Battling With a Hot Guy - Battling With a Hot Guy Original...

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Unformatted text preview: Battling With a Hot Guy Original fan fiction by jyl 00 Even back in kindergarten, Lee Dong Hae and I weren’t exactly friends. If I remembered correctly, we never got along with each other. Being his seatmate, I was always a victim of his mischievous ways, getting bubble gum stuck on my hair and having my toys broken. And whenever I told my teacher about it, Dong Hae would just put an innocent expression on his face then he’d be off the hook. It wasn’t any different in elementary. Unfortunately, it was like destiny was playing a trick on me so I always ended up seated next to him in class. Everyday, he would borrow my things and when he would return it, it would either be broken or unusable for the moment. He would also talk to me about nonsense while the teacher talked about our lesson, and so, we would always end up getting punished. But of course, with his charms, I would always end up with the heavier punishment. But after all the trouble he gave me, I never hated him. Disliked, maybe a little. But hate was such a strong word. That was until something happened between my best friend, Sung Na Mi, and him. Okay, so maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with them being a couple. In fact, I was happy for them. But then, I had to hear some words from Na Mi. “He broke up with me.” She said, her voice shaking as she looked like she was fighting back tears. I never saw her that way before, because she was the cheerful type of person who always found something good in disasters. “How? What did he say?” I asked, starting to feel angered by Lee Dong Hae. It just occurred to me that whatever it was that was able to shake Na Mi’s optimism was really terrible. “He told me it was over… that he was tired of playing…” she responded, really on the verge of breaking down. “I can’t believe it, Ji Na. I can’t believe I didn’t see how he was just playing with me… he seemed so sincere and I thought that he’d be the last person to fool me…” When I heard what she said, I really felt angered. What kind of guy would actually say something like that? I mean, so he was honest. But in the first place, how could he be so insensitive enough to toy with someone’s feelings? And not just anyone’s feelings, but with my best friend’s. Who did he think he was? He had to pay for his cruel ways and if no one would ask him, I would. Placing my right hand on Na Mi’s shoulder, I promised her. “Don’t worry, Na Mi ah. I’ll take care of him. He’s not going to get away with what he did to you.” him....
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Battling With a Hot Guy - Battling With a Hot Guy Original...

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