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Notes for BICD 136

Notes for BICD 136 - N otes for B ICD 136 AI DS Science and...

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Notes for BICD 136- AIDS Science and Society Reading for Lecture #1 Page 151 Highest adult rate of HIV infection is in Hlabisa. Men boast about unprotected sex, church leaders burn condoms. Afraid of the disease and say that people that have it are sinners. Some of the treatments they are given which are known as enemas may make them dehydrated and then they will throw up some of the drugs that they may be taking. This can also lead to kidney and liver failure. Page 294b-303 Big problem in Africa Although only have 10% of world’s population have 68% of all global HIV infections and about 90% of all new HIV infections. What is worsening the situation is that there is a food shortage, and hunger is deepening the problem. Estimated that 50-70 million Africans may die from AIDS by 2025. AIDS has reduced life expectancy as well. South Africa has a plan to halve all HIV infections and to provide 80% antiretroviral therapy to people. ¼ of South Africa’s economically active people will die of AIDS between 2010- 2015. A lot of nurses are HIV positive and some go abroad, so this will affect the number of nurses in the workforce. A lot of teachers in schools are dying of AIDS, so the school budgets are sometimes used in order to take the deceased back to their homes. Teachers are not replaced so the pool of uneducated becomes larger AIDS in Asia is driven by three high risk factors: o Commercial sex o Injection drug users o Unsafe sex among gay men Burials are expensive Alternates to burying-cremation A lot of the people are not much educated about AIDS o Don’t know about condom use o Don’t know that infection can be avoided by not sharing needles The infection is increasing rapidly to more heterosexual
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Page 306-310, 314 Growing number of infected women because they do not have the power to say anything to their partners about having safe sex. Global AIDS pandemic is 28 years old In sub-Saharan Africa about 61% of the population that is HIV positive is women. Women are more biologically vulnerable than men because HIV in semen is in a higher concentration than in vaginal and cervical secretions and because the vaginal area has a much larger mucosal area for exposure for HIV than the penis. The majority (over 97%) of children (age 0-4) obtain the virus from their mothers. More common among black women than white, and three times higher in black women than in Hispanic women. In Africa it is very common for the men to want to have dry sex. This causes lacerations, and also suppresses the vagina’s natural bacteria, both of which increase the likelihood of HIV infection. Male’s right to have sex with the woman that he marries.
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Notes for BICD 136 - N otes for B ICD 136 AI DS Science and...

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