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Unformatted text preview: MAP 103: Proficiency Algebra Homework #2 DUE: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 1. Find and graph the solution to the absolute value inequality: | - 3 x- 5 | 6 7 . 2. (a) The sum of two real numbers is 20 and their difference is 14. What are the two numbers? (b) A trapezoid has area 20 . If the measure of the height is 5 and the length of the shorter base is 3, find the length of the longer base. The area of a trapezoid is A = 1 2 h ( b 1 + b 2 ) . (c) At a store Jane has $100 to spend. In particular, she is interested in buying a Chrome brand messenger bag. If the bag intially cost $95 after a 15% reduction in price, what was the price of the bag originally? Would Jane have been able to afford it then? 3. In each of the following expressions below, solve for the indicated variable. (a) Solve for r in the expression V = rh. (b) Solve for x in the expression 2 y- 3 x- 1 = 0 . 4. Use the laws for exponents to simplify the expressions below....
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