Read a newspaper 3 take a shower 1 watch tv c 2 study

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Unformatted text preview: ビを見ましょう。 Let’s watch TV (right) after Mom goes out. あと If you are given three activities as below in A ~ G, what are you going to do first? Then what? Write down the number of the activity in order for each group. Make a group of three. Tell them what you do. Then ask your partners what they do. あと 私は (Dic. form) 前 に 、 TE、 TA 後 で 、 ま す が 、 ○さんは? same activity When asked, answer according to what you wrote. 私は* (Dic. form) 前 に 、 TE、 TA 後 で 、 あと ます。 If the actions are in the same order with the person who asked you, use も in place of は. Three Activities 私 )→( )→( )( 
 さん )→( )→( )( 
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