[TF] To My Boyfriend - To My Boyfriend by Guiyeoni...

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Unformatted text preview: To My Boyfriend by Guiyeoni translated by DONCHA, *Jjang, & . .doremi. . [ CHAPTER 1 ] "Argh, what the hell?? Why do they always come to someone else's school and mess around like that? I hate guys like that. They just come to other schools and b***h around." "I told you! Those guys are obvious when they graduate. They don't even have money; neither do they have a brain. They don't even have a backup! They're just gangsters." "Puhahah! I guess he knows when someone's talking sh-t about him. Ooh SCARY. Look at him! He’s looking at us!" [ WINDOW CLOSES ] With the sound of window closing by my classmates, my mind tumbled down along. My cell phone rang without sensing the atmosphere. "Hello. .." I answered "HEY! It's me! Come out! Come out!" "I told you not to come in front of the school" "That's why I came at the back of the school! Hahah…" "Wait there." I closed my cell phone carefully, and watching my classmates’ eyes, I walked down the stairs. If they find out that…that guy is my boyfriend… AH! How embarrassing! I walked down to get out of school and past him, who was standing at the back door. "Hey hey! Where you going? I'm right here!” he called after me. "Yeah I know. I can't be seen by the teachers!" "Oh. ..is that so?” He didn't even know how I embarrassed I am and followed me like a puppy. Embarrassing boyfriend. After I got out of school 500 meters I stopped. "Hmm?" "I told you, you don't have to come to front of the school,” I said. "If I don't come, when do we see each other though?" he asked. "What will go wrong if we don't see each other for one day?" "Then I die,” he replied. "Pants, your pants!" "Huh?" "Can't you sew it up or rip it out the bottom part?! You're not a hobo. When we dress like that in our age, what else do we hear except ‘gangster’?" I scolded him. "Eh? I hate that word…” he only said. "Ah forget it. .. and can’t you walk straight?!" "I told you! I'm not walking like this in purpose!" "Whatever! You didn't walk like that in middle school!" "My legs got longer though!" GAHHH! Never mind. ..let's stop here. When I fight with you, it feels like I become the dumb one. Since 8th grade, I’ve dated my boyfriend, Eunhyung, for two years. At least back then he was cute and nice. .. So when he confessed on 3.14, I accepted and went steady with him. To be exact, after Eunhyung started high school, looking at his new dumb ways, my love towards him is running out. Honestly, to find a better and accurate reason, it’s Seunghyun who became my classmate this year. I must be crazy—flirting like that with him! who became my classmate this year....
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[TF] To My Boyfriend - To My Boyfriend by Guiyeoni...

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