The Billionaire Thief - The Billionaire Thief by KANG!...

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Unformatted text preview: The Billionaire Thief by KANG! Prologue ; 00 The 5 top reasons my life is completely over. (Number Five) ; A THIEF, a rotten one too, stole a wallet from me, and not to mention, A KISS. I wouldnt have minded so much if he were a handsome, hot guy like Kwon Sang Woo or Won Bin. But a random tall street guy? Definitely not my typical dream boy. (Number Four) ; My best friend completely ignores me now. Well, my ex-best friend. She HATES me. I thought, out of all the people out there, shed be the one who would understand my situation, but she just had to make it worse. She totally turned her back on me and stabbed me with a knife. (Number Three) ; My ignorant parents are fake. No wonder I didn't inherit my mom's straight smooth hair and my dad's straight nose. If I were a normal girl, Id be freaking out, which I sort of did, but I didnt really care. I knew something was fishy from the beginning, because they never gave me goodnight kisses nor did my mom give me bubble baths. Kind of obvious, really. (Number Two) ; I was betrothed to a guy when I was an infant. RIGHT WHEN I WAS BORN. So my dreams of meeting Lee Jun Ki one day, and proposing my love to him, are NADA. It happens to be that, he was born when I was born and my REAL parents and his parents are like best friends and have decided to betroth us. WHAT THE FUCK. Imagine it. You come home. Sit down. Mom tells you that she's not your real mom. Then she hands a paper over, some kind of contract that you were legally betrothed to a random guy. (Well, not exactly random cause he's your REAL parent's bestest friend's son.) It's like HOLY JEEBA, WHAT'S GOING ON situation. And the number one reason my life is completely over? (Number One) ; Guess who the guy is. Chapter One ; The Thief Its time to reveal the truth, a woman said, handing a paper over. Please show this to Yuna, and Ill be over here with her father, waiting for her tomorrow. Yes, mam.--- Bye, Yuna! Bye! See you tomorrow, Hannah! I shouted back, waving my arms. I walked up carefully to the bus and stepped on. Paying a dollar, I went pass the driver and into the bus. It was unusually full today. The bus, I mean. There were no seats available so I stood by a fat man holding onto the rail. He smelled strangely ofcows?...
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The Billionaire Thief - The Billionaire Thief by KANG!...

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