The Bum Who Fell in the Pothole

The Bum Who Fell in the Pothole - Chapter 1 My mom told me...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 My mom told me I was accident-prone even before I started walking. She kept me in a crib until I was two because the bogey and allowing me to walk ended up in leaving the house a mess because I would run into everything and break them. Not to mention a million scrapes and bruises on my body. In high school, my school-wide known nickname was pothole. I fell into one during a school track race and everyone saw me eat it. It was the most embarrassing moment of my lifeat the time. My friend later reiterated how I looked when I fell; she was nice enough to include the crowds reaction. When I tripped, my arms supposedly flailed out and spun around like a windmill, commonly seen in Saturday morning cartoons. My mouth was frozen in a perfect O and my eyeballs were on the verge of popping out. Its been 6 years since that incident and my friends still talk about it. They assured me that they would vote it as the Most Unforgettable High School Memory for the yearbook and it went into the yearbook when I graduated. When I go to a blind date, Im introduced as Pothole. Nothing elsejust Pothole Kim. Its a curse. And that brings me to where I am right now. Sitting in a caf with Soo Jung, Waiting for, in Soo Jungs words, the unbelievably cute, dreamy, rich all packaged into a hot male body type guys. Lets just say Soo Jung and I have greatly different tastes. Are they really cute--- Yes Won Young, for the 100th time. -and down-to-earth and smart and rich? One in a millionth chance youll ever meet a guy like that. They just dont exist, Soo Jung replied, applying anti-shine powder on for the 10th time. Just take what you can. Why should I? I grumbled, Im beautiful enough. Oh shut up Then she looked up, OH! HERE THEY COME!! Soo Jung straightened up as two tall guys entered the caf. One was wearing a jean jacket on top of a hooded orange shirt. He was also wearing a black Von Dutch cap. The other wore a black sweater and baggy jeans. He had a tiny silver hoop in his right ear. His brown hair was messy with yellow highlights generously sprinkled everywhere. Hello~ the one with the cap said, taking his seat in front of Soo Jung. Hi. Soo Jung replied in high-toned voice....
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The Bum Who Fell in the Pothole - Chapter 1 My mom told me...

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