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AP Am Gov _ Pol TWS Feb 2 - 13 (1)

AP Am Gov _ Pol TWS Feb 2 - 13 (1) - Reading Response...

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AGBU High School – Pasadena AP American Government and Politics TWS February 2 – 13, 2009 (Quarter 3, Semester 2) Miss Movsisyan Date Assignment/Activity/Discussion Homework F   01/31/09 Finals M  02/02/09 Outline Ch: 7 Congress Reading Response: Chapter 7 in its entirety. Tu 02/03/09 Lecture: Congress Legislative Powers worksheet  W  02/04/09 Powers of Congress Simplifying the Budgetary Process  Th  02/05/09 Congressional Job Requirements Federal Budget Allocation Demo  and study for quiz. F   02/06/09 Quiz: Ch 7 key terms  Passing Legislation Analysis  Have a BEAU-tiful Weekend M  02/09/09 Lecture: The Presidency
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Unformatted text preview: Reading Response: Chapter 8 in its entirety. Tu 02/10/09 The President and Public Opinion W 02/11/09 Crisis Management – Foreign policy Fish Bowl –Impeachment Answer all the question and be ready You will be graded based on the questions and the matrix rubric. Th 02/12/09 Fish Bowl – Impeachment Write 20 qualities one needs to be an efficient leader and Study for Quiz. F 02/13/09 1. Quiz: Ch 8 key terms. 2. leader ship qualities Picking a Quality leader Essay due tuesday ALL CLASSWORK & HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS ARE ONLINE AS ALWAYS...
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AP Am Gov _ Pol TWS Feb 2 - 13 (1) - Reading Response...

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