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Unformatted text preview: (textbook p.124) โ€ป Refer to โ€œHow to Write on Jpn Writing Padโ€ at WebC T. Heather Martin one blank box Lec. A ใ„ใจใ†ๅ…ˆ็”Ÿ at the beginning of each paragraph Japanese To look for a word, the following online dictionary may be helpful. http://ww WebHint/Portal_e.aspx However, you must NOT ask anyone to help you with your composition. I will be happy to help you when you rewrite Use either polite forms or plain forms for the sentence ending. Do NOT mix them. Self-Check Did I write more compound/complex sentences than short/simple ones? Did I organize the contents? Did I write at least two paragraphs? Did I use the kanji that has been introduced? Did I write the kanji appropriately/correctly? Did I follow the instructions on how to write on Japanese Writing Pads? ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ๅ‹‰ใŒ ใพ๏ผค ใŒ ใ‚ ใ’ๅผทใ‚ ใ™๏ผซ ใง ใ‚Š ใ‚“ใ‚’ใ‚Š ใพ ใ‹ใŸ ใพ ใ„ใ™ ใ™ ใ‚“ใใ™้–“ ใฎใ•ใ‹ ใซใ’ ใ„ ๅณใ‚“ใ‚‰ ใฏใ‚“ ใ‚ ใซใ— ใ‚ฝใ‹ ใ„ ใฏใฆใƒ† ใƒ•ใ‚“ ใ‚’ ใ‚ ใƒขไธ‹ใƒฌ ๅ…ฅ ใช ใƒ€ใ•ใƒ“ ้›ป ใƒณใ„ใ‚’ ใจใ‚‹ ๏ผ’ ๆฐ—ใช ่ฆ‹๏ผ“ ใจ ใ›ใƒ‡ ใช ใ‚คๅบƒ ใ„ใ‚ถ ใŒ ใƒณใ„ ๅ“ใ‚ค ใ‚‰ ใƒใ„ ใŒใƒณ ใˆใฎ้–“ ๏ธฐใฎ ใ„ ใƒ†ใŒ ๏ธฐๅฐ ่ชž ใƒฌใ‚ ๏ธฐๆ‰€ ใฎ ใƒ“ใ‚Š โ€ฉโ€ฉ * Write ใ€ for a comma (not , ). ใฟ ใพ ใ› ใ‚“ ใ‹ ็ง ใฎ ้ƒจ ๅฑ‹ ใฏ ๏ผ’ ้šŽ ใซ ใ‚ ใฆ ๏ผ‘ ๏ผฌ Required length: 15 lines or more box 1LDK = 1 Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, and Kitchen ใซ ใŽ ใ‚„ ็ง or ใ‹ ใฎ ใน่ฒธ ใช ้ƒจ ใ‚“ใ— ใ‚Š้ƒจ ็”บ ๅฑ‹ ใชๅฑ‹ ใ‚ข ใƒ‘ ใฎ ใน ่ฒธใƒˆ ใ‚“ ใ— ใ‚Šใƒ˜ใพ ใชใ‚ถใ™ ใ‚ข ๏ผ ใƒ‘ ใƒป center ใƒž dot (โ€ข) ใƒˆ upper ใซใƒ† right ไฝ corner ใ‚“ใƒณ one ใง blank etc. โ†“ 3 or 4 down ...
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