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Unformatted text preview: JAPN 10C (Grammar and Practice Activities 16. Describing a Preparatory Action: Lec. Sec. [ どうちがいますか。 ておく pp. 117- 118) Name [ 1. いすずさんは水だけ飲みました。 Isuzu-san drank only water. 

 2. すず木さんは水だけ飲みませんでした。 Suzuki-san did not drink only water. 

 See 言語ノート「だけ」(p.437 of YOOKOSO Book 1). 3. とよ田さんは水ばかり飲みました。 Toyota-san drank only water (and a lot/more than one expected). See 言語ノート「ばかり」(p.81). nothing but water 4. 本田さんは水しか飲みませんでした。 Honda-san drank only water : insufficient 

 : one expected something ele See 言語ノート「しか ない」(pp.113-114). Honda-san did not drink anything except water. 16.1 (pp.117-118): To express the meaning “to do something in advance/in preparation for future use” Verb ( TE form) + おく* (Class 1 ) * Do not write this おく in kanji (置く). 1. I made a cake (beforehand) yesterday for the party tonight. 今夜のパーティーのために、昨日ケーキを 作っておき ました。 2. You may put the book on the desk (for future use). つくえの上に本を 置いておいて もいいですよ。 3. Before a class, it would be better to read the textbook (beforehand). クラスの前に教か書を 読んでおいた ほうがいいですよ。 4. Because there is only one apple, let’s buy some more (for future use). りんごが1つ しか あり ません から、もう少し 買っておき ましょう。 だけ
 ます Reading 2「高原の別荘 (highland vacation home)」(pp.122-124) After You Finish Reading: 1. Using the advertisement, fill in the missing information in these English brochure excerpts. How about spending this summer in a vacation rental in Yamakawa? It takes about ( 4 hours and half ) to get to the summer houses from Tokyo by ( train ) and ( bus ). ( Blue sky ), ( clean air ), and ( green mountain ) await you! Each spacious house includes these rooms: ( three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom ) The houses afford a view of ( beautiful Lake Yamanaka ) and ( Yamakawa Highland/Plateau ). You can do your grocery shopping at ( Yamakawa Village ). Now on sale is a travel coupon that includes ( train ticket from Tokyo to Yamakawa, bus ticket from Yamakawa to Yamakawa Highland/Plateau, and charge for one-night stay at the summer house ). If you buy the coupon in June, you will receive ( a convenient travel bag ). こうげん べっそう ...
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