ ­ " "B­but.. it huuurtts. 0 !! " "You're a big girl now aren't you? Hold still if you don't wanna go to the hospital. " "Okay. _ " Watching the two, a feeling of grief and anger fell upon me.. and before anyone could suspect, I walked up to my room.. Sitting on the edge of my bed, dumbfounded.... ... "Idiot.. ­_ ­ " "K N O C K.. ­__­.. Yoo EunHyuk!! ­__­^ " At my words, EunHyuk walked out and after knocking twice, he came back in ­ _­; "Good.. job.. What do you want. ­__­.. " "I don't like her. " "What ? " "Yoo BoHee.. She gets on my nerves. " "Why should she. =_=.. " "Dude, isn't there a certain level you could only be dumb until? Or are you just stupid? " "I am so not stupid! " " ..Sh!t.. You really can't see her clinging onto SungMin SunBae like some hoe?" " ..Bo..BoHee won't do that.. " "You always had the ability to drive me crazy you know that? Trust me on this one... " " .... " ... "I saw her.. before. " "Saw.. what? " "Yoo BoHee, she was holding onto the glass then she just dropped it on purpose. " Should I deny the assumption EunHyuk has against BoHee... or.. should I start to hate her...? I can't seem to figure it out.. ..... Staying rooted to my spot, I was unaware of when SungMin left for home... or... even when BoHee entered my room... "Unni. ^ ^ " " .... " "Unni? _ ? UNNI!! EunAh Unni!! " " "Huh? Oh yeah? _ "What were you thinking about? ^ ^ " "I­it's nothing.. " "SungMin Oppa seems to be a greater sweetheart everytime I lay my eyes on him. ^ ^* " "What? _ " "You saw it, too, right Unni? ^ ^ How he was so concerned about the little scratch? ^ ^ " " .... " "Seriously, SungMin Oppa is a total hott­" .. "Hold on a sec BoHee!! " "Hmm? _ " "About SungMin.." "Yeah, what about him? _ .. " ..SungMin.. he's my boyfriend.. " The words I manged to choke out of my throat... I thought.. I thought BoHee would at least be a little surprised.. or even appalled.. but... This... this girl... she was... "Uh huh? So what ? ^ ^ " Smiling.. .. "What do you mean, so what..." "Why should it matter if SungMin oppa's your boyfriend? ^ ^ " " What the... I'm dating SungMin!! _ " " "Yeah.. I know. but why should that matter. " I was actually the one who was freaked out... Why should it matter...?? How can you even ask me that... Why... Why should ... it matter??? "You're not actually asking me not to like him cuz he's yours, right? _ "W­what.. ? _ " If you are, Unni you're so old fashioned! > < " "It's not like you guys will stay together.. FOREVER right? So it shouldn't matter when you break up with him. ^ ^ " " .. What.. the freak are you talking about.. " "I'm just advising you to leave him before he does, all relationships have an end don't they? ^­^ It'll be the best for the both of us, then. ^ ^ " ­21­ ­[A.Two.Faced.Spoiled.Princess]­ BoHee's story ­ If I lay my eyes on anything I want, I feel my body vibrating 'til I gain it in my hands.... Whatever I had become to dislike.. I would kick it off without a second glance.. And... Other people.. would always refer to me as.. a 'Two Faced Spoiled Princess'.. .... Freshmen year.. It might seem to be pretty young, but if you were in my shoes, it'd be anything but that... I, Yoo BoHee, start off my normal... boring day at school... "OH my GOSH!!! See like I actually went into this like fansite for Korea's Best Looking Guys and Like... I printed out this picture and like Oh my GOSH!!! Isn't he just like.. such a hottie???" "Kyaaaahh... Dam* girl, he's totally my typee. > < You know who he is?? AHhhhh I need all the info on this guy!! 0 !! I swear, I'll be his number one fan from now on!! > < " "Like, see I would love to, except like I think this picture was taken by like one of those secret photographer people. But like, don't you think he looks like he's from like Seoul?" "Hey... is the girl standing next to him, his girlfriend? " "Probably.. She looks as cute as the guy~ A perfect couple, man. " As soon as I set my foot into my classroom, I frowned at the obnoxious screams and giggles produced by my class mates.. They were waving a printed paper in the air.. Seriously, the ugly ones don't know they would never have a chance. ­ _­^ "Hey guys! ^ ^ Oh, what are you looking at? > < " Burying the nasty comments I had about my class mates with much difficulty, I smiled sweetly at them and asked.. "Sh!t Yoo BoHee, don't you ever get tired of that act? I couldn't last a day pretending like I'm some miss­goody­good­ two­shoe. " "Seriously, it's girls like you that pisses me off. ­_ ­ Well then again, I always think I stepped on dung.. Hey, everyone knows who you really are so don't give us that crap!! " Acknowledging my presence, my class mates' faces became distorted as they spat out harsh words.. Three weeks ago, I stole my supposed friend's boyfriend away from her.. and from then on, I was forced to adapt into this loner life.. ­__­^^ "You guys are still bitter about SooMi's boyfriend? Hah, It's not funny anymore you guys. I only did it for his good.. Plus, it'll ruin his image going out with a ugly girl like Kim SooMi. " "What the fu*k? Hahahahaha, you have guts kid. HEY!! Weren't YOU SooMi's best friend??? How can you call her ugly???!" "What else would I call a ugly person? Would demented be enough for you? " "Y­you're such a b!tch! Wake up and smell the flowers, sweets. This is why everyone hates you! " "You mean it's more like you guys are jealous of my face cuz yours is ugly. It's the truth isn't it?" "What the fu*k did you just say? Oh b!tch you did not just say that!! " "It embarasses me to be in the same class with your kind of people. You actually think that guy in the picture would EVER glance your way???" "L­like you're better!! " "I AM better. " "Oh!! Then.. Going out with this person in the picture must be a piece of cake, huh! " One of her friends, shoved a picture into my face... Whoa... wait... _ .. The girl standing next to the guy.... _ .. !!!! .. ... " ... Like taking candy from a baby.. ^­^ " "W­what? " "I could do it. ^­^. In exactly one month, I'll make him mine. ^­^ " Seeing my bright face, my class mates were unable to hide their disbelieving expression.. The reason I was able to smile so confidently, was because the girl next to the guy in the picture was... My cousin, Yoo EunAh Unni.. " .. A­and what if you can't?? Just try and move to a different school b!tch. " "Don't make me laugh. I'm not some chicken. And.. if I can't make him mine in exactly a month, I'll do whatever you guys order me to do. ^­^ " "What ? " .. "But.. If I succeed, I won't let you guys go so easily. You might wanna be prepared. " Whatever the reasons of EunAh Unni and the guy was together in the picture, it didn't matter.. For I know I could make him mine through EunAh Unni. ..... Because I was an only child that my parents practically worshipped, I was able to leave for Seoul from AhnYang with their permission. (And of course, the whole sh!t about divorce was make­believe. ­__­ ) Even though I knew of SungMin oppa and EunAh Unni's relationship as soon as I saw them, I knew I could push EunAh Unni out of the way... Afterall, I could do anything to make Kang SungMin mine.. And because.. this was how my life was.. Because I would never allow myself a peace of rest until I got what I wanted in my hands... While I could throw away whatever I grew to dislike.. without a second glance.. [A.Two.Faced.Spoiled.Princess] ­ BoHee's story ­ (end) ­22­ ' Knock. Knock. Knock. ' "Good morning, Unni.♬ ^♬^ " Knocking on my door exactly three times, BoHee barged into the room greeting me happily. ­ _­.. Why do every human being in this house nooot understand that I need my sleep on beautiful sundays like today?! ­ _­.. " ... =_= .. " "Unni Unni~ It's sundayy~~ Aren't you gonna go out? > < " "No. ­ _­. " "Aww.. you're no fun~ You just havta play with me~ > < " "No thanks. ­__­;. " "Awwww... Pleaseeee... Pretty please!?! 0 !! " " .. ­__­;;; " What BoHee said last night was such a shock to me... that I'm beginning to fear what words will come out of her lips.. ­__­; Dam*... How can she say something so hurtful without a change in her expression? She's a devil, I tell you! 0 !! "You're seriously not gonna go out?" "No. =_=.. " " ... Fine.. I promised to meet a friend later on, anyway.. ­_ ­ " For what cocky reason did you wake me up when you were gonna go out any way with your friends, BoHee? ­__­ "Oohh.. Don't call SungMin Oppa later today okay? _ "What? Why ? " "My friends were suppose to meet SungMin Oppa with mee~~ ^ ^ " ".. Why..? " "Just thought to introduce him to my friends~~ ^ ^ " How am I suppose to interpret this BoHee.. You sound like a perky girlfriend showing off their guy.... " .. BoHee " "Huh? What? ^ ^ " " ... Don't push my limits.. I'm not the world's nicest girl.. And I won't sit back and watch you play around with SungMin like some idiot.. " " ... _ ... ^ ^. Whatever you wanna do, Unni~ " BoHee seemed to be a little surprised at my words... yet brushing it aside, she grinned and left the room. BoHee.. I don't ever want to hate you.. Please.. Don't ever let the day come when I have to fight you for him... .... ................. ...... " \City Remember the saying 'You can't teach an old cat, new tricks'? =_=.. What BoHee said to me before lingered on my mind too much.. you know about her showing off SungMin to her friends.. ­__­;. I ended up stalking BoHee to the city... ­ _ ­.. At about three o'clock, BoHee happily greeted SungMin in front of a gigantic Mc.D downtown and disappeared into the building.. When I was just about to step into the building, myself.. "What the freak are you doing? Do you enjoy hugging the wall like that? ­__­ " "Eh? Suh TaeHoon? What are you doing here? _ " Looking over my shoulders, I saw Suh TaeHoon tsk­tsking at me with an expression full of laughter.. ­__­; "What are YOU doing? " "Oh.. Uhhh.. That's kind of complicated... Hey, I'm sort of busy right now.. Unless you have to talk to me, then just follow me quietly, okay?" With those words, I walked into Mc. D and scanning the room, I was about to head upstairs when... THERE SHE IS!! _ !! "You're stalking someone again, eh? That's a nasty habit, you know. ­__­; " "I can't help it, it's sort of urg­.......... wait.. Then you knew I was following you that day? � � !! " "Your head may be made out of a rock, but mine isn't. ­__­ " " ­__­;;.. _ . Ooh.. That must be her friends.. " Practically gluing myself on the pole, I opened my eyes wide, observing the two. (TaeHoon had now joined in my stalking. ­__­; ) And.. Without the slightest hint of being followed, BoHee and SungMin sat down on the table where their friends were. .... " ...That b!tch.. Why the hell is he with her again?" "Huh? _ " "That girl.. Didn't you say she was your cousin before? " "Ah... Yeah... _ " "Why are they together like that? " "I.. wouldn't know.. (__;) " " ... That's why you were stalking them? Cuz you were worried?" "O­of course not!! ­ ­; " Even through my hands denying the question frantically... ­__­; TaeHoon observed me, his face grave and dark.. =_=.. Dam*.. I get the goosebumps just looking at you.. 0 .. " ... Kang SungMin.. isn't doing what i think he's doing, right?" "How should I know what you're thinking..? =_ =; " " ..... " Oh ho.. So you're too good to answer me eh? =_=.. You're the one who asked me, first!! =_ =; Time flew by without a hint of BoHee and SungMin wanting to get up.. ­__­. Being bored, I walked into the bathroom when.. \Bathroom "Hey.. Hahaha I couldn't believe my eyes back there. How the fu*k did that BoHee b!tch seduce that guy??" "Forreal huh! Man, I thought she was just pulling our leg but.. how'd she find out where he was in the first place? ­ ­ " "What if she brings him back to AhnYang like our bet?" "Sh!t.. I dunno.. Man, I'll stay home or whatever. ­0­!! That Yoo BoHee will probably go around thinking she's the queen or whatever.. Remember how she said she wasn't going to leave us alone if she could go out with that guy?" I heard voices coming from outside the stall.. And slowly opening the door, I realized that they were BoHee's friends.. "Whew. ­__­. What are we gonna do now? That b!tch, BoHee, is dating that guy cuz of us isn't she? ­__­^ " Now... something.. isn't right here.. _ !! W­waiiit.. The guy.. that they're talking about is.. SungMin.. right?!??! And... Whaat?! She's dating him cuz of her friends...? What are they talking about? .. "H­hey! Could I talk to you?" Unable to hide my curiousity any longer, I approached them and asked.. "Who.. are you?? ­__­; " "You're BoHee's friends, right? " "Eh? Yoo BoHee? How do you know her in the first place? Wait wait.. Before you answer that, let's get some facts straight.. I'll be dam*ed if I was her friend.. ­__­^ " " ... Umm.. okay... Anyway.. Can you tell me what you meant by that...? With.. what you said before about BoHee finding out where SungMin is.. and bringing him to AhnYang... Sorry, it's just you guys were confusing me.... " "W­who are you? ­ ­;; " "I'm.. her cousin.. " "Well wouldn't that make you close with her? Being cousins and all..? ­_ ­^ " .. "And... I'm the guy that BoHee was with.. Kang SungMin's girlfriend.." ­23­ "And... I'm the guy that BoHee was with.. Kang SungMin's girlfriend.." At my words, an instant mumble was created between the girls.. "What the fu*k. _ . Figures, she seduced a taken guy again." "Argh, I wonder why she lives in the first place.. No wonder she's called a spoiled, two faced brat!! " ... And their chatting continued to go on for several more minutes. ­__­ Aaah.. Well.. Everyone in their freshmen year always insulted someone else behind their back.. =_= .. " W A I T!! " Thanks to a girl's shout among the crowd, the chatting died away. ­ _­.. "What's wrong? _ " "T­that girl!! I remember her!!! Remember the girl that was next to the Kang SungMin guy in the picture? From the print out I showed you guy from the cafe??" "Ohhh? _ ..YEAH!! I DO!!! 0 !! " Great, I'm getting more confused. =_=.. "A.. picture..? What picture? ­ _­; Um.. Could you explain it to me again, please? =_=.. " At my words, the three girls nodded at each other.. ... " ..Yoo BoHee.. She's known for being a two faced slut in our school. She once stole her best friend's boyfriend just because she thought the girl was.. 'ugly'. So.. obviously, she doesn't have any friends." Doesn't have any friends....? BO HEE??? _ .. "And one day.. I printed out this picture of this hottie to school and like.. I dunno, us and BoHee got in a fight again... Blah blah.. and.. yeah so obviously, the guy was mentioned.... " "It was basically about like.. Whether or not BoHee could make the guy in the picture to go out with her... And if she could bring him down to AhnYang.. Or I think that's what the argument was about..." And.. I was able to find out about what happened to BoHee from the three girls... ... "So you're saying.. BoHee's chasing after SungMin just cuz of that bet?" " ...Probably. " " .. Hah. " Utterly speechless.. that's what I am right now... If it was under other circumstances, I'd probably scold these girls for being so mean to BoHee.. but... but, I guess the betrayal I felt toward BoHee was too big to say anything... let alone, scold.. .... "We just thought BoHee was joking when she told us she was going out with that guy, over the phone.. And she was going on about how we could come up and see for ourselves.. Never had we thought she'd actually meet the Kang SungMin character.... " .... It was because of the picture wasn't it... BoHee.. probably thought she'd get SungMin easily when she saw me next to SungMin... ... Yoo BoHee.. You're pretty smart for your age.. .............. .... When I quietly walked out the bathroom, feeling tireder than ever, TaeHoon looked up at me.. .. "Why'd you come out so late? SungMin and your cousin left a long time ago.. Oh.. Did you want me to hold them back?" " ....Nah. ^­^ " " ...W­what the fu*k.. hey.. " " .... " " ... Why are you crying? " I can't seem to figure it out.. BoHee was such a doll all these years.. And seeing this.. this change in her.. ...I just don't know what to do.. ... "Is it cuz of them?" " ... What? " Watching the tears roll off of my cheeks, TaeHoon gazed into my eyes seriously... "Are you crying.. cuz of SungMin and your cousin? " " ...... " " .. Fu*k.. You're driving me insane. " " ...... " "What is it.. Kang SungMin.. Is that... is that b!tch cheating on you?" "NO!!! SungMin wouldn't do that, and you know it! " " .. Then what the fu*k's up with him.. Why's he hanging out with your cousin.. " " ..... " " ... Can't tell me huh.. Hoo.. I won't force it out of you then... But hey.. " Flinching at the sudden depressed tone in his voice, I raised my head up to meet his gaze once again.... " But if it's really something you can't talk to me about.. Don't cry... Watching you play a mute dummy.. only drives me insane knowing I can't help you in any way.... " " ... _ ... " " .. You know how fu*king sad it is to be of no help, yeah? So.. stop crying like a dummy with me watching... Wait no... Even if you cry... Don't let it be because of Kang SungMin.. " " ... Suh TaeHoon.. " " ..... Once in awhile... Look back and consider this one idiot who'll be the one crying cuz of you... " .... .. I wonder if he knows... That by those words he just said, I realized what he felt toward me.. .. It would've been better... To play the confused dumbo I am... and not have found out about Suh TaeHoon's feelings... ­24­ Various types of love exists in the world today.. Happy love.. Unfortunate love.. Comfortable love.. Unspoken love.. ...And a love that only watches from afar.. In what category would our love fall into..? I could only hope and dream.. that it won't ever be where we have to shed tears due to misunderstandings... .... \House "What? Did you wanna talk to me? _ " As soon as I heard the creak of our door, I bolted out of my room to talk to BoHee.. Yet... these words... won't listen to me.. They just keep on trying to go back in... " _ ? . Ooohkay? _ OH YEAH!! You know the middle school you went to? Well, I'm planning to enroll there starting tomorrow ^ ^ " " ..... " "From what Aunty told me, I heard it was pretty big. ^ ^ Man, I never looked forward to a first day of school like right now. Hehe, can't get too attached now can I? ^ ^ " " ... BoHee.. " I finally managed to call out BoHee's name, with BoHee looking at me in curiousity... .. " ... I think your joke has gone too far. " "Joke...? What joke? _ " "Don't play so innocent. I heard everything from your class mates already. Hah, you're meeting SungMin out of a pure bet!!! " BoHee's eyes became round as a coin as she looked shocked at my discovery. " M­my class mates? Wait, how the heck would you know them in the first place, Unni...? ...You didn't happen to follow me did you?" Dam*. ­_ ­. Don't let that hold you back EunAh!! "T­that's not important!! ­ ­; Anyway, you're pushing it too far BoHee. It might seem like a joke to you but for me it's­" " .... Don't tell him. " "What? " "Please.. don't tell SungMin about it.. don't ." "What... You expect me to sit back and watch you play with him?" " .. Yeah.. I do.. You know it yourself unni.. You know how lonely I am, don't you..?" Hoo.. Yoo EunAh.. Focus.. Don't let her innocent act fool you! =_=;; "Lonely? Oh and I suppose that's a REAL good reason to play with people's emotions???" " ..... " " I had actually thought you were interested in SungMin.. yet.. Hah.. I can't believe you BoHee.. What gives you the right to play him like that! " " ... STOP SAYING IT'S JUST A JOKE!!! Do you KNOW how I felt all this time??! Do you have ANY clue how lonely I was?!?!? I NEED SungMin Oppa, okay?!?! I need him!! In order to crush those kids who laughed and ridiculed me all this time, I need SungMin Oppa in the picture!!!" BoHee was the one yelling at me now... What the hell.. Isn't she a lovely character. ­__­; " .. I know you know Unni.. When mom and dad finally divorces, I'm split up between the two and I'll be either mother or father less... And I'll just get more lonely than how I already was for being an only child. " " .... " "You have your mom and dad by your side don't you... And ... your brother.. EunHyuk Oppa.. There's all these people surrounding you while... I.. I have no one.. I don't even have friends... " ..BoHee's words were slowly breaking down the anger and determination I had built within me.. For I knew how lonely BoHee was while growing up.. "And.. Truthfully, I'm not dating SungMin Oppa yet.. I just asked him to pretend to be my boyfriend in front of my friends.." " .... " "So please Unni..? Huh? I can't back off now... You have no idea how much they made fun of me all these years.. I WON'T back off.. I'm going to return ever comment and mockery they gave me... NO MATTER WHAT!!" " .. So you're saying.. you need SungMin to give back what they've treated you like all these years..? " " Yeah Unni... I really do.. I need SungMin oppa... So please Unni? Please.. I beg you.." " ..... " " I don't wanna feel hurt and lonely anymore!!! ...Heu..heuk.." What the hell Yoo EunAh... Didn't you promise your self not to give in.. Then why are you shaking so much.... Why do you want to help BoHee not to cry... She's not the only one hurting.. You are, too Yoo EunAh.. Then.. then why are you playing an idiotic nice person... you know you need SungMin in your life as well.. Why.. why are you shaking so much..!! Despite the numerous shouts and confirmation I had set within my heart, another set of idea had flowed out of my lips.. ... " ... If you ever hurt SungMin in the process.. I won't let you off nicely.... " " ... Unni. " "He's not as strong and all­mighty as he seems like... So don't hurt him in any way... I'm just letting you borrow him for several weeks.. So you have to promise not to break or damage it in any way.." "U­unni..!! _ " "I'm not doing this cuz I favor you.. nor have my interest in SungMin faded away.. It's because I love SungMin... and because I felt sorry for you... " " .... " " I'm just helping you out just this one.. Never again will I do this.." "T­thanks Unni... _ " I just decided to play this idiot for the time being.. for I know you don't even have your parents by your side... While I have mom.. dad... EunHyuk.. SaeMi.. and SungMin... And because I know how lonely you were all these years.. Just this once, BoHee.. .. "And when you're done with whatever you needed to do... You have to give SungMin back to me.. " ­25­ \ School "Yoo EunAh.. Tell me.. Are you STUPID???" " ..... " "Wait no don't answer that. I can't believe you!! You'll help that b!tch get her way even when you KNOW what she did behind your back?!" Here I am listening to Saemi's shouts and scolds.. =__= Dam* I shouldn't have told her... Argh me and my big fat mouth... ­_ ­.. "B­but I couldn't just pretend not to care... You have no idea how much Aunty and Uncle neglected her cuz they were busy with work all these years.." "And.. why should that matter...?? You like SungMin, and SungMin likes you. Yay, get eloped.. Why in the hell do you have to care about other people when things are perfect the way it is?" " ..... " " ...Why.. are you sacrificing your love like an idiot... " Saemi's face darkened at that moment.. Stupid TaeHoon... OH!! TAEHOON!!.. O_O Suh TaeHoon! "Sae­saemi. _ "What. ­_ ­ " " Uhh.. See what if you.. what IF.. you happen to find out who Suh TaeHoon likes..? What are you gon­" "Didn't I tell you this already? ­_ ­.. Let's see. First, off goes her legs.. and after letting her have a faint tasteof death through her head I'll­" I had to suffer under Saemi's deadly threats for the following 5 minutes and.. "Oh yeah, I can't walk home with you on mondays, wednesdays, or fridays from now on. ­__­.. Not that you'll walk home alone considering you have your hubby." "Eh ? _ " " "You're just helping that Yoo BoHee slut, right? So you guys will be walking home like always. ­__­^ So just do what you usually do and go with him. ­__­" "Yeah but... You going somewhere on those days?" "I'm taking KungFu classes. ­ _­ " "WHAT?!! 0 " "Shut up, I can't back out now anyway.. I already signed up. ­_ ­ " "Why... the... hell are you taking KungFu?! " "Just to be prepared you know. ­__­. I gotta get my point across to that b!tch who seduced TaeHoon, yeah? Can't show up looking weak. =_= " Ooooooooooohkay... ­ ­.. I take that as her being serious about the.. um.. killing. "Mohahaha. It'd hurt a lot to kick someone in their neck, right?" " ... ­ _­;; " Deep breaths, EunAh. ­ _­.. Waiiit.. I'm not even one hundred percent positive that Suh TaeHoon LIKES me, right? Haha, I'm breaking a sweat for nothing! ­ ­; He's not blind... He won't like a girl like me.. I mean, aren't guys like him usually interested in tight skirts and... lots of make­up? ­_ ­. No siree. Wouldn't make sense for him to be interested in me. OH my gosh.. I feel so conceited now. He didn't SAY he liked me!! I was just getting too far ahead of myself. _ Saemi would report me to the mental hospital if she ever finds out.. ▽ !!! "What the hell are you doing? ­ _­ . Is that smile or a frown? ­_ ­^ " "Nothing.. nothing. Hey, don't get hurt with that KungFu thing. Take it easy, okay?.. ▽ "Kk. ­v ­ " Dear God. ­ _­ I haven't been talking with you for awhile huh. ­_ ­.. I plead to you that my legs will safely be out of reach of Saemi's hands. ­ _­.. Hallelujah. Amen. =_=.. " Argh \After school.. Saemi had bolted out of the class room saying she had to attend her KungFu class. ­ _­.. While I slowly walked toward SungMin, who was standing by the gates, by myself. "Whoa, you don't have any more friends, huh? That one girl you only hung out with, where'd she go? Aww, you'll be friend­less from now.. ­ _­ " Seriously, is my face that pathetic or is he just a butt head?? 0 !! "Waaah. _ . I DO have friends! AND!!! Saemi just went to her KungFu class. Uhh.. cuz of.. Ahem ahem. SOMEONE. ­ _­^ " I carefully gave Suh TaeHoon a death glare while answering SungMin's question.. ­ _ ­ .. "Oh yeah, SungMin.. _ " Huh? " "I.. actually have something to tell you.. " "What's that ? " "Umm.. " "C'mon.. you can tell me. ­_ ­ " "Nono see.. ­ _­; Could we um.. please lose your friends?.. ­ _­; " As if finally realizing the weight of the atmosphere, SungMin ditched his friends and walked into a nearby cafe with me. .... " \Cafe. "What did you wanna tell me?" A lot of things actually.. But.. heh could you believe I'm scared to?.. I tried to picture what your response might be last night in bed... Yet.. I couldn't seem to guess.. "SungMin.. Um, see I have this favor.." "Favor? " " ... Will you... will you be able to do what I ask you to do?" "What's the favor? =_= " " .... You.. know I love you, right? " SungMin spat out his orange juice at my sudden words.. ­_ ­; "W­what?! ­ ­ " "You know, right? .. " " ...Yeah.. ­ _­* " " ... ^­^ ..Hoo.. So.. So Iwas just wondering if.. " You would help out our BoHee for a moment.. If you would help my lonely, poor BoHee and save her from her misery... "Stay with BoHee for a while.." " .. What... do you mean by that? " "She.. she needs you right now. So.. so I'm asking you.. actually, more like a beg but... stay with her for the time being.. " "Yoo EunAh.. " "She needs you. In order to be confident in her life.. She needs you to help her out.. To.. to show her class mates who she really is, she needs you to stay by her side. " " ...So you want.. me to go to your cousin?" "No... Just.. for the time being.. She's having such a hard time right now.. And .. and I was wondering if you would help her out.. " " ..... " "Just until everything gets solved.. Please, I'm begging you SungMin.. " " ... Okay.. let's say I agreed.. What'll happen after her problems are 'solved'?" "Huh ? " "You want me to come back to you? " .. Hah.. I can't believe how selfish I was all this time... I spent so much time thinking about BoHee that.. I hadn't considered your feelings for one second.. " .. You think I'm some pathetic doll? I'm just someone who moves around according to your word, huh?" " ....I'm sorry.. " "What the hell's up with you. The feeling is mutual EunAh, meaning both of us makes the decision together.. But you just.. decide this and that without consulting me.. What am I to you huh? What am I!! " " ..... " "But you know what's funny.. " ... " Because I'm an idiot.. because I can be nothing more than a stupid doll when I'm with you.. I'll do what you want me to do... And when you want me to come back, I will.. Heh.. Cuz I'm just a stupid doll who can't do anything else but to obey your words... " ­26­ A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D.. I think I'm addicted to you. When I close my eyes, I long for you. When I cover my ears, my only desire is to hear your voice.. And... Even when I saw you two seconds ago, I can't help but to miss you.. ­ LOVE HOLIC. \House. " .... _ .. " "Argh DUDE!!!! ­0­!! Why the fu*k are you crying?!?!? You're such an idiot!!! " " ... _ .. " "Why are you cryinggg!! ­ ­!! Is it because I lost your messenger bag when I wore it to school last week?!" You WHAT.. ­ _­.. No wonder I haven't seen my lovely messenger bag around the house these days... Arghhh, what a lousy brother you are Yoo EunHyuk. ­__­^^.. Well, consider it your lucky day.. _ .. Cuz this Nuna of yours doesn't even have the energy to yell at you. _ "Eh? WHOOAA Maybe you finally went crazy in the head!! Didn't you hear me tell you I lost your bag? ... Holy sh!t!! You're not mad? " " ... Get out. _ " "Whoaa... Maybe I'll win the lottery.. I never seen you act like a sheep before. _ Muahaha Wanna know something else? ­ ­ Remember how you looked every where for that chocolate bar? I ate it all when you weren't looking!! ­ ­ " " ... _ .. " "Annnd.. a couple of weeks ago, I borrowed about.. 10..? 11? Videos by your name and it's about 15 days late. Oops, there goes your allowance. And what else.. Oh yeah!! I tell my friends about how you always go around huffing and puffing like a bull!! ­0­!! Muahaha!! How does that sound? Aren't you mad? Huh? HUh? " " .... " " You know that rosemary garden you were taking care of? Yeah, and I told you that this cat stepped all over it? Heh, it was actually me who threw the soccer ball and it bounced accidently on your garden. You're really not mad? _ " ... ­__­^.. " .... GET OUT GET OUT!!! " "OKAY!! I will!! Ms­Queen­of­I'm­a­shouting­and­screaming­bull. ­0­!! " Haah.. Seriously.. Yoo EunHyuk.. ­__­ The LEAST you could do is say a couple of comforting words.. ­__­.. Isn't there anyone SANE in our house??!! .. Hoo.. Kang SungMin... You misunderstood me before... The reason I'm not depending and asking you for help is not because I don't trust you... Heh.. Who gave you that idea.... It's because I never want you to waste any of your time worrying about an idiot like me... Why can't you see that.. "Dummy.... " .. Since the day I fell in love with you.. I had no other chance but to become weak and fragile... Spending my time, crying and fretting, I had became so weak... That... That I could no longer live a day without you... ... ............ ..... \That night.. "T­thanks Unni.. ^ ^ SungMin Oppa haven't changed at all.. " " ..... " "I'll pay you back later. " " ..... " "U­um.. Sweet dreams then!! >_<* " Carefully opening my bedroom door, BoHee said what she had to say before running out again. You can do it, can't you Yoo EunAh..? Don't fret now.. You can survive this without any anger or tear holding you down.. All you have to do is empty your thoughts and everything will be back to normal in no time. Just.. just until the day of BoHee, SungMin, and I could reach the point of being all together happy... It can't be that far away from now, can it? Fighting!! Muttering a spell in my head numerous times, I finally got myself to fall asleep.. 'Everything.. will be okay.. ^­^.. ' .... \ Next day. "Freak. I HATE julys.. =_=.. Argh, I'm sweating like a man. ­__­ " "Yeah.. it IS pretty hot, huh.. =_=. " July 2nd, Tuesday.. ­__­.. Just like Saemi said, it was the hottest day of the year. Yep, it's times like today that I begin to miss the sparkling, cool summer ocean... =_= .. " .. Uh huh.. What's wrong now?" "Eh ? " "Your expression is all .. " Saemi said while her eyes bored onto my skin. What's wrong with my expression...? ­__­; "Expression...? What's up with it? _ " " .. like a hospitalized patient who gave up on life. ­ _­ " "Kyaaah >_< . You're over exaggerating! " "Oh GOD!! I think Imma throw up!! Don't EVER give me that 'cute' look again!!!! ­0­!! I shall show you what true KungFu could do!!" "Ha ha ha Saemi. >_< . You've JUST started! > < " "Nuh uh!! Our master complimented me on how much potential I have within me!!! " "Fine fine.. Don't bite my head off, please. ­__­ " Just like now, Saemi.. Smile more often..^­^ That look of discomfort, and hurt.. doesn't go well with you... So.. to make it up, you have to smile more. ^­^ "Haha. ^ ^. Anyway, FIGHTING!! You can squash that girl Suh TaeHoon's crushing on in no time!! That should motivate you, huh? ^ ^ " " .. ^ ^... Nah, it's not that.. " "Eh? What do you mean? " "I didn't take up KungFu just to beat some stranger I never knew from the start.... " " ..Then? _ " "You're so gullible, girl!! ­0­!! It was never in my intentions to interfere with the person I like and his crush... " " ..... " .. "Just.. to mediate more, you know? Someone once said that when you're so into something.. Like sports... You begin not to think what happens outside of your little circle... Just... you know, I didn't want any feelings for the time being... That's why I'm learning KungFu.. Hehe, NOW do you understand this wise Unni's reason??!! ­0­!! " ­­ ­27­ A long.. and short length of a week time passed.. Without the slightest changes.. \House (Dinner time) "EunAh!! Tell BoHee to come down and eat dinner!! " "Sure thing mom. ­0­!! " From what BoHee says, she has gotten closer with her class mates thanks to SungMin... Well then.... ­_ ­. Hoo.. It's been.. a week..? Yeah, a week since I last saw SungMin.. I wonder how he's doing... Inconspicuously, I bounced toward BoHee's room and forgetting to knock, I opened the door slightly.. ^ ^.. _ .. "Yeah... Okay Mom... Uh huh.. Sure.. " She's on the phone eh? _ call..? _ Considering she's saying mom, I guess it's Little Aunty... Should I wait 'til she ends the Not wanting to interfere between their conversation, I leaned against the door.. BoHee's voice softly yet clearly brushed past me behind the thin layer of wood. "Yeah.. You, too Mom.. You gotta be careful, too.. Oh yeah, becareful what you say... You haven't said anything weird to Big Aunty or Big Uncle, right? Nono, not yet... Just tell them the divorce problem is getting more and more serious. Argh, it'd be a nightmare if they find out about the lie we're making..." ...What the hell...? Perhaps it's time for a ear check­up? Did I just hear what I think BoHee said..? Intent, I bit my lower lips and leaned closer to the door.. "Seriously, you guys are the best couple there is and I feel so guilty about making you lie about getting divorced to your family, Mom... Yeah.. Just a little while and I should be done.. About two.. weeks? Uh huh.. Well... I thought about it and you can just tell them you and dad made up and the divorce idea is history. Big Aunty? Nahhh.. She doesn't suspect a thing. Don't worry. " As if a 10­ton boulder brushed past my head, I felt too numb and frozen to utter nor move... That BoHee ran right into me after her phone conversation... .. "Unni.. _ " ..... " "W­when did you get here? .. ^­^; " Perhaps you should take drama, BoHee.. If only you could see the panic written across your forehead. I guess all that crap about your parents divorcing was a lie..? Oh yeah... And you forced them to make up that stupid lie?!?!? Hah.. Oh, my bad.. of course you needed some clear reason to stay at our house for such a long time... Hah.. Ha ha.. "Yoo BoHee... " "Huh..? ...What Unni ? " "Do you enjoy stabbing me over and over again? Or is it part of your temperament? " " W­what are you talking about? ^­^ " .. 'SLAAAAT!! ' Bringing my right hands to slash BoHee's cheeks, my hands shook with all the anger and sorrow I had stored up within me these past couple of weeks. " "So you're saying.. You lied to all of us? Ha ha! Pathetic Yeah? REAAAL Lonely you must've been. Oh Nonono, No one was ever by your side!! How could you... How COULD you?!!!" I heard the thundering of footsteps belonging to my surprised mother at my loud voice. "Mom mom, isn't this the funniest thing you've ever heard? Ha ha, You see, my cousin over there? She forced little Aunty and Uncle to lie about getting divorced just because of her stupid­selfishness. A REAAAL laugh, huh? C'mon!! Isn't it funny? After all, for her to trick and deceive us all this time, I know it was a big laugh for her!!!" "W­what are you talking about EunAh? Huh? BoHee, what's your Unni talking about??? Hmm?? " " ..... " BoHee was now shivering from head to toe, as if scared of what was to come... Big, fat, chicken­dung like tears rolled down her cheeks.. "The hell?! Why are YOU crying?! Ohhh.. My­my, this is part of your act, too?! Oh, I see.. nothing but something to get others to pity you?!" " ..... " "GET OUT OF HERE!!! GO!!! I don't ever wanna see your freaking face again, so just go away!!!" "EunAh!! Watch your language!! BoHee, what is EunAh talking about? Huh? Tell your Aunty what happened!" "Oo..Oo...Heu..Heukk... " "Don't cry. You think you're the only saint with the 'innocent' tears? And I'm some rock­stone who has no feelings?!??!" "I­i'm sorry Unni.. Heukk.. s­sorry... p­p­please.. forgive me... Ook.. Heuk.. Please.. " "GET.OUT.OF.OUR.HOUSE!!! What the hell?!! What did I ever do to you, huh?! Do you have any idea how much I cried cuz of you?! I TRUSTED you okay??!?! That's why I gave SungMin away!! ...This is what I get for being trust­ive? Real nice.. just... just dandy.." "Hah.. Sorry.. Sorry Unni.. Heuk... All my fault.. Heuk.. Sorry... " "Forget it!! I don't wanna hear it anymore!! Not that I could trust you any longer, either. REAAL Fun to play around with people's emotions, huh? Or are all of us just bugs while you're the mighty queen on throne? " " ..... Heu..Heukk.. " Not understanding what I was saying, mom rushed to the phone and begun to dial little Aunty's phone number. And passing BoHee who was still crying.. and mom, who held onto the phone frantically.. I started to run to my only one.. To.. to the person I had commited the biggest mistake and sin to... And to the person I love more than anything or anyone else.. To Kang SungMin.. .... ........... .. "Haah.. Haaah.. " First time coming to his house, I checked my cell phone to check the address again... And stopped at a large masion­ like house. .. ' Ding­Dong♬ Ding­Dong♬ ' .. ' Ding­Dong♬ Ding­Dong♬ ' .. ' Ding­Dong♬ Ding­Dong♬ ' .. ' Ding­Dong♬ Ding­Dong♬ ' Feeling to frantic and anxious, I pressed on the bell over and over again... After about 10... rings, a woman in her 40's answered me through her intecom. ­ " Who is it? " "Um.. e­excuse me.. Is.. is SungMin home? " ­ " SungMin? I'm sorry, he's not home at this moment." Those words were powerful and affective enough to make me collapse to the ground... .. And after the midnight dark moon passed me by, greeting me with the crisp smell of dawn, I was finally able to walk back home.. To wait for that one person who... who was to return one day... ...Kang SungMin ­28­ \SangGo "He really didn't come today?" SungMin hadn't come home that whole night.. and worry coming over me, I skipped my after noon classes to search for him. "Nope! >_<. Strange, he's never tardy.. >_< .Look, look! He won't even pick up his cell phone! _ " "Whew.. HanKyul, if he happens to call, can you let me know? Here.. This is my number.. call when you hear from SungMin.. " "Sure thing! _ " Seriously, where'd he go... Hope nothing ba­... Of course not, SungMin's not stupid.... Rubbing my tired eyes, I was exiting out of the school grounds when I felt my pockets vibrating. _ Dude.. what the hell? Since when did I get a cam­phone..?=_= ... HOLY ****AKE MUSHROOMS!!! 136 missed calls?!?! Ehhh... ­__­;;.. Ahaha ­_ ­ One advice, never put your phone in manner mode. ­__­.. "HELLO!! " Hoping it might be SungMin, I quickly brought my ears to the speaker.. ­ " .... " "Hello? Who's calling? ... Are you.. are you SungMin?" ­ " ... It's me, Unni.. " " ...Oh.. you....Bye.. " ­ "NO WAIT!!! I.. I have to tell you something.. " "How sad... Well, guess what? I don't.. " ­ " I think I know where SungMin Oppa might be.. So.. so wanna meet? " ..... ........... ... Heading into the cafe BoHee told me about, I saw her sitting down in the corner with a huge duffel bag by her feet. " .. Where is he. " "Can you just.. sit down for a minute at least? I have things to say, Unni. " "I don't have time for you... I have to meet SungMin like right now. So tell me, where is he. " "You need to hear what I have to tell you though... I promise, I won't bs again... It's about what happened these past couple of weeks. " "O..kay.. Go on. " "What's today, Unni?" "...July 10th? Um.. A thursday?" "Nono.. I didn't mean the date.. SungMin Oppa told me it was your 22nd day of being together." I... forgotten all about that... Just.. there was too many things occupying my mind that I had forgotten about Two­Two... "Heh, he was really upset that he let your birthday pass without doing anything for you.. So... He was determined to make your Two­Two a really special one. That's why he hasn't been around you these days... Preparations and all... " " ... _ .. " "I promised to help him out in the surprise party he was planning... That's why he pretended to be my boyfriend in front of my friends... Do you get it now? Do you understand how much he cares for you? To pretend to be a fake­boyfriend just for you, Unni? Well... Of course, he probably thought nothing was wrong with the picture cuz I was your cousin... " " ..... " "He would only and always talk about.. you.. when we would get together... ^­^ " " ..... " "I know what I've done... And who I am.. Yeah, I admit it, I'm a b!tch.. But, I'm not willing to seperate a couple who love and care for each other as much.. ^­^. I'm not that much of a devil.. " " ... BoHee.. " "Here, this is the address... ^­^.. I'll bet on my life that you'll find SungMin Oppa there.. " On the piece of paper she gave me, there was a simple map along with a quickly squibbled address. "I'm.. Going back to AhnYang. I sorted everything out with Big Aunty last night... I'm really sorry about.. about everything... " " ...... " " I know I don't deserve to ask you this but... Can you not hate me forever? ^­^.. Believe it or not, I was really jealous of you, Unni... With all these awesome people surrounding you... " " ..I don't hate you... I would never hate you.." " ... ^­^.. Go on then. I know you're dying to see SungMin oppa right now... Go and give him a big hug... ^­^ " "Alright... Next time you're in Seoul.. I'll treat you out... Promise. " " ... ^­^ .. " Leaving behind BoHee, I left with BoHee's smile imprinted in my mind... and ran toward SungMin. My heart begun beating like crazy already... See, just by the idea of meeting you again, my heart can't seen to control itself... Wait for me, SungMin... .... .......... .. 'Dling ♬ ' The address BoHee gave me, was a cute and simple cafe... Walking in with the adorable chimes greeting me... I blinked, trying to adjust to the darkness. =_=.. Oops.. Was it closed today or what? Groping around the walls, I landed on a switch and turning the lights on... " .... Haah.. " Admist the large room full of many tables, SungMin had his head buried in his arms while sitting on a table that was in the center of the room. Without meaning to, a tear fell to the ground, seeing him. Each step I took toward him, the number of my heart's beatings increased twice the amount.. " .....SungMin.. " " ..... " " .. You're such a dummy... Usually, people surprise you by hidding behind the tables... And I see you sound asleep... Aren't you going to show off what you've decorated?" " ..... " The cafe was festooned so prettily that I had another guilt trip. Carefully approaching SungMin, "I'm such an idiot huh... It's like, my heart speaks differently than my lips... I knew I couldn't live a day without you.. And.. and still... Haha.. ^­^.. The year's biggest dummy that's what I am." " ..... " " You're horrible, too though.. ^­^.. I mean if you made me fall too deeply in love with you, you should take responsibilities..." .. "I am going to take care.. of you" "SungMin.. " " You'll be my responsibility. If only you let me, I'll be holding your hand to my grave.. " " ... I thought you were sleeping.." " ...... " SungMin's watery eyes denied my assumptions without any words... .. " ...I'm sorry, SungMin... Heh, like you said.. Can't teach a old cat new tricks... I can't throw off the habit of apologizing over and over again...^­^ " "Just.. don't apologize anymore... It really... bugs me to hear you saying that..." .. " .... And... I love you. " " ... _ .. " " I love you SungMin. I like you a whole lot." " ...... " "I'll be the one waiting and loving you more, from now on. ^­^ " " .. Idiot. " "What ? ­__­^ " "Like you could ever love me more than how much I love you. ­_ ­ " "Why.. not. >_< " " Cuz... that's how much I love you... You won't ever feel love as great as how I do.. " " ... ^­^... " Bingo... We're back to our spot now... I hate feeling so insecure, but I can't help it.. Considering.. considering I'm too happy... If this happens to end up as only a dream, I'll wake up feeling twice of sorrow... .. I wish.. that the love you and I share... will never shatter... ­­ ­29­ " Eumm.. =_=.. " Yawning slightly, I tiredly opened my eyes, awakening from sleep and........ Wait?... Sleep? _ asleep?! ' Plop.. ' An instant tear fell from my eyes... Haa.. It was a dream...? SungMin, the cafe.. Everything... it was just a dream...? " ... Heeuk.. " Isn't that a bummer... How could the heavens be so unfair... To face reality, leaving behind such a happy dream.. That's just... unfair.. I thought.. I, at least thought... Everything was back to where we started... I thought smiling next to SungMin would be free of a choice but, nothing.. nothing has changed... What am I suppose to do now... .. .. When did I fall " .. YOO EUNAH!! Why are you crying!!" " _ ... Eh? _ " Suddenly, SungMin's worried face appeared in my sight. What the fu*k? Ooh... I'm so stupid... I'm still at the cafe I was at before! _ "Ah.. N­no, it's nothing.. _ .. Why am I here though? _ " " .. What are you talking about. ­_ ­; And what the hell were you doing last night?! " "Oing? What do you mean? _ " "You didn't get any sleep last night, huh!! How could you just fall asleep when you were just talking a second before!! ­ ­ " "Sleep? _ .. I fell asleep? When? " "You're such a dumbo. Tell me, you're secretly in love with sleep aren't you? How could you just fall asleep without listening to me! ­_ ­ I even thought you fainted!! I would've dragged you to the hospital but­ " " .. _ .. Haha... HAHAHA.. ▽ " "What the fu*k. ­__­; " It wasn't a dream...!! HALLELUJAH!!! I could SO kiss the floor. So.. so everything's back to normal now... I won't have to wake up thinking it's all a dream...♡ "Oh God. _ .. I can't stop laughing... Aaaah.. " " .. Keuk.. ^­^.. What are you so happy about.. ­ _­ " Despite the cold words, SungMin patted my head twice before pulling me into a tight hug, a smile never leaving his face. I can't believe I just fell asleep like though... Well, I did spend the whole night waiting for him.. =_=; .. " ... SungMin. " Softly, I called out his name.. "What ­ _­ " Yep, that's my oh­so­generous­and­kind­hubby. ­ _­ .. " .. I have so.. much I wanna tell you.." "And.. what is it.. " "Eum... Can you believe I can't choose which one to say it first? It might last the whole day.. " " .. It doesn't matter how long it takes.., Even if it might be a month.. or.. hell, an year.. I'll be right here, listening to every word you have to say.. " " .. ^­^ " "But.. Nah, I don't think I have to, though. " "Huh? Why not? _ " "I already heard it all through telepathy. ^­^ " " Aiing. >_<. Tch, yeah right." "It doesn't take a genius to realize what you have to say when looking at your eyes.. Just... just by that one expression.. or even through the slightest movement, I think I know what you wanna tell me... ^­^ " Now this is fascinating.. Not some UFO that appeared in the Appalachian mountains last week on New York Times, but... but this guy.. who stands in front of me, claiming he knows everything that goes on in my mind just by one body movement.. If... if you could really read my mind... Then could you please look deeper into my heart... further than any emotions and feelings the words "I Love You" could bring? To put it in words... I nearly think it's impossible... .... "Man, it looks like you have goldfish lips. ­__­ " "Huh? _ " " .. I think I've overdone myself. *­ _­ " "W­what are you talking about? ­__­; " Why do I get the feeling.. ­__­.. That this guy's creeping away from me?.. Oh.. OH!! You wouldn't have........... "I would never admit that I've kissed you while you were dead asleep!!! " "OH.MY.GOD!! KANG SUNGMIN!! GET BACK HERE!!! >0<* " "Kek. ­0­ You really think you could cath me with those short legs of yours? Just try, but bet you can't. ^­^ " Seriously, must you always ruin the nice mood ­__­; ? Hmm.. You've under­rated my skills. Let's see.. When I actually catch your long­legged self with my short legs, let's see who'll have the last laugh. +_+!! "STOOOOPPP!! " ..... ................ .. Running around the cafe, SungMin and I've finally reached our limits and had plopped down on the floor to take a rest. =_= How sad.. I still have 70.. 60 more years to live, too... ­__­; "Ah­whew.. Man, I'm tired. =_= " "Told you, you can't, with those legs. ­__­ " "Whaaat? ­ ­!!! " "Keuk. Aww. ^­^ Is my baby sad that you weren't awake when I kissed you? Want me to gift you with one again? " "K­Kang SungMin.. You...!!! You're so.. so...!!! ­ ­** " "Puhahaha. Your cheeks are hella red... ^ ^ " " ... ­__­* " .. " ... I gotta give you something. " "Eh? What? " " Imma throw it from over there, aight? CATCH it okay?" What the hellll...? ­__­; Getting up abruptly, SungMin took ten steps from me and stopped in his tracks. "Here, you gotta catch it!! " "Huh? Oh? Uhh... Okay. _ " .. 'Hweeeek ­__­ ' 'TAHK!! ' Oh yeah~ Who's the man!!! >_<* Nice catch, EunAh~ Moohaha, Ahem Ahem. I was always good at catching... ­v ­ Anyway, the material SungMin had thrown to me was a small box wrapped real nicely. "Can I open it?!!! " I shouted to SungMin who still had kept his distance from me. ­__­ And confirming of his nodd and wave, I opened the small box.. Half full of curiousity while the other was desire... "Whoa.. _ * " It was one of the prettiest rings I have ever seen.. _ .. A small and cute shaped flower in the shade of violet sparkled under the cafe lights... And in the middle was a diamond... _ .. =_=.. Wait.. WHOOA.. Rewind, rewind.. WHAT?! A diamond??!? 0 !!! "S­SungMin!!! " Holding the ring sacredly in both of my hands, I ran to SungMin.. "T­t­this is..! � � " " "Yeah, what about it? _ "D­Da­da­diamond.." "Huh? Oh, the small rock in the middle? ­__­ " "You're.. JOKING right? Diamond..? A DIAMOND??? Is it real?" "Why the hell would I buy you a fake one? ­__­ It's not big deal. See how it's smaller than your pinky nail? ­__­ " " Nono. _ . It's awesome SungMin. 0 I promise to wear it everyday. _ school..!! Well.. beside when I take a shower but, 0 " "If you want to. ­__­; " "Wahhhnnggg... Thank you so much. �� "Try it on. ­__­ " At SungMin's words, I carefully and lightly picked up the ring and inserted it into my finger... Eh? ­__­.. It's biggg.. ­_ ­... After a few shakes, the diamond immediately rolled off of my pinky... ­__­ "SungMin. ­__­; " " .. ­ _­ " "It's a bit big.. =_=; " " Get some fat on your bones!!! You eat hella much, so why are you so skinny!! ­ ­!! " "S­sorry. =_=.. " With a big cherry on top. � � " Ooh.. I'll even wear it to sleep and " ...Let's go exchange it tomorrow.." "Huh? Oh, okay.. _ * " "I'm so hungry. =_=. Dam* the sun's down already? Wanna eat something? You must be starving.." " .. Yeah.. sure. ^ ^ " .. I know everything might be awkward considering we're still young of age... But.. ^^... All that matter is this love we have between us, yeah? ^­^ Let's always be happy like today. ♡ .... " Hoo.. Everything's aight then?" A familiar voice tickled our voice, interrupting my meditation... Hmm? _ .. Suh TaeHoon?.. _ .. "I was worried things wouldn't work out.. Well, good thing you're here Yoo EunAh. ^­^ " " .. Suh TaeHoon... How'd you find out? I haven't even told HanKyul about this place.." "Oh, that. I did what Yoo EunAh likes to do.. ­__­ Stalking is more useful than it seems, not to mention enjoyable. ^­^ I thought something was weird when you would come here every day after school. ^­^" Since when was he standing there? ­__­; SungMin spoke to TaeHoon, surprised, who had been standing by the door without a word. "Well, glad everything's okay now. ^­^ . Ah, sh!t did I interrupt something? ­__­ Argh whatever. ­_ ­ Go on with your lovey dovey, See you. ­__­ " " .. Sorry, man.." "Idiot. Why are you apologizing for? ...I.. I'm the one who's just too foolish.. " " ...... " "Later guys. ^­^" I never knew that a person's back could look so sad... TaeHoon had left us with a light wave, shutting the door quietly. "Suh­SungMin... _ " " ...Yeah... Everything... will be okay... Probably... He's not stupid.. He'll take care of himself.. " Why are you so sorry... Why is there guilt written all over your face, SungMin... ­­­ ­30­ \ School (Next Day) "Uh.. Huh.. So while someone. Ahem Ahem, was worried sick about Yoo EunAh, the reason she didn't come to school was all cuz of her dear husband, eh? ­_ ­ " " .. ­__­; " "Had a fun time? =_= " "Yeaaaah. >_<* LOTS. " "Oh ho. Good for you. ­_ ­ " You don't have to sound so bitter, Saemiii~ Just admit it~~ You're jeaaaalous~ ­v ­* As soon as I arrived at school, I launched into my story of what happened last night. Hehe. >_<* Happiness♡ Happiness♡ Everyday with my SungMin. _♡ "You have no idea how crestfallen I was after hearing from HanKyul that SungMin didn't come to school yesteraday!! 0 " 'Flinch. ­__­ ' Eh ? ­__­; At the words "HanKyul" Saemi flinched in a un­needed over action. "What's up? ­__­; " "Wh­what.. do you mean. ­_ ­; " "N­nevermind. =_=a Anyway... I wonder if HanKyul knows that I met SungMin last night.... =_= " 'Flinch. ­__­; ' THERE YOU GO AGAIN!!! ­ _­ The flinching!! Moohaha.. ­__­ Saemi, you hoe you're hiding something from meeee.. +_+ "HanKyul. HanKyul. Yoon HanKyul. HanKyul. HanKyul. Yoon HanKyul. HanKyullll.. HanKyul. HanKyul... > < " ' Flinch. Flinch. Flinch.. ­__­; ' .. ­__­ ... "PARK SAEMI!!!!! " "Whaaaat.. You're gonna break my ear­drums!!!! ­ ­;; " "Uh.. huh... Tell me. ­__­ What happened between you and HanKyul? " "Happened? W­what would happen between us?! Afterall, it's not like we're dating or anything!! Man, EunAh!! You're always accusing me of everything!! Seriously, there's nothing going on between us!!" Right.. and that's why you have "P A N I C" written all over your forehead? Mhm, real good at hiding, Saemi..; =_=;; "EAAAAUKKKKKKKK!!!! I can't seem to concentrate cuz of that Yoon HanKyul *sshole!!" And that was how she disappeared to the bathroom. ­__­. Now now, what could it possibly be... =_=... Feeling the wires turning and rotating in my head, I was thinking about the problem when... =_=.. .. ' PHONE CALL PHONE CALL_♬ My dearest Owner_♬ You have a phooone call _♬ If you don't pick upppp.. Imma pinch you over and over agaiiin~ Aiiing~~ _♬ Pick up your phoneee _♬' A cute... ­__­ ring tone escaped through Saemi's backpack.. and in order to tell them Saemi had gone away for a second, I reached out and pressed 'send'. " ..... " ­ " ..H­hello? " !!!! _ .. According to my assumptions, this voice definately belonged to that one dude.. with the many faces and is one sly fox under that smiley face..!! HAN.KYUL.!! _ !! " .... _ " ­ " ... Sae..Mi...? Um.. did you think about what I said...?" What HanKyul said? _ What did HanKyul tell Saemi??? _ Moohaha, this is like some dramaaa~ Keep on going, dear +_+ ­ " ..Hoo.. I know the timing's not that great... With TaeHoon and all.. ^­^.. You know that he already has a crush... But I... I hate that you're in so much pain..." " ...... " ­ "I know everything's crashing down so hard... You know, along with my confession and everything going on with TaeHoon... I'm no help, huh.. ^­^.. But... see, I couldn't keep it inside, forever.." " ..... " ­ " .. Aaah, my math teacher's here. _ . I'll call you later!! ... Smile... ^­^.. " .. ­ "Doo.Doo.Doo..Doo.." .... HanKyul.. does he like Saemi? ... "YOO EUNAH!!!! " 'Flinch. _ ; ' At Saemi's sudden appearance, I jumped in my seat in surprise. ­__­; "Ookay? ­__­. Were you talking about me behind my back? Why are you so surprised? Eh..? Why the hell are you holding my phone? = = " "Huh? Oh.. ­__­.. Ahem.. Uhhh.. nothing.. just. " "You.. didn't happen to.. ­ _ " "Hhmmm ? _ " "Text our friends in secret, right?!! ­ ­ !!! " .. ­ _­; Seriously, you cannot get any more.. innocent...? Is that innocent or too simple..?. ­__­.. " .... Just... Um.. there was a phone call for you.. So I picked it up to tell them you weren't here.. but.. =_=;; " "Oh? Phone call? Who was it from? _ " ... ­__­;; " " "... You've suddenly became mute. Who was it? =_= " Seeing how I was breaking a sweat under Saemi's gaze, she snatched it from my hands and pressing a couple of buttons.. ­__­ And.. =_=;; " ...Was it from Yoon HanKyul?" "Huh? _ ; " "I have a caller ID, Ms. EunAh ­__­ " At times like this... ­__­.. It's when I wish technology wasn't as advanced.. =_=.. " ... ­__­;; " "What.. er did he say.. ? " "J­just... " " .. Hoo.. " " So something did happen between you guys, huh? _ Um, see I think HanKyul l­" " ...Can we drop it, please? ^­^.. I don't think him as more than friends.." "Ah.. Okay.. _ ; " " .... I don't think I have the ability to... or even... have any room to let anyone in right now.... ^­^.. ­_ ­.. Whoa.. wait hold up...you.. ­ ­.... " "Huh? Mee? _ " "Didn't our lit teacher confiscate your phone a week ago? ..You never went to get it back, have you! " " ­ ­;;.. " H­how could I!! ­ ­;; The day I got my phone confiscated was the day I borrowed SungMin's phone.. 0 ha.. Wow, aren't I a bright girl... No wonder I thought it was weird I had a cam­phone with me.... = =;; YOO EUNAH YOU IDIOOOT. 0 !! "KYAAAAH. 0 !! BE RIGHT BACK SAEMI!!! Imma get my phone back!! 0 !! " Ahaha. ha.. Poor SungMin's phone... _ Thankfully, because I had spent it only once, while the rest was forgotten in my backpack, the battery was still charged.. =_=. SungMinnn.. ­_ ­.. Our love is more powerful than this cell phone, righttt..? =_=;;.. Forgive me!! ­­ ­31­ \ Office " ..So. You're telling me you forgot to pick up your cell phone, this whole time? ­ _­^^ " " Yes. ­_ ­; " "I worry about your future. How will you even pass the college exams, with that memory?!!" Dam* it. ­__­ I know you forgot all about it, too!! ­_ ­ "HERE!!! PAY ATTENTION to life!! ­ ­!! " "Yes sir. =_=.. " Hope you freeze to death, gramps. ­_ ­ Anywayyy.. MY CELLIEEE. _ . It's been awhile hasn't it? _ ..How come... How come SungMin's cell phone had 136 missed calls while you only have 7.. =_ =.. .. Say.. _ \After school "I was wondering why you wouldn't give it back. ­__­ " "Haha, Sorry. ^ ^; Too much on my mind these days, I guess. ­_ ­;; " SungMin.............And his friends were waiting for us by the school gates, like any other day. =_=; "I was wondering.. were you joking or did you really not realize you had my phone when you were using it? =_= " Tch. ­__­ I even forgot about my beloved cell phone! What do YOU think.. ­__­ " I just forgot.. that I had yours with me.. ­__­ " " ... ­__­;. Let's reconsider this whole deal with you being my girlfriend.. ­__­.. " "Aaiiing~ SungMin. >_<* Are ya maad?" " ...I should REALLY reconsider. ­__­.. " " .. ­__­;. I swear on my grave that I shall never use un­wanted and unfit cute­act ever again. (__ ).. " You're too ignorant to realize what being cute is really about, anyway!! ­__­.. Anyway, while I was giving back SungMin's cell phone.. "Oh my gosh. _ "What? " "BoHee called ME.. on YOUR cell phone..!! _ . How'd she know I had yours in the first place? ­_ ­a " "I told her long time ago. ­__­ " "Oh. I see.. ­__­; " "Ha ha. ­__­ " Anyway.. I really hope that BoHee.. ^­^ will do better back in AhnYang..♡ .. " "EuuunnAh... _ " "Huh? Oh hey HanKyul. " Moohaha, here's our HanKyul. _ "Saemi... ditched you again?" "Saemi? _ .. Hmm... Well since it's a friday, she's probably at her KungFu lesson. _ " ...KUNG FU????!!!!! � � !!! " "Yeaaah. ­__­; " Judging by his reaction, my guess has now became a fact. HanKyul likes Saemi, and that's that. =_= "Do.. you know where the class is held at? =_=;;.. " "Huh? Uhhh.. I wouldn't really kn­ ­__­;; Wait wait, you're not having any ideas in joining with her are you? ^­^; " "PLEEEASE EUNAHHH!! Ask Saemi where her class is tomorrow!! I don't think I could just let this pass with my eyes closed!! > < Think about it carefully.. KungFu means... a swarm full of guys!!! " " Who would have thought you'd fall head over heels for Saemi? _ * "W h a t? ­__­ " "Okay?? _ !! Thanks EunAh, you're the best!! Oh yeah.. shhh.. don't mention my name, either. 0 !! " " Aaaah­okay.. =_=.. " "Thanks. _ ... Anyway, SungMin.. HanKyul, and SungMin's other friend, MyungHwan.. Who happened to be on the phone with his girlfriend.. and I was skipping (?) home.. ♬ Eh? Whoa, How come I haven't noticed sooner? ♬_ .TaeHoon isn't here, today... Weird.. _ "What happened to TaeHoon?" At my childish question, SungMin and HanKyul stopped in their tracks to look at me. " ... He.. had to do something after school." "Oh really? _ " ..Yeah. " How sad... Maybe he's cleaning his classroom. _ Argh, sucks for him... Trusting SungMin's words, I brushed past HanKyul and continued to walk home when HanKyul who had lagged behind.. quietly murmured.. .... .... " " "It's bad to lie, SungMin.. " ­­ ­32­ Your best friend.. And your beloved loved 'one'.. Fell into the water, and now is helplessly drowning.. Who.. will you be saving, first? .. " ..... " "Just like how you're my friend, SungMin.. TaeHoon is, too.. And isn't he yours, as well? .... SungMin... TaeHoon, he's... he's hurting.. He's hurting a lot..." " ..... " "I can see past his smile and see that he's forcing himself to... You and I both know how much he's hurting. " " ...HanKyul.. " "Can we please... stop hurting TaeHoon? It's unfair for him to be the only one suffering.. " .. " .. What.. do you want me to do.. " Answering in a low voice, SungMin snatched my wrists and dragged me off to the streets... SungMin, I'm so confused as to what you guys are talking about.. But... but, please don't hold it inside... Don't be hurting like you are right now.. You look as hurt and tired as... as TaeHoon is... Well, according to HanKyul, anyway... ... .. " ...SungMin. " " ..... " "SUNGMIN!!­0­!!! " " .. Wuh, huh? ­ _­; " "Where.. are we going? _ " ..To resize your ring. ^­^ " *­ _­* Seriously, if you smiled for me just like how you're doing right now everday, I would walk to the ends of the earth with you. >_<* .. Soon, we neared my favorite jewelery store, and while I was giggling and cooing, SungMin just entered by himself. ­__­. Whoa... It's more huge on the inside. ­__­;; " "Welcome. ^­^ " The saleslady greeted us with a big smile... But say.. ­__­ I think she's too pretty for her own good. _ .. "Can you resize this ring to be smaller? ­_ ­ " "Huh ? _ ;..T­this is.. too big? " " (Nodd) " "She's the lucky girl, yes? Here let me measure your size. ^­^; " The lady was firing the sweetest smile she could force her jaws into.. ­_ ­ Arrghh.. Lady, keep off my man!! Tch! ­_ ­ And saying she had to measure my fingers, she approached me in somewhat of a graceful manner. ­ _­ "Wow.. Your hands are incredibly long and skinny. _ " ..Of what. (__*) " Ahem. I agree with whoever said a woman's jealousy is the key to her failure. ­ _­.. I tend to be a bit... over­protective at times. =_=;; "Oh, umm.. Do you know how much this ring costs? ­_ ­; (whisper)" "This ring? _ "Yes. ­ _­; " "Exactly six fourty eight. ^­^ " "Oh... Wait, it's only six dollars and fourty eight cents? ^ ^ " "No no, you misunderstood me. Six hundred and fourty eight dollars; ^­^ " " ... ^ ^....!!!!.. ­ ­.. I­it's WHAT!!!! " ... .... "We'll be calling you in 2 or 3 days informing you of the pick­up. ^­^ " The only words that bore into my mind even after we exited the store was.. " I'm envious. _ " 'No no, you misunderstood me. Six hundred and fourty eight dollars; ^­^ ' 'No no, you misunderstood me. Six hundred and fourty eight dollars; ^­^ ' 'No no, you misunderstood me. Six hundred and fourty eight dollars; ^­^ ' ... "Dude. ­_ ­; You're still shocked about that? " "You gotta admit SungMin. Six hundred dollars?? _ .. " "Yeah? What's so great about it.; ­_ ­; " Ahaha. Ha. Ha ­_ ­. I forgot. You're one of those rich boys. ­ _­.. "I'm getting too scared now. _ Maybe I shouldn't wear it everywhere I go... Argh, what if I lose it?. _ .. " "I'll just buy you another one then. ­_ ­ " With the conversation of where I continued to stare at the ring in awe with SungMin answering me simply, we arrived at a nearby park near my house. "Let's sit down for a minute. " Obeying his words, we both plopped down on a wooden bench.. " ... Yoo EunAh. " "Huh? _ " " .. What.. I'm about to say... isn't just a silly joke, aight? So listen carefully.. " "Uhh okay? _ . Sure, what is it. ­_ ­a " " ... All my life, I considered my friends to be greater than the person I felt attracted toward." By that... =_=.. You're implying that your friends are more important than me? ­_ ­ I'm so horrible, why am I feeling a bit of disapointment? ­ _­.. "But.. see. " " ..... " "After I met you.. Everything changed switched around. You immediately became the first thought in my mind. " " ... _ .. " "So, if only you stay with me... I don't need anything or anyone else. " " .... _ .. " Seeing SungMin's serious side, myeyes begun to water unintentionally. "So.. since... Since I became someone who's willing to throw away a life­long friendship for you... " " ..... " "You.. can't go anywhere... Aight? Don't disappear anywhere, now.. " "I won't. _ . Why would I leave you behind. _ " "Even ten.. twenty years from now, I'm still going to keep you by my side... So.. that means you can never.. never push me away... " " .. Okay. _ " "If you do happen to run off or disappear, I'll... " " ... _ .. " .. " ... Die.. ^­^ " ­­­ ­33­ His shaky eyes were no deceiving... Symbolizing he meant every word he said... ... \ School (Next day) "Saemi. _ .. " "What? ­ _­ " "What comes first? Friendship or love? _ " ... ­__­; " "Huh? I wanna know~ _ Is it love or friendship?" " "I hate it when people ask those type of questions. It's just like... when people would always ask me 'Do you like your mom better or your dad better?" in Elementary school. ­__­." "Hoo.. =_= " "Don't sweat about it. ­__­ Even though love comes first, your unni won't ever leave you behind. ­__­.. " So. Overall. ­__­.. You're saying love does come before friendship. ­__­.. And a light bulb turned on suddenly in my head. _ "Saemi, Saemi!! _ Oh yeah. _ . HanKyul wanted me to ask Saemi!! !!! Where's your KungFu class at? >_< " "Eh. ­__­. Why, you interested in learning, too? " "Nono... Just... wondering. > < " " =_=.. It's pretty close from here. ­__­ At the intersection behind school, it says ○○ KungFu on a big banner. ­__­ " Moohaha, aren't you proud of me HanKyul? I fulfilled your favor!! Moohaha. +_+ Buried in my happiness.. ­__­... I heard Saemi's cute (?) ring tone go off once again. =_= "What. ­__­ " Oooh. ­__­. Park Saemi. That girl is full of charisma >_<* " .. ­__­.. _ .!!!.. WHAT?!!!!!! " Making me wonder who the phone call was from, Saemi shouted loud enough for everyone in the class room to turn their attention toward us. ­__­ Saemi, you have such a loud voice. *­_ ­* .. " ... Park JaeHyun. Wait... Don't go anywhere!!!! If.. if you really leave me, I'll reject you as a brother... Wait for me.." Park JaeHyun? JaeHyun Oppa? _ The one who didn't make an appearance for these past couple of chapters?! _ "Saemi. _ .. What did JaeHyun want yo­" "YOO EUNAH!! GET UP RIGHT NOW!! " " .. _ ;; " Saemi dragged me out of school, without bothering to take away my confusion. And, she quickly called a taxi outside of school. .. "InChon Airport, Mister!! " "Excuse me? ­__­; What.. what did you just say?" "INCHON AIRPORT!! In.Chon.In.ter.Nation.Al.Air.Port!! " " Are you sane? ­__­.. It'll cost you at least fourty dollars. =_= " "I don't care!! Just go already!!! " " .. ­__­;; " The taxi soon ran for InChon airport.. While Saemi bit her bottom lip anxiously, while staring out the window. .... " .. Saemi... InChon Airport...? What's up.. " " ...... " "What.. what happened? Huh? " " .... leaving. " " Leaving..? Who is? ....... You don't mean JaeHyun Oppa, do you? " " ... Yeah.. " " .. W­what?!?! You never mentioned that before!!!! " "I didn't know he was leaving.. I thought it was weird when he locked himself in his room.... I guess he was preparing to leave... Sh­t... He didn't even tell me..." JaeHyun Oppa was leaving.. The person who had always smiled so... so brightly... and was always there for me.... He was leaving.. ....I have a feeling... That if that smile was to be disapperate from my life... Nothing would be the same any more.. .... .... "Fourty two dollars. ­__­ Consider it your lucky day, lady. ­__­ Any other driver would've called for fifty.. = _=.. " "Here's the money!! Thanks for the ride! " We finally arrived at InChon Aiport after what had seemed like hours... And Saemi had gaven up all her money, which she had saved to buy a new purse, on the taxi fee... ­__­.. Jumping out of the car, we sprinted into the building. "He was on his way out when he called me before so... He must be here somewhere... F*ck where could he be.." It was exactly 12:25... In 25 more minutes, JaeHyun Oppa was to leave us for a long time... .. How are we suppose to find him amongst all these people.. "WHERE ARE YOU!!! " Saemi had been frantically pushing through the crowd while dialing the keys and I guess JaeHyun Oppa picked up for she had shouted out loud. " .. Yeah.. So what if we're here?! .......WHAT!!... HEY PARK JAEHYUN!! DON'T YOU DARE!!! Don't run away like some chicken!! Tell me where you're at... Oh... Yeah... Okay... We'll be there in like 5 minutes... I'll kill you with my bare hands if you move!!!" Saemi begun to drag me upstairs after shutting her phone.. "Stupid *sshole.. Move an inch and I'll quit being your stupid sister..." " .... " ... .. Please.. wait for us... There are so many words I left unsaid... You can't just leave when I haven't ever treated you out like you always have done... Please, give me a chance to be forgiven... You didn't deserve to always be hurt and sad cuz of me... So.. so I want to at least be remembered as the bright, smiling EunAh... Please... Wait for us. ­34­ "PARK JAEHYUN!!!!! " He's still here.. Thank goodness... Raising my head to Saemi's shout, I saw JaeHyun Oppa's pretty smile. " .. You actually came! ^­^.. You dumbos. ­_ ­. You shouldn't have just walked out of class! ­ ­ " "That's the least of our worries... Idiot.. Why didn't you tell me sooner?!?! " " ... My bad. ^­^ " "Even if... even if I'm not a sister to be proud of, I am related to you!! How is it that you couldn't tell me sooner?" " ... I didn't want to worry you guys.. " "And we failed your plan. Sh­t, where you going anyway.. " "Austrailia. ^­^ " " .. You'll... be back, soon yeah? " "I'm gonna enrol into college there. " " ..The hell.. So.. so we wouldn't see you for a long time if we hadn't come... " " .. ^­^.. " " .. Hoo... What about mom and dad.." "They've agreed with it.." "I'm.. going to have a talk with them... Wait up with EunAh for a sec. " With that excuse, Saemi turned around stamping a tear on her forehand... .. " .. It's been awhile, EunAh. ^­^ " " ...... " "Why.. are you so silent. ^­^ I won't be able to see you for a long time... " " .... " " You're still mad at me...? Well... still... pretend nothing happened for 5 minutes... I wanna remember your voice forever.." I don't think I can, Oppa... I'm afraid I'll start crying... ... " .... Why... are you crying.. " Being the idiot I was, tears begun to flow out of my eyes... Dam*... I promised to smile for his last, too... " .. See.. I. ^­^ " " ..... " "Really... um.. like EunAh when she smiles, but when she's crying... I'm forced to change my mind.. ^­^ " " ..... " "Because.. because when you're smiling, it feels like I've been blessed with ten times the happiness... But.. but when you're crying... I can't help but feel a hundred times the sadness... ^­^. " .. " .... Can you.. just stay ? " At my careful words, Oppa silently shook his head. " ..I won't cry... I promise... ^­^.. So.. so since I'm doing what you like, you have to come back soon... You promised to stay as a good Oppa, and this isn't an ideal idea of an Oppa... You're just forcing more guilt on me... You have to promise to come back soon.. " " ...Okay.. " "I'm sorry... and... Thank you, too... I've always wanted to say this.. " And thank you.. for smiling at this moment as well... .. " .. It's impossible to stay as such a great Oppa right now.. ^­^ But when I come back, I'll be the best Oppa you've met... I'll be by your side through whatever problems you may encounter.. I promise... ^­^ " " ..Thank you.. ^ ^ " "Ahem Ahem.. Since I won't see you for a few years, I'll just have to look and look at your face to memorize every detail." "Why do you sound like you'll never come back.... You'll keep in touch, right?" " .. ^­^.. " "It.. takes awhile to get to Austrailia, right?" "Yep. =_=.. From 9 to 10 hours.. " "How boring that would be. ­_ ­; " "Seriously. ^­^ " It has been such a long time since we've laughed and had a conversation... EunAh, you should've smiled for him more often.. The announcement for warning the departure of Austrailia soon crept into our hearing and JaeHyun Oppa was bidding me a farewell when Saemi quickly rushed over.. .. "OPPA!!!!! " Poor Saemi.. _ It must be hard for her.. _ .. I know how much you love your brother... _ and I be this close.. .. "DON'T GO YET!!! I don't have enough taxi fee to go back!! You do have cash on you, right?!!!" Or...Not. ­_ ­.. ... When you and I meet again.. Let's really be a really good Oppa and Dongseng to each other.. ♡ Just like your promise, You have to come back as someone I can rely on through thick and rain.. ♡ Just until the day we meet again... JaeHyun Oppa!! Goodbye.. Why couldn't EunHyuk ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ A step... And another step... I take to run away from her.. I guess our fate was never to open each other's hearts for as soon as I enter through this doors.. I am forced to re­arrange and change the way my heart opperates.. For she would always run away from my unwanted love.. When I come back... I guess I plan to be a small resting shield for her.. And leaving, I am, for her and her only one... For the person I love... ...... by. JaeHyun ­35­ "YO!! YOO EUNAH!! GET THE FREAKING PHONE!! " Who would dare to disturb my precious sleep on a sunday?!?! = _ =.. "HEY!! YOO EUNAHHH!! Get the phone already!! It's SungMin SunBae!!" 'Plop ­_ ­ ' "Yoo EunHyuk!!! 0 !! Why didn't you tell me sooner??? Ahem­hem. Hello? >_<* " Coughing, I tried my best to sound my best into the phone.. ­ " .. You have any idea what time it is? ­__­.. " "What, what? ^ ^ " ­ " Three. ­__­.. " "Oh, really. ^ ^... ­ ­.. WHAT?!?! THREE O'CLOCK??!!! = =!!! " ­ "You usually sleep the whole day, huh. ­__­.. " "Ha...ha; ­ _­; " ­ " Get dressed and come out to 'DK'. You know where that is, right?" "DK? _ .. Err... Oh... yeah. Uhh.. sure? " 'DK' was a bar located downtown, short for 'DrunKen'. =_=.. Rumors has it that its owner is generous enough to let underage students into the place. Of course, the rumors were proven correct.. ­ " Yeah. Wear something pretty. ­__­ If you don't want to get embarassed. See you. ­_ ­ " "W­wait!! Embarassed? Why would I get embarassed? ­__­;; " ­ "A whole bunch of my school friends are here. We're probably gonna stay for the whole day so you figure out the rest. I'm hanging up. ­__­ " ­ 'Doo. Doo. Doo. Doo.. ' SungMin attends SangGo High. So.. by his 'A whole bunch of school friends' would mean 'A whole bunch of SangGo kids'.. ­__­.. Euumm.. Let's not forget the fact that his school is full of party­ers.... =_=.. And.. Of course, who else could I turn to in a crisis like this? My one and only friend Saemi will protect me with her charisma. ­__­!!! ... ............ .... \ In front of 'DK' ­__­ "You b!tch! Why didn't you tell me that sooner?! " "Ehe, ^ ^ I figured you wouldn't have come if I told you the place was full of SangGo kids. ^ ^ " "Aargh, your such a pain!!! 0 !! All you told me over the phone was that you're paying for the alchohol!! 0 Like I said, you would've never came with me Saemi if it didn't involve free food.. =_ =;; "ANYWAY!! Let's go in~ ^ ^ " "Hoo.. ­__­.. Yoo EunAh. " "Yes m'am? _ " " "Let's visit my house for a sec. " "What now 0 !! " "Only a dumb*ss would go in with those clothes!! Don't forget the fact that your Kang SungMin's girlfriend, hon. You'll only be a laughing stock if you go in, in that attire!! ­ ­ " " .. =_=;; " What's wrong with what I have on... = _ = A cute pink coat with a white skirt. ­_ ­ Notice the pink sandels? I even put my hair up halfway for a look of innocence!! Plus the cubic hair pairpin and the twotwo ring SungMin gave me. ­__­* .. You're just jealous Saemi. *­__­* "I actually thought it over before I dressed today. _ " "I never said you didn't!! Just look at yourself, 100% innocence!! Heck no, I won't let you be clawed by those lions!! Sexiness is more like it.. C'mon let's go!!!! " Sexiness 0 ? SEXINESS??!! 0 Do you think I never tried that approach before, Saemi? It just doesn't fit mee.. 0 Waaah.. SungMin!! Save me from this devil's wrath!! � � !! \ Saemi's house. .... "Oh hoo... _ . Perfect, change into these EunAh! Quickly, we're already late! " Never let Saemi take KungFu again. Argh, why'd she get so strong all of a sudden.. ­__­... ...It's too quiet without JaeHyun Oppa.. "CHANGE ALREADY!! ­ ­!! " "Fine.. _ ... !!!!!!.. _ !!!! 0 !!!!!! " You... ex­expect me to wear this Saemi? ­ ­.. Right, sure. Where in heavens did you even find these? 0 !! "Sae... Saemi.. _ .. Let's be rational. This is just... just plainly going over the line.. � � .. We're going to a bar, not a night club. _ " "Oh.. Yeah huh.. ­__­a " "Yes. _ " "Ah sh­t. Just.. Just wear it. ­__­" "It's embarassing 0 !! " "How about this then? = _= " The next attire Saemi threw into my arms was... ­__­ A highly low­cut jean skirt that wrapped tightly around my thighs... ­ __­; And for it was at least ten times better than what she showed me before, I closed my eyes and changed into them.. _ .. .. "Will you stay still?!?! Why are you blinking so much?? I'm trying to do EYE make­up EunAh!! And it's kind of HARD when you're blinking like a hundred times per minute!!!!­0­!! " Who ever gave you the impression that I was going out for a photo­shoot Saemi?! 0 !! "W­why are you applying make­up in the first place _ !! " "You really want to be laughed at? ­__­ " "Well, aren't you the hypocrite! Why aren't you doing your own make­up? ­__­^ " "I'm naturally pretty. ­v ­ " Sh­t Saemi. ­__­.. I should reeeeeeeeally have you take some medicine. ­_ ­.. ... ... As a grand finale, I was finally able to walk out of the hell hole with Saemi's 3 inch heels. .. MOMMYYY. _ .. People are staring at meee 0 !! "Saemiii... _ .. I think I'm getting red. _ .. Why do I feel those people's stare boring onto me? =_ = " "Don't worry about a thing, hon. ­_ ­ They're not staring at you, just me. ­v ­* " Yep. Where could that medicine be.. ­_ ­.. "Hey EunAh. =_= " "Yeah? What Saemi? _ ... " "I don't wanna admit it but... ­_ ­ You're fu*king pretty right now. =_=.. " ­36­ For Saemi's compliments came by less than twice a year, I stepped into 'DK' a bit boastful. ­__­.. "Aah! SUNGMIN!!!! ^ ^ " SungMin sat in the center among many SangGo students.. "What the fu*k? Did that b!tch call SungMin?" "We had a girl looking like that at our school? How come I never saw her before? =_= " "Fu*king hot, man! Hell of a nice taste...~ ­_ ­* " " The girl standing next to her is hella pretty, too.." Whispers and murmurs traveled through out the SangGo students. ­ _­ You're not talking sh­t behind my back are you..? _ Dropping my pride aside, I bounced to a seat in front of SungMin with Saemi by my side, while SungMin just stared at me blankly. =_=;; " ...Yoo EunAh. " "Yesss ? _ " "Who told you to do that? " "Eh..? Do what? _ ;; " You're not mad I called your name out loud are you? _ .. " ..Sh­t!!!!! " The loud buzz immediately buried itself with SungMin's foul language... ­_ ­;; "You all better cover your eyes 'til I say to open them again!! Whoever doesn't, I'll make sure to rip your eyeballs out... " Yep.. And you wanted to know why I was scared of you? _ .. Dam*.. I even closed my eyes!! _ .. "Not you. ­ _­ " Said SungMin while approaching me inconspicuously.. " .. Who.. told you to wear that crap?" "Huh? _ " "Not one soul in the world would be interested in drooling over your legs, so don't try to show off something you don't have. ­__­^ " What the fu*k?! ... Like I ever expected anything else from you. Argh, why are you yelling at ME though? Are you blind? There are one hell of other girls who revealed much more of their skin! 0 !!! "Be right back.. Cover yourself with this while I'm gone." Handing me his coat, SungMin walked out of the bar. _ eyes. ­__­; And among the crowd, a guy asked me fascinated... =_=.. "Whoa, you're seriously SungMin's b­tch? _ And with the slam of the door, everyone had opened their I've never seen him take care of a girl. What school do you go to? _ " "MiLae High. ­__­;; " "MiLae High...? InMoon? = = " "Yep. =_ =;; " "You're a nerd aren't you.. _ " "My mom pulled a few strings. =_=.. " While I was generously answering the SangGo kid.. =_=.. I saw Saemi practically killing her napkin while her eyeballs were moving around frantically. _ .. "Saemi. _ ..What the freak's wrong with you? " " ... Should I follow them? " "Eh? Who's them? _ " At my words, Saemi pointed to TaeHoon and HanKyul who were walking to another table. "Where are they running off to? _ " "I don't knowww.. But I get a bad bad feeling.. Argh!! It won't be anything serious, right? 0 !!! " I guess it's understandable. =_=.. I mean, I'd have a bad feeling if the guy I liked and the guy that liked me walked off together. =_ = Someoneee... ­__­ was never allowed to have that pleasurable worry in her life. ­__­... (Bring a knife to my neck, and I'd never confess that the someone is me!) .... "Aaah.. There they are... _ (Whispers) " Dragged by Park Saemi, we were leaning against the top stair wall, staring down at the two guys talking in private. ­__­ "Shut up, I can't hear them; = = (Whispers)" Firmly closing my lips, I stared at the two intently. =_=. What's so important that they had to walk off by themselves? ­ _­ .. " ...Don't... show it too much.. " "What ? " "Don't stare at her so longingly with Saemi watching.." Ears perking at her name, Saemi focused their attention to them more. Scary Saemi, just scary.. =_=;; " .. Yoon KanKyul.. " " ....I hate the feeling of anxiety, TaeHoon." "What are you getting at.. " " .. I know who you like TaeHoon... I know who your heart's calling out for... And.. and because of the truth, it's scaring me." " .... You .. " " .. You and SungMin.... You've grown apart more than I would've ever allowed you guys to in the past few weeks. And you sound so careless. Is that it, TaeHoon? You don't give a sh­t?" " ... I'm trying. " "I know.. I know how much you're sacrificing but I can't help but feel anxious... Yeah, I know I should be more trusting. Our friendship isn't some easy sh­t lying around... I know... Heh, I'm just muttering nonsense aren't I.. Sorry bro." I finally realized that their conversation was getting to be more and more serious... "When'd you figure it out? ^­^ That I'm crushing on her like an idiot?" " .. It doesn't take an idiot to find out. EunAh's always at the spotlight of where you would always stare off to.." " ..Idiot.. ^­^ " Ooh.. So that's who TaeHoon likes! A girl named EunAh. ^ ^... EunAh..? Whoa, where have I heard that name before? EunAh... EunAh... Euunn.. Ahh.. Crap, argh brain freeze.. Umm.... ^ ^..... EunAh... Yoo......... EunAh.. W­what... the... No, it can't be.. ... "All three of us could pass for idiots.. ^ ^ " " .. Yeah, I know. " " But.. TaeHoon.. " "Yeah. " .. "Just... as much as you like EunAh... I like Saemi, too... I like her a lot... And... and just the fact of her smiling would be enough for me... You... you get what I mean, right?" AAAAAH!!!!! Then the EunAh is.. is really Yoo EunAh??!! I thought.. I thought he was joking!! 0 !!!! The.. the person who Saemi likes so much likes SungMin's girlfriend............ as well as Saemi's best friend... Suh TaeHoon. " .. EunAh.. " Flinching at Saemi's low voice, I slowly turned my head.... _ .. .. " ...HanKyul... since when was he such a cool guy. _ ..? Whoa.. At first, he just seemed cute and now... Now.. He's such a sweety... Oh.My.God.. ­ ­.. Saemi's cheeks were flushing a deep shade of red as she gazed HanKyul dumbfounded.... = =.. Why... in the world are your cheeks so red as if so embarassed???.. ­__­;;; ­­­ ­37­ For you're by my side, I laugh and smile.. ^­^ .. Thank you.. and Love you.. .. "W­what? ­_ ­; " " .. I can't believe myself... _ .. EunAh.. My heart feels like it's going to explode.. It's thumping so fast... " If I say so again, just a couple of hours ago, Saemi had been head over heels for TaeHoon.. ­_ ­.. Girls are such unreliable creatures. _ .. "It's different.. Way.. different.. _ .. See with TaeHoon.. He had been my idealistic guy for the longest time that I.... but... but with.. HanKyul.. _ .. God, I can't seem to breathe properly just looking at HanKyul. _ Aaah, are my cheeks red? They feel like it's burning!! 0 " I quickly covered Saemi's mouth in fear of getting spotted = _= and turning my head toward them... .. "What are you doing ­ _­ " "Eer...aaaah.. � � .. " "Were you standing here the whole time? ­__­^ " Caught. In. The. Act. Dam* only if Saemi hadn't shouted!! 0 "Ooh.. S­see it's .. um.. because ­ ­a YEAH!! Your friends seemed to be looking for you!! Don't you.. Err.. Don't you wanna head back now?! ^ ^;; " "Really now? ­__­ " "Yeah! =_=;; " Breathing a silent sigh of relief, I was about to run away when.. Pa­Park Saemi!! What the hell!! She ditched me! 0 !!!! "What's up with the face? ­__­ " "I­it's nothing.. _ " "I thought I heard someone here before.. ­__­a " "Oh. Hehe, well.. I'm someone~ Look at me! Heh.. Heh. �� " Prepare to die Park Saemi.. _ .. I was bitterly reviewing my way of revenge in my head.. =_ =.. and, "Eu­EunAh. _ " Took you long enough to see me HanKyul.. ­_ ­;; "Since when were you standing here? _ "J­just came by... Oh yeah! HanKyul. ^ ^ " "Yeah? _ " " "Go find Saemi. ^ ^ " " ...Saemi?.. " "Yep. Unless I'm horribly mistaken, bet she's dying to see you! ^ ^ " My words seemed to paint a red mark on HanKyul's cheeks. Damn.. ­__­.. How cuteee.. ­__­* Saemi, you owe me for this! ­ _­ When HanKyul quickly left us, a wave of awkwardness breezed between TaeHoon and me. ­0­ "Haha; ^ ^ S­since I did my duty.. You know finding you.. and.... All.. I'll see you later, I guess. ^ ^ " .. " ...You heard? " TaeHoon's two words forced my heart to fall off a cliff.. "H­hear what;; ^ ^ " " ..... " " =_=;; .. " "It doesn't matter if you heard or not. Nothing will change. " "What? _ " "It's only normal to be Yoo EunAh and Kang SungMin. Good luck. ^­^ " Normal... Us two.. SungMin and EunAh... The title was.. normal. "W­wait!! �� !!! " I quickly pulled TaeHoon from going back into 'DK'... As he turned around, smiling. "Lucky for me, it's still friendship over love.. ^­^ .. Take care of my idiotic friend who knows only about you." .. I could never know how he felt while telling me this but... I was forever thankful. ^­^... You're a cool guy, Suh TaeHoon... ^­^.. Watching these three, once again I was touched by a guy's friendship. Aaah, why do I feel envious all of a sudden? ­0­ (My so­called best friend ditched me to save her own skin. ­__­ ) Anyway, when I walked back into 'DK' with light steps, SungMin who seemed to have just arrived, handed me a shopping bag while wiping his sweaty forehead. "Eh? What is this ? _ " "Your change of clothes. ­__­^^ " You.. you ran off just for me..?... _ .. You *sshole. _ .. Stop being such a sweety. _ "Suh­SungMin. _ .. " "Don't show up in those clothes with other guys watching.. " "Okay.. _ .. " ..I'm too jealous for my own good.. " I guess this is why.. _ I'm addicted to loving him.. _ .. " KANG SUNGMIN!! I LOVE YOU!!! ♡ ­38­ \ School "So... What did you tell HanKyul. = _ = " "J­just... I don't remember exactly, I was shaking from head to toe.. ­ _­; I asked him to meet me today.. Whew... Oh Gawd.. I'm getting so nervous... = = " A mystery that's what it is.. Never knew the great Park Saemi could change into a squeaky mouse for a guy. ­_ ­.. "What if I can't even tell him straight out? Argh, EunAhhh. 0 " Thankfully... Saemi's truth reflected off my eyes... When.. when Saemi liked TaeHoon.. She was more like a crazy fan stalking her favorite singer. =__=.. But now, she seems like a timid girl, crazy in love... ^­^ "You better control your mouth. ­ _­ What if... HanKyul thinks your some slut who dances from one guy to another? =_= " "KYAAAH!! 0 !! What if he really does?!?!" "That's why you should be careful. ­0­ " During the 9 hours of school, all Saemi did was write her confession dialogue on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and start one again to throw it away... again. ­ _­.. And her doom soon neared her as her moment of confession arrived.. "Tylenol. = =.. Tylenolll.. = = What if I have a heart attack = = ?" "Nah. ­ _­ Even if you do, you won't die. Plus, it's not like I had a heart attack from being with SungMin, right? ­v ­* " Yes, I'm horrible. Keke, but hey... How could you not show off our baby, SungMin? >_< Eu­heh♡ I'm just doing my job~ = = .... "TURTLE!! 5 Seconds!! ­ ­!!! " SungMin's voice rang throughout the field and grabbing Saemi's wrists, I quickly ran toward the gates. .. "Whaaat.. = =* " "Let's ditch them and go somewhere else. " SungMin said while pointing at his friends and Saemi.. ­ _­ "Why Saemi. =_= " "Idiot.. ­_ ­ ..Are you really this clueless or are you acting like it? Can't you see that your friend has something to tell HanKyul?" Comprehending SungMin's words, I whipped around to see Saemi take a step toward HanKyul, open her mouth.. =_= and turn around. The cycle continued at least 4 times.. ­ _­; .. Hmm... ­__­... Your unni will help you out, Saemi! ... "Mooharhar >_< SAEMI~~ Excuse SungMin and me while we run off to have some love time~~ ^ ^ Have a great journey with those handsome SangGo kids! See you later~~>_< " "What? Yoo EunAH!! EUNAH!! 0 " Leaving behind the desperate best friend, we walked off without a second glance for hers and HanKyul's happiness. ♬ Please let my sacrifice (?) bring good results to HanKyul and Saemi ♡ ..... ............ .. \House After a long walk with SungMin, I finally stepped into our house.. =_= ' Rrrrrr _ Rrrrrr _ ♬ ' Whoa.. perfect timing, whoever that is. ­ _­ How could you call the second I arrive at home? " Hello? " ­ " ... EunAh... Unni. ? " "Who­? _ " ­ " ..This is SunHee.. ^­^ " SunHee.... =_=.. My one and only brother, EunHyuk's girlfriend. "Ooh, hey SunHee. ^ ^ " ­ "Is.. EunHyuk home? He seems to have turned off his cell.. " "EunHyuk? Sure, I'm pretty sure he's home.. Wait ^ ^ " Nice SunHee ♡ .. Pretty Sunhee ♡ .. Too good for EunHyuk, SunHee. =_= I quickly ran up the stairs and pounded on EunHyuk's room. "YOO EUNHYUK! ­0­ !! EunHyuk!!! Get the phone, it's your wife!!!! " " ..... " "DUDE!! SunHee's one the phone!!" " ... SunHee? .. " How strange. ­_ ­ Never thought I'd see the day to see EunHyuk remain calm when SunHee calls.. He's usually jumping up and down..­_ ­a Unfit for my brother, EunHyuk stared at the phone in my hands, expressionless.. "Here. ­ _­ " " .... " After staring at the phone silently, I caught a small look of sorrow, before he disappeared with the phone in his hands. "I guess they had a fight? ­ _­ " Assuming EunHyuk's abnormal behavior was due to a fight, I was about to head back down when.. .... .. 'SLAM!!! CLAANG!!!!! ' Wh­what the hell? _ ­39­ 'SLAM!!! CLANG!!!!! ' What.. the hell? _ door wide.. Why do I hear China breaking? _ Immediately running back to EunHyuk's room, I opened the "YOO EUNHYUK!!!!!! " " ..... " " Are you INSANE!!! 0 !!! Do you think it's normal to throw a phone out the window?!? Oh my gosh!! Look at all that shattered glass!!! 0 !! You alright?" " ..... " "Goodness! 0 !! You killed the plant!! Argh, are you just clumsy or what? Mom'll definately kill you for that!" " .... Yoo EunAh.. " "Oh my God, Oh my God..!! Yoo EunHyuk!! Look at your fingers!! They're bleeding!! Oh no no no!! Here.. Um.. I'll get a first aid kit!!" "YOO EUNAH!!!!!!! " EunHyuk ended up shouting over my paranoia. "Ehem?? _ ;; " " ... There's something I'm fu*king curious about." " ..What... is it? _ " " .. You're smart aren't you? Yeah, you are... You would know.. Hah, you gotta answer me aight? Since.. since your smart, you have to answer to my question." You *ss ­_ ­^ You know better than myself how I'm barely keeping my place from having the lowest grade!! ­0­ "What are you so curious about. =_= " " .... Are you supposed to hold onto the person you love... or let go.. " "What? " "I'm not repeating myself.. " " ... _ .. " "Answer me. What should one do? " " Huh.. I guess.. ­_ ­a I guess it's smart to hold on. " " .. ^­^ .. Then I'm a dumb*ss.. " "What ? _ " "I can't do that... Truth be told, I wanna hold her back so she can't go anywhere but.. but because I'm such an idiot, I can't seem to hold onto her... " "EunHyuk.. " It wasn't so common to see EunHyuk's serious side.. " ....Think I can ask you a favor? " "Eh? A favor? " "I won't bother teasing you again. I'll even call you nuna everyday... So you gotta hear me out, aight?" "What's.. the favor.. " "Don't let Lee SunHee run away.. " SunHee? ...What.. what happened EunHyuk... "Please help me.. Nuna.. You could do that, can't you... You know how I can't live without her.." "EunHyuk... " "It's only been 10 minutes since I talked to her and I can't help but to have my dam* circulation be cut off!!!! " " ..... " "I miss her... I miss her so much that it feels like my heart's gonna explode... How the hell am I suppose to let her go!!!! I wanna hold her back, Nuna... I wanna grab onto her so she won't go anywhere... Nuna... Please, help me... Don't let her go anywhere.." .. " Hah.. Idiot.. ^­^.. Wimp*ss.. A guy can't cry.. ^­^ " I quietly hugged EunHyuk, despite our height differences.. And shoulders shaking, EunHyuk slowly dampened by shoulders with his tears.. I'm not sure what's going on between the two of you.. ^­^.. But I'll help you EunHyuk.. Your nuna.. Your nuna will help you no matter what.. .... .......... .. " .. It's been such a long time, Unni. ^­^ " "Yeah.. Sorry for calling you out so late.. " Creeping out of our house, I had called SunHee out in secret.. " ...I.. want to ask you something, SunHee." " .. A question? _ "Yeah.. ^­^ " " " .... Go ahead. " "SunHee.. Did.. did anything bad happen between you and EunHyuk?" SunHee's eyes were filled with tears simulatenously as I said EunHyuk's name.. " ..... " " It wasn't a simple fight was it... Something.. something serious happened between you guys, hasn't it?" " ..... " "Even if you guys fought, just take it as my brother's imperfection and see him again, yeah? He misses you a lot SunHee.." He never allowed himself to show weakness... You're the reason he fell down, SunHee... Because he likes you incredulously.. " ... I do... Too.. " "What? _ " "I miss EunHyuk crazily, too... It gives me nightmares just by the idea of not having him in my life... I like him just as much, Unni.." "Then.. why.. " "I'm not allowed.. Even if it may be true love EunHyuk and I share... We're not allowed to see each other.." "Who.. who talked that sh­t to you?!! " " ....... " I guess it was something secretive for all SunHee did was remain quiet while letting her tears create a puddle on the table below her. "It doesn't matter what other people say or think. It takes two to make a relationship, it doesn't require anyone else.." .... There's... only a limited number of things I could say to SunHee as of now EunHyuk... But.. I'll try... ^­^ It's so unfair... it's so unfair to keep apart two people who love each other so much.. ­40­ [ A Princess and a peasant ♡ ♬­ EunHyuk's story ­ She and I are like the sky and the ocean, we hold a great difference between us. She is the prettiest Princess that had ever existed... While I'm just a nameless peasant. There's only a limited number of things I could do to please her.. Yet despite my imperfection, she would always give me a beautiful smile in return. One day... Perhaps I could be a Prince fit for my wonderful Princess. And maybe, I could confidently confess my feelings to my lovable Princess.... ^­^ So, until then Princess... ♡ Until I step onto the throne of a Prince, don't ever leave me.. Wait for me.. .. ..No matter what..... (That night... SunHee and EunHyuk's phone conversation..) ­ " EunHyuk.. This is SunHee.. ^­^.. " "You alright? ... Why didn't you pick up the phone? You weren't even there when I waited afterschool everyday.. Where were you? Huh? " ­ "EunHyuk.. ^­^ " "Yeah I'm listening... " ­ " EunHyuk... Do you like me? " "What are you talking about.. " ­ "Tell me. ^­^..Do you.. like me? " "Yeah.. yeah, I do... A lot.. " ­ "I don't. " " .. What? " "I don't like you... I... I love you... " " ..Did.. anything happen? That's it, isn't it? What is it.. You sound so troubled.." ­ " .. We should've taken more pictures together... Even when I miss you... I have no pictures to turn to.. " " .... Lee SunHee.. " ­ "Just.. sometimes when you... sometimes if you miss me, EunHyuk.. ^­^ " " ...... " ­ "Just stare at the sky. ^­^ .. If.. if we were to be apart, we'd still be staring at the same sky, yeah? Just a few times... occasionally, you gotta think of me while staring at the sky... ^­^ " "What do you mean... Apart... who, us? Why would we be.. " ­ " It's just a maybe.. If.. if we were to be.. ^­^.. If that day ever greeted us, then you can't be sad over it, okay..? Even if we were to be apart, we would still be laughing and crying in the same star of Earth.." " .. Why are you saying this in the first place... You sound like you're gonna leave me... " ­ " .. Let's... let's not see each other... Just for the time being..." " .... What ? " ­ " Let's... please? EunHyuk... " " ... How long do you mean by 'just for the time being'.." ­ "I have no clue... I don't know how many years it'll take.. " " .. A few years? You love me don't you... You said so yourself that you loved me... Why.. why would you want us to be apart, then?! Why!!!! " ­ "Don't get upset EunHyuk.. See, I'm even smiling... It'll be better to smile... We'll just mask over our sorrow with a grin.." "Idiot!!! Why would you laugh when you're in pain!! That would just be an idiotic thing to do" ­ " We'll just remember the smiles... You can erase every thought of sorrow, can't you..." " .... I won't let you go. " ­ " ..... " "Go where.. Why would you leave me behind... You can't.. You won't, I won't let you.." ­ "Don't... You're just forcing unpleasant memories into our mind, EunHyuk.. Through the few years we'll be apart, I'll only be thinking of you... It's not like my heart has a choice of turning itself around.." "Hah.. Then we could just see each other again... It's that simple isn't it... Where are you going... ...Why.. are you going..." ­ "I think.. I have to go to a faraway country.." "...Do you really have to?..." ­ " ...Yeah.. " "Dummy.. I'll just go with you, then. ^­^ " ­ " .. You can't... Until I come back... I can't see you.. I can't even call you.. or write... Hah, not much I could do then, huh.." " ..Why... Why do you have to go... And... why can't you see me.." ­ "I can't tell you yet... Just.. just until I come back... Then I'll tell you everything.. So... so 'til then... ...'til then.." "You want me to wait? ...Until you come back, you want me to wait for you? ... Sure... I will... May it be 3..4 years.. I'll wait for you... I'm trusting you to come back okay? Promise me.." ­ " Yeah... I can.. ^­^.. It'll be a second and I'll come back.. " "I'll miss you... a lot... I'll be about to enrol into a mental hospital, probably.." ­ " Yeah.. Me too... " " ....When.. when are you leaving?" ­ " ...... " " ... Aah.. Dam* that alchohol.. I stood up late last night drinking with friends that I'm so sleepy... Hey, I'll talk to you later.... Bye.. ^­^.. " .. ­ " ..... EunHyuk.. " " ...... " ­ "There are so many things I can't dare to speak of yet... But.. but I'll be right back explaining everything... I'll really come back.. It'll be really soon..." ­ 'Doo.. Doo.. Doo. .... ' I can't.. I don't think I could wait for you... Unless I really go mental in the head, how am I suppose to wait when I'm already aching for you... You're the drug that turned me into the person I am today... You've set it in me that I can't bare to be apart even for a short period of time... Just by the idea of not seeing you for a few days is nauseating and scares me to death... How do you expect for me to wait for you for God knows how many years... You expect me to smile...? You expect me to laugh and pretend nothing's wrong? Hah.. A real comedy.. That's what this is.. I'm at a dead end.. Where am I suppose to go now... If you really do love me... You should at least tell me the reason why you have to leave... why you have to leave so far away... I want to hold you back... and keep you by my side ... but... But... Do you really want me to? ...... ............... ...... Dear Princess ♡.. Please don't leave me.... I'll cut the alcohol along with a ban on cigarettes.. I'll do everything in my power to become the Prince fit for such a beautiful Princess like yourself... So please, don't leave.. Nobody likes a lonely Prince without his Princess.. A smile is what I desire as a Prince along with a Princess by his side... Because I'm still just a nameless peasant, unworthy to hold his love one.. Wait for me, that I may become a Prince and hold you back... ... A Prince loves your highness... So.. very much... ­­ ­41­ Exactly 4 days have passed since I met SunHee... ­__­... And I'm glad to announce that EunHyuk is still living his days as a hospitalized patient. ­0­.... " .. Yoo EunHyuk... Mom wants you to come down and eat.. " " ..... " "Dinner time... Open the freaking door, no one would be dumb enough to steal anything!!! " " ..... " " ... You think SunHee wants you to act this way???!! " ' Click' .. Yep... You're a biiig loser on love... =_=.. " ... I'm not eating.. " "You're so stubborn!! You can't just starve yourself, do you know how worried mom is?? Come down and let's go eat. " " ....I'm gonna sleep.. " "Hey!! Yoo EunHyuk!! ..EunHyuk!! " EunHyuk had gotten unmistakenably pale... This wasn't suppose to happen.. Yoo EunHyuk, what happened to you... Remember how you'd always shout and yell when you were hungry...? This image isn't at all moody or romantic so stop it... Why.. why do you keep on worrying your sister? ... "What happened to EunHyuk? _ " When I walked down to the kitchen, mom had pulled me aside and asked me curiously... "He won't eat.. " "Goodness. ­0­ Never thought I'd live to see the day when he wouldn't be hungry. Oh, is he on a diet? ­_ ­ " "You know he doesn't have any fat to lose, mom... He's just... sick.. really sick." "EunHyuk's sick? Where!! _ " " ... His heart's hurting... more than he can manage.... " "His heart hurts? _ " " .... His eyes are programmed to only look at one person... And his ears would only listen for that one person... A real idiot, that's what he is.." " ...... " "Mom.. What do I need to do to make him come back... He looks so pale and fragile... What if.. what if something bad happens.. " " ....Our little baby girl even cares for her brother now. ^­^ What a nice sister, you are! ^­^ " "That's not important. ­ _­ " I'd rather have a conceited, stuck­up brother than an idiot... While munching on my dinner, our phone begun to ring from the livingroom. How dare thee call at my meal times!??! ­ _­.. "Hello! ­0­ " Setting down my spoon, I quickly grabbed the phone from ringing again... "Helloooo. ­_ ­.. Who is itt ­_ ­ " ­ " .. EunHyuk.. ^ ^ .. Keee... It's me! SunHee.. ^ ^ " SunHee ? _ !!! ­ "Hehe... Only a couple more dayys.. ^ ^ Just a couple more days leffft.. EunHyuk!" As if drunk, SunHee's tongue became more and more twisted.. "SunHee.... It's you right? It's me, EunAh Unni... " ­ " ..Oing? =_= .. Aaahhh... It isn't our EunHyuk then. Heh­heh. Unni! ^ ^.. Hello ^ ^ It's me, SunHee.. ^ ^.. Hehe.. " "Did you drink, SunHee? _ .. " ­ "Yep Yep.. ^ ^ ..Hehe, just a wittle bit~ Aww, SunHee wants to see Unni right now. ^ ^ " "Yeah, me too... Where are you, SunHee? Want to meet?" ­ " Whoaaa, you'll come? ^ ^ Hehe, I couldn't be happier! >_< ..Hehe, this is DK >_< You know where that is, right? Drunken drunken downtown~ ♬.. ^♬^ " "Yeah, I know. ^­^. I'll be there in 5 minutes. Don't start drinking without me! ^­^ " ­ " Okay. ^ ^.. Hehe, Unni you're the best ♡ >_< See you in a while~~ .. And... and Unni... " "Yeah ? _ " ­ " .... Is... is Yoo EunHyuk doing okay? Of course, he has to be.. ^ ^.. He.. he wouldn't be crying or starving himself... Right?" " ...... " ­ "Why aren't you answering.. ^ ^.. Aww... Yoo EunHyuk, he's really starving? Well, you just gotta force him to eat! >_< He's too skinny to go around not eating >_< " " .. Yeah.. I will.. Even if he refuses, I'll force him to eat... ^­^ " ­ "Okay.. ^ ^.. Come quickly then >_< .. " SunHee was worried, too then huh... ^­^.. Hanging up the phone and determined to force some food down EunHyuk's throat, I hurriedly walked upstairs and carefully stepped into his room.. .... " ....... " As if tired, EunHyuk was leaning on his bed, fast asleep... With.. with a clear print of tears down his cheeks... .. " ....Everything'll be all right, EunHyuk... Don't worry... ^­^ " " ..... SunHee.. " Tucking him in, I hurried out of the room to meet SunHee, after watching EunHyuk whisper SunHee's name in his dreams... .... To EunHyuk's one and only princess.. ♡ ­42­ \ 'DK' "UNNI!! Here. ^ ^ " As soon as I arrived at 'DK' SunHee greeted me with both of her cheeks flaming red. "Why'd you drink so much!! �� !! " " .. Hehe... This isn't a lot at all >_< " "Were you by yourself this whole time? " " Nuh uh, I had friends over ^ ^ Then I chased them away cuz you were coming! >_< Hehe, aren't I a good girl ^ ^ " SunHee was the sunflower who would always make everyone around her happy... But then.... why would she make EunHyuk cry... "There are so many things I wanna tell you, Unni >_< " "Things you want to tell me? _ " " .. This spot... this spot on my chest hurts so much that... I don't think I can keep these words to myself... You don't mind do you? Ooh.. but you can't tell EunHyuk what I say.. >_< " "Yeah... Don't worry, I won't... What is it.. ^­^ .. " " ...I have three days left.. " "Huh? " "Three days later, I have to go far far away with a plane... " " .. What.. do you mean? " "I can't see him... 'Til I come back, I'm forbidden to see... or even hear EunHyuk's voice... It's so unfair, isn't it... I like EunHyuk so much... but why can't I see him.." You had told me this before... Who... who's forbidding your meetings, SunHee... "It's so stupid... Why should backgrounds matter when I love him... Why should schools.. and backgrounds matter... Heuk..." " .. What do you mean? " "Daddy saw us... EunHyuk and me, together... He doesn't want us to be together... He said rocks will be thrown at his reputation with me and EunHyuk dating.." I remember now... EunHyuk had told me long time ago, that SunHee's family was a member of the National Assembly... "So.. that's why you guys can't meet? " " ..Yes... What's worse is that... daddy isn't just a faker.. If.. if he feels threatened in any way that he might be thrown off the government, he might even put EunHyuk to danger..." " .. Danger..? You can't possibly mean that... I mean, it's his daughter he's thinking of..." "Not at all... He doesn't care about anything beside his work. Overly strict, that's what he is.." " ...... " "And that's why I can't see him anymore... I wouldn't want EunHyuk to be in danger because of me.." " ....SunHee.. " "But Unni, help me... I can't seem to control myself... I keep wanting to see EunHyuk again and again... What do I do..." "Wanna see him right now? No one'll know, it'll just be our secret.. He misses you a lot, too SunHee.." " ... I wish I could... But unfortunately, I can't.. ^­^.. " "What? _ " " ..Do you see the guy over there in the black suit? .. " "Yeah.. What about him? " "He's... one of my so called body­guards. Daddy specifically ordered him to watch over me.." Since when was my life full of drama? This is just like a movie.. = =.. "I'm being sent out of states because he's worried I might create a rackus. Daddy even told me once... That anyone scratching his reputation isn't fit enough to be his daughter..." Then... the 'bodyguard' SunHee's dad sent, approached our table. "Miss. It's late, let's go home now." " ...What are you doing... Can't you see I'm talking with Unni." "It was on strict orders for you to come back home before 10.. " " ...... " " .. SunHee.. Go home... ^­^.. " " ...Unni.. " "Call me before you leave, okay? " Nodding her head, SunHee followed the guy in the suit out of the bar. .. SunHee attends MyungMoon High... EunHyuk's SangGo.. .. SunHee's family was a member of the National Assembly.. EunHyuk... led a normal life.. The two different backgrounds.. were the obstacles.. ­43­ [It's because of me] ­ SunHee's story.. .. 'Slap!! ' "SO!!!! Trash like him is more important than your dad, is that it!!! " Trash? ...Hah.. How can you call EunHyuk trash... You're the only trash that I see... Aren't you the blind one.. "Honey!! She's still your daughter.. " "You be quiet!! " " ...... " "Don't you dare see him from now on.. " " ....No.. " "What's that? " "I won't... I won't listen to you.. " " ..He's a bad influence." "What... do you mean? " "You have never denied our words before!!! That Yoo EunHyuk or whatever his name is, is responsible for your disobedience, isn't he?" " ... That's not true. Stop spitting at EunHyuk's name.." He wasn't born to be treated like dirt by a person like you. "Look around you!! Do you have any idea how many people are eager to put us down?? Will you take full responsibility if word gets out that my own daughter is dating a punk?!!!! " "You.. care about what other people say more than your daughter?!! " " ...... " "I told you that EunHyuk wasn't a bad guy!! Why are you so ignorant?! What's so important? Money isn't everything in life!! " " ..You're my daughter. You will only meet the same kids our status. " "Hah.. Am I some tool for your own benefit? Don't think I'm clueless to the fact that you use me in ways that would only help you out!! " " .. The more you continue to be so stubborn, the more danger the boy will be in." " .. Excuse me? " "Don't think for a second that I will sit back and watch you two date." Evil... Pure evil to the bottom of his bones.. That's what my so called father is.. " ..Don't!! Don't you dare lay a finger on EunHyuk!!! " "Then promise me. " " ...... " "That you won't ever see him again " ..EunHyuk... Hah.. What should I do... What do you think I should do... Huh? " .. Hoo.. Forever won't be a promise.." " ...... " "How about.. You stay in America just until you graduate... And 'til then, you're forbidden to contact him in any way." " ..After I come back... You won't interfere between us any more?.." " ....I won't. " My college graduation will be in six years... For six years, I can't see EunHyuk and have to spend my time in that foreign land..? "Don't even think about calling Yoo EunHyuk in secret. I'll have people watching you at all times.." " ...... " "I trust that you will follow my words... I know I didn't raise an idiotic daughter... You wouldn't want him to be in danger, now would you.." " ...... " "The maid will call you down later for dinner. Hmm. " .. I can't breathe... I hate these bars keeping me from the outside world... These people... All whom are crazy over money... It's digusting... All I want to do is to love like any other person... Why.. why is that so hard?... .... I'm sorry, EunHyuk... I seem to be the cause for your tears... If I hadn't met you, then maybe... maybe you wouldn't be as hurt.. I'm so .. so sorry... But... but never forget that... I love you... A human's greed is impossible isn't it... Even.. even though I know how tired you must be cuz of me, I can't help but feel insecure about letting you go... I won't ask you to wait for me... But still... Through those long six years worth of time.. Can't you at least think of me for a short moment..? Looking at a picture we took together, smile at the heavens in which I'll be staring at the same time.. ^­^ ..You can't starve yourself or be tardy just because I'm not here anymore, okay? ... I'm sorry for just leaving without a proper goodbye... I know I'm not in any place to ask you to wait for me, but.. ^­^.. Do you think maybe I can remain as a small portion of your heart as a good memory? .. Goodbye, EunHyuk.. ^­^.. ... For six years..♡ ­44­ \ Field "And lastly, I wish for the best break for you all! ­0­ ..I love youl!! " With the principal's cute greeting, I am finally... FREEEE!!!! 0 !!!!!! "EunAh, you look hella tired. =_= " "How could that be!! I'm jumping up and down here!! ­0­ " "You might be thinking that but it's death on the cheeks, hon. Argh, thats a huge bag under your eye.. ­_ ­ " " .... =_= .. " Possibly this is because I barely had 4 hours of sleep after the talk with SunHee.. =_=.. ...... "EunAh. ­0­ See you later~ Can't keep HanKyul waiting ♡ >_< " "Okay. ­ _­. Have fun. ­ _­ " "I will >_<!!! " .. Yep. ­_ ­.. It has officially been two days since Park Saemi and Yoon HanKyul officially started to date. ­_ ­.. Seeup... She has guys flocking over her all the time. =_ = .. Anyway, congratulating the new couple, something caught my eye nearing my house. A letter? _ .. Oooh ­0­ Finally someone was willing to write me a love letter? +_+ !!! Excited, I quickly opened the envelope and getting out the neatly folded letter... EunAh Unni, ^­^ .. I'm leaving tomorrow.. Hehe ♡ I'll miss you a lot once I'm gone. Don't tell EunHyuk this but I'm leaving with the 2 o'clock plane. It'd mean a lot if you come! >_< By.. yourself, of course!! ^ ^ ­ SunHee ..... No SunHee.. You can't just leave... If.. if you do.. What about my brother, EunHyuk... The one who laughed and said he'd marry you... The one who continuously bothered me to give him the necklace so he could give it to you.. The one who gave up 30 minutes of sleep everyday all because you threatened him not to peck him on the cheek if he wouldn't eat his breakfast.. What about EunHyuk.. ... But.. knowing that if I were to show EunHyuk this letter, SunHee would fall into deep trouble... I didn't allow myself to say anything... 'Til tomorrow.. finally came.. \ Next day.. " .. Whoa, what happened to you? You're actually awake on the a.m of a Sunday. ^ ^ " " ... _ .. " "You going out with SungMin SunBae? ^ ^ " EunHyuk was actually smiling and greeting me from the livingroom.. A complete opposite of his dead­patient like image.. _ .. "You... _ .. alright? " "Huh? Why wouldn't I be? Your brother, Yoo EunHyuk, was always okay. ­ _­ " "N­no it's... um.. see.. err.. SunHee... " " .... Who's SunHee? ^­^ " ... !!!! "What... " "Who's SunHee? ^­^ Is that a new friend of yours? Never heard of that name before. ^­^ " " ..Yoo EunHyuk. " "I don't know anyone.. with... that sort of name.. I really don't.. " "Yoo EunHyuk!! Get a grip on yourself!! " "Why don't you?!!! Who the fu*k is SunHee? I told you, I don't know anyone with that name!! And I don't plan on remembering or thinking about it, either!!" " ...... " .. " ..Hah.. Sorry for shouting.. ^­^.. But really, I don't know anyone with the name, SunHee.. nor do I want to... So.. so don't say that name from now on... ^­^.. " With that, EunHyuk turned on his heels to go to his room... Idiot... That's what you are... Why are your lips and eyes playing differently, then... Why.. are your lips muttering lies that doesn't even make sense while your eyes are crying... .. ... "Yoo EunHyuk!!!!! " I'm sorry SunHee... I know I promised not to tell but.. but I'm going to wish upon this one hope... That's what life is all about, isn't it.. I'm going to help EunHyuk hold you back and keep you by his side.. .. " ...SunHee.. She's leaving!!! Today... Or.. Yeah in a few hours, she'll be leaving!!!!" " ...... " "Her flight leaves at 2. She's leaving for America, I think... Go and stop her, EunHyuk... Go..!!" " .... Thanks.. Nuna. " It's been awhile since you said 'thanks nuna'.. ^­^ Leaving behind those words, EunHyuk bolted out of the house to catch SunHee, with me chasing after him. .... Show us, SunHee and EunHyuk.. That... the only important thing in true love is it's truth.. ^­^ ­45­ \ InChon International Airport.. "So.. SunHee's dad was the reason she wasn't allowed to see me?.." "..Yeah.." "Hah... Dummy.. ^­^.. Lee SunHee.. You're such a dummy... I wouldn't care what happens to me.." " ...... " " .... There she is.. " We arrived in no time and after a short explanation of everything SunHee had told me, EunHyuk stared at a spot stopping my further scanning.. " ..Are you.. going to stop her from going?" " ..... " "If you are, I'll be more than glad to help.. That.. that man next to her, he looks like SunHee, doesn't he... Will you be okay?" " ... It doesn't matter... plus... I have to tell SunHee even if she... goes..." EunHyuk had a serious manner hidden behind that smile, afterall... EunHyuk started to walk toward SunHee... and each step we took, the more she became clear in our sight.. I was here before... I didn't have any right to hold JaeHyun Oppa back for I couldn't be by his side... But I believe you could be with SunHee, EunHyuk... .. " .....Unni. _ " Finally noticing our presence, SunHee called out to me... Attracting her father to stare our way, also.. " ....... " EunHyuk... approached her father and got on his knees... The one person who always persisted pride is what makes a man.. "What do you think you're doing? " " ...I love SunHee dearly. " "So. You want to give my daughter to you?" " ..Do you really have to send her to America?" "And if I have to? " "Then I'll wait for her... And when she comes back, allow us to see each other." " ...... " " .. I ask you... Don't misjudge our ability just because of our age.. I really do like her... I really do love her.." "Hmm.. Your flight's in a couple of minutes SunHee.. Go in." SunHee continued to stare at EunHyuk, without moving a step. "What are you doing... Didn't you hear me? Now your father isn't even worthy of listening to?" " ...EunHyuk... Get up. " " ..... " "GET UP!!! What are you doing?!??! Why.. Why should you be throwing away everything because of me??!?! Get up already!!!" " ...... " "Dummy!! Just.. just get up.. Please, get up!! " " .. SunHee. " "Yeah, that's my name... Why aren't you standing up! " " ...Go to America... SunHee.. ^­^.. " " ...... " "I'll wait for you... I'll be waiting for you forever... You have my promise so... go... Your flight's leaving soon.. " I thought he'd hold her back... I thought he'd do anything to stop her from going... " ..But you can't change your mind 'til you come back... And when you do come back to Korea... Let's spend everyday together.. ^­^.. " " ..Heuk...Heeuk... I­it takes me six.. years to.. to graduate college and come back.." "I could wait six years... You just have to be standing at the end of my wait... ^­^.. " " ... It's not as easy as it seems.." "It all depends on a firm direction of heart... " " .... Then.. Heuuk... Until I come back... " " ..... " "You can hang around with other girls, I .. I won't mind... But.. when I do come back... Could you.. could you really come back to me..? Hah.. Sorry... I'm so selfish... sorry..." As if unsure of herself... As if unsure of EunHyuk's feelings, SunHee hung her head low, while muttering softly.. "Why should you be sorry... From the second you step into those doors, every girl in the world'll look like stones in my eyes. ^­^ Happy now? ... Go... and.. no, be careful.. " " ....Okay.. " "If white boys mumble nonsense to you, don't hesitate to show them your middle finger. ^­^ Ah, then again you won't have to worry cuz you're good at English... Anyway, don't skip any meals... And get into a good college..." " .. Speak for yourself, EunHyuk... Don't be tardy to school... and.... a­and... bye..." " .. Bye. " ..... Like a lie, SunHee really turned on her heels and wiping away her tears, she disappeared through the door.. ... " ...Why didn't you stop her? " Still aghast that EunHyuk hadn't stopped SunHee from going, I asked him perplexed... Wasn't that the reason you wanted to come? "I don't want to hold her back.. ^­^.. I'd kill myself before letting any harm come to her... so... So, I'll just go through a bit of pain... And it'll be over..." " ..... " Then... a cold, ignorant voice spoke to us.. "Don't wait for her. " Turning our head, we met SunHee's dad's gaze.. " .. I've already picked out her fiancee and they are to be married after highschool." " ..What.. do you mean.. " "SunHee doesn't know yet, but she will the minute she steps off of that plane. It'll just be selfish and idiotic to wait for a woman who will already be married with children.. I advise you to choose your path correctly." ­46­ " ... Nonsense.. " " ....... " "Nonsense!!! I promised to wait for her!! What are you talking about?!!!! " "Yoo EunHyuk!! Calm down!! " "Shut it Nuna... Ahjusshi... You never truly loved anyone have you? If you have, I'll bet on my life that you won't be this cruel." "How... disrespectful.. " "Age doesn't mean a thing!! Why.. why do you keep on judging my emotions as just a simple child's play?!!" " ...... " " ... A man's supposed to cry only three times in his life... yet.. yet you keep on forcing these tears to come out..." As if collapsing, EunHyuk got on his knees again in front of SunHee's father.. "I have never ignored my pride in kneeling down in front of another person... But... but if it's for SunHee, I could stay like this for ten.. a thousand more days.." " .. You're embarassing me as a guy. Get up this instant." "I don't care if my pride gets trampled over, if it's for the person I love!!! So... so please... please... don't take SunHee away... I can't break my promise to her..." " ....... " "I might be power and moneyless this moment, but... but my feelings for SunHee is stronger than anyone else... Please... I'll succeed and become someone to be proud of after I graduate..." SunHee's dad's eyes were softly shaking at EunHyuk's words... Please... please don't keep SunHee and EunHyuk apart.. After a long heavy silence befell us, SunHee's dad slowly opened his mouth as if to say something, and.. ....Another voice interrupted us... ...... " ..EUNHYUK!!!!! " SunHee.. _ .. SunHee magically appeared breaking our assumptions of her being in the plane... "Hahh... Daddy.. I'm sorry... I don't think... No, I can't... I won't go to America." Ripping the airline ticket in her hands, SunHee firmly announced... " ... What did you just say!! " " ..I'm terribly sorry but.. I'm going to follow my instincts this time... I know I'll just live six years depressed and sulking if I were to leave.." " ...... " "I might sneak back to Korea without you knowing, or I might even try to write or call EunHyuk after I lose my watchers... You wouldn't want that would you? I'd rather stand by EunHyuk confidently.. I want to." " ....You.. " "I won't allow myself to make the person I love more than anyone else, cry... ^­^... " SunHee confidently expressed her feelings to her father, who still looked disbelieving as he stared at SunHee.. and after a good minute of silence, ... " .. Hah.. hahaha..Hahahaha " He had burst into laughter... Shocking everyone around him.. " ... I guess this is where I wave the white flag. I've always considered you as a kid, but I've mistaken... You're a grown lady already, my daughter. ^­^.. " " .. Daddy.. _ " "EunHyuk was it? I won't forget your promise. You said so yourself that you'd succeed and become someone to be proud of after you graduate. ^­^ " "Huh? Oh, Yes! " "I won't.. interfere with your meetings but don't stay out past your curfew, SunHee." " ...Thank you... Daddy.. " " ^­^ .. " Whoa.... Everything's solved then. _ .. .. Leaving behind my touched self, Sunhee and EunHyuk left for a missed date... ­_ ­ ..And Ahjusshi muttered under his breath to me.. " ..You have a nicely raised brother. " "Ah, Thank you. _ ; " " ...Mind passing on the word? That I won't look age as a level of maturity.. ^­^.. " " _ ..Sure !!! ^ ^ " .... The Prince and the Princess were finally united again, and they lived happily ever after. ♡ ­47­ Rrrrrroooollllllly... =_=... Aaaah.. I'm so bored. ­ _­.. Even after several rolls on our livingroom carpet, searching throughout the fridge, turning on the TV, ­0­ AND turning on my computer... this boredom wouldn't leave me alone.. =_ =.. "Yo!! Stop moping around and go outside or something!! ­0­!! Huh? Oh, SunHee ^ ^ I wasn't talking to you >_< My nuna should get a life ­__­^ .. ^ ^ " Argh, crazy b*stard. ­__­.. Hang up the phone already!! 3 hours is enough!! Where, oh where has our serious EunHyuk disappeared to.. ­0­ And what happened to our SungMin? Baaah. ­ _­ This is why I hate summer vacations!!! ( ← Says the hypocrite who was the happiest when she got out for school ­__­ ) Muttering in jealousy, I grabbed the phone from EunHyuk and hung up.. ­__­.. "What the hell!!!!! " "Are youuu paying for the phone bills?!! ­0­!! Get off!! I'm going to talk with SungMin!! ­0­!! " "You're so annoying!! You're just jealous aren't you!! I should've known, no way SungMin SunBae would like a monster like you. ­_ ­ " "Monster? You want to die, don't you!!! " "Not unless I'm crazy! ­0­!! Imma live with SunHee forever!!! " Whatever, I don't care ­ _­ .. Ignoring EunHyuk's glare, I punched in SungMin's number and after several signals, I was finally able to hear SungMin's voice. ­ "What ­__­ " "Aww, what do you mean by that honey >_< ♡ Should I have a reason to call? >_< " ­ 'Doo.Doo.Doo.. ' " ­__­.... " I've concluded, the world's full of crazy b*stards!! 0 !!! How dare you hang up on me!!! 0 !!!!!! Calming my beating heart beat, I punched in SungMin's number once again with trembling fingers. ­ " .. What. ­__­ " "What the heck!! 0 !! Why'd you hang up?!! 0 ­ "I was about to call 119. ­__­ " " ... Why..? _ " " ­ "For your sake. ­__­.. " " ... ­__­.. " ­ "I'm just playing, what's up? " "I'm bored 0 " ­ "..You're joking. ­__­ " "Seriously! 0 I'm lonely, lonely, bored, bored, play with me, play with meee.. 0 !!! " ­ " Hoo.. Should we go out this wednesday? ­__­ " "Where? _ " ­ "Some creek or maybe the ocean... Dunno, somewhere cool. " "Yeah! Let's lets! ^ ^!! " ­ "3 days should be enough, yeah? " " .. Eh? _ " ­ " It'll just be hot to stay for a long time.. 3 or 4? I don't care." "W­wait.. _ . 3...4 days...? How long are we staying for..? _ " ­ "It'll be a waste of gas to drive all the way up there and come back during the night. ­_ ­ " "Ah, yeah.. You got a point.. _ ; " ­ " I'll decide on the place, just pack your things. See you then." ... A trip.. _ Just the two of.. us.. _ * KYAAAH >0<!!! I think I'm blushing!! Am I? Aaah~ *>_<* Drunk in my own lala­land, ­0­ I begun to pack my belongings. ... That night, I dreamt of swimming around with a paddle... with a shark­masked SungMin ­__­ chasing after me.. ­__­.. .. ............ ..... "How pretty _ " "N O ­0­ No bikinis ­0­ " After confirming of going to the beach, Saemi and I were picking out my swim­suit at the mall.. ­__­ "But dude.. It's gorgeous!! You sure you won't buy it? ­0­ " "It's embarassing... =_= " "Why should it be. ­_ ­ Just think of the girls who'll be flocking over to SungMin!! Tsk tsk, you can't just back off, hon!" "Y­yeah ? ­__­; " "DUH!! ­0­!! How will you handle him cheating on you with a prettier girl at the beach?! ­0­!! Therefore, it's your duty to protect him with this bikini ­0­!!! " Why does it sound like you're the one going to the beach, Saemi ­__­.. Giving into Saemi's explanation which was... anything but an explanation, I ended up buying the cute white bikini.... =_=.. "I wanna go to the beach, too. =_ = " "Hehe♡ Go with HanKyul ^♬^ " "Why can't we tag along? _ " "BECAUSE!! ­0­!! Shoo!! Shoooo.. Get away from me ­0­!! " "Cheapskate. ­__­ " I cruely slapped Saemi's hands away from begging me any further.. >_< Aaaah _ ♡ I can't wait to go _ ..... And I continued to calm down my beating heart beat, 'til I finally fell into a deep slumber. .. Dear God, please let us cherish the memories of tomorrow forever... ♡ ­48­ .. SungMin and I are off to the beach 0 !! ... Guess where I am right now... I'm on my way to the beach... ­_ ­.. And even though I feel the wind brushing past my hair in a shiny convertible....... don't misunderstand me to be anything but having fun... ­_ ­ Seriously... how am I suppose to enjoy myself.... ­_ ­ "Haha >_< HanKyul, show me again! >_< That's hilarious >_< How can you shape your chips like that? >_< " "Keke, it's fun huh, Saemi? ^ ^ Here, I'll make you a flower one >_< " For.. These two people by the name of Yoon HanKyul and Park Saemi... are happily chatting away in the back seat... ­__­^^ "Why are they going with us.. _ "I never told you? ­__­ " "Nuh uh _ " You haven't said a word about it.. 0 " "Well, I thought it wasn't important. ­__­ " Important my butt. ­__­ You have no idea how excited I was to be going by ourselves... _ "Tch... You liar.. ­0­ You just inflated my excitement of being alone with you... ­0­ " "Keuk... You wanted some alone time, huh? " "N­no... you.. err. misunderstood.. ­__­* " "We'll just ditch them and go around by ourselves then. ^­^. " "Ah... Yeah. _ * " " .. ^­^ " Due to the speeding of the car, SungMin's hair softly blew backwards, occasionally brushing past my cheeks.... Dam*.. ­ __­* Why isa guy's hair so soft.. I should ask him what shampoo he uses.. Hehe _ ... After watching the Saemi, HanKyul couple fuss over their shapes of chips, ­0­ and SungMin who was intently focused on the road, I fell into sleep..... zzzZZ ... .... " Hey. ­__­.. Yoo EunAh ­__­^ " " ... um.. =_= " "It's about time you wake up. ­__­^ " Time seemed to pass by like the wind before I was wakened by SungMin.. =_=.. "Seriously, Yoo EunAh ­__­ You'll be voted number one for sleeping so deeply. ­0­ " Saemi, and YOU would be voted number one for always teasing me.. ­__­^ "We've arrived already ? =_= " "Yep. >_< EunAh, I think you're such an amazing girl. ^ ^ I must've poked you a hundred times _ me and continue with your slumber. ^ ^ " " ... ­_ ­­;; " "Amazing EunAh. ^ ^ " And you're a dummy for thinking I'm amazing, HanKyul. =_= The chips were no longer playing around HanKyul and Saemi and SungMin gave me his soft hands, as we begun to search for a place to stay. .... "AhYoo. Sorry Miss. We're all out on rooms." ­­ "Try somewhere else. _ ­­ No vacant rooms here for tonight. " but you just ignore "You've came from Seoul? ^­^ Sorry to burst your bubble but no rooms.." When we visited every motel in town, they all gave us one same answer­ empty. ­__­ After searching for thirty more minutes, a fancy looking hotel came into our view. .. "How long are you going to stay? ­__­ " "About... 3 days. " "Hmm.. ­__­ " Why isn't she telling us if any rooms are available? ­0­ Stop checking out SungMin and HanKyul!! ­__­ "Do you have any rooms? ­__­^ " "We...do... have a few.. =_= " "Then it's settled ­__­ " "Hmm.. See... =_= .. " "How much is it. ­__­ " " If it's for 4 people to stay for 3 days... And seeing it's summer time, it should cost one hundred dollars at minimum.. But.. Um.." "One thirty should do it, yeah? Give us the keys. ­__­^^ " "Aigoo!! >_< Young man! >_< It must've been so tiring to drive all the way here!! >_< Here here, let me show you the rooms! ^ ^ " Yeah.. This reminds me of that saying.. ­0­.. Being a money bug never changes despite your age.. ­__­.. All the way to our rooms, I continued to narrow my eyes at the lady.. ­0­ "Whoa. _ " .. ­__­.. " "Figures, expensive things cost a lot >_< Look at the designs! ^ ^ EunAh, isn't it awesome? ^ ^ " Saemi, who had been looking around ­__­ asked me eagerly. =_= I can't believe.. 0 me to bring her along actually came with me... _ that this girl who was begging It's almost like a suite room! _ " [Truthfully, HanKyul had told her about going to the beach this morning.. Why are guys so unorganized? 0 ] "Here, that will be your room. ^ ^ How about it? It's nice and big isn't it? Inform me of any needs >_< Have a nice stay, then. >_< " And quickly setting unpacking and organizing our belongings, ­0­ we set out to go out to the beach. \ ○○ Beach.. "I won't ... ­__­ " "What now!! ­0­!! " "I REALLY don't think I could wear this. ­__­.. " "Why'd you buy it then!! ­0­ No one will gawk at you, just wear it. " Was our conversation as we stared at the bikini I had bought the previous night. Hoo.. Seriously.. ­__­.. I don't think I could.. ­__­.. "What's the problem. ­__­ " "One word. Em.Ba.Ra.Ssing. ­0­ " " ... ­__­ " "It's so obvious that SungMin's just going to laugh if he sees me in this. 0 "Nah, it won't be laughing... just, you know... =_= " Nuh uh, hon ­ _­ If it's Kang SungMin ­__­ he's perfectly capable of rolling over and bursting into laughter after he sees me. Just an obvious scene, I tell you. ­0­ What he said about me not having anything to show off was still stuck in my mind.. But my body seemed to play differently with my mind as it forced itself into the white bikini due to Saemi's blackmails.... ­__­... "I hate you Saemi _ "WHAT now ­__­+ " "Waaah, _ I'm getting compared next to you. _ " Note to myself, never bring her " " Saemi.. Yep... unfortunately, she was full of... err.. everything, while I was... flat. _ along to the beach.. =_= Attracting people's unusual stares, we were walking to HanKyul and SungMin when... .... ­__­...Dam* it.. " .. ­_ ­^ Yoo EunAh... Tell me I'm seeing things. " "You passed on your hallucinations then.. ­ _­^^^^ " " ... Sh­t.. You're gonna die b!tch.. ­__­^^ " Despite the 10 minutes of our absence, two unfamiliar girls were already giggling madly standing in front of SungMin and HanKyul. ­__­^^.. "Yoon HanKyul!!!!!! " Our charismatic Saemi shouted HanKyul's name loudly as she walked over to them.. " Saemi. _ " "Who's the b­tch?!!! ­0­!! You're cheating on me already?! " "NOO >_< I kept on pushing her away but she just followed me like a dog >_< " "Oh ho, is that what she did???!!!!! " Hyuk. ­0­ Saemi, you're eyes are literally on fire... I forced myself to close my eyes for the sake of my innocence ­ _­ and when I opened them again, I saw Saemi firing me a victory sign as she clapped her hands twice. That.... was.. surely quick, Saemi.. ­0­ Anyway, I quickly narrowed my eyes at the girl practically glued onto SungMin.. ­ _ ­+ And.... _ side, Kang SungMin said while hugging my waist.. _ "I'm hers. ­ _­ " " .. _ " .. Pushing her to the "Shoo. ­ _­ I told you before, she's hella prettier and cuter than you so fu­k off ­_ ­ " Flushing a deep shade of red, the girl quickly ran away... ­ _­ You lead such a sad life... ­0­.. "Was it fun playing with those nunas? ­__­+ " "Did I glue myself onto them? ­_ ­ They're the ones who can't control their hormones. ­__­ " "Then you should've told them you were with someone ­0­!! " "I did. ­ _­ " Blah, I should blame it on his face. ­0­ I grabbed SungMin's arms, and SungMin stared at me in surprise. "I'm... I'm going to protect you. ­0­ " "What ? ­_ ­ " "Just stay close, and I'll protect you. ­0­ " "Aren't guys supposed to say those kind of crap? ­__­; " "Doesn't matter... I'm just fulfilling my duty to protect what's mine." Really.. I'll protect you... Even if drop­dead gorgeous girls come and seduce you, I'll forever be by your side, protecting you... so.. so all you have to do is trust me.... ^­^.. ­­ ­Clarifications­ Korean people are... extremely... old­fashioned. @_@a... I went to this Korean camp thing over the summer, and they practically shouted at me for wearing shorts. =_­... It wasn't like short­shorts, it was just a normal... regular pair of shorts about.. 10­12 inches past my knees, (I'm tall) and they (Age of 12­15) were like "Oh my gosh, it's too sexy blah blah change blah blah" ...Yep.. So that's why EunAh was fussing about her bikini, I guess... =_=.. ­49­ "KYAAH! >_<!!! Take that ­0­!!!! " "EEUK ­0­!!! By the name of justice, you shall pay!! " "But you have to catch me first!!! Water­gun attack!! >_< " HanKyul, Saemi, and I were having the time of our lives while playing in the water ­_ ­.. While SungMin was staring at us from far away, located under a palm tree.. ­0­ ... "Whoo, I'm getting tired >_< SungMin! Play with us! ^ ^ " "No ­__­ " "Whyyy >_< " " ­__­.. Go away. " "Tch. _ I'll be back later then. _ " I was about to go back to HanKyul and Saemi, when " .... Don't go. " "Huh? " " ..You said you'll protect me, didn't you. " " _ " "You. Said. You'll Protect me.. ­__­ " "Uhhh.. Yeah.. Hehe...? _ "Then just stay by my side.. " "O­okay _ !!! " Poor kid ­ _­ You must've been quite bored. ­0­ Sitting down next to SungMin, I begun to babble on about nonsense.. .. Time gradually flew by... "Aaah >_< I'm starving >_< Let's go eat ­0­ Food! food!! food!!! " HanKyul and Saemi had came upto us, nagging us to go and eat. " "Yoon HanKyul ­_ ­ You forgot to wear sunblock huh? Your back and face is totally red. ­0­ " "Aah _ !! Really?? 0 !!!! " "It'll hurt like hell ­ _­ " Seriously. ­0­ HanKyul had been so pale before that I could even see his veins, and now his face was red as a tomato from the burning sun. "SungMin didn't get sunburnt at all. _ " "Of course not. ­_ ­ He didn't do anything but sit under the palm tree" "You're still hydrophobic? _ Eh? Hydro...phobic? _ "Shut up ­__­ " "Just go in, man. >_< It's hecka cool. ^ ^ " "SungMin _ You're hydrophobic? _ " " "Nah, he's just bluffing. ­ _­ I'm just too lazy, that's all. ­__­^ " Then... we heard a woman's shriek surround us. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! " A crowd begun to form as we spotted a woman gasping for breath as if drowning.. "What if she dies?! Someone save her!!! " "Life guard!! LIFEGUARD!!!" Oh my gosh... What if she really does drown... It seems to deep to even touch the bottom with her toes... Frantic, I looked around for a sign of help and when I found none, SungMin silently ran toward her... .... !!!!! "Kang SungMin!!! SUNGMIN!!!! " ... And he jumped into the ocean.. Dummy.. I'm so selfish for saying this, I know.. but.. but what if you end up in danger, too.. But thankfully and to my relief, SungMin swam back supporting the girl, calmly.. ... "SungMin!! Are you okay?!! " "Haahh.. Quick, hold onto her.. " Lightly setting down the blue­faced woman on the sand, I frowned at the lifeguard FINALLY running toward us... ­__­^^^ "Oh My. _ Nicely done, Young man.. You all right, lady?" " "Cough.. Yes, I'm all right... Cough cough... Ah, Thank.. Thank you.. Cough... _ My lovable boyfriend, Kang SungMin ♡ No way could he be hydrophobic ­0­ Determined to confront HanKyul about calling SungMin hydrophobic, I set my gaze on my lovable boyfriend when... Huh..? "SungMin... _ .. " " ..... " "Are you okay? You don't seem.. well.. _ " .. I'm aight. I'll... I'll be right back." "Huh? SungMin. _ ... KANG SUNGMIN!! " " .. Dam­ it, there it is again... Whenever I go into a lake or an ocean... Why the hell do I feel crappy.. It's been going on for years, now.. Haah... Fu­k... What am I forgetting... There has to be something to make me act this way... ­­ ­50­ Despite SungMin's gloomy facial expression, we soon buried ourselves within an ear­splitting fun. >_< Suddenly, our room burst open.. "Eh? =_= Crap, wrong room. ­ _­ " ".. ­__­... " An heavy rush of silence fell upon us after she left our room. ­0­ Seveal seconds later of us staring dumbfounded at the door, our room opened again. " =_=... _ .. T­total... Hotness.... " " ... ­__­.. " "You... you're staying in this room? _ ;; Do.. do ya need anything?!!!! @0@ Oh, fluffier pillows perhaps? OH! OR!! Are you hungry? You MUST be hungry!! _ ;; " Staring at SungMin and HanKyul back and forth, she babbled on, her deeps shading into a dark shade of pink. ­__­; Who.. ARE you, kid ­0­ ? "Who. Are you? ­__­ " "M­me? @0@ M­m­my name is... Joo... Joo EunHye... And... I'm turning 16 this year... _ ;; And what else.. err.. _ " "I didn't ask for your 4.1.1. ­__­ Why are you here, at our room? " The girl by the name of Joo EunHye opened her lips to answer, flushing more at SungMin's question. ­0­ "Ah... See _ "What? ­__­ " Our door had opened for the 3rd time in the last 10 minutes, with the money bug lady entering. ­0­ "Aigoo >_< EunHye, dear >_< Why are you here ­0­!! Stop pestering our customers and help your mom with her dishes ­0­!! " "M­mom!! ­0­;; It wasn't pestering!!! " "Those gentlemen and ladies are of importance, you should know. >_< Shoo, get out of there!! ­0­!!! " "Aaaahh _ .. T­t­then. _ See you again sometime >_<;;; " I live here.. _ " A really strange... strange girl.. ­ _­.. The rest of the day ended in a bizarre atmosphere... ­0­.. .. ...... \Next day "MunchMunch. GulpGulp. ­0­ " " ­__­;; " "SungMin ­0­ You should try it, too _ "No ­__­ " Sushi's good stuff, man >_< " "Whyyy 0 " "It's disgusting. ­__­ Raw fish, argh. " We were having our lunch at a sushi house. ­0­ And, I found out a new fact today! ­_ ­ SungMin doesn't eat sushi. You ungrateful baby~ >_<* "Where are we going after this? _ " "Where else ­0­ Observe the deep blue ocean layed out in front of us!" "Saemi... ­_ ­ We had fun yesteraday.... Wasn't that enough? " "Kyaah >_< No siree ­0­ Why in the world would you want to go anywhere else with the ocean just calling out your name? ­0­ Hurry up and chew!! ­0­!! " Hooo. ­ _­.. Why can't you see your honey staring at his peeling skin in horror? ­0­ .... Yet ­ _­ who could ever be more stubborn than Saemi.. ­ _­ Volley ball kept us occupied as soon as we set our feet into the sand. "HAHAHA >_< !! SungMin and I won... AGAIN! ­0­!!! " Me and SungMin, Saemi and HanKyul were seperated into two different groups, yet our team held the victory sign each time. ­__­v Fine fine, I admit... All credits to SungMin.. ­0­ "What the heck?!. ­0­ Yoon HanKyul! Why can't you try harder! 0 "You're so mean Saemi _ " " You're the one who always messes up by tripping over. _ " .. ­ _­... How about we play at a karaoke room instead of this? I saw about five of them on the way to the hotel.. ­ _­ " Tsk. ­_ ­ Pitying Saemi, we headed off of the ocean and into the blaring music of downtown.. Soon, we walked into the fanciest Karaoke room.. \Inside "Wave your hands in the air ~ ♪ Back and forward, side to side ~ ♬ " Yep, once again, Saemi was the one enjoying herself to the fullest, following Saemi's onetwo song, HanKyul sang along Se7en's 'Come' adorably.. ­0­ "You sing, too ­__­ " "You sure? _ " "Yeah ­__­ " "Err.. what should I sing along to.. _ "Anything. " Concentrating my eyes upon the jots of words on the menu, I picked out a song that popped into my mind. ­0­.. Hehe ­ _­ I pressed on the buttons with enthusiasm.. " You are the best thing in my life ♬ Always by my side, you are there dreaming your happy dreams ♪ I was worried that if I opened my eyes, that it would be merely a dream!!!!! Ook! ­ _­.. " Despite my enthusiasm, my voice cracked horribly at the highnote.. Flinching greatly, I handed over the microphone to SungMin. ­__­.. " ­_ ­.. You.. ­0­ should sing, SungMin. ­ _­ " "I'm not up for it ­__­ " "Well, it wasn't like I was! 0 "Sh­t. ­__­ It's embarassing.." Muttering under his breath, SungMin punched in a couple of numbers and after poising like a model, .... .. " " "I've never thought about it, not even once ♪ The pain that you erased from me I was even grateful for the fact that I could reminiscence ♪ I dont know if you were exhausted from your shaky heart Im sorry for staying and making you remember a guy like me ♪ I love you, I love you ♬ this is all I have to say But I cant touch your heart, If you come back, its all tears If I call you again, maybe I have to be in pain ♬ Just as much as I waited Even if a lot of time passed ♪ You are always at the same place ♬ I hope I can just reminiscent like this ♪ I hope you will always look at me _ I love you, I love you, just these words I really wanted for those words to touch your heart But even if I call you now, even if I wait You wont come ever again I know that I have to erase you from me I want to tell you not to go ♪ I want to hold onto you and cry _♬ Please be happy when you leave me ♪ (Kang Sung­ I Love You) ...... ..For some strange reason, SungMin became blurry in my sight, as hot liquid rolled down my cheeks.. Probably.. Probably it's because the warmth that is passed on touched my heart... ^­^.. For... I feel the warmth of the emotions and feelings he feels through the song he's singing... ­51­ "Idiot ­__­ You cried? " "Nuh uh. I'm not a cry­baby, you know. >_< " Rubbing my eyes, I noticed that HanKyul and Saemi ­0­ had disappeared... ­__­.. "Where'd HanKyul and Saemi go? _ " "They went to get us a couple of sodas. ­__­ " "Ohh.. _ " "I'm that good at singing? Why the hell were you crying. ­__­ " "I­i told you I didn't!! ­0­ " "Liar. " "W­what else was I suppose to do! Know what? It's your fault for having such warm hands! _ "What? " "Your hands.. They're incredibly warm.. _ " " Amused at my answer, SungMin stared at our interlocked fingers. "You ­__­ cry whenever someone else's hands are warm? " "Huh? _ " "Fu­k. Why would you cry over a petty little thing like that. ­__­^ What, you want me to carry ice in my pockets? ­__­^ " Dummy. ­ _­ If I say yes, would you really? ­0­; "Dummy. >_< You like me way too much. " "What? ­__­; " "Forreal, you like me too much that ­0­ touched, I just... begun crying unintentionally. >_< " Ahem.. Can't a girl boast at least once in awhile? ­0­; Baah, it's not my fault that Prince­full­of­himself­EunHyuk live under the same roof as me. _ " Hey. ­__­ " "Huh? _ " "Who the fu­k said I like you. ­__­ " It's so likely of you to shame me by denying what I've said ­_ ­. What do you want me to say to that.. ­0­ But almost immediately ­ _­..He continued on.. "I don't like.. you. ­__­... Sh­t, it's called love, not fu­king like." "Ah. _ * " As if embarassed of his words, SungMin quickly turned his head sideways. ­_ ­; Faintly smiling, I answered in a small voice. ­0­.. " ...Me, too.. ^­^ " I had always considered there to be little of difference between like and love... But, I'm horribly proven wrong... ^­^ When hearing the words of 'like' I feel sheer comfort, yet hearing the words 'love'... My heart overreacts almost to the point where my ears hurt. Just as much as I like.. I mean, I love you.. ... Inconspicuously, his lips were slowly approaching me, and when his lips did finally wrap around mine, as warm as his heart... There was a couple who entered, excitedly.... ­0­.. "Saemi. _ Shouldn't we leave them to be? _ " "Shh! ­ _­ Free show, HanKyul! Just sit back and watch quietly. ­0­ " " .. ­__­;;.. " Yep, didn't I tell you? They were SO out to bother us from the start!! 0 !!!! "Ehh ? ­ _­ Oh no no no, don't even pretend we're here! ­0­ Go on with what you were doing. >_< " Saemi and HanKyul had crouched down in front of the door, while staring at us intently. ­ _­ Why do I get a strong urge to rip out those sparkling eyes of yours, Saemi? ­_ ­^^ .. Finally throwing away every bit of romance, we exited the Karaoke rooms with firecrackers in our hands and headed toward the ocean. ..... "Let's play Truth!! ­0­ " When Saemi, who was lighting her firecracker, suggested, everyone.. including ­ SungMin, who looked annoyed, HanKyul, who seemed eager, and even me, who was still upset over the break­up... nodded in agreement. "We'll go around answering to a question by the previous answerer. ^­^ If you're unable to answer 'til your firecracker goes out, one shot of whiskey right here in front of us!! >_< " And camouflaged with the dark sky and never­ending black ocean, we started our Truth game. "Let's start with HanKyul, yeah? I'll be the one asking. ^­^ .. Who was your first love? ­ _­^^ " Answering after a moment of surprise at Saemi's sudden question, HanKyul opened his mouth.. " .. _ .. S­seventh grade... This nuna that lived.. next door _ .. " "Hoo~ Seventh? ^ ^ She must've been drop­dead gorgeous!? ^ ^ " I've never knew your smile could look so... cynical, Saemi. ­ _­.. "Ah...Yeah.. _ ;; " "SOO. ^­^+ You still see her, then? ^ ^ " " ..Noo... She moved away the day I entered my sophmore year. " "I see, I see >_< My turn then! ­0­ Who wants to ask me! ­0­ " Even before Saemi could finish, HanKyul quickly raised his hand in the air. ­ _­ Oh, why don't you elope while you're at it. ­0­ .. " ... Saemi... What made you like TaeHoon.. So much? ^­^.. " " ..... " The bright, perky chatter immediately died away at HanKyul's simple question. When realizing her fire cracker was almost going off, Saemi smiled sweetly after a long moment of silence. "L­let's see.. ^­^ Just.. he was... Umm.. Well TaeHoon was my.. ideal guy?" " ...... " " ..But.. ^­^..The only person I like is you, HanKyul... You're the only ideal guy I think of every night... The only person who keeps my heart all to himself... ^­^.. " Finally, HanKyul's gloomy expression cheered up a bit.. "Now, now! SungMin's turn! ­0­ DRUMROLL!! Special privilege goes out tooo! EunAh! >_< " What? Me? ­0­ Smiling wide at me, Saemi ushered me to go on. Err... =_=.. What should I ask.. ? ­0­.. Working my brain, I was stuck on every idea... _ Then after about two minutes of blaming my idiotic brain, an idea popped up in my head. .. " SungMin. _ .. Why do you like me? _ " ­52­ Long..Long time ago, remember what you had told me? ^­^.. At my silly, clueless question of why you wanted to go out with me... You answered, ^­^ " .. You're the first one I borrowed money from. No one else shouts or yells at me like you. And more than anything else, you're funny. ­ _­ " Just like that. ^ ^ The same exact words.. ­_ ­... Let's hope you have enough decency to say something else, this time. ­ _­^^ "Huh? Tell me. ^ ^ Why do you like me? " Of course, HanKyul and Saemi stared at dully at my question... And after stalling for several seconds, SungMin set his gaze on me and answered. "Why do I like you? " "Yeah ♡ " "No one else is idiotic as you. " " ^ ^... What? ­ _­ " "No one eats like a pig, nor does anyone else enjoy themselves when left alone. You also laugh and smile almost 24/7, but cry like an idiot at the pettiest things." " .... ­ _­ .. " "You're so idiotic that you don't even realize how sick you are and always care for others. You babble on and on and get pissed off easily. ­__­. But because of that stone­hard brain, you forget everything about being pissed in a milisecond..." " ...... " "There's not a specific reason as to why I do.." SungMin's firecracker had decreased into a size of an eraser by now. ­ _­.. "Forget it. _ One shot, if you keep on going. I understand, just stop. _ " You just rearranged the words, but it's practically the same answer as before! _ .... "But even though.. those reasons are suppose to be a bad, everything you do is beautiful and great in my eyes... And because of that, I'm always missing you.." " ...... " I think I've been blessed with so many romantic things today... Aah, I'm about to cry.... _ ... "Now for SungMin's question! ­ ­ " Watching me from the corner of her eyes, Saemi asked SungMin. "I don't have one. ­__­ " "What? " Round­eyed, Saemi replied to SungMin's answer.. "I don't have any questions to ask her. ­__­." "And why is that? ­_ ­; " " ...Cuz I believe in trust." " ..... " "I know she won't have anything to hide from me. And I know that it's a fact by trust." "Aha ­ _­ Really now~ ? " The word trust... Hehe, absolutely brings joy to your eyes! ­0­ Mohahaha♡ >_<!!!!! Truth Game ending, we all got up from our seats and set our firecrackers on flame. ..... .. An year from now... and even another year from then... May it be ten.. twenty years.. ^ ^ but let's continue to smile and be as happy as how we are today.. The four of us.♡ .. SungMin's convertible ran along the smooth highway, as we took a final glimpse of our enjoyed vacation... ^ ^.. Byebye EunHye, who held onto SungMin's pants to stop him and HanKyul from leaving. ♬ Byebye blue sky ♬ Byebye blue ocean ♬ ... ..We'll see you again next year ♡ ­53­ As one is blinded by 'Happiness'... A shadow lurks in the corner, bagged with 'Sorrow'... "SungMinnn... Tell me, what is it? _ " Coming out to SungMin's sudden invitation, he immediately dragged me into a mall. ­ ­ You look absolutely handsome in that suit, SungMin.. _ "Try this on. " "Err... this? " "Yeah. ­__­ " Said SungMin as he handed me a two­piece formal wear on the fourth floor. ­ ­ "Don't you think it.. it adds too much age? _ "Yeah, now that you mention it. " " ­_ ­;; .. " "Would a simple dress be better. " " Rammaging through the racks, he picked out a white dress.. "Oh, is she your girlfriend? ^­^ " "Wife. ­__­ " "Haha. ^­^; Your wife has such a nice figure, she's perfect in the dress. Did you want to see varying colors, too?" Plastering on a restrained smile even through SungMin's rude manner, the employee talked to the both of us after I got out of the changing rooms.. ­_ ­;.. ...Do I really look like a married woman? ­_ ­.. "We'll just take this one. ­__­ " "Ah, that would be $243. ^­^ " "Scratch it. ­__­ " SungMin. ­ _­ Can't you see the small frown on the employee's forehead after you gave her your credit card? ­_ ­.. Ignoring whether he had really seen the frown, SungMin glimpsed at his watch, and dragged me down the escalator after our payment. "W­where are we off to, now.. _ " "Shoes. ­__­ You can't go around dragging those slippers along with that dress. " " ..True that. =_= " And several minutes later. ­ _­.. We walked out of the mall, with matching heels to go with my white dress. ­ _­ Heels, why must you hurt my lovable, poor feet? Grabbing a taxi, we were hurrying off to somewhere. ­ ­.. Couldn't you even give me a hint as to where we might be going? =_=.. .... "We're here. ­__­ " " ...SungMin. " "Yeah? " "Why do you think I see such an expensive, grand restaurant in front of me? ­ ­ " "Dunno. ­__­ " "We're eating.. here? Just the two of us? " "You got the first part right. But it's probably not just the two of us." "...Huh? And by that, you mean.... _ "Just see for yourself. ­__­ " Muttering incomprehensible words, I walked into the restaurant, following SungMin's lead as he sat down in a window overlooking the city. When I seated myself across from him.. "Sit next to me. " " "Huh? Why? _ " "We have another party. " By that you would mean.......... ???. ­ _­ Filling my head with question marks, I sat down next to SungMin, confused.. =_=.. I guess I looked pitiful, sucking the straw and playing with my glass of water, for SungMin begun to inform me of our guest. "My mom's coming. ­__­ " "Ohhh, I see. ^ ^... NOT..! Why would your mother join us? ­ ­.. " "I told her about having a girlfriend, and she wanted to meet you." " ... ­_ ­ .. " I.. see.... I followed you without a slightest clue.. >_< When I was coming to meet your Mothe­...No, my mother­in­ law....?! ­ ­.. "She doesn't bite. Don't worry." "Yeah, I'm not _ "Thankfully. ­__­ " " Arrghh *sshole >_< You should've told me it was a place to meet my mother­in­law for the first time! >_< Why couldn't you give me time to at least... look decent? >_< .. Then... The clickings of heels along with a bright voice interrupted us as I continued to play with my straw, while SungMin had been staring out the window, blankly. "Son. Did you wait long? ^­^ " "You're late. ­__­ " "Traffic. ^­^ Let's have a look at the girl my son's dating!" Aaah >_< I'm not blushing am I? >_< I raised my head slightly to meet my gaze with SungMin's mother, who have already seated herself in front of us.. >_< "Ah, Hello! ^ ^.. My name is Yoo EunAh. " " ....Euh....EunAh.. " ??????????? ­54­ " ..... Euh...Eun..Ah..... " ???? ..Do you... Know me ? _ " ....EunAh... You're EunAh, right?.. " In my eyes, I saw a sophisticated woman with a pair of warm, hazel eyes.. Trembling as she called out to me.. She.. she knows me? "Mom... You know her? " " ..EunAh... Heup.. EunAh.. He­euk.. " Why... are you crying..? Have I done something wrong? I .. I don't think I've ever seen you before... Then why.. why are your eyes crying..? "Mom? The hell? Why are you crying?!!! " SungMin seemed perplexed at her sudden behavior as well... " .. Do you.. Have we met before? _ " "Heuk.. EunAh... I... I can't believe I'm having an actual conversation with my EunAh... Heup... EunAh.... " What the.... What is she going on about.... Why does she make me feel so guilty.. " ..Yoo EunAh.. You know my mom? " "N­no ? _ .. " "Mom!! Why are you crying?!! Huh...? What's wrong.." "Haah.. This.. I mustn't be dreaming... right? Heup.. Two years.. two years left but.. hah... Heuk.... SungMin... Tell me this isn't a dream... Heuk " "What are you talking about... Stop crying, mom... You know her? Do you know EunAh? " .. EunAh.. Heuk..... EunAh..... " .. 'Ssseeuk.. Thump ' "Mom.. MOM!!! Look at me!!!! " I am... seriously confused... SungMin's mother had just fainted after calling my name, once again... After sending SungMin and his mom off with the ambulance, I had to spent the rest of the day feeling somber for an uknown reason.. ..... \End of vacation "For real? Why would she faint, crying after seeing you though? _ " ..I haven't a slightest clue. " "What about Kang SungMin? What'd he say? " " "He just pursued on asking her if she knew me... but she just.. just cried..." Five days later ever since the accident, we were back to school, unfortunately... ­__­.. And the day's incident still tugged at my mind.. "You probably met her long time ago. Oh c'mon, think about your rocky head. ­ ­Bet you forgot considering it happened such long time ago." "Saemi. ­__­.. My head still functions right, you know. How could I forget someone if I knew them so well?" "Tch.. Have any other assumptions, then? =_= " "No... Ah­whew.. " I really don't understand... How her thin shoulders shook uncontrollably... and how her eyes were having a hysteria of crying... How.. how does she know me... And worse... Why can't I remember.. .... "I hear muffled crying from my mom's room ever since she met you." " ..... " "You seriously don't know her? " .. After school. SungMin approached me with the question carefully after dropping me by my house. "Nuh uh. I promise, that was the first time I've ever seen her.. _ " .. Yeah. Go in now. ^­^ I'll see you tomorrow. " "Okay.. Bye.. " " ..Even though he hadn't mentioned it, I felt how worried SungMin was... Man, his face is half of what it was a week ago... ... "Eh? You're finally home!" Greeting me happily was stupid EunHyuk in the middle of a dumpster resembling livingroom.. ­__­.. "What the hell happened here? You brought your friends over or something? " "Ah, yeah. ­__­ They just left though. ­0­ " "Where's mom? " "Out to pick up dad. ­__­ " "Are you serious?! Dad's coming home??!!! " "Yeah... his arrival was a couple of hours ago. ­__­ Clean up the mess before he comes. ­0­ " I.. can't believe this. ­0­... After an hour of being on a business trip, dad finally comes back.. un­notified?!?! ­0­.. ..... .. 'Ding Dong ♬ ' "Eh? That must be him! ­0­ " ­55­ He's here?! Dad's finally here?!?! ­0­.. In anxiety, I quickly stuffed the bags and cans beneath the couch.... ­__­; "Ey. ­__­.. Don't bother. ­__­.. It's not dad. ­0­ " " .. =_= ..What ? ­ ­ " "SungMin SunBae's here. ­__­ " Oing? ­0­ SungMin. ­0­ For what purpose did you come back?. ­__­.. "Huh? _ SungMin.. Weren't you going home? " "You forgot this. ­__­.." How clumsy of me. ­0­.. I forgot to get back my rabbit­embroidered bag from you... =_=.. "Oops, I forgot.. Thanks though. ^ ^ " "Yeah... See you tomorrow then. ­__­a " "AH! Wait, wait!! " " ... ? " "Let me get you some juice. >_< " "It's aight. I'll just go. ­__­.. " "How dare you _ ignore a person's generosity! Seat yourself on that couch over there, I'll get you vitamin C packed, fresh, 100% orange juice. _ " And immediately ­__­.. I scolded myself over and over again in my head for stopping SungMin.. For the moment SungMin sat down on the couch, our front door had rang again... A moment later.. =_=.. "EunAh!! EunHyuk!! Dad's home!!! ^ ^ " A dark, loud voice filled our house from the front door.. Hoo.. Dad, you have no idea, huh ? ^­^.. What wonderful timing skills you have. ­__­.. "Oh! _ SungMin!! How are you, dear?!! I haven't seen you in a long time. >_< " "Ah.. I'm fine, thank you. ­__­; " Tsk tsk. ­__­ Poor SungMin... Baah not my fault my mom's obsessed with pretty boys.. ­0­.. Due to Mom's loud voice, dad had also turned his attention to SungMin. " .. Who is this? _ " "An upperclassman at our school. ­0­ " EunHyuk, please. ­__­.. He's my boyfriend before marked as an upper classmen.. ­__­* "HoHo >_< He's EunAh's boyfriend! Honey, >_< isn't he handsome? " "Yes.. Tall and clean­faced.. Hey, have we met before?.. " " .. Excuse me? ­ _­ " "You seem very familiar... What was your name, again? I didn't it catch it the first time." "It's Kang SungMin. " " ... Kang SungMin.. Hmm... Now where have I heard that name before.." Where has all that usual smile and laughter gone to, dad? You have no idea how awkward and weird it is to see you thinking with a serious face.. ­0­.. " .. Maybe.. !!! .. Hmm.. You think I could get your father's name? ^­^ " "My father? " " .... Yes.. " "Kang.Suk.Hoon... " " ..... !!!! .. " "Honey? _ What's wrong ? " " .... Is that.. true? " " ..Yes. ­_ ­.. " " ....Then.. is your mother... Does your mother happen to be... Mrs. Lee KyungHee...?" " ... .. How did you know.. that?.. " .. Another reason to get a frown on my face, what the hell.. How in the world does my dad know SungMin's mom? " ... You said your name was Kang SungMin? ... Hah.. Did.. did your mother want EunAh back?" "Excuse me ? " "Hoo.. EunAh's still 18!!! She still.. she still has an year and a few months before reaching her age of 20..." " .. What.. do you mean?.. " " ... What do you mean by that, boy? ..Didn't.. didn't your mother want to see EunAh?" Reaching my age of 20..? What...? What's dad talking about... .. " .. Mister... How do you know my mom? " " ... Suh­SungMin. _ " " .. I don't understand.. Why would she want EunAh back? I don't quite get what you're talking about." " ...... " "Tell me how you know my parents." " .... I must've misunderstood... It's nothing really..." " ....... " "It's late... Run home now.." Giving SungMin a cold stare, dad walked up the stairs and soon I heard the slam of his door nauseating my brian... There's more to what I don't know..?" " SungMin.. _ .. " " .. What's this suppose to be? " " ...... " "Why would my mom ask me to bring you? You told me you hadn't seen her before our last meeting.." "I'm confused about what dad said, too..." " ...... " "Go home, SungMin.. I'll talk it out with dad... ^­^ " " .... Alright.. " " .. Be careful.. ^ ^... " .... ^­^.... =_=.. As soon as SungMin left our house, I crept toward mom's room... Through the small creak of thedoor, a small buzz of mom's voice reached my ears... Aaah, is it such a crime to enjoy eavesdropping?.. ­__­.. .. "What were you saying to SungMin before?" " ..... " "Honey... ....No.. no it couldn't be.. Lee.. Lee KyungHee...?" "It is.. That boy was their son." " .. How.. how could this be.. " "He resembles his father.. The eyes, too similiar to be unrecognized.." " .....How... how could.. He's EunAh's boyfriend!! " " ...... " "This is a bunch of nonsense!! What.. what about our EunAh...!! And what if.. what if SungMin's mother happens to actually visit our daughter?! What.. what then.." Someone once said, as long as you don't know.. You won't get hurt... Well.. it certainly doesn't beat sitting around being confused as heck... " .. Yoo EunHyuk.. You.. do you have any idea what mom and dad's talking about?" EunHyuk had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and was eavesdropping as well. " ..Go ask them.. Don't forget to tell me afterward.." " ..... " .. Carefully and lightly knocking on the door, I stepped inside.. Mom flinched slightly as if surprised at seeing me.. "You're talking about me and SungMin's parents aren't you? ... Can you tell me what you mean by them?" " ...EunAh.. You.. " "I met SungMin's mother a couple of days ago... I swear it cross my heart that I don't know her, yet.. yet she burst into tears after seeing me!!" " ...... " "Mom.. Tell me.. Huh? How do you know SungMin's parents? ...What's this about bringing me back...? Huh? ... What are you talking about?" " ... EunAh. " Silently, I turned my gaze toward dad who had firmly shut his lips.. "You.. date SungMin.. Is tha true? " " ..... " "Don't anymore. " " .. What do you... mean? " " ..... " "Tell me... Why aren't you answering my question, dad? I asked you.. how do you know SungMin's parents. Not.. not whether or not SungMin and I could see each other..!" " ...... " "DAD!!!!! " .. " ... Then, you think!!! You think it's sane and necessary for two blood­related people to be aquainted with each other?!??!!" ­­­ ­56­ " ... Then, you think!!! You think it's sane and necessary for two blood­related people to be aquainted with each other?!??!!" ... Instantly I felt as if someone had whacked me on the back of my head with a dictionary... What was that? ...Blood... related? ... Hah.. HA ha. Funny.. ­ _­.. " .. Dad.. " " .... " "You really think I'll fall for a lame lie like that? It'd take a better lie to stop me from meeting SungMin." " .... Yoo EunAh. " "If you really hate him, why don't you say so? ...You've over­reacted, dad... Hah, it's not funny either!" " ...... " "...Can you please tell me now? How are you familiar with SungMin's family? ..And why can't I remember? _ " ... EunAh... I'm just looking out for you... Don't hurt yourself doing what's forbidden.." "DAD!!!!! " I Shouted in fury and frustration that my dad wouldn't answer my question.. .. " .. Then.. Then EunAh, you'll just become to hate us!!!" Mom.. _ .. Why.. would I hate you guys...? "What do you mean, mom? ^­^.. I could never hate you guys. " " .. When you've understood everything that had happened, you'll just leave us.. Heuk... You'll.. you'll just leave us....." Eyes glistening with tears, mom begun to cry out.. Why would I leave you... Where would I go in the first place? " ... I don't think I could ever tell you, EunAh... I'm such a coward, aren't I... Heuk... And you'll end up finally leaving us... All I could do is sit back and watch you leave without stopping you in any way...." " " ... Honey.. " "We were so ignorant.. We should've found out about this sooner... We... we shouldn't have hung on so desperately... We should've just... just turned around and pretend nothing had ever happened... Heuk.." " ... Hoo.. EunAh.. Go to your room.. " For knowing how mom wouldn't answer me any further due to her cries, I lightly closed the door and returned to my room.. ... Blank.. _ .. That's how I feel.. There's something I've neglected... Yet.. I can't quite put a finger on it.. As I layed down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling, wrapped around in confusion, it amazed me how tall my ceiling was.. _ SungMin's mom and my mom's face continued to overlap each others... Wow.. no matter how much I stretch out my hand, I still can't touch the ceiling... _ .. ... ..What if... SungMin and I become strangers who won't be in each other's presence as we stretch our hands like so... SungMin... Maybe... just maybe... We happen to become strangers.. _ .. I'll realize the danger of it before you could distance yourself further... And just like how I could reach the ceiling when standing on my drawers.... _ .. I'll run to you... So don't ever run away and remain standing in your spot.... No matter what happens... I'll run to you... ..... \Next day "See you after school. _ " " .. Okay. ^­^.. Our precious daughter, don't slack off! ^­^ " As the door closed with a snap, the weight on my feet doubled... Mom.. You cried again didn't you? Man, you have such pretty eyes, and they're already so puffy... ... >_<.. "Ah. SungMin? ^ ^ " "You're early for once ­__­ " "Hehe yep. >_< " " ...Have you.. talked with them? " " ...... " " .. What'd they say? " " .. She cried. _ "What? " "Just like how your mom cried, my mom did the same exact thing.." " ..... " "Nothing special. _ .. Just.. 'Go to your room' and that's it. _ " ... Yeah? " "Uh huh. >_< Maybe someone died...? >_< Pssh, they probably made a secret that doesn't concern us, SungMin. ^ ^ " See, SungMin.. I think I'm going to laugh more often.. ^ ^ For a strange reason... I feel so anxious inside... It feels like someone punched a gigantic hole in a corner of my heart... So... I'm going to laugh! >_< No matter how much everyone else is crying, I'll laugh when I'm sick.. >_< And smile when I'm sad. >_< .. Just.. because I get a feeling I should become stronger... ^­^.. .... And at about 5th period where I was rotting away in a boring prison of school.. =_= A beep signaled that I had gotten a text message.. " " [EunAh. Let's have a father­daughter bonding time after school, we haven't had that in awhile. I'll be waiting in front of your school by 5.] ­57­ School had finally ended and now I was sitting across from dad in a quiet, simple cafe. " ..I've been thinking... " " ..... " " .. Hoo.. It'd... be better to let you know before... Before you hear it from someone else... I wouldn't want you despising us.." After sipping his coffee, dad called my name again.. "EunAh.. " "Yes. _ " " .. EunAh. " "Yes. ­__­; " Dad. ­_ ­ Is this a game? ­ _­.. " ... Kang EunAh. " "Yes.. Excuse me?! _ " .. I'm sorry, EunAh. " "Dad!! You've forgotten my name already? >_< You shouldn't go on business trips~ I'm Yoo EunAh. Yoo, not Kang. ^ ^ " " ..... " Yoo EunAh. ^ ^ That's your only daughter's name isn't it? " ..I apologize EunAh... I'm so.. so sorry..." " .. Why the apology? Don't..." " ... We were just too.. selfish.. Too self­centered to think about how you'd feel... How you'd cope with it later on.." " ...... " After searching my eyes with sorrow, he opened his mouth again as if determined.. .. " .. A beautiful baby was born on 1986..." " .... " " "Her name was ... Kang EunAh... Under her parents, Kang SukHoon... and Lee KyungHee..." " ... Dad... What.. what are you talking about.. " "And to the small baby... There was a brother one year her senior.. His name was..." " ..... " .. " ... Kang SungMin.. " !!!!!! " .. Excuse.. me? " "It's the same boy... I met last night.." "W­wait... An older brother..? SungMin.. SungMin's in my grade." " ..... " " ..Dad!!! " "Hoo.. Anyway... The day the family were free to go home from the hospital...." " ...... " " .. There was an accident.. " " ... An accident? " " ... Yes.. And waking up from a day of coma, the parents found out their baby was missing..." " ..... " "Simulatenously, another couple had found the baby coincidently.." Okay.. That.. That's enough... I don't think I need to hear anymore of it... I don't want to hear any more of it... Hah... This is all a lie.. I mean c'mon.. No one had mentioned this before... "The couple were unlucky and had no baby of their own, despite the fact they were married for many years... And coming across the baby, it seemed like a gift from the heavens... So... so of course, they took the baby under their arms.." "That.. baby... could ... wouldn't be me.. Would it? " " ...... " "You're lying.. You're lying!!!!!! " " ...I'm not.. finished.. " A stupid lie.. This is all a bunch of bs... I won't listen to you.. Tch, and who would believe in all that stupid tale... " ..And the year following, the couple who took the baby into their house was blessed with another child.. Their own.. child.... And watching the two grow up, the couple led a happy life.." Tears finally begun to escape from my eyes... It's not because I believe in what dad's telling me.. Just.. just his expression.. is sad enough to make anyone else cry... "But... through the happiness the couple was having, the baby's real parents were searching for the baby with any information and inspectors they could find..." " ..... " " .. And finally, the day when they found the where­abouts of the baby approached and soon they visited us... Showing them proof that the baby rightfully belonged to them, they were about to take her away.." " ...... " "But... No longer than a week later, we soon found ourselves at the baby's house.. For she was... she was the founder of a long lost smile.... A precious existence ..." The founder of a long lost smile... A precious............. precious existence... " For weeks we asked.......... Plead would be a better term for it... To make it worse, the baby cried and cried with her real parents but showed affection toward us... Imagine how horrible that would've been on them.." " ...... " "And .. in conclusion, a small negotiation was formed and the baby was to stay with us 'til her age of twenty..." " .... How... ...how.. " "I'm terribly sorry, EunAh.. I just.. couldn't tell you just yet..." I've never thought these people whom I lived with under the same roof would be..... fake.... I'm always and forever the idiot, aren't I.. "Hoo... Now that you found out... You'll be going back to them, won't you EunAh..... ^­^ " " ... Why.... Why didn't you let me know sooner..." "...I'm sorry..." "Why.. why didn't anyone tell me after all these years!!! I believed and never.. never had I had suspicions that my family wouldn't be related to me!!" " ..... " "How do you want me to take this? Oh and by the way, EunAh­ You're not my daughter!?! Hah.. You've fooled me all these years and... What would you like for me to do.. What!??!" " ... It wasn't fooling.. We had all­" "Been through a lot? Oh sure you have.. But... Hah... heuk..." " ...... " Did you think that I would suddenly cope with everything and say 'Oh, so I'm a Kang not a Yoon'?... Just because I'd be older, doesn't mean I wouldn't have feelings...!! " .. You've all... tricked.. and lied to me..." " .. EunAh.. " " ...Is this how adults are? I'm just some toy, yeah? Oh today I'm this person's daughter and last night I was just the other person's daughter.. I must've been real fun to play with.." "How could you say that?!?" " .. Then how would you like me to take this.. Huh??! You... and mom... and even EunHyuk.. It's all fake..." " ..... " "Did you think I'd smile and happily run along to my so called real family?" " ... I'm sorry.. That's all I could say.." " ... I finally understand then... So that was why mom was crying.. and even SungMin's mom...... Oh...... I mean, my real mom... that's why... that's why everyone was crying... Hah.. and all I've done was..." Stare at them strangely like an idiot.. once again.. It takes a split second to make someone retarded, doesn't it.. The reason I couldn't continue with what I was saying while just furiously rubbing my eyes were.. because dad continued to be solemn as he murmured out an apology over and over again.. Sure... I'm the stupid one... I was stupid for being attracted to strangers and not my own parents... .... " .. I'll.. be going now.. " " ... All right then.. See you at home.." " ...... " I've never seen your tears before, dad.. Even though you pretend nothing's there... Your eyes are wet from tears.. .. If I remember correctly, I had been smiling when I first stepped into this cafe... Now... now all I am are tears and frowns.. Whew... It's even raining... Great, I forgot to bring an umbrella... Wait... nah... it's better this way... No one would recognize my tears in the midst of all this pouring rain... .. If I do go home, I'd probably start crying at seeing EunHyuk... and blame mom for not telling me... It'd be a completechaos... .. And while I was drowning among the crowd... " Yoo EunAh!!!! " The familiar voice.. The familiar footsteps.. And the familiar beatings of my heart... .. SungMin..... It's you.... ^­^.. "What are you doing?! Look at you, you're soaking wet!! " " .. Are you going somewhere? ^­^ " "That's not important. If you're going home, take the umbrella. " And you always call me stupid.. You'll be the one soaked if I go home with your umbrella.. " ... I'm not going home.. I won't......... No, I can't.... ^­^ " " ..What? " "I can't go home.. anymore.. " " .. What do you mean? " "Just.. family problems.... ^­^ " Dad's voice rang in my ears as those words left my lips.. 'And to the small baby... There was a brother one year her senior.. His name was... Kang SungMin' .. How could that be.. I mean.. a brother? SungMin's the same age as me.. How could he ever be my older brother.. I doubt that we're twins, we look nothing alike... "SungMin.. I have a question to ask you... ^­^ " "Yeah? " "You're eighteen aren't you? " " .. What? " "You're the same age as me... Right? ^­^ " "Who told you? " " .. Tell me.. what? _ " "That I got held back an year. ­__­ Who told you.. " " ....Hah.. " "It was HanKyul wasn't it? Tsk.. That little snitch. ­__­ " " ... Hah.. Haha.. That can't be... I mean.. I can't believe dad... I can't..." " .. What the fu­k? Yoo EunAh.. " " ... Haha.. Hah.. Haha.. " .. I won't say a word.. Until you find out for yourself, SungMin.. I won't be the one who tells you the news... I won't... .. Cuz if you do... You'll leave me... ..And we'll drift apart... ­58~59­ < Behind story 1. > \ ○○ Hospital of Seoul "Our EunAh is a real angel.. " "Indeed. ^­^ " "What if she and SungMin fight all the time because they're only an year apart?" "Fight? ^­^ I doubt it, they'd get along. Ah, try this on EunAh. I've ordered it for her." "A bracelet? It even has her name engraved in the back! " "Yes. Now shall we go home?" "That sounds wonderful... Mother and SungMin would be dying to see her.. I'm almost sick of seaweed soup they give us at the hospital. ^­^ " The couple smiled happily. And in their arms was a tiny angel, fast asleep.. On the way home, a truck suddenly sped out of control as it charged at the couple.. To avoid an accident, the man quickly turned the stering wheel... And... with a loud thud, the car with the angel fast asleep, rolled down the hill... .. " ....Mmm.... " Pastel white ceilings were the first thing the couple saw as they opened their eyes... Along with a buzz of doctors and nurses.. "Ah, you're finally awake. ^­^ " " ...Where.. are we? " "The hospital. Do you recall of the accident last night? " " ... Ah.. Yes.. Um.. what about our baby? Is she all right?" " .... Bay...by? " "Yes. Our EunAh.. Where is she? She's not seriously hurt is she?" The woman's eyes immediately watered up in worry of the baby as she asked the nurse... But to her dismay, the nurse's eyes widened as she replied.. " .. I don't quite understand.. You two were the only ones reported of the accident.. There wasn't anyone else." " .... Oh... my goodness.. Our EunAh.. " During the time of the accident, a small bundle lay forgotten and unnoticed by the ambulance and the police.. Miraculously, due to the heavy wrapping of the cloth, the baby had survived without major scratches.. Everyone soon left for their home after cleaning up the area... .... And a few hours later.. A couple stopped in their tracks at a baby's cry... " .. Do.. You hear that hon?... Oh my goodness.. what is that...? Honey, look!!" "What is it? ...!!!.. Are my eyes playing tricks of is that a baby?!!! " "Good heavens!! What's it doing here ? " " ... Probably abandoned... People these days.... " " .... Honey... " " ..... " " ...She looks so.. innocent and naive.. " " .. Yes.. she does.. " " ... If she happens to be an abandoned baby... It wouldn't be wrong of us to... to adopt her... would it..?" The man was speechless for he knew how frustrated and sad his wife was for not being able to produce a child after four years of marriage.. Maybe.. This child was a gift from the Heavens.. The couple were unable to neglect the small baby tired from all the crying.. And decided to adopt her to raise her like their own.. ... " .. What.. should we name her? " "Hmm... Huh? Look here.. " "That's a pretty bracelet.. " A tiny silver bracelet dangled from the baby's wrists with the words 'Kang EunAh' engraved on the back... " ... Kang EunAh.. Thatmust be her name..?" "Then we'll call her that. ^­^ EunAh.. Kang EunAh.. Oops, I mean.. Yoo EunAh. ^­^ " The baby was instantly switched to Yoo EunAh from Kang EunAh... And rightfully under the law, the couple adopted her.. Gradually time passed with the baby receiving love and attention from the couple.. .. "Congratulations! You're two months into pregnancy. ^­^ " A few months after they decided to raise EunAh, the woman had finally gotten pregnant.. Time flew by again..... And a son and a daughter was soon living happily under their roof.. Yet they hadn't noticed or realized that.. while they were living with a feeling of jubilancy, another couple would be seeking for the child so desperately.. ... ' Rrrrrr Rrrrrr ' The phone rang loudly and another man quickly picked it up.. EunAh's real father.. "Hello... Yes, this is he... Excuse me?.. ..... !!!.. You've. you've found EunAh?!!!! " " .. Honey.. Is that true? ...They did?? They found our EunAh??!!! " The woman asked in disbelief and streaks of tears... They had been both searching for the child desperately through the year.. " ... I've found out the address... It isn't far from here.." " ..F­finally... We.. we get to see our EunAh again.. Heuk... Hah.. how is she doing? Is she healthy? Are they.. are they taking good care of her? Oh, I have butterflies in my stomach!" "Yeah... Her name's the same and there was a witness to the whole process... But to what they've told me, another couple had adopted her." "Adopt...... her? What... what do you mean? Why would they?" "Apparently, they thought she was an abandoned child.. Anyway, we should head over there the first thing tomorrow." Tomorrow.. and they would meet their daughter again... They would finally be able to trade their tears and worry with a smile and happiness... Early the next day, EunAh's real parents begun to get ready to finally meet their daughter again.. 'Ding Dong ♬ ' Early morning... The sounds of the doorbell rang throughout the house where the angel would be fast asleep.. And stopping in the middle of helping her husband get ready for work, a woman opened the door with curiousity. " .. And you may be? " " ....We've come to... take our child back.. " A scent of sophisticated aura bounced off of the couple at the door. " ...Child? " "EunAh.. You're the woman who've adopted our EunAh, aren't you ? " " ... !!!! .. " "We've came to take her back. There was an accident last year and we've lost her ever since then..." " .. L­lost her... You've.. you've lost her in an accident?.." " ... Yes.. " " .... C­come.. come in and h­have.. a seat.. " The man retreated from his steps for work with his perplxed wife.. And to the couple, EunAh's real parents showed them files and papers proving they were EunAh's rightful parents. "Where would.. EunAh be? " " .. Asleep.. In her room.. " "..We've heard you've adopted her.. " " .... We simply thought... someone had abandoned her in the spot.." "As soon as our lawyer sorts it all out, we can have EunAh back.. Or so we've been told." " ...... " " .. Today. We're taking EunAh back today." " ... B­b­but.. " "Thank you so much for taking care of her.. We'll make sure to pay you back." " .. No.. That's unnecessary.. It's just­" " ...Where would EunAh's room be? ^­^ " " ...... " She wanted to tell them that EunAh was like the warm spring sunlight which brought them happiness.. Yet, mutely she led the couple to where EunAh was.. " ... EunAh.... Heuk.. EunAh.. " Watching the child fast asleep, EunAh's real mother begun to cry.. " .. Thank you... Heuk... Thank you.. So much.... I don't know how we could ever pay you back.." " .... Are you... taking her back? " The child's real mother nodded lightly to the bitterness of his voice. Carrying the sound asleep baby, the real parents turned around after a farewell to head home.. With EunAh's step­ parents wiping a tear at the sight of the baby who showed them what real happiness could be... As the baby's real mother opened the passenger seat, EunAh opened her eyes, and after noticing the stranger she began to cry. " .. Euh...EunAh... It's your mom... I'm.. you're mother... Don't cry.. Shh..." But paying little attention to the words­ mother, EunAh continued to bawl. The woman who had been watching them from her door, slowly and carefully approached them. " ... Can I ... hold her.. ?" " ...... " "EunAh.. Shh now. ^­^ Nice children don't cry. " The woman softly pat the baby while EunAh's real mother stared at them, dumbfounded. Soon enough, the baby begun to giggle and laugh at the woman who wasn't her mother. " ...We... We'll be going now... EunAh, come here.. " " ..... " But the moment the woman let go of EunAh, she began to cry again. " ... EunAh!! I'm your mother!! I.. I'm your mother! " " ..Honey. " "Heuk.. EunAh.. I've looked for you for such a long time... You have no idea how happy I am... EunAh... Shh.. it's me... I... I'm your mother.." Neglecting her mother's plea, EunAh just bawled louder and her parents finally gave up in stopping her cry as they slowly drove away.. ... " ....Honey.. " " .. Yeah. " " .. She's gone... EunAh... she's gone.. " " ...... " "In a mere blink of an eye.. She's gone.." After EunAh's depature, the couple's house seemed untouched yet small differences were visible throughout the house. .. An empty child's room. .. An extra chair at the dinner table. ..The forgotten gigantic teddy bear EunAh used to sleep with.. And watching EunHyuk not noticing his sister was gone for his young age, the couple shed another tear. ... And a couple days later " ... What are... Ah... Have you come... to see EunAh? " The couple had visited EunAh's real parents.. "Have a seat. ^­^ I'll bring her down. " EunAh's real mother soon brought EunAh down to the livingroom and after a moment of silence, the woman spoke. " .. Heuk... Heuuk... I'm sorry... But.. b­but.. I don't... don't think we could go on without EUnAh.. Heuk... Heuk.." " ...Excuse me? " "I know we shouldn't... But... b­but we've grown too attached.. Heuk.. She... she took such a big place in our hearts that... Heuk.." " ..... " The woman's hands were shaking in an attempt to hide her tears back... As EunAh's real mother watched her with pity.. " .. I'm sorry.. But it's.. it's out of the question, she's as important to us as she is to you. Please, go home now." "......Heuk... Heuk.." "You realize that it's something that you can't change... Bye then..." Said EunAh's mother as she disappeared with EunAh... The couple know well within their hearts that.. to forget EunAh, it'd take a miracle.. ... ............ .. " ...... " " ..You've.. came again. " The couple had visited EunAh daily in the following month. "How many times is this.. Please stop... You're making it more difficult for yourself.." " .... We'll just... take a peek at EunAh... " " .. Hoo... Today's the last day... Come on in.." " ... Heuk.. Thank you.." The child smiled happily, stopping her tears, as she saw the couple approaching her. The more she would smile, the harder it would be on the couple to go back home. "Here, EunAh. ^­^ Mommy... I mean... I've.. bought a doll for you. Isn't it pretty? It's a present for you. ^­^ " " .. *^ ^* " " ...I don't think we could come so.. often from now on... You have to be a good girl and not cry, okay..?" " ..... " " .. Heuk.. Hah..Sorrysorry... I know I shouldn't cry when I've just told you. ^­^ I'm such a hypocrite, aren't I. ^­^ " In the midst of her tears, the woman smiled brightly. Her husband and EunAh's mother both gave her a look of pity from the door.. " ... Heup.. Hah.. Heeuk... EunAh... Heuk... I guess this is good­bye... Now don't you trouble your mother..." " ...... " "Bye.. ^­^... " Wiping her eyes with her hands, the woman turned around to leave when.. " ..... moo...meh...mehhh...mohh... " " .. !!!!! " " .. Mahh... mm... Mom..... " "EunAh... Heuk.. " " ..Mo­om... Mo­om.. " The one word that she had been taught almost daily yet kept it inside, not allowing anyone a peek of it... The child had said... 'Mom' to the woman... Not her own mother but to a woman who had just bit her goodbye.. " ... Heuk.. Heuk.. EunAh.. heuk... " Now she wasn't the only one crying, her husband was wiping a tear from his eyes... While EunAh's mother had buried her head into her hands, scattered on the floor.. " ...Heuk... I'm not, EunAh... Heuk.. I'm not your mom... heuk.." " ..Maah­m... Mom.... " " .. I'm not.. your mom.... EunAh... Heuk.. I'm.. I'm not... Heuk.." EunAh's mother slowly approached the two... "I've never knew an year could be such a long time.." " ..... " "I guess... I guess EunAh feels the same way, too.. I thought... I thought she'd get better if I gave her a bit of time but.. Heuk... I guess.. I guess not.." " ...... " " ... Take her... Take.. take EunAh with you... heuk... Just until she's old enough to... to understand and handle everything... Take care.. of her for us..." " ...Excuse me? .. " "She never... smiled for us... nor has she ever called me mom.. So... so take her.. just until she's old enough.." " ...B­b­but.. " "I'd rather have EunAh spend her time with you smiling and happy than have her crying all night long by my side.." " ...... " "Our lawyer was still working on changing the file so that.. shouldn't be a problem.. Take care of her 'til she understands... And.. and when she finally does... We'll change our file once and for all..." " ... Heuk.. Thank you... Heuk... Thank you.. so.. so.. Heuk.. much.." Both women stared at the child with the same emotion, the same thoughts, and the same tears... The man had now turned his head toward the window in an attempt to leave his tears unnoticed.. A tiny little child was the reason these people were crying.. ...A few days later... Just until she was able to understand and cope with everything, a decision had been built... A rather hard and tearful decision.. .. When she was twenty.. She would go back to the fate the heavens had made for her... Even though there was a small problem of how she'd take in the news of something she didn't remember... ..... The child had grown up running and laughing like any other kid... And at the age of six.. "Mom. _ " "Yes, EunAh. ^­^ " "Why are you different from other moms? " " ... What?.. " "Why are you different from other moms? _ " ...What.. do you mean ? " "In kindergarden, when HoYong from Sunny class does something wrong, his mom scolds him. _ the dishes or make a mess in the livingroom, why don't you scold EunAh? _ " " ..... " "EunHyuk broke our grandma's window with a bam! but you scolded him.. Why don't you scold EunAh?" " ... EunAh.. " "Yeah? " "Because.. EunAh's special.. and because mom loves you." "Then you don't love EunHyuk ? _ "No. I love you and EunHyuk, both." Even though she pretended nothing was wrong and smiled, her guilt was eating her up inside.. That night.. " .. Honey. " "Yes? " "I'm going to act like other people. " "What do you mean? " "If EunAh does something wrong, I'll scold her.. I'll make her do chores and have her run errands like other moms." " ..What's wrong..? Did anything happen? " "I think... I just think I should... Or it feels like EunAh would find out..." " But when I break " " ..... " "I really will from now on.. Until EunAh has to know.. I'll act like any other moms... " And from that day, the woman tried her best to act like other moms and thankfully, EunAh would've never suspected her to not be her true mother. Yet.. No one.. no one noticed.. That EunAh... and her real parent's son... In other terms­ her own brother, Kang SungMin.. Would fall in love with each other.. < Behind story 2. > "MOMMY!! Lookie lookie! *>_<* " On a hot, steamy summer.. EunAh and her family came to the beach for a vacation at her age of seven. "Look, Look!! The rock's sparkling~~ >_< Isn't it pretty?? " "Wow.. It really does! Aah look at you. Your clothes are all dirty." "Hehe, there's still more ova there. Imma go there~~ and get more rocks!" With those words, EunAh quickly bolted toward the sand.... After scanning the area, she ran for a few more seconds further away. "Whoaaaa♡ Shiny, sparkling stones! ^♬^ " After series of picking out a pretty stone and stuffing them into her pockets, her pockets were now completely full. "Hing~ _ " ...Stupid. " A voice interrupted her from the back and when she turned around, she saw a boy her age. It doesn't go in anymore.. There's a lot left, too..." "How are you gonna carry all these rocks? You probably have to stay and live here to take them all. ­__­ " Despite the cute image, the little boy flashed an expression unfit for his age. "You don't know that! I so could!!! ­0­ " "How? " " ... Why should I tell you!! But I could!! " "You really are stupid. ­__­ Being stubborn won't help you. " "Sshi... I could... EunAh could do... anything.... Waaaaaah.. " The boy looked surprised of how fast EunAh could burst into tears. " .. Hey.. Why you crying? ...This is why girls are so wussies." "I really could... hing.. I so could... _ " ....Don't cry. " "Waaaang... Waaah... " " ... Sshi.. I'll help you then!!! " " .. Huh? _ " " "I'll help you. I have a cap and pockets to carry more rocks so I'll help you!!! " " .. Really? _ " "Yeah!! So stop crying!! " "Hehe! Thanks. ^ ^ " For some reason, the litttle boy's cheeks became a deep shade of red at the sight of EunAh's bright smile. "Here's my cap. You put the rocks in there and I'll put some in my pockets." "Okay!!! *^ ^* " Obediently, EunAh begun to transfer the stones into the cap... Then she asked the boy for his name.. "What's your name? ^ ^ I'm EunAh. Yoo EunAh. ^ ^ " " ....EuhAh? ­__­ " "Nono. >_< Not EuhAh, EunAh!! *>_<* " " ...Kang SungMin.. " "Huh ? _ " "My name.. Kang SungMin.. " "Ah~ I see. ^ ^ Hehe. SungMin!!! " " .... Yeah. " "SungMin, SungMin~!! " "Ah, what. ­__­ " "Hehe. That's a pretty name. ^ ^ " " ...... " "Ah, finally done! Are you done, SungMin?" "Yeah. " "Then let's go~!! ^ ^ " "Where ? " "To my mom. >_< Wow, she'd like what I bring her. ^ ^ " Picking up the full cap of rocks, she stood up excited when.. .. "Aaaht!!! " Due to a sudden jerk of the boy, she fell into the water.. " ....N­no... my stones.... " Thanks to the fall, all the rocks layed scattered on the sand. "Heeu­Aaaaang!!! You're a big poo­head!!! All the rocks fell cuz of you!! 0 " ..... " "Why'd you pull me!! Waaah, it took me forever to gather all the stones!!" " .... Sorry.. " Not noticing how much the boy thought it about before apologizing, EunAh shouted loudly at the boy before running away.. " .. " I HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE!!!!!! " And watching EunAh's figure slowly fading away, the boy softly mumbled.. " ..Stupid.. All I did was pull her this way cuz she was about to fall..." Following his gaze, jagged pieces of glass were scattered on the sand... He had pulled her toward the water so EunAh wouldn't be hurt.. And once again, the boy mumbled again.. " ... Hate me more than anyone else..? ...Tch.. I... I hate you more than anyone else, too... Sshi... Watch if I ever come back to the beach again." And with those words, the boy ran away... Probably back to his family... But... stopping abruptly in his tracks, he murmured one last time.. " ... Her smile... was pretty... " .... For it occured such long time ago, I don't remember any of it.. Yet... we've known each other for such a long time... The.. longest time.... ^­^.. Random fate that had came and disappeared like the wind.... Concidently or accidently.. Still fate... And destiny.. < Behind story end. > ­60­ Unintentionally, I had recoiled... Frowning and laughing in disbelief, I started to run away from him... Soon, SungMin grabbed my wrists... " ... What the... Why.. are you crying.. " " ...... " "You wuss. ­__­ You're not afraid cuz I got held back an year, right? Don't worry then. It was never cuz I commited a crime, I just started an year late." " .....SungMin.. " "Yeah? " " ... Do you... do you love me? " Facing my flushing face to look at him, SungMin answered in a small voice. " ....... Just a little bit.. " " ..... " " ... Very.. little.. " " ..... " " ......But it's opposite... A lot.. " " ... Heuk.. " " .. Not just a little... But a lot.... very much.." I like you too much, too, SungMin... No, I love you.... What.. what are we suppose to do... What are we suppose to do from now on.. "Heuk... SungMin... It's not gonna work out.. It can't..." " ..What?" "I like you, too... Heuk... I love you.... more than I can manage.." " ... Yeah.. I know... So what abotu it.. " "Hold me... Don't... don't let me run off anywhere.. Heuk.." " .. Why would you... I'm right here.. " " ... Heu­h... Heuk... Huee­ahhng... " Just like a child, I wasn't able to be temperant of my feelings, as I burst into tears in SungMin's arms... This wasn't suppose to happen.. I promised to smile.. to become stronger.. "I don't have anywhere to go, SungMin.. There's no one out there I could turst.. Heuk.... SungMin... Why's the world so cruel.." " ... Dunno what you're talking about.. and why you're crying... But know this..." " ...... " "You can always come to me, and when there's no one out there to trust, just remember me." I do, SungMin... I want to from the depth of my mind yet... Hah... the heavens forbid us... They've already precluded our fate ... And neglecting the pale, crimson moon greeting us high above us, I continued to cry sitting on a park bench. ..You have no idea how thankful I am that you respect my privacy, SunGmin.. .... ................. ....... " .... =_=... _ .. !!! .. " When I allowed my eyes to open once from a short slumber, it surprised me to find out the darkness had lifted while a blazing sun shared warmth over our bodies.. ..I can't believe I fell asleep.. =_=.. Staring to my side, ­__­ I chuckled seeing SungMin on a vacation to dreamland, also... " .... SungMin.. " In a barely audible voice, I called out his name carefully... "Stay with me... Just ... just until you find out... Let me cherish our time together just this moment... It'll be over soon when you leave me..." " ...... " "When.. you do find out... about our... our fate.. you'd leave me be... and no matter what you say or think of me, I'll be the one who continues to love you..." " ..... " "All you have to do is laugh... I'll be content with the fact of you being happy with another pretty, nice girl.... Can you believe it? I actually don't have the nerves to adapt as your sister... So... so while we do have our time together, don't leave me okay... I'll say good­bye when the time's right.. " ..... " "All we have to do is pretend to not know and smile... I'll take care of your tears when you do find out, so all we have to do is smile for the future..." If we don't... it'll crash onto us sooner than we expect it to be... If laughter can heal any sorrow­to­come, then we should laugh all day long... ... " ... Yoo EunAh. What are you talking about? " !!!!!!!!!!! ­61­ \Classroom "What's with the rags? ­__­ " " .....Haah.. " " .. What's.. wrong? Are you sick? " SungMin hadn't been sleeping... He... he had listened to everything I said.... Feeling terror rise within me, I had ran away from SungMin when he had asked me what I was talking about, and bolting into our class I collapsed immediately in my seat... with Saemi by my side. "Yoo EunAh? What the... You're pale!" "....Nah.. I'm all right... Really.." "..If you say so.. Where'd you go last night, anyway?" "Huh?" "Your mom called our house and asked me if you... were with me" " ....... " "You're the same as I left you last night. ­__­ Have a look at your skirt, girl. It's covered in dirt. Did you fall on the grass or something?" "Ah... I just... sat on a bench..." "Where'd you sleep then? " " ... At the park.. " "What?!! " " ..... " "Dude!! You homelesss at heart or something? You're insane! The park? What'd have happened if some crazy beer­ bellied man kidnapped you?!?!" "Saemi. ­__­ Didn't you tell me once that my face is my most potent weapon? ­__­.. " "That's doesn't matter now! I mean look at how corrupted our society is!!" " .... ­__­... " Still, I hardly suppressed a grin. Thanks to Saemi, a bit of laughter painted over the darkness I had covered myself with... ^­^.. Say... why do I feel so wet... " ...Hey.. " " .... " " .. There's something wrong, isn't there? " " ... There isn't.. Really, there really isn't.... I'm okay... I'm perfectly fine yet... why am I crying? Heh... ^­^ " " ...... " "I guess I should go to the oculist, yeah? Time for my annual­eye check up or whatever.." " ... EunAh. " "Should I? I mean, I'm laughing and smiling but why am I crying? _ know any good oculists?" " .... I suggest you go to the Seoul hospital.. " "What? " "It's your heart that hurts, not your eyes.. so what's the point of an oculist?" " ... Ah... so that was the reason huh... My heart... not my eyes... I see... ^ ^ " " ...... " "Now that you mention it, it stung right here through out the whole night.. One moment it would pound so crazily I thought I'd have a heart attack and... I see.. That was the reason, eh? My heart was scarred..." .. Whenever I see him.. My heart thumps like a drummer... One moment it's pounding like crazy, then the next moment.. it hurts so much... All because of Kang SungMin... Oh... I almost forgot.. Where am I suppose to go after school? Oh yeah, where should I go, Saemi? ^ ^ You " ... Saemi. " "Yeah. ­__­ " "Mind if I go over after school ? _ "To my place? " "Yep. >_< You don't mind, do you? >_< " "Of course not. Hey... You didn't happen to run away from your house, have you?" " _ Why would I?" " "You didn't go home last night. Your mom was really worried, mind you.." Oh... Mom.. Yeah she would worry... "Hehe. Anyway, we haven't had a sleep­over in such a long time!! ^­^ " ..... Therefore, Saemi and I were headed toward her house after school... "You're going home tomorrow, right? " " .... ^­^.. Perhaps.. " " ... You.. fought with EunHyuk or what?" "It'd be much better that way.. ^­^.. " If it had only been a small fight, how glad I would be... There'd be no reason to cry... and hurt so much inside.. ... I'm sorry Saemi, but telling you what was really to become of me... I think it'd be too overwhelming... When... when one day, I could talk about last night as if I was talking about a movie... then... then I'll tell you... When my eyes.. and my heart both leaps and laughs of joy... I promise to tell you... 'Know SangGo's Kang SungMin? Yeah well, he's my brother.^­^' Just like that.. .. Almost instantly, my steps ceased to go on any further.. ...Heart..?? HeeYeon... SungMin's sister... What about her? The girl that had a heart problem... ..... A tiny flame of hope flickered in my mind, as I turned on my heels and immediately ran toward home. ­62­ •´″"`°³о☆•´″"`°³о☆•´″"`°³о☆• A lyrical feather tickles the gentle winds, as I confess my feelings... ...Can you see it?... The way of devotion and truth I feel toward you... •´″"`°³о☆•´″"`°³о☆•´″"`°³о☆• I don't ever recall running as fast as I did that night... Ah... Scratch that, I fled like a mouse the day SungMin ran after me because he needed to pay me back... Thinking back to that day, a small chuckle left my lips... I cry and laugh in thoughts of you, SungMin.. ^­^.. " ....Already.. Here.. " The front doors welcomed me as I took baby steps into the house... ... " ... EunAh!!! " Mom had been circling the livingroom, her arms folded with a look of desperation on her face. Her clamor caused dad to stand up from the couch to face me abruptly.. " ..... " " ...I was... at Saemi's last night... Her parents were away so.. thought I'd keep her company..." You're an idiot, Yoo EunAh.. Don't you remember how Saemi told you that mom called her last night... " .....We won't nag you about your whereabouts last night.. We're just happy to have you back.. home, EunAh.." Why should you be, dad.. You're perfectly aware of my lie... " ... Ah, EunAh are you hungry ? ^­^ I'll set your lunch right away. Go upstairs and wash up while I make your lunch. ^­^ " " .... I have a question. " " ..... " " .. Do you know a girl named.. Kang HeeYeon?" "....Kang.. HeeYeon?" "She's SungMin's sister.. No longer in this world, though.." According to SungMin's words, she was a doll... A sweet, genuinely nice, pretty doll... For her heart was 100% devoted to one person, she never allowed herself to complain and finally left the world... "You told me, dad... SungMin's my brother, yeah? Then how come he has a sister?" Tell me it isn't true... I won't care if this was all a silly joke, just tell me that HeeYeon's SungMin's real sister.. " .... She's the.. girl with the weak heart, isn't she..." "..You know her?" " ... Your mother.. Your real mother.. often watched you from afar..." "Honey!!!" "...No point hiding any longer.." Mom escaped through the door of her room, and after giving her a look of sympathy, dad continued... "She was adopted. " " ...Excuse me? " "After letting you stay with us, she came across a small baby coincidently..." " .... " "The same girl you're talking about. She always had a heart problem, yet because of the family condition, her parents never got to send her to the hospital for a treatment." .. A loud thud rang vibrated throughout my body.. I had hoped too big... Look at me, I just ended up with another scar... It's painful enough by the idea of being related with him... "Her mom ran away from home in the end, and her dad... he planned to abandon her, also.. So your real mother, Mrs. Lee, decided to take her in." " ...... " "They all knew she didn't have much time left... Yet perhaps, they wanted to find a portrait of you in her, I guess.." " ... For what reason.. " " ..... " "I'm just.. just an average girl.. Why are so many people crying and paining over me.." Quite humorous, actually... The twists and twines continue on and on, revolving all around me.. Hah.. Dragging my feet upstairs, I saw EunHyuk leaning against his door, staring down at me... My brother... I mean, my ex­ brother... "Where'd you go last night? ­__­ Can't believe you stayed out all night long." " ... Just because. ^­^ " " ....You wanna tell me? " "Eh? " "Why the hell our house had suddenly turned like a funeral house. You have the answer?" " ...... " "You know too well that dad doesn't cope with being serious. ­__­ He used to grin like mad before, now he's like some priest. And what the fu­k's up with mom? Why's she crying? ...Tell me, I know you know.." So you don't know, EunHyuk... No one had bothered to tell you..... ^­^.. " ... It's because of me.. ^­^ " "What? " "All because of me... ^­^.. " "What's cuz of you? Why is it all because of you?" ".... Because I'm the only feign piece in this puzzle.." "What? " "You, mom, and dad.. You all fit into the puzzle perfectly, yet I don't match anywhere..." "Hey. ­__­ You're trying to make me feel dumber, eh? Just say it in easy words. ­__­ " "I'm the only fake person... I'm the one different.. " Even though I had let out all my tears fall last night, they took the space in my eyes once again. Dam­, when will I ever reach the bottom of all this... If.. if I do reach the bottom of my tears... then would I finally be able to smile..? " ... Heup... heuk... Oo­euh... Heuk.. " " ...... Nuna?! " Surprised at my sudden reaction, EunHyuk called me nuna... and by that action, the tears just flowed more openly.. " .. What's wrong, Nuna.. " " .... Heuk.. EunHyuk. " "Yeah? What's wrong.. " " .... Yoo.. EunHyuk.. " "Yeah go on, what's up? I'm your one and only handsome brother.. so we have that accomplished. Did anything happen?" ".........No you're not." "Not what.." "You're not!!.. You... you... you're not.. you were never my brother..." EunHyuk still looked confused and dazed... What will you say, EunHyuk.. If I tell you that I was never related to you.. What would you say....? Would you care?... "I'm not your sister, Yoo EunHyuk!! The Yoo EunAh you talk about constantly has a different name and it's Kang, not Yoo!!" " .. What? " "You still don't understand? I'm different from you. You and I? We have different genes in us. I was never alike with anyone in this house!!" " ...... " " .. Hah.. You understand now, don't you? That's why mom was crying... and dad... It's all cuz of me... All because of... me.. Heuk..." " ..... Dam­.. " " ...... " "Had a nice laugh?.. " An unexpected reaction and expression... " ..What's so different now? You're still a Yoo. What're you talking about?" "....I told you.. I'm no longer a Yoo EunAh ­" "Don't be sh­tting me!! All I have to do is think you're my sister and mom and dad will consider you as their daughter!! What more do you want? You're still a Yoo as long as you live in this house with us!! My one and only sister, Yoo EunAh!! Why can't you understand that?!!" ­63­ "You've lived 18 years as Yoo EunAh, why stop now.." " .... That's... summarizes everything, doesn't it? " "Yeah. " " ...Why.. didn't I think of that... So simple yet brilliant." Because I started out as Yoo EunAh, all I have to do is continue.. it's that simple... " .. Yoo EunHyuk.. Thanks. ^­^ " "No problemo. At times like this, it pays to live your life simple­minded. ­__­ " "Puha. You call that boasting? " " .... No matter how clumsy and daft you may be... there's only one girl I'd allow myself to call nuna. That's you, Yoo EunAh." EunHyuk softly mumbled, stopping me from going into my room. "So... why don't you just stay as my sister." "...I will... ^­^ " It feels as if a nail had fallen out.. I'm Yoo EunAh... Nothing has changed now, I'll forever stay as who I am... as where I am.. ... \ Next day­ School. "Heyy, ­0­ How could you just leave me like that? ­0­ " Saemi immediately approached me as I stepped into our classroom. Oh... right. I just ditched you on the way to your house last night... ­__­.. "Aaah. >_< Sorry, Saemi! >_< Please lend a portion of your heavenly generous mind to forgive me. _ "True. ­__­ Fine, I'll let you go this time. Where did you run off to, anyway?" "Ah... I went home. ^­^ " "Oh really? So you never did run away from your house, did you now?" ".......Why would I? I'm Yoo EunAh... and descendents of the house of the Yoo's don't do that sort of stuff.. ^ ^ " Saemi looked watchful as she ordered me to go to the hospital again, stopping my proud remarks.. ­__­ Just like any other day, Saemi and I continued our chit­chat throughout the whole day... >_< ... And... When I walk out of these doors with my backpack, I'll see SungMin by the gates like always... " ... Yoo EunAh. " HanKyul quickly noticed the atmosphere around us, as he dragged Saemi away... SungMin and I stared off into opposite directions in an awkward silence. "Ah, sorry for leaving you like that yesteraday... Did you get to school, okay? ^ ^ " " ... Yoo EunAh. " "Yes sir? " " .. You have a nasty habit. " "Eh? " "Whenever you trap yourself in a sh­tty situation.. you run away." "SungMin. _ " " "You're always like that. Without a hint of dependence or trust to me, you cry and tire yourself out while running away from me." SungMin's words rang in my ears... Running... away... from me... "Ah, nono.. You have it wrong.. See, it's be­" "Don't. You have any idea how much of an idiot I become when I see you running away from me?" " ...... " "Don't anymore. " "Okay.. I won't, I promise. " " .. Then tell me. " "Huh? " "What's been going on with you these days? " " ..... " "You promised not to run away. " It's not me I'm worried about... it's you... Because you'll run away when I tell you the truth.... "What the fu­k was up with the goodbye yesteraday? You want me to see another girl, is that it?" "........Trust me." "What? " "Trust me... SungMin, you could do that, can't you? I... I don't think I could tell you just yet... Could you wait 'til I'm ready to tell?" " ...... " "Trust me.. " " .. Aight. " And that was how I fell into his embrace... I sincerely wish and hope time would stop as of this moment.. Because the idea of you leaving me haunts my mind like a gray ghost.. ­64­ "Just once, look back at my scarred soul~ ♬ " Sunday morning, I woke up incredulously early and was deep into se7en's music when my cell phone disturbed my sweet minutes. ­ ­ I'm sick .. ­__­..I don't recall ever getting a simpler message than this. The owner of the message was SungMin, and worried about his words, I quickly replied. You're sick? How? You okay? _ Yeah. Just. No. � I have a feeling SungMin doesn't like text messaging people.... =_=.. Where are you? Want me to come over? _ House. Come within 10 minutes. Unless superman suddenly decides to give me his magical flying powers, ­__­ I believe it'd be impossible to go over in 10 minutes.. Anyway, to take care of our sick SungMin, I quickly changed and headed out.. ... " .. Took you long enough. ­__­ " .. Exactly 29 minutes and 41 seconds later, a perfectly normal SungMin greeted me on his front steps. ­__­.. "Have I finally gone crazy? =_= Why oh why do I see you perfectly fine?" "No. ­__­ I'm sick. ­__­ " "Where? " "All over. " "Why? _ " � "I helped out HanKyul last night. " "HanKyul? " For what reason did HanKyul torture you with that you'd call me out at this early hour? =_=.. "What'd you help him out with? _ " "Tsk ­__­ Don't try to look into too much of a guy's world. " " ... ­__­.. " Endeavoring a straight face, ­__­ I followed SungMin upstairs. " .. Who's room is that? _ "Where? ­__­ " "Right there with the pink door. " A rectangular pink room with a doll on it's surface stood up among the color­coordinated design of the house. " .. Go in. " Obeying SungMin's words, I entered to find myself in a... Whooa♡ One of the princess rooms, that's what it is. *♬_ * "Everything's so cute and pretty. _ " ... HeeYeon's room. " "What? " "My sister. HeeYeon's room.. " ..Ah.. Oh.. my gosh... This is SungMin's house.. What the heck am I doing here.. I might run into SungMin's............ mom... Shoot, I gotta get out... "Ah, SungMin. " "Yeah. " " .. I ... almost forgot. I had a.. a appointment. Sorry, I guess I'll see you later." "Right now? ­__­" "Yeah.. Sorry, I'll call you later?" "I'm sick. " "What? " " " "It hella hurts. There's three bandages on my back, the big *ss ones. My right arm's still bleeding, too. ­__­ " What the.. What's with the uncommon whining? _ right arm. But curiousity got the best of me as I turned my gaze toward his " .. What's.. wrong with your arm? That's a cast isn't it? Oh my.. SungMin!" "You never saw a cast before? ­__­" "You know perfectly well what I mean! What'd you do last night, anyway?!??!" "It doesn't hurt. I lied. I'm perfectly fine. This is all part of the decorations. ­__­ " Intractably, I walked behind SungMin to notice several deep blue bruises in the midst of exactly 3 bandages. "What's this??!?! Did you fall off the BaekDoo Mountain's peak of what?!?! What's wrong with your back??!!! 0 bleeding all over!! 0 " "All part of the decorations. ­__­ " "Who in their right mind would wear a cast and bandages as a decoration? _ "Me. ­__­.. Hold, you're calling me crazy, then?" "That's not what I meant. Waaah. _ " " It's But still, I had to leave behind SungMin in his worst condition for... for.. SungMin's mother had already.. returned home.. "SungMin, mom's ho­!!!.. " " ...... " Oh nonono... I can't.. No.. " ....Ah.. Hello. It has been awhile. SungMin, I'll be going now. Take care of your bruises, watch out for any scars. Bye then..." The lady looked perplexed and surprised... You're not my mom... just SungMin's mother... I hurried out of the house, yet a voice tied my ankle back. " .....Euh.. EunAh.. " " ..... " " .... Have you.. come back?... Have you come back to me?” ­65­ " .... Have you.. come back?... Have you come back to me?” .. Because I'm Yoo EunAh... I can't come back to you lady... No.. I won't.. " ... No.. I'm .. Yoo EunAh.. You've got the wrong girl.." " ...... " "Bye then.. " SungMin might get suspicious if I linger any longer... I can't.. I can't let him know just yet... " .... EunAh.. " "I'm perfectly content where I am currently. My only family is my mom, dad, and EunHyuk... these three people only." " ...... " " .. Goodbye.." "Wait..!!! " Don't hold onto me.. I'm happy where I am... I'm happy with my surroundings so please... don't hold onto me.. " ... SungMin.. Could EunAh and I have a private talk?" "What kind of talk." "Just for a second. ^­^ " After staring at me and then at his mom, SungMin announced he'll be waiting outside leaving behind his mom and me. " .. I don't have anything to talk about. " " .... EunAh.. " "Please don't say my name like that.. " " ...... " "...SungMin must be waiting. Bye.. Really, bye. " Firmly deciding not to crumple down and give in to this time's shout, I turned on my heels to walk downstairs when... " ...SungMin.. should know.. " " ..... " Because of the name­ SungMin­ I stopped in my tracks... " .. Know what? ..I don't quite understand what you're saying." ... "That you're his sister.. He deserves to know.. to understand.." " ... Please.. don't tell him... don't.. don't say a word to hime about it... Please?" "I've thought about you two and.. there's no other way... I've got to tell him now... I'm sorry." "....Not yet... Just.. not yet.." "You are to come back to us in a short period of time... You can no longer stay with the Yoo's..." "I've decided upon my own path and future. For what reason should I give it up?" " .. I've waited so long.. No matter how much I've missed and wanted you back... I've waited for you, EunAh." " ..... " " ... Even if you stay where you are.. SungMin and you... aren't allowed.. Your placement doesn't matter for you two share the... sameblood.." Another obstacle.. No matter how much I maintain stubborn as Yoo EunAh... I cannot be fulfilled with SungMin... for we share the same blood.. " ... EunAh... Please.. come back to us, now.. " " ...... " "Your father and I... we're all waiting for you. We're your family now, EunAh.. SungMin, too... Yes, especially SungMin.." " ...It's too soon.. Not just yet..." "You guys are.. family... Incest... had been precluded long time ago.." What do you want me to do then... How do you expect me to forget and move on? You want me to come back, too? Hah.. How.. how do you want me to take in seeing SungMin everyday and everynight as a... a brother? " ... Why him... Why out of a billion of other men.. Why SungMin.. Why.. Why does he have to be my brother..." " ...... " This is the end, huh.. We've reached the dead end and... it's time to stop... "Hah... So... SungMin and I cannot... share intimate feelings as ...long as we share the same blood? Whether or not I'm a Yoo, instead of a Kang? ^­^ " ... There's no way... No possible way at all... ... " .. Just five days.. Give me just five days to... to figure it all out..." "........5 days?" " .. Yes.. and five days later... I'll tell SungMin about...us with my own mouth.." " ...... " We can no longer continue... It was forbidden from the start.. I'll finish it off first, SungMin... So it might be easier for you to let go without feeling too guilty... And.. I'm never coming back here... Heck, I'm going to spend the rest of my life as a Yoo... I don't think I'll ever be ready or strong enough to face you as a Kang... For five days... Let's build memories for me to cherish and look back upon forever... And... when those days are over, we'll spend the rest of our lives as strangers... No siblings involved... Just.. just siblings.. " ... I'll tell him with my own mouth.. So just give me five days..." My plea was answered by a silent nodd by SungMin's mom... "Thank you... I'll see you... around, I guess.. ^­^.. " It's something I've decided upon... No other choice is there? Five days... only five days left to face him confidently and proudly as Yoo EunAh.. .. Walking out of the front door, I saw SungMin sitting on the porch... " What'd mom want? ­__­ " "She wanted to know how you were doing in school. " "You're sh­tting me again. ­__­ " "Serious!! You have no idea how much I strained myself to give you extra points!!!! ­0­!! " ... .. SungMin.... ^­^ Let's be as happy and smile this often just for five days... That on the 5th day... we may say our goodbyes as... Yoo EunAh and Kang SungMin... with a smiling face.... ^­^.. ­66­ click­ memories "Where should we go today? Hmm... How about.. Ah! The Amusement park?!" "Amusement park? ­_ ­ " "Yeahh~ We'll go on the viking and ooh.. madusa, too!! ^ ^ " "Did anyone stuff you in a cage the past weeks?" "Huh? _ " "You run around to here and there these last couple of days yet you still have the energy to remain perky. ­ _­ " In a blink of an eye, three days have passed.. Feeling it my duty to not let one second go to waste, I've dragged SungMin around the city for any sort of pleasure... Today's destination was the amusement park. After an hour on the subway, we'be finally arrived at the ○○ world and had just entered after getting our tickets. I should do my best to make good memories today as well.... ^­^.. .... "SungMin!! Let's go on that one!! " "That? " "Yeah~ Round the world, man!! ^ ^" "It's embarassing to be seen in such a childish ride." Childish?.. ­ _­.. Embarassing?.. ­_ ­.. "Fine then.. ­ _­..What's your idea of a 'mature' ride? " To my words, SungMin pointed elsewhere... And a... ­__­... tornado like ride high high up in the air came into my eyes.. " ... You... want to ride that? ­ _­.. " "Yeah. You scared? " "Sc­scared?! Hah! What do you take me as!! ­0­!! Piece of cake, that's what that is! Let's go, shall we?" Sh­t, sh­t. How do you expect me to go on that thing. 0 My shaky legs were leading my resisting body to the horrid ride... and after a long line of wait, it was finally our turn... Ah, my heart's thumping because I'm excited, not because I'm scared!! _ ... " ... SungMin. " "Yeah. ­__­ " "See, truth..truthfully 0 !! It's so freaking scary right now? So.. let's just get off, yeah?" Buckling our seat belts, my brain got the best of me as it confessed my feelings.. " .. It's too late. ­ _ ­ " Simulatenously, I felt my body lifting high above the ground.. Nooo.. NOOO!!!!!!!! My whole body twisted and turned, joyfully dancing to a twist... While my eyes were shut furiously, with my lips shrieking like I have never done before.. .... .. And... the world's biggest gratitude and relief hit me as my legs were safely glued to the ground.... ^ "You were that scared? ­__­ " "Waaah.. Sniff.. Heuk heuk~ 0 "Wipe your nose. ­__­ " You jerk, 0 this is all because of you 0 !!! " "Then we'll go to a boring one. That's fine with you, right?" Curious at his words, I wiped my eyes with my forehand and.... ­ _­.. let out a small gasp.. ­ _­.. Isn't that the new ride that falls from 70m at a 100km of speed? ­ _­.. I had thought he would be joking... I had wished and hoped he would be joking.. yet.. stupid jerk soon burst my bubbles... ­ ­.. Intractably, he managed to get me onto the horrifying ride.. ... Round and round, our seats set to the peak for a drop, and suddenly grabbing a hold on my hands, SungMin shouted loudly as we descended down.. " ... I hella love you!!! " .... "Say what you've said before, please? _ "What'd I say. ­ _­ " "You know that better than me ­0­!! " "Oops, I must've gotten amnesia. " We were having an argument during our late dinner, with SungMin being more than obstinate... ­_ ­.. "Tch. Fine, fine. ­ ­ I'll let you go this once since it was cute what you've done before. Umm.. since it's eight fourty, let's go watch the laser show in a few minutes. _ " "Alright. " "Hehe. Where should we go tomorrow ♬ ^♬^ " "Huh? " "Tomorrow. _ I don't have any plans set up.. Hmm.." " "We're going somewhere again?" "Yeah? _ Why, do you mind? " "Nah, not that. You just seem different these days. ­__­ " Flinch.. A sudden jab poked my conscience.. "Why.. would I be different.. ^­^ " "Just.. Hey, if you're done let's go." Of course... It wouldn't take a retard to figure out there's something different about me.. Considering we have two days left, I even cut class to spend time with you.. to produce memories that would keep me living for who knows how many years... ^­^.. "You seriously have teacher work days this whole week? ­__­ " "Huh? Oh, yeah. ^ ^ " "What the fu­k. ­ _­ Your school's gotten weird." "Y­yeah.. Haha. ^­^; Oh, aren't you thirsty? I'll go get us some soda, wait right here.." Dummy.. Teacher work day my butt... Sprinting away with the excuse of getting a soda, I finally spotted one and when I managed to get two.... ^ ^... ­ _­... Uh oh... I forgot how crowded it was.. I forgot how large of a place it was.. And I had forgotten that I can't read directions if my life depended on it.. So in conclusion.. I had managed to get myself lost.. ­ _­.. ... Working my dead brain to function and finally remember where SungMin and I had dined at, I saw that SungMin... ­_ ­ was nowhere to be seen. "SungMin. _ Kang SungMinnn.. Where'd you disappear to. 0 " Have you disappated into thin air? _ ... Or did you decide to go have a chat with the groundhogs? ' Drrrring.. Drrring ' Feeling my pockets vibrating, I quickly took out my phone… Tell me, why haven’t I thought to call SungMin any sooner? ­ _­.. Glad and appreciative of the familiar seven digits, I quickly pressed ‘send’.. ­ " Yoo EunAh!! Where are you!!!! " "SungMin!! 0 Can you believe I lost my place? I’m at the place we ate our dinner.. 0 " ­ "Alright. I’ll be right there!! " But. ­_ ­ Assuming he had ran far away to find me for he didn’t come back in minutes….. =_=.. I circled the place and finally sat down on a nearby bench, pathetically… "Heeyyy.. You here alone? " ­67­ "Heeyyy, you here alone? " Apparent that they had spent hours on spiking their hairs, a trio of guys faced me... ­_ ­.. "Aww, how sad. You've came to play all by yourself. ­ ­ " "I haven't. ­ _­ " "Tsk. I know, I know.. You don't have to say.. People could be so cruel, can't they?" What.. the... fu­k.. ­ _­.. Who are you and why are you talking to me. ­ _­ " .. I came with my boyfriend. ­__­^ " "I know, I know.. You wanted a boyfriend, that bad huh! Well!! No worries then! This oppa here came to save you!! ^ ^ " The spiked guy quickly snatched my wrists, making the can of sodas to fall onto the ground with a clang. ... " .... Let go. " "Playing hard to get, aren't you. " "Let go. No one would enjoy having their hands covered with filth. Let go before I puke." "You b­tch!! F­ck, you don't want to see me angry!!" Simultaneously, the spiked guy's hands raised high above... Oh dam­, I'd have to go around with a bag over my face if I got hit with those.. Drenched in fear, I shut my eyes, dreading... ..... " .... Haah... Fu­k... Why don't you put down that hand? " ..It's SungMin... The owner of this voice... Feeling relief befriending me, I opened my eyes once again.. " ... Who you about to hit? You have guts kid." "What the... you motherfu­ker!" "S­see! ­0­!! I told you I hadn't come alone!! Didn't I tell you I came with my boyfriend?!' Hehe, you're soooo dead!! Jumping up and down in glee within my head, I heard a loud thud ringing in my ears. .. " ...B­stard. What, your parents taught you to go around harassing girls?" Commented SungMin as he brought his hands on the spiked guy's head.. He looked mad... seriously, really mad.. .. "What, what? B­ba­tard?!!! How would you like to die in the hands of a b­stard, then?!?!!! " The spiked guy still hadn't noticed how furious SungMin was as he replied, angrily.. The other two friends of his were slowly recoiling.. Finally realizing that his friends had ditched him, the spiked guy let out a growl and... " ...You son­of­a­b­tch!! You're dead the next time I see you!! I'm just letting you go this time, all right??!!!! " sprinted away, tripping over his feet on the way... Watching him with a look of disgust, SungMin was just about to go after him when I held onto him for dear life.. Whew... Why's everything so complicated?? 0 "SungMin!! I'm all right!! Really!! Calm down, now!! 0 "If I had come a second later, you would've gotten hit!!! " "N­nooo!! I have muscles, man! I wouldn't let him hit me just like that!!" "Your eyes were closed!!! " .. SungMin... please don't get angry... Remember, we have to smile... I only have two more days left... We can't waste a second of it's precious time on anger and tears... let's just be happy, yeah...? " ...Don't... be angry.. " "What? " " " .. Don't be so.. angry... I don't have much time left..." "....Yoo EunAh..." We have such little time left, to enjoy and be happy... we have such little time left... ... " .... Sorry.. sorry for getting mad at you.. " Thank goodness ^­^ .. I feared.. that we'd go awry before I could even open my mouth and speak... .... SungMin had me enveloped me in a hug and as the warmth on his lips slowly made across toward mine... A crowd begun to form... The blaring music now had stopped, even with the rides... Lights ceased to brighten up the environment as several lights on the trees blinked and decorated the dark sky with its lasers.. ... One of the last presents the heavens could give us... in an apology of sealing our fate ahead of time... A beautiful memory to last a life time.. click­whenever u call ­68­ .. 10.. 9... 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4... 3.. 2.... .... 1.... 0.. ... The last day had finally.. approached me... The dreadful day where I would have to bid him a goodbye.. ..... Having been spent an unusually longer time on my appearance, I stood in front of the mirror, practicing the two tearful words.. Good­bye.. " Yoo EunAh.. You can do this. ^­^ It'll all work out.. " Casting a murmur of a spell upon myself, I set out to meet SungMin. ... \ ○○ Theatres "SungMin! You're here early!" "Yeah. I got the tickets already. Let's go in after 10 minutes." You're not aware of my feign smile and laughter, are you... .. Twenty minutes later, we took our seats in the movies for we had lost track of time at the arcade... ... ...... The reason.. I'm crying despite the action genre is because the main character had just been shot... Not.. never because I'm sad.. People all around us begun to file out as the two hours worth of movie ended... Yet SungMin and I remained in our seats. " .....Why are you crying. " " ..It's sad.. ^­^ " "What is.. " "The movie? ^ ^ " "It was a happy ending wasn't it?" "Oh, that's because I favor the antoginists, not the main characters. Pity them.. Hehe. ^­^ " Favor the antogonists my butt... But EunAh... nice excuse. .... .... 8:10... Time had certainly flew by without notice with the remainder of three hours and fourty minutes. "Do you have to go home? " "Huh? _ " "You keep on looking at your watch. " "Ah.. Nono. >_< Just curious about the time.. Hey SungMin! Let's go take a studio pictrue!!!!! " Just so I won't regret anything... I want to share as much as time between us... that I may look back on these beautiful memories and cherish them.. ... "Sir, smile more. And you there, the girl. Don't tilt your head." "Aight, take the picture already. ­__­^ " "Hm... Okay then. Here we go.. Three.. two.. One.. Click" ... ....... "I'll pick up the pictrues tomorrow. ^ ^ " "Sure. " "Ooh! Sticker machines! SungMin, let's take one~!" "Again? ­__­ " "Yep yep. >_< " "Who takes those these days?" "We'll be unique, then! ­0­ Come along now. >_< " Sorry to say but... I'm not allowing you to look at our studio pictures... ^­^ I know you'll simply be disgusted by it... right? ... "Muhaha!! >_< Look at this one! We actually look high!" In the picture I had pointed at, I had my arms around SungMin while smiling widely... with SungMin wearing a small smile through an awkward smile.. .... "It's ... almost 10. " "Yeah huh. " " ..Well! Two more hours to enjoy ourselves? Hehe.. Let's go around 'til 12.. ^­^ " ... The same cell phone cover... Same watch... and with the same dolls in our hands, we walked further and deeper into the town. By tomorrow.. these belongings will all lose its other, won't it? "Why a gorilla of all the other dolls though? _ " "Then you'd think it's funny for me to carry around a bunny doll? ­__­ " "It was cute! _ " "So is this. ­__­.. " " .. ­__­.. Ah!! I almost forgot. I'm naming mine 'Goody' and you can name yours 'Loh'! >_< " "Goody? Loh? ­_ ­ " "Yeap. ^ ^ " "Sure, why not. Why though?" "Just... it's a pretty name, isn't it? ^ ^ " ... 'Loh' for love... and 'Goody' for a goodbye... Today, we love each other.. and we'll bid each other a goodbye when tomorrow comes.. .... "It's late. Let's go home, I'll walk you." "....Home?" "Yeah.. Why, you're not going? ­__­ " " .... Ah.. Yeah, sure.. sure.. " "Let's go then. You'll get yelled at if you're too late." "Ah, but... SungMin, how about we rest on that bench over there? ^­^ " A sudden remorse filled my heart.. I should've compromised for a week, not... not five days... Anything... just anything to spend even a second more with SungMin... ... Rummaging my pockets, I took out our sticker photos.. Yeah... All smiling inside.. You and I both, SungMin.. This is it then, huh? I just have to... to say these letters while maintaining a straight face? ... " ..... SungMin. " ...Without a trace of tear or frown, I'll have to tell him.. .. " .. Let's... say goodbye now.." ­69­ A moment of silence befell us... And SungMin's low murmur was the one who broke the silence.. " .. Say that again. " " .... Let's.. not... have any sort of an intimate relationship from now on. ^­^ " "That's.. something to say laughing about? " If I don't smile... I have no other choice but to cry... " .. Let's.. Let's stop with the whole love business. ^­^ " " ...Why.. " "Because.. we'll be the ones hurting if we do continue on loving each other.." SungMin's accusatory black eyes searched my eyes.. " ... You're obstinate 'til.. the very end.. " " ..... " "Didn't I tell you before.. To never struggle and come to a conclusion by yourself.. What happened now.." ... He's got a point... It was me who ignored you due to JaeHyun Oppa without much of an explanation... I had asked you to stay with BoHee... And.. I'm the one who's breaking up with you........... " ... We're... impossible.. " "Why. " " .. If.. we do like each other.. there's not much we could do.. We shouldn't have ever met..." "Don't give me that crap and tell me straight­forward." At those words, I shut my eyes and biting my lower lips, I managed to croak out... .. " ... You're no longer my boyfriend... but a... a brother..." The clueless and confused expression SungMin wore was positively oppresive... for.. confessing that we were siblings and therefore, dating is out order was.. harder... much too hard to say with my own lips..... ^­^.. "You still don't understand? Well, I'll explain it in simple words then. ^­^ " " ..... " "I'm really a Kang EunAh instead of a Yoo EunAh. I have a brother, and he happens to be... you... ^­^ " He'll be... surprised.. Perhaps appalled.. But will you be as sad as me, too...? " ... Ha Ha, real funny isn't it? ^ ^ Your parents.. Ah, I mean.. see, my.. my real parents lost me when we were babies." " ...... " " ..And.. your.. your sister, HeeYeon.. Ah, I mean.. ^­^ " "Don't cut off your sentences. " " ....She.. was adopted.. I'm.. I'm your real sister.." You're doing awesome, EunAh.. Absolutely awesome.. Just five more minutes without crying.. Piece of cake, right? " Sorry.. I should've told you sooner.. " " ...For real? " "Huh? " "The whole sibling thing.. Is it for real... " " ... Yeah.. " " ..Keuk.. Haha.. Hahaha.. " A bit perplexed at SungMin's sudden burst of laughter, I stared at him stupidly.. " ..Whoa.. Dam­.. You could audition to be an actress.. ^­^ " " ..... " "Nice joke, EunAh. I'll give you a perfect 10 for that. ^­^ " " ... SungMin.. " "But those kind of jokes aren't funny, so don't try it again." " ..... " "Go ahead then. Say you were joking, you don't fool me for a second. ^­^ " What's.. what's wrong with you... The more you act like this.. the more I want to lie and pretend everything was a lie... " ... Kang SungMin!!! " " ..... " "It's not a lie, everything's tru­" " .. Stop. " " ... !!!!.. " " ..I don't care if it's a lie or you're telling the truth, just tell me it was a lie..." " ...... " "It doesn't make sense. Us, siblings? No one'd believe that. ^­^ " My mouth felt too dry to say anything... SungMin's black eyes were unsteady as they shook violently.. " ... Call her. " "What? " " .. Call mom. " I don't think I could press on this subject any longer... It was hard enough confessing now.. to make you believe.... It'd be better to hear it with your own ears, won't it SungMin.. ... Obediently, SungMin took out his cell phone and begun dialing.. Probably his house.... ^­^.. In a moment.. his mom will be hesitant and tell him in the end... And perhaps you'd drop your phone and stare at me shocked... " .. T­this is why we're impossible. ^­^ So we should just bid each other a farewell.. " " ..... " " ... Well today was the last day.. So... " " ..... " "Even if we do see each other on the streets, let's not acknowledge each other. I detest the idea of siblings.. Rather.. rather let's be strangers.... ^­^ " " .... Don't be sh­tting me.. " " ..... " "You're joking aren't you!?! You are, I know you are!!" "I told you I'm not!! Kang SungMin, are you daft? Why can't you understand me?!?!? Do you have any idea how hard it must be to tell you everything!??!?" .. " ... Because I want to believe it's all a lie.. " No.. I can't give in to him.. I just can't.. EunAh, turn around.. go ahead... around... .. " .. I'll be going... bye.. " " ...Stop. " " .... " "If you do go, it'll really be our end.. So stop." " ... But that's what I've just said.. ^­^ A goodbye, SungMin... " " .. Yoo EunAh. " " .... I really got to get going.. ^­^ " One step.. two step... as I begun to walk away from him... A tear fell at every step I took... I can't let him see me... With that thought, I ordered my heavy feet to run away and as my vision begun to fog due to the pouring tears, dripping from my chin... .... " ... Hey.. You're Yoo EunAh, aren't you? " click­see u by chance ­70­ [Difference between love and friendship] ­ TaeHoon's story ­ .. I liked this girl... yet the secret had to remain with me 'til my grave... for.. she was my friend's girlfriend... \Bus. The first time I saw her was.. last... winter... In the bus headed to school.. " zzz.. Mm.... =_=... !!! Oww!!!!! _ " A girl seated two seats down from me had been dozing off to sleep... And because the bus had brusquely stopped, she banged her head on the window. "Ahhh... Man.. 0 !!! My head. _ " For the whimpers and whines she was muttering to herself amused me greatly, I watched her from the corner of my eyes.. when...... ­ _­.. the girl.. ­_ ­.. Fell into sleep in a split second.. ­_ ­.. clutching her head. ­ _­.. .. How come she's not getting off? We're almost at the bus station... ­ _­ Should I wake her up or what? ... "You there! This is our final stop! " During my deep struggle, we had reached the final stop in no time.. ­_ ­.. "Oi, she's sleeping! Hey. Helloo. Wake up. You there, yeah you. Wake up!!" As the bus driver shook the girl awake from her sleep, she looked around with her eyes half closed, dumbfounded.. " ... Where are we.. =_=... " "Final stop, where else!!" "What? What abotu school then!! You.. YOU.. ­_ ­.. wouldn't kidnap... " "Are you insane?! Ki­kidnap you?! What do you take me as?!" Swinging her backpack over her shoulders, the girl walked to the rear door and shouted at the angry driver.. .. " ... As water. >_<!!! " .. ­ _­.. A awkward yet humorous atmosphere wrapped all around us.. "Huh! Never seen a girl like it! Hey you sitting there. Aren't you getting off?" "You're driving back, aren't you. ­ _­.. " "In 30 minutes. I have business to take care of. ­ ­ " ... Almost forced, I climbed down the bus and walked around.. Hey.. her again... ­_ ­.. The girl from before was humming merrily to a song as she waited for the lights to change.. Perhaps she had felt my stare, for she turned her gaze toward me and grinning.... ... "Want candy? ^­^ " Even after she departed after the green light, I stood my grounds, dumbfounded... Even though I couldn't quite put a finger on what I was feeling inside, it sure didn't leave me for months in following.. .. .............. .... And exactly three seasons later... I finally got to see her again... "So what? That girl you borrowed the money from didn't come by to pick it up? Well.. isn't it better for you then? ­ ­ " But SungMin'd probably never allow himself to sleep. ­ _­.. That weirdo never allows himself to be in debt to anyone.. ­_ ­.. "You know how he can't live being in debt to anyone... ­ _­ " "Yep Yep. SungMin can't live being in debt to anyone~~ > < " "Ah fu*k. Shut up. ­ _­^ " ..Suddenly, HanKyul's eyes widened as he shouted.. And following his gaze.......... "SungMin!! It's her!! The girl we owe money to! 0 " .. So it was her... The girl SungMin and HanKyul had been talking about.. The sleeping girl... I felt joy... and happiness enveloping me. Grab onto her, that's what I should do.. Grab on and never let go.. But.. SungMin beat me to it as he begun running toward her... I felt stupid standing there yet because I saw that she attended MiRae High.. I relied on a small hope to see her again.. ... It was nice seeing her handing me a necklace to give it back to SungMin.. It was nice to have her trailing after me when I went to go see SungMin.. and even to the part where she yelled at SungMin at the bar... For I was able to smile just by your presence.. .. But why didn't you.. give me a chance... Why didn't you give me a chance to tell you how I couldn't erase you from my memories ever since last winter.. And... why... my friend of all people... .... " .. You.. really going out with her? " "Who? Ah, Yoo EunAh? " "Yeah. " " .. Uh huh. ^­^ " It disgusted me to find myself lingering around you like a silent mouse when SungMin smiled a rare genuine smile at your presence while you, too, gave one in return.. ... "Uhhh.. You see... You're so hypocritical!! You know how it feels like to like someone, right? Well to turn down Saemi like that..!! ­ ­!! " " .. That's it..? You wanted to talk to me about that? " " _ . W­wait!! Why are you getting up?? " "I don't have time to talk about useless crap like that. " "U...Useless.. what?!? CRAP??!!! " " ... Later. " "NOOO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE YET!! HEY, SUH TAEHOON!!! " "Then... What do you want me to do.. " "What? _ " "What do you.. want me to do.. " "Oh.. Can't you at least try to accept a bit of Saemi's feelings..? _ "No. " "But... Saemiiii... = =^ " "A person's emotions isn't something you can control..If it was, then I would've erased them long time ago... " .... " And I hated you... for asking a pathetic fool like me who couldn't even bring the courage to step forward and tell you of my feelings.. to go out with your friend... Know what else is funny... I hated you... but simulatenously, I never did... I could never, more like.. Whenever you and SungMin have a fight and I see you crying by yourself... I literally thought I'd go crazy... For there was nothing.. I could do... Don't ever cry because of SungMin.. he's still my friend... And... if it doesn't take much, consider this b­stard who'll be going through a sh­tload of pain without you looking... Even if I may be a bit selfish.... ^­^.. ... I had thought you'd understand and realize my feelings now ^­^.. yet you were more daft than I had thought... Those shaky eyes you stared at me with were gone then next time I saw you... and you treated me no different than before... Of course, I'd have to confess with my own lips, won't I... Still, I can't.. As much of a special person SungMin is to you.. he's one of my best friends.. I don't think I can break our bond... .. And one day... You finally took notice of my feelings... ^­^.. "Just... as much as you like EunAh... I like Saemi, too... I like her a lot... And... and just the fact of her smiling would be enough for me... You... you get what I mean, right?" I should've known you'd be eavesdropping on us when HanKyul was talking to me.. ^­^.. When I turned around and saw you, I saw that awkward smile you tried to give me... But know what? I wanted to let you know for sure, this time.. What I wanted to say was... that whenever I see you.. my heart starts to ache for a strange reason... yet... my mouth had a brain of its own.. "It's only normal to be Yoo EunAh and Kang SungMin. Good luck. ^­^ " "W­wait!! �� !!! " "Lucky for me, it's still friendship over love.. ^­^ .. Take care of my idiotic friend who knows only about you." From that day, I hadn't allowed myself to see her again... Just... more like lingering behind her without her knowing... .. For I wanted to be her shadow.. and it had been apparent how guilty you'd feel when I do appear around you again... So it'd be better to stare at your disappearing back.. You have to be happy... Really... happy.. ^­^.. .. But why.. why the hell.. I'm trying so hard but you.. ... Why do you appear again crying and drenched in tears.. It's getting too tiring now... Watching you from afar, not being a person with the authority to help... it's becoming too tiring.. ... I want to protect you.. Not as a shadow lurking in the darkness but seeing you face to face.. " ... Hey.. You're Yoo EunAh, aren't you? " A shaky friendship... an expanding love.. and the one standing in the middle... ... ... Am I forbidden to love her?. ­71­ " ... Hey.. You're Yoo EunAh, aren't you? " Because my vision was fogged, I hung my head low to wipe my eyes before looking up again... TaeHoon... " .. Tae...TaeHoon. _ " ...... " "It's been such a long time... Wow... How you been? ^­^ " " .... Did.. anything bad happen? " " .. Huh? " " "Your face.. Tears... " I was speechless.. Did anything happen did you ask? ^­^.. Well... I imagine it's all because of that one person I love so dearly... Because I love him so much, I can't help but cry... " ... ^­^.. " "Stupid.. You always smile.. " "Yep. Stupid, that's little ol' me. " " ...... " "I finally done something... stupid today. Now I have a reason to live upto my title.. ^­^.. " I always thought hurting the one you love is the stupidest thing to do.. Well now... Aren't I just the hypocrite.. "What... happened.. " " ... It's nothing, don't worry about it.. >_< Hey.. TaeHoon.." " ...... " "Take care of.. SungMin for me? Treat him well... I know you already do but... just incase... ^­^ .... Thanks.. " I can no longer be worthy of his presence... How can I care for someone when they're merely a stranger... " .. You guys fought? " "Nah, nope.. nothing like that. ^­^ I just... decided to end it.." TaeHoon's expression immediately hardened... Dam­, if I linger any longer, I know I'll start crying... " .. Hey, TaeHoon.. I'll see you later, I gotta get going now. ^­^ " Just as I brushed past him, a voice.. stopped me in my tracks.. .... " ...You said you broke up, right? " " ..... " "You won't... regret it? " " .... Nah.. " Regret? I don't think I have the authority to feel such thing... ^­^ "I won't.. regret it.. ever. ^­^ " " ..... " "Well! Bye then!! " .. I'd probably never see him again.. ^­^.. Considering I won't see SungMin anymore... Bye TaeHoon... Remember your promise.. take care of SungMin... ... " .. Hold up.. " Once again, TaeHoon stopped me in my tracks.. ... ........ " ... Does that mean... I get a chance now? " ­72­ " ...What? " " .. Do I.. get a chance.. " A shock of betrayal slashed my head... You... You're SungMin's friend... " ... Didn't you.. didn't you tell me... that you value friendship over love?" "....." "Aren't you SungMin's friend? You're one of SungMin's best friends..." "... Then what else could I do..." " ..... " "I can't seem to erase you from my mind and I've been missing you more and more as the days go by!! What do you want me to do, huh? What?" .. Please.. don't... I have enough going around without your... your anger and desperation.. "Should I close my eyes so I can't see you? Should I become a retard so I won't have to think about you? Or should I shut down my heart so I won't have to like you anymore? Would that please you? Would that.. be satisfactory? ^­^ " .... " ... Hah.. TaeHoon.. " "Why SungMin... Why... my friend of all.. people.." Really... Why did it have to be SungMin? Why did this awful fate bring us together only to cause each other pain and depression... But you know what?... ^­^ If I had never met SungMin.. I would've never known what it was like to be in love.. and what it was like to be dead... " .. I don't know either... Why... him of all people... But TaeHoon.. even if I can't see him anymore.. I..." " ..... " " ... I have a feeling.. I'll always love him.. ^­^ .. SungMin.. " Even at this very moment, my heart thunders and misses him... How much will I cry from this day on? It hasn't even been ten minutes since I last saw him and my heart's already hurting..... ^­^.. ... " ..Let's just stay as friends.. ^ ^ Good friends.! ...How about.. it? ^­^ " " ..... " "If you refuse, I can't see you anymore... so.. please.. let's just be friends.." " ... I'll walk you home. " 'Til we approached my house, a heavy silence hung above us... And.. leaving behind a murmur, TaeHoon left me frozen with my fingers on the doorbell.. .... " ...Friends......... I'll try.. ^­^ " ... ..Friends... It won't be a problem to see you everyday as friends, TaeHoon but... but SungMin.. We're not even on speaking terms with each other... ... ^­^... .... The truth stung my heart too much... .. SungMin... How are you feeling right now..? Are you... looking up at the night sky like me? ..and.. do you blame the heavens just as much as I do?... ... I promised to laugh... yet... why do these eyes deceive me... One day.. one day when I reach the bottom of my tears... I'll have no other chance but to laugh, right? .... right? ...... ... Just this once.. I'm going to speak my mind freely... and from tomorrow on, I'll just become mute.... ^­^.. ... " ... Kang SungMin... Kang SungMin!!.. " Amist the solitary street, I placed my hands around my mouth, shouting... .. " ... Kang SungMin!! I love you... I LOVE YOU!!!!! " .. For the first time... I believed how painful and scarring it was to break up because you love.. ­73­ A step into my house caused a water­fall like tears to fall from my eyes... How much tears can a human hold...? Quickly, I ran into my room, and slamming the door shut, I collapsed, my back against the door.... ... I never realized how hard it'd be to keep a smile on your face... .. I imagine I let out about ten years worth of tears today... ....... ................. .... \Next day.. "EunAh... EunAh!! Open this door!! Please?" Not bothering to get ready for school, I lied on my bed stiffly... Glancing at the clock by mom's shout, I saw that it was 9... "Mom. I'm sick. I don't think I could go to school today." "Where? Oh honey, open the door." "I can't get up, I think I'm just going to sleep..." A simple lie... Then again, a simple lie is what got me here in the first place... I guess I did sound sick for mom soon walked away from my door... " ...... " Naturally, my eyes traveled to the ceiling.. I promised to run to SungMin before we could drift apart... That just proves how a person could eat their own words.. It was me who turned around... me who let go first.. .. Whew.. Yoo EunAh... Isn't this all very humorous? How hilarious and childish it had been to see a girl crying over a break­up and now... .. You're the reason for all this... Kang SungMin... You're the trouble starter.. .. " .. I thought about him again... " Even after numerous attempts to empty my mind of his thoughts, SungMin's bright smile continued to flow easily around my mind... .. I should erase it all... We promised to be nothing but a stranger from today on... .... .............. After an unplanned slumber, I awoke to see... " EunHyuk? " " ..... " "How'd you get in? " "The spare key downstairs. You wouldn't open the door, so I just got one. Turned out you were sleeping, I should've known. ­__­ " As if showing me he had just came back from school, EunHyuk was still in his uniform with a bandage on his left cheek... I asked him what that was for, and he replied back with a "That's just my style"... ­__­.. .. Know what's humorous? Nothing's funny now.. " ..Yoo EunAh... What's up with that expression? " "Eh? " "Guess you're really sick? You look like an expression­less speciman. ­__­ " " .. Me? " "Yeah. I think I'm going to get all depressed looking at you. Smile." " ...... " Since I can't smile... does that mean, I have more tears to evaporate? .... "Hey I'm just wondering, there's nothing going on with you and SungMin SunBae is there?" "... SungMin?" "Yeah. ­__­ " "What about him ? " "I saw him at school today and thought I'd die of fear. This bandage here's really not because I wanted to look cool, not that I need it, but I got hurt trying to stop SungMin SunBae. ­ _­ " " .. What.. do you mean? " "He was hella weird today. This kid was running in the hallway and ran into SungMin SunBae." "So? " "Then SungMin SunBae starts beating him up just cuz the kid ran into him, with me trying to hold him back. You sure nothing's wrong?" " ...... " "He seemed totally different." ...Hah.. Kang SungMin... Why can't you behave... I told you not to be upset... that I'd cry for you... You should be happy, not beating up innocent kids.. ... " ... Yoo EunHyuk... Do you know where SungMin is..?" "SungMin SunBae? Probably at 'D.K'?" .. A sudden streak of energy entered my body, ordering me to quickly run over to where SungMin was.. Ignoring the weird stares from passer­byers, I finally arrived at 'D.K'... ... Entering the store with the creak of the door, I spotted a crowd of SangGo kids in their uniforms.. ...There's SungMin... .... The closer I became to where SungMin was, the more frantic I was... What... what do I say?? But before I could decide upon anything, the crowd set their gaze on me... SungMin, too, looked up and meet my stare. " .... Kang SungMin.. " A bit awkward, I softly called out his name.. " ....... " " ... EunHyuk.. he told me that you­ " I'll just blame it all on EunHyuk and.. and advice him to stop.. That's all, I'm just a concerned.. sister.. ... But before I could finish, SungMin spat out these three harsh words.. " ... Who are you.. " ­74­ At those three words, my head and heart stopped functioning... " .. Sung... Min... " "Who are you. " " .... Ah.. Oh yeah... I.. I forgot.. Right... We're supposed to be strangers..." " ..... " " ...I'm sorry... Excuse me.. ^­^ " Like a dummy, I hung my head low and started to walk away... HanKyul stared at me confused, while TaeHoon wore an unreadable expression on his face.. SungMin's cold words nauseated me... .. And.. then.. " .. Kang SungMin. You've made a mistake. " Said TaeHoon as he walked toward me and snatching my wrists, I was dragged outside. .... " .. You alright? " "Huh? " " ...Didn't you come here to see SungMin..." " ..... " "You look like a zombie. Hoo.. Did you eat yet? If you haven't, let's go." ".. Umm.. TaeHoon.. " As if he had read my mind, TaeHoon grinned before answering.. "Don't think much to it. Friends buy each other lunch and crap, too right? ^­^ " "Ah.. Yeah... But hey, could we postpone it..? Today I­" "Then promise me." "..Eh?" "You gotta eat at home. ^­^ " "Ah.. I will, thanks. " We were still too awkward to be friends.............. Suddenly, TaeHoon brought his hands on my face.. "Your face is crying. " " ..... " "It used to be smiling all the time. " " ...... " "Smile. That's only Yoo EunAh­like. ^­^ " EunAh­like? A smiling... happy Yoo EunAh is who I really am...? ... A bit speechless as to what I should reply back with that, I curled my lips into a smile when... another voice full of depression and sorrow.... tore my heart into two once again.. ..... " ......Let go.. " ... ­75­ " ... SungMin... " "Let go.” " ...... " "I can't even hold hands with her now, and you want me to end up in the mental hospital with you putting your hands on her? ^­^ " Did he... run? Did he run after me..? ...Why? You asked me who I was... You... You said so yourself... You don't know who I am... "Kang SungMin. Recall what I said about you making a mistake?" "...." "Yet you didn't give me an excuse nor did you hold her back." " ... So I'm here to set it straight again. " "Nah. Too late, bro. ^­^” Both of our attention focused on TaeHoon at those words.. "Too late. I've already made up my mind. " " ..... " " ..I won't... watch her from afar, anymore." Hey, we have another idiot to add on to our list... After promising he'd try to be a good friend, here's TaeHoon eating his words... SungMin... He denied knowing me, yet he ended up running after me... And me... The biggest idiot for coming here.. ..... " ... Suh TaeHoon.. " "I'm going to protect her...” Were SungMin's eyes just full of remorse or am I hallucinating... “....You'll.... protect her? ...” "Yeah.” .. " ... Haha. Sure... Go ahead... Suh TaeHoon.. Take care of Yoo EunAh. ^­^.. " " ...... " "I know how much you tortured yourself because of me... Yeah, you're worthy.. More than worthy... ^­^... " You... you ran after me to set everything right again, didn't you SungMin? ...Why are you accepting TaeHoon's proposal... ... "Yoo EunAh.” " ..... " " ... I must be... hella late. ^­^ " Kang SungMin... Take that depressed expression off your face... The laughter and grin you bear is the real you... " ... Just as you've said... a goodbye.. " " .... SungMin... " " .. I'll say the same thing to you, too. Bye and... Be happy... Kang EunAh..." .... An ineffable feeling struck my heart... I felt suffocated and as if someone had struck my heart with a spiked bat.... over... and over again... I know I shouldn't... yet... I had a longing to hold him back.. to.. to ask him to come back to me... That I don't care about siblings or incest... I just for him to stay by my side... ... "Sh­t. ^­^ I thought about running away with you. But.. nah, it shouldn't be, right? Nah..." " ...... " " .. Why didn't you tell me sooner.. I'd at least have less to think about.." " .... I'm sorry.. " By "why didn't you tell me sooner".. You mean... about us being siblings, don't you? ^­^ I know I'm self­centered but... I thought if I told you right away... you'd run away... and disappear in less than a blink... Would you understand my desire to spend more time with you if possible..? ... " .... Later, Imma go. ^­^ TaeHoon, walk her home... ..........Bye. " " .. Yeah... Bye... " ... If I remember correctly, you never used the word "bye" to me before.. It was always.. "Later.. Go in... I’m gonna go... See you...".... Perhaps that's more of a reason why I feel so heavily burdened.... ^­^... .... ............. As SungMin's figure slowly begun to fade away... .. " .... SungMin... Smiled a lot, didn't he? _ " HanKyul had inconspicuously snuck up behind me while asking.. " .. Yeah... he did... He laughed and laughed... " .. He said goodbye with a smile on his face.. " ... But, know what... _ ” " ...... " ... "I know he had been smiling but... he looked so... sad...” ­76­ Half­asleep, I received a call later on that night. ­ " ...Sorry... Be happy... " .. Kang SungMin... You think I wouldn't recognize your voice? ...You want me to be happy? ... Why do haunt me even in my dreams... ^­^. Why do you not let my tears have a rest...? ..... How am I supposed to be happy...? When I feel life draining out of me... .... ........................ ..... Time... passed... The sun rose from the east everyday and disappeared behind the horizon, repeating its cycle day by day... Yet I was the only one standing... Frozen in my spot... Everyone, including time, busily walked in and out, marching forward while I stood among the crowd... tiredly still... In no time, seventeen days passed since SungMin last said his goodbye with a smile on his face... .. Saemi approached me, her teeth sparkling under the sun while I sat dumbfounded in my seat... "Aargh. >_<!! Final schedules are posted in the hallway. ­__­ Hmm, since it's on October sixth... eleven more days... Argh, when will they come to their senses and stop teaching us crap we'll forget in a day? ­0­ " "Shall we go to the library, then? ^­^ " "Tch yeah right. ­__­ You'll always fall asleep in less than five minutes. Let's go to the karaoke rooms, instead >_<!! " While I was preoccupied in emptying my mind, Saemi acted like a considerate friend as she smiled my part as well... for the girl I see in the mirror is no longer Yoo EunAh.. ..... "Unni!! You promised to give us extra time cuz the place was packed before, remember?!! ­0­ Don't forget your promise!! ­0­ " "Aha, >_< Okay, okay. Try room number five." Saemi pulled my backpack by the holder as we entered room number five. ­__­; "Prepare to have your throats resemble a frogs!!" Why do I suddenly feel afraid of the girl rummaging throughout the song book? ­_ ­... .... "I won't let him know this is all a dream ♬ I'll try my best♪ To keep him occupied♬ Don't go away♪ Stay with me♪ I won't let you goooo ♬ Please hold onto me ♬ Just as you've done befo­ kekk!!.. Kekk;; " That hurt Saemi. ­__­.. Your voice cracked in four places.. "Argh. ­__­ I don't think I can sing anymore. Ah, Yoo EunAh. _ "...Nah.. Not today. ^­^ " "Why!! ­0­!! " "Not in the mood for it, I guess... Hehe. ^ ^ " Saemi suddenly cast me an alarming glare. ­ ­.. Why do I get a strange feeling you might even kill me if I don't sing.. " .. Ahaha.. Su­sure.. Err.. I'll sing. ^­^; So stop with the loo­" " ..... How much longer are you going to hide it from me.. " " ... ?!? " You won't sing?" "You're weird these days, Yoo EunAh. I don't know what's going on with you but you always have that blank expression on your face. The way you laugh is different, too." " .. Do I? " "Yeah, well.. it doesn't matter if you talk to me about it or not especially if it's something I can't help you with.. But still..." " .... Saemi.. ^­^ " " ..... " "Let's get wasted.” ... Walking out of the Karaoke rooms, we entered a bar located on a corner of downtown... When I continuously drank my champagne wordlessly... " ... Stop dri­... Know what? Go on... Get drunk and tell me what's going on with you. ­__­ " Hehe. You're worried!! ^ ^ Saemi, you're worried for me~~ >_< .... " .. KEKE♡ >_< " "What. ­__­; " "FINALLY! ^ ^ " "...Eh? " "I felt so trapped >_<!! Not being able to discuss it with anyone while fussing over it was a nightmare!! ^ ^ " Just for today, I'll get drunk and act like how I used to.... I'll play and have fun without anything haunting my mind... "Saemi!!! " "Yeah. What. ­__­ " “...See! Know what? >_< " "No? " "You know SungMin, right? My ex­boyfriend, SungMin? SangGo's Kang SungMin?? >_<!! " "Of course. " My lips were moving as if it had a brain of its own.. Why do I feel so awake though... "Do you know what he really is? >_< " "No? " "Yeah!! See he wasn't some bling bling alien, or some mermaid dude from the atlantic ocean!! HE!! Is human!!! >_< " "You thought he was an alien all this time? ­__­ " "And!! That Kang SungMin!! That human Kang SungMin!!! ... Hiccup! Haaah~ I'm sleepy.. _ "Hey! Yoo EunAh! Don't fall asleep on me!! Tell me what you were going to say, at least!!" "I'm sleep...y. _ Plus it's nothing important. ^ ^ " " It's still too hard to say without bursting into tears... Sorry, Saemi... Not yet... not yet... "Whew.. I should get going! Sorry, but see you at school!" "Where are you going?! EunAh, wait for me!!" " .. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Saemi, will you look at that?! Rainbow coated stars!!!!! 0 !!!!! " "What? Where?!! " Saemi turned her head to search for the stars I exclaimed about... Sorry for lying, Saemi.... Leaving behind the confused Saemi, I dragged my body toward home. .... " ... Good thing I ran home alone.. ^­^.. " If Saemi was with me.. I would've cried on her for sure... My footsteps were the only taps bouncing off of the walls... ... As I caught a glimpse of our roof....... .. ..Eh? What... what's this?... A row of small flower pots lined up against my front door.. ... Bending down, I sniffed one of the flowers to smell the scent of mint tickling my nose... " .. I wonder who put it here. " Did EunHyuk leave this behind? Nah, it couldn't be.. Since when was he so interested in flowers? Then, a small card caught my attention, set neatly on one of the flower pots... ... And.. A simple sentence... was written on the card.. 'I want to love again’ ­77­ "I want to love again?? ...What's this supposed to mean?" Confusion washed over me as I read [TO. Yoo Eun Ah] on the back of the card... ... Anyway, because the plants were for me, I set them along my window and visited a deep dream land... .. Dear moon and the stars... Would you please grant my wish? ... Help me to get stronger... Make me a person who doesn't know what tears are.. ................ ....... \Next day.. "EunAh. A friend's here to see you. " Knocking on my bedroom door, my mom entered. ^­^ "Friend? Who, Saemi?" "Nuh uh, it's a boy." In a flash, I bolted out of the room thinking it might be SungMin... ...Hah.. Ha­ha.. Yoo EunAh.... ^­^ Theres no way he'd come here... ... " .. Han...Kyul. " "Hihi. ^ ^ I came to ask you something. " "Sure." I wonder what he's going to say... HanKyul seemed to think his words thoroughly before speaking once again... " .. Umm... See.. Did you... did you happen to meet SungMin last night?" ".......Sung.. Min?" "Yeah. Have you? _ " "No..? Why, what about SungMin?!? " HanKyul was hesitant for several seconds... ..... "He wouldn't pick up his phone the whole day nor was he home.. So I was just curious..." "What? " "I called him this morning, too... Still missing. " As if on cue, HanKyul's cell phone rang and after checking his caller ID, HanKyul quickly spoke into the phone. .. "SungMin!! Where are you!!!! " ..Thank goodness.. I thought something bad happened to SungMin for a second... ^­^... Heaving a sigh of relief, I glanced HanKyul's way... .... "Yeah, why're you there? _ " ...... " "Yeah. Uh Huh. Okay, well I'll talk to you later then. K, bye SungMin. >_< " And hanging up the phone, HanKyul bid me a farewell, saying... .... Heaven nursery?? What are the flowers for? " "Sorry to worry you. Man, he should've told me if he was going to go buy flowers. >_< Anyway, see you later EunAh. ^ ^ " ... ... Flowers? ...No, he wouldn't have... Just in case, I hurried up the stairs to observe the flowers again... And.. ... .. realized how late I was in noticing things.. On the calender against my walls, a big circle was drawn around date... with a scribbly writing inside.... .... 'SungMin♡EunAh's 100th day!! >_< ' ... .. And... the owner of the date was.. .. ..... today... .... Then that must mean, this flower........ ................. SungMin... ­78­ " Can I help you with anything? ^­^ " "Ah, I was just­just wondering how I should take care of this flower.." "Oh, a peppermint and an applemint? You must be interested in mint plants?" ".... It was a gift. ^­^ " I grabbed two of the plants in my room and visited the nursery... I should know how to take care of it, if I don't want it to die, right? "Mint flowers live a long life, so all you have to do is water them every other day, and make sure they get plenty of sunlight. ^­^ " The next five minutes were spent on asking the lady how to take care of the plant, and just as I felt confident about raising the plant.. .. "Ah, do you know what Mint plants symbolize? Just for fun. ^­^ " "Symbolize?? _ ... "It means "I want to love again", isn't that just pretty?" ... So... that's why you chose this plant, SungMin.. that's why you wrote those words on the card... ^­^.. ... Both the plants occupying my hands, my feet was ordering itself to walk home.. .. And, hearing a set of familiar footsteps, I raised my head to the familiar scent.. ... To find SungMin's face greeting me... " ...... " We're strangers now... We pass each other without recognizing... .. But... still.... Nope, can you tell me? " .... " .... Thanks.... " " ...... " Raising my hands, I indicated the flowers... I suppose he's letting a small smile out... " ... I'll take good care of it. ^­^ " ... Bye... Tears and sorrow.. bye.. forever, bye... And... the person I would meet by fate in the future... I'll prepare myself not to cry next time... ­79­ In the following days... the stars and the moon granted my desire.. that I no longer cried myself to sleep.. Instead, I found myself longing for him... just a small... tiny portion of my heart cried out for him.. ... \ December 20th.. "Okay!! This saturaday is our meeting with Young's hotties to celebrate the upcoming Christmas!!!!!! ­0­!!! Available for five!!!!! " ..Christmas.. Has time flew by that fast? It's already winter... ^­^.. For 85 days, I put all of my effort into getting stronger, body and mind... ... ..Still, I couldn't get rid of the empty hole in the middle of my heart.... SungMin's probably the only one who could get rid of it... .. ... Still.. I have to keep trying, don't I... "Me­me!!! I want to go~!! You're positive they're hotties??!!!!! +_+!!! " Answering our class president, Saemi immediately jumped up from her seat. ­_ ­.. But our classmates gave her a narrowing gaze as they shouted... "Park Saemi!! You have a boyfriend!! ­0­!! " "Yeah!! Just give it up this time. >_< " "Psh whatever!! ­0­!!! President!! I'm first!! You have to save my spot, all right? Oh yeah~ EunAh's, too >_< !!! " Me..? ­_ ­ ... EunAh as in.. Yoo EunAh? ­ _­... ... "Park Saemi. ­_ ­ Why am I in this. " "Why?? WHY?!?! I'll tell you why! Do you want to spend christmas all by yourself? Listen to your unni, EunAh. I'm only thinking of you. ­0­ " ... .. I don't really care ^­^... I was lonely and didn't fit in anywhere ever since I was born so why should it matter now.. "What's your excuse then. ­ _­ What about HanKyul? " "There's a difference between this and cheating!! +_+!! I'm just going to give my eyes a new eye candy to make up for all those months..." Whew... That's our Saemi... Forced into going to the meeting, I thought about Saemi's threatening glare over and over again as I headed out the door at 5:30... ... ... It's snowing....... Hugging my wind­breaker, I speeded my walk... 'Smile♬ Even if I may be sad, I'll smile♪ For I'm stronger now♪ ' Taking out my cell phone, I quickly pressed 'send'... ­ " What's up? ^­^ " "Who.. Ah, TaeHoon?" ­"Wow, it's finally snowing. Wanna meet?" TaeHoon and I still wore an awkward title of friends between us... Contrary to how I always recoiled, TaeHoon... it felt as if he was charging toward me day by day... "Sorry, TaeHoon. I don't think I could..." ­"Why? You going somewhere?" "Yeah.. I promised to meet my friends." ­ "Ah, really? Well, not much I could do then. Have fun, bye. ^­^ " He's gotten much brighter.. When I first met him, I thought he didn't have any feelings considering the blank expression he always wore.. .. Oops, what am I doing here.. Shaking my head twice, I hurried to the cafe Saemi and my friends would be at the moment... .. \ Cafe. " ... President. ­_ ­ Wanna die? " "Hey hey hey. Who thought it'd be guys like.. these. _ " Snow continued to paint the streets an ivory color.. In the cafe were five guys with smiles that could reach their eyes.. with five other girls glaring at their innocent cups... .. =_=.. Hotties, my hat. Not that I expected anything, but how could anyone mistake them for hotties? =_=.. "Haha, so dear ladies. Your selves attend Mirae High, am I correct? Ha­ha, my my! How are your studies going?" " .. ­_ ­.. " What...... the.... he speaks like my grandpa... Whew... this is why we should've forfeited the spot to the top 5 students at our school... ... As I heaved a sigh or boredom, I felt someone's hands on my shoulders... .... .... "This is your idea of having a fun time? ­__­ " ­80­ "Aah, TaeHoon? _ " "Your eyes will shrivel up looking at them. Let's leave this dump." "What? But..." "Sorry but I don't think I could put up with my girlfriend sitting here. ^­^ My apologies, do you mind if I take her?" The girls just shook their heads, dumbly, while another replied, "EunAh, since when did you have a boyfriend? Aah, you lucky duck. ^ boyfriend? Shoo shoo! Run along now >_< " Why'd you come here for if you have a When I didn't budge because of what TaeHoon and the girl said, he dragged me out by my hand.. ... " ... Boyfriend... What are you playing at. " "If I hadn't, you'd be stuck in there. Be thankful. ^­^ " "Still, don't ever... say that again. " It was considered light words yet I guess TaeHoon got offended for he wiped the smile off his face, replacing it with a blank one. " .. Then.... " " ...... " "Why do you look for other guys when you know I'm still around?" "You've misunderstood. " " .. How should I understand this then? I thought SungMin would still be a large portion of your heart, but now that I saw you back there... I guess you're over him? ^­^.. " Why... do you speak of him again.... Why... say his name... " ... How big of a space am I taking up in your heart, EunAh? ^­^.. Do you even have a space available for me?" "... We've promised to be good friends, didn't we? Why are you acting like this suddenly..." "You.. really think so?" "...." "You really think I consider you as a friend?" Words abandoned me, ordering my feet to run away from confrontation once again... ... ..I seem to turning into a coward... A coward who runs away from any and every problem there is for the fear of crying once again is unbearable... .... 'Tahk _!! ' .. "The fu­k? You blind b­tch?" " ..... " "HAH! Oh so you're someone great huh? That's right b­tch keep staring at me with those round eyes!!" "Are you all right? You whore, why the fu­k aren't you apologizing?" " ...... " "It's your fault for bumping into her!! Hah, you think I'm nothing to listen to, huh?" .. " .... Hah... Sorry... " You've become so small, Yoo EunAh... So very small... .... Dark sky... Pure ivory snow... A street fall of couples... And me, standing among them, stupidly. This is who I've become... ... 'Smile♬ Even if I may be sad, I'll smile♪ For I'm stronger now♪ ' A small laugh escaped my lips at the ring of my phone... When I've put my ear to the receiver, TaeHoon's voice approached me again... ­ " .... Sorry.. " " ..... " ­ "I must've ate something foul to act that way... I'm really sorry... Sorry again.. " He never apologized before.. "Why should you be... " ­ " .. ^­^.. You know what?.. " "Hm? What?? " .. ­ "Didn't you notice how so many smile and laugh whenever you're around?" " .. Ah.. now that you mention it... Saemi and You... Yeah.." ­ "Know why? " "Huh? " ­ "It's cuz of you. ^­^ It'd be too different with the absence of your laughter, so we're just substituting for you at the moment." " ...... " ­ "So what I'm trying to say is that... ^­^ ... find your smile soon..." ... .. Everyone had been looking out for me, huh... .... Even when we bid each other our farewells, I continued to stare down at my cell phone... Thank you... Words couldn't express how much I'm grateful... Feeling light­headed more than ever, I veered around to head home when... ... "Oh ho!! We've found ourselves a cute toy this time. Yo guys! Over here!!" ... A rough pair of hands suddenly grasped my shoulders. Immediately I realized it couldn't be a friend's for the touch was too rough while sending a chill down my spine... "Thought I'd puke cuz of all those couples! Well then! Who would've ever thought of finding this cute one right here? Kek." "Dam­, Lee JongSoo, nice catch man!!" One.. Two.. Three........... four... A total of four guys towered over me... and I immediately recoiled.. "Here here, girl. This Oppas here will play with you! Weren't you just lonely? Hey, stop trying to run awa­ AAH!! YOU B­ TCH!!" When one of them stretched out their hands toward me, I quickly sunk my teeth into his skin... Feeling danger surrounding me, I ordered my feet to carry my body far, far away from the place.. "Hey!! Go after her!!! Aw fawk that hurts like hell! GET HER!! RUN YOU STUPIDS!!!" .. They're chasing meee.... ^ .... What have I done to have a trail of guys chase after me on a romantic, snowy day like today?!?! ^ .. ...... ................................. .... " .. Haah.. Hah....... " I assume thirty minutes passed already... I felt sharp needles poking into my stomach.. Surprisingly, those guys were still chasing after me, despite the sweat shining their faces... Should I have not.. bit him before? .... Thinking I should hide, I turned abruptly and ran into an alley... ... Oh shoot... ..... Why a dead end..... .. " ... Man you on the track team? ..Well, now that we've got you cornered.... ^­^ " .... My legs were shaking wildly, while my arms felt numb... ... Oh gods.. Why! WHYYY!! You can't possible mean to kill at this very spot!! _ .. Click click.. .. The sounds of their feet was advancing toward me... ... Taking a deep breath, I felt around in my pockets and finding my phone, I pressed a random button... And....... and.. ... After a long signal passed me by, a voice... pierced my ears... ­ " ......Hello... " .... Why.. why did it have to be SungMin... Why did it have to be his default number... ­ " ...... Hello.. " " ...... " ­ " .... Hoo.. I know who you are.. You might as well talk.. " " ...... " ­ " .. If you don't have anything to say, I'm hanging up.. " And at the very second he was about to hang up... "What are you playing at? Haha, you think after planting a teeth mark on my arms, you'll live??" He probably heard.. SungMin probably heard the guy's ridicules... Feeling I should forget about my pride and everything I had built up by far... I shouted into the cell phone, loudly... "Kang SungMin!!!! This is an alley left of ○○ PC Room!! Please come!!!!" .. Come SungMin... Please.... ... ­81­ And... five minutes later... SungMin appeared in my sight without any jacket to keep himself warm in the cold weather.. ... Without stopping to take a breath, he grabbed the nearest guy standing next to me and begun to beat up each and every one of them.. " .. Yoo EunAh.. Close your eyes.. " "SungMin.. " "Can't fight with you watching me like that. Close 'em and open them only when I tell you to. ^­^ " Obediently, I closed my eyes and tears visited me once again... I made it this far without crying, why start now... The echoes of a fist colliding with bones rang throughout the alley... ..... ...... I don't know how much time had passed but soon I felt a touch on my hands.. " ...Haah.. Thank God it was only four. I would've been dead if there were more. ^­^.. " And seeing SungMin's smile... Seeing SungMin covered in blood and bruises.... I began to wail like a little kid, my shoulders rising up and down... "Why you crying.. I'm right here.. " " ....... " "Haah.. Nothing changed.. ^­^.. " " .... SungMin... Kang SungMin.. " "You're still a cry baby.. Just like before.." " ..Thanks.. thank you so much for coming.. and.. heuk... thanks for.. just about everything..." " .... I couldn't ignore your call.." " ...... " "Even when I try not to hear your voice, I find myself looking at your face.. ^­^.. " I think I understand why I'm crying again... I simply had closed my heart during the past couple of weeks and when SungMin came by with its key, the tears that was trapped inside my heart escaped through its bars... SungMin.. let my heart live again... .. " ... It's back.. It's finally back.. " At hearing my mumbling, SungMin looked perplexed... "What ... did? " " .... My heart.. " " ..... " "It'd been ressurrected... You've raised it up from the dead, SungMin...^­^... I can feel it beating now..." Yet after searching my eyes and seeing my small smile through the fountain of tears, SungMin stood up and turned around... " ..... I'm going now. " " .. Why.. We've just met... I'm going to turn into an idiot again... Please don't go..." " ..... " "When do you think we could meet again? Ten years later? ... When you and I are both in our old age? No... I don't think I could go on another day without you... SungMin, don't go.. Just stay.. stay with me..." I feel my heart crying again, SungMin... I don't want to live the rest of my life as a zombie... ... " .... We're back to how we were then?" "... Yeah we are..." " ... What pity... " " ..... " "If we go back to relive our past.. ^­^.. What about the people around us? Should we ignore their cries and tears? ...We can't... That's why you and I can never be.." ... Don't you know that you and I are going through ten times more the pain and sorrow than what anyone else could feel...? " .... I'm just repeating what you've said.. Let's remain as strangers. ^­^ " "SungMin..!!! " " ... But.. hey.. " " .... " "If you encouter trouble again.. ^­^.. You gotta call me just like today, aight?" " ....... " " ... I'll always be here to rescue a princess from danger... ^­^.. " ..... Leaving behind those words, SungMin left me.. and my anguished heart.. ... ­82­ "Where's EunAh Unni? _ I bought cookies from home. ^ ^ " "Yoo EunAh? ­__­ She's lying on her bed like an idiot. For the umpteenth time." "Eh? Idiot?? What do you mean? Oh my gosh!! Listen to yourself, calling EunAh unni an idiot!! Aren't you ashamed?? ­0­!!!" "Hoo. If you want to see her, go up to her room. She was getting on okay these days.. I don't know what happened." Voices were audible from the outside, and soon light footsteps slowly approached my door... .. 'Click_ ' "Unni!! ^ ^... _ .. " What was reflected upon SunHee's eyes was... a messy haired girl with streaks of tears still visible on her cheeks. ...Yoo EunAh.. " .. Unni. _ What happened!! What's wrong?" "Ah.. SunHee.. Long time no see..." "Yeah but.. Unni?! Did you cry? Oh my gosh!!" Shouting loudly, SunHee ran to my bed wearing a worried expression. EunHyuk soon entered my room as well... " .. Don't tell me.. you're still sulking about breaking up with SungMin SunBae." " ..... " "Are you just stubborn or plain stupid?? Why didn't you hold him back then?? If you knew how pathetic you'd turn out to be, why let him go!!" Dumbo.. You don't know anything... I don't have the right to, you see... We're nothing but average.. Nothing like a normal highschool break­up... " ...I can't.. " "Why not. All you have to do is call him.." "You don't know anything so why don't you shut your mouth!! Do you think I'djust let him go like that?! We're not.. we're not allowed...!! We were never supposed to meet..." Through my shrills, I saw EunHyuk become stone­faced as he looked my way, dumbfounded... "You don't know... No one knows..." "... I don't know what..." "That we're siblings. " The two looked more perplexed at my final statement. Gathering up a courage to admit to the painful facts again, I opened my mouth... ... " .. I told you that we weren't related, right?" "...So." "I have a brother. An older brother. Know who he is?? ...SungMin.. he's the one... Kang SungMin.." All the thoughts of SungMin pile up in tears... and I can't seem to stop... "..I must be deaf. " "It'd hard to believe, isn't it. ^­^ I thought the same way, too... Months and months ago..." " ....... " "This is why I can't hold him back... No matter how much I miss him... I can't do anything but stay trapped in my room..." " .. Sh­t, who ever thought of this drama..." " ..... " "Haha. I must be involved in some kind of a movie... Sh­t... I've always hated sad movies.." SunHee, who had kept quiet all this time, clenched her two small fists, trembling... .... "Unni!! You... Didn't you tell me that.. love is formed by two people!!" " ..... " "So why should it matter? Why.. why are you giving yourself pain like this!! Why should you. why should you care... heuk.." " ... SunHee. ^­^.. " " ... Heuk.. Euk.. " " .. I forgot to mention another fact.. " " ...... " " ... Love can't be formed without the permission of the gods.. I'm so stupid to finally realize that, aren't I..." Even if I long to see him, there's nothing I could do, is there? Even if his face haunts my dreams, all I could do is cry.. " ... So you'll cry for the rest of your life?" " ..... " Softly patting SunHee's back, EunHyuk looked over at me... " There's no pride in love. Why don't you be courageous for once." "...What are you trying to say..." "It all depends on how you use that courage..." It all depends...? Depends on what... "You want to see him don't you?" ".... Yeah.." "Then why don't you. Just go over and look at his face." ".. It's not as easy as you say..." "Stop ruining your life and look at the possibilities!" " .. I don't want anyone.... to cry because of me.. It'll be such a­" "Be self­centered for once. " " .. What ? " "Just think about yourself. Go see him if you want to, go talk to him if you want to. You only get to live once, EunAh." " .. You.. think? " "I know. ^­^ " Would it really be all right for me to go running to SungMin..? .. " .. Go back to SungMin SunBae's house." "Excuse me??" "That's the only way isn't it? Go live your life as Kang EunAh." " ...... " "It'd be better for you, easier for you to forget and move on without any regrets. ^­^ If you still love him after all those years then... do what you have to do..." " ... Would that.. would that be okay?" "Enjoy your life. Thinking about the future just gives you migraines." ... My breathing became rapid.. Courage... courage to live as his sister... For that's the only way I could remain by his side... I may forget all about attraction years from now.. Or I may still love him... But I'd rather have myself experience than to cry on a daily basis... I would give up my identity for him... So from now on, I'll adopt the surname of Kang... .... Nodding slightly, I sprinted downstairs to my mom's room. Thank you for everything.. mom... But I think it's time for me to say goodbye... ...... "EunHyuk. You sure this will be okay? _ " "I dunno. ­__­ " "Then why mention it in the first place!! It'd be harder for the two to get together once she goes back to SungMin Oppa's house!!" " ..At least they won't cry over each other anymore.." "... Still..." "D'you see her smile? I think anything's worth a try once it brings you happiness... ^­^ " My last hope and dream... .... I'm finally running back to you... ....... ­­ ­83­ " .. You’re leaving us? " Mom and dad both looked perplexed at my sudden statement. " .. I want to start fresh." " ..... " "Sorry to disappoint you guys but I don’t want to be a Yoo anymore. ^­^” I’m sincerely sorry… "May I ask you why? " " ... A promise is a promise. " " ...... " "I’m bound to go back sooner or later, right? ^­^.. Plus it’s not like I could ever forget you guys once I’m gone.” " .. It’s so... unexpected.. " " .... I think it’ll be the best for me… You understand, don’t you?” “…” “Please, it was never like you could keep me under your arms forever…” Truthfully, my motives for going back isn’t because I want to start fresh… it’s because if I have to leave my all to be with him, then I will.. .... "Why so early, though?” “You know as well as me how I always cry in the shadows. I don’t want to anymore. I think I should start again, I want to be happy, mom.” " ...... " "I may never find my happiness if you hold me back…” For my only happiness lies with SungMin. .. " ... It’s.. you’re decision… Let me as you this though.” " ..... " "The reason for your depature doesn’t.. have anything to do with that Kang SungMin kid now, does it?” At Kang SungMin’s name, I flinched slightly.. ... " ...Of course not.. ^­^... " I’m sorry for lying but know that I meant everything else I said… I’ll laugh and enjoy life… ..... \Next day. (School) "Yoo EunAh! What happened to you?!” As soon as I entered the classroom, Saemi rushed toward me.. "What happened to me what? _ " "On saturaday! TaeHoon just dragged you out while on our dates with those Young’s geeks!! Are you dating him?” .. ­ _­... I chuckled, not knowing what else to do, at Saemi’s weird question. "We’re not. ­_ ­ " "But!! He called you his girl!! What do you say to that then? ­0­ " "He was just joking around." "Aww… that’s all? Ah psh, I thought you guys had something going on.” Why do I think you sound disappointed that he was just joking? =_=.. "What, you want me to go out with him? =_= " "Mhm. " "Excuse me?!" "Truthfully, yeah I do wish you were going out with him." That.. was totally unexpected. ­ _­ ... "You’re still not over that Kang SungMin kid. " " ..... " "I want you to forget. So you could be more relaxed and act like the Yoo EunAh I knew before..” .. " ... I thought I did.. " " ...... " "But now, I don’t think I can ever forget him.” ”…Why? " "More like I won’t ever forget him. ^­^ It’d be better to be full of emotion than it’s opposite, won’t it?” Plus.. Kang. Sung. Min. Those three words are forever imprinted in my mind.. ­­ 84­ On Christmas Eve, I'm finally going to his house. "Everything's arranged... There shouldn't be any discomfort while you're there." "... Mom, I'm really sorry..." "I'm the one who's supposed to be sorry. ^­^ Should let you go, I should... For all those years I've been selfish..." " ...... " "Visit us often.. Don't forget tocall.." "It's not like I'm going to vanish forever... Whenever I get bored, I'll come by and play with you! ^­^ Bye dad, I'll do well at their house." "I trust that you will. Fighting... our daughter... ^­^ " Dad turned around to wipe a tear from his eyes after bidding me a goodbye... And finally detaching my feet from the front door, I walked away.. ... A feeling of misfortune and remorse filled my heart, causing me to look over my shoulders numerously. I'm... not making any mistakes here am I, SungMin? .... ................. .... " .. EunAh, hello there. ^­^ " For I had already had a conversation over the phone several times and even met them, there wasn't any hardship meeting my parents again... I'm now officially a Kang EunAh... .. "I'm so content that you and I are a family, EunAh" "Haha, honey why cry though. ^­^ I assume you haven't eaten yet? You're room is upstairs. It's the only pink door we have so it'll be hard to miss. Make yourself at home then we'll eat. ^­^.. " All so friendly... But my mom... would she be crying? While these real parents of mine are enjoying their selves... would she be sad? "EunAh ?? " " .. Huh? Oh, yes! " "What were you thinking about? ^­^ Would you like me to show you your room?" "Ah, no it's okay. It's the room with a pink door, right? I could find myself, thank you though. I'll be right back." Scrambling upstairs, I looked for a pink door... Hey, where have I seen this before... .. ... HeeYeon's room......... That's right; I've been to this house before.... " ... How cruel.. " It feels as if I've turned into Kang HeeYeon rather than a Kang EunAh... " .. Both sisters of SungMin, that's what we are... Hah, at least I stood out being his girlfriend for a period of time... Well, now all I have to do is change back..." Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I cast a spell on myself. I could never change the past... I'll watch as Kang EunAh and stay by his side as who I see right now... I'll love him as Kang EunAh..^­^... ... 'Knock knock _ ' "The Missus would like you to come down." "... Who are you? _ " A.. grandma.. entered the room after knocking on the door, twice. "Ah, I'm the maid. Nice to meet you." "Oh, yes you too. _ "Dinner's ready." Why is she so formal to me? She could even have a grand­daughter my age... =_=.. ... " .... You look like her.. " Hesitating at the door, the grandma murmured quietly.. "What do you mean? " " ...Your physical image is so alike. " " .. ??? " "To Miss HeeYeon, I mean." " .. In.. what way?" "Both of you give off the vibe of.. innocence." The strict looking grandma left those words and descended down the stairs. ... " ......... Absent minded, I finished my dinner without giving much thought to chewing and soon I found myself snuggling up to my blankets. ..... " .....Who's there. " ­85­ " .....Who's there. " Dumbfounded by the similar voice ringing in my ears, I saw SungMin's two eyes gazing at me. ... " ... Why are you here. " " ..... " "Why are you at this house. Why.. why are you, Yoo EunAh, near me." SungMin hid his shock yet his shaking eyes gave away his effort. .. " ...Ah.. Hey... It's been awhile.. " "Answer me. I asked you why you're here. " " .. How about a.. introduction? ^­^; " "Yoo EunAh!!! " "You're mistaken. It's Kang EunAh." I'm no longer a Yoo. " .. I'm Kang EunAh. ^­^.. Kang SungMin's sister." " ...... " " ... Hope.. we get along well.. " My small greeting slowly hardened SungMin's expression. Soon, hurtful words escaped his tightly shut mouth. ..... " ... Haha... Here I go again with the idiocy..." "What.. do you mean?" "Been patient with my life 'til now.." " ..... " " .. Guess I have to die holding everything in. ^­^ Or is freedom ever going to find its way to me?" " ... Sung.. Min.. " "I suppressed my anger before and looked away, forcing a smile. But you come back to me again." " ....... " "Letting go when I want to hold onto and saying goodbye when I want to ask for you to stay with me.." " ...... " "If that isn't being an idiot, I don't know what else is." Then... are you saying I wasn't the only one missing you and wanting you to come back? SungMin... SungMin you felt the same way? ... "Go away. For the last time, go Yoo EunAh.. Please, go away." I became sickened with myself for even when I saw how hard SungMin was clenching his fists, the selfishness got the best of me. If I do go, SungMin... What will change...? ... " ..... Siblings.. Sound good doesn't it? " " ...... " "It shouldn't be that hard. " Even if it sounds stupid and is stupid, there's nothing else I could say beside this. If it takes that hurtful title to satisfy my longing then sure, what have we got to lose... " ... Couldn't we.. just stay as a brother and a sister.. in a happy family background?" " ....... " " .. That's the only way we could be happy, isn't it..." I'll love you yet be your sister on the outside. Don't push me away. SungMin, I want to see your face and listen to your voice... Would that be too selfish of me? .. " .... That's why you came here?" " ..... " "To tell me that? That's why you came over here?" "You're the only brother I have... A real blood­related sibling. Mom and dad, they're all at this house. Why do you ridicule me for coming back to where I started my life at." .... " .... If you're going to stay, I'll leave." "Kang SungMin!" "... I won't kick you out so don't expect me to suddenly be your brother." With those words SungMin slammed the door and disappeared. No no no, SungMin... This wasn't what I wanted.. I just.. I just wanted you to be where I could see you... So I could cherish this feeling in my heart without anyone's interference... I gave up everything just to be by your side... Why is that so wrong... ­86­ \ Christmas "Now where have SungMin ran off to?" "I heard him come home last night... I guess he went to his friend's house again?" December 25th... Adding to my discomfort, my parents' talk about SungMin just made me feel worse... "So EunAh. Are you getting along all right? Tell me if you need anything." "... No, I'm okay. ^­^.. " "Well thank goodness for that. Excuse that brother of yours. The least he could've done is see you under proper introductions. Tsk." So mom hadn't told dad about our past... After lunch, mom pulled me aside in a quiet voice. ... " .. Eun.. Ah.. " "Yes? " "Eum.. This is quite silly of me actually... I don't know where to start but... You and SungMin were pretty.. close before, weren't you?.." " ..... " "Just reminding you that you guys are.. siblings and such .. feelings shouldn't exist... You understand, don't you?" " ...Don't worry. ^­^.. SungMin's just a brother of mine and... it's probably vice versa." How hypocritical.. How could I not even have a change of expression before lying... "Yes. Of course. Mom'll be right back, I just have to see a friend. ^­^ " "Sure, have fun. " The word of "mom" was still too strange.. Yet I gave her a reasurring smile before going upstairs. How many masks do you have, EunAh. .... Do you even have your true image beneath all those fake plastic faces..? .... 'Drrriiing.. Drriiing' As I stepped into my room, I heard my cell phone vibrating against the hard wooden desk. The caller was no other than Saemi. "Hello? " ­ "EunAh!! I'm at DK!! Come out, come out >_<!! Everyone's here already!" "DK? Why?" ­ "Dude it's christmas! ­0­!! We're all waiting for you! This unni will treat you out today~ Hurry up!" Christmas... Wow.. it's already been six months since I've met SungMin... Hah... ... I randomly grabbed a jacket and headed to DK... And when I arrived, .. "WOOOOOOO!!! Yoo EunAH!! FINALLY!! ­0­!! " "EunAh, sit sit sit~ Go on Saemi! She's drinking a combo!! >_<!! Woo~ " You're all crazy. Yep, who else would get themselves drunk during the middle of day? ­_ ­.. Saemi greeted in a normal state despite the combo she had just consumed. "That took like five seconds. ­0­ Play a game with us~ Spin the bottle with the penalty as drinking a combo~!" "I don't feel like it. ­ _­; " "Ah you *****! C'mon this Unni here just drank one, too! ­0­ All right! New player, Yoo EunAH! WOOO~!! " My friends all applauded at Saemi's assertion. Why don't the whole lot of you get a part time job as an audience?. ­__­.. .. After two spins, I got picked to drink the combo and soon, several bottles of beer lay empty on the table. "Guys!! ­0­!! I'll be the sweet one treating you out today!! Drink up, drink up!!" ­ was my drunk declaration. ­_ ­.. Saemi nudged me on the side saying, "Heyy, I thought I was paying? ­0­ " "Forget it~ I'm treating ALL of you as a christmas present! WOO HOO~ Here, pretty waiter!! Give us a set of fruit martini~!" And probably with those words, I left the spinning world and fell into a deep slumber. ... When I opened my eyes again, I saw about numerous set of numbers dancing around in the wind, while Saemi handed me a receipt with a pitying look on her face. "Eh? =_= Where'd everyone go??? " "Left already. Use your eyes and see how dark it got. ­__­ " "Huh. =_= What's with the receipt though? ... It's not.. ours, is it?" "You wish, Yoo EunAh. ­0­ They were drinking like a herd of pigs after you passed out. ­_ ­ " "T­this much?!??! Oh my god... I don't have that much cash on me. ^ I continued to bawl while crumpling the evil receipt when, 0 "Argh, how about I just buy. ­ _­ " "Saemi, why do you look so pretty today. ^ "I was always pretty. " Ahem... I'll pretend I haven't heard that. Anyway! You're my angel, Saemi ^ .. .. Saemi and I left for our seperate ways after paying for the drinks. I continued to wave at her with a look of gratitude and love when... .... "The fu­k? Get up b­tch!! " " ....... " "Hah, wow. You strut around the dam­ town pretending you're all that and now look at your pathetic little ­ss! You can't even get up!" For I was no sailor moon nor wonderwoman, I crept out of the place as quiet as possible. Poor whoever's getting his life ended today.. "Haha, dude is this really Kang SungMin? Man fu­k, how could we have lived our life with a weak sauce like him towering over us?!" ...... ... Tell me I've heard wrong... That's not you crumpled on the floor getting beat on by those trash, is it? Please... tell me that's not you, Kang SungMin... "SungMin!!!!!!!!!!! " ­87­ " " "SungMin!!!!!!!!!!! " Unintentionally, my feet carried me to where I heard SungMin's name... .. "Who's the hoe? " " ... Move. " "Move? Did you just tell me to move? Hah, and what if I don't? What. You. Going to. Do. Huh?" "MOVE!!! I'll report you to the police if you don't!!" Why are you just lying there... Why pretend you're so great if it'd take a couple hits to get you down, Kang SungMin... "Report me? Oh goody, it's about time I went back there any way. Why don't you report me right now, huh? Go ahead." "You.. you really think I wouldn't?" "No I think you would, so go ahead. ^­^ " My trembling fingers pressed a button on my cell phone. Simultaneously, the guy's hand went to my cheeks. 'Twahk_ ' From the leering face of the guy, I experienced a tear­jerking pain. "I hate nosy bi­tches like you. Go on home now little girl." " ...... " "What you deaf? Can't you hea­ Augh!! Aaah... " ... " .. SungMin!! " SungMin, who had been resting against the wall, raised his bloody fist and punched the guy. The surrounding friends of his closed in on us when, ... 'Beeek_ beek! Beek!! ' a whistle nearby scattered them. Haah.. Thank goodness... ... " ... You dumb­ss!! Why'd you let them hit you? I thought you're a great fighter!! Tch you bluffer.." " ....... " "Look at you. You have a cut on your eye... SungMin, what good comes out of fighting? Seriously, why do you fight if you're going to lose?" " .... It's snowing.. " "What? " At SungMin's words, I let my eyes wander to the sky to see white snow decorating the dark sky. How pretty.. "Kek. A white Christmas. ^­^ " " ........ " .. " ... I could've beaten 'em all in fifteen minutes without breaking a sweat. ^­^ " "Uh huh. And how do you explain yourself!?!" " ..Idiot. Can't you tell the difference between getting beat up and letting them beat you up?" ... Then why were you letting them destroy you? ... Why let them? .... " ...Can't forget when I give others pain.. " "What do you mean? " "When I'm beating some guy's face in, I couldn't forget. So why not try something different? ^­^.. Who knows? Maybe if you're body aches more than your heart, than you'd learn to forget." "You're stupid." "Yep, stupidest of 'em all. A stupid ­ss who don't even know how to forget. ^­^ " You and me both... clueless in the process of forgetting... " .... Yoo EunAh. " "Kang. EunAh. " " .. Should I really call you Kang EunAh from tomorrow?" "... What?" "I should really be your brother, I should. ^­^ Accept you as a family member. " " ....... " "Would you smile then? " But don't you see? I'm already smiling.. Smiling just by the fact of having met you once again. " ..If I become a brother of yours, think you could stop crying?" " .... SungMin.. " "If I accept my fate, would you be happy?" I'm such a hypocrite. I'm the one who shouted out in denial of being a Yoo. Why am I so sad? Why do I feel so disappointed? " ....I don't really have any authority over that. " " ....... " "Don't ask me those type of questions.. ^­^.. You're my brother, and that's it. That's the world we're living in." "Yeah huh. All right then, accept your life, then EunAh. Don't frown so much." "Dummy.. I was never frowning." "But still... A special day like today... I don't feel like being your brother just yet." "... What's that supposed to mean?" "... You and I to momentarily be Yoo EunAh and Kang SungMin. ^­^" Soft yet cautiously, I felt his lips brushing my forehead. Pushing against a crying reality, we're forcing our happiness to surround us... Just for today, we'll forget everything else.. Just for today. ­88­ 'Have a nice life, Yoo EunAh. ^­^ ' 'What the­... Kang SungMin, where do you think you're going?!' 'Somewhere you'll never find me. Bye...' 'SungMin!! No, don't!! Kang SungMin!! ' .... "Haah.. Kang SungMin!!!!!!!!.. " ..It was all a dream. I thought I'd die. A true nightmare is what it was. No matter how far I would stretch my fingers, you wouldn't be in my grasp. All you were doing is distancing yourself further and further away... .. "Dreamt about me? ^­^ " After coming to my senses, I saw SungMin sneering while I wiped away the sweat from my forehead. "W­what! When'd you come in?!! " "Just now. ^­^ You were calling my name~ In such a longing voice." "When­when'd I ever!!" "Yeah yeah, you're just in denial. I’m honored that you missed me even in your dreams." "Aw crap, get out of my room!!" What's up with that twisted voice, SungMin? TT_TT And why did I have to call out his name in my dreams?! ... Smiling playfully, SungMin lightly punched my head. "They want you to come down and eat breakfast. ­0­ " "Ah, all right then. =_= " "Hurry up and get ready. I'll walk to school with you~ It's already winter break in two days." "... Now that you mention it..." To anyone else, the months he and I spent together would be long and boring but to me, every second and minute seemed all too wasted... " .... Kang EunAh. " "What?! " "What are you so scared about? ^­^ Don't you remember? You're a Kang starting today." Ah... yeah... I forgot... I am, huh... ... "I can't promise you, but I'm going to try. " " ...... " "I'll try and be a good brother of yours.." " .. Okay ^­^. " Stopping at the door, SungMin looked over his shoulders and said.. ... " ...... You're smiling. " "Eh? " "Just because I told you I'll be a good brother, you start smiling. ^­^.. Aah... I should really try then, huh?" Of course.. A family is what we should be... But then why do I feel a part of me has been ripped apart? Why.. do I feel like crying? .... ........... "Bye!! " Shouting bright and loudly, SungMin and I stopped short after our departure. Busy movers were carrying furniture in and out of our neighbor’s house. ... "Guess we're getting a new neighbor. _ " "Aah, that sucks. The grandpa that inhabited the place was cool. =_= I guess I have to say bye to ShooShoo. " "ShooShoo? What's that? _ " "It’s the grandpa's dog. He's humongous; doesn't fit his name at all, that dog. ­__­..." ... "Is that ShooShoo? " Averting his eyes to the place I pointed to, SungMin looked surprised and shouted, ... "Shoo Shoo! What are you doing here!!! " Wow... He... IS humongous. ­0­.. "What happened to gramps?! Did he abandon you?!" "Woff! Woooff! Woff woff woff!!" "Calm down! I can't understand what you're talking about!" ... ­__­ .. What, you want that dog to answer you in Korean or something? ­0­.. "Stop it. =_= He'll never answer you, I mean... Look at him, it's a dog. Anyway, what happens to him now? Should we take him in?" ".......Nah." "Then?" "That old gramps isn't someone who'll just abandon his dog. There's probably another reason. He'll come back, I know that for sure." You were pretty close, eh. =_=.. Now that I think about it... I don't know anything about this guy. Nothing but his name and personality... Well, it's not late to learn... .... "Then let's take ShooShoo in until that grandpa comes back! ^ ^ " "Isn't that obvious? ­ _­ " Oh.. sureee.. ­__­^^^ .. Being rude falls perfectly into a perfect brother title. Mhm, yep. ^ !! ... ....... And shortly after.. ...... "So. ­ _­ You'll really take ShooShoo to school?" "I don't see why not. What if someone dognaps him?" ".. Dognap? =_= We'll get in trouble." "No we won't. All we have to do is be inconspicuous. ­0­ " Being stubborn as he is, SungMin pulled ShooShoo away by the collar. Realizing that we were tardy, I quickly ran after him and headed to school. SungMin and ShooShoo. It's as if we earned another family member. ^­^.. ..... ­89­ "Grandma! You're not serious?!! " "I wouldn't jest about incidents like that, Mister. I believe our neighbor had passed away." " ....... " As soon as we returned home, our maid informed us of what became of the grandpa next door. "SungMin, what about... that dog then... " " .. I'll take care of him. " "Ah, sounds good. " " ...... " Just looking at SungMin's bitter expression, even I felt as if someone important in my life had passed away. Can't you at least consider how my mood changes according to the different faces you wear? .. "W­where are you going?! " "To get ShooShoo food. He must be starving, considering it's past his dinnertime." "I want to come with. _ " "Nah, that's all right. Watch over ShooShoo while I'm gone. ^­^ " How do you think you'll carry that large bag of dog food? C'mon SungMin. ShooShoo's isn't a kitty. ­0­.. Anyway, SungMin walked out of the house. ShooShoo seemed oblivious to the fact that his owner no longer walked the earth as he rolled around on the livingroom floor. .. "Mister SungMin must be depressed." "Excuse me? _ " "They were close, the mister and his neighbor. Mister forbids others to find out his true self yet our neighbor looked past his barrier. ^­^ " " .... Um y­you.. " "Ah, don't feel intimidated or anything. You can call me whatever names you wish to." Err.. and what exactly should I call her? ^ ... "Do you mind if I call you grandma? " "Of course not, it has a familiar ring to it. ^­^ " "Okay grandma! ^ ^ I'll be outside playing with ShooShoo." "Sure go ahead. I'll call you in when dinner's ready. ^­^ " Even though her face showed strict policies, she has a great heart. I'm almost reminded of my own grandmother. ^ ^ ... It'd be weird to call her Ahjuma considering her.. age... =_=.. Outside, I heard a voice continuing to call out to someone while watching ShooShoo roll around on the grass... =_=.. "Eyy~! " " ?? " "What's up. ^­^ You live here, kid? " .... Who's this supposed to be. ­_ ­; Why is she hanging over the fence? And what? Kid? Who, me? =_=.. "Who.. are you?! " "Aah~ I would be your new neighbor. ^ ^ So you live here?" "Ah, yes. =_= " "How old are you? _ "Eighteen. ­__­.. " "Oh My Gosh! Really? Me too!! ­0­ Let's be friends!!! " She's definately the outgoing type. It's only been several seconds since we've met yet she asks to be friends ­0­.. ... "Why? Don't you like me?" "B­but we've just met. =_=" "Aha! Girl! ­0­ I never asked to be your girlfriend! Sorry but I'm not interested in girls. _ "That wasn't what I meant.. ­ _­;; " "What's wrong with being friends? ^ ^ Ah, I'm MiHyun. Ryu MiHyun. Friend, what's your name?" "Yoo EunAh. I mean, Kang.. EunAh." "Kang EunAh? What a pretty name! ^­^ I have a feeling we're going to be great friends! _ " " " Haha, me too! Yet I get more of an impression that I've met someone too strange for my benefit. =_=.. ... "That yours? The dog, I mean! How big! Aah, looking at it makes my appetite running high! ^ ^ " "Yes wait, what?!! " "Why so shocked. ^­^ It was a joke~ Just jesting~!! ^ ^ " Maybe too much sugar? Overdose on caffeine? Anyway, MiHyun continued to talk nonstop, her arms dangling over the fence. ­_ ­.. .... "So I­ Whoa! Hey, friend. _ "Yes? I mean, yeah?? =_=;; " "Who's that handsome boy standing behind you?" Handsome boy? Where? ... "SungMin?! _ " " "What are you doing here. =_= Dinner's ready and I bought all the food ShooShoo needs. Let's go in." As I was about to go in, MiHyun waved her hand frantically.. ... "Eyyy~ Friend! See you tomorrow! I have more to tell you tomorrow. >_< Sweet dreams then~" ... ­_ ­... Oh. My. God. I think I just met the preppiest person on earth. ^ ... ­­ ­90­ "Heyyy~ we meet again! ^ ^ " "Why don't you come down from there? ­_ ­; " I wonder if she's related to any outer space alien... ^ .. "Ah, that's not important! Remember what I told you about having something important to tell you?! ^ ^ " "Yes.” "AAAH! See, see! I! >_< " "Yes, go on. =_=" "My heart thumped last night! _ " Um... Yes, every living creature has a heart­ which thumps. Do you want to know why? So we could breathe and live... ­ ­... "Uhh... Yess...? So? ­_ ­;; " "Just like _ Tong Tong Bwak Bwak♬ " "Tong Tong Bwak Bwak? " "Aah, you're too young to understand! But when a person falls in love at first sight! Their heart thumps crazily!" Sure, if you say so... Why are you even telling me this? ­0­.. "Why are you­" "He's your brother, right? ^ ^ " "What? Who?" "That handsome boy I saw yesterday! ^ ^ He's your brother isn't he, EunAh?? >_< " ... So you're telling me that... the person who made your heart beat in love is.. Kang SungMin? ... " ... Kang SungMin? "YEAH!! Sure? That name suits him perfectly! Handsome name for a handsome guy! ^ ^ " " .. You like Kang SungMin? " "Well!! It's too early to say I like him just yet! And I understand, it's pretty darn funny! But wouldn't any girl on the streets have her heart beat after seeing him? >_< He's fascinating, indeed. I’ve never had my heart feel that way before. Haha. ­0­" I know I'm being selfish but... I don't want her to like SungMin. I've shed too many tears for him and even gave up my all to be his sister. I know where I stand now but I don't want to cry again. .... “....I... I... " "Yeah??” "Can't... Help you... " "Why... Not? _ " "I'm sorry, I truly am. But I can't. I... I mean I... It's kind of hard to explain but­" I'm about to cry again. God, when will I get over it? When will I master controlling my feelings/ After noticing my trembling hands, MiHyun smiled brightly. " ^­^.. You don't happen to.. " " ...... " "Have an over protectiveness? _ ... .. " Man, to think she'd realize what I was feeling. Yep, she's as clueless as I am... Maybe I'm better by a small bit. =_= "Tchh, >_< C'mon! Soon enough, you'll meet plenty of other guys! And forget all about being over protective of your brother! ^ ^ " "Ah, that's not­" "I understand, I understand. ^ ^ This Ryu MiHyun will help you overcome that disease! >_< " Comparing Ryu MiHyun to all the other girls surrounding SungMin... She's so innocent and genuinely nice that... I fear SungMin might actually fall for her... ... ­91­ "Hi! ^ ^ I'm Ryu MiHyun! I take it that you're Kang SungMin! EunAh told me so don’t mistake me as a stalker or anything~ Anyway, it’s nice to meet you!" " ...... " "Huh? Hey! Where are you going? I was talking here!" And I take it that she probably followed him around the whole day after those words. =_=.. How can she just kick her pride away like so? " ... Yoo EunAh. ­ _­ " "Yeah??” "Come take this off.” “This”? ­ _­; by that do you mean Mi Hyun? "Hey! You're such a butt hole! I told you before ^ object!” "All right, all right! Why don’t you get off now?" "If I do, you'll just run away! ­0­” "As long as you keep away from me, I won't. ­__­ " Ahhh I can't get away from their bickering! I ran home trying to get some rest but they follow me in, any way! ­__­.. "Ack! ­0­ You make me sound like a pervert~ >_<“ " .... Is that supposed to be funny? " "Isn't it? Man, you guys have no sense of humor!" SungMin seems to be unable to ignore her any longer. =_= He used to trample on other people's words like grass before. TT^TT .... "Ah, I almost forgot! You guys are free tomorrow night, right?" "Why?" "I want to ask you over to dinner! ^O^ seeing that you guys are okay with it! Come to my house by seven! ^0^" "Hey, we never agreed. ­_ ­ " "Tch, I know you want to! I'm going home now so I'll see you tomorrow! Oh yeah! Don't forget, rock head! My name is I'm Ryu MiHyun! How can you refer to me as “this” when I’m not an Ryu MiHyun! Be prepared to face my wrath if you don't remember tomorrow! >_< " ... She's never tired. Compared to my fake mask hiding away my scarred soul, she wears a pure, enjoyable smile. Not bothering to go around, ­__­ MiHyun simply jumped over the fence. SungMin... You're not attracted to her by any chance, are you? ...... Not just yet... Give me a chance to dry my tears, at least. .... " .. Her name is Ryu.. MiHyun, right?" "Huh?" "How unique is she. ­ _­ It's as if she doesn't have a care in the world." I sensed a bit of interest in SungMin's careless tone. I can't help but feel a bit disappointed? Is this what you call jealousy? " ...... " "What, you're not going in?" "... SungMin." "Hey watch your tongue, EunAh. ­0­ I'm a year older than you. Call me Oppa~ ­0­" "Ah, gross. No, I get the goose bumps just thinking about it. Yuck!" "Kek, yeah. My fault for expecting too much from you. Let's go in now, shall we?" "... Sure. ^­^" ... SungMin... ...... I know it'll be pointless to ask you to forever love me... So I'll just ask of you one thing. Don't go anywhere until my tears had the chance to dry... Just until my broken heart is mended and I'm finally happy, stay with me... ­92­ Whenever I'm too absorbed into something, I tend to neglect something important to me. I call this a nasty habit... 'Twahk_ ' " ...... " " ...Yoo EunAh. Aren't I... Aren't I your friend? I, Park Saemi, am not I your friend?" "I'm sorry Saemi... Really, sorry." "How could you hide it from me? I'm your best friend aren't I? How could you..." ... Receiving a call from Saemi this morning, I stopped by a cafe downtown. Saemi's stare, tone of voice, and action simply left me regretting and apologetic. "I just... found out today! What does that make me? Pathetic? Stupid? Dumb­ss? I never knew such drama would surround you." "..." "I thought something was wrong. You never smiled. No, even when you did. You were always out of it. Hah, I went to your house today EunAh. Guess what they told me? Quite funny actually! They told me you no longer live there!" " ... Saemi.. " "EunHyuk, then, says 'Nuna went to live with her family.' HAH! I just stood there dumbfounded and not knowing what the hell he was talking about! Wow, imagine how that must feel like. Thinking you know a person yet not even realizing who their real family is." "Please Saemi... I could... I could explain... I'm sorry." .... As I got closer to SungMin, I was getting further and further away from everybody else. How could I be so stupid? ... After Saemi calmed down a bit, we entered the 'DK'. Sitting comfortably in a leather chair, I began to explain everything that had happened to me, reliving my painful memories. ...... ...................... ... " ... While I was laughing, you must've been crying..." "Noo~ >_< Look! I'm perfectly normal!" " .... I'm sorry... It was wrong of me to hit you before... I must be crazy... It's just I was really worried for you... Then I see your face and my hands went out before I could think... I was selfish, I'm sorry EunAh." "I should be sorry for keeping this to myself. ^­^ " " _ Stupid, I'm sorry!" .. Truthfully Saemi. I wanted to tell you when I could finally say­ "You know Kang SungMin from SangGo High? He's my brother!" without bursting into tears? But who would've ever thought it'd be this hard to forget? Who would've thought I'd cling onto every memory like glue... .... " .. So what are you going to do now? "Huh?" "You.. You and SungMin." ".. At first, I was about to forget. I wanted to forget. And now.. I came to the conclusion that I don't want to anymore. I consider the memories with him the happiest times of my life so why do something I'll regret later on? ^­^" Watching Saemi shed tears as she looked at me apologetically, I smiled knowing I have such a caring friend by my side. "I'm just going to leave our fate on the gods. They put us into this situation so they'll have to get us out, right?" "You talk like my grandma. ­0­. Since when were you so poetic~ Anyway! You know I'm always here for you whenever you need to talk, right?" "Of course!" "All right! Dinner’s on me!" We're living proof of what others would call 'true friendship'... ... Quite contrary to ourselves a few hours back, we left the cafe feeling much oppressed. .. Yet, I wonder now, how come we never realized that a shadow was lurking by. ....... ­93­ "Oh my gosh!!! " "Hmm?? What, what's wrong?" While Saemi and I were walking to 'DK', I suddenly remembered­ 'I want to ask you over to dinner! ^O^ Seeing that you guys are okay with it! Come to my house by seven! ^0^' ... Aww.. That means I have to leave now considering it's already six. =_= "Sorry Saemi but I got to go." "Why? Are you meeting someone?" "Yeahh~ I got invited over to dinner... Trust me to forget." "Yeah? Is it important? _ " Saemi opened her already large eyes to be bigger. Saemi, the whole world knows how big your eyes are, so stop trying. _ "It's like a getting­to­know­the­new­neighbor sort of thing. Sorry, I'll treat you out next time." "Okay, well nothing I could do about that. Don't disappear just because we're on winter break! Bye! ^ ^ " .... As I turned on my heels to go home, I hesitated for... ... " ........ " " .. It's been exactly a week and a day. ^­^ How have you been?" "T­Taehoon." TaeHoon's face looked pale due to the coldness... You know, I sometimes find you standing behind me... "I'm sorry that I didn't call...” ".. How have you been?" "Huh? _ " "I actually thought you were okay now. I was almost going to run after you again." By "run after me", what do you mean? "... Stupid question, really. As if you would be okay." "I don't really comprehend what you're talking ab­" "... No one in their right state of mind would be happy living under the same roof." "!" How did you.. know? I don't remember telling you. ... "I was at 'DK' when you were telling Saemi. It was a friend's birthday." "...." "It wasn't as if I intended to eavesdrop. I was just going over to say hi when... ^­^" "... Ah... yeah.. Umm..." What am I supposed to say? Should I deny? TaeHoon's a great friend but, still... "Took me long enough to find out." "...." "I now understand those small mumbles you said before. You and SungMin being siblings and all..." TaeHoon's gaze was too questioning that I spat out three words before running away. "L­let's talk later." ...... Must I always run away from my problems like so? ...Hah.. ...... ................................. .... 7:00 p.m 'Ding Dong ♬ ' Before my finger even left the doorbell, MiHyun greeted us. While I greeted her awkwardly, SungMin looked around the house, interested. Stepping inside, MiHyun's parents welcomed us. ...... ...... As we were dining, laughter filling up the room, MiHyun cleared her throat as if having something to say. And the words she produced were.. "Dad! Mom! Be nice to SungMin and EunAh. ^ ^ " "Of course, they're our neighbors. ^­^" "Nono, that's not what I meant! EunAh's going to be my sister­in­law and SungMin; He's going to be my husband!" ­94­ Immediately, a wave of shock fell on us. "Mi­MiHyun. That wasn't a funny joke." "Who says I was joking? I really mean it, mom!" The lady looked at SungMin, hesitantly, and replied, "Well, SungMin. I think MiHyun has taken a liking to you. ^­^ " " ...... " "She seems young but nonetheless, she's a bright kid. Come visit by often." "... Yes m'am." These type of situations feel as if a needle stabbed me right in the center of my heart. ... ............. "Thanks for dinner. ^­^ " "No problem! See you tomorrow, then!" On the way back, a comfortable silence fell between us. " .. They seem nice. " " ..... " "MiHyun, her mom, and dad.. They all seem very happy." "... And you?" "What about me? " "You sound bitter. What, you're not happy?" Why ask me such a question... Why look at me in such way... " .... I don't know.. " " ...... " "I doubt I'm unhappy." "We're still not a good enough family to you?" .. Good family... Did you really move on, SungMin? Am I the only one with this feeling of attraction? I sometimes wish for a mirror that might reflect what you're feeling inside. "Do you remember?" " ...... " "Long time ago, I went over to your house for dinner. Remember what I said?" "Umm..." "I said it'd be fun to live with your family." How ironic that our family is no longer anything but fun. Who knew such sorrow would be waiting for us behind that joy? "How are they doing?" "Huh?" "Your old family. They still bright and fun like before?" "Er.. I don't know. " "Nah, they're probably miserable." "...What makes you say so?" "When HeeYeon left us everything seemed so fake and artificial. EunHyuk would feel the same way with you gone." SungMin's words caused my footsteps to stop. ... Even if I made the wrong choice to come here, I can't go back now can I? \ Next day "EunAh, a friend's here to see you. ^­^ " "A friend? Who?" "Um, I think I saw his face before... Can't really put a finger on who though..." Perplexed, I descended down the stairs. "Ah... " "You really do live here. " "Is that why you came by Suh TaeHoon?" "Nah, I wanted to ask you a question." "..." "What do you want me to do? Laugh or feel sorry for you?" Simultaneously, SungMin came into the livingroom. As if he had just woken up, his hair was ruffled and his eyes were slightly dazed. SungMin looked at TaeHoon and at me before approaching us. "What are you doing here?" "What? No warm greeting to an old friend?" "I'm about to get sick of you. ­_ ­ " "Yeah yeah. Sorry dude but I'm here to see EunAh, not you." At those words, SungMin looked my way once again. A feeling of forbidding swept past me as I stared at my fingernails intently. After a short silence, SungMin left the room. "He's been my best friend for several years now and I still can't figure him out." " ...... " "Yeah anyway, I need to go. See you later. ^­^" "Okay.... Bye.. " Hesitating at the door, TaeHoon looked over his shoulders and softly mumbled. "Usually.. " "What? " "Usually siblings don't lok at each other so intimately." ­­ ­95­ The words TaeHoon mumbled before disappearing haunted me. It’s not like I can help myself from staring at Sungmin. If I had a choice of picking out my emotions, I’d be elsewhere right now. "Heyy, neighbor. _ "Ah, MiHyun." "Isn’t it cold to sit on the ground?" Aah dang, when’d I get down here? ­ _­ " ...Did SungMin comment about me?" "You what? " "Ah, what a puss_y! ­0­ Should I have kissed him? Do you think that declaration last night was weak sauce? Hmm…” “…” “Hehe, oy sister­in­law. Help me out here! ^ ^ " By instinct, I flinched at the phrase ‘sister­in­law’. MiHyun’s eyes widened as she quickly said, "Ah, was that too extreme? _ “… What do you need help on?” Even though I become miserable when MiHyun and SungMin’s together, I couldn’t reject MiHyun. She’s just like a little kid… "Serious? You’ll help me?” “I might change my mind…” “Thanks a bunch!! _ “Yeah?” Truthfully my parents left the town for the day! They won’t be back ‘til tomorrow afternoon!” It was a jo­… Or was I serious? Umm.. See anyway!” Whatcha thinking of? ^ ^ " "So… I’m thinking of confessing. Not in a joking manner but seriously.” Would it matter how you confess, MiHyun? You already have more than ten times already. ­_ ­ "Yeah so anyway! Think you could lie and get him over at my house? T_T Please?” " ... Sure. " "Whoa, thanks! I should get going and practice what to say! Hehe, thanks EunAh! I totally owe you!” After MiHyun left me, I softly murmured under my breath. “Hoo. Yoo EunAh, you’re such an idiot.” Bet there’s no one more idiotic than me… But how is it that the world’s biggest dummy gets stuck with the hardest way of love? /10:45 p.m ... I should send MiHyun over right about now… “Hey umm, SungMin.” “Oppa. ­__­“ “Kang SungMin!” “Say Oppa.” Argh he’s so stubborn! But knowing that this could take the whole night, I gritted my teeth and replied, ­_ ­ "Euu… Suh­SungMin oppa." " ..... " "What! I did what you told me to do! ­0­" "Yeah, what." "Can you run an errand for me? ^ ^ " Giving me a look of horror, SungMin left me on the couch and walked into his room. Quickly getting to my feet, I started to nag him. About 20 minutes later… "Oh god, fine!! Sheesh, I’ll go I’ll go. You’re like an annoying fly.” "I take that as a compliment? ^ ^ " "You wish. ­_ ­ " "Anyway! Here, can you give this to MiHyun?” Snatching several books from my desk, I shoved them into SungMin’s arms. "Does she even read books? And why can’t you go? It’s a minute walk from here.” “But I have SO much to do at the time!” “Uh­huh and that’s why you chased me around the house for twenty minutes? ­_ ­“ Argh why can’t you just GO!! Using all my strength, I pushed him out the door. While I was back in my room, resting, my cell phone begun to vibrate. "Hello?” ­“…” Stupid prank­callers! ­_ ­ I was about to hang up when a familiar set of digits glowed from my caller ID. Eh? Yoo EunHyuk? "Yoo EunHyuk! It’s you, right?” ­“… Yeah.” “What’s up? Sorry for not keeping in touch. How’s everything at home? Mom and dad are okay?” ­“….” “EunHyuk?” ­“Mom, she…” “Yeah? Is anything wrong?” ­“…” EunHyuk remained quiet. What about mom, EunHyuk? "Yoo EunHyuk! Tell me, what’s wrong!” ­“… You’re such a girl.” “Huh?” ­“Just Thought I’d call you up because I was bored. Haha, I should be an actor.” “Argh, it wasn’t funny EunHyuk!” “…Hey.” Do I have to remind you AGAIN that you’re younger than me? Stupid generation and their no respect for the elders. ­_ ­ ­ " .... Nuna.... " "Eh? Oh, yeah?? " ­ " ... Are you… happy?” …. I don’t cry any more. Yeah I might frown here and there but I don’t think anyone could be sad when with SungMin. “Yeah, I am. " ­ "Hah, that’s a relief…” “… EunHyuk?” “I got to go now. Hang in here kiddo.” What’s this feeling inside… Why do I get a bad feeling? ... You know what? Whatever, forget incest. Forget family. Just be true to yourself, EunAh. Sorry MiHyun. I know I promised to help you out but... I don’t want to live the rest of my life with a mask covering my identity. If it was fate in allowing me to love him then I think I’m going to take a chance. ...Besides, what else do I have to lose... Hurrying out the door, I took a deep breath before turning the knob on MiHyun’s door. ­96­ “Oh my gosh, that must be SungMin. _ " Ears perking to the doorbell, Ryu MiHyun rushed to the door to see him­ Kang SungMin. "Oh yeah! These books are from EunAh, right? Thanks a lot. ^ ^ I’m baking cookies, wait here and I’ll pack some for you.” “… What do you want?” “Huh?” "What’d favor did you ask Yoo… Kang EunAh?” MiHyun blinked several times in an attempt to adjust to SungMin’s harsh tone of voice. "I­ I don’t know what you’re talking about... " "EunAh can’t lie for sh­t. It’s pretty dam­ obvious when she’s lying. So what’d you want.” “…” “If you don’t have anything to say, I’m leaving.” Thinking something was wrong for MiHyun never saw SungMin act so cold, she lightly tugged at his sleeves. " ... I… like you a lot. " " ...... " "This tone you use with me, it’s not like you.” “Keuk, you met me last week. How the fu­k would you know my temperament?” “Suh­SungMin…” "Don’t use that tone with me either. I like someone else. And why don’t you let go now before you get too desperate.” Dropping SungMin’s sleeves, MiHyun ran to the door and shouted with her arms blocking the exit. "Who is it then! The girl you like! I know you’re just lying so I’d back off… EunAh already told me you don’t have a girlfriend! …Don’t tell me the feelings aren’t mutual?!” " ...... " "You know how much I like you… Who is it… who…” “… She told you I don’t have a girlfriend? Well I guess I don’t then. Yeah, you’re right. The feeling isn’t mutual.” “What?” “It’s late. I’m leaving now.” SungMin’s voice reflected remorse as MiHyun lightly wrapped her arms around him. "You’re bad SungMin. You wouldn’t even give me a chance…” “…Sorry.” “Dummy… Why couldn’t you tell me earlier?” MiHyun’s voice trailed off as a tear rolled down her cheeks. Unsure of what to do, SungMin pat MiHyun’s hands awkwardly in comfort. ... "Keuk… Haha, you’ve never comforted anyone have you?” “Shut up, it’s not funny.” “I think it is. Liven up a bit party­pooper.” “You’re probably the only one who laughs in the middle of her cry. Ah, yeah there’s her, too…” SungMin smiled knowingly as he conjured up an image of someone else. " ..The girl you like? I’m so curious as to who she is. She must be perfect.” " ..... " "Would it be so terrible if I took a step toward you?” “What the fu­k do you mean? ­_ ­ " "You’re warmer than you appear to be. Hehe, please?” SungMin looked at MiHyun in disbelief as he softly chuckled at her childish behavior. Checking his watch, he replied. "I really need to go.” “Noo~~ ­0­ I'd like to see you try~ You’d have to hug me if you want to take a step out of that door!” “Did the weather get to you or what?” "Hahah. ^ ^ Being weird is never a bad trait! ­0­!! " At the same time, the front door swung open along with a heavy panting audible. “ ... EunAh. _ " ....... " A perfect scene to be misunderstood. She stared at MiHyun who still had SungMin in her arms, MiHyun’s face bright with joy. " .. Ah, my bad. Am I.. interrupting something? Sorry… Sorry.” “Eh? EunAh?!” Unable to hide his panic, SungMin quickly ran after EunAh. After the whirlwind swept by MiHyun’s house, she mumbled under her breath. “… No. That’s just gross, MiHyun.” .... "The girl he likes wouldn’t be… EunAh. They’re… siblings…" " ­97­ "Will you stop running away?” Snatching my wrists, SungMin growled. Was I running away? No wonder I felt so lost… I’m not familiar with this part of the neighborhood... "W­who says I am?! I’m going home for your information!” “Yeah, only you passed it five minutes ago.” “T­truthfully I felt like going for a walk!” “This late? It’s dam­ cold, too. ­_ ­ " Someone should award you. First place in the ability to embarrass a person. “You misunderstood back there.” " ..... " "She suddenly burst into tears so I was just comforting her an­“ “Why are you telling me this?” EunAh… Didn’t you promise to be true to yourself? What the freak are you doing… "Why should it matter to me whether or not you’re hugging other girls?” “Oh, sh­t. Sorry. Must’ve forgotten.” " ....... " "It’s getting cold. Let’s go back now." Gazing at SungMin’s retreating back, I hung my head low as a tear fell onto the ground. Dummy. Why can’t you look back at least once? Then you’d see how much it’s hurting me… You’d see my tears. .. This is why we could never be, yeah? I could never be true to my feelings, while you’re too full of pride to lend me a hand. ............................. ......... Time never stops to tick by and soon February greeted us.. "EunAh. SungMin dear. We’re really sorry to tell you this but… your father and I won two tickets for Hawaii two weeks ago! We’re leaving tomorrow. ^ ^ " "H­hawaii? You never mentioned anything li­“ “We wanted to surprise you! I'm sorry to abandon you guys like this but we’ll bring back lots of presents.” Whaaat! This can’t be, I mean SungMin and I home alone?!?!? …Oh whew.. Thank goodness our maid will be here. “Oh yes and grandma will be on vacation while we’re gone. She deserves one, don’t you think? So behave yourselves now.” …Home alone… Just the two of us? … Why do I get a bad feeling about this?! ­98­ If... gods really exist, then I beg you to stop your games. Why should us, humans, have to suffer and cry endlessly for your entertainment...? \ Next day "We'll be seeing you then! I'll call you as soon as we get there, all right?" With those words, I heard the door shut with our parents' footsteps gradually becoming inaudible. ...For a week, eh? I have to be home alone with SungMin for a week? Whew... Just be on your guard and it'll be okay, EunAh.. "Tch. Ditchers. Leaving us to die of boredom while they get all the fun. Shows how responsible they are. ­__­ " " ....... " "What are you pondering about." "Huh?? Oh, n­nothing." REAL slick, EunAh. _ "I promised to meet up with a friend. Don't wait up for me." "Okay. _ " "Later then. " ..... In a blink of an eye, I was home alone. Aren't you a hypocrite. You're oh­so­totally thoughtful to leave me home alone like that, SungMin. ­__­ Ramaging through newspapers I cried out in frustration. "Bored bored bored. Auugh! ­0­ Eh? Ooh, what's this? ○○ Market bargain? ... 50% off on everything?! Oh score!" Who says asians can't enjoy their discounts? Man, thank goodness. I was about to die of boredom here! ^ .. Quickly snatching my coat from my room, I charged out of the house with a wallet in my hands. Arriving at the ○○ mart, I was shocked at the number of women present. ­_ ­;; "Look here, miss! 50% off on our ice creams! A pound of pork just for 20 cents! What a juicy deal, no?" 20 cents per pound? Is that pork even sanitary? o_o.. Pushing my doubts aside, I quickly stepped in line for the cheap pork. Err... At least I'm about the 87th person in line... That's not too bad... Biting my lips, I looked straight ahead and squinted my eyes to a familar profile. " ..Euh­EunHyuk. ­_ ­; " "Ah! Nuna what are you doing here! ­0­ " "Since when were you so interested in groceries?" Or did our evil witch of a mother assign you a chore? See how bad I had it before? _ "Mom's much better off shopping herself then having you do so. _ garbage can by the time you get home. Ah, I can just see it now." "Shut up. ­ _­ " "Hehe, where's mom? Home?" "Uh..." "I haven't been home in awhile. ^ ^ Hehe, I'll go over and make you pound cake!" For what reason am I seeing EunHyuk's face harden? ­ _­; I'm not that much of a bad cook, am I? ­0­ " ...Mom's not home. " "Eh? Why, where'd she go?" All the tofu and the eggs will probably end up in a "Sh­t, how should I know?" A bit taken back at EunHyuk's serious tone of voice, I let my eyes wander elsewhere. ........ ........ "What, you stood in line to talk with me? Aren't you buying that pork?" "Eh? Wh­oh, OH! The pork! Mister, I want one, too!" ..... About 30 minutes later, we emerged from the market with two large bags in our hands. "Let's walk together. " "All right. ^­^ " "Hoo, it's still cold. Is he treating you well?" "... As a brother. And you? How are you and SUnhee?" "Same as always. SunHee worries about yo­ I mean, Nuna. Let's meet together sometime." "Ah, yeah. I'm so careless at times. Call me when you're free, okay? We should totally meet up." "Yeah. Nuna you go that way now, huh? Guess I'll see you then. Bye!" ........ I was eternally thankful that when I face hardships, I could turn to my once­of­a­family. They're so special and important to me.. We may not share the same blood yet... We've met and seperated by fate... ­99­ "Argh, why isn't he coming home." Despite SungMin's warning of his tardiness, I decided to wait for him. But now I realize what a mistake it was. ­_ ­ To eat or not to eat, that is the question! ' Rrrrrrr Rrrrrrrrr ' Eh? SungMin? Jumping slightly from my seat, I quickly picked up the house phone. "Hello?" ­ "EunAh, you're home. I just called to make sure everything was all right. How are you?" "Ah, don't worry about me and the house looks exactly the way you left it. ^­^" ­ "Yeah well... I apologize for leaving you behind like this but you should look forward to our presents. Uh? What is he doing? Honey, you're not allowed in there! HONEY!! NO­ EunAh, I have to go now. I'll call you again." "Okay... Enjoy yourselves." ..... She immediately hung up without another word. ­_ ­; Whew, whatever. SungMin, you're missing out on my masterpiece! Oh well, I'll just enjoy the meal by myself. ' Rrrrrrrr Rrrrrrrr ' "Eh? Again?" Expecting to hear my mother's voice, I picked up the phone to hear an unexpected caller. ­ " ... You busy? Think you can come out?" "Kang SungMin?! SungMin?? Why, what's wrong?" ­"Go to my room and look for a black jacket on my desk. There's a wallet in there. Come to □□ hospital with it." "Hospital? Why! Are you sick? You aren't hurt, right?" ­ "See for yourself. I'm at room 302." "Hello? SungMin? Kang SungMin!! Hello?!!" You hung up on me. ­ _­ What's wrong with this family and hanging up on people? It's rude! But anyway... Hospital? If you're in there because you got into a silly fight again, I'll strangle you with my bare hands. ­_ ­ Determined, I took the wallet from SungMin's room and grabbed a taxi to □□hospital. 302... 302... Ah, here it is! .... W­whoa.. What if SungMin's in a coma?!? Ah, haha how silly of me. How could he call me when he's knocked out cold? ...What if his face is deformed? Oh my gosh his arms and legs would still be in its place, right? Oh shoot... "What are you doing. ­_ ­ " "Aack!! " "How feminine is that­ "Ack!". Why aren't you going in?" "Hey... why do you have a cast on your left foot?" Seriously, there was a cast on his left leg.. ­_ ­ To finish it off, his entire left arm resembled a mummy, also. "You fought again, huh." "Of course not. What do you take me as." "Who'd you fight with?" "These sh­theads were getting on my nerves on the way home. Only they weren't the average wussies. Well, I put a couple of them in a cast, too..." "Hoho~ I thought it wasn't a fight." ".... Sh­t." I stand right on top of you, SungMin. Why else would you get hurt? ­_ ­ I see bruises and scars on you, too.. What the freak's up with guys and their stupid fights, anyway? "So that's why you're in here?" "The doctor put me in. ­_ ­" "How long?" "Psh, I'm getting out of here tomorrow." Are you allowed to do just as you please? I'm worried for you, SungMin. ­_ ­; "Why the glare? All I have to do is come by several times this week and it'll be done. Even the doctor said so." "Tch whatever. Here, your wallet." "Thanks. You didn't touch anything else, did you?" "What am I, a burglar?!!" "Run along then. Wait, no. Be my guardian." Because of the title of "guardian" I stayed and fulfilled whatever chores SungMin had for me to do. ­ _­ .... And soon, midnight greeted us. "If you're finished bossing me around, I'm going." "..." "The least you could say is say goodbye! ­0­ " "Goodbye. ­_ ­ " You b­! Whew... just wait 'til you're out of that uniform SungMin. Calming my flaring heart, I turned on my heels and grabbed the doorknob. SungMin's low voice stopped me before I took another step. ...... " ....It's late. " "Well yeah. It's a bit over 12." "It'll be dark since it's winter." "Of course. What are you trying to say?" "I'm worried so just stay here." You're... worried? ...You're worried for me? "How do I know you're not making me stay to boss me around even more?" "You caught me." "...Go drown yourself SungMin." Stupid of me to expect sincerity from him!! ^ "You better be thankful you're on that bed. Otherwise, I would've snapped your leg in two! Bye! ­0­!! " " .....Hey. " "What now. ­ _­ " "Just stay. " "I'd be dam­ed if I do! I'm not really upto take your orders, SungMin." "... I'm serious. Just stay, it's dangerous for a girl to go out there." How pathetic of me to be glued on the spot just by those words.. What if he's jesting? What then? Yet even knowing that information why can't I move? "Sleep on that couch over there. Wait no, I'll go over there and you sleep on the bed." "N­no! You're the patient." "Judging by your mental sanity, you're the patient. So just listen to me." Perhaps this is the reason I like him so much... For he cares inconspicuously... .... ........ "Aren't you uncomfortable there?" "No. It's better than that bed." "Are you cold?" "Nah. It's hot." SungMin rested himself on the ragged old couch while I got onto the bed. I can't sleep... ­ _­.. ..... About 20 minutes later, my eyes were still wide open... " ... SungMin. You sleeping?" "...." "You are? =_= Why can't I go to sleep then." ".... What happened to Oppa?" So you weren't sleeping. Hey now that I think about it, I switch back and forth betwen 'Oppa' and 'SungMin', huh?... "Do you like Oppa better..?" "Dunno. It's the proper name for me, though isn't it." "I.. guess? I'll call you Oppa then." "But for a week..." "Huh?" "For a week, just call me SungMin." A week? I was clueless as to what he meany by it but who would've ever predict the tall wall of protection would come crumbling down in a week...? ­­ ­100­ I squinted my eyes to adjust to the bright sun. The first thing that came into my view was.. was... Dam­... ­__­ "What are you doing? " "Pulling your hair. " "Please tell me that you did not pull my hair while I was asleep? That you had the decency to let a girl have her beauty sleep?" "Well you're awake aren't you? Let's go home." "Don't change the subject!!!!" Augh! No wonder I have a huge headache. ­__­ Still, I guess I owe him in some way? It must've been uncomfortable for him to sleep on that couch... .... "Hey. Let's go." ".... How are you?" "Huh?" "Sorry for making you trade spots with me." Lightly pushing my shameful head, SungMin shouted­ "Make me lunch then. I'm starving." "Er... o_o... Sure!" That will be a piece of cake! I have all the materials needed for a banquet right at home! Prepare to have your stomach be delighted Kang SungMin! Hehe .... When we approached our house after grabbing a taxi, I squinted my eyes seeing a familiar head. "SungMin! What happened to your a­arm?!? OH MY GOSH! Your legs! What'd you do? Roll off a cliff?! ^ "M­MiHyun. Since when were you standing here?" Now... If I said the stare MiHyun gave me momentarily was out of ordinary...... would I be totally wrong? I'm probably day dreaming, eh? ­ _­ "I just came, no worries. But! SungMin! Were you in a car accident? Did you trip and fall?!" "Just be quiet, you. I'm going in to rest." Just by those words, MiHyun quietly followed him into our house. Yep, I was daydreaming about the weird stare before. ­0­ .... ......... "SungMin, you must be hungry! Wait here, I'll make you some­" "She's fixing my lunch for me." "....Who, EunAh? ...Ah... I see..." Once again, MiHyun gazed at me with confusion. Augh, EunAh you're hallucinating! Shaking my head twice, I grabbed an apron and entered the kitchen. While a sweet aura of soup encircled us.. " ... EunAh. " "Oh MiHyun! Hey, what's up? _ " " "I need to talk to you. Can we go up to your room after lunch?" "Sure? But why can't we just talk right­" "No. Just. Later, okay?" Why do I get a bad feeling about this? ....... Because of MiHyun, I was unaware of the liquid entering my mouth and after lunch, I followed MiHyun into my room. I left behind SungMin to stare at us, perplexed. While I seated myself comfortably upon my bed, MiHyun paced around the room frantically. So strange to see her serious. MiHyun's usually sugar­high. "MiHyun we have a seat right over he­" ".. Can I ask you something?" "But you just did. ­__­;" "I'm not joking!" Who said I was? ­_ ­ Why the temper though? Tsk, kids these days become angry so easily. "Well, what's your question then?" "...." "MiHyun? =_= " " .. What.. are you guys playing at?" Guys as in.. who? .. You don't mean SungMin and me do you? You couldn't be... "Do you mean.. SungMin and me?" "Yeah." "Wait. Haha, why are we having this conversation first of all. SungMin's my brother." "... See EunAh." "Yeah? Go ahead." "Siblings... don't tend to look at each other so intimately." Where have I heard this from before? ...TaeHoon... That's right, TaeHoon said this to me once. Hah, I can't believe I'm hearing it from MiHyun now... Are we that translucent? "You're taking it the wrong way. How could we have any feelings for each other? I mean, we're... siblings." "Then do you know?" "Of what?" "The girl SungMin thinks is special. The only girl that's allowed to call his name warmly. The girl that keeps SungMin away from me!" How should I know... I've never heard about this before... Man, I feel like I'm going to suffocate... "I don't know... Who is it EunAh? Huh? Huh? Tell me, who the freak is it?!?!" "I don't know..." "You so do! Who is it!!!" Suddenly my room's door opened and SungMin approached us. "She won't ever be able to answer you." " ... SungMin.. " "What if the girl is EunAh? What are you going to do then?" So not. SungMin­ I mean... Oppa... I'm a Kang EunAh now, remember? Maybe you're mistaking me as the other EunAh... But like I said a million times... I'm a Kang now... "Oh so you admit? It is EunAh isn't it? My prediction is correct?! Huh? Tell me!!" "..." "It... It's EunAh, isn't she..." I end up expecting and wanting again... "If it is? What, you'll condemn us because we're related?" "... You... SungMin.. You seriously..." "We didn't start out as siblings. If you're going to start sh­t then why don't you just get out of our house?" .... !!!!!.. SungMin's eyes penetrated me in an accusing way. Then I realized that SungMin's feelings for me hadn't changed in the last couple of months. Happy and jubilent, tears formed in my eyes. ..... SungMin rested himself on a chair looking pleased he got that information off of his mind yet a shadow still lurked on his face. I had my head down, crying furiously. And MiHyun stared back and forth SungMin and me in disbelief while mumbling furiously. "How the freak. Hah. Crazy... insane... Completely out of your minds..." " ....... " " ...You guys are.. insane. " Leaving behind those words, MiHyun left the room. Remaining inside, SungMin and I avoided each other's gaze for the longest time. SungMin was the one who broke the silence. " .... I'm sorry. " " ...... " " ..Hah. I didn't mean to make things worse for you." I'm actually happy that we're aware of each other's feelings instead of hanging onto a thin line of siblings. "Just pretend I hadn't said anything. I'm really so­" "... You're the idiot." "What? " "You still have no clue why I came into this house? It was because of you dummy!" " ...... " "I missed you too much.." Without hesitating, SungMin embraced me in his arms. It has certainly been awhile, hasn't it? Your warmth and the fresh scent of aftershave? " ...... Let's just. Run away. " " ...... " "Run away and elope. You're no longer a Kang but a Yoo. Let's run away." "... SungMin." "We'll run away to a place where no one would recognize us. We'd live happily in a town where people wouldn't point fingers at us and say a sh­tload of curses on us." He really means it.. The tall tower of pride I had managed to built up is breaking apart now... I know that it's impossible but... If we trust in each other than why should anything else matter? Believe in ourselves... .... " .. Yeah. Let's run away. " ­­ ­101­ \Next day. Hospital. "You know well to becareful, yes? Watch out for that ankle sprain now. Remember to take your antidotes." "When can I take this cast off? It's annoying." "A bit impatient are we? You're lucky it was a rather small injury. In most cases the cast should stay on for about a month. You'd still have to visit two weeks afterwards. It would be uncomfortable but hey, you've created the situation." SungMin looked highly annoyed by the doctor's comment. Whew, poor SungMin. It must be horrible to carry that cast for 4 weeks. Why couldn't you be a good little boy? ­_ ­ "I'll pick up your medicine. Stay here." "I'm coming with." "Do you want that cast to get off or not? It'd take me less than five minutes so just stay!! ­0­ " SungMin nodded to my anger and leaned onto a chair. Heh, who would've thought he'd be obedient? ^­^ ..... Feeling joyful, I quickly headed over to the pharmacy and when I came back with a bag of medicine in one hand... ...Huh? EunHyuk?! "EunHyuk!! Yoo EunHyuk!!!" "Ah... Nuna?" A familiar profile greeted me as I came back into the hospital. Of whom none other than Yoo EunHyuk. How strange, we keep on bumping into each other. ­_ ­; "Are you hurt? What are you doing here?" "N­Nuna.." "Yeah? What is it?" "I'm kind of busy so I'll talk to you later!! BYE!!!!" Eh? What's eating him? Pondering what was so urgent, I headed to where SungMin was wearing a frown on my face. Why did EunHyuk look so shocked to see me? Augh, thanks for making me feel so missed. "What took you so long." "Ah, I bumped into EunHyuk. But he ran away from me..." "Run away? Why would he?" "I don't know. He just said goodbye and ran off." Perplexed, SungMin balanced himself on the crutches. Slowly approaching me, he took my hand gently. " .. When do you want to leave?" "Huh?" "To the place we could be happy at." A place we could be happy... There's bound to be at least one in the world... Our love wouldn't be shunned everywhere, would it? "You have to get better first. ^­^ " "Didn't you hear that doctor? It'd take me a month to get the cast off. How am I supposed to wait until then?" "We've had a lot of practice at patience before didn't we? Well a month shouldn't be a problem then." When we could see nothing else but darkness... We continued to wait and hope... But now we actually have a destination and a goal, SungMin. Waiting a month for that pleasure is absolutely nothing in my opinion. ... Our waiting is now full of hope and happiness. "SungMin. " "Yeah? " " ... Thanks. ^­^ " You're the one who stirred up my emotions. You taught me the meaning of waiting, tears, and laughter. I don't think I would have any reason to fall down with you by my side... Let's never let each other go... .......... ... Let's always.. be together.. ­­ ­102­ Febuary 15. 5:00 a.m ...Exactly one month passed us by. ..... "Your leg's all better then?" "Yeah. I could run a marathon and be all right." "Tch. Aren't you a talker. ­0­" On Sungmin's shoulders was a large duffel bag. Today.. was the day we put our plan into action. I seriously don't care if anyone criticizes our maturity but for right now... I'm just going to go along with what my heart guides me through. This is the only way we could be true to each other... "I'll be waiting for you. Don't make it so obvious that we're together." "Sure, I'll totally be inconspicuous. See you there?" "Yeah. Ah, don't come out. What if our parents stir? I'll just go by myself. Bye." In fear of getting caught, SungMin stepped out of my room and down the stairs. In my hand was a train ticket to the beach Saemi, HanKyul, SungMin and I had visited last summer. Our place of starting anew in a place we could be happy in... ..... Two hours later, I checked over my belongings before departing for the 1 o'clock train. Suddenly my cell phone begun to ring from my desk. Jumping slightly by the sudden sound, I carefully placed the phone against my ears. "Hello? " ­ " ...... " "Um, hello? " The speaker was silent, irritated I looked upon the caller ID to see EunHyuk's name. ...Ah, it's you again? What's up with your non­speaking calls every so often where you hang up without a word? I even heard soft cries in the background. "EunHyuk? Can you hear me?" ­ " ....I'm.. sorry.. I'm r­really sorry..." "EunHyuk... Are you crying?" EunHyuk's voice trembled greatly. I frantically bit down on my lower lip, worrying. "EunHyuk? What's wrong? C'mon take deep breaths now." ­ "I'm sorry... Hah... my fault... my.. fault..." "What are you going on about!" ­ "I should've mentioned it sooner... Hah... You would want to know..." EunHyuk continued to talk gibberish and thinking it'd be better for us to meet I spoke into the phone again. "EunHyuk! How about we meet? I'll go to whereever you are right now. Where are you? Just give me like half an hour." ­ " .. H­hospital.. " Hospital? Is anyone hurt? Is that why you're crying? "No one's hurt, right? SunHee.. Is she okay?" ­ " ...... Haha... I deserve to have a thunder zap me to death. I'm really sorry... Sorry... sorry..." "I don't understand what you're going on about but what hospital are you at?" ­ "The one where we last met on coincidence.." The one where SungMin got his cast from? "Ah, you mean the one a month ago? Do you think you could stand by the entrance? Just so I could find you easier?" ­ " ...... Sorry Nuna... I'm sorry..." EunHyuk continued to apologize over and over again 'til we hung up... Is this anything serious? ............ ...... I quickly got into a taxi with my cell phone and wallet in my hands. When I arrived at the hospital, I saw EunHyuk sitting on a bench outside. ... !!!! .. Whoa.. EunHyuk wasn't kidding. He really is crying! ... Is he having a seizure? Why's he shaking so much... " ... EunHyuk.... " " ....... " "I'm here now... Here, look at me.." EunHyuk brought his trembling hands to brush back his hair. Meeting my gaze he apologized once again before dropping his stare. " .... Nuna... I'm sorry.. " "Why, what's wrong?" "It shouldn't have ended this way... Hah... Nuna what are you going to do now... What about... what about me?" For about half an hour, EunHyuk continued to mumble under his breath between tears. Finally, he took my hands and led me inside, seeming like he had calmed down a bit. ............. ...... " ... Nuna ." "Yeah? " "Pinky swear. " "On what? Why?" EunHyuk hesitated at my question and answered in a serious tone. "One. Even if what you see will be painful and tearful, you won't cry." Seriously, what's happened that you'd think I'll cry? ... Why do I get a bad feeling about this... Why do I feel insecure again... ­103­ "One. Even if what you see will be painful and tearful, you won't cry." Seriously, what's happened that you'd think I'll cry? ... Why do I get a bad feeling about this... Why do I feel insecure again... "Second... Let's laugh it off instead. Laughing is loads better than crying isn't it? You could do so right? You're strong enough... Nuna promise me you won't cry..." "What are you talking about EunHyuk? Seriously, what's wrong?" "... You'll see in a second." Suddenly, EunHyuk spotted something ahead and started to run, shouting loudly. "No! Not yet!! I told you to wait! Don't move her yet, my nuna's here!! WAIT!! NO DON'T!!" ..... A sheer sheet of white covered a limp figure. EunHyuk was shouting at the nurses. Who is this... This person hidden under the white sheet, is she someone I know? ... Why is my heart beating faster? "EunHyuk... I can look who's inside, right?" " ...... " Quietly walking to the cart, I pulled down the sheet to reveal a woman... A pale woman whose wrists were the size of a skinny branch... ......... .. !!!!!!!!!... Mom... " .. Yoo EunHyuk.. Explain.. " ".. I'm sorry Nuna.. I really am, it's all my fault. I­" "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!! What the he­ll? How.. How?!" Suddenly, dad emerged from the shadows as he took my hand and mumbled an apology. "We're terribly sorry, EunAh. " "What are you sorry for? What?! Why.. why is mom lying there? EunHyuk... EunHyuk tell me!! What's wrong with mom?!?!" It's been awhile since we've met, mom.. Why aren't you welcoming me like you used to... Open those eyes and see your daughter... Why.. Why are you lying there like a dead person?! "Tell me!!! " " ....Brain tumor.. " "A what? A brain... brain what? Hah, you don't possibly mean mom's laying there because of a brain tumor?!" " ....... " EunHyuk was speechless as tears continued to flow down his chin. Seeing him bite his lips in an attempt to hold back the tears but not succeeding, broke me down once again.. " .. Why would mom be infected with such thing? She hasn't done anything to danger her life!" "Stress..." "What?" "It was because of a severe stress... And... truthfully, dad and I knew... We just.. couldn't tell you... We're sorry, nuna." You knew and.. didn't tell me?! How could you?! "How long have you... known this?" "We found out about 3 months ago..." Hah.. this is a nightmare. Is this the reason you wouldn't let me visit? Is this the reason you wouldn't let me talk to mom? How could you not bother to even tell me? ...Is it because I'm not part of your family? Is that why? "I never knew... I didn't even suspect anything like this could... could happen.." "According to what the doctor said... brain tumors are difficult to cure... and usually people find out too late... Mom had 3­6 months to live but she left too soon..." Simultaneously, dad handed me an envelope from his jacket. Watching dad walk away as he wiped a tear, my legs gave up as I collapsed to the floor. Hah... I promised EunHyuk I wouldn't cry... I finally realize why he made me promise so sincerely.. Dad's drooped shoulders... Blood­shot eyes... They're all crying and tearing up inside... Mom, why'd you leave so soon... I haven't repaid you back for all the good things you've done in my life... Couldn't you have waited a bit longer? At least you could've gave me a chance to make you smile one more time... "Mom didn't want you to know. She... she wanted you to be happy. She said crying was enough for the 3 of us so we should leave you out of any more pain." " ....... " "I tried telling you numerous times but... I just couldn't get the courage to open my mouth." "You should've just went ahead..." " ..But it was mom's request. I've never­ dad and I have never seen her plead so desperately.." Mom, you're so selfish... You should've shared that bit of pain with me... Why am I so special... why should you pay so much attention to me... All I've done is leave a scar in your heart.. Why love me so much.. why.... "EunHyuk.. " " ..... " "Let's laugh like we're insane instead of crying... Just like you've told me before." I hear myself laughing but these tears won't stop. Mom's cold skin triggers these tears to fall... Less than 6 months ago, they were so warm... ................ ...... "Would you let go now? " "No! Not yet!" "You can't change what's already happened." "Mom might get up!! Right? Yeah, EunHyuk? She'll open her eyes and call out my name like she always have done!" EunHyuk's hands held me back from grabbing onto mom any further. He'd want to bawl, too... "Nuna... Let's not act this way... Mom wouldn't want us holding her back... She wouldn't be able to leave us, smiling." "Heuk... Hah... Haha... Heuk..." ..... ........................... ..... Even long after mom left, EunHyuk, dad, and I stood against the walls of the hospital. We're all probably blaming the heavens for taking away someone so valuable to us. ....................... ......... .................................... .................... ­ "Hello? Yoo EunAh, why aren't you here yet? The train left long time ago. Is everything all right?" "...SungMin." ­ " .. What's wrong with your voice? You crying?" "SungMin.. I don't think I can leave today... Just.. just give me a couple more days?" ­ "Why. What's wrong.. " "See.. mom.. she... she left to a place where I'd never see her again." .... Why is it such a beautiful day today? The heavens are so unfair... How could they take away someone so special and maintain its beauty? To us... To dad, EunHyuk, and me... Today's probably the darkest day yet.. ­ " ... Want me to go to Seoul and stay with you?" "No, it's all right.. You could wait for me, yeah? I'll leave when I'm ready to face you smiling. It won't take more than a week so don't worry." ­ " ... Yeah... Sure. Don't starve yourself or anything." SungMin's comforting voice triggers my tears to go on again.. .... One day, I might have another painful like this one again. Just so that I may get up on my own, I'll start doing so right now. I won't be so dependant on others from now on. ... Wait for me.. http://a420.v8383d.c8383.g.vm.akamaistream.../893_1_3_04.asf ­104­ \ Next day.. From the ashes in my hands, I could still feel mom's warmth. Bye mom... good­bye... "EunHyuk.. " "Yeah. " "Won't it be great if we're a family in our next life as well? Then we'd be able to have a long happy life without having to cry for any reasons." Does it really matter who I share the same blood with? You're as good as my real mother. In our next life, I'll prove to you what a great daughter I could be... So promise me you won't forget me, mom.. I love you... .... After hours of looking upon the Pacific Ocean, I got into dad's car. Even then I continued to look back to where I left my mom's ashes... Then I felt something in my pockets. Ah, the letter dad gave me last night. Opening the delicate folding of the letter, my eyes darted across the neat handwriting of my mom's.. [To my lovely daughter, EunAh. EunAh. I would already be gone by the time you read this letter. I apologize for leaving you behind without any warning. But I prefer your happiness over mine any day. Especially since you've been through so much at a young age. Words couldn't express how sorry I am to you EunAh. I know its a bit much to ask, but do you think you could listen to my one last request? There are several impossible things in the world. You and your brother, SungMin, is an example of one. There shouldn't be any unique feelings between you two. I know how wise you are so I'll trust your judgement. That's my only request from you. I'll be watching you and EunHyuk from heaven. Don't forget I'll always be with you wherever you may go. Don't lose hope now. I love you my daughter. ] And... in a tiny bolded writing, one more sentence decorated the bottom of the page. 'p.s:... EunAh, you won't forget my request, would you? ....... For a long time, I continued to stare into the paper dumbfounded. Of all favors.. Why... why this? "Dad! Stop the car!" "What's wrong?" "I'll grab a taxi or a bus so just drop me off here. Okay?" Bolting out of the car, I ran to where I spread mom's ashes. And cupping my hands, I shouted to the pale sky. "Why did you have to ask a seperation of Sungmin and me, mom? Did you know that I'd keep your wish to my grave? Did you know how sorry I'd feel for letting you go like this?" Is it that impossible? Was it so wrong of us that you'd leave it in your last letter to me? Hah, how could I even think about running away with SungMin when you'd be looking down upon us from heaven? "gods my ­ss!! If there really is one, how come you're so unfair? Don't you realize what a sh­tty story this is?! None of the parts make sense. Why can't you make my life happy for once? WHY!!" ............ ........................ All I've wanted was a normal teenager love. Not something out of a dramatic movie... Why did you have you let SungMin and me meet if we weren't meant to be.. Suddenly, my cell phone's cheerful rington surprised me. ­ " ... Hello? EunAh? Yoo EunAh!" "..." Through the speakers was TaeHoon's voice. ­ " ... Why don't you call now and then?" "Did you drink? You sound drunk..." ­ "Drink? Yeahh.. I did, I did... So what? I keep on thinking about this one girl. So I tried erasing her by getting drunk. Kek.. What about you? Are you happy?" How does everyone always ask if I'm happy or not... Before, I received my happiness by just looking at SungMin. Now... what am I supposed to do... " ....TaeHoon. " ­ " Yeah. What.. " "SungMin and I... are we that impossible to be together?" ­ "Why the random question? Did you fight?" "Nah, just wondering. ^­^ Do you really think we're impossible?" Obviously, TaeHoon will agree to us not meant to be... But TaeHoon exceeded my expectations as he answered in a low voice. ­ "If I told you that you guys shouldn't be together, would you really come to me? Keuk.. I know you won't. Then there's only one answer isn't there? Yeah, you guys shouldn't be together... But you're the painters in the story so judge for yourself." " ....... " ­ " ... Depending on what colors you choose, the story or the painting will alternate. Hah, I sound like some philosopher, don't I?" That was sweet of you TaeHoon... As much as I'd like to change the story... There's always mom's request to consider. ..... I don't think I could ever neglect her wish. She raised me like her own daughter. She gave me chores to do, disciplined me like every other moms and still shed tears for me at night. How could I choose to ignore her last wish? Mom has always gave me whatever I've wanted... Yet I haven't done so in return... I'd like to make her happy... and the only way is to listen to her wish, isn't it? "Sadly, I don't think I could choose the colors myself.. " ­ " What? " "I think... I might have to leave SungMin. " Mom... you'll understand if I daydream about him once in awhile, yeah? I'll let him go and live my life but just at times... I might fall back into my memories... You'd understand though, wouldn't you? This was a big decision that I made... Truthfully, part of me hate you for that promise but that doesn't mean I'll neglect your words... I'll make you happy, mom.. Sungmin and I were never meant to be... This is why we continue to face these obstacles. No matter how many of them we jump over, another one comes our way. I guess I'll finally let go of his hand now.. The hand I told him not to let go... SungMin... Remember the words I said before? To wait for me? ... I don't think I can keep that promise... ­105­ Returning home, I informed my parents of my desire to leave. That I could no longer remain in Korea. I'd be happy in China, America, or any other place as long as I'm far far away from home. "But this idea of yours... It's so sudden. What made you want to leave us so unexpectedly?" "You knew all along that SungMin and I... I mean, SungMin Oppa and I are too dangerous to be kept under the same roof..." " .. You don't really mean that? After all this time, you still..." This is the only way they'll let me go. Hah, what good will it do if I go back to EunHyuk and dad? My heart will still remain with SungMin... I must get away from here... Then perhaps, I'd learn to forget.. To move on... Anything's worth a try... "Please let me go." "But EunAh dear, you're a senior! Senior years are supposed to be the most important­" "I'm going to try my best and succeed, just not in Korea. I'll go to a foreign college." Considering my words for several minutes, mom finally nodded her head. Ha ha... As if she had any other solutions. It must disgust and pain her to have us in the same house. "I wish to leave as soon as possible." "I'll see what I could do. While I arrange and make a few phone calls, pack your things." Exiting out of the grand bedroom, I ascended up the stairs to my room. Resting my elbows on my desk, I took out my cell phone and dialed Saemi's phone number. ­ "Hello? EunAh? " "Yeah, hey Saemi. ^­^ " ­ "Girl, you busy these days or what? I haven't heard from you in forever!" "Yeah... Saemi... I'm leaving." Silence was the only reaction I heard before it was broken after several seconds. ­ "Leaving? Where?! Why!" "My... mother passed away yesteraday. She... left something in her will. And I want to grant that wish for her." ­ "What... was the will about..." "SungMin and I just can't be. Since it's what mom asked for me to do, I'm not about to just ignore it, you know? Plus we could never be from the start so... why try anything. That's why I'm leaving. Now help me pick out a location. How about Sweden? It's supposed to be a picture there isn't it? Or... Ah, what about New Zealand?" Then answering my random questions, Saemi answered in a brighter voice than before. ........ ­ "Want to go to Austrailia?" "Sure, that sounds cool... wait, we? Us??" ­ "My brother's over there. Let's go together, yeah? As if I'd ever let you go to a foreign land all by yourself. Plus, I'd always wanted to see a kangaroo~" Instantly tears filled my eyes. Saemi... You'd leave Korea just for me...? " ..Thanks for being so considerate Saemi but I think it's best if I go alo­" ­ "You're so self­centered EunAh. Who says I'm thinking of you? I just want to see some kangaroos in action!" .. Tch. It wouldn't hurt to be truthful for once. But.. thanks Saemi... I feel a lot better thanks to you. ^­^ ­ "I'll ask dad to let me go. Since JaeHyuk Oppa's over there, I don't see why he wouldn't refuse my declaration." "... You really mean it? You'll go?" ­"Have you ever seen me bluff? This Unni will be your guide~" "... I'm never coming back to Korea once I'm gone." ­"It all depends eh? I'll stay with you until I'm in my late twenties so don't worry. Haha, now I wonder if there will be any hot guys in Austrailia." I really thought she was playing around... Something she said out of comfort... Yet even though I asked repeatedly, she had only one answer. That we'll go to Austraila together... Thanks Saemi... Thanks for being such a sweet friend... ....... Several days later. Saemi's parents agreed in letting Saemi leave for Austrailia. I think they're letting her go because she's not that fluent in the english department. ­__­; ..... My other mom already arranged my files for departure. ... I'm really leaving, huh... After all those months of crying and laughing, I'm leaving.... "Our visa came out earlier than usual, no? Let's surprise JaeHyuk Oppa once we're there. Ah, hey EunAh. SungMin doesn't know that you're leaving right? ...Will he be okay?" " ...... " SungMin's waiting for me... At the place of where we'd start over, he's still waiting... I'm such a b­tch, leaving him like this. "Only a couple more days until we finally leave. I still can't believe that this airline ticket is mine." While SungMin would be waiting for me, I bid goodbye to TaeHoon, EunHyuk, dad, and my real parents. ......... ................................... ...................... \InCheon International Airport. "Sorry AhJuma and AhJusshi. I feel like taking Saemi away from you guys..." "Ah, no need for apologies. We trust you EunAh. Becareful once you're there. Ah and Saemi. Tell that brother of yours to call home once in awhile." "All right. ­0­ I'll scold him for you guys, don't worry." While Saemi was saying goodbye to her parents, I was bidding farewell to my real parents. "Study hard and don't be so careless to your health. I hope you may forget about your feelings once you're there." "Thanks for everything... You should go now. I'll wait with my friend." "All right... Call us when you get there." "Okay. Ah I almost forgot. Even if SungMin may call and ask for my address or phone number... Don't give it to him... Please." And I'll forget. If the image is far from your eyes to see than the feelings would be far to grasp, right? I'll be erasing the name of Kang SungMin... So you have to do the same... Just forget that Yoo EunAh ever existed. Don't... ever... forgive me for leaving you like this. Watching our parents leave the airport, we found pay phones near the bathrooms. Saemi's probably calling HanKyul... ^­^ The numbers my fingers were dialing were Kang SungMin's... But I guess he left his cell phone in his room for no one came to the phone... C'mon SungMin... This is my only chance to say goodbye... Pick up the phone... I still have something I want to tell you... ........ ­ " ... Hello? Yoo EunAh?!" "Ah, what took you so long. I was about to freak out." ­"You're coming, right?" Out of numerous other words to greet me by, SungMin asks me if I'll be coming.. I'm so sorry SungMin... I don't think I'll ever go... " .. SungMin... See, I­" ­ "You're coming, yeah? I don't mind if you're a bit late. I'll wait for you. D'you know that the stars here are awesome? Come and watch them with me. So when do you think you could come?" " .... I can't!! I .. won't. I broke my promise, SungMin. The part when I said not to let go? Yeah well I'm letting go now." The only thing I could think of saying to you is apologizing over and over again. I'm not even worthy to be having this conversation with you. "I'm going to forget you. You should too. Siblings? Nah, that didn't work out. Let's just go back to being strangers. This time I won't ever go chasing after you because I'm tired of crying. I won't cry anymore, know why? Because I'm going to wipe your name off of my mind." We said goodbye so many times, didn't we? Yet we always managed to see each other again... But I'm afraid this time... It's for real. ­ "All you needed was me, wasn't it? You promised to run away to a place where we could live happily ever after." "That's what I thought. Nothing would matter as long as we're happy. But there are too many obstacles of life, SungMin. The world doesn't revolve around us, unfortunately." ­ " ..I'll wait. I'll wait until you come. I put a bet on this. ^­^ Who'll win? The world or me? ...I'm winning no matter what." ...No you can't SungMin.. You never will. We're forbidden, remember? How can we beat the heavens...? Swallowing back the emotions arousing, I managed to croak out. " ... Thanks for everything. I... loved you. Let's never go through painful love ever again." ..... And that's how I hung up the phone. Quickly wiping away a tear, I glanced at Saemi and saw that she was on the phone with HanKyul. "Why are you acting like this? I already told you I'm leaving days ago! What? You thought I was joking? What do you take me as, a jester??? ...Sh­t. If you don't call me at least twice a day, I'll strangle you with my bare hands! ...And I'll miss you too. You're not the only one with the feeling of attraction, okay HanKyul? ...Yeah.. I'll call you once I'm there... Okay... Me too..." All because of me, Saemi has to leave HanKyul behind... I'm so sorry HanKyul... Saemi... Suddenly someones face popped into my mind. Quickly grabbing the pay phone, I dialed seven digits of an unfamilar number. ­"Hello?" "MiHyun?" ­"Who­ Oh... Is this­" "This is EunAh. ^­^ I had a favor to ask of you." SungMin's probably still there waiting for me... You should go and persuade him, MiHyun... ....... .... Several minutes later. ­ "Okay... I'll head on over to where he is right now. But why are you telling me about his whereabouts?" "You're the only one I could ask... Do you think you could stay by his side, MiHyun? ... Set him back to normal again... I got to go now. Bye and take care." If it's Ryu MiHyun, she'd do well. She'd succeed... "EunAh, it's time for our flight now. Want to go in?" "Yeah... but hey Saemi..." "Huh?" "I'm making the right choice here, yes?" A question I've been pondering for several days now... I'm not making a mistake, am I? ... This is the end. No more hiding my feelings behind a fake mask... The end. Finito. Our last story... How tragic yet happy endings could never wrap up our story. Only tears and sighs... But know what? I've never... ever regretted loving you, SungMin... Our love was just a tad bit unique than others. Just a tad bit of more pain involved but other than that... I consider the times spent with you the best times of my life. If there are such things as the next life... I bet we'd be smiling as much as we've cried in this life. We deserve it, don't we? ^­^ ......... ......... Having boarded the plane, I saw the city of Seoul slowly decreasing to a size of building blocks. This is really goodbye... .... I won't remember the bad times we've shared and treasure only the smiles and laughter. With that, I'll slowly erase your name from my memories. ....... It'll be hard but I'll try... Goodbye Kang SungMin... ......................... ......... Maybe.. if such things as gods really existed then they'd take pity on us and let us see each other again... Perhaps we'll end in a happy ending... But as for now... This is our final story... ­Waiting­ I've realized the pleasure in waiting thanks to her. .................... "When do you want to go? To the world we could be happy in." To my question, she answered­ Because we've waited more than enough, patience comes and goes like the wind. Her answer opened my eyes to see how fun it would be to wait. For this time, I see a happy ending in the end of my waiting. ....... And February 15th. 5:00 a.m A month worth of time flew by in a blink. Even though I was familiar with the consequences of our decision, our decision to start over, I knew I wouldn't choose another path. For she was the only thing and person that mattered. .... Returning to the beach of our first vacation, I noticed that a fewer number of people walked the streets. Going back to the hotel we stayed in last time, I was greeted by the AhJuMa. As if remembering me from last year, she exclaimed­ "Oh isn't this marvelous! You're that student who came last year, yes? The one with the three friends and­" "Ah, yeah." "Sonice of you to visit again! But are you by yourself this time?" "No, I have one more company. She'll be here later." Ignoring the lady who treated me with more hospitality than I acquired of, I unpacked my belongings in the room before heading out to the sea. ........ Not realizing that five hours passed by, I continued to stare out to the horizon when I felt my cell phone vibrating. The name of Yoo EunAh greeted me from the caller ID. Inconspicuously a smile crept onto my face and when I quickly pressed 'send'... her cries greeted me... ­ "SungMin... I'm sorry but I don't think I could go down there today... Sorry..." "Why. What's wrong..." ­"My mom... See she... She left... She left to a place I could never see her again..." Unless I was mistaken, she passed away? Unsure of how to react to the sudden news, I remained quiet until, " ... Should I go? Want me to come back to Seoul?" ­ "No, it's okay. Don't. Could you wait for me though? When I do go down there, I'll be smiling... It won't take more than a week.. You'd wait for me right? ...If you come, I have a feeling I'll collapse." ­ " ...Yeah... I will... Take care.. " Why would she collapse if I go to where she is. I was considering the matter for a few moment when ....... "Cough. Cough. Argh sh­t, did I get a cold.. " Dusting the sand from my jeans, I took a step toward the hotel. But before going any further, I picked up a branch and drew a large circle. "This here's my place. I'll be waiting right here 'til you come. I won't take another step outside of this circle here... so all you have to do is come." I'll be waiting right here that we may go back to the days when we didn't have to worry about sh­t like pain and heartaches. You promised me a week. I'll wait, EunAh. I'll wait. ........ ................ "AhJumA, I'm staying for another week." "Sure sure go ahead. Aren't you hungry, dear? Would you like me to fix you up dinner?" "No thanks. How much would I have to pay for a week?" "Nonsense! The fee's on me, just take a lot of rest." "No really. I have money with me, don't worry." "Aah, no, no. I insist. But if it really bothers you then you see my daughter over there? Do you think you could tutor her? She's so rockheaded that I even gave up on her. Tsk tsk." And instantly I was Joo EunHye's tutor. Dumbfounded by a sudden change, "Oppa. _ Why'd you come alone?" "My friend's coming later. I just came earlier. Hey my bad but I'm don't keep books around as a friend." "Oh no worries. It's been a long time since I've threw mine away. Anyway who's your friend? The cute oppa you've came with last time?" "My girlfriend. Do you remember a cute girl with a babyish face?" Considering my words, EunHye fell into a state of thought before clapping her hand loudly. "Ah, the Unni that looks like a rabbit?" "Rabbit? " "Yes! Not the pretty, ice­queen but the cute, rabbit one next to her?" "Probably." "Why didn't come together? Don't you hate waiting alone?" I replied to her question in a low voice,' "The ones who despise waiting are the ones who see despair and tragedy at the end. But I see joy and something worthwhile in the end of mine. So no, I don't mind waiting alone at all." ......... " ... Hello? Yoo EunAh?!" ­"Ah, what took you so long. I was about to freak out." "You're coming, right?" When I spoke into the phone in a tone full of confidence, she seemed to hesitate. What's wrong EunAh? You're going to come, aren't you? Why can't you answer me then. ­" .. SungMin... See, I­" "You're coming, yeah? I don't mind if you're a bit late. I'll wait for you. D'you know that the stars here are awesome? Come and watch them with me. So when do you think you could come?" There aren't any stars over here but if you'd come... I'll make thousands of them for you. So stop worrying me and come. ^­^.. ­" .... I can't!! I .. won't. I broke my promise, SungMin. The part when I said not to let go? Yeah well I'm letting go now." "...." ­"I'm going to forget you. You should too. Siblings? Nah, that didn't work out. Let's just go back to being strangers. This time I won't ever go chasing after you because I'm tired of crying. I won't cry anymore, know why? Because I'm going to wipe your name off of my mind." But we promised to never let go of each other, didn't we? Sure we may have said our goodbyes a fair amount of times but we've always gotten back together haven't we? "All you needed was me, wasn't it? You promised to run away to a place where we could live happily ever after." ­"That's what I thought. Nothing would matter as long as we're happy. But there are too many obstacles of life, SungMin. The world doesn't revolve around us, unfortunately." " ..I'll wait. I'll wait until you come. I put a bet on this. ^­^ Who'll win? The world or me? ...I'm winning no matter what." I haven't the slightest clue of what drove you to change your mind but I'm going to win. There's no way I'd lose. You'll come back... I'll wait right here so all you have to do is come back. Why stall when you know you will in the end? ... Then, EunAh's soft voice spoke to me once again. ­" ... Thanks for everything. I... loved you. Let's never go through painful love ever again." Why do you sound like you're never going to see me again? This isn't the end, this can't be. Why are you letting go EunAh.. Why... Even after EunAh hung up the phone, I continued to mutter into my cell phone. "I'll be counting to one million. If you're still not here by the time I reach a million, then I'll really walk away... So you better come... I'm starting.. 1.. 2.. 3...4.. 5... " ......... ............................ ............... And as the numbers begun to increase, a hand gripped my shoulder. " .. SungMin.. I'll hold onto your hand, now." [ Happy Ending. ①] If the heavens granted our 'End' to be an 'And'... Our story could've ended in a 'Happy Ending'... *Start! * Unlike my firm determination not to come back to Korea, I let myself contradict myself 6 years after. "Whoa! Look at this! Korea, man! You have no clue how happy I am to be here! Now where is that HanKyul? He said he'd come out to get us." "I can't understand how you guys could maintain a long­distance relationship for that long. Ah, EunAh. Your bag must be heavy. Here, let me take it. ^­^ " Despite the distance seperating them Saemi and HanKyul continued to stay in touch at least twice a day. HanKyul even came by to visit several times in Austrailia. Aren't they a lovable couple? ^­^ This man next to me is JaeHyun Oppa... He came with us to Korea because... Because... "You really won't tell anyone about you coming back? Wouldn't they get mad though?" "I'm just going to leave right after the wedding." In my hands was an invitation. An invitation to a wedding HanKyul gave me. Kang SungMin and Ryu MiHyun was the bride and groom of this lovely occassion. It all worked out as I hoped it would... ^­^ SungMin still hasn't a cluewhere I am... If he did, would he have sent me this invitation? With what expression would he do so? ........ "Saemi!!!!! " "Eh? HanKyul!! Why are you so late!" "My bad. There was a traffic. Oh, EunAh! It's been long, eh? Who.. is this?" "This person here! Is my brother. " Has HanKyul never seen JaeHyun Oppa? Oh and HanKyul promised to not tell a soul about my whereabouts along with Saemi. He has done a good job hasn't he? "Hey HanKyul... Is.. he doing all right?" "Huh? Ah, SungMin? ...Yeah... Why wouldn't he.." That's good to know. But excuse this portion of my heart that stings a little. Who said it'd be so easy to forget a face? "Let's go eat now, yeah? I'm starving after all that airline food!" "Yeah? What do you want? EunAh. Any suggestions?" "Traditional Korean food. We haven't had one in a long time. HanKyul, is that okay with you?" "Definately o.k!" I didn't realize I'd feel happy being back in Korea. But that just proves our motives sometimes turn out to be false. ..................... ......... "This place has the best soup! Oh, and the kimchi and the ol' bbq are awesome." By HanKyul's suggestion, we arrived at a large restaurant in downtown Seoul. Even after the waitress took our orders, HanKyul's compliments didn't cease to stop. "Okay Okay!! Can't you give it a rest?" "Saemi! You'd die of shock once you actually taste the food! _ way? BEST thing in the world! Augh, where's our order any Now I'm really curious as to how the food tastes like. ^­^ In a few minutes, dishes and dishes of mouth­watering side dishes were laid out in front of us. Suddenly, due to a clumsy mistake, the waitress accidently poured the cup of water on me. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about that. " "It's all right. ^­^ Really. Which way's the bathroom?" "Do you need any help cleaning up? I'm so sorry." Waving aside her apologies, I headed over to the bathroom to dry my skirt. Satisfied with a small stain, I was about to head back when... .......... 'Tohk ' I accidently stumbled against a person that had been leaning against the wall. Quickly turning my head to apologize, my eyes met with... ....!!!!!!! .. Ah.. " .... You­ You're Yoo ... EunAh. " " ....... " I was absolutely speechless. Even when I knew I should run, my feet didn't budge from its place. I couldn't believe my luck. It hasn't even been a day since I came back to Korea.. In six years worth of time, SungMin grew taller and definately looked more mature. But our meeting wasn't supposed to happen. All I've wanted to do was to see their wedding and go back to Austrailia.. " .. Yoo EunAh. How could you­ what in the.. What's wrong with you? Where have you been all this time? What have you been doing?" " .... Excuse me but I think you got the wrong person. " "What? " "You've got the wrong person. I don't know you, sir, or this Yoo EunAh person!" Suddenly, I heard JaeHyun Oppa call out my name. I guess my late return worried him. "EunAh! " Catching a glimpse of JaeHyun Oppa, SungMin laughed in disbelief. " .. Sure and you're not Yoo EunAh? You're with him now, huh? Why didn't you tell me? THat the person you like is him and not me." " ...... " "Why... Why do you make an idiot out of me every single time?!" .... Then before I could do anything to stop the time, JaeHyun Oppa's fist came in contact with SungMin's face. "Oppa. What­ what do you think you're doing?! STOP IT!" "... Yoo EunAh." "Heuk.. It's all my fault... I'm the one who deserves that punch, not SungMin." Aah, a dilemna is what this is. Haven't I screamed at JaeHyun Oppa for punching SungMin before? Flabbergasted, JaeHyun Oppa pulled my wrist; indicating he wanted to leave. But before we could take another step, SungMin pulled JaeHyun Oppa down by his other hand and punched him. "Stop it! Seriously guys! Stop!" " .. You.. EUNAH?" Now MiHyun joined the picture. Everything's getting so confusing. It's as if I'm the reason people fight and cry every time. I shouldn't have come... I really shouldn't have come back... Crying over spilled milk. How pathetic am I? ...... "This is all my fault. I'm sorry for coming back. I'm sorry." With that I escaped out the door. Before long, I was held back by another warm hand. ....... .............. " ..Don't you agree, Oppa? It's always my fault people have problems." "Not at all." "What's wrong with me? Am I cursed in an unfortunate life or... or what?" "I told you that it has nothing to do with you! EunAh, get a grip on yourself! SungMin's getting married tomorrow! It's time to get over him, don't you think so? Six years is more than enough, EunAh!!" Seriously... In the past six years, I tried everything. To erase. To forget. But I've failed so far... Is it possible to not change in such a long period of time? ......... " ... Yoo EunAh.. How about... How about you come to me now? Will you­ will you marry me?" ­­ [ Happy Ending. ②] I can't help but grin at JaeHyun Oppa's words. I to marry Oppa? Impossibe. ^­^ I wouldn't want JaeHyun Oppa's life to fall into a pit because of my mistake. "Oppa. You're handsome, smart, and so sweet that any girl would love to be by yourside." " ...... " " ..I don't want your pity. Ah, we've completely abandoned HanKyul and Saemi! Here I'll call them..." Oppa looked as if he had something to say, but shaking his head he moved aside. Don't like a girl like me.... I can't offer anyone happiness. ............ ............ In a blink of an eye, the day passed us by. And next day... "You sure it'll be okay? You don't have to go­" "Nah, I'm all right. I just want to give them my blessing is all. I won't let them know I came..." "Why would you hide though? Didn't you meet them already, EunAh? It's not as if you're an escaped prisoner." There are too many faults and mistakes I've made toward SungMin... It'd be snobby of me to be so confident... ....... "All ready? ...All right, let's go in then." JaeHyun Oppa continued to search my face as we stepped into the hotel. Why do you worry so much, Oppa? I'm not the same EunAh six years ago... Taking another few steps, a large banner greeted us. Groom­ Kang SungMin Bride­ Ryu MiHyun ..... A laugh escaped my lips. How else would you handle a situation like this? My only wish is that I continue this laughter 'til the end of the wedding... Burying myself behind rows and rows of guests, I watched the couple from afar. SungMin in a black tuxedo. MiHyun in a brilliant white wedding dress. Could a couple look more perfect for each other...? "Now for the vows of marriage. Please answer precisely to the questions asked. First, to the groom­ Kang SungMin­ do you swear to love miss Ryu MiHyun through thick and rain?" When everyone's intent gaze were focused on SungMin, my eyes fell to the ground. It shames me to know how I'm still weak when it comes to SungMin. Swallowing back the tears knowing SungMin could love someone else, I glided to the main doors. " ..... Don't go. " " ...... " Do my ears deceive me? What was that that had just escaped from SungMin's lips? ....... "Don't go! Where are you going!" " ...... " "I'm talking about you, Yoo EunAh! " Our eyes met for a second and all stopped around me. Why do I hear my name from SungMin's lips? Why do he look at me like so? SungMin looked impatient at my dumbfounded stare and grabbed the microphone from the MC. "Once someone told me that the world doesn't abide by our desires. I made a pact with the world... Whether I'd win or the world. Finally the results are in and... I think I've won." With those words, SungMin ran to where I stood and grabbed my hands. Before I could register what had just happened, we started to run far away from the hotel. What the­ what are we doing?!?! ............ ................................ ........ "Are you crazy??! That was your wedding back there! YOUR wedding!!!" " .. So. " "Hah. I'm getting tired, SungMin. Can't we stop?" "If we do, we'll get caught. You're still up for that eloping six years back, right?" He still remembers. I thought... I assumed he would forget everything about me yet... he still remembers our promise. .... Time ticked by and finally, reaching our limit, we fell to the ground. I can't tell if this is real or a dream. "You've lost it, haven't you? You've completely lost it!" "Doesn't matter now. We're the ones that count. Where were you the past six years, anyway?" " ....... " "Were you with him?" Him meaning... JaeHyun Oppa? Well, I was with him in Austrailia so I nodded my head. "You.. You are you crazy?!" "NO! JaeHyun Oppa's Saemi's brother! We've ­ Saemi, Oppa, and I've­ been living together in Austrailia." "... Austrailia? Hah.. That's where you were? No wonder I couldn't find you anywhere in Korea." You looked for me? ...Why. Why after all those lashes and scars I've given you... Why do you treat me so well? " ...Yoo EunAh. " "Yeah. " "I'm being serious. Do you... Could you return to me?" At SungMin's question, my face fell. Of course I want to go back... But I can't just ignore mom's plea... She'd still be watching me from above. " ... You haven't.. Changed at all." Leaving behind those words, SungMin walked away. Oh my gosh... What do I do? A red alarm indicated that I should go and hold him back. ........ ............... "Wait!! WAIT, SungMin!! " " ...... " "St­op.. for a sec.. Hah... " My desire got the best of me as I called out to him. Apologizing in my head, I glimpsed at the sky one more time before grabbing his sleeve. "It's not too late, yeah? " " ...... " "We could still go to that paradise of ours, right?" SungMin pulled me into his embrace. Mom... I'm terribly sorry but I don't think I'm strong enough to live life regretting. I've been through enough these past six years because of your reply, don't you think? So just this once... Let me go.. ^­^ I finally realized that fate is never sealed beforehand. Even if it was, we're strong enough to unlock it and change our fate­ our life. ..... This hand I managed to finally get a hold on... I don't think I'll ever let go. Timidly, I finally took out the words I've been stashing away in a corner of my mind. "SungMin. ^­^ " "Yeah? " "I love you!! " Our happy ending... All those tears and sorrow, we're finally able to throw them away without a last glance. For we have smile and laughter waiting for us ahead. ....... ...
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