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[ Usenet FAQs | Web FAQs | Documents | RFC Index ] Search the FAQ Archives Single Page Top Document: comp.software.testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Previous Document: 12. How do I test web-related applications? Next Document: 14. What are unit, component and integration testing? 13. What is black box/white box testing? Black-box and white-box are test design methods. Black-box test design treats the system as a "black-box", so it doesn't explicitly use knowledge of the internal structure. Black-box test design is usually described as focusing on testing functional requirements. Synonyms for black-box include: behavioral, functional, opaque-box, and closed-box. White-box test design allows one to peek inside the "box", and it focuses specifically on using internal knowledge of the software to guide the selection of test data. Synonyms for white-box include: structural, glass-box and clear-box. While black-box and white-box are terms that are still in popular use,
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