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Chapter 13 - 8e Biology(Campbell Chapter 13 Meiosis and...

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8e Biology, (Campbell) Chapter 13 Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles Multiple-Choice Questions 1) What is a genome? A) The complete complement of an organism's genes 2) Which of the following statements about genes is incorrect? D) One gene only is used in a specific cell type. 3) Asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction differ in all but which of the following ways? E) Asexual reproduction is utilized only by fungi and protists, whereas sexual reproduction is utilized only by plants and animals. 4) If a horticulturist breeding gardenias succeeds in having a single plant with a particularly desirable set of traits, which of the following would be her most probable and efficient route to establishing a line of such plants? C) Clone the plant asexually to produce an identical one. 5) Asexual reproduction results in identical offspring unless which of the following occurs? D) Mutation 6) The human genome is minimally contained in which of the following? A) Every human cell 7) A gene's location along a chromosome is known as which of the following? C) Locus 8) What is a karyotype? E) A display of every pair of homologous chromosomes within a cell, organized according to size and shape 9) At which stage of mitosis are chromosomes usually photographed in the preparation of a karyotype? B) Metaphase 10) The human X and Y chromosomes D) include genes that determine an individual's sex. 11) Which of the following is true of a species that has a chromosome number of 2n = 16? C) Each cell has 8 homologous pairs. 12) Eukaryotic sexual life cycles show tremendous variation. Of the following elements, which do all sexual life cycles have in common? C) II, III, and IV 13) Which of these statements is false? D) At sexual maturity, ovaries and testes produce diploid gametes by meiosis. 14) In animals, meiosis results in gametes, and fertilization results in C) zygotes. 15) Referring to a plant sexual life cycle, which of the following terms describes the process that leads directly to the formation of gametes? B) Gametophyte mitosis 16) Which of the following is an example of alternation of generations? B) A diploid plant (sporophyte) produces, by meiosis, a spore that gives rise to a multicellular, haploid pollen grain (gametophyte). 17) Which of the life cycles is typical for animals? A) I only
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Chapter 13 - 8e Biology(Campbell Chapter 13 Meiosis and...

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