Hw3 - memory For all of these implementations you should...

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Problems 4.7.1-4.7.3 and 4.10 in your book. Plus the problems below. Use the datapath and control figures from the lecture slides to  implement these instructions - remember that you must show both datapath  modifications (if any) and control modifications for each. Implement the following instructions on the single-cycle datapath: a) addi - add immediate b) jr - jump register And the following instructions on the multicycle datapath: a) jal - jump and link b) swap - an I-type instruction with the following effect: R[rs]=R[rt] R[rt]=R[rs] c) MINC - memory increment - an I type instruction with the following effect: M[R[rs]+SES(I)]=M[R[rs]+SES(I)]+1 So you are just adding 1 to a value loaded from memory and then writing it back to 
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Unformatted text preview: memory. For all of these implementations, you should not change the architecture of the ALU, register file, or memory - and you should not change the contents of the register file or memory unless the instruction specifies that you should do so. For example, MINC says you should change the value of one address in memory (the address specified by base+displacement addressing), but you should not be changing any values in the register file or any other addresses in memory. Finally, after your modifications, all of the original instructions in the datapath and control must still work correctly....
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Hw3 - memory For all of these implementations you should...

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