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MEMO TO: Manager FROM: Deena Hall, Project Manager DATE: Feb. 11, 2010 SUBJECT: Recent Bonuses The team had an excellence performance, and tried very hard to meet the companies  financial goals. Even with all the effort put forth by everyone, we could not come to meet  the company goal. My team fell short of our financial goal this quarter and as a result,  we will not be receiving bonuses. . I would appreciate a response with feedback  concerning the following items: 1. Foresights for the team—Suggestions on better preparations for the team and meeting 
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Unformatted text preview: our goals 2. Report Summaries—In order to keep better track inadequacies in performance, we will have to keep up with more reg. summaries about our team 3. Team Reestablishment—We need to discuss new orders for them team and how to boost reproductivity. March will be our next production meeting and I would like to discuss theses matters. I will go over any questions that anyone might have....
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