[TF] The Guy Holding Flowers

[TF] The Guy Holding Flowers - The Guy Holding Flowers by h...

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Unformatted text preview: The Guy Holding Flowers by h & & & AngMaChunSa Translated by nGk2M [Prologue] My name is Suh Eun Gyo....i will be in highschool this year When i was in 2nd grade......both my parents died in a car accident... Having no relatives.....and being an only child.....i had become an orphan. And like that, a close friend of my parents' had taken me with them. "EunGyo, you're now living with ahjooma and ahjuhshi." ((angie's note: sorry didnt know how to translate that. ahjooma is what you call an older adult lady and ahjushi is what you call an older adult man.)) "Yes......." "Our Eungyo looks so pretty.......and your skin is so white" "Thank you ^___^" (i smiled because i was happy) She was very pretty. She had a short haircut, and ahjooma's smile was very beautiful. But anything else her eyes were very pretty. Ahjuhshi...is very good looking. And there was the grandfather who kept mumbling stuff. And next to them, there was a young little boy holding hands with the grandmother that looks very benevolent. The boy had a slight brown tint to his hair.... Holding the boy's hand, ahjooma brought the boy in front of me and introduced him. "Say hello, this is my son Jang JaeHyuk." "Hi???? I'm EunGyo" "-________-;;;;;" "Hello??? I'm EunGyo" This JaeHyuk kid ignored my greeting and turned around and left. "Ahjooma..he must not like me" "Our JaeHyuk hasn't really talked to girls before. Hope you can understand. Oh yeah! It's okay if you go to the same school as JaeHyuk right?" "Yes...." Jaehyuk's house was extremely big. "Is this...your house ahjooma?" "Yes it is...and from now on, our EunGyo will be living here too." "-0-" The school that JaeHyuk goes to is SungRim Elementary..... While sitting alone, a girl had walked up towards me. "HI! ^^ I'm Jung HaYeon, what's your name?" "I'm....Suh EunGyo......" "Let's be friends! " The first kid that had come towards me.....She seemed slightly tomboyish...but was very pretty....
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[TF] The Guy Holding Flowers - The Guy Holding Flowers by h...

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