Gattaca - 12 Anton believes he should be better than...

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Bradley White Mrs. Brennan A.P. Biology 10 December 2009 Gattaca 1. Vincent was naturally given his traits. His traits were a mix of the good and bad between both parents. Anton got strictly the best traits of both parents, which made him to seem perfect. 2. German is a surgical doctor. He set Vincent up with Eugene. 3. An in-valid is someone who was conceived naturally and has health problems with predictions to die sooner than most. 4. Urine, hair, and blood 5. He had leg extensions and eye surgery 6. He removed as much skin, fingernails, and hair as possible. 7. The mission director, he did not want the mission to launch. 8. An eyelash 9. Irene believes she is luckier than some, but not as lucky as most. She sees her flaw and accepts it, while Vincent believes anything is possible. He believes he can overcome the predictions on his life. 10. He becomes a cop and then is saved by Vincent again in a game of chicken. 11. Vincent had the desire and heart, as well as fate on his side.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Anton believes he should be better than Vincent at everything. He is frustrated when he isnt, but when Vincent saves him Anton can accept it. White 1 13. Gattaca is only made up of G A T and C, the bases in DNA 14. It is possible to make genetics perfect I think, but it was much too efficient and quick. Also having databases of everyone and their genetic info will never happen. 15. was told to skip 16. a- No child was conceived in love that was as perfect. Perfect children were conceived out of love but again happy. b. Discrimination can be manipulated in so many ways that it cannot be considered discrimination, though clearly someone is being discriminated against. c. Fate cannot be changed by what kind of genes you have. Nothing can stop or change fate. d. Drinking is fun and celebratory in the future too. e. Inspiration can take you much further than physical ability. White 2...
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Gattaca - 12 Anton believes he should be better than...

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