Verb verb ta form form politersofter what

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Unformatted text preview: いいと思います。 どうですか 。 (でしょう) ← politer/softer (いかが) ← politer G14 (pp.108-109) To make a strong suggestion or offer advice: “it would be better to do / not to do ~.” Verb ( Verb ( TA form) ない form) いいです。 ほう 方が (でしょう) ← politer/softer いいと思います。 What suggestion/advice would you give to the following people? 1. a person who has a toothache: はいしゃ (dentist) に
 行った/予約した ほうがいいですよ。 2. a person who has to get up at 5:00...
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