Days at Seoul High - Days at Seoul High by marcs.lover...

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Unformatted text preview: Days at Seoul High by marcs.lover Author’s Note: A Thai publishing company (The Booklovers Co., Ltd) has bought my copyright for this story. The story is therefore rightfully copyrighted by law. Any breach to this copyright act could lead to hefty fines, and I could issue a lawsuit against you (meaning sue you). This story would be published into a book in Thai and sold in Thailand. PM from marcs.lover to MPPB_obsessed: Hi Melissa! Sure, you could have a copy of my stories on your site. Just make sure to put them in the completed section. Oh, by the way, can you also put a notice that the story Days at Seoul High is copyrighted in the doc you're putting together? I just want people to be aware and not distribute them elsewhere without my permission. Thanks heaps! Nice site by the way! - Fencie Chapter 1 First day… “Everyone listen up.” Mrs. Jung said loudly to the noisy class. “Sit down please.” she shouted again. The students finally settled down on their seats and gave Mrs. Jung a greeting. “Who’s she? Pretty cute, eh?!” a male student yelled. I immediately found the person who said it and my face turned red. I shifted my gaze from him when I realized he was eying me up and down. A lot of the other students did the same too. They looked at me from every strand of my hair to the very bottom of my shoes. I don’t like the way they look at me. –.– “That’s what I’m going to tell the class, Jang-hoon. Where’s your best friend?” Mrs. Jung asked sweetly. “He told me he’s not coming today.” the guy replied rather lazily. What’s this guy’s name? Jang-hoon? Why are you looking at me like that?? “Alright class, this is Nam Hye-kyung, a transferred student from Daegu High. She will be joining us today onwards, so please welcome her.” “Welcome to class 3-1” the class chanted and I bowed to them as a sign of greeting. “Let’s see where I can put you Hye-kyung.” Mrs. Jung said and scanned the class. “Seon-saeng-nim, she can sit next to me! Here! Here!” Jang-hoon started shouting again and waved his hands frantically in the air. He was sitting at the back of the class, just next to the window. The whole class laughed at him but he wasn’t embarrassed – I was. “You seem very enthusiastic today Jang-hoon.” Mrs. Jung teased. “I wonder why.” “I’m very enthusiastic for pretty girls. ^_^ ” he said cheekily. “Oooohhh…” the whole class cheered for him again. My face got even redder....
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2010 for the course CW 2719 taught by Professor 조규현 during the Spring '10 term at 카이스트, 한국과학기술원.

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Days at Seoul High - Days at Seoul High by marcs.lover...

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