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CAFR Budget Analysis                                                                                                            1 Running Head: CAFR BUDGET ANALYSIS CAFR Budget Analysis Keyyna Cooke, Connie Owen, Ivory Hamilton, Joanne Fitzpatrick, Michelle Hayes ACC/460 04/05/2010 Dorothy Galiger
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CAFR Budget Analysis                                                                                                            2 CAFR Budget Analysis The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is filed by governments to record the financial information for the period of operations. The CAFR includes information such as population, governmental structure, and other information that would show the user the demographics of the area. The CAFR can be used for a city, county, or state government and is used to show how the government is allocating and using the money available. Governmental financial reports are different from business financial reports in that they show how the money is used instead of a business shows how the revenues are earned and what amount of the revenues will go to the owners of the business. This is a summary of the financial status of San Leandro, CA using the current CAFR. Government Structure The city of San Leandro operates under a mayor council manager type of government and is governed by a seven member council elected by city residents. Municipal services supplied by the government include public safety; highways and streets; recreation, library and cultural services; health services; public improvements; planning and zoning; and general administrative services. As of recently, there were no individually reportable member units. The City’s combined
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ACC460_TEAMC_WEEK2 - CAFRBudgetAnalysis 1 Running Head:...

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