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December Test Answer

December Test Answer - December 09 Bio 1223 Comments These...

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December ’09 Bio 1223 Comments Page 1 of 10 Student number _______________________ Code 000 Code 000 Code 000 Code 000 These questions may be shuffled in a different order on your code. Find which question each refers to on your code. 1. Which of the following statements is supported by modern evolutionary theory? A. The earth is more than 6,000 years old. 4.5 billion years old B. Natural selection preserves adaptive traits while genetic drift eliminates them. Genetic drift eliminates any allele, not just adaptive ones C. All newborn offspring are not well adapted to their present environment. D. Giraffes that stretch their necks more often for food will have offspring with longer necks than offspring from giraffes that do not stretch their necks. Lamarckian is wrong E. H-W equilibrium is only a theory that is never actually realized in natural populations. Many traits show no selection for or against them (neutral features) 2. Which of the following statements about the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium is correct ? 3. Imagine a population of field mice, in which coat colour is determined by the B locus: BB mice are dark brown, Bb mice are light brown, and bb mice are white. After a winter storm, BB and Bb individuals are very conspicuous against the snow, and most are eaten by owls. White mice are much better camouflaged, so most bb individuals survive and reproduce. Which of the four postulates of natural selection does this example illustrate? 1. Individuals vary with respect to a trait. Three phenotype 2. Variation is at least partially heritable. Coat colour determined by one gene, the B locus 3. Some individuals are more successful than others at surviving or reproducing. bb better camouflaged 4. Differences in survival or reproduction are related to variation in the trait. BB and Bb eaten by owls
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